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Fuck Doll - Chapter Five

Fuck Doll - Chapter Five

Fuck Doll Goes To A Wedding and a BDSM Playmate, Oh What Fun!
It only takes one more e-mail to know that the man who e-mailed me is, in fact, the same Ethan I met in the club the other night. I’m completely shocked. I’m not sure what to do: He had met some of my friends, so I think it might be wise just to ignore his request. It is too much explaining and making sure things stay hush-hush. I have to think on it.

The day of the wedding is finally here and after getting my hair done and ready, I wait for AJ to come pick me up. He was able to find a shirt and tie to match my dress, and is excited to get this wedding over with. Though, I think he just wants to fuck, we haven’t in a while. When he comes, he’s all smiles, telling me how amazing I look.

He makes me feel like a princess. We ride to the church in style, and we’re escorted to our seats by an usher. AJ tells me his friend promised the church part wasn't going to be overly long, that the after party is what is to look forward to. But looking around the church it’s so over the top, why waste so much on a short church part? I never understood weddings.

We get lucky, the wedding starts on time. Gina looks beautiful in her long white gown, the train is extremely beautiful. The entire time the vows are being said, AJ keeps running his fingers over my leg, making me squirm. My breathing, as much as I try to control it, gets a little heavy, as I lean more into him. I pay attention as much as I can, though. They are a bit long, but that is to be expected. Once the couple leaves, we all start flowing out, meeting them at the hall.

It is six in the evening when everyone settles in and the best man makes a speech. It’s almost as long as the vows, but at least the speech is funny. Throughout the night, I dance with Gina and Jared and, of course, the rest of the time with AJ. A few others ask, but AJ tells them I can’t, and I don’t argue. He can’t seem to take his hands off me; he must really need me.

When a slow dance starts, he holds me close, my head resting on his shoulder. The swaying of our bodies is relaxing, almost sensual, we fit perfectly together. I lean up, and begin to whisper soft moans in his ear. I can feel his fingers tighten on me, letting out a growl. I can’t help but smile, moaning a little more. I tell him I want to be his perfect little Fuck Doll. He’s falling into my trap, sinking into my web.

AJ tells me we’re leaving. We wish Gina and Jared a nice honeymoon, and go back to his place. He strips me of my new dress, shockingly not ripping it until he gets to my panties. He groans, loving the way they look on me. He has me leave my heels and stockings on but removes the rest, letting my hair down.

Lying on the bed, he climbs on top of me, sucking my nipple into his mouth, he bites hard. He’s rough, pulling it with his teeth as his tongue flicks the tip. It causes me to feel like a hot coal has rolled deep inside me, deep into my core. I lift my head back and begin to moan. He releases my nipple, then does it to the other, switching back and forth. My nipples are rock hard, swollen from pleasure and pain. He grinds his cock against my slit, not pushing in. He’s teasing me still, as if he hadn’t enough during the wedding. Somehow his mouth becomes harder, chewing on my nipples and letting go again, nibbling back down and chewing harder. It feels so erotic I could come just like this. Without doubt if he keeps it up, I will.

Slowly he grinds into me, pushing his cock just right against my clit, rolling his hips perfectly. My breathing grows heavy; my whimpers are clear as I get closer to my orgasm. I want it, just like this, I want to come for him. I roll my hips with his and his mouth never stops on each of my nipples. I whimper out that I’m going to come and feel my impending release let go hard. The stiffness in my body is rigid for a long moment, before I begin to shake uncontrollably as I orgasm for him. As I come for him, he thrusts his cock inside me so he can feel the contractions of my orgasm ripple around him. He groans out right on my nipple as he sucks on it.

Faster, he fucks me, throwing all his weight into each thrust. He’s violently hard, deep and rough with me. He takes me deep, wanting to climb inside me, or at least that is how he makes me feel. With each thrust my body jolts up, loving it as I collide back down into him. He still makes love to my nipples, sucking on them, taking turns on each of them. It’s not until my third orgasm that he joins in and begins to come with me. He fills me with his hot seed, exploding deep inside my womb.

When he’s done, he begs me to stay the night. I’m too tired and roll into him. I fall asleep, needing it. He holds me close the entire night, clinging to his little Fuck Doll, with his cock lingering near my pussy the whole night.

The next morning we both wake up at the same time and roll out of bed taking a shower, sharing a pot of coffee together as we discuss our plans for the day. I tell him I have a new client: A girl who is into girls but can’t seem to find any lesbians, or even bi girls, in her area. He jokes I should record it and I throw a piece of muffin at him.

Coming home I feed Cricket and check my mail. Just the same mundane things, but no sign of the girl yet. She’s about my age and is a total blonde girl, with blue eyes and looks totally wholesome. The all American girl, so to speak. When she does sign on, she’s giddy and already excited. She’s naked and touching herself. She tells me she’s been looking forward to this since we made the date.

She wants me on my bed, totally naked and to fuck myself with my fingers. She’s in slight control, telling me exactly what she wants and tells me what she’d do to me if she were with me. I watch as she masturbates watching me touch myself to her words. The idea of everything she tells me turns me on, making me think of being with Gina and how much I like being with girls from time to time.

Mary keeps talking to me, fucking herself faster as she does and getting into it even more. She tells me she wants to lick me clean, that she can see how wet I am. I picture her between my legs and having at my tender pussy. It’s still abused from the fucking AJ put me through the night before and could use the tender touch of Mary’s mouth.

Her soft tongue can be lapping over the folds of my pussy, working inwards towards my clit, as she sucks it into her mouth. As she strokes me with her fingers, my hips moving along with her touch. I feel my heart racing as I listen to her. She continues to make me come for her, she tells me I want to be drained of orgasms. I moan out her name, making her shake into a few orgasms of her own.

In the end, we have a total of nine orgasms. She has five, I have four. She’s panting hard, telling me she has never had that many orgasms ever before. I tell her it’s a shame; to be so worn out is the best feeling. It’s almost a pity I wasn't there with her, to fuck her into all those orgasms in person. How nice would that have been? I feel myself getting turned on by the thought of it alone.

She lets me go when she announces her flat mate will be home soon. When I hang up, I curl up on the bed and fall asleep for the next three hours. I’m exhausted after so many orgasms and need to re-charge.

It is the irritating beeping of a message that wakes me up. When I sit up, I see someone has pinged me a few times, trying to get my attention. I climb off the bed and, sure enough, it’s this Ethan guy. I curse myself for not signing off before taking a nap.

“Hey, I’m sorry; I was not in the room. I apologize.”

“No problem, I thought maybe you were with someone else. Are you busy now?”

He asks and I feel bad, I almost want to lie, but a part of me doesn't. I debate telling him I am, but I decide what the hell.

“No, I’m not busy. Are you looking to play?”

“Well, I've been watching porn for two hours and nothing is doing it for me. I need to come so bad, Doll. I just need this damn release. I want to hear a girl moan for me as I touch myself.”

“Are you looking for just moaning?”

“Oh God, yes that’s all I need right now. I just want you to moan for me.”

How lucky can I get? He doesn't even want me to go on cam. Of course it cost a bit more for cam time also. I put my ear piece back on, and give him a call. He answers right off and when he talks to me, I can remember every last detail about him from the night in the club. His breathing is already heavy.

“You already touching yourself, aren't you?”

“I am, I have been so hard. Mmm fuck, I want to come.”

“Oh yeah? You want to come deep inside me, baby? I’d love to feel you fuck me deeply, slow and hard. I want to feel every last inch of you deep inside me. Mmm, yeah, you feel good inside me.”

“Oh fuck, that’s it don’t stop, Doll.”

I can hear the sound of his hand moving faster over his shaft. His breathing quickens, he groans out each time I moan out for him. He’s totally into it with the simplest moans and words. It turns me on, knowing how fun it would be to tease him in the flesh.

“That’s it, baby. Fuck my tight pussy, give it to me. Mmm right there, oh yes, oh god yes!”

I moan out for him again and he cries out, with that I can tell he’s coming. He’s trying to tell me, but he can’t get the words to come out of his mouth. His mouth is full of passion of moans and tangled pleasure, erupting from every inch of his being. I don’t stop moaning for him until he grows quiet.

“Jesus, I needed that. Thank you.”

“It was my pleasure, Ethan.”

“You know, I can’t place it, but you sound so familiar.”

I freeze, and hope he doesn't figure it out. I try to brush it off.

“Oh you know, all those dreams and times you needed a fuck doll to release into.”

“Ha, yeah, I suppose you’re right.”

Phew! I think to myself as I feel like I got off easily on that. He doesn't want to take too much of my time, but we end up talking for an hour about everything. It feels like the other night in the club. I try not to give too much away, letting him talk. Thankfully, he doesn't go on about his ex. Having to hear it once was bad enough.

I notice the time, and tell him I have to go make dinner, before I wither away. When we end the call, I let out a sigh and wonder how that’s going to end. After that call, he’s sure to be back again. Maybe I made a mistake?

It weighs on my mind the whole time I make dinner, and as I try to read afterwards. I don’t want to dwell on it though. I made a choice. I have to live with it.


Taking a break from the real world flesh fucking, I have been working more than ever online. It seems everyone under the sun and moon needs to get laid and can’t find anyone to fuck, so they come seeking me. It’s been interesting. I had a couple want me to simply watch them fuck on cam. It was a quick buck to be made, how could I say no? It was rather fun to watch.

A few of my regulars came rolling around, including Daniel. I joke with him that if he keeps fucking me on here, he’ll never save for the trip. He keeps telling me he’s close to what he needs. But today was different; I finally got an e-mail requesting me in the flesh. I have talked to him a few times and wanted to try something new with someone, and he wanted to with me. He’s liked the idea of BDSM ever since reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I can’t help but roll my eyes, but go with it.

So, he wants me to be his little submissive Fuck Doll. It’s not like I haven’t done this role before. He lives close by, but feels more comfortable if we meet at a hotel, which is fine by me. I arrive at the Hilton hotel and give my keys to the valet. David already told me which room was his, so I headed straight up to his room.

I’m wearing jean shorts and a tank top, with a lacy white bra and panty set. My hair is down and hanging down my back. My tennis shoes are plain white; I’m not overly dressed, because David said I won’t be dressed so not to bother with looking all dressed up for him. I knock softly at the door, with my eyes down at my feet.

The door opens, and he speaks.


“Yes, Sir, that’s me.”

He steps closer and wraps something around my neck; I hear the soft snap as he closes it. He whispers into my ear it’s a collar and it’s to be worn until I leave. He adds a leash and tells me to get on all fours, right here in the hallway and to crawl into the room as he leads me in. I do as I’m told, getting on all fours. I wait for him to tug at the leash before crawling in. He goes slowly, watching me as I come in. Once I’m in he tells me to strip down naked.

I carefully and slowly undress for him. His eyes are locked on me, watching me undress. I can tell how hard he is even through his robe. He must be naked under it, because his cock is standing to high attention to be restrained. I bite my bottom lip, wanting to wrap my hungry mouth around him, but wait for him to tell me what to do next.

“Back on your knees, Doll.”

I drop to my knees, David taking my leash pulling on it enough to make me look up at him. My big green eyes looking at him, as he undoes the knot to his robe. My breathing increases, knowing he wants the same thing as I do. He drops out of his robe and tugs hard on the leash. I’m forced to come face to face with his cock, pressing against my lips. I open and quickly swallow him whole, as he grips the leash tighter, leaving no room between us. He begins to thrust into my mouth, taking full control of everything being done.

David is rough, and fucks me like a true Fuck Doll, I moan through each gagging thrust. His cock is thick and wide for my jaw but he isn't slowing down. He has a firm grip on my leash, thrusting on. I can taste his pre-cum filling my throat, as I try to swallow it all, not wanting to make a mess. He comes out of nowhere, filling my throat with his hot seed. I choke slightly, but swallow it like a good girl. He groans out, filling me more. When he’s done, he pulls his softening cock from my full lips and smiles down at me, as he swipes the pad of his thumb along my lip.

“I like how swollen your lips get when sucking cock, Elexis.”

“Thank you, Sir. It was a pleasure to please you, and more so if you like my lips afterwards.”

I lean in and kiss the tip of his cock, as he shivers. He helps me stand, pulling upwards on the leash and kisses me hard. I can feel my lips swell more with how rough he is. I moan out through the kiss, his fingers dig into my ass flesh. He lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist, as he slams me against the wall. He has me pinned between him and the wall, letting go of our kiss and drops his mouth onto my nipple, sucking on it hard.

He does for the longest time, switching back and forth between the two, before stopping to reach for a toy on the dresser. It’s a simple, small bullet, he places against my clit and leans into me, so it doesn't slip away. He flicks it on and tells me I can’t come, I’m not allowed to for a long time yet. I whimper, knowing I already have to, but say nothing. The buzzing is sharp and strong; he has no mercy for me. It stings deep inside my core, as he goes back to my nipples.

Biting and tugging on each of them, as the bullet buzzes against my clit is torture. I feel so used and without even coming yet, it makes me feel so heady. I want the release but I know he won’t give it to me yet. My whimpering increases, I have to fight with every fiber of my being not to come.

“Oh please, Master, please can I come now?” I cry out, unable to handle it anymore.

He doesn't stop for what seems forever, until he breaks what he’s doing and looks deep into my eyes. I plead with him again.

“Please, Master. I want to come for you. It hurts, I need it.”

“Do you think you know what you need more than I do, slut?”

“No, Master not at all. Please I just, I’d like to come for you.”

“Is that right? You want to come for me? Do you want me deep inside you as you do?”

“Oh god, yes please. Fuck me as I come, Master.”

He slides his cock inside me and begins to fuck me slowly bringing my orgasm closer with each slow thrust. I wrap my arms around his neck, and he begins to fuck me harder, deeper inside me. I cry out as I try to lift my head back to moan out, but he tugs on my leash, making me look at him as I come around his cock. I whimper out, coming so hard. I squeeze tightly around his shaft, the tightness makes him growl out and release inside me.

Thrusting up inside me, he comes deep, pinning me harder against the wall as he watches himself fill inside me. When he is done, he helps me down off the wall and I rub my sore red arse. He helps me onto the bed and rubs my back end for me, working his fingers nicely into me. David tells me I’m a good little girl, and I would make a real good submissive, if I let myself. I told him I just know how to play a role well.

David goes on to tell me a few things he has in store for us tomorrow, but for now it’s time to relax. He orders room service. Relaxing, we watch a film together and talk about nothing really at all. It’s nice to just talk and hang out, without anything to worry about. I, of course, stay in the role of his submissive.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring…

This is the fifth installment of Fuck Doll. Elexis is super excited to be playing with you so much. She can’t get enough knowing how much she is pleasing you. She begs to not be let go, so keep reading what she has in store for you in the future. If you’ve not read the other chapters before this, go move your arse!

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