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Fuck Doll - Chapter Four

Fuck Doll - Chapter Four

Fuck Doll Goes To A Frat Party
A few weeks after the Frank debacle, things are back to normal. AJ still gives me hell about it from time to time, but more in a joking manner. He isn't all too pleased that I’m driving to the next state over to go see another client of mine, but its business. He knows what it is like and I assure him I’ll be better this time.

I met a frat boy a few weeks ago on another site I visit and told him about my site. He seemed really interested in me, and what I did for work. He asked me if I could strip, like what a real stripper could do. I told him I have taken classes for it, because a few clients have asked in the past. I did warn him I wasn't excellent at it, but showed him a few moves over cam and he enjoyed it enough.

The boys are throwing an end of the year bash. This year’s College is almost out, and they want to do one bigger hoorah. I’m not the only girl they hired; they booked three others. The frat house holds twenty guys, and they invited a ton of friends to come over for the events. I told him my rules, and my costs, and he said it was no problem.

When I show up, the party hasn't started yet, but the drinking has. The frat boys are all drinking, hanging out in the backyard and enjoying the sun. I easily relax with them, being so close in age, we have a lot in common. They love that I have my own business, and that I have to answer to no one. This reminds me to text AJ, and I do right off. He texts back telling me that I’m a good girl, and to behave.

Aaron is the guy who hired me. He tells me that I, and the other girls who were hired, will dance on the poles. We can also dance with guests, if they ask us, and if we want. He informs me that sex with us isn't going to happen, that they agreed that if they wanted sex, they could have sex with the college girls. I go on to tell him I don’t mind and that it is a part of my job, but he insists that it won’t happen. It’s not often that I’m hired and not have sex, but it does happen once in a while.

The last time it did was an elderly man who had lost his wife a few years before and just wanted company on New Years. It was their favorite holiday. He mostly talked to me about his wife, and the travels they had done together. It was heartbreaking to watch a grown, elderly man weep, but he said I helped him a lot. I still keep in touch with him from time to time. It made me make a mental note to send him an e-mail when I got home.

I change into a skimpy, pink cute number, and do up my hair and make-up in Aaron’s room. It was definitely a college guy’s room: Dirty and you can hardly move in it. When I go back downstairs, the other girls who were hired have shown up. Apparently they are all from the same company, and know each other. I am grateful they are nice, and not being catty with me for being an outsider.

People start showing up, the music is turned up, and the sun is set. The party begins and we started doing our thing. They have installed poles and a small stage for us girls to use once they cleared out the living room. We start dancing to the music, giving them what they want. At first it's simple, keeping our clothes on, teasing them. I have a few guys ask to dance and I do so willingly. The music starts out with techno and a bit of dub step, switching to more oldies for a while, a lot of hair bands. That’s when I get into it. The moment the song “Pour Some Sugar On Me” plays, that’s when I really kicked it up.

I climb up on stage and slowly start my strip show for them. Everyone who is in the room is cheering me on, tossing dollar bills at me. Aaron’s eyes are glued to me. I have a feeling even though he said no sex, that he wants to fuck me right there in front of everyone. It makes me want him so badly. Once the song is over and I’m naked, I motion him up on stage. He is uncertain of what I want, but comes up anyway.

When he gets up on stage, I pull him into me, growling into his ear to fuck me like a good little whore. Who the whore is at this moment is unknown. You can’t tell if I mean that I want him to fuck me like the whore I am, or fuck me because I know he is a whore. He groans out in my ear, and presses himself into me. I grip his cock tight, and tell him to do it now.

Like a good boy, he complies. When he pulls his cock out a few people are stunned, and watch as to what the fuck is about to go down. I can’t help but giggle a little bit, as I lean down and wrap my hands around my ankles, giving him my backside. A crowd gathers around, watching with anticipation, wanting to see this go down. There is a mix of guys and even some girls.

Aaron steps behind me, slapping my arse nice and hard, I moan out for him. The music is turned down just enough so people can hear me better. Though someone thought it would be a good idea to switch the music to extremely fast beat, and I know what will happen. Aaron’s hard cock pushes against my slit, sliding down towards my clit, and I lean back into it.

His cock is centered, and ready to be pushed in. He takes my hips, and pushes in slowly at first. It allows each inch of him to feel every inch of my insides. My walls grip him tightly, sucking him in slowly, almost like a vacuum. He sinks into me deeper, filling me with all that he has. His thumb presses against my tight ring, not pushing in, but plugging it nicely. I groan out, and he begins to thrust in and out of me at a steady speed. The music is almost matching his beat, and I know the song well, knowing it has a very fast beat.

Each thrust is teasingly perfect; his other hand reaches around and begins to dance over my clit. The crowd is watching, clearly excited. I feel like I’m on display for all to see and this turns me on even more. I love being fucked in public, and having people watch this Fuck Doll be used. The beat quickens, and so does Aaron. He fucks me harder, pounding inside me as I begin to orgasm. My moans entangle with the beat of the music, squeezing his cock nice and tight as I come for him. I feel him tighten, and blow his hot seed inside me.

When he is done, a few others say they want a turn almost fighting for it. The other girls offered to do the same thing, though I’m surprised. I didn't think they were that type of girls, but, hey, we all have an inner slut in us. Two other frat guys come up, one takes Aaron’s place behind me, and the other stands in front of me. They want to fuck me at the same time. They both hold still as I begin rocking back and forth, allowing me to do all the work. I suck hard on the guy in front of me, and the other holds my hips, as I fuck his thick cock. It feels so wonderfully delicious to fuck them both at the same time.

The other girls each have two men on them, in similar positions. They wouldn't make bad Fuck Doll’s. It’s a shame I don’t hire girls, because I like having all the attention. I focus on them both, as they both begin to fill me with their seed. Two more step in; they lift me up and sandwich me between them. One takes my ass, the other takes my pussy.

They bounce me between the two of them, fucking them hard. I feel so used; I can’t help but come for them. Each filling me again and I take all of it, like a good little Fuck Doll. After about eight men, I had enough, and the other girls take just as many as I did. We went through a great deal of the frat boys.

I tell Aaron that it was a good night, and between what he paid me for the night, the tips for stripping, and side tips I made out extremely well. I take Aaron’s room for the night and sleep hard, before waking up early, leaving before anyone woke up. I leave Aaron a note thanking him for the evening, and that if he ever needs me, to find me on my site. I text AJ and let him know I’m on my way home.

When I do get home, I take a long bath, wanting to relax. My entire body is sore from being used so much. It feels great, and I know I want to get a message. It’s been a while. I might refrain from doing much in person stuff for a while. I need to rest up. I know my client list on-line will keep me busy enough in the mean time. I also have AJ for the other stuff; he’s the only one I never deny.

My bath over, I head out to get a massage. I get an hour massage done by a man, who I’m pretty sure has the most magical hands in the world. He’s the only one who I see to massage me. He knows about my lifestyle, and has even been an on-line client. I think he’s working the courage to do it in person, but hasn't yet. The entire time he’s massaging me I relive the night before.

He jokes with me that it’s no wonder I came in. He makes my whole body feel like butter. I’m so absolutely relaxed. It did what I wanted it to do. I thank him; give him his tips as I always do, leaving a kiss on his cheek, and head home.

It’s not often I hang out with my friends, because we’re always so busy, but tonight we plan to go out and have fun. It’s been too long, and we need to catch up. I’m also missing having a girl’s night.

When I arrive at the club, they are all there and we all do a tequila shot and order a round of drinks. We catch up, who’s doing what, who’s fucking who, who’s been broken up with, all the juicy girl stuff girls talk about. My friends don’t know what I do for a living. They do know I work from home, and assume I do some form of computer work. I tell them it’s a boring job, and nothing to much talk about. It seems to satisfy them enough not to press on about it, which makes me happy. I am not ashamed of what I do; I just don’t want to mix business with pleasure, unless it’s with AJ. He’s the only exception to this rule.

The club is packed, and we do a lot of dancing and dealing with horny club guys wanting to get on our arses. A few of my girlfriends are all about it, but I’m still not really into it; the night before tired me out. It wasn't until this guy comes up to me, and starts talking to me that I actually relax a bit.

He tells me his name is Ethan, and that he was dragged out tonight with his friends. His girlfriend had just broken up with him, and he hasn't been very social. His friends keep telling him it isn't normal, and that he had no choice but to come out. He agreed finally, and wasn't having much fun until he saw me. He said I looked as though I needed a decent conversation.

We dance together, talking about a whole lot of things. He tells me he is in sales, and is looking for a new job. He wants to start fresh with his whole life after the break up. He looks lonely, and I can tell he has a broken heart, even still. It has been a month since his girlfriend broke up with him, after five years of being together. She said she needed to find herself, though he didn't know what that meant.

He found out a few days ago she moved to Canada with some guy she met months before they even broke up, and is planning on getting married to him. He was in shock, and found it ironic that is how she thinks she is finding herself. I tell him it sounds like he got lucky, that she didn't sound like she was all there. He tells me I’m probably right, but it doesn't make the pain hurt less. I try to console him the best I can, but since I've never had a broken heart, I can’t really relate.

Thankfully, after a while we stop talking about it, and his friends start to mingle with mine. Our group is rather large, and having a great time. When the bartender announces it’s almost closing time, Ethan gives me his number and asks if I’ll call him some time. I tell him I will, but deep down I doubt I will. I don’t date, unless it’s for my business because no man is going to be okay with my job, and I just can’t do that to someone. I tuck his card in my back pocket, and head home.

By the time I wake up the next morning, I’m pretty sure I slept the entire day away, it is about 3:30 in the afternoon when I roll out of bed. I feel like a lazy ass, but I don’t care. I feed Cricket some tuna, and make myself a sandwich. I put around, doing my cleaning and know I have to check my e-mail later. I have no planned dates today, but am booked for tomorrow.

I decide to text AJ, see what he’s up to but he tells me he is swamped with work and has too much to do. He’ll make it up to me later. He does an hour later, when the doorbell rings and flowers are sent. The card reads:

‘I’m sorry; don’t mean to brush you off, Lex. I just want this deal to pass, and have to do a lot of work before the wedding. Buy yourself something pretty for me.’

I totally forgot about the wedding, but get excited to do some shopping. Whenever I do something with AJ, he always wants me to buy a new outfit, never wanting me to wear the same thing. He gave me one of his credit cards to use whenever I need it, so I decide to go do some shopping. I plan to be his perfect little Fuck Doll, even at the wedding.

Shopping is one of those things I like to do alone. I know my friends like doing it all together, but I find it as some form of therapy and rather do it alone. I tend to take a long time, but it’s worth it because I always please my clients with my choices.

Heading into one of my favorite local shops, I give my hellos to the two ladies working. They give me a wave, and leave me to it. I look through the new stuff, being a while since I was here last, there is a ton of stuff to go through. Endless racks of things I want. I start collecting stuff but nothing for the wedding... Not just yet.

It wasn't until I reached this silk, lavender colored knee high dress, with a v split in the front and back that makes me shudder. It’s outstanding. I try it out, and love it even more. I take a photo of it, and show AJ. He sends a text back telling me that’s the one, and he’ll match accordingly. I pay for my stuff, and head off to Victoria's Secret to buy some new panties to go along with my dress. No bra is required.

When I get home, I sign online and do some of my e-mails. I hear back from Frank, who wants me to visit again in a few months, and Daniel telling me he’s nearly saved up for the trip. I get a message from a girl who wants to play; I haven’t had one in a while, not on-line anyway. My last one is from a guy, who seems to be local, looking for someone to play with, but isn't ready to get involved with anyone in the flesh, his signs off as Ethan, and makes me think of the guy in the club.

It couldn't be him, could it? I never even told him about the site.

This is Fuck Doll’s fourth chapter, if you haven’t read the others you should. She loves nothing more than pleasing her reader, which includes you. Let her be YOUR Fuck Doll.

Written By Poppet: For LushStories ONLY! 

Thank you GingerKitty once again in the editing. You’re truly terrific. Me loves you long time. x 

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