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Fuck Doll - Chapter Six

Fuck Doll - Chapter Six

Fuck Doll Does It All
Waking up slowly, after a long night of mind fucking orgasms, I am tender, but wanting more. David is still sleeping, so I sneak off into the shower and wake myself up. When I come back out, he’s awake and clearly rock hard lying on the bed, looking as though he wants to eat me alive.

“All clean, my sweet slut?”

“Yes, Sir. I hope you don’t mind me using the shower.”

“Not at all, pet, I know you did it for me.”

“I did, Sir, I wanted to be all clean for you to dirty me up again, if you so please.”

“Oh, I please all right. Now come lie on the bed.”

I slip onto the bed, on my back, as he gets up and grabs the straps he used the night before. He ties them around my wrists, and does the same with my ankles. This time though, he pins me in half, so my ankles are tied to the headboard. I feel like a folded sandwich. I’m exposed, and feeling as though I’m about to get thoroughly fucked.

He climbs up on top of the bed, clipping my leash onto my collar and pulls me by the neck. My head moves closer and he adjusts himself so I can suck his cock. It almost feels impossible, but he holds me close and begins to fuck my throat. My whole body is tense; it gives me so much pleasure.

The way he moves his hips to fuck my throat is incredible. The soft slap of his balls is hitting my chin as he begins to move faster, testing how well I can take his length into the back of my throat. I let out a low throaty moan to tease him, making him growl out, approving of the moans. I continue with them, as I twirl my tongue whilst he fucks my throat.

Hips thrusting, tongue swirling, moans from both of us, and the excitement between us building. I can feel the vein in his cock throb on my tongue, but before long, he slips out of my mouth, wanting to fuck my pussy. He leans down first, taking advantage of me being so exposed to him. David runs his tongue from my clit all the way down my slit, poking his tongue into my pussy before slipping back out, and running down to my arsehole.

Probing gently at it, I squirm, wanting to break free of my ties. I moan out, the sensation so overwhelming, I almost can’t breathe. He moves and his tongue swirls over my backside, letting out a low hum letting the vibrations tickle me. Teasing me still, he gives me more of his tongue, it slides in slowly, the moans of his vibrations increasing as he begins to tongue fuck my arse.

Fingers are suddenly dancing over my clit, causing me to jump with excitement. I cry out, my moans ringing with a burning passion. He doesn't let up on my arse, his fingers moving perfectly over my clit, and I want to come badly. I feel it brimming so close, I whimper.

“Master I-I please can I, oh fuck, please can I come?”

He looks up for a moment at me, his tongue dives back into me a little deeper for a long moment. “You want to come for me, Doll?” His thumb pushes inside my pussy, as his fingers stay dancing over my clit.

“Yes, please, fuck Master please may I?” I shake, holding back the need to come until he answers:

“Come for me, Doll. I want you to come so hard for me.”

Going back to my arse, he fucks it faster, his thumb moving deeper inside me, his fingers running over me clit. I arch my head, as best I can but he yanks the leash making me look down at me. I cry out and begin to orgasm hard for him. Feeling as though I’m being thoroughly fucked, I come hard. My moans sing through the room, he gives me a double orgasm as he keeps going at me as though he can’t drink enough of me.

The high of my orgasm isn't settled before he climbs up and slides slowly inside me. My walls are gripping him as I pull him in deeper, sucking him into me. His thrusts are slow, pulling in and back out with such a gentle, tantalizing tease. Each time he thrusts into me, he hits the deepest parts of me, I gasp each time, making him grin down at me, knowing he’s causing this immense pleasure.

Yanking the leash, pulling me a mere inch from his face he licks my lips slowly. He thrusts in a little harder, my breath hitches and he licks my lips again, thrusting in harder than the last. His thrusts start to become a little faster, deeper inside me, expanding me around him. I can feel how thick he is inside me, throbbing deeply, wanting to fill me with his seed. The way he starts pounding me faster urges me on to want to orgasm again.

Looking at me with such an intense expression excites and scares me all at once, and he commands me to come for him once again. He wants to feel me explode around him. I let go, and come hard shaking me to the core as he fills me at the same time. The explosion of his orgasm is stronger than the ones the night before. He must be a morning sex type of guy.

Orgasms subsiding, he rolls off of me, as I lie on his chest, I run my fingers through his chest hairs. He tells me that this was, in fact, exactly what he had hoped it would be, that the whole concept is perfect. I’m elated that I could help him the way I did. I inform him of a few places on line he can check out for the BDSM Lifestyle, to expand his knowledge and maybe find a permanent submissive.

By the time I get home it’s nearly four in the afternoon. David said it was well worth it to explore that side of sex and what it can hold, and wants to see where it can go. I’m happy to have helped, and will more than likely not see him again after all the site names I gave him. He’ll find someone to suit what he needs, if not, he knows where I am.

Stripping out of my clothes, and wrapping my robe around me, I search for Cricket. Outside of AJ she is one of the most constants in my life. She’s my three year old calico cat, with so many shades of dark colors. She was a gift from a client I had, and I almost didn't accept her when she was given to me, but I fell in love the first moment she mewed at me. I find her in her usual spot in the living room, by the bay window. She’s soaking in the sun as it beats through the shades. I pick her up, and she mews in protest, but lets me take her to the lounge chaise and cuddle her.

I haven’t checked my mail in over a day, knowing it’ll be pretty full, I have to get to it. However I feel comfortable and a bit lazy, so I don’t move. Cricket is all for her ear rubs as I gently pet her. Knowing later in the evening I have an out of country date with a girl about my age looking to play, I look forward to it. I always enjoy playing with this girl, she’s feisty. She has the cutest accent too. Her name is Paula, and though she is beautiful she, for some reason, likes playing with me.

She tells me all the time about her real world, and how she doesn't have a problem finding anyone, she just likes playing with me too. Who am I to complain, right? I decide to get up and go check my e-mails. A few from my regulars and some unknowns looking to find more about the site and what I offer. I notice that Ethan is looking to set up another date. I had hoped he wouldn't, but I guess I did my job well enough. Shit…

By the time eight rolls around, Paula signs on and she’s very happy to see me. We get on call, and she tells me she wants me on the bed this time. We have a similar toy and she wants us both to use them, and in the same manner. As if we were truly together fucking one another. Once on the bed, I watch her do the same. I can see how wet she is, so I know this is something she’s been looking forward to all day.

The toy is a flesh colored vibrator, which spins inside you and the piece against the clit vibrates. It is one of my favorites, but I happen to like all my toys. Both of us are pinching our nipples and grinding our hips into the toy, with it being on, moan for each other. She tells me how beautiful I am tonight, and how much she’d love to taste me. I reach down and wet my fingers, sucking on them it made her squirm, whimpering, wanting me more.

She does the same, giving me the same lustful want with her. I’d love to bury my face into her pussy and taste her cream. Her sweet Scottish cream. It sounds so good; I want to fuck her so hard. We turn our toys on, letting our hips grind into the beds. Our eyes are locked on each other, watching the other fuck ourselves, wishing that the other could be pleasing the other. We move our toys in and out of us, fucking deeper, needing to orgasm.

Her moans are splendid, mine mix with hers, rising higher as I near my own needs. I tell her I’m close, and she whines out that she is too. I command her to go a little faster, wanting her to come with me. She does, she fucks herself faster, and our moaning is growing louder. I watch her with such a need, and she giggles at me, knowing my thoughts. We climax together, coming so hard. We squeeze around our toys, fucking ourselves deeper and harder. Neither of us lets up, until we’re totally spent.

Neither of us moves, and still we touch ourselves, but fall into an easy conversation. We catch up on things we've done. I tell her about a few things, but I keep my clients thinking they’re the only ones, even though they know better. It’s still nice for them to think they are the only ones I want, or desire. After our chat, we go again, wanting to make the other come harder than last time, and we do. By the time we’re done, it’s nearly nine forty at night for me, which makes it two forty for her. She has to go, because she has work in the morning. She tells me it’s worth it to fuck me. I couldn't agree more.

After Paula signs off, I check my personal e-mail and see a few from my mum. I don’t see my parents as much as I’d like. I live about four hours away from them, and they are both busy people. I’m their only child, and I suppose it’s a good thing. My folks had me after they started their careers. They met in high school, and married right away. But, they were smart and went to college and started jobs before having me.

My dad is a finance accountant, and mum is a middle school teacher, she even teaches night school in the summer. Their lives are their work, and even though they were good to me, the job was much more important. She’s reminding me that the fourth of July is coming up, and is wondering if I’m still coming to see them. I can’t help but giggle, she knows I always do. We always made a big to do about the fourth.


Yes, I’m coming, of course. How can I not? Are the Millers and Steven’s coming also? Do you need me to bring anything? I miss you lots, and will be down a day or so before the actual day. Please get back to me soon.

Your loving daughter x

I lean back in my chair, going over the memories of all the July parties we ever had. Each year we have this big pool party with our neighbors that are on either side of our house. We have a BBQ, and swim, and play games, and watch the fireworks go off when it gets dark. When I was a kid, I would hang out with the others, as we grew older it got a little awkward, at least in our teen years.

It dawns on me that Jake will be eighteen this year. His birthday is the day before the fourth. I remember the promise I made him two years ago, on his sixteenth birthday that I’d take his virginity, if he hadn't before the actual day. Last year I gave him head for his seventeenth, I'd never seen one person come so hard in my life. This could be interesting.

Going back to my messages from the site, I don’t see anything too exciting and decide to call it a night. I text AJ to see what he’s up to. I know he’s been busy with work, and I kind of miss him.

Hey Mister, you working?

No, I had to get away, take a break before it broke me. You know how it is. I just got out of the shower. Working?

No, I just had an on-line date but nothing exciting now. I’ll be going away in about a week, going to see my folks.

Oh that’s right, the big July bash you go on about all the time. You want company tonight?

If that company is you, then yes. Only if you bring me a flatbread sandwich from Subway.

I’ll even buy you some chips, a cookie if you’re a good girl.

I’m always a good girl, now come on! I’m withering away.

I’m coming, Doll.

I fix up the living room, cleaning up a bit as Cricket runs between my legs. She must know someone is coming over. I pick out a few DVD’s for us to watch, and wait for AJ. When he does arrive, he lets himself in and gives me his award winning smile.

“I hope you were a good girl.”

“I said I always am. You bring me a cookie?”

“I did, but you have to eat your food first.”

I pucker out my bottom lip, giving him my biggest fake pout, but can’t help but giggle.

“Okay, okay you win! Feed me almighty man with food!”

“Almighty? I could get used to that.”

He jokes as he chooses a film, and puts it in without telling me which one he decided on. It wasn’t until it came on I saw he picked the newest Die Hard. I love action films, and glad he picked that one. I can’t get enough of my sandwich, it’s so good. He even got me extra ranch for it.

When the film is about half way done, and the food is gone, AJ pulls me close into a cuddle. I can’t help but nuzzle close into him, caressing his chest as my hand wonders. I love touching, and he knows it or maybe that’s why he did it. I can see him growing hard quickly for me, and I want to taste him in my mouth. I need him in my mouth, I love how he tastes.

I move my hand down and unzip his jeans, working my hand in, I notice he has no boxers on. I lean up, and bite his neck as I let out a soft moan. His cock twitches as I do it, so I do it again wanting the same reaction. When I do he groans out, so I suck lightly on his neck whilst my hand moves along his shaft. I let my teeth sink in, sucking on the warmth of his flesh. I can feel his moans vibrate through his neck, as I moan lightly back for him.

My soft hand strokes him lightly; every so often he twitches, pushing his cock into my hand more. I can’t take it anymore, and move to suck on his cock. He gets a bit more comfortable, and I suck him into my mouth. His entire length is pushed far back into my throat, swirling my tongue around him, letting out soft moans. His hand comes down and begins to guide my head, allowing me to take him deeper. His hips lift and grind up every so often, he is so hard I can feel the way he throbs for me. I want to taste him, and begin to moan a little louder for him, he tenses and growls that’ll make him come soon.

I don’t stop, I move a little quicker, allowing my teeth to graze his shaft. He loves when I do that, using my teeth just enough turns most men on. His pre-cum and my saliva is mixed perfectly allowing me to glide up and down him with perfect ease. He holds my hand down, and thrusts his hips up, and begins to groan out, fucking me a little faster. He wants to come for me; I want him to come for me. As he thrusts up, I force myself to go lower pushing him further into the back of my throat.

AJ lets out a stifling moan as he starts to come. His seed shoots down my throat, as I keep his entire length inside my mouth. I swallow him all, letting him feel the rolling sensation of my throat as I swallow him and his seed. “Oh fuck, Lex,” he moans out, filling me, even after he’s done, I milk him dry. I suck hard at first, until its nothing more than light suckles, making sure to get every last drop.

After the film is done, I have AJ leave. He pouts, wanting to stay the night, but I remind him we’re not a couple. I try to keep some distance in that sense, because I could see myself wanting him, and I can’t settle down yet. He takes his leave, and I crawl into bed.

One week left, and I’m off to see my parents for a week.

This is the sixth chapter of Elexis the Fuck Doll; she is delighted you’re having so much fun with her. If you've not read the previous chapters, you should go do it now! Make sure to keep an eye out for her upcoming chapters. She has so much more to share with you.

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