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George, Isolde. etc. Chapter XVII

George joins Isolde and Terry in her bed
Chapter XVII

As he began to remove the sheets, George suddenly realized that it would be silly to take his standard sheets into Isolde’s bed, when it was a king-sized mattress. So he stopped pulling at the sheets, and simply picked up his pillow, and went back across the hallway to Isolde’s bedroom. He didn’t know exactly what he expected when he walked into the doorway, but what he hadn’t counted on was the musky smell of recent sex that permeated the room. He had a momentary pang of jealousy, but it left quickly, and he felt his penis beginning to swell slightly.

Isolde looked at him and said, “Looks like you’re thinking with the wrong head again, Dear,” and then smiled, so he would know she was being humorous.

“Um. I s’pose so,” he replied, and went on, “Sometimes things aren’t exactly what you expect.” He suddenly felt awkward, as if he was intruding, and he stopped halfway between the door and the bed. He had unconciously placed the pillow in front of himself, and he stood there, hugging it close with both arms around it.

Isolde put her left hand out, and patted the bed beside her hip. “Come sit next to me, Honey,” she said quietly. And then, “Are you okay? I want you to be happy, too.”

George placed his pillow upright, against the headboard, and climbed into the bed beside Isolde. He pulled the sheet up to his waist, and turned towards her.

She turned toward him, and reaching her right arm around his neck, kissed him softly. “I love you, George. I really do.”

“I love you, too, “ George said, “you know that I do. I know it sounds silly, and maybe it is just because it’s the middle of the night and I am still half-asleep; or maybe it’s because I have had too much wine, but right now, I’d do anything for you. I’d even give up music, if you asked me to.”

Isolde thought her heart would burst, and she started to tear up, but she blinked hard and replied, “That’s sweet of you to say, but you know I’d never ask that. And you couldn’t do it anyway, Dear. It’s your life.”

Terry appeared in the doorway, one hand holding a round tray with a doily and three glasses upended on it, and in the other a bottle of chilled white wine with the cork protruding. “Room service, Ma’am and Sir,” he said cheerily. He was wearing a short white apron, that didn’t hang quite smoothly over his penis.

Isolde and George both laughed, and Isolde, said, “Oh look! A French maid!”

They all three laughed then, and George said, “Get up here, Fool, and hand me the tray while you get yourself settled.”

He reached out and took the tray and the bottle from Terry, who walked around to the other side of the bed, untying the apron as he did so. He carefully hung it over the back of the chair, and setting his pillow upright, clambered into the bed and pulled the sheet to his waist.

George set the tray on his lap, and proceeded to pour the wine. He handed Terry’s and Isolde’s glasses to each of them, and picked up his own. “A toast,” he said, “To the three ring circus arm of the Brass Ring Plooka Band. I mean, Polka, ” he quickly emended.

Isolde giggled as they clinked glasses. “Plooka, huh? And just whose ass are you thinking about plooking?” she asked.

“Not mine!” Terry said quickly.

“Gee,” George said, “I’ve never had a French maid before.”

Isolde thought she heard a little edge creeping in beneath their thinly veiled banter, and cut it off, saying, “Stop it, you two, or I’m going to feel left out.”

“Your left one IS out,” George said, and lightly brushed the side of his wine glass across her nipple.

Isolde gave a little gasp as her nipple hardened under the cold glass.

”You’re uneven,” Terry said, “Here, let me fix that.” He placed his glass on her right nipple, which hardened immediately. “There, now you’re perfect,” he went on.

Isolde felt her crotch begin to tighten, and she took a deep breath. Quickly making a decision, she took a sip of her wine, and handing the glass to George, said, “Set that on the floor for me please.” She then reached beneath the sheets with each hand, and lightly took one penis in each hand. “If you guys are going to play, I need both hands.” She started slowly stroking both their penises, and was exhilarated by the sudden rush of power, as she felt each of them begin to harden.

Acting almost as one, and without saying a word, George and Terry each set his glass on the floor next to the bed. They then both turned toward her, and each took one breast in his hand.

They were both fully erect now, and Isolde started pumping them more insistently.

Still acting as one, they each bent forward and encircled her nipples with their lips, gently sucking, and plying her nipples with their tongues. Isolede felt the familiar fluttering in her abdomen, and pumping each of them almost with a frenzy, started to have a small orgasm. She felt as if there was a direct connection between her nipples, diagonally across and through her abdomen, right to her pussy. As they continued to ply their tongues across her nipples, she could feel electric shoots going all through her. Her breathing was ragged, and she lay her head back against the pillow and moaned. “Oh-h-h God, that feels so good,” she whispered. “I think I’m going to cum.” And then she arched her back, and screamed as the waves overtook her. She pumped both hands furiously , and as she was cumming, she felt her hands suddenly covered with a slippery substance.

George and Terry both groaned, and thrust their hips upward into her hands.

“Oh shit!” “Oh fuck!” they both cried out at once, and then collapsed, spent, against the headboard.

Isolde was the first to recover. “Oh Jesus, you two! That was amazing. I love you.” She said, and slowly but firmly drew the last bits of semen from each of them. Removing her hands from beneath the sheet, she licked each hand in turn, first one finger, then the other, alternating between hands. “Oh, God,” she said then,”You taste so good.” She then turned and kissed each of them, and they could taste their mingled semen in her mouth.

They all three slid down under the sheets, George and Terry lying on their sides facing her, and Isolde lay flat on her back between them. Terry put his arm across Isolde's chest, and cupped her left breast in his hand, and George placed his hand on Isolde's still sensitive vulva. 

Isolde felt so comforted, and safe. She sighed happily, and said to both of them at once, "I love you guys." 

"I love you guys, too, " George and Terry both said in unison.

They fell asleep that way, with their legs all entwined.

To be continued ….

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