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Fuck Doll - Chapter Nine

Fuck Doll - Chapter Nine

Will Elexis the Fuck Doll Confess?
It’s mid August, and it has been broiling hot for the last week. It's making anything other than sitting in front of my air conditioning too much, and work makes me dread fucking anyone. Unfortunately, people still want to do it, and I’m their number one girl. I've had endless dates on line, which isn't as bad, but still, I break such a sweat.

However, today I have an actual client. He has to meet a client here in town and wants to see me afterwards. Lucky me. I've only talked to him a few times on my site. He seems nice enough, so I tell him I’ll meet him around two. Before leaving, I check my e-mails and see that Daniel has finally saved enough to send me to Seattle, so I’ll be going there in a week. I’m looking forward to it, if I’m honest. Ethan has been coming on less, and deep down I’m grateful, though I know he’s a good guy; it’s not worth the hassle.

Grabbing my bag, I head towards the hotel that Cal is staying at, and go to the bar. I order a White Russian, and people watch as I wait for him. I sent him a text when I was in the car, so he knows I’m here when he’s done with his meeting. I only have to wait about fifteen or so minutes before he strolls in.

“You’re so stunning, Elexis, more so in person than on camera. I hope I didn't leave you waiting too long.” Cal is soft spoken, maybe in his forties, and seemingly fit. He has stubble, and I’m guessing he hasn't shaved for a few days, but it suits him nicely. He’s in a pair of black slacks and a grey button up shirt with the top button showing off a bit of chest hair. He takes my hand and kisses it softly.

“Aren't you the gentleman, Cal? No, I haven’t waited long, and I was able to enjoy a drink,” I smile, blushing slightly as he kisses my hand.

I’m wearing a pale yellow sun dress, with a green bra and panty set; they are the color of grass. I opted for sandals, thinking it suited my attire. My hair is pulled into two pigtails, making me look a little younger than I actually am.

Cal has a thing for the younger, innocent type. I wore little to no makeup, wanting to look natural for him. A soft pink gloss is on my lips, giving it a nice pout to tease him. He looks as though he approves, and we head upstairs to his room. It’s a posh room, even has a Jacuzzi, Cal tells me. I, of course, beg him if we can use it.

He has me strip for him, leaving nothing on, but keeping my pigtails in. I give him a show, slowly stripping off my clothes for him. While I strip, he strips also, and I keep my eyes locked on him. He praises me, telling me how beautiful I am, and he can’t wait to posses me. Cal starts the Jacuzzi tub, and gets it going. I pour us some wine, and we climb in. The water is perfectly intoxicating all on its own.

Straddling his lap, I face him. I lean down and kiss his lips softly, they part gently, offering more for me. I gently take it, kissing him deeper, tasting the wine from his lips on mine. His hands roam and dance over my back, gripping my arse cheeks every so often, and pulling me closer into him. I purr out through the kiss, letting out soft whimpers, enjoying his touch. The bubbling water around us teases my skin. I can feel him growing harder between my thighs. I softly roll my hips on him.

He reaches up, and tugs my pigtailed hair, forcing me to look upwards, offering up my neck to him. He leans in, and sucks on my exposed flesh, licking and biting every so often. The moans that escape my lips tease him, he bites and licks more. I can feel him work up to my ear, nipping it gently as he tugs on it.

My hips keep rolling, his cock now sliding along my slit but not sliding in, not just yet. He keeps my head pulled back, biting harder now into my neck, almost hurtful but it feels so wonderfully good. His mouth sucks on the flesh where he bites, pulling it into his mouth, marking me with his touch. I scold him a little, telling him not to leave marks. He loosens up, but pouts a little. He lifts me up off him, and turns me over.

With me turned over, he has me bend slightly over the Jacuzzi, the bubbles hitting perfectly at my pussy. Cal once again grabs my pigtails and tugs them, causing my back to arch. I offer up my pussy to him; he straddles me, just so. His engorged head, thick and ready to push inside me slowly does. I whimper lightly, ready to take him. The heat in the room is growing thicker, making it so intense.

As he begins to push in, he does it slowly, filling me with a slow need. It builds the pressure more, his hands still wrapped in my long pigtails. Once he’s about half way in, he gives a good hard thrust popping the rest of his cock inside me. It causes me to squeal out, trembling as I lean back into him. He pulls out slowly, and thrusts back in hard, with a beautiful groan. Thrusting like this, repetitively, turns me on so much, I reach down and stroke my clit.

The moans between us grow. I keep leaning back into him; he holds my pigtails and fucks me harder. I feel his whole body collide with mine, taking me with such extreme power. He’s not hurtful, just powerful. It’s perfect. The quicker he moves inside me, the quicker I move my fingers over my clit. The need to orgasm is coming upon me fast, and I want it so much. I beg of him not to slow down, wanting to come hard for him.

This seems to urge him on, as if my words are all he needs. He yanks my pigtails harder, forcing me to look at him, as he looms over me, fucking me harder. I love the intense glare he has, fucking me the way he does. My fingers never slow, my breath hitches, and I begin to orgasm around him hard. I cry out between gasps of breath, he never eases up on me, and I’m thankful for it. The intensity must be what he needs, because he soon after begins to fill me with his seed.

When we’re done, we slide into a cuddle while the water bubbles around us. We soak in the water, loving the relaxed feeling it causes us, and talk a bit about life in general. He tells me he has never done anything like this before and I actually believe him. A lot of my clients haven’t, and I like that. Though the ones who have, tend to give better tips, but I never tell that to the ones who don’t.

I’m reluctant to get out, and get on with the evening, but I have another date. Tonight it’s with a girl, and I’m looking forward to having some pussy. She’s also a new client. She was recommended to me by another client of mine. He told her I was also into girls, and she was all too happy to set up a date with me. She’s bisexual and likes women purely for sex, but men are the long term thing. A lot of the women I talk with think this, and that’s fine by me.

When I do get home, I feed Cricket. She’s dancing under my feet for attention, and I snuggle with her for a bit, before showering for my date. I’m to meet her at her house. She tells me it’s not a date, but she insisted on cooking for me. Apparently she’s a chef, and loves to cook. I've never had a chef cook me a dinner like this, so who am I to say no? I slip into a short black mini dress, and head off to hers. Thankfully, the night has brought some cooler air, but not by much.

Arriving, I’m greeted by a beautiful redhead. Her name is Rachel, and she is about twenty five. She has an amazing smile, and a warm feeling about her. She’s all full of giggles, and greets me as if we are the best of friends. She ushers me in, and offers me champagne, which is so good. Rachel tells me she has made eggplant Parmesan, with fresh bread and a salad, which, if you ask me, sounds amazing!

Going into the kitchen, she has set up a nice table, and is nearly done. I watch her put the final touches to dinner, and I ask to help, but she tells me no. Settling in, we dive into our dinners, and we talk. She tells me she’s been single for a few months, and that her ex was a real loser, and she had to get out. It has been about a year since she has played with a girl, so she wanted to get together with one. She used to have a playmate, but she went and got married.

Her friend, and my client, told her about me and my site. It took her a month to even get in touch with me. I think its sweet she was shy over it all, because she seems so relaxed now. She’s dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top and, from the looks, no bra. I wonder if she has panties on. I guess I’ll find out later.

After dinner, I insist on helping her clean up, before we head towards her room. I think she is getting a little nervous now, but there is no turning back. Well, there is, but I don’t think that is what she really wants. We undress and climb onto the bed, softly petting each other at first. To no surprise, she has no panties on. She climbs on top of me, biting softly at my skin, skimming her tongue along my breast before nipping my nipples.

The erotic feeling of a woman’s touch to a man’s is so different; both feel amazing, but so different. Her lips are wonderfully soft; she suckles on each nipple as if she is nursing on them, pulling on them harder with each passing moment. Her fingers roam down and part my lips, she lets her middle finger slide into my pussy, and slowly she begins to fuck me.

Her lips work my nipples, moving back and forth on them, tugging hard. Her finger never lets up, fucking me deep, finding my sweet spot. It won’t take long before I need to come. Her thumb finds my clit, and begins to caress it, softly she purrs on my nipple. I lift my hips, wanting more; she fucks me faster, moving her mouth from my nipples down over my stomach. My breathing increases, I want to feel her hot mouth on my pussy.

She moves down further, doing just that. She closes her mouth around my clit, sucking it hard into her mouth, and hums hard. I yelp out, begging her not to stop, she moves quicker inside me. I grab at the blanket, and thrust upwards, grinding into her as I feel myself come hard for her.

The ripple of my orgasm is strong, I buck wildly at her, wanting more. She lets go and climbs back up once more and begins to grind her pussy on mine. She’s soaking wet, and I want to taste her. As she grinds, I tease her clit, moving lightly over her. I bring my fingers up for a long moment, sucking on them enjoying her taste. She tastes wonderful. She fucks me hard, thrusting herself with me, as I roll my hips with hers.

Crashing her mouth down onto mine, we kiss deeply while we grind more. I can hear in her whimpers, she is close. I break our kiss, and whisper into her ear I want her to come for me. I want to feel her soak me. Her breathing quickens, and she trembles out and starts to come for me. She loves it, the power of it makes her body rigid, but she keeps moving her hips along mine. My fingers are still on her clit, until I know it passes. After she is spent, I climb down and lick her clean. I want to taste more of her. I softly suck on her clit, enjoying the taste of her.

After we’re done, and lying in bed together, she tells me it’s exactly what she needed. I’m glad I could give her what she was searching for. Around 11:30 I tell her I have to go, and she offers to let me stay the night, but I tell her I have an early morning client, which isn't true. I just want to be home, in my own bed. I’m suddenly missing AJ and think of calling him.

In the car, I debate on if I want to call him. Ever since we fell asleep on the couch, I've been avoiding him. I think he notices it, but I can feel myself growing closer to him and it conflicts with my job, I can’t do it. However, the urge to call him wins. It only rings once before he picks up.

“Hey, Lex, you okay? It’s late.”

“Hey AJ, no I’m fine. I’m just done with a client and heading home. I was just wondering if you want to come stay the night with me.”

“Is everything okay?” he asks. I can hear the concern in his voice, because I don’t ask him to ever really stay the night. He knows how I feel.

“Things are fine; it’s just been a while. You don’t have to, if you don’t want to,” I say lightly, almost a little hurt, thinking he doesn't want to.

“No, I do, of course I do. I’m on my way, meet you there, love,” his voice still sounding a bit concerned.

We hang up, and I drive the rest of the way home. When I get home, he’s already there. He’s on the couch with Cricket, who’s all too keen on getting attention. AJ stands when I walk over to them, and Cricket mews at us, but we ignore it. I fall into a hug, needing his arms around me. He holds me close, saying nothing, just holds me. It seems like the longest hug, one that you never want to end. He strokes my hair, just holding me. It’s what I need, and he’s all too willing to give it to me. After, we head towards my room and we strip naked, slipping into bed.

Neither of us has sex on our mind, he just holds me again. My fingers caress his chest, doing figure eights along his skin. He does the same on my back, and I just listen to our breathing match and his heart beating softly, as I lie on him. No words are even spoken, not a single one. Though it feels so much is being said in the silences between us, as if we can read each other’s minds. I know he loves me, and I can’t any longer deny that I love him too and am starting to want more.

AJ is the first to drift off to sleep, the only reason I know is his fingers have stopped moving on my back. My mind goes back to all of this. I can’t be with him if I want my job. It’s not fair on him, and I love my job. I don’t know what’s right to do, and even at twenty two, I don’t know what I’d want to do if I let my job go to be AJ’s girlfriend, or even possibly wife. The idea makes me smile, being his wife.

I know in two days I’m off to Seattle to see Daniel, and I’m even looking forward to it. But, at the same time, I don’t want to leave AJ. I hate spending time apart from him. I can’t get enough time with him. It seems like hours before sleep finally takes me in. I dream, and it’s mostly of AJ and I and what we could have.

When I wake up, AJ is still sound asleep. He’s so beautifully handsome, more so in his sleep. I lightly kiss his chest, but he makes no movements. I slip the covers off of us, and move down and look at his cock. Even when soft, it’s sexy, his foreskin hiding the perfect thickness of his head. I take it lightly; sliding it back exposing his head, I suckle it into my mouth. AJ’s breath hitches, but I don’t stop, and slowly, I begin to make love to his cock.

He stirs until he’s awake, but lets me continue to make love to his cock. He grows hard for me. I swallow him into the back of my throat and suck gently; he rolls his hips lightly. I reach down and caress his balls, causing the tension to heighten for him. He groans out, begging me for more. I love his morning voice, so full of sleep and lust for me. My mouth moves a little faster, but not too fast. I make sweet love to his cock, my tongue swirling around the head of his cock, and right on the underside, where all men love.

I can feel the throb on my tongue, as I suck him deeper. I crave what I know he’ll be offering me soon enough, taking him deeper. His moans grow, growling every so often, urging me on. His hand comes down, and holds me closer, making me gag slightly as he releases his seed. I swallow him all, trying to breathe through gulps of his come. I love how hard he comes for me, groaning throughout the whole thing.

Sucking on him until he grows soft is what he likes best, and I do just that. Afterwards, he pulls me up into his arms and kisses me hard. I giggle, and kiss him back deeply. He tugs my lower lip, before letting go. We look at each other, almost like another silent conversation between us. A form of bond connects us, and we agree upon it with no words. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but at this rate, I’m starting to feel I don’t know if I can let him go. I want him.

I know, sooner or later, we’re going to have to talk about it, but right now I just want his arms. I want him to hold me, and not say a word. I have so much on my mind, and I just am not ready to let them leave my mind, not just yet. What we have right now, in this moment is perfect. I’m his in this moment, and that’s what I want.

It’s all I need…

This has been Elexis the Fuck Doll’s ninth chapter. Come back, and see what happens next. Does she go see Daniel? Will she confess her feelings to AJ? Will she give up her job for him? Will she tell him goodbye? You’ll have to come back and find out.

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