Exploited College Girls - Alex

By anonymousman902

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Back to School - Alex
During the summer of 2012, I had been out of college for seven years. I had a girlfriend and we had been going out for about 7 months. I came home from my awful job to find one of the neighbors and my girlfriend in bed together. We broke up that night and I was in a complete state of disarray. I didn't know what to do with my life because I had no girlfriend and my job sucked. The only thing I knew was that I sure missed college at this point.

Thats when I decided I would "go back" to college and enjoy myself. I quit my job and went on a road trip with two of my friends and decided to live up the college life again. For the purpose of this series, I would like to stay anonymous. So I've decided to refer to myself as David, and my two friends as James and Philip. Don't ask me why, but those are the names I've chosen.

Our first stop landed us in one of NY's finest schools. I won't say which one for the safety of the people involved, but I can say many rich people go here and party hard. To make the experience easier to picture, I will describe myself. I am 6'2, weigh 170 pounds and I'm in pretty good shape. I have short-medium brown hair, brown eyes, and I have a 7 inch penis. I am one of those people that also looks much younger than I am, so that helped me a lot during the course of our adventure.

We arrived at this school on a Wednesday, and planned on staying until Sunday afternoon before we would depart onward. Luckily, my friend James happened to have a crap ton of money, so we weren't homeless and starving. You might be asking yourself how both James and Philip can take off time and join me on this adventure. The answer is that James doesn't need a job because of his fortune, and Philip just came out of college that past spring so he did not even have a job yet.

We got in Wednesday night during the first week of classes. Nothing was going on so we took the night off. The next morning, we went around the campus pretending to be college students. We asked about some parties going on and any inside info on any drama that has happened. We heard about a few parties, but the most exciting one was the one hosted by the best frat on campus that was trying to show off to the new freshman. This is where we went that night.

We started walking from the hotel when we saw a bunch of hot girls walking to the frat house. The had on all of these short skirts that showed off their amazing legs and asses. All three of us were salivating by the mouth. We talked to a group of 7 girls who seemed to be from the same floor in one of the dorms, and asked if we could escort them to the house. The frat house was packed and there was some great music playing. We got in and went straight for the beers. We each drank 3 before looking around for some nice freshman meat. I danced and talked with a few pretty hot girls, even hooking up with two of them on the dance floor. My search ended, however, when I spotted this sexy fat ass across the room. 

This girl, I later found out, was Alex. She is 18 years old and a freshman. She is about the average height of most college girls, has blonde curly hair, blue eyes and an amazingly fat ass. Her tits and legs were amazing too. That night she was wearing a all black short dress that showed off a lot. I went over to her and just started grinding on her. After a second, she joined in the grinding. A minute later, Alex leaned over to her friend and I can tell she was obviously asking her if I was hot or not. Her friend looked at me and nodded in approval. I kept grinding hard, basically pushing my cock into her ass.

I started kissing her neck from behind and then started hooking up with her. She was a great kisser, and very good with her tongue. She turned around and started hooking up with me some more. I loved the feeling of our tongues touching as my lips pressed against hers. During this, I was feeling her ass outside of her dress, and started to go up the dress to cope a feel. I felt she was wearing a nice thong that was small and tight. She slapped my hand at first, but after multiple attempts, I got my hand up there. We stopped kissing and started grinding again. She could definitely feel my cock growing because she was the sexiest thing I had seen in awhile. She grabbed me and took me into the closet bathroom.

We went into the bathroom and she got on her knees. She started to un-do my zipper and giggle as she looked up at me. I was amazed this was happening, looking around to see who was looking. We were in this small bathroom and the door was wide open for the party to see. A few people looked, but the party didn't stop. She pulled out my cock and looked up at me with a smile. I knew she loved it. She started kissing it and rubbing it in her hands. It felt great because her lips were cold and her hands were warm, perfect combo. After a minute of rubbing, she decided to start sucking on it. I gave out a sigh and almost feel backwards because it felt amazing. I gently held the back of her head, pushing it on and off my dick. She kept looking up at me with those wonderful blue eyes and it turned me on so much. She even started swirling her tongue around my cock, making it difficult not to bust a nut right there. After 10 minutes of sucking, I came in her mouth. I didn't even warn her, just did it. She seemed pretty upset at this, but she was drunk and eventually forgot.

We went back onto the dance floor and started grinding again. After another 20 minutes of grinding and hooking up, I asked her if she wanted to get out of here. She nodded her head and we left the frat house. We agreed on her dorm, mainly because I didn't have a dorm and taking her to my hotel would expose my lie that I wasn't a college student. I told her my roommate was a nerdy kid and was already studying for his classes. She giggled and we started talking. She told me about herself, and she was a pretty interesting girl. She told me she loves to party (obviously) and smoke weed. I haven't smoked in about 2 years, but I asked her if she wanted to smoke before we got to her place. We found a dealer and smoked for a little. Eventually we walked to her dorm, opened the door to her room, and immediately starting hooking up again.

I was feeling really good at this point, and she was looking amazing. I threw her on the bed and started taking off my clothes. She took of hers too, but before she finished asked if I had a condom. I had totally forgotten, so I actually went to her neighbors door completely naked to ask for one. She opened the door and was completely shocked, but pretty hot as well. I would have fucked her if I didn't have Alex (who was probably 5x hotter). I covered my junk and asked if she happened to have a condom. She laughed at the fact that it had been about a week into college and a naked man was already at her door. She happened to have one to spare, and I rushed back into Alex's room.

I slammed open the door, startling Alex, and jumped on top of her. We started making out even more, swirling our tongues together. At this point I was naked, but she still had on her bra and panties. It was a Victoria Secret blue bra that look sexy, and red thong that barely covered anything. I decided to go down on her, moving her thong to the side and eating that pussy. It was tight and pink, a perfect combo. She started moaning, "Oh David, keep going." This was a great feeling. I could tell she was enjoying it, as her back kept raising from the enjoyment. I stopped, and pointed to my cock. It was really hard and ready to go. I put the condom on as she took off her bra, revealing a great set of 34 C cup tits. They had perfect sized nipples that were pointing out just the perfect amount. I started sucking on them and biting them, making her say my name a little.

I stopped for a moment, taking my cock and putting it in her amazing pussy. It was a tight fit, and I can tell she was in a little pain, but I loved it. Once it went fully in I started going to town on this amazing college girl. I started slow, but picked up soon after. She started telling me to slow down, saying I was the biggest she has had, but I didn't listen. I kept a nice pace, causing her to moan my name a ton. I was enjoying this so much. I lifted her leg and went even faster.

She was having the best fuck of her life. She was used to younger men who finished in like 5 minutes, but I was going for a good 10 minutes before I stopped and asked her something. "You want me to stick it your butt?" She looked a little puzzled, never had done anal. I had once with my girlfriend, but Alex's ass was so nice that I had to fuck it. After a little convincing she said yes, but if she wanted me to stop I would have to. I made her suck on my cock a little, because I was going in her ass raw dog. I flipped her over and very very slowly stuck the tip in. She was cringing and holding onto her covers.

I could tell it hurt, but in a great way. I started sliding it in more and more, until she said stop. Again I didn't listen and stuck my entire cock up her fat ass. She let out a big moan, and I very slowly started going in and out of her ass. It was the tightest thing I had ever fucked, but it was amazing. I kept going, faster and faster, pulling her hair as leverage. She loved every minute of it, moaning the loudest she has all night. I was slapping her ass and grabbing it very hard, and then I felt something. I knew I was about to cum, so I took it out of her ass and came on the top of her ass. She felt relieved, feeling the hotness of my cum on her back. I kissed her ass, cleaned up, took a shower, and cuddled with her all night.

I woke up to my phone going off. Alex was dead asleep, but still naked. So was I, my cock touching one of her butt cheeks. I reached for my phone and read the texts my friends sent me asking where I was. I told them what had happened, and tried to get up without Alex waking up. I grabbed my clothes and crossed the room when I saw what must of been her roommate sleeping. She was almost as hot as Alex, with nice brown hair and an amazing face. I didn't have to leave till Sunday, so I knew I'd see Alex again, and hopefully her roommate. But that's a different story for a different post.

Thank you for reading. If you message me I might send you a picture of what Alex and the other girls in future stories look like. Enjoy! :D