Friends with (lots of) benefits

By violentforeplay

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The people who say friends with benefits never work, clearly have never had one of those.
This story will be as accurate as I can make it. It is the events of last night, with my fuck buddy Joss. 

It's 10:00PM and I've just arrived home from work. It's not even midnight yet and I've got no plans for the night. I take out my phone and text Joss.

Me: Busy?

Joss: Horny?

Me: Yes.

Joss: Then no. 5 mins. 

I smile, satisfied at his reply and kick off my shoes, relaxing on the sofa and patiently waiting for Joss to come over. 5 minutes later, there's a soft knock on the front door of my apartment and I walk over to open it. Joss is standing there, drenched in rain. His flaky black hair is plastered over his forehead and his intense blue eyes are burning deep into mine with passion. I love it when he has that look, it means he is feeling extra passionate tonight and doesn't want to waste the night with pointless talking. I smile and Joss doesn't even smile back. He steps forward and grabs me by my waist, pulling me forward and kissing me viciously.

I moan in pleasure under his firm lips and clutch the back of his jacket as his tongue dances its way into my sweet mouth. He pushes into me and I back into my apartment until we're both inside. He kicks the door shut behind him and clutches my ass, groping it as his lips kiss down my chin, throat and lands on my chest in desperate hunger.

"Joss..." I sigh in pleasure as he passionately kisses my throat. He groans in response and slithers a hand up my spine and cups the back of my neck as his lips travel down in between my pert breasts and lands on my stomach. He slowly pulls my top up over my head and drops it on the floor beside us, revealing my silky bare skin covered only by my lacy red bra. Joss swirls his tongue steadily around my belly button and I grab his hair, moaning at the tingling feeling his actions are sending through my body.

"Take off my pants," I order. Joss looks up at me lustfully and nods in obedience. He then unzips my trousers and lets them drop to the floor. His fingers caress the inside of my thighs and occasionally pull at my panties, teasing. The whole time, I'm running my fingers through his wet hair and biting my lip in anticipation. I'm just standing there in my red bra and panties as he rubs my pussy lips through the damp material. He stands up slowly and puts his hand around me, unclipping my bra. The bra drops to the floor, joining the rest of my clothes. Joss spreads his hands over my breasts and massages them gently, running his thumbs over the nipples. I lean forward, weak in pleasure, and rest my head on his shoulder as he gropes my breasts. Once he is satisfied, he runs a hand down my stomach and slips it under the front of my panties. The other hand is still kneading my breast and he circles his index finger around my clit slowly, driving me crazy.

"Oh fuck Joss...too slow..." I whisper into his neck as my eyes roll back in pleasure. He carries on with the same pace, teasing me on purpose. While he does this, I decide to slip off his jacket and throw it to the side, followed by his shirt, after I struggle to unbutton it with one hand. Once he's completely topless, I trace his abs with my fingers, tenderly stroking his body and feeling his firm muscles. God, he's so defined.

Joss stops circling my clit and begins to rub two fingers across it at the perfect pace. Moans escape my lips and my legs feel week but I am determined to undress him. I unzip the front of his jeans and push them down his legs as far as I can without disturbing what he is doing. Once his jeans are off, I place my hand over the stiff bulge on his boxers and stroke it gently with my fingers. Joss lets out a sigh and stops rubbing my clit. I carry on caressing his cock through the material and he groans in pleasure. I then kneel down infront of him and pull down his boxers until he is completely naked, like me. His 8 inch cock is hard and ready. I take both of his balls into my hands and squeeze them gently as I take his whole cock into my mouth. Every single inch. He looks down at me and strokes my hair, as his eyes close in pleasure. He begins to move back and forth, his cock slowly thrusting in and out of my mouth. I moan as it hits the back of my throat every time he pushes. I feel his balls begin to tighten and pull away.

"Not yet baby," I say. He nods in agreement and lies down on my carpet, his cock sticking up. I stand over him and lower myself down until his cock enters me. Once it's in, we both moan and I lean forward, hands on either side of his head and he grabs my breasts. I start to ride him, back and forth, up and down. I usually go at a slow steady pace but the foreplay lasted longer today so I wanted to speed things up a bit. I grind on his cock at a medium pace, rhythmically and pant as he adds to the pressure by thrusting up and down. After a few minutes of wildly riding him, we flip over so that I am lying on the floor and Joss is on top. He turns me around until I am lying on my front and spreads my ass cheeks, steadily lowering himself down until his cock enters me from behind.

"FUCK," I cry out as I tear at the carpet from either side of me. Joss also groans at how firm my ass is and takes a few seconds to brace himself before he starts to pound my ass in the most perfect rhythm. We both moan uncontrollably with every thrust and Joss begins to pick up speed until there is no silence in between our howling. Suddenly, I feel Joss beginning to slow down and his moans get louder so I yell, "STOP!" and he quickly pulls out before he can cum. I roll over and look at him, smiling. "Not yet," I say. He nods in agreement again and this time I lie on my back with my legs wide open. Joss crawls in between and leans down and sticks his tongue down my throat, french kissing me viciously, I grab his ass cheeks and squeeze them firmly. He slowly lowers himself down until every inch of his hard, throbbing cock enters my wet pussy.

"Ready?" he whispers. I nod and without any build up, Joss starts to pound me wildly on the floor like an animal. I claw at his back, screaming his name over and over as he violently drills his cock deep into my pussy continuously, grunting with every thrust. Suddenly, I feel my stomach tie up into knots and an overwhelming sensation explodes in between my legs, causing me to scream so loud that Joss has to cover my mouth with his hand. My body tenses up as the orgasm lasts an incredible 20 seconds. Once it is over, Joss starts to swear under his breath as the sight of me laying there, satisfied, causes him to explode in an intense orgasm, he pulls out quickly and his cum shoots out of his cock and lands all over my breasts. Once it's over, he collapses beside me and we both look at each other. Joss smiles. The first time he's smiled all night. I smile back.

"Same time tomorrow sexy?" I ask. He nods in agreement.