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George, Isolde, etc Chapter XVIII

sorry folks - no sex in this installment
Chapter XVIII

Wednesday morning, they all three awoke at the crack of dawn. Isolde wondered if their new-found camaderie, or maybe love had recharged all of them, and made them want to wake up early, to be together.

George spoke first, saying, “Good morning, you two. I love you guys.” Then, springing out of bed, and turning toward Isolde, he said, “If you don’t mind, I’m gonna hop in the shower first, so I can get my ass off to Glen Burnie.”

“Are you sure you don’t want company?” Isolde asked, with a twinkle in her eye.

“Honey,” her replied, “there’s nothing I'd like more than to have company, but if I’m late, Fred will have a cow. And you know damned good and well that if we shower together this morning, I will be late.”

“M-m-m. I s’pose you’re right, “ Isolde replied. “Well, I’ll go make us some coffee and breakfast, and pack your lunch for you.”

“I’m heading for the downstairs shower,” Terry said. “I’ll build the coffee on my way, and it can be started while you mess with breakfast.”

“Well, in that case, I’m gonna strip these sheets and toss them in the washer. The last thing we need is cum stains all over them, and you guys both made a lovely mess last night. If I hadn’t had so much wine, I probably would have changed them last night.”

“Right!" George and Terry replied in unison. And Terry added, “As I recall, you were in no condition to change anything last night.”

“Hey!” she replied.”I had all my faculties. It was you two who were all worn out.”

“Which explains why everyone immediately fell asleep,” piped in George.

They all laughed then, and Isolde said, “I love you guys. Now get on with the both of you. We gotta get this day started.” She started removing the sheets.

Terry stood in the doorway for a minute, admiring her round buttocks as she bent over the bed. Then he turned, and headed for the stairs, following George out into the hallway. He reached out and touched George’s shoulder. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” he asked quietly, hoping Isolde didn’t hear.

George froze, and turned slightly. “You know, this sounds crazy, but I really am. Frankly, Terry, I’m a little surprised. Oh, I had my moments of self-pity, and probably will continue to have them occasionally, but really, I am okay with it. You’re a good guy. You and I like each other, and can learn to be good friends, and Lord knows, we work well enough together. It’s obvious that you and Isolde are falling in love , and I have to admit, I’m reaping the benefit of that, too. I guess love is one of those things that, the more you have for someone, the more you can have for everyone. Does that make sense?”

“Of course it does, silly,” Isolde said, walking out of the bedroom with her arms full of bedclothes. “Now quit philosophising, and get your butt into the shower, or you’re gonna make yourself late.”

While she was making breakfast, Isolde thought about what she had to do today. She wanted to run to Parole Plaza and pick up some more sets of sheets, and she decided she wanted to change the curtains in the living room. She wanted to see if she could find some tab curtains in a linen or at least ecru, to lighten the room a bit. The dark curtains in there were all right for the rustic look, but she wanted the room to feel a little more inviting, and less cabin-like. She wondered if Terry would mind her using his Jeep to run a few errands. When he came out of the shower, she handed him his coffee, and said, “I assume you’re going to bale that hay today. Do you mind if I borrow your Jeep to run a few errands?”

“Of course not, “Terry replied. “I won’t need it, except to get to the farm, and you can drop me off. I’ll give you a call from the house when I get finished making the bales, and you can come pick me up.”

While George and Terry were eating their breakfast, Isolde jumped into the shower. She washed quickly, and decided to forego underwear. So she just pulled on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, and was back downstairs, just as George was about to leave for work.

“Give me a kiss goodbye, Bucko,” she said to him. “And good luck with the Monsterati.”

"Maserati," corrected Goerge.

"It's becoming a monster, the way it has taken over your work schedule."

“Well, unless there are any surprises, I’ll get the engine together and bolted up to the transmission today,” George said. “Then, tomorrow… no, tomorrow, we’re all gonna get the hay in the barn….Thursday, I’ll drop it in. By Friday afternoon, I should be ready for a test drive.”

“Good luck,”Terry called after him,as he went out the door. Turning to Isolde, he said, “Whenever you’re ready, I am.”

“Shit,” she laughed, "you’re always ready.” And she felt her nipples harden at the thought.

Terry reached out and brushed one lightly with the back of his knuckle. “Well, yeah, but I meant ready to drop me off at the barn.”

“Let me grab my backpack,” Isolde replied, “I need my license.”

They went out together then. As they got into the Jeep, Isolde said, “I have an idea. Since I’m going to be running up and down the road anyway, why don’t I bring you some lunch around noon. Too bad we didn’t grab George’s blanket from his car. We could have had a picnic lunch.”

“Oh, I think he might have thought we were going to use it for something else if we had, “ Terry said, over the roar of the engine. “We can just sit on a couple of hay bales over near the woods. If we wait till one o’clock or so, that side of the field will be shaded enough.”

They pulled into the driveway, and Terry shut off the motor. All of a sudden, he didn’t want to work on the farm. All he wanted to do was stay with Isolde all day. Looking at how her breasts filled out the tee shirt began to give him an erection. Shit. I have to get this hay baled, or it will get rained on, he thought to himself. Oh well. There will be time enough for all that tonight.

Isolde sat there in the passenger seat, thinking Terry was going to say something. She sensed that there was something on his mind, and she sat quietly, waiting for him to get it out. As she sat there, she had a sudden flash of memory. “Never try to out stubborn a cat,” she had read once. Then she realized where she had read it. It was in “The Notebooks of Lazurus Long”, which were a series of interludes in Time Enough For Love, by Robert A Heinlein. I wonder if I can find a copy of that in Barnes and Noble, she thought to herself. I think maybe we should all three read that together. There might be some insights in there about how to carry on a three-way loving relationship. Maybe I should look to see if they have any books about open marriages or polyandry, too, while I am at it.

Terry heaved a sigh and opened the car door then. As he got out, he said, “I just realized I have to switch over the hay rake for the baler. Would you mind giving me a hand?”

“I’d be happy to.”

Terry reached up on the tractor, and switched on the ignition. Then he pulled the spark advance all the way down, pulled out the choke all the way, and eased the throttle up about one-fourth open. Walking around to the front of it, He grasped the crank in both hands. Giving a quick jerk upward, and dropping the handle, he turned over the engine. It caught on the first try, and he ran around and eased the spark advance up until it was chugging away smoothly. Then he eased in the chooke slightly. He stood there.,, listening to it, and in a moment, pressed the chike button all the way in. The tractor sat there and idled, with a distinctive two cylinder diesel engine thump-thump, thump-thump. Raising his voice over it, he said to Isolde, “I’m going to miss that sound.”

“Bob is going to need to keep the park grounds mowed down," Isolde said. “Why don’t you suggest to him that you or George or I could do it, if we moved that Deere and a sickle bar to Easton with us?”

“You?” Terry asked incredulously.

“Sure. Why not? I grew up on a farm, you know. As long as the weather isn’t too cold, I can start that thing, and a tractor is what I first learned to drive on. Grandpa Stoltzfus let me drive it as soon as I was tall enough to reach the pedals.”

Damn, Terry thought to himself. This girl is full of surprises. He grabbed her and kissed her hard, and then ran round to the seat and hoisted himself up. He put the tractor in gear, and drove it in a big circle, stopping with the hay rake next to the baler. He reached up and switched off the ignition.

“Why’d you turn it off?” Isolde asked, her voice sounding loud in the sudden silence.

”Cause you’re gonna start it and back it over to the baler after we unhitch the rake,” was his reply.

“Don’t believe me, huh? Okay. Pull the hitch pin, and just watch.”

Terry pulled the pin, and slid the rake hitch off the bar. He stood there, turning the hitch pin in his hand, as he watched Isolde switch on the ignition, retard the spark, and crack the throttle.

As she went around front and bent down to grasp the crank, he asked, “ Haven’t you forgotten something?”.

She stood up and looked him straight in the eye. “Do you mean the choke? It’s warmed up now. If I close the choke, it’ll flood, and I’ll never get it started. Is this some kind of a test? 'Cause if it is, get out of my way, and I’ll show you how it’s done.”

With that, she grasped the crank with both hands and gave it a yank. The engine sprang to life right away, and she moved around to advance the spark, and ease the throttle back. Then she swung up into the seat, and put the tractor into gear. She pulled forward about ten feet, and, looking behind her, put it into reverse, and backed it to the baler. She got the bar lined up perfectly on the first try, and thought to herself, well, that was a nice piece of luck. But what she said was, “Is that good enough for you, Mister Smartypants?” She turned off the ignition, and placing one hand on a fender, jumped down from the seat by vaulting over the rear wheel.

“Nice dismount. 9.9,” said Terry, laughing. “All right. Let’s see if we can wrassle this PTO on.”

The shaft lined up readily enough, but the splines were slightly off, and they couldn’t get the shaft to slide on.

After a minute, Isolde said, “You’re stronger than I am. You line the shaft up, and I’ll go around front and ease the engine around." She reached up and engaged the power take off, and then went around to the front and grasped the crank. “Ready?” she asked.


She pulled up slowly on the crank, feeling the engine’s compression trying to hold it back. Just as she thought she couldn’t lift it any further, she heard a clunk, and Terry said, “Got it.”

She stood up, and rubbing her shoulders thought, I had forgotten how much strength it takes to turn an engine over with the PTO engaged.

Terry looked at her and grinned. “We make a pretty good team, you and me,” he said.

“Well, I don’t know if we’d win any prizes at a state fair for equipment handling,” Isolde said, “but we get the job done.”

“Well, you could probably win a driving contest, if you tried,” Terry said.

“No I couldn’t. I have a confession to make. Lining up that bar was just pure dumb luck.”

“So is winning those driving contests, “Terry replied. “Well, I’m off to make a few hay bales. See you about one or so?”

“Yeah. Hey, listen. Bob told me about the ground hog hole. You be careful out there, Buster. Why don’t you take my cell phone with you. I’ll be in and around the house mostly, and if there is any problem, you can call me. Or if that raggedy old baler breaks,” she added quickly.

“Good idea. Thanks. What about if I get horny? Can I call you then?”

"Absolutely not,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “If you get horny, you’ll have to suffer, just like the rest of us. I'm not some brazen hussy, you know”

“Well, in the past couple of days, you sure had me fooled,” Terry quipped.

“I’m as pure as the driven snow, and according to at least one book, a true lady.”

“Been reading Heinlein again, have you?” Terry asked, arching an eyebrow.

“Not recently,” she replied,”But I have been thinking about it a lot lately. I think maybe it’s time to re-read it.”

“I’ve been thinking about that book, too. And also about Proposition 31. Maybe we should all read them together.”

They were standing facing each other, and Isolde moved towards him. She put her arms around his neck, and reached up to give him a long and deep kiss. They both felt their passions rising.

Terry broke off first, and said, breathlessly “I love you, Honey. Let me go make this hay, or I’ll jump your bones right here and it will never get done.”

“Okey doke,” Isolde replied and turned to walk back to the Jeep. She could feel Terry’s eyes watching her, and had a sudden impish feeling. She stopped, and undid her jeans. Baring her bottom, she bent over and wiggled it at him, saying, “Here’s what’s waiting for you when you get finished.” She pulled them up quickly, and continued onward, with an exaggerated swing of her hips.

Terry gave her a wolf whistle, and she grinned to herself as she climbed into the driver’s seat. Condoms. She thought. If I’m going to take it in the ass, we need to have condoms. She thought about that during the short drive back to the house. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to feel him filling her tightest place. She had a sudden flash then, of having both George and Terry at once, one in front, and one behind. She could feel her lips swelling as she drove, and there was a slight dampness down there. When she pulled into the driveway, and turned off the motor, she put her hand between her legs, and could feel the moisture soaking through her jeans. She put her fingers to her nose, and inhaled deeply. The smell of her own sex was strong, and made her even wetter. She started to put her hand back down, and then thought, no, I’m not going to do that. I’ll just wait for the boys to come home tonight. She went into the kitchen, and laid her backpack on the table, Pouring the last of the coffee into her cup, she grabbed a pencil and notepad, and sat down at the table.

In large capitol letters, she wrote acrss the top of it


She thought a minute, then stareted listing things she wanted to get from the stores.




KY JELLY!!! (yes!)



Proposition 31

Open Marriage

She thought a little bit more about how she could get them to double penetrate her, and then wrote:


Then she drew an arrow from dildo to KY jelly.

I’ll bet George and Terry would like ass play, too, she thought. I read somewhere that men do, once they get past the idea that it is only for gay people. Besides, if they get to drive me, why can’t I get to drive them, too. She giggled to herself as the image of wearing a strap-on, and ravishing them both at once popped into ther mind. I wonder if there is such a thing as a Y-shaped double dildo, she thought.

Suddenly she felt a limerick coming on.

A woman who strapped on a Y

Sought to drive two guys to the sky

As she drove it in deeper, they screamed, “She’s a keeper!”

And they all came at once with a cry.

She giggled to herself, and thought someday – after I have pegged them both, I’ll have to tell them that one.

Just then, the phone rang.

Oh GOD! She thought. I hope nothing has happened to Terry!

She stood up quickly, spilling her coffee and knocking over the kitchen chair. She raced into the living room, and snatched up the phone. “Hello?” she asked, and held her breath.

To be continued…

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