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Fuck Doll - Chapter Two

Fuck Doll - Chapter Two

Fuck Doll Pleases Many, Such a Good Girl
Sitting back in my chair, I run my fingers through my hair, whilst trying to figure out how some people have no control over their own orgasms. The guy I was just on call with only took three minutes. Three damn minutes! I know I’m good, but damn. I sigh, and slightly shrug. Oh well, I still make the full half hour charge, his loss. I think to myself.

I have a dinner date with AJ tonight. His best mate is in town and wants to have dinner with him, myself and of course his own fiancé. I have known them for about a year, when AJ brought me to a similar dinner. I rather enjoy the company of Jared and Gina. They’re a cute couple, who plan to marry in a few months. It’ll be a huge big deal. I've never really understood the appeal of them, but I’m not your average girl.

Knowing I have about two hours to go, I decide on a bath. I love taking bathes, they relax me so. I sink down into the lavender and Jasmine bath-oil water and lounge thinking of where we’re going tonight. It’s at some posh hotel, where AJ’s friends are staying. They don’t know what I do for a living, just that I’m good friends with AJ. I rather keep it that way, not many people know what I do.

After about forty minutes I get out, and dry off. AJ insisted on buying me a new dress, which I think he just likes doing, as I already have a closet full of clothes. I don’t mind though, I want to look my best for him. I slide on pair of leggings that goes up just above my knees, sliding on a pair of pink lacy panties; I can’t help but giggle knowing how much he loves me in pink. I put my matching bra on and take a photo, sending it to AJ via text. He texts back instantly.

“How the hell do I to sit through dinner knowing you have that on under the dress I bought you?”

“I’m sure you’ll make do, AJ. I just want to please you.”

“You've never failed to do that.”

I giggle again, and climb onto my bed on my knees; I bite my bottom lip and snap another photo. I send it to him, knowing now he’ll become rock hard. He’s going to make me pay for this, but it’s worth it.

“Damn it, Elexis! I’m going to spank you.”

“Yes, please!”

I giggle again, feeling myself becoming turned on, but finish dressing as a text comes through again.

“Cheeky girls get punished.”

“Again, yes please. Now leave me be, dear. I’m dressing.”

He sends on last text, and can’t help but smile.


I finish dressing; I slide into the cute red halter top dress AJ bought me, and match them with a pair of open toe heels. I leave my long, black, raven hair down, just how I like it. I only add a touch of eye liner and a soft shade of red to my lips and await for AJ to come pick me up.

My buzzer rings at five to six, and I ride the elevator down to the main floor, where I meet AJ. He looks great in his dark suit, wearing a red button up shirt under it. It’s the same shade as my dress. He matched us, I can’t help but give him a cheeky grin.

“Don’t you look fucking beautiful, my pretty little fuck doll.”

My breath hitches, and I blush at him. “I can say the same, handsome. You matched us.”

“You’re my date tonight, Doll. Of course I matched us. Shall we go?”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

We head out towards the hotel. When we arrive at the restaurant, Jared and Gina are already at our table. We give our hellos and order some wine. The conversation is mostly about the wedding, and how big it’s going to be. The night passes all too quickly, before Jared convinces us to go to their room for drinks.

When we get upstairs Gina excuses herself, she wants to put on something more comfortable. Jared opens a bottle of Chardonnay, handing us each a glass. I take a long sip of mine, just as Gina comes out naked. I almost choke a bit surprised, even in my line of work it took me by surprise. AJ leans into me and whispers:

“Surprise.” He gives me a cheeky smile.

I instantly know what is about to happen, and I shift from date to what’s to come. This isn't my first romp in a little orgy, and it won’t be my last. I stand and go towards Gina, pulling her into me, I kiss her lips softly. She’s a bit shy, and can tell she’s never been with a girl before.

“I won’t bite... Or, not that hard, just go along with it.”

I coo in her ear, and I can feel her relax just a little bit. Jared and AJ both settle in on the couch and watch me take control. I strip down into my bra and panties, and have Gina lie on the bed. I tie each of her wrists to the bedpost, and tell her it’s for her own good. She squirms under me, getting a nod of approval from Jared, she goes with it.

Slowly, I begin to kiss her chest lightly, everywhere but her nipples. I get as close as I can without actually touching them, her breathing is heavy and she lets out soft whimpers. She can’t seem to make up her mind if she wants to look at me, or the men. I can’t help but want her attention, so I bite on the softness of her breast flesh; she looks at me and moans out. My mouth moves to her nipple, I let my tongue skim over it just barely.

Her chest naturally rises up, wanting more. I suck her into my mouth, and let my tongue flick over her hard nipple. I grind myself into her, my hips working. My own pussy is becoming wet, my pink panties slowly starting to get damp. I let out soft moans, as I play with her, giving into what I’m guessing she wanted all along.

“I-I want to taste you, Elexis.” Gina whines through moans. “Please, let me.”

I bite my lip as she stares at me; I stand above her, and slide my panties off. I drop them on the floor and straddle her face. I lower myself until she can reach; lifting her head her tongue finds my pussy quickly. I grab the headboard for support, and let her have at it. For a female virgin, she knows what to do with her mouth. She fucks me good with her tongue. I look through the mirror over the bed at the men watching us, as she attacks my pussy with a deep seeded need for it.

My orgasm is hard, and I cover her with my juices, as she keeps going. She doesn't slow down, moaning the entire time I come for her. As I’m coming the men come over, undressing and help me down once I’m done. AJ takes my spot standing over Gina, still tied to the bed like a good girl, he lets his cock brush along her lips still covered with my juices. I climb down between Gina’s legs and plan to do to her what she did to me. I lap gently at her, her pussy dripping with juices, ready to be taken.

Jared kneels behind me, grips my hips and runs his shaft along my sex. He doesn't push in yet, just glides himself along me. He’s wetting his cock with my juices, until I’m begging for it. I moan against Gina’s pussy, begging her soon to be husband to fuck me. “Make me your fuck doll, Jared.” I whine, and with one sentence he does, he slams himself hard and deep inside me.

Crying out, I moan against Gina’s pussy, and before she can react AJ slams his cock down her throat making her gag. He begins to fuck her throat hard and deep. His balls slap against her chin, as he rides her face with no mercy. She’s a fucking pro though, and takes it all. She might have been a female virgin, but she’s no virgin to being fucked like a slut. I watch, as AJ fucks her throat, feeling Jared take me just as hard, as I keep eating her sweet pussy.

Each of us erupting with orgasms, filling each other with our juices and seeds seems endless. When we’re done we’re all satisfied. Gina goes on to tell me she is in fact a female virgin, but always wondered. She expressed to Jared that she wanted to try it once before marrying, just to say it’s been checked off her bucket list. I tell her I’m surprised they’d want to do it with friends, but she didn't want it any other way.

After about an hour AJ and I headed out. I had an early morning call with someone out of country. My on-line business is finally reaching outside of the states, which pleases me. It can be tiring though, being on at certain hours, since the time zones are so different. When AJ drops me off, he kisses me softly and thanks me for being such a good girl. He pays me triple what he normally does, since it was a surprise for me, and tells me I did great.

The next morning comes all too fast, and I don’t want to get out of bed. I’m tired, but knowing that this is a new client, I don’t want to disappoint by being late. I roll out of bed, brushing my long dark hair into a reasonable submission and head towards the computer room. I don’t let my actual bedroom be my playroom, even though it has a bed and all. That’s just too weird. This is my office, sure not all offices have a bed in it, but mine does.

I fire my computer up, and set up a little. I’m still not sure what the client wants, I only spoke to him once before we made our ‘date’. When I log in, I scroll through my e-mails seeing a few requests, and new dates that want to be put in. I also see one from someone who wants me to go to their state. My client isn't on, so I send the other client a responds back.

“Hello Mr. Ryder,

Thank you for getting in touch and with so much detail on what you want for the trip. As you know, the expenses are on you to book the ticket for me to come visit you. I understand you just want me for the night. It works for me, I’m free that weekend.

As you know, I’m protected and we can do almost anything you want. I’m not into anything overly extreme. I’m looking forward to coming to see you. I have always enjoyed the times we've played on-line, so this should be fun.

Speak with you soon, Frank.

Elexis x”

I send it off, and mark my calendar for a week from tomorrow. I haven’t been to Florida in a while, so this should be fun. My ‘date’ is a little late, and I roll my eyes. I grab a five hour energy drink from the mini fridge and check a few more e-mails. I see one that makes me sigh, I state clearly on my rules what is allowed, but send the guy another e-mail. This’ll be the fourth time he’s asked me.

“No, I don’t do water-sports. Not on-line or off. Stop asking, this is your last warning, or you’ll be removed. Please be advised.

Thank you, Elexis.”

Just as I hit send my date signs on, and I type quickly to him.

“Ah, thought maybe I lost you. Are you alright?”

“You’re sweet, of course I am, love. I just had to wait until everyone was out of the office.”

“Mmm we’re going to play in the office are we?”

“Yes, we are, unless that’s a problem?”

“No problems by me honey.”

I hit call, and put my ear piece in. When he speaks my bones melt into mush, his accent is incredible. We chat a bit, and he tells me what he wants. He tells me he has always envision a sweet, young girl on his desk on all fours facing away from him, offering up her pussy, and he wants that from me.

I climb onto my bed, and kneel how I would if it was his desk, allowing the cam to get a close up shot of my pussy. His breathing quickens as I bring it closer. I grab the baby oil, and begin to massage it over my lips and grind my hips back into him. I spin my tale for him.

“Think of it, me on your desk on my knees offering myself to you. Your perfect little fuck doll, waiting for you to taste me.” From the angle I have the computer I can see he has taken his cock out, and starts jerking it lightly. He’s using his own massage oil, I can hear the sounds squishing sounds and I purr out for him. “You lean into my pussy and run along the length of my crack from the bottom, all the way to the top.”

My fingers come and play with my clit; I lean forward lifting my ass a little higher showing him. He tells me to keep going, and I do. “Your tongue comes to find my tight little asshole there for you. You lick me gently, tonguing it with a teasing need. It works slowly inside me, tonguing me more as you stroke your own cock. Your tongues pushing into me, making me take as much as you can offer me.”

“Oh yes, that’s it my fuck doll, that’s it.”

He moans out as he jerks himself faster, listening to me. I get turned on by his voice, and how excited he is at the thought of his tongue in my ass. I rub myself faster, fucking my pussy for him, grateful I did wake up this morning.

“You have the sexiest moan, Doll, don’t stop.”

“Mmm you like that, do you?” I continue to moan for him. I watch as he jerks faster now, I can tell he is close, as he grunts. He moves his hand wonderfully over his length. I moan out for him again, and he comes hard. His seed sprays all over his desk, as he growls out. I come then, feeling the tightness release, as I begin to come hard for him. He watches as I fuck myself, coming just for him. He watches with envy, wanting to be the one to touch me. My orgasm is intense, and I love how good it feels. I love coming in the morning.

He tells me he is glad he found my site, and that he wants to book another date with me. I pen him into a date, and tell him I’ll see him then. He’s sad to know I don’t travel outside of the country, but tell him if he’s ever in the states to let me know. He kind of perks up to the idea, and tells me he’ll let me know.

Our call ends then, and I go get ready for the day. I only have one other date for the day and that’s not until later in the evening. It’s with a school teacher, who fancies one of his students. She’s apparently seventeen, and the biggest tease. She knows she’s hot, and lets everyone know it. I can’t help but like her, knowing I was the same just a few short years ago. Maybe she’ll become an escort also. I giggle to myself knowing it’s unlikely.

My day is uneventful, I mostly do house cleaning, and I do my work out in my home gym. I’m not a big fan of going to public gyms. I even text with a few people, including Gina who is still glowing from last night’s events. It pleases me she is happy with how things turned out. She invites me to the wedding, and tell her I’ll have AJ drag me along. This seems to please her.

I send AJ a quick e-mail letting him know of the sudden happenings of being invited to the wedding. He e-mails me back saying it saves him of asking me, because he planned to make me his date anyway, because who else would he bring? I grin a cheeky grin. I don’t understand how such a hottie doesn't go find himself someone to settle down with.

Though, I do know why he just hasn't met anyone yet. He doesn't want to get with just anyone, and seems that the people he does find only want him for his money, or fame. The woman he dates who have money are snobs, and have their noses so far stuck up in the air, they’re just not ‘real’. I can understand how he feels though. A lot of my clients feel this way. I've never had the issue, because I've never been on a ‘real’ date. Any date I've ever been on has been for business purpose only.

Yes, I hang out with AJ outside of just business but it’s not dates. It’s hanging out in one of our places, and watch horror films. It’s our thing, it’s what we do. He asked me once why I don’t date for just me, and I tell him I haven’t ever met anyone who is worthy of it, outside of him. I was mostly kidding but the blush on his face made me think he read deeply into it.

I’m young, and like my life as it is. I don’t want to have to report to anyone. I’ll settle down one day, when I find the right time, and the right man, but for now I like being a Fuck Doll. It’s what I’m good at.

Time to go get ready for my next client.

This is the second tale of Elexis; she has many to share with you. Make sure you check them all out; she wants to have a lot of fun with you. She wants to please all of her clients, including YOU.

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