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Fuck Doll - Chapter Ten

Fuck Doll - Chapter Ten

Elexis the Fuck Doll Makes A Choice
Daniel is serious, he has saved enough and I’m finally in Seattle to see him. At the moment, I have him collared and naked in his living room. I’m very excited to be doing this, the control I’ll have over Daniel makes me shiver in delight at just the thought.

I’m standing before him in my normal leather outfit he loves so much. It’s hiding just enough, but teasing him greatly exposing what he wants most.

“You really wanted this, didn't you Slut puppy?” I look down at him, he knows better than to look up at me.

“Yes Mistress, I've wanted this since the first day I met you.” His voice is low, but its respectful, he doesn't look up.

I run my fingers through his hair. “You need me to survive, don’t you slut?” I grip his hair and he whimpers out slightly. “Yes Ma’am. Oh God, I do please.”

His voice trembles as he answers me, I can’t help but grin down at him.

“Please what, Slut?!” I growl in a low purr.

“Please let me take care of you, give you everything you desire.”

“You think I need you to take care of me, Slut!?” I growl out again.

“No, no I just, I just want to be the one, Mistress.” I notice his cock becoming hard, and I sigh.

“Daniel, are you getting hard without asking?”

A soft whimper leaves his lips. “I-I Can’t help it. Just your presence alone is driving me mad. I need you.” I circle around him, and swat his arse with the crop in my hand. He knows I want him to lean forward now. I swat his arse again, his knees are folded under him. Leaning forward like that, he almost looks as if he is praying. His cute little arse exposed to me. I put my crop down, and pick up the flogger. I softly begin to flog him. I watch with amusement as his arse becomes a nice shade of red. It leaves me tingling.

When I’m done, I have him sit up, this time he’s rock hard. I say nothing, but remove my panties. I set forward, gripping his hair and push his face into my wetness. My shaved pussy soaks him, grinding softly. “Please me, slut.” I hiss down at him. He runs his fingers up the back side of my legs, holding me closer to him. His tongue begins to dive into me, fucking my clit easily. My legs spread just enough, he darts it faster, my moans pick up. Every so often I let the flog sweep across his arse.

Sucking my clit into his mouth, he lets out a soft humming noise that tickles me. I ache for it, grinding his face further into me. My fingers are still in his hair, and I slowly roll my hips towards him. One of his hands moves between my legs, and slides up inside me. My knees lock, trying to keep balance, loving the feeling of being eaten out standing up. He rolls his jaw, his teeth still on my clit. “Fuck!” I whine out, feeling closer to my orgasm. He knows me well for all the times we've played online. He moves faster, changing what he’s doing, and going back again.

It’s what I need, and begin to orgasm for him. I feel as though I’m going to fall over, but he keeps me in place, never letting up. The tension of all of this comes crashing through me. He moans tasting me, loving how I flood his face. He sucks, and laps, and flicks his tongue quicker. It’s so damn hot; I love how his tongue moves along me. When my orgasm passes, I step back again, releasing his hair.

“Oh Mistress, how I love pleasing you. Are you pleased, my sweet Mistress?” He dares to look up at me; I can see his face glisten with my juices.

“I am, but we’re far from done,” I smile down at him and hook his leash to his collar, “come with me, Slut puppy.”

He follows me on his knees. We head towards his bedroom. I have him get on the bed, and I tie each of his limbs to the bed. I’m thankful he has a bed that allows it. I blindfold him, and slap his cock ring on but roll it down to the base. He squirms, wanting more already. I don’t give in so easily. Climbing onto him, I straddle his erect cock, letting it rest on my soaking slit. I move my hips as I begin to twist his nipples, pulling them semi hard. I love the way both things make him squirm for more.

“Please Mistress. I want you.” He stutters out, and I giggle.

“You’ll have me all in good time,” I roll my hips faster, letting the thickness of his cock rub my clit perfectly. My breathing increases with his, and I move quicker. I know he could come this way, because I know I could! I want to, so I don’t slow down not even a little.

“Fuck, Mistress, I’m going to come,” he whines out.

“You best not, slut puppy,” I move faster, just to drive him over the top. He growls out, and I can physically feel him hold back an orgasm.

It’s so hot it makes me tremble out, and begin to orgasm for him. I come hard, throwing my head back and soak his cock and legs. “Mistress, please!” He begs, and I don’t answer him because he knows I won’t give in so easily. I slip down off him, and wrap my mouth around his cock that’s covered with my juices, and his pre-cum. I swallow him whole into my mouth. He groans out, knowing he has to hold back. I’m wicked with him, flicking my tongue against that one spot that makes men weak.

He drips pre-cum, I run my tongue over his head and suck gently on it. He groans out, trembling. He can’t see me, but his head is looking towards me, wanting to. I take him all into my mouth, and suck deeper on him. He pulls at his ties, wanting to be set free. “Fuck, Mistress!” He growls, and rolls his hips, allowing me to take him deeper. I do for a while, before taking him out of my mouth. I come back up, and rest over him. His cock stands tall, and I remove his blindfold allowing him to watch. “Watch, my sweet Slut Puppy.”

I flash him a cheeky smile, and begin to lower myself on him. I’m easy, slow, and soft down along his shaft. He watches intently, the buzzing of the cock ring teases my clit once I’m all the way down on him. I grind my hips on him, enjoying the sensation of him deep inside me, and the buzzing on my clit. We’re both moaning, but my mind flicks to AJ and wishing it was his cock inside me. I’m caught off guard for a moment, and curse myself for thinking of another man when with a client.

I pick up speed, trying to get my head back into the game. I lift up slowly, and slam back down onto his cock. I fuck him hard, and he cries out that he’s going to come but he knows better. I fuck him faster, feeling the pressure build inside me. I whimper out, each time I come down, the buzzing of his toy teases me closer to orgasm. Each thrust brings me closer, and I yelp out when it does. I begin to come so hard for him. He begs so much to come, I can’t deny him. I have already six times and won’t do it again. I let him come with me. I feel him explode inside me.

Sticky, sweating, and gasping for air, we lie their together, trying to regain our composure. “Bloody hell, Elexis that was so much more than I expected it to be, but you mind untying me?” He giggles, and I smile and untie him. We lie there for a long time without speaking. It was him who breaks the silence first. “What’s wrong, Lex? Is something on your mind?”

I don’t have many friends I’m close with outside of AJ, and I have known Daniel a long time. I feel as though I can trust him. I don’t normally do this, but it spills from me. I go on to tell him that I’m in love with someone, and I feel as though it’s wrong to be with someone in this line of work. I want him, I want to be his, and that I have for a while. That each time I’m with someone else, I feel as though I’m cheating, and want to stop.

Daniel is sweet, and understanding. He tells me no job is worth losing the chance to be with the person you’re in love with, more so if you have a suspicion they feel the same way. My birthday is coming up soon, and I've been doing this job since I was eighteen. That’s five years of fucking random strangers, and making so much money. I truly don’t need to keep working at this rate; I've made a great business. Maybe it’s time I hire other girls, and I can work behind the scenes.

The following day I hug Daniel hard, and thank him for listening to me. I tell him I’m sorry if I ruined his image of me. He tells me I only improved it, and that I should follow my heart, and not my pussy. I can’t giggle. At the airport I text AJ, telling him I’m on my way home, and want to see him. Which I would, anyway, because he has Cricket. He tells me he’ll meet me there.

When I do get home, I do one of those movie-style running jumps into his arms. Thankfully he catches me! He holds me close. I snuggle into him, and he carries me to the couch. We talk about some of the things that happen with Daniel. I avoid telling him about the ‘talk’, because I’m not ready to tell him. I can’t help but kiss on his neck, touching him as much as possible. I want to tattoo his skin with my kisses.

No sex is even needed, not at this time. What we have now, in this moment is perfect. I know I’m going to tell him, it wasn't a hard choice of what I wanted after talking to Daniel. I plan to tell him on my birthday. It’s in three weeks, and I know it’ll be magical, I just hope it’s what he wants also. I hope I haven’t been reading it all wrong.


Over the next two weeks I make a call to some of the girls I used to work for. I ask them how they are liking business, and wanting to make an extra income. I tell myself I don’t want to do it exactly like I have been doing. I plan to get about five girls, and let them do just the on line stuff. They’re not to meet them in person; they can stay at their other jobs for that. It’s easier and safer and I won’t feel bad if something wrong were to happen.

Things seem to fall into place, as if this is meant to happen. I send a message to all my clients, except AJ, of course, and tell them what is happening. Well, not entirely that I’m retiring and plan to hire new girls. A lot of them are sad, but won’t leave. They tell me they love the Fuck Doll website. I’m looking forward to having a few Fuck Dollies to take care of. I know the girls I’ve hired can do it.

It also makes me think of Ethan, and how I know that I did the right thing in never telling him who I was. Now he can be entertained by one of my new girls. All of them are beautiful, and just as kinky as I am. A few are even willing to get trained to do more, which pleases me highly. The site will go down for about a month, so I can get everything set up perfectly. It’s the best way to keep an income and get what I want. I guess some people can have their cake and eat it too, and I plan to.


The day of my birthday finally comes and I have told AJ that I want to spend it with just him. It seems to make him happy. We've been spending a lot of time together as of late. He isn't complaining but I do know he’s probably wondering why. I can’t get enough of him, and fall deeper in love with him.

My dress is a soft white, with matching heels, and my hair hanging down around me. AJ comes to get me, dressed in all white, except his tie, which is black, giving a nice contrast to the suit. He brings me to my favorite restaurant, and we drink, eat and talk endlessly. I’m still nervous, but not until we get back to my place. I feel the tremble in my stomach, I’m scared he’ll tell me he’s not worth it, or I’m not worth it. Or, worse, he doesn't love me the way I think he does.

Once I’m in more relaxed clothes, and he takes off a few layers, we curl up on the couch. I try what seems like a hundred times to start, but my words are lost on my tongue.

“What’s wrong, Doll? You've been acting strange all night, more so since being home. Are you alright?” He asks me, a concern in his voice.

“Well, I have something to tell you. I guess I’m just nervous.” He looks down at me, and smiles.

“Are you going on another trip so soon? Is that why you've been so clingy lately?” I blush and hide my face.

“No, that’s not it. AJ, I love you,” I whisper lightly.

“Well, I love you too, Lexi,” he says simply, as if it’s obvious.

“No, I mean… I’m in love with you...” My voice trails off and I feel my body grow warm. He adjusts himself, so he can look at me better.

“What? You’re in… Wait, what?” He trips over his words, clearly confused.

“I've fallen in love with you, or well I guess I always have been. I've just been stubborn about it. I suppose,” I look at him, my eyes glisten with tears.

“Lexi, I had no idea. I mean it’s clear I've been in love with you since, well, forever really, I just didn't know you felt the same.”

I want to leap into the air and do a dance as he confirms he is in love with me. I don’t, because I start crying. “Lex, what’s wrong? What did I say?” He lifts my chin to look at him.

“You said nothing wrong. I just wasn't sure if you were actually in love with me,” I whimper out, feeling stupid.

“How could you not tell, Doll?!” He says with almost a giggle in his voice. “Oh God, Doll I've been in love with you forever,” he kisses me deeply.

Before I know it he’s carrying me into the bedroom, and undresses me. “Here, let me show you, beautiful,” he speaks in his low, throaty sexy voice. He strips and climbs between my legs. His lips move along me, tattooing me with his own kisses now. My breathing is slow, almost as if I'm holding it, feeling his warm lips along my skin. I brush his hair softly, as he works up towards me. Each kiss feels as though it burns into me, owning me, taking me as his.

Our lips meet, and sparks fly. I’m not just talking pretend, they actually fly! I let out a long moan, and kiss him deeper. As many times as I have ever kissed this man, it’s never been as perfect as this. It’s not long before he is in me, and we’re moving in perfect sync, our lips still doing their own dance. I’m making true love for the first time in my life, and I want nothing more. I can feel him throb inside me; he can feel me pulse around him as we move with no rushed speed. We just enjoy what we are doing.

My hands moving along him, his along me as we touch, neither of us able to get enough of the other. We drink each other in, moans and groans sing through the air. Our hips match perfectly, my orgasms come in waves, offering him so much pleasure. Only the things he can do to me, only things that he’ll ever do to me. I know I’ll never want another man, he’s all I need. I moan out his name, and he spills his seed inside me. He fills me completely.

Lying there in the dark, we caress each other and I tell him all that has happened. I tell him how things connected for me, and how and when I knew I wanted just him. I also informed him it was Daniel who told me to go for it. He laughs, and tells me he needs to send him a thank you card. I giggle, and know Daniel would like that.

AJ is a bit shocked when I tell him about what I plan to do. At first he tells me I can’t give up what I love. I tell him that’s exactly what I’m doing, not giving up what I love. My priorities have changed. It’s him who I want, once I let him know about the other girls, and how I’m not giving up my job 100% he relaxes. He tells me that it’s a good idea, and a nice way to keep the business afloat. I tell him we've invested too much into it to let it sink.


Once we make it official, and start telling people, I move in with AJ. We don’t want to take it slow. We've known each other long enough. I run my business from home, and we are happy. It’s running perfectly, and making even more money than before. My girls are happy with the job, and love the extra income.

I take him home and introduce him to my folks, who are more than happy to finally meet someone I’m with. They approve of him right off the bat. My friends, the ones who haven’t met him, approve of him also. Jared and Gina knew all along we’d end up together, and are happy for us. No one is any the wiser in how we met except, of course, Daniel.

My life as a Fuck Doll is a good life, I love my life, but I love being in love more. I’ll always be a Fuck Doll; I’ll just always be AJ’s Fuck Doll.

I hope you've enjoyed Elexis the Fuck Doll’s novel. She has had so much fun with you. She knows how much she has pleased you. She also wants you to be happy she’s found true love. She’ll never go away; you can always read her past adventures to re-live it all.

I wanted to take the time and thank GingerKitty for helping me with the editing. He has helped me from the very start. You’re amazing for helping me, Squishie. It means so much to me having you help me, and believing in me. I love you lots. 

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