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For the Love of Another Chapter 8

After the fiasco at the restaurant, things calmed down a bit. I stayed at home with the girls but now Mel ignored me almost completely. We weren't naked all the time anymore and Allison had found a job. Now it was only Melisa, jobless and uneducated, who lounged around the house in her underwear while we supported her. Allison and I went out every once and a while, not telling the third party.

Even though I could feel our relationship breaking apart, we all got closer in other ways. The sex we had by the side of the road had enlightened Mel to many things, not the least of which was that I didn't love her anymore. Somehow, she could accept me now. We fucked senselessly and without emotion on an almost regular basis. We sold the other beds, all three of us occupying the same one every night. Now, when we wanted time to ourselves we just left the other out, fucking in the bed with the third sleeping beside us.

I actually found that I had more sex with Mel now than with Allie. At least we had our relationship figured out, unlike Allison who I knew was in love with me. Now, it was Allison who would come home from time to time to be the only one fully clothed. I once came home to Mel naked watching TV. I laid behind her and put my dick in. We banged on the couch, wild in our delights, and ended on the floor my the door twenty minutes later as Allie returned home. She was visibly displeased. I had at least tried to hide it before, but she was incapable. I fucked her that night in consolation and went to sleep between both of them, Mel sleeping on my left shoulder and Allie, tired and sweaty, asleep on my right.

In the morning, Allison tried to steal me away, sucking my cock before sleep had been shaken from both of my shoulders. I came on her face and she went to work, leaving me alone with Mel. Mel had slept through it and I, tired enough to return to sleep, leaned my head on her breast. When the pair of us awoke again, I was wrapped in her bare torso and it was suddenly like nothing had happened. We returned in our minds to a time before Allison, to a time when we were in love and sex was but a daily expression of our feelings. She kissed me. I kissed her.

We threw the blankets away from us and onto the floor. I lay in her arms, kissing her and letting my hands wander across her body. It was a return to the honeymoon period. Sex was not important to us and we were content with each other's bodies and our love. But then she remembered the night on the road. She remembered what I had said to her and her rage returned. Her nails tore at the flesh of my chest. I responded by gripping her ass, leaving two red hand prints in the shape of an animal's claw. She rolled me over onto my back and kissed my forcefully, prodding the back of my throat with her tongue.

"I gave it all up for you," she said, "everything I had. Now my family won't even speak to me because I left them."

Her voice was trembling. Her breasts, large as small melons, dangled before me. I sucked on them.

"And now you live in sin," I grunted at her, "Don't forget what I did to your religion, you lesbian."

She screamed. Half enraged and half turned on, she plunged down upon my dick, beginning to ride me as hard as she could. Her firm round ass slapped my thighs with the sound of a paddle. She screamed now with more pleasure than anger. Our neighbor pounded on the wall. We ignored him, fucking louder and louder.

"Shut up, you cunt!" yelled Mel. I was unsure who she was directing her voice at.

I slapped her ass.

"Yes! Hit me again!"

I did.

"Oh, punish me!"

I rolled her off of me and onto the bed beside me. Her legs were in the air like a naughty office secretary and I was between them. She shut her eyes as I brought my entire body down on her, she was screaming her loudest as to best annoy the neighbor. Her arms were thrown out to the side, freeing her large breasts. I gripped them with my hands, squeezing them and pulling them together. She was sliding forward with the force of my thrusts, I could feel the bedding being torn off of the mattress. Now she was against the head board, her torso contorted, her stomach rippled. I pounded her, literally pounded her, until sweat poured off of my forehead and onto her clean skin.

"Come on, baby! Punish me! I deserve it!"

I bit into her neck. I clawed at her breasts. I kissed her, filling her mouth with my tongue so that she couldn't scream. I rolled her over to the edge of the bed and brought her hips up to the level of my dick. I fucked her doggie-style, spanking her at her command.


"Can you take it up the ass, baby?"

"Yes! Please! Yes!"

My dick was already lubricated from her pussy. I pressed her head deep into the pillows, letting her ass protrude into the air. I pushed my dick into her ass. It was difficult at first, she sucked in her breath, trying to conceal the pain. It was tighter than anything I had ever experienced before. It felt as if my dick was being constricted by that forbidden hole. I started to pump her faster as her ass became accustomed to my presence.

It wasn't a punishment. I could feel it in the rhythmic pulses of her sweat that she had wanted this for a long time and, now that it was here, was dying of excitement. I put my hands on her shoulders, using her back as leverage to pound her harder. She was screaming now, as loud as ever, our neighbor was pounding on the wall harder than he ever had before. I could hear his voice calling for us to stop even over the sound of Mel begging me to fuck her harder. Then suddenly, he stopped.

Mel was moaning. I was nearing my climax. There was a knock at the door. We ignored it, fucking as if nothing was happening around us, as if we lived on an island as soft as our bed in an ocean of nothing. Then the door crashed open.

He walked in on us, my dick deep into her ass and her breasts dripping with sweat. He froze as if he had seen something he did not expect. Mel stopped and I pulled out. Her mouth dropped open slightly as the head of my penis caressed the rim of her ass. She stood up from the bed, her back arching and her breasts thrusting outward as if she were some dreaded animal. I watched her plump ass cross against her legs as she walked lowly towards our neighbor.

His voice began in a stutter, the chaos of a well prepared speech, "I--I'm really sick of hearing this all the..."

Mel was upon him. She touched his arm.


She pressed her body against his, leaving impressions of her sweaty body against his white shirt. I could see his pants tighten. She looked back at me as she lifted up his shirt.

Now I watched from the bed as she sucked him off, his pants around his ankles. This was my punishment. As her legs were squatted upon the hardwood floor, I could see her pussy spread gently open. I could see her fingers falling down to meet it. I could see them rubbing in circles, squeezing the liquid out and onto a puddle beneath her.

But then she had led him to our bed and had her mouth around my dick. He was behind her, now his dick inside of her and she was gagging on mine to the rocking of his thrusts and she was screaming, muffled into my scrotum and she was sweating and falling upon the bed with the exhaustion of it all until the very end when I had switched to her ass again and she was pounded, in pain and in ecstasy, in both of her pleasurable orifices to my orgasm. I came across her back and she lay there in the hot blankets, sucking off this stranger until he too released himself upon her so that she had now as much semen on her body as she did on her first day with me.

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