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Haunted house chapter 1

A sexy erotic haunted thriller
‘So this is it,’ I thought.
I stood in the moonless night, pensively staring up at the so-called haunted house. Even
after all these years, it was still an impressive structure. Built in the late Eighteen Nineties, thefour-story house still had all the hallmarks of a great home. Detailed woodwork adorned thelarge covered entrance and marched its way across the brick façade, while large multi-panedwindows offered views of the outside. They were strategically placed and stood ready to coaxsunlight in at the first hint of dawn. Looking higher I could see the grey slate roof and the manychimneys that crowned the house. They gave promise to the fireplaces inside, ready to warm theoccupants on cold or damp nights.

Yet as I paused at the gate, staring at the gracefully arched entrance to the home, it appeared
strangely uninviting to me. The decorative marble pillars on either side of the front door seemedcold and unwelcoming. As luck would have it, I had been dared to stay the night in this nowdeserted home by a childhood friend who had the same opportunity a month ago. He never toldme what had happened when he spent the night; just that he would never set foot in that buildingagain.

I questioned him about what he had seen and experienced but he only gave vague
explanations and mutterings. My disbelief of ghosts and haunted houses seemed reasonable to
me since he wouldn’t offer any details of what had happened. It seemed that every time we gottogether after that, our conversations always seemed to gravitate back to that night. You couldn’tenjoy a meal or a few beers without his mumblings and warnings always popping up; just likethe mysterious ghosts. I’d end up asking him to tell me what happened and we’d end up arguingbecause he wouldn’t give the details. It was just so damn annoying.

Our last conversation nearly ended in a brawl, hence, the dare. He dared me to go and see
for myself, but I wasn’t about to waste a Friday night without getting something in return. I’d
wanted to date his ex-girlfriend ever since I first met her on our usual Friday night – it’s the
weekend – celebrations. However, with the best friend code of not dating someone’s sister or exgirlfriends,I thought it would never happen. Therefore, when I asked him to give me a pass onthe rule to ask her out, he agreed, convinced that I wouldn’t be able to stay the night.

‘Well,’ I thought, ‘let’s check this out.’

Walking up to the front door, I was careful of the cracked cement path and picked my way
up the broken steps that led to the entrance. Standing there, I felt a chill run up my back and
laughed as a breeze brushed past my face tousling my hair. I could see how Brian must have lethis imagination run away with him. This setting was perfect for a horror movie. Placing my handon the tarnished doorknob, I had to use my weight to force open the front door. The hinges criedwith disuse as I pushed the door open to enter the large foyer. Wisps of illumination from theoutside streetlights barely allowed me to see where I was standing until I flicked on the massiveflashlight clutched in my hand.

There in front of me was a magnificent staircase winding its way to the top of the second
floor landing. The wine colored carpet was thick with dust and showed the history of all the
footsteps that had worn it down in spots to its backing. Flicking the light from side to side, the
large foyer revealed rooms to the left and right and a set of hallways on either side of the grandstaircase.

‘A pleasant enough house,’ I thought before entering and closing the now moaning door
behind me. The sound of the closing door was eerie, and I looked back to make certain that thelatch had caught before moving on. I wasn’t about to let the creaking noises of an old abandonedhouse scare me away. After all, I had the chance of asking out a beautiful girl, once I proved thishouse was not haunted. I couldn’t wait to get this night over with and my only concern was thatBrian would not remember his promise and not understand if she said yes when I asked her out.

Pulling the loaded backpack from my shoulders, I began my tour of the house by walking
into what must have been a formal parlor at one time. The beam from my flashlight bounced offthe ceiling to reveal ornate crown molding adorning the top of the walls. The aged wallpapermust have been silk, as it seemed to have withstood the test of time. Only strands here and thereof the rich colored paper were frayed and hanging. Walking deeper into the room I saw whereshadows of portraits must have hung because looking closer you could see the original glory ofthe wallpaper.

The creamy white marble fireplace was still intact and remnants of ashes in its iron grate
testified that it certainly had been in use, and if I wasn’t mistaken, recently. The mantle was wideand long enough to hold my supplies so I began to empty my backpack onto the dust-coveredsurface. Large candles, matches, bottled water and snacks were only a few of the items that I hadbrought to occupy my time until the night passed. Heaving a thick paperback novel onto themantle sent a flurry of dust and soot into the air and dancing into the stream of light from theflashlight. Coughing and backing away from the mini-dust cloud that filled the air, I aimed myflashlight around the room and saw what appeared to be a sofa covered by an old dusty paintcloth.

Heading to the spot, I clutched the stained covering with one hand while slowly backing
away. Hoping to flush out what I’m sure would be a family of mice that lived in whatever wasunder its surface; I quickly snapped my wrist and sent the cloth flying to one side of the room. Listening for the pitter-patter of tiny feet I held my breath not sure what to expect.

Silence andmore dust greeted my efforts to reveal nothing less than what had to be an antique. Elegant mahogany wood graced what had to be at least a hundred year old camel back sofa. The upholstery was still plush and deeply rolled arms framed the stuffed back and seat. How itsurvived, this long, was a testament to the workmanship of that bygone era. The deep garnet ofthe fabric matched the color contained by the room’s wallpaper. It must have been magnificent inits heyday.

Poking and prodding its surface and checking for critter infestation revealed that it was a
perfect spot to spend the night in reading and sleeping as it was uninhabited. Pulling it closer tothe fireplace, I began to light the candles that I had brought for the night. Placing mirrored tilesbehind them amplified the light until it appeared almost bright in the room. I had learned themirror trick when a power outage had left me in the dark for several nights this past winter so theknowledge came in handy now. Hauling out the last items stowed in the bottom of the backpackwould keep me warm as well.

Shining the flashlight up the chimney, I checked to make sure it was clear of nests and other
blockages before adjusting the damper for the fire I would be lighting. Taking the two readymadefire logs and placing them carefully in the heavy iron grate, I grabbed the matches and litthe logs. Soon I was rubbing my hands over a cheerful fire that warmed the room and lookingaround the deserted space, I was quite content with what I’d accomplished in the short time I hadbeen there. ‘I’d finish the tour of the house later if I got bored with my book,’ I thought.

Giving the sofa a final thump I braced my back against the plush arm and crossing my legs
settled back to enjoy the novel that I had remembered to bring along. Hours later glancing at mywristwatch I was amazed by how much time had passed. My stomach was reminding me with itspersistent growling of the apple, cheese and crackers that I had provided for the evening. Gettingup to retrieve my supplies from the mantle I checked that the candles in their deep glass sconceswere still safely burning and because of their large size should last the night. Grabbing thebaggies that held my snacks, I gave a final glance to the fireplace before settling back down ontothe sofa.

With my goodies in my lap, I continued to read and eat while occasionally picking up my
thermos of hot chocolate, sipping the sweetness from its stainless steel opening. ‘This is betterthan camping,’ I thought. I paused to wonder what Brian was talking about as nothing hadoccurred since I had entered the house. I finally admitted, just to myself, that I had spent the firstfew hours covertly listening and suspiciously watching the doorway, just in case. I had been onedge, but as the night passed without anything happening, I began to relax. Well, relax as best asyou could while staying in a deserted house.

Checking my wristwatch again, showed that it was almost midnight, so balancing my back
deeper into the sofa arm I propped my legs up on the other arm, and picked up my last two
supply items. I had taken a small pepper spray canister and a piece of wood from the bottom ofone of my old crutches and placed them by me earlier when I had first settled down. The canisterI picked up as a just in case scenario for wild vermin. The wood I had was unscrewed from thebottom of a crutch, my reward, for a failed attempt of learning how to snowboard last year. Thewood would act as a short club and come in handy if anything got past the pepper spray. Closingmy eyes, I decided to take a nap, safe in the assurance that I was prepared.

A cold breeze passing over my body roused me from a very good dream. Shivering, I turned
over intending to see if the fire was still burning. I opened my eyes and focusing on the fireplacenoticed that the flames were still going strong; however, they seemed to be buffeted by a heavywind. Rubbing my eyes and yawning I turned to scan the room but nothing appeared amiss. Therotted curtains still hung at the window, limp against the unbroken glass. Pulling myself upright,I moved my legs to the floor deciding to check the front door. Slightly stiff from sleeping on thesofa, I crossed the room stretching out the kinks, impatient to get back to sleep.

Seeing that the main door was still tightly closed, I recalled how its hinges had raised a
racket when I first came through. ‘Well, the breeze isn’t coming from there,’ I thought. Irritatedat the unnecessary interruption of a good dream, I stood in the doorway trying to feel where thatdraft of cold air had come from. Looking about I could see no reason for its cause and since ithad stopped when I got up; maybe it was just a downdraft from the chimney. With thatconclusion, I headed back to the sofa and warm fireplace, hoping to catch a few more hours ofsleep. Closing my eyes, I drifted off again.

I’m not sure how much time had passed when I became drowsily aware of an odd pressure
on my groin. I felt and then heard my zipper being pulled down. Startled from sleep, I shot up toa standing position and then crouched down. Quickly scanning the room for danger, I saw
nothing. Looking down, I realized that my hand was clenched around the hard wood from the
crutch. Fully awake I slowly stood and managed to relax my grip seeing that there was nothing inthe room. Standing there in silence, I waited, not knowing what was happening. Scratching myhead and yawning, I thought, ‘Maybe I had been dreaming again?’

Then the strangest thing happened, my zipper started to slide down all on its own! Watching
it happen, I quickly pinched my arm, hard. No, that wasn’t it I was awake. I quickly pulled it
back up. Backing up against the sofa, I watched as it was pulled back down again. Startled I
dropped my club and put my hands in front of me, waving them about, in an attempt to stop whatwas going on. Nothing was there. Suddenly, something pushed me down on the sofa and as Istarted to rise, I found myself pushed down again.

Flailing about against the pressure holding me in place, I felt a yanking at the bottom of my
legs. My shoes were being pulled off and as I tried to bend over to reach them, I was once againthrust against the back of the sofa. My trousers were now being tugged down. Clinging to the topof them was useless, as they were torn from my grasping fingers. Struck by what was happening,it was as if lightening suddenly struck me, at the realization that maybe this house really washaunted. I was suddenly dumb with fear that my dream of wanting to date Brian’s old girlfriendwas going to get me killed.

My underwear was next to go, and no amount of cursing or pulling at the waistband was
about to stop it. So there I was, pinned to the sofa, with no idea what was going to happen next,my underwear hanging down around my ankles. ‘Was this how the authorities were going to findme in the morning,’ I thought. It’s funny what your mind thinks under intense stress. Instead ofworrying about what was going to happen next, I imagined them entering the home and seeingme naked on the sofa with God knows what done to my body. I cringed at the telephone call tomy family and them having to identify my weirdly mutilated body. Suddenly, I was shockedback into reality.

It felt like a moist mouth had engulfed my flaccid penis! Straining against my invisible
restraints, I looked down to see my limp cock standing up away from my body and being
manipulated by some unseen force. The fear was overwhelming and I began to panic at what wasgoing on. I kept opening and closing my eyes hoping it was just a bad dream. My eyes flewwildly around the room while I tried to break the hold on my body. Even in this terrible scenario,the body has its automatic reflexes and the sensation of my cock being manipulated was startingto make it hard. The rubbing sensation was overwhelming and was beginning to short-circuit thefear I was experiencing. Little by little, as nothing painful happened, I began to relax, as all I feltwas overwhelming pleasure. Whatever was happening wasn’t hurting me yet.

‘Oh my God, I’m getting a blowjob from a spook,’ I thought in shock.

As I watched, the foreskin was moved up and down from my cock’s head with a firm
squeezing motion. I witnessed my shirt buttons being plucked open one by one and inanely
wondered if a ghost could do two things as once. Unseen hands pulled the bottom of my shirt upand lifted it off my body while another set of hands began to play with the nipples on my chest. They tugged and pulled the tormented tips until they were stiff peaks that radiated pleasure downto the tip of my cock. The invisible entity was now going crazy on my cock. I could see and feelthe end of it being depressed and bent this way and that and the sensations were running wildthrough my body and mind.

Gasping at the sensations, a mouth covered my own, and began to kiss me passionately. It
teased and sucked my lips until I kissed it back. The sensation was so odd, to feel a mouth on
mine but still be unable to see it. A tongue slipped through during the kiss and tangled with mine,inviting me to tame it into submission. Overwhelmed by the sensations flooding my body, Ifound myself seduced into responding back with a passion that nearly engulfed my being.

Feeling my body being maneuvered down flat on the sofa I felt hands spreading my legs apart
balancing one atop the back of the sofa and the other with its foot on the floor. In that splayed position, my balls were wantonly exposed and I began to tense up until I feltsoft lips bestowing gentle kisses to the tightening surfaces. A slick tongue began to play withfirst one then the other while the lips that followed started to suck them inside to coat them with
lusty swipes of a firmer tongue. The lips on my mouth pulled away and I moaned with lust onlyto be silenced again by another pair of lips.

No, it wasn’t a mouth. It was the unmistakable feel of a bare, shaved pussy presenting itself
to my mouth. It obviously wanted me to lick it. Strangely, I could smell the aroma of a woman’ssweet nectar as I raised my suddenly released hands to invisible hips. Feeling my hands come torest on what felt like soft skin sent my heart racing as I pulled her down to my waiting mouth. Ibegan to plunder the softness waiting for me. I used my lips and tongue to explore every slicknook, and worked my way to the plump clit that I could feel bloated with pleasure. Using mytongue, I flicked it vigorously while lightly holding it in place with my teeth, and for the firsttime, I could hear the sensual moaning of a woman being pleasured.
The hands holding my cock left abruptly, to be replaced by soft wet lips that teased its tip
until it swallowed it lustily. The slick tongue wrapped itself around my hardness, caressing itslength with every up and down motion until it engulfed it completely pressing its stiff lengthdown a willing throat. The muscles of her throat contracted around its length and with everygreedy swallow, I could feel my balls tightening, getting ready to explode its saltiness. A suddenexperienced hand grasped the base of my cock tightly to stop me from coming. She did so again,giving my thrusting cock a chance to relax and recover before carrying on with the exquisitepleasure.

Normally I would have cum by now, but there was nothing normal about this event. I could
feel the clit on my tongue as I continued to tease, lick, and suck. The invisible pussy covering myface started to writhe at the attention my tongue was giving it. I could feel the walls of a pussyand felt frustrated not being able to see it. The mouth covering my engorged cock restarted itsefforts, taking long slow movements and completely engulfing my stiffness. My tongue wasstarting to feel tired, as the pussy over it never wavered in its lust-finding mission. Whomeverthis pussy belonged to was clearly in the throes of coming, for my head was being pushed deeperinto her mound of loveliness. The first wails of pleasure filled my ears as the woman who sat onmy face continued in a frenzy of movement until she froze in place. Her gasps of pleasure filledmy mind as I continued to drink her sweet pleasure.

I felt on the verge of coming once again, but this time there was no attempt to stop it. The
pussy riding my mouth disappeared, and licking my lips I felt myself starting to cum. Looking
down I could see the first spurt shoot out, but found it stopping inside an invisible mouth and
then watched as it slid down an unseen throat. My cock suddenly felt a change of hands. It wasthen that I was engulfed by a different mouth, which swallowed the following spurts of cum withgrunts of satisfaction. She continued to suck my throbbing cock until my pleasure was spent, andthen gently mouthed its length being careful of the sensitive head.

Between them, they sucked me dry and then for the first time I felt something other than a
mouth or pussy. I could feel the unmistakable caress of stiff nipples rubbing against my leg.
They continued to suckle me, almost as if they didn’t want me to lose my erection. They stoppedfor a second and suddenly I felt my cock being moved to the entrance of a pussy, no one coulddoubt it. It was tight and soft, but still unyielding, until it began coating me with its slipperyessence. The hips above me pushed down with some force, until suddenly I was in. The entitybegan riding me wantonly; stuffing my cock back into her pussy, each time she rose from mylap.

I attempted to raise my head wanting to look down my body only to find another pussy was
waiting for my mouth. This one felt slightly different. My mouth covered pussy lips that were
more pronounced. Moving to guide my tongue to the right places, she used her body to lay my
head back on a cushion and then moved to sit on my face. Using me like this was more erotic
than anything I had ever experienced. My cock was being ridden by what felt to be a wild
woman while my tongue was completely devouring a pussy. The sensations coursing through mybody were overwhelming.

Once again, I could hear someone (the sound seemed to surround me) in the midst of a
climax. I had the feeling it was the one riding my cock, for she had gained momentum. By now, Iwas ready to cum again, feeling my balls getting tighter and ready to explode. I wanted thisfeeling to last forever, but my will power wasn’t enough to stop the cascading pleasure of herpussy rhythmically clutching my stiff cock. With a final thrust of that wet pussy, my seedexploded into her body, filling her pussy with each throbbing spurt from my cock. I had stoppedlicking the pussy above my head and groaned deeply. Exhausted, I was drained as I felt theirweight lift off the couch. Slowly regaining my wits, I lifted my head, looked around, andlistened. Not a sound could be heard, feeling weak from pleasure I fell back to the sofa andclosing my eyes, I fell asleep.

Waking late the next morning, I wondered if it had all been a dream. Standing up I rubbed
my tired hand over my morning beard while the other went to scratch my balls. Feeling naked
skin immediately shocked me into being fully awake and looking down I saw my naked body.
Covering my privates like a girl caught in a shower, I turned to see my clothes neatly folded andlying on the mantle.

Scrambling to the fireplace in my bare feet I dressed quickly, continually staring around the
room. Managing to take hold of my emotions, I reasoned that whatever or whomever they were,they didn’t hurt me. Still a bit anxious I swiftly packed up my few possessions and threw thecover back over the sofa. Making sure that the fire was completely out I headed towards the doorand stopped. Someone watching me would have said I had a split personality with the way Iargued back and forth whether I should say thank you. I finally gave up, and turned facing theroom and politely said ‘I’m not sure if you’re still here, but thank you for an incredible evening,’then I opened the now silent door and walked out.

There standing outside the gates to the grounds, I found my friend Brian anxiously waiting.
After a careful scan of my features and body, he relaxed.

”Well, it looks like you did it, you managed to stay the night,” he said.

”Yeah,” I said with a shaky laugh. Glancing from him to the house, I made the decision to
lie through my teeth.

“I told you there’s no such thing as ghosts.”

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