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Fuck Doll - Chapter Three

Fuck Doll - Chapter Three

Fuck Doll Becomes The Submissive
Frank Ryder has been a client of mine for a little over three months. When we first started the on-line dates, he would want to see me pretty much every other day. It seemed like he was addicted to me. Which is fine by me, I always enjoy the sex. He is a kinky little fucker: A Dominant, a man who likes control. It kind of helps me when I play the role of Daniel’s Mistress.

It is Frank’s thirtieth birthday this weekend, and he wants company, so he thought it would be nice to finally meet. I told him I’d gladly come help celebrate his birthday with him. He has a few things in store for us.

The plane ride over has been easy, it’s not the first time I've flown. I've been traveling a lot, and it gets easier each time.

When I arrive at the airport, someone is holding up a sign with the initials EFD, which is Elexis Fuck Doll, I couldn't help but giggle. The man apparently was hired to pick me up and bring me to go see Frank at his home. Frank is working a bit late, and it gives me time to freshen up and look accordingly. The driver gives me a letter written by Frank.


I apologize for not being able to pick you up. I had an unexpected meeting come up, that’s causing me to be late. I’m having the driver bring you to my place, as planned ahead of time. I’d like you to go to the guest room, and put on the outfit I have set out for you.

I shouldn't be too long, be a good girl and do as I ask.


I know the kinks that Frank likes, and I’m excited to see what he has in store for me. I've been turned on all day. Frank has a wickedly wild imagination on-line, that surely being in person will be even better. I lean back, and take a sip of my water. I remember I haven’t texted AJ yet, and do that before he freaks out on me.

‘I’m here, and safe, about to get to Frank’s. I’ll text you in the morning.’

Sometimes I feel as though AJ can be like a big brother to me. He trusts that I know what I’m doing, but expects me to check in with him when I go out of town. I like that he wants me to; it help me feel safe in my own ways also. He is truly my best friend. He texts back moments later telling me to keep safe, and to hear from me soon. I smile down at my phone before sliding it back into my purse.

Arriving at Frank’s I can’t help but be in awe. The house isn't huge, but big enough. Maybe a bit too big for one single person to live in, but it’s beautiful. He takes pride on the outside, I can tell. It’s well kept, and neat. It’s a two story house, with a two door garage and a big fenced in back yard. Frank once told me he has a pool... I hope we can go swimming! The house is a nice shade of blue, with white window shutters and a white door.

When I enter the foyer, I’m still in awe. To my right, is the living room, which is huge and cozy. There is a fire place, with a couch in front of it. He has awards for sports and such on the mantel, and a flat screen above the fireplace. A big over stuffed love seat is kitty cornered ( catacorner) at the end of the room, next to a big shelf with endless books of all kinds. The big bay window at the front of the room is open, and letting in the last bit of light of the day.

Strolling into the next room, is the dining area. It has a table big enough to fit ten, with large comfortable chairs around it. The china cabinet is stunningly beautiful. All the pieces in the room are in cherry red oak. There is not much in here, just the large pieces. I don’t think he uses it much. Off the dining room is a nice sized kitchen, and well, looks like a kitchen.

I notice there is a full bathroom downstairs, with a back room that looks like an office. I only take a quick glance in there, before heading upstairs. Upstairs looks just as relaxed and comfortable as it does downstairs. I take note: He has three bedrooms up here. One of the spare rooms is made up for a little kids, and I remember him telling me he has a few nieces and nephews. The other spare room has my things in it, and I decide to change.

He has bought me a few new items, ones I haven’t got at home. Frank likes me as his Kitten, and calls me it often. He bought me a pair of black cat ears, and a tail. The tail is a butt plug, and will fit inside me nicely. I undress and fold my clothes, putting them away. The outfit he has bought me barely covers anything, but I think that’s the point. It’s a cute babydoll outfit, more to show off the tail.

I grab the bottle of massage oil, and slide it over my plug before I slowly slide it inside myself. It fills me wickedly perfect and I groan out, feeling myself become excited. I leave my hair down, sliding my ears on. I feel so cute already. I dress in my outfit and go back down stairs to wait for him to come home. I curl up on the overstuffed love seat and begin to read one of his books.

The filling sensation of the toy in my bum makes me squirm a bit, but I do my best to behave. It’s not even half hour later when I hear Frank’s car pull into the drive, and he comes in. I stand, looking down as he walks to me. I fall into the role of his perfect little fuck toy, or in this case, his Kitten.

“Good evening, my sweet little Kitten. Don’t you look perfect.”

“Thank you, Sir. I feel so wonderful. Thank you for my gifts.”

“Anything for you, my Kitten. I hope your trip was nice. Are you hungry?”

As he asks my stomach growls lightly, and I blush softly, I haven’t eaten since this morning.

“Yes, Sir. I haven’t eaten since before getting on the plane.”

“I ordered some food, it should be here soon. I’ll take good care of you.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

He lifts me by my chin, having me look into his eyes. In person, Frank is even more attractive. He has blonde hair, with blue eyes that are almost too blue but they are so breathtaking it doesn't look like I can even look away. He stands six inches taller to my five feet – five inches. His smile is nice, inviting and I couldn't help but blush more. He leans down, brushing his lips across mine before really taking my mouth fully.

The kiss is intoxicating and so full of need. His hands come around, gripping my ass, and pulling me close to him. I can feel his erection against my belly and I let out a low throaty moan. When he breaks our kiss, I lower myself down. I undo his slacks and release his cock from within his pants and boxers. I lightly kiss the tip of his head, before I wrap my lips tightly around him and work down his entire length.

Frank’s fingers are in my hair, holding me as I suck him. The throb on my tongue is strong; he’s so wickedly hard for me. He moves his hips to the way I suck on his cock, he groans when the tip of his cock hits perfect to the back of my throat. I start moving faster, wanting his groans to turn into moans, moving along his shaft quickly. My own hands hold his legs, keeping him as close as I can while sucking on him.

With the extra speed, he starts moaning for me. I can feel how wet it makes me. I love to hear a man moan; it is one of the best sounds in the world. It is more so when I know I’m the reason that it is happening. I’m such a slut when it comes to moaning. My teeth graze along him, sucking harder, a little rougher. He shakes out a deep breath, and tells me he is close. I don’t slow down, wanting to taste him before we have dinner.

I let out a low moan and his whole body tightens, he releases jets of come into my mouth almost instantly to my moans. He fills my mouth, I swallow every last drop he has for me. All the while he keeps telling me I’m his good Kitten, between breathy moans and groans. If my tail could sway like a real kitten’s it probably would have to all that praise.

Just then, the doorbell rings, and I slide his cock out of my mouth. Frank tucks his cock back into his slacks, and tells me to answer the door. I blush wickedly hard, knowing I don’t have much on. I don’t mind though, it might be fun. I saunter up to the door, take a deep breath and open it.

The look on the delivery boys face is priceless as his eyes go from my face, down to my barely there covered body.

“Hi, um, did you order erm um order some food?”

“We sure did, how much is it?”

“Erm, it’s $32.23 ma’am.”

“Sure, no problem. One moment.”

I leave the door open, as he stands there. He can’t be much younger then I am, maybe eighteen or so, but the way he looks at me, as if he has never seen a nearly naked girl, lets me know he’s a virgin. I tell Frank how much it is, and he gives me two twenty dollar bills, telling me to give the rest to the boy. I nod and go back.

“Okay, here we go. You can keep the change.”

“Erm, ah thanks, Ma’am. Nice tail, by the way.”

I giggle, and look him up and down noticing how hard he is through his jeans. “Thanks, I fancy it too.”

I close the door and watch through the side window as he goes to his car. He turns it on, but doesn't leave. Within seconds, I see the car moving slightly, and I know without a doubt the little pervert is masturbating. When Frank comes to see, we both can’t help but laugh a little and go to the dining room.

Knowing that Frank has ordered everything from the menu, we dive into our Thai food. It’s one of my favorites, and can’t help but eat a little of everything, as he does the same. He fills me in on what made him late, and how his job seems to be doing well. They are about to cash in on a new client, and he’s excited about it. Frank is young, but he's moving up the corporate ladder quickly.

With dinner done, we clean up and head into the living room for some play time. Frank brought down a few toys to play with. I toss some of the larger pillows down on the floor, and lay down on them. Frank is sitting on the couch watching me. My hands roam my body, teasing myself for his pleasure, and my own. I squeeze my breasts, letting out soft moaning noises, my hips rolling gently. His eyes locked on my body, he takes one of his crops and runs it from the top of my chest down my slender stomach, over my mound. He gently taps it on my pussy before it starts to get a little faster.

Each snap makes me moan out, it gets a little harder. The redness proves it, and the slickness of my pussy encourages him more. He demands me to open my lips, so he can get my clit and I obey immediately. With the exposure of my clit, the coolness of the air makes me shudder before he taps it lightly; it’s more like a rub along my clit. I moan out, wanting to be touched more at this point.

Running down my pussy, my legs wider for him, he pushes the crop tip against my entrance. He probes me lightly until he can push it enough in. He slowly fucks me with the crop, moving in and out of me with such a very slow, teasing pace. He moves down to the floor, still fucking me with the crop. He uses one hand to fuck me, the other he starts smacking gently on my clit as I keep it exposed for him. I cry out for him, I feel light headed. It almost feels as though I've been drugged, I feel so high.

He doesn't let him, fucking me slowly with the crop, but his smacking gets a little faster against my clit. I’m breathless, I almost feel like I can’t breathe at all, but still he doesn't stop and I want to come so hard. He slows his pace, sucking my orgasm back up inside me just long enough to bring me back to the point of wanting to come again. He repeats this over and over again. He is toying with me, to the point I feel as though my whole body will shatter into unspeakable pieces.

“Please! Oh fuck, Sir, please!”

“What’s wrong, my little Kitten?”

“I can’t breathe. Please!”

“Mm, you can do it, Kitten. Just feel me fucking you faster.”

He begins to fuck my pussy with the crop a little faster, but somehow he makes his hand smack a little harder. He warned me long before I even got here I wasn't to come unless he was inside me, I knew there was no point in even asking to come. He was going to toy with me until I couldn't take it anymore.

Frank leans down and sucks one of my nipples into his mouth as he fucks me still. The smacking turns into pulling of my clit. He pinches it between his fingers as he fucks me, and sucks me. Sweet fuck, he’s going to kill me! I can’t help but find myself so lost in the whole thing. I’m almost scared of coming. I gave him permission to spank me if I ever disobeyed him, and I don’t fancy a flogging.

Suddenly his mouth is off my nipple, the crop pulled from me, I yelp out and he strips down naked. He grabs my ankles and forces my legs up over my head; I’m nearly folded in half. My whole lower end is at his mercy. He kneels there, looking at me, my whole body for his pleasure. His perfect little fuck Kitten.

“God, the things I want to do with you.”

“Please do them! I want to be your good little Kitten.”

I whimper out and he gives me an almost-smile, before he slams into me so hard, it knocks my breath from my lungs, my gasp of pulling air back in almost hurts. It feels so wonderfully good, the fullness of his cock inside my tight pussy, the plug in my ass, mixed with the teasing, has me shattered and I haven’t even come yet. He pulls out slowly, and slams back in hard, again he does this.

He repeats himself again, until he finally starts to slam inside me without hesitation. In and out, he fucks me without any mercy. My moans are almost cries of pleasure, and his groans have my body shaking. I’m going to come so hard for him, it’s built up like a dam and he’s pushing the wall to break it down. He slows down a few paces, before picking back up, doing this again and again. It’s all I need, before I’m begging to come.

I beg like I have never begged before, it is almost incoherent, between the mixed moans, and gasping breath. I get it out though, and he tells me I can, I can come for him. I fucking do too. I come so hard, it almost hurts. He plunges deeply inside me, fucking the hell out of me. His finger snakes down and smacks on my clit as he fucks me still. It gives me the extra simulation of having one of the best orgasms I have ever endured.

Frank starts to come with me, filling me deeply with his seed. He loves that I am on birth control so he can come deep inside me. Though, all the men I've fucked think this. I know it’s risky, but I get checked all the time. A few times a year, in fact. I've been blessed, and never been with anyone dirty.

His groans of desires fill the air with my moans, as he empties himself deep inside me. He lets my legs go, and I wrap them around him, holding him close. He lies on top of me; his breathing tickles my ear as he nuzzles into me.

“Mmm - Happy birthday, Frank.”

“Thank you, Kitten, you've made it perfect.”

We lie there for a while, just talking. I know we only have the night, since Frank has plans tomorrow evening with friends, and my flight back is at four in the afternoon. After a few hours of chatting, we head upstairs where Frank insists I sleep with him. He fucks me into the deepest sleep I have had in a while.

Waking up, I decide to run off to the shop and grab Frank a cake. When I get back, he’s up making the coffee. We spoil ourselves, skipping lunch. We slept until almost one in the afternoon. After our dessert, we take a shower, and Frank brings me to the airport.

“Elexis, I want to thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday. You don’t turn thirty every day.”

“It was my pleasure. I’m glad I could help do so. It was fun.”

“That is without question, I’d like to do it again.”

“You know what to do, just send me an e-mail. We can talk about it then, or on our next date. I have you down for Thursday, if I remember right.”

“Yes, you do. I’ll see you then, Kitten.”

“Have a wonderful night, Sir. Speak later.”

He kisses my lips, then my forehead and heads off. The flight back home is rather quick. I get home, and feed my cat, Cricket, and take another shower, knowing I had an on-line date in a few hours.

When I get out of the shower, I check my phone and see I have six missed texts. I curse myself, I forgot to text AJ.

“You didn't text this morning, you okay? – Hey, haven’t heard from you, worrying, x. – Elexis, what the hell, you better be okay. – Damn it little girl, I’m going to blister your ass! Text me! – It’s two, and no word yet, I know the flight in is at four, girl text me back. – No word yet, makes this man a very unhappy one.”

I know I’m in a world of pain, but suck it up and call him. My hands are a little shaky knowing no excuse will stop him from being mad. I can’t believe I forgot to call or text him.

“Where the fuck have you been? Do you have any damn idea how worried I have been about you? What the hell Elexis, bloody hell I thought you had been hurt... Or worse! We made a deal when you started the flying out of state shit.”

“I’m- I’m sorry, AJ. I slept until one, and when I got up, I went out, and just forgot. I’m so sorry. I know you’re mad, I shouldn't ever forget.”

The tears were fighting with me, but I didn't want to break down and cry. I shouldn't have worried him; I know he’s looking out for me. My whole body is shaking that I feel dizzy.

“I don’t care about the excuse, I’m glad you’re okay but your ass is mine later!”

“I know, I won’t even fight it. I deserve it. I’m sorry, AJ. I’m okay though, I promise.”

I can hear him relax as he lets out a breath. Without even seeing him, I can see him run a hand through his hair, leaning back in his chair and closing his eyes. Though he is relaxed, I know he’s going to spank the hell out of me for doing this, that or he’ll take it out on me sexually.

After a few minutes of catching up, I let him go, telling him I have to get ready for a client. He tells me he’s going to come by later tonight. I get ready for my date, with a rather not-so-appealing guy.

He’s one I know I’d never want to meet in person, and glad that he is married with children. He doesn't look like he takes care of himself very much, which is probably why his wife doesn't fuck him like she should. He’s usually a quickie, that’s always been a plus and he never lingers after. I don’t know a whole lot about him.

As suspected, he doesn't last long, and tells me his wife will be home soon from her book club. He lets me go, and I go to make a late dinner before AJ shows up. It’s about an hour later when he does come in, and looks mad but not as mad as he sounded earlier. I also made one of his favorite dishes.

With a wonderful meal in our bellies, we head towards my bedroom where he fucks me without any care, using me like a Fuck Doll and taking what he wants. He fills me with his seed, and smacks my ass while he does. I get both my spanking, and fucked senseless. I can’t help but think it’s worth it though, I come hard and so good. I kick him out an hour later, telling him I want some peace and quiet.

When he’s gone, I curl up with my book that Frank let me have from his collection. My kitty Cricket curls up on my lap, and I lose myself in my book. I pet her ears softly, reading for a few hours. The book is rather romantic, and I can’t help but giggle because I’m such a dirty little Fuck Doll, but still love my romantic books, and films. I’m such a girl.

This is story three of Elexis the Fuck Doll, if you haven’t read the other parts, you should go read them. She loves having fun with you, and wants to please you in every way she can. Your orgasms make her a happy Fuck Doll. ;)

Thank you GingerKitty for the editing assistance, your help is greatly appreciated. xxx

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