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I Can't Have Sex Even In My Dreams - Chapter 2

Please read the first chapter of the series before reading chapter 2
Special thank Nazhinaz for the support, advice and contribution to the story.

Chapter 2:

Two days later was the weekend. Mandy got up early and peered through her curtains. There was no sign of the neighbor sexy boy. He probably slept late on the weekends. She thought of the past few days and sighed. Since the day she laid her eyes on him, she was no longer the same. She kept thinking of him, wanting him so bad. She remembered having nearly walked to his house while returning from work and returned just in time. Every morning, she would masturbate thinking of him and imagining the things he would do to her. She was always day dreaming and it was so bad that she nearly got into trouble with the boss a few times. She was frustrated. Part of her wanted to run to his house and seduce him but she could never muster enough courage to go and introduce herself and welcome him into her neighborhood.

“Not that he needs it”, she muttered to herself as she remembered seeing her neighbor who lived across from her place going to see the new guy. Clarissa Blooming was her bitchy neighbor. She had a model’s looks, a fantastic figure and was an aspiring actress who had so far appeared in some commercials and a soap opera.

“Perfect looks but no brains”, Mandy would always think whenever she saw Clarissa. She was always tempted to slap her at times because of her attitude. Mandy cringed as she remembered how Clarissa embarrassed her in the presence of the guests when invited to Paul and Laura Darcy’s wedding anniversary party. Unfortunately, Mandy and Clarissa had both worn the same dress by coincidence.

Clarissa had walked over to Mandy and almost yelled aloud, “My god! Mandy! You look like a pumpkin in this dress!” Mandy blushed and managed to smile and pretend not to have been bothered by her comments but it was only been the beginning of Clarissa’s slurring. She threw some beer on Mandy’s dress as if by accident and the Mandy was compelled to go back home and change. And when she walked back, Clarissa faked an apology and commented on her cheap looking dress forcing Mandy to leave the party, giving an excuse about needing to go to work early the next day.

“She’s right though”, Mandy thought as she stared at herself in the full-length mirror, “I’m a pumpkin”. She glanced at the clock and decided it was time to go to the park. Mandy loved to go cycling in the nearby park. It was better than going to the packed gym in town to watch all the skinny models working out and feeling she just did not belong there. To make things worse, the gym instructors would always be checking out the gorgeous babes and she could feel embarrassed about her own figure. She dressed up, pulling on her tracksuit and her sneakers and pulled her hair in a ponytail.

She climbed down the stairs and grabbed her iPod, a bottle of water and her keys. She walked out of the house and locked the door. She was about to make her way to the tiny shred in the back of the garden when she saw Clarissa walking out of Mr. Hot Neighbor’s house with a huge smile on her face. She clenched her fists and saw Clarissa leaving the neighbor’s garden walking over to her way. She forced a smile on her face as Clarissa reached and they greeted each other.

“Hello Mandy!” Clarissa exclaimed in a fake cheerful tone, “Oh! You put on a few pounds”

Mandy greeted her back, trying to ignore her comment.

“Did you meet Matteo?” she asked in her usual irritating voice.

“Who is Matteo?” Mandy asked, guessing that it was her new neighbor’s name.

“He’s the new neighbor!” Clarissa announced, “He’s so hot”

Mandy nodded and listened as Clarissa started to fill her in about him and finally left. She walked to the shred and grabbed her bicycle. She fastened her helmet and got her bicycle and cycled towards the park slowly, careful about the cars driving past her.

As she rode, she thought about what Clarissa said. Matteo was in his early thirties, very athletic, worked as a lawyer at another law firm which was a rival firm to where she worked. He was quite wealthy and Clarissa has been fucking him since they met. Mandy fumed and started to cycle a little faster. She was jealous of Clarissa. “Of all men on earth, why did you have to pick Matteo?” she muttered as she arrived at the park. She glanced at her watch and started to cycle on the track, overtaking a group of joggers who waved as she passed them.

A little later, Mandy was growing tired as she was sweating from all her physical efforts. She still had to go some more before she would finish for the day. Her mind was once again full of images of muscular Matteo and fantasizing about him. She looked up and her jaw dropped. There he was, jogging in the opposite direction, wearing his jogging shorts and tennis shoes. He had no shirt on and Mandy admired him, forgetting she was cycling. She felt as if everything had gone into slow motion. Matteo was approaching her and she eyed his body in amazement. She did not notice a huge stone on the track a few feet ahead and cycled straight on. She suddenly saw it and turned in order to avoid it but cycling as fast as she was, screamed as she lost control of the bike and was heading towards Matteo. He saw her and tried to steady her but it was too late. She screamed as she crashed on the ground with the bike over her and was disorientated. Her eyes were closed as she winced in pain. She heard a voice calling out to her.

She felt as if everything had gone into slow motion. Matteo was approaching her and she eyed his body in amazement. She did not notice a huge stone on the track a few feet ahead and cycled straight on. She suddenly saw it and turned in order to avoid it but cycling as fast as she was, screamed as she lost control of the bike and was heading towards Matteo. He saw her and tried to steady her but it was too late. She screamed as she crashed on the ground with the bike over her and was disorientated. Her eyes were closed as she winced in pain. She heard a voice calling out to her.

“Are you okay?”

“Ye.. yeah I believe”, she replied, trying to move the bike.

She looked up and saw Matteo grabbing the bike and moving it away. He kneeled down and his face was only inches from hers. He smiled at her as she tried not to blush, realizing how close he was to her. This was such an embarrassing situation. She must be looking awful. She saw a few bruises and scratches at her arms. She glanced down, cursing under her breath as she saw that her pants too were torn around her left knee. She noticed Matteo giving her a worried look as he eyed her thoroughly. She blushed again. She could feel beads of sweats running down his face and chest and falling over her. She could smell his musky scent and was lost in his eyes. She could feel her desire aching for him, even in that embarrassing situation. Feeling him so close to her as she glanced at his lips, she could only think of her need for him, how much she wanted him right now.

“Hey!” he exclaimed, “You live in the house next to mine!”

She blinked suddenly as she got back to reality, realizing she was in a crowded park and felt totally silly. He extended his hand to her and helped her onto the feet. She was feeling butterflies in her tummy. She turned to grab her bicycle, trying to compose herself as she noticed that some people have gathered around them and were looking at her curiously as he introduced himself.

“I’m Matteo Copani”

“Man.. Maan… Mandy Smith” she stammered as she shook his hand.

He grinned as she blushed again, totally embarrassed. She just wanted to hide somewhere as she wondered if she should jump into a bush and hide.

“Are you alright?” he asked and she nodded.

He took her bike and started to push it as she followed. They walked back to the track having small chat. She found out that he had moved to the town due to his job and was still trying to find his way in the city.

“Do you want to ride again now?” Matteo asked as they arrived backed on track.

“I’m just going to walk back home”, she replied.

“I’ll push it for you”, he said.

“Ohh! You don’t have to”, she protested, “I can…”

“I am finished here and I’m not sure if I will find my way back home”, he said smiling flirtingly. Mandy too smiled as they started walking together.

They reached their homes and he asked if she would be able to manage. She assured him that she was fine but he insisted on taking her bike to her shred. She thanked and asked him if he can join her for a drink but he declined politely. She smiled and made her way to her door when she heard him.

“Would you join me for dinner tonight?”

She blinked, wondering if she heard him right. She stopped and turned around. He was still waiting for her answer as she difficult to respond.

“Well…I…errr….” She stammered again, blushing, hoping he is not noticing.

“Oh, I’m so sorry”, he said a little disappointed, “You probably have someone in your life already”

He started to walk away as Mandy cursed under her breath, realizing that she was missing her chance. She suddenly got to her senses and spoke aloud, hoping it was not too late, “Sure! Dinner would be great!”

“Wonderful”, he said, “Do you have anything against lasagna?”

She shook her head to say no and he smiled at her and lowered his voice a little, “Great! Because it is the only thing I cook right! I’ll see you around 8 in the evening?”

She nodded, her heart beating faster. She could feel herself a little nervous. He waved at her and left and she stared until he got inside his house. She could not believe. He invited her for dinner. She ran to her house, rushing to her bathroom as fast as she could.

She turned away and walked to her bathroom. The water was at the right temperature, she stepped in, humming as she felt the water spraying all over her body, ignoring the little stings as the water hit her tiny bruises.

After a while, she turned herself so that the water was spraying over her shoulders and her back as she relaxed. She closed her eyes and wondered how it would be like if Matteo would step in the shower right besides her. She smiled and allowed her imagination to wander further. She cupped her breasts in her hands, feeling their fullness. She squeezed them gently and pushed them upwards together letting out a moan. She could feel tingle as she repeated that for a while as water kept showing upon her body. One of her hands left her cleavage and slid down her body, running over her smooth skin. Her fingers ran lightly over her tummy and her hand pinched her nipple, feeling it hardening almost immediately. She visualized those were Matteo’s hands and that he was right behind her, his lips kissing her neck and his body pressed against hers. She felt shaky as her sexual urge grew stronger. She bit her bottom lip as she parted her legs a little, still standing, she ran her fingers over her slit teasing herself. She moaned and opened her pussy lips with her fingers fantasizing it were Matteo’s. She started rubbing her clit pinching it lightly as she whimpered. She felt so hot. She started rubbing her clit harder and in circles imagining that Matteo’s fingers are at work. She felt getting damp and pushed a finger inside her pussy still feeling that of his, gasping as she started feeling her pussy muscles tightening. Her legs were shaking by now. She could hardly move away from showerhead and leaned against the wall to support herself. She moved her finger in and out of her pussy, rotating her hips. She moaned out loudly, her voice echoing in the bathroom as she started to fuck herself faster. She believed Matteo’s one strong arm holding her as with other pleasuring her with his fingers. She remembered his scent and his sweaty face and those amazing blue eyes that made her heart beat faster. She cried out his name. She could feel herself getting closer to her orgasm. She added another finger in her pussy. Her whole body was shaking as she pushed her fingers in as deep as she could and felt her walls tightening around them. She felt as if she had Matteo’s hard cock inside her, fucking her as hard and fast as possible.

“Ooooh!” she called out loud as she continued to finger fuck herself faster, “Ohhh yes! Ohhh”

She let out a scream as she felt a huge orgasm. She could stand no more. She could feel her juices running down her legs. She was panting as she slid off the wall half lying on the floor. She has had another fantastic orgasm, better than the one she had the day she first laid her eyes on Matteo Copani.

She soon caught her breath and managed to stand up, still shaking from her orgasm. She let the water run freely over her body, cleaning up and wondered how if she would be able to behave normally with Matteo tonight.

Soon, she was out of the shower, drying herself and walked to her bedroom. She dug into her closet, pulling on her favorite T-shirt and shorts and decided to tell Jenny about her meeting with her neighbor. Jenny has been inquiring about him since the first day as well and had been encouraging Mandy to meet him.


“Jen! He asked me out! Oh my god! I don’t know what to wear! He invited…”

“Woaaa! Whaaat! Mandy! Slow down!” Jenny yelled interrupting her, “You’re nuts honey!”

After taking a deep breath, Mandy filled Jenny with the recent happenings and Jenny made fun of her at first, laughing at the accident and then getting all serious.

“I don’t know what to wear Jen!” Mandy complained.

“Do you know where he’s taking you?”, she asked.

“He’s cooking”, she replied.

“Okay, at his place”, she stated, “you need something simple and sexy, but don’t overdo or it may mess up things and give him a wrong impression”

“Damn you Jen!”, Mandy mumbled, “That is worst than my granny’s riddles!”

She heard Jen sighing and then she finally heard her speaking, “wear a sundress or whatever and some light makeup”

Mandy agreed and Jenny wished her good luck on her first ever date before hanging. She glanced at her clock and sighted as she realized that she had a long time to wait till dinner. Remembering her silly encounter with Matteo, she told herself that she needed to remain calm and compose herself or she was going to make a fool out of herself.

“How am I going to handle all this?” she whispered to herself as she looked through the window and had a glimpse of Matteo’s house.

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