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I Can't Believe It

My jaw drops at what has been done. I can't believe she did what she did. It doesn't seem real
I can’t believe it. This all has to be a dream. That cunt, she used me. Why did I not see it from the beginning? Here I sat and thought we had become such wonderful friends. But boy, did she ever pull the cloth over my eyes. All I can do is sigh again as I think of how easily she fooled me. As I sit here, my thoughts start to wander. That's it, I want my revenge on her so bad. And I think I know exactly what I want to do to that little bitch.

Okay, so I figure I better start from the beginning. Ya'll are probably confused on what all has happened. You see, I met this chick awhile back, and it all started out okay. We usually talked over the computer and once or twice talked on the phone. Nothing major, but then she got in a relationship with this guy. She would explain in great detail what they had done. What he did to her, how he made her cum so many times, how he made her scream and moan so loud.

Well, needless to say, it would get me hot. Sometimes after talking with her I would go to the bathroom and draw me a nice, hot bath. I would go back to my lingerie drawer and pull out my favorite toy. That toy to be exact was a purple 8 in dildo, and it also vibrates. That toy was the absolute best; I would do myself to so many orgasms in just one sitting.

She never knew the sexual effect it was having on me; I never told a soul that I was bi-sexual. I was scared to, I guess. I didn’t know of many people at that time who were bi, or lesbian, or even gay and the people I talked to turned up their noses at the thought of a girl being with another girl, or a man being intimate with a man. "It’s just not right. God did NOT say it is right for a woman to lay with another woman. Or a man to lay with another man. Sex is between a man and woman. And it should always be so." I heard over and over from them. So I shut my mouth and never told anyone. Not even my past boyfriends.

I laughed as they always had fantasies of me being with another girl, and yet, I could not tell them my little secret. That in fact, I would die at the chance to be with a girl. Spread her milky white thighs wide and see the juices trickling out of her pussy. Her eyes glazed over with lust. Her chest heaving, and popping out of some skimpy outfit. The outfit would always change in my mind. Maybe a school girl or maybe her just in a garter, stockings and heels with her bra and thong on the floor by my bed.

The scenarios would always change as well. But the girl would never change. I've always been attracted it seems to the curvier, thicker chicks, and as odd as it sounds I've always gotten turned on by brunettes, never blonde. At any rate, they've always had a nice round ass to grab a hold of, more than a handful of breast. A nice swell of hips, and a little bit of a thick waist, and thick thighs.

I lick my lips now as I envision being on the bed and placing my hands on her thighs to spread them apart. I want to slide on my stomach up to her pussy and inhale her scent. Look up and see her eyes darkening and glazing over with lust. Her opening her pretty pink lips begging me to eat her. Okay, okay, I'm getting sidetracked. I tend to do that when I'm horny, like I am now, just thinking about my revenge.

Where was I? Oh, yes, I remember now. Well at that time she got this amazing boyfriend, I had just broken up with mine of a year, not more than a few days before. I had not really had that great of a relationship, and really only stayed with him because he was good in bed. He had an average size cock of about 6 inches, and it was pretty girthy, as I had a bit of trouble wrapping my hand around it, but he was really only about his pleasure once we got to fucking. But boy, oh boy, did he ever give great oral. Every time he went down on me, I was in pure heaven. He took his time, and never rushed. He had a talented tongue, and it was pretty long as he would slide it into my cunt and wiggle his tongue around. And when he would slide that tongue out and up to my clit, it gives me shivers now just thinking about it.

He had long fingers as well, and they were kind of thick, so really he could only get two fingers in me, but that’s all I would need. Him twisting his fingers, and him sucking on my clit, and I would erupt faster than Mount Rushmore. I'm also a little bit of a squirter when I cum, so when I was close he would slide his fingers out but continue to suck on my clit. When I orgasmed I would squirt onto his chest, but he wouldn’t mind. He would take his fingers and scoop it up and slide his fingers into his mouth. He really loved my sweet and tangy taste. He told me on multiple cases I tasted like strawberries.

Back on track, once again. Well, I finally did it. I opened up Pandora’s Box one time when we met up for lunch. I told her that I was bisexual, and about all the stories she told me of her and her guy would get me so hot, and all that and she seemed to take it all in stride. Our friendship really started developing after that and I felt like I finally found someone I trusted and would be great friends with. We had lunch many times after that and we would talk more and more about my sexuality.

She was curious as to how I knew I was bi, what had happened to make me start thinking about women like that, what it was like being with a woman, etc. I would blush, but I would answer her questions in all honesty. You may not believe it, but I have never actually been with a woman. Now before you start, I never had to BE with a woman to just know that I was bisexual. It was all the feelings about my thoughts on it, and how turned on (and might I add, how wet) I would get when my imagination would entertain thoughts of being with a woman, and all the things I would do to her.

Everything I told her, like I said she took it in stride. She was always friendly and never seemed turned off by what I was saying. Months passed and we got closer and closer. I seemed to entertain more and more thoughts about being with her, well not her specifically, as it was always a faceless person in my mind, but it was always her body. She had 38D breasts, a nice swell of hips, an ass I always wanted to grab a hold of (and would catch myself a lot before I goofed and did so).

We had gotten so comfortable with each other, that when we would go out shopping we would just change in the same dressing room. And I always marveled at her body. She was curvy granted, but she was beautiful. Every time, just seeing her in her plain black bra and cotton undies would slowly start to turn me on. I could feel the dampness between my legs start to spread and I would worry that I would have a "wet spot" in my underwear, so I would quickly change into the items and then back into my own clothes.

She seemed to take her time though trying things on, and I swear on more than one occasion that she was intentionally doing her best to look sexy as she undressed in front of me. On those occasions she picked out skimpy things, like miniskirts that would show off her cute apple butt, and low cut shirts that accentuated her big breasts. The more the months wore on the skimpier the outfits got she tried on.

At one point we had gone into Victoria's Secret and she tried on their lingerie. We would walk around the beautiful displays and I could only sigh as I could never wear these lovely things. I am a thicker girl, but a bit more on the chunky side, and I don’t find it sexy. On this occasion we made our way back to the dressing rooms, and I went as to stand outside the dressing room door. She just laughed and told me that I was silly and grabbed my arm to come into the room with her.

It was all I could do not to drop to my knees in front of her as she tried on the lingerie. She was such a dazzling sight in the black little number. It was a black sheer nighty and it came with black sheer thongs as well. Since you could not try underwear on (for health/safety reasons) she took off her bra and slipped the nighty on. To my surprise, and my absolute joy, she slid her hands under the nighty to the waist band of her bright pink undies and slid them down her legs.

I swear that at that moment I was so wet I felt that there was a flood between my legs. I got so horny, that I literally was about to pull her onto the floor so I could get between her legs and lap at that bare pussy. There was not a hair to be seen between her creamy thighs as she turned this way and that way. She turned back around to me, and this time I swear I saw a gleam in her eye. She spread her legs lightly and opened her pretty little mouth and asked me a question.

I was in a trance and had to shake myself out of it. She just laughed and repeated her question again.

"Do you think this is sexy? Well, by your reaction, I can tell you love it. You seem a little flushed dear, are you quite alright?" At this point she got a frown on her face, and I just smiled and assured her all was well. I told her she looked amazing and was such a sight in that number. She giggled and said that was perfect, that David would definitely love it. My heart sank a little at that.

I sigh once more as I recall those memories. They were months ago, and after that day, things started changing. Our conversations never turned to the sexual nature, and we didn’t talk much. When we talked online, it was a very bland conversation, and I never could recall what all was said. We still met up for lunch but it wasnt for long. We stopped shopping together, and I felt as if the friendship was slipping away. I remember though once when the conversation turned to sex, she seemed adament in conveying to me her sexuality and how straight she was.

By this time, I was once again in a relationship (who is now my fiancee), and had told him that I was bi. He had no problems, and in fact encouraged my fantasies of being with another female. I never could bring myself to actually go out and find another girl, even though I had his semi-permission. He had made rules, and they weren’t that bad. If I did find someone, he wanted to meet them, and if he approved he was to be in the room while I was with her.

It seemed simple to me, though I would have rathered him NOT be in the room, I didn’t want to be on display and giving him "a show" if you will. That and I didn’t want him to see another female naked, selfish right? Meh, it was thoughts always in my head. Over time, I just let sleeping dogs sleep, and never went out our brought up me being with another woman.

Anyways, I'm going to skip ahead a bit and hope you’re able to keep up. This is the best way to get my story across without losing your interest and not making this go on forever and ever. I had it on good authority from a close friend that Ashley was spreading a vicious rumor about me. I was shocked that I was being told that people were hearing about how I came onto her numerous times, and how once we got drunk (which I have never done as I don’t drink) and was feeling her up, and how I started trying to make out with her and slide my hand between her legs.
What shocked me more though was she was also spreading rumors that I had told her stories of me with other women and how I went into great detail, and that I sounded more lesbian than anything. It just infuriated me.

I called her up this morning, and basically cursed her out. She admitted everything, about how she started the rumors. But she never told me why, when I had calmed down enough to form a thought, I asked her why. That bitch just laughed at me over the phone. Calling me a pathetic loser and she was only friends with me out of pity. My heart sunk once I got off the phone with her; well I actually slammed the phone down, ending the conversation.

I sat on the couch and started bawling, to which my fiancée walked in. He was concerned and asked me what was wrong. I just blabbered the whole situation, and I could see his concern turn to anger then to rage at what she'd done. He said some nasty things, to which made me want to cover my ears.

As afternoon turned to night, we went upstairs and crawled into bed. I was on my side facing away from him and was snuggled up close to him. He slid his arm from my hip to my tummy, and surprised me by sliding his hand beneath my pajama shorts, to touch my bare pussy. He just chuckled as once again, I had gone without underwear to bed. I moaned out loud and asked him what he was doing.

He just turned me onto my back and went to get between my legs. His hands slid up from my ankles to my calves and up my thighs to the waistband of my shorts; to which he quickly slide down my legs and threw onto the floor. As he gazed upon my bare pussy, I started getting turned on, and could feel my juices start to flow out of me to trickle down onto the bed.

He licked his lips and bent down to slide his tongue up my lips, which made me groan and raise my hips. He placed one hand on my hip to hold me in place as he placed two fingers at the entrance of my pussy, and slowly slide them in. He then leaned down again to slide his tongue between my lips; effectively lapping at me, and each time sliding his tongue against my clit.

It only caused me to moan louder and start to squirm as I slid my hands up my shirt to fondle my breasts and roll and twist my nipples between my fingers. I was on fire, and I begged for more. I was frantic begging for him to suck on my clit. He seemed intent on drawing out my orgasm and didn't respond to my pleas. It slowly started to feel as if I was coming to the precipice and about to have an intense orgasm.

He started twisting his fingers as he slid them in and out of my tight dripping pussy, and then, only then did he start sucking away at my clit. He took me by surprise and it all came to a head and I erupted. I moaned out really loud, and he looked up at me to see my eyes closed in ecstasy and my head thrown back. He liked to see me as I came down from an orgasm. He says it’s the most beautiful thing in the world to witness.

He slid his fingers out of me and slid them into his mouth to clean my juices and such off his fingers. He made a moan of approval and slid down on the bed beside me. I looked at him questioningly and asked doesn’t he want to continue? He chuckled and shook his head. He kissed me sweetly on the lips, to which I could taste myself, and told me that he only wanted to pleasure me tonight.

"But I can feel your cock straining to get free from your pants," I said. He smiled and said he'll be fine so I just curled up against him as he drifted off to sleep. Try as I might, I couldn’t fall asleep so quickly. Even after that intense orgasm, which always ensured I drift off quickly. My head still was swirling around with the things that all went down today, and I started getting angry once more.

Suddenly my thoughts turned erotic. Which surprised me, but I didn’t mind so much. It’s been awhile since I've thought of her that way. But this time, its different. I was seducing her. I was making her pay for the lies she spread. Making her regret ever doing that. Turning her into the skankiest lesbian around. Using her and laughing in her face when it came to light what she really was. And with that thought, I started drifting off to sleep with a smirk on my face.

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