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Fuck Doll – Chapter Seven

Fuck Doll – Chapter Seven

Fuck Doll Takes A Virgin
The drive to see my parents is one of my favorite parts of going to see them. I crank the radio and just let my mind wander. I’m looking forward to seeing them and the neighbors. It's two days before the actual event, but it gives me time to catch up with everyone.

When I arrive, I see my dad out in the front, mowing the lawn, and he waves as I pull in. He looks great, always adamant about staying fit and looking good. His own father died at a young age, due to a lot of reasons, so it urges my dad to be nothing like him.

“Elexis, you’re early. You look beautiful as ever, how are you honey?”

“Hey Daddy! Yeah, I left a few hours early. I wanted to beat the traffic. I’m great, but man, I’m hungry!”

“You’re in luck, mum's in the kitchen making a light lunch. I’ll meet you inside when I’m done, sweet-pea.”

“Okay Daddy. Don’t overdo it.”

I get my bags and enter the house, which is nice and cool. It’s a welcome contrast to the hotness outside. It’s just eleven thirty in the morning, and already in the nineties. When I get to my room, I see it’s the same as ever. Mum tells me it’ll always be my room. I never did change it from when I was a teenager. It’s decked out in silver and black everything, with random blues to give it color. I love this room.

Hearing mum down in the kitchen bustling about, I know she didn't hear me come in. I watch her at the door, making sandwiches and fixing a salad. She’s just as fit as my dad; she was a runner in high school. She’s very short though, only coming in at five feet, one inch. Mostly everyone we know calls her munchkin, and she even giggles like one, too.

“Psst, hey mum,” I whisper at her, knowing she’ll just squeal in delight at seeing me.

“Lexi! You’re here, oh baby girl, I’ve missed you.”

“Oh mum, I missed you too. You and Daddy must have taken the week off, neither of you are at work.”

“Oh yes, you know us. We knew you were coming, and we haven’t taken holiday in so long.”

“Can’t wait for the party, it's needed, but I really need lunch, is it done?”

“Yes, it’s done, just waiting for your father.”

We sit down and jabber over our summer so far and who’s been doing what. By the time dad comes in, I feel as though I could eat a whole cow. We talk about the neighbors and that they are, in fact, coming and my parents have invited some new neighbors, who moved in down the street.

After lunch, I decide to go take a dip in the pool. I want to work on my tan and I never get to go swimming enough. When I head upstairs to change, I think about Jake and whether or not he’s still a virgin. I bet he’ll still want to have sex, either way, but it would be kind of fun to be the one to take his virginity. Down in the pool, I throw on some music and do a few laps before I just kind of lazily enjoy the coolness of the water and the warmth of the sun.

“Hey you, when did you get in?”

I am startled out of my daze, and see that Jake is hanging over the connecting fence with a goofy grin on his face. I swim to the edge of the pool, and whisper to him.

“Just got in about two hours ago, want to join me?”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

He climbs down off the fence and through the door in just his trunks. He clearly saw me beforehand. With one quick dive he’s in the pool and swimming towards me, the same silly grin on his face.

“What’s up, birthday boy?”

“Just doing the summer thing... And that isn't until tomorrow. You know that.”

“I do know, but I’m sure you’re looking forward to finally being eighteen.”

“No shit, I've been looking forward to this day for two years.”

“Hm, yeah, why’s that?”

I know, without him having to tell me, that he’s still a virgin. It makes me think back on when he was sixteen and telling me he had never even been kissed by a girl. In one night, he went from having a true kiss, to having his cock sucked. He actually held out pretty good and came so hard. He almost begged me to fuck him, but I told him when he turns eighteen, then I will.

“You so didn't forget, Lex. Don’t play me like that!” He jokes, as his hand runs over my arse, squeezing it gently. He skims the flesh of my arse, sending shivers through me.

A tiny moan escapes my lips, “you’re right, I've not forgotten. I wasn't sure if you'd met anyone this year,” I look at him with a serious expression.

“I had a girlfriend for about three months, but she just wanted to use me for rides and money,” He tells me, as he inches closer to me, his fingers moving under my bathing suit, squeezing again.

“That’s a shame, she sounds like a twit. You can do better,” I grin, moving away just a tad, mostly teasing him.

“Oh you are going to play me like that?” He looks at me with almost a pout.

“Nope, you know what I said. On your birthday we can fool around. You come find me tomorrow.”

His pout deepens, but he knows I won’t give in to it. We end up swimming for a few hours, before he has to head off. By the time I head in, I can tell my plan worked; my skin is already a few shades darker. I check my phone after my shower and notice that AJ had sent a text. He tells me Cricket is fine, but mewing a lot, clearly missing me, and tells me she isn't the only one. I send him one back, telling him I miss the both of them also.

Mum and Daddy had made plans with a few friends, so I’m on my own for dinner. I don’t mind it though; I make a steak and have the leftover salad from lunch. I think of calling it an early night and go up to read for a while. I get so into my book that I don’t realize how late it actually gets. Not until I hear something from outside my bedroom window.




What is that? I think to myself. It’s so faint, I’m not even sure if its anything other than house noises.




I hear my name and finally go to my window. I see Jake standing there with a few woodchips in his hand. Turning to see the time, it was a little after midnight.

“What are you doing, are you crazy?” I whisper down at him, not wanting to wake my folks.

“It’s my birthday,” he whispers, in a sheepish grin.

”You came over here, just to tell me something I already know?” I sigh, as I open the window wider, looking down at him.

“Well, yeah, because... You know…” His voice trails off.

“Oh, I get it! You want to fuck now, in the middle of the night. How about I suck your cock and we can save the fucking for later? It’s late!” I hiss down at him. I wasn’t about to fuck with my parents home, so he’ll have to take this offer, or he can go rub one out alone.

“Okay okay, deal,” he whines, knowing that isn't what he wanted me to say.

“I’ll be down in a second.”

I’m going to make him pay for this. If he wants his cock sucked, then he can go down on me first. I giggle to myself as I slip out of my PJ’s and change into just my dressing gown. I quietly sneak downstairs, skipping the step that squeaks too loud. He’s out by the pool, looking as though he won a prize.

“You owe me first, Jake.”

“Anything for you, Lexi.”

I drop my dressing gown and give him a little show of all of me naked. I can see he is already excited and ready for me. He’ll have to wait his turn, however. I lay my gown out and lie on it. I open my legs, offering myself to him. The stars and moon are so bright, it’s beautiful out here. It’s still very warm, even at this time of night, but there is a slight breeze. I can hear the crickets and night sounds filling the air. Jake moves down to his knees and looks unsure of what to do.

“You can do it, Jake. You've seen enough porn, this I’m sure of. I’ll guide you along the way,” I smile at him, trying to be reassuring.

“Just don’t hate it,” he looks at me with a serious face.

“I’m not going to hate it, just don’t be shy. I want you to ravish me.”

A slight moan escapes his lips and he moves down between my legs. I part them a little wider for him. His tongue is soft and gentle, tasting me for the first time. The sensation of his touch makes me shiver; I try not to move though, wanting him to be comfortable.

He softly strokes me with his tongue, parting my slit with his tip. It’s delightful, easy and teasingly perfect at the moment. The more I moan, the more I seem to encourage him. He becomes bolder, sucking and licking deeper. He parts my lips and attacks my clit, sucking on it hard. I have to muffle my moans, knowing I could be heard by anyone.

“Oh fuck, Jake, see I told you. You can do it,” I shiver out the words, in a breathless moan.

The giggle is all I can hear because he’s too into eating my pussy to stop. He slips his arms under and wraps them around, pulling me closer to him. He dives his tongue deeper into my slit, until he finds my entrance. Wildly, he tongue fucks me, giving me a wild ride. My back arches, my hands find his hair as I let out moans. I’m so close and I want to come for him. It’s not until his nose hits against my clit, with his moans as he tongues fucks, me that I feel the need. I begin to come so hard for him.

One hand slaps against my mouth, holding in my moans, cursing myself for being in my parent’s backyard doing this. My legs tremble, my breath hitching, coming hard for him. He knows better not to stop until I do, and even then, he laps up my juices. He lifts his head when he knows I’m coming down from my high and smiles.

“I did well, didn't I?” He giggles again.

“Oh fuck, yes you did. Now I want your cock in my mouth.”

I get up and onto my knees as he stands. He drops his shorts, still sporting a hard cock. I sink my mouth down around his whole cock, taking all of him for my pleasure. He takes my hair and guides his hips back and forth. I take him by his butt cheeks and pull him in deeper, gagging a little as I suck hard. He groans out, begging me to slow down, or he’ll come too quickly.

Smiling to myself, I know he’ll have to get used to it and I don’t slow down. I swallow deeply, taking him further into my throat, with him bucking gently into my mouth. He moans out and begins to come hard. His seed fills deep in my throat, not giving me a chance to really have to swallow it. He’s not as discreet and moans out, which almost sounds like a howl. I suck him dry, pulling my lips from him with a light pop.

By the time I get him to go home and back upstairs, it’s almost one thirty. I call it a night, slipping into bed and fall asleep wondering where he and I are supposed to have sex. I suppose that is his problem, if he wants it bad enough. I dream peacefully throughout the night, waking up refreshed and giddy.

Mum and dad tell me about the night before, telling me they are sorry about leaving me on my own. I let them know it’s not a big deal. I have plans to see a few of my friends today to make up for it. I head out right after breakfast and meet them. I haven’t seen my friends since last year and even though we’re not as close as we used to be, we try to keep in touch. Just more friends who don’t know what I do for a living.

The four of us used to be inseparable before boys became our biggest concern in life. Casey ended up pregnant at seventeen and now has four children, by three different men. None of the fathers' help take care of them, she can hardly make ends meet and lives with her mother. She hates her life and whines about it all the time, even though she is the one at fault. I was surprised she even managed to get time away from the kids to come to lunch with us.

Amy has been married since she was twenty. I missed the wedding because I was out of state, but she seems happy. She’s newly pregnant with her first baby and is glowing from head to toe. Her husband is some lawyer, who swept her off her feet and made her his in less than a year. She was boy crazy in school, but wasn't into sex and being a slut, so she was never able to keep a boyfriend - boys like sex, but she wouldn't give in, though she seems happy now.

Clarissa got around when she was in high school, but settled down when she met her current husband. She’s in college, trying to get a degree in nursing. She loves helping people, so thinks being a nurse is the best way to go. She has no interest in having kids any time soon, not that I blame her.

They all go on and on asking me if I have found anyone yet. As if being in a relationship or married makes you grown up, or something. I tell them I've been dating, which isn't far from the truth, I suppose. This quiets them down a little, but they go on to tell me I should just find a guy. It makes me think of AJ and I know how much he’d love to have me settle down with him.

After a grueling few hours of twenty questions and multiple phone calls home to check on kids, we say our goodbyes. I let them know I have plans with another friend and need to get going. Jake is probably waiting to see my car pull into the drive the moment I get home. We wish each other well and I take my leave.

Sure enough, the moment I get home Jake comes running out of his house. “Where have you been, is this you teasing me?!” He whines.

“I forgot to tell you I had plans this morning. Calm down, Jake, we have time.”

“My parents are out for the day, we can do it at my place. Come on!”

I get out of my car and follow him into the house. It’s quiet, besides the TV on in the background. We head upstairs, to Jake’s room, and I know I've never even seen his room. I’m pleasantly surprised: It doesn't look overly childish. It’s rather clean, and filled with baseball things. I know he’s on the team in his high school, though he graduated this year. He suddenly looks rather nervous and I can’t help but giggle at him.

Stepping up to him, I run my fingers down his arms, lacing my fingers into his. “Don’t be nervous, you've been looking forward to this for two years,” I whisper to him, leaning up as I kiss his lips. He leans down, kissing me back softly. My fingers pull from his as I begin to undo his jeans; he stands there, watching me, letting me take the lead. I undress him, seeing him fully naked for the first time ever and undress myself. I watch him grow hard looking at my naked body; I stroke his shaft lightly, as he becomes harder.

Within a few moments, I have him lie on the bed, before I climb on top of him. I reach for his hand, and let him pet and tease my clit, making me purr softly. I grind lightly on his lap, teasing his cock, letting it get slick with my growing wetness. The way his cock glides along my slit teases us both, but his breathing becomes increasingly fast. I know if I tease him too much, he’ll come within moments.

I lean down and kiss him gently, moving my hips on him. His hands are on my sides, almost holding me in place, but allowing me to move. I let out the soft moans, wanting more, waiting to give him more. Lifting up my hips just right, I adjust so his cock sits at my entrance.

“You ready, Jake?” I purr against his lips, feeling the heat of his breathing against my skin.

“I have been for two years,” he whimpers back and I lower myself down onto him.

He squeezes his eyes shut and moans as I fill myself with his cock.

The steady rhythm of my lifting and falling is all that we feel, I grind down every so often onto him. His hands still on my hips, I begin to move a bit faster, squeezing myself around him. I softly moan as I ride his cock, my fingers dig slightly into his chest, moving up and down onto him. My eyes are locked on his, as he feels me fuck him. I can see the struggle of wanting to release, but not wanting it to end.

“Fuck, Lexi, I never imagined this,” he groans as I grind myself onto him, feeling the head of his cock push into the deepest parts of me.

“I told you it was worth the wait,” I giggle, and move a little quicker.

His fingers dig into my hips, as he groans out. I know he’s close, but I want to come, so I begin to rub my clit. My fingers moving deftly over my clit, bringing myself closer to orgasm, his eyes now transfixed on my fingers. I moan out that I’m going to come and bring myself to the edge. I fuck him a little faster, leaning down, kissing him as I come hard. My pussy clings to him, soaking him as I feel him shake hard and fill me with his seed.

I can feel the strength of his jets blowing deep inside me, my walls cling tighter. I milk him as I grind down onto him, pushing his seed deeper inside me. I watch as Jake’s eyes roll into the back of his head, feeling the high of his orgasm take him. I slow down when I know he’s done and lie on top of him.

I kiss his lips, and smile. “Worth it?” I ask.

“Without a fucking doubt, Lexi, best gift ever!”

Giggling, I roll off him and next to him on his bed. He tells me he has a few things going on with some friends, but isn’t sure what they have going on. After about a half hour, I get dressed and leave. I know my folks are expecting me back for dinner and have to shower, smelling of sex. Jake asks if I’ll fuck him again before I leave and I tell him he can count on it.

The rest of the night goes by smoothly. We have dinner and talk about the following day. I’m rather excited to see the neighbors. I haven’t seen any of them, outside of Jake, of course. My parents announce they are going to bed early, so I follow suit.

By the time I wake up the next morning it’s about ten, and I'm unsure how I even slept so late. I shower and head downstairs to help mum with the food. She prepares everything a few hours ahead of time. When Jake’s mother shows up, she is full of gossip, and I just listen in to most of it, as she goes on and on with my mum.

When it’s almost five, everyone starts showing up and dad fires up the grill. Most of us get into the pool to cool off, as the day’s heat is still pounding away. Jake can’t keep his eyes off me, and I can’t help but tease him every so often. Any time he’d get too close, I’d either squeeze his ass or, if I’m lucky, his cock, without being noticed by anyone else.

At nearly ten, when the food has been put away and people are getting ready to watch the fireworks, Jake comes up to me.

“Lexi, come on, come fuck me as the fireworks go off.”

The idea is appealing, because I have never done anything like it.

“Alright, let’s go around near the storage shed; no one will see us,” I giggle, and sneak off with him around the side of the house. I don’t even need to question if he’s hard, when he presses himself up to me.

I slide my shorts down around my ankles and he gets on his knees. He licks my pussy all the way up towards my crack and back down again. He does it again, making me lean into him more. The way his tongue meets my pussy makes me shiver and ready to be fucked.

“Now Jake, fuck! Fuck me now!” I growl out.

“Mm yes ma’am!”

Standing back up, he grabs my hips, tightens his grip, and thrusts his cock in one swift motion inside me. I have to bite my lip, not expecting him to be so quick, I lean back into him. He takes control this time, fucking me gently, as we watch the fireworks pop off. I moan softly through the loudest parts of the fireworks. I can hear him every so often swearing, wanting more. I lean further back into him, wanting to feel him bounce off my ass as he fucks me. I reach between my legs and play with my clit. The sensation of all that’s happening makes me come hard, and I moan out his name, wanting him to come with me. He does, he fills me as the final part of the fireworks shoot off.

We sneak back before the finale ends, not wanting it to be noticed that we were gone. Around midnight, people start venturing off back home. Everyone who is old enough has a pleasant buzz, and the kids are exhausted. I help clean up, before heading to bed myself.

The following day, I spend with just my parents, before driving back home. I know I have a few clients ready to see me and I miss my Cricket.

Thank you so much for reading the seventh chapter of Elexis the Fuck Doll’s adventure. She’s having just as much fun with you, as you are with her. If you want to keep reading, look out for chapter eight, or you can go back and read previous chapters if you haven’t read them yet!

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