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For the Love of Another: Episode 3: The Party

Melisa awoke sometime around dawn, clutching Nate’s naked body. She still wasn’t used to the time zone difference and, with all the sex, was still waking up off schedule. She was covered, nearly from head to toe in the excretion from his penis. Melisa felt slightly disgusting, though also somehow proud of the white robes he had clad her in.

She sat up, extracting herself from his arms and left the bed. She left behind a visible indent where she had lain for the past week being fucked. But now it was time to be clean. Melisa was ready to wash the semen stains off of her body, she could put more on later.

Melisa wandered through the apartment, looking for the shower. Having never really left his side in the whole time she had lived with him, it took her longer than she had thought it would to find the damn thing. Naked, she posed in front of the window for a minute, pretending as if she was looking through the refrigerator so that the neighbors across the street could get a look at her shiny, cream coated ass. Then she journeyed on to the shower.

The water was hot and refreshing on her bare back. The semen began to run down her sides like water. Just as she was applying the soap to her crusty hair, she heard a noise outside the curtain.

“There you are, Mel,” said the voice.


“It’s me.”

“I’m showering.”

“I noticed.”

The curtain slid open. He was naked too. His cock hung limp between his legs and his eyes darted between her plump breasts and her wet vagina. Without any protest, Nate stepped into the shower with her. He placed his hands on her hips and kissed her.

Melisa wasn’t exactly expecting this, but she was in love, she thought, and wasn’t about to turn him down. Besides, there was something about him surprising her in the shower like this that just turned her on. She kissed him back. The soap washed out of her hair and ran over their faces like some kind of white waterfall.

Soon, Melisa found his fingers cradling her vagina and she gave in to pleasure. The water danced about her shoulders, splashing away the grime from a week of bedridden fun in little clouds of rainbows. She raised a leg and propped it against the white wall, leaving herself open to his penis. But it didn’t arrive. Instead, Nate developed some great sense of adventure and daring. He placed the head of his penis near the opening of her anus.

“Let me have your ass, baby,” he whispered in her ear.

“It’s too tight. It’ll hurt,” she gasped, surprised but turned on.

With his fingers, he began to stretch her ass, widening it with the tips of his thumbs. It hurt. She squealed.

“You want it in the ass, baby?”

The gasped a sudden “yes”. Her answer was a surprise even to herself, but she wanted it anyway.

Nate bent her over, spread her legs and protruded himself into her rectum. At first, only the very tip of his penis fit, and that was enough for her, but he wanted more. Slowly, he picked up his pace, lubricating her ass more. She began to enjoy it. The pain faded. Soon, the entire length of Nate’s dick was fucking her tight ass. She was screaming, in pleasure or in pain Melisa was not sure, but she would not have him stop. The pleasure was unbearable for him. It was all he could to hold in his cum.

When finally, she had had enough, Nate jammed himself inter her vagina again. Melisa screamed again at the shock of the change in feeling. As he pounded her with her face pressed up against the cramped wall, Melisa began to realize the true pleasure of anal. It was in the pain, the taboo of it, that made it so exhilarating. She was climaxing now, just at the thought of having done it. Nate pulled out. They came together.

The pair of them collapsed in the bottom of the shower, letting the water crash down on their aching bodies like rain from a typhoon. He held her in his arms, one hand on her breast, the other stroking her cheek.

As she lay wrapped up in his naked body and smiling through the fresh wave of cum that was now being rinsed off by the water.

He kissed the top of her head.

“I was throwing a party next week, you know, just for friends. Are you going to be around for that?” he asked her gently.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?”

He stammered a bit, “Well, I just meant, you know, I didn’t know if you’d still be here.”

“Course I will,” she said, laughing a little, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“Well, not yet, obviously. But how long are you staying?”

She looked up at him, smiling and shaking her head, “I’m not going home. I live here now, silly.”

Nate was a little thrown off by this, but he tried not to show it.

“Oh, right, yeah I know.”

She kissed his chest and smiled up at him, oblivious to his discomfort.

“Are we getting out of the shower?”

Allison wasn’t sure what to do. She had of course planned to attend Nate’s stupid party, but after everything that had happened, she wasn’t sure that she was welcome. It would certainly be awkward, she knew, but Nate was the only guy she knew who had his own apartment, and could score booze. She didn’t want to miss it. But then again, that woman would be there.

She rolled out of bed and set her bare feet down on the hardwood floor of her bedroom. It was the same room she had grown up in. The walls were pink, a few of the old band posters were still on the wall, others that she had thankfully grown out of were rolled up and tucked away under the bed. The old bin full of stuffed animals and plushies was still sitting against the wall under the window and her record player, the one given to her by her grandfather, still sat on her desk. It was strange not going away for college. It was almost as if her life didn’t change, but she still felt wrong polluting the innocent place with knowledge of her adult life. She felt as if she had entirely corrupted it in the last week, spending most of her time there masturbating and thinking about Nate. She did it in strange ways too. Once riding the skinny end of her tall bed post, once using the butterfly hairbrush Allison’s mother had given her before her first dance recital in second grade. The place was ruined. She needed to get out of it.

And it was so that she hatched a daring plan. She would go to Nate’s party. And when she did, she would win him over. She would snatch him away from his strange woman from out of town. But now she didn’t just want his body, oh no. In the last weeks she had left her mind to rot, let the desires of the flesh that had once owned her travel through her brain. Now she wanted his mind, his heart, his love. She wanted out of her parents’ old house and into his life forever.

By the assigned date, Nate and Melisa were ready. The apartment was stocked with beer, music, and drinking games. Mel, having none of her own, even managed to find some of Nate’s clothes to put on just before the first guest arrived. As the party began and more and more people began trickling in, Nate and Mel became separated. She could naturally be recognized as the one person not wearing shoes, or the one standing in the corner, hoping someone would talk to her. Nate was always the one playing beer pong, quarters, or any other game that involved too much alcohol. Allison could be found just as easily by looking to his right. She hung on to him for the entire night. Somehow, Nate had found a way to talk to her. He hoped she would come, wanting to resolve the blunder that had nearly ended their friendship. She was naturally thrilled to be again considered his friend and took it as a sign that he was not lost to her yet.

But Nate, to the jealousy of both of the women in his life, found another person to catch his eye. She was dark haired, with just a hint of light brown in the gentle curls that fell around her oval shaped face. Her eyes were a dark hazel brown color that flashed with the light on her face and the smile at his jokes. She was well figured, with a firm looking butt and pleasantly petite breasts. Nate couldn’t help but feel a twinge of something for her in his groin. He knew her from somewhere, Biology 101 maybe, but her name was lost to him and he had no way of recovering it. Over the course of the night, he never got the chance to speak with her, but Allison noted his interest and promised to treat the girl as coldly as she could in the future.

Nate, though unable to get this new girl, was certainly not going to forget her. He quickly set up a game of strip poker, and invited her to play. She didn’t accept. Nate scowled and, mightily drunk, excused himself from the party as quickly as possible.

Allison saw him go. Mel didn’t.

She found him slumped in his office chair with a bottle of beer, seemingly absorbed in some piece of writing.


He leapt nearly a foot in the air.

“Oh, hi Allison,” he said, “Are you, uh, having a good time?”

“Yes, yes,” she said, slowly moving towards him.

He felt the old feelings for her welling up inside of him, or was that the alcohol?

“What are you doing here? I, uh, I’ll be back soon. I was just looking for…”

She kissed him without an apology and leapt into his lap. Nate didn’t argue with her, how could he? She was wearing a low cut top and a high skirt that we has nearly certain didn’t hide any form of underwear. When his pants came off, he verified this fact and pressed his dick inside of her familiar vagina. She had done it! “Yes, yes!” Allison had him now, fuck that dumb bitch outside! She threw her shirt off and raised herself off of him. Her hair swung down over his face and her hands landed on his shoulders. She fucked him, bouncing on his cock like some kind of crazed gymnast. He snatched at her small breasts, “Oh God, yes,” he watched her lean away from him, “More! More!” he let her scrap her hands across his chest, digging into him and crying out to the world. Surely the party could hear them.

Nate wanted her, needed her. He stood up, carrying her on his cock to the cum-stained bed where he and Mel had slept for the past week. He tossed her down on it, “Oh, yes! Oh, Nate!” and plowed into her pussy, rocking her back and forth with strong rhythmic strokes. The party was winding down outside, just as he was beginning to wind her up. The door slammed shut for the last time, and Nate could hear footsteps approaching the bedroom door.

Nate pulled out of Allison, “Go! To the closet!” he whispered.

She moaned, both out of disappointed at not finishing and that he still wanted to protect Mel from the truth. Nevertheless, Allison took up her things and hid herself in the closet just as Mel, naked, walked into the room.

There she found him lying naked on the bed, holding his member.

Allison heard a pause from the closet, then:

“You started without me?”

“I..yeah, sorry.”

“That’s alright with me.”

Melisa walked across the room and leapt onto the bed, her breasts jiggling. Nate had no choice. He let her onto his dick, letting the juices of his two lovers mix for the first time.

She shouted and screamed as if trying to prove to her unknown competition that she was the better lover. She let him bang her from the back, the front, even teased the ass.

All the while, Allison was hiding in the closet, trying to be angry. But she couldn’t. She was listening to the sounds that had long plagued her nightmares—the one fear that took him away from her. But now, the taunting cackles and wicked screams had turned into gasps and moans of pleasure. Allison could not help it. Soon, her pink skirt was on the floor of Nate’s closet and one leg was on the wall. There, in the dark listening to Nate make passionate love to Melisa, she pushed her hands into her pussy. The two woman fucked in unison, slowly becoming in tune. They moaned together. They screamed together. They grew wetter and wetter together. Finally, Nate stopped to rest and change positions, but Allison didn’t. Mel heard the squeal through the wall. Allison grew quiet.

“Did you hear that?”


“It sounded like it came from over there… Do you think someone hid here during the party?”

The door to the closet swung open and Allison stood there, naked and with a finger inside of her.

“Who are you?” demanded Mel.

“Ask him!”

Nate looked up, reddened, “She’s uh, a girl I used to sleep with.”

USED TO? What do you think we were just doing?”

“Is this true?”


Mel was angry, understandably. But she was also drunk. And, much like there was something arousing about sprinting naked through an airport, there was something desirable about finding a strange person in your closet. Hell, there was something desirable about finding a naked woman to Melisa. This thought disturbed her. She had only just begun to have sex, now she was thinking about girls? Mel bit her lip. Her nipples became hard and a hand went to her vagina.

Allison saw her opportunity to get out of this. She stepped closer to Melisa and pressed their bodies together. Mel didn’t know what to think. Her nipples were growing harder. Nate was standing behind them, watching in silent anticipation. Wouldn’t he like to see it? Wouldn’t she like to do it? Mel decided not to resist—she was drunk, that would be her excuse in the morning.

Allison was nearly a head taller than her and she had to stoop down to do it, but she kissed her. They kissed for nearly a minute, with Nate too stunned to speak from the bed. It was odd, Melisa thought, that kissing this strange girl felt no different to her than kissing a man. Her lips were softer and her tongue was less forceful and rude, but maybe she liked that. Allison too felt a certain level of comfort in their kiss. It seemed natural. She let her hands fall down the girl’s sloped back and onto her rather large butt. Remembering their shared lover waiting for them on the bed, the pair broke apart and Mel led her to him. Nate sat up to receive her. Allison fell into his arms, straddling him as she had done before.

Nate kissed her, trying to relay to her how he missed her touch and how he wished they were alone. Obviously, these feelings were false. He was vastly excited by the pair of both of them being in his bed. Mel sat down behind them, draping her arms over the cuddling pair and kissing Nate. Their three mouths came together in a great mashing of tongues. Nate could hardly believe his drunken luck. He may have lost the new girl but he had regained the old.

Nate fell onto his back, sliding his cock into Allison’s vagina. She stooped over him, running her fingers along his body and biting his neck. Mel kissed him and pressed her body against his. When Allison straightened up to ride his dick and moan at the neighbors upstairs, Melisa rose up, swinging her long leg over, and planted herself on Nate’s face. His tongue began to move in a rhythmic circular motion, tugging on her clit and scraping the inside of her pink pussy. The girls were again moaning together as if synchronized in waves of pleasure.

Mel watched Allison’s petite breasts swinging up and down. She bit her tongue, hissing as Nate found a particularly sensitive spot. Allison looked down from the ceiling. Their eyes met. Both being pleasured by the same man, they felt an instant connection, or was it something more? Mel leaned in without thinking. They placed hands on each others’ sweaty breasts. The kissed a long deep kiss. It was only when Nate tossed them both on their sides and began to pound Melisa with deep plunging strokes that they broke apart. Even then, they repositioned themselves, rubbing on each other and kissing as Nate fucked them in turns.

By the end, they had both climaxed together, Allison by Nate’s throbbing dick and Mel by the tongue of her new friend. They lay on his bed, kissing, their breasts squeezed together, as Nate released his load over their faces. Together, they sucked it into their mouths, kissing and letting it mix with their saliva.

In a fit of exhaustion and drunken serenity, the three of them collapsed together in one great heap and slept the night away.

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