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I Can't Have Sex Even In My Dreams - Chapter 3

I need to thank Nazhinaz for his help and advice for the series.
This is the final Chapter of the mini series and I hope you will enjoy it. Please read chapter 1 & 2 before this chapter.

To everyone who encouraged me with their comments, Messages and pop-in texts, Thank-you so much, it means a lot to me.

Chapter 3

Mandy looked at the watch and realizing it was nearly the appointed time. She walked to her closet and pulled out a summer dress she had purchased some weeks ago. She loved how it looked on her. It was a grey dress with little white flowery motifs and small thin straps. It ended just a few inches above her knees. There was nothing glamorous about the dress and she felt it was perfect for tonight. She was glad that it did not need any ironing. She then looked for a pair of shoes to match her dress and opted for her favorite casual white stilettos which would make her look taller. She pulled the dress on and walked to her dresser and started to apply some makeup carefully, making sure to keep it light and simple. She could see her eyes shining with excitement and she was feeling happy as well as anxious and excited for the night. She hoped Matteo would like her look. She decided to leave her long brown hair down. She sat down for a few moments, reassuring herself that she would not panic at any moment and speak instead of stammering as she did earlier today. She blushed as she remembered the humiliating accident. She could hear Jenny’s voice ringing in her mind. “Relax and enjoy yourself sweetheart”, she had said, “he obviously likes you. I mean you must have looked awful with dirt all over you and god knows what else but he still invited you for dinner”

Mandy noticed that it was finally 8 pm and looked at herself one last time after putting her shoes on and walked out of her house, making sure to lock the door. She glanced around the neighborhood and once she was sure no one was around, she hid her keys behind one of the potted plants and walked nervously to Matteo’s house.

“Relax, relax, relax”, she kept telling herself as she reached his garden and slipped inside, making her way to the front door. She pressed the doorbell and waited as she felt her heart beating faster. Matteo opened the door and smiled at her.

“Hey”, he whispered as he looked at her from head to toe, “you look wonderful”

“Thank-you”, she replied and stepped in the house as he held her hand to lead her in.

“Don’t mind the mess”, he apologized as he led her to the living room, “I’m still working on it”

She smiled and assured him that it was fine. He excused himself and told her to make herself at home. She assumed he was going to the kitchen. She looked around, noticing boxes in a corner of the room. A few items were out and she noticed a picture set just above his fireplace. She walked towards it and studied it closely. It seemed to be a family picture. She could see some adults and a few kids but could not spot Matteo. She figured it was a childhood photograph.

“Can you identify me in there?” Matteo asked suddenly, making Mandy jump as she did not realize he was back.

“No idea”, she replied, now aware of how close he was standing.

He pointed to a small child in the picture that was holding s small puppy.

“You were cute”, she said softly, smiling at him.

“And now I’m not?” he asked, pretending to look offended.

She laughed at his expression and said, “Well you’re cute now as well but not as much as when you were a kid”

He grinned at her and she smiled back, feeling more at ease with him.

“Come on”, he said as he turned away to lead the way to his backyard, “the weather is nice and I thought it would be great to have dinner outside”

“Wow”, she whispered, staring around in amazement, “that looks lovely”

He had set a table under the small kiosk in the garden, had lit some candles and dimmed the lights. It seemed so sweet and romantic to Mandy.

“I’m surprised you did not see it from your place”, he said as he stared at her.

“Whaa…what do you mean?” she asked, suddenly worried.

“I saw you looking at me from your window”, he replied, amused as he saw her blushing.

“I…err…”, she stammered cursing at herself, not knowing what to say, as she remembered how she has been watching him since the first day she had laid her eyes on him and the effect he had on her.

He suddenly started to laugh, “Relax, I just noticed you when I moved in and you were pulling the curtains of one of the rooms at your place”.

She forced a small smile on her face but her heart was beating fast and she was felt a little embarrassed.

“What did you think I meant?” he asked as he noticed the expression on her face.

“Nothing”, she replied quietly, unable to meet his gaze.

He walked into the kiosk and pulled back a chair and motioned for her to sit. After serving her some wine, he told her he was going to the kitchen and would be back soon. Mandy took a deep breath as she watched him making his way in. She was already wondering if he knew that she had been watching him since days and what she had been doing to herself since that first day.

He was back soon, carrying a lasagna bowl and set it on the table. He took her plate and served her a big slice but she stopped him, “This is too much!”

“Are you kidding me?” he asked staring at her seriously.

“I can’t eat that much”, she argued, “I’m going to turn as huge as an elephant and burst like an overblown balloon”

He laughed and assured her, “You will not”, as he set down the plate in front of her, “Mandy, you’re beautiful and perfect as you are”

She looked up at him, staring in his eyes and she saw how intensely he was watching her. Was he telling this to her to be nice or was he being honest? She was not sure but she wanted to believe that he was not lying.

He changed the conversation immediately, telling her about his childhood as they ate. Mandy soon forgot her embarrassment and was enjoying, lost in his talks. She told him about her own childhood and after a while, she was comfortable with him. He seemed to be appreciating her company as well.

Soon dinner was over and after helping him with the dishes; they were in the backyard again, sitting on the garden swing.

Matteo suddenly spoke, “and how come you do not have a boyfriend or partner?”

“No one ever asked me out”, she replied with a small smile, “I guess I do not have the criteria of the perfect girlfriend”

“That is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard”, Matteo commented, looking amused.

“Well that’s the truth. I never had a boyfriend or even a fling”, she responded with a shrug.

He laughed and took her hand into his’ patting and squeezing it gently as she looked away. She felt him move a little closer and he said, “To me you’re perfect.”

She turned to face him, wondering if he was making fun of her. He gave her that sexy smile of his again and brought her hand to his lips and kissed it gently, sending a shiver through her body. He pulled her close to him and ran his fingers through her long hairs and muttered to her, “Mandy, you’re an amazing girl”.

Mandy blushed and he pulled her hair away from her face with a hand. He ran his fingers against her cheeks and she closed her eyes. He kissed her gently, and after a moment of hesitation, she responded. He slipped his arms around her, pulling her against him and deepened the kiss, pushing his tongue into her mouth. Mandy was over the moon. It was her first kiss and she loved every second of it.

She suddenly felt his hand on her leg, just a few inches from the hem of her dress as they continued to kiss. His hand was moving up her tight, making her feel hitherto unknown yet exciting sensations.

“I bet Clarissa feels that too”, she thought, then opened her eyes and pulled away, realizing that Matteo was not single. She felt his grip tightening around her as she tried to get up.

“Oh shit! I can’t do this!” she told herself, “he’s with Clarissa. I’m nothing to him!”

“What’s wrong?” Matteo asked her, looking concerned.

“I can’t do this. I’m not a bitch”, Mandy whispered.

“Mandy? What happened?” he asked, confused.

“I don’t fuck other people’s guys”, she replied.

“What the hell are you talking about?” he asked her.

“Clarissa Blooming”, she stated, “I know you are together”

He laughed and now she was the confused person. Something was definitely funny but she could not make it out.

“I have nothing to do with Clarissa”, he said, “she came by a few times but she’s not my type and she gave up”

Mandy realized that Clarissa had fooled her. He kissed her again, still holding her firmly so she could not move. After a few moments, he drew his head away and looked into her eyes.

“I don’t need women like Clarissa”, he whispered to her with a smile, “I like you Mandy”

Mandy could not believe her ears. She was probably dreaming and would fall out of bed anytime. He relaxed his grip on her and kissed her gently, as one of his hands wandered over her back. Mandy was not resisting him. As his kisses became more demanding, Mandy could feel her desire growing. He had moved his lips to her neck and was kissing at her sensitive spot and Mandy let out a moan. One of his hands had moved to her thigh and was caressing her soft skin, creeping its way up slowly. Mandy was not yet realizing what was really happening as she was lost in the new sensations Matteo was giving her.

Matteo got up and without warning, picked Mandy in his arms and carried her inside the house, kissing her all the way inside. Mandy realized that he wanted her as much as she. He had her in his arms and climbed the stairs soon reaching his bedroom. He let Mandy down and faced her, both of them standing.

“You can say no if you do not want this sweetheart”, he told her reassuringly as he ran his fingers against her cheek.

Mandy looked at him, a little hesitant but uttered, “I want it”

He smiled and pulled her against him. He found the zipper of her dress and slid it down and pushed the straps off, leaving her in a black strapless bra and matching black panties. Mandy was feeling self-conscious and looked down, afraid that he would not want her anymore. He seemed to have sensed this and put his hand under her chin and forced her to look at him.

“You’re the most beautiful person on earth for me, Mandy Smith”, he whispered to her.

He maneuvered her till they were both facing a mirror. Mandy blushed at the reflection. She was standing with Matteo just behind her. He was fully dressed while she was nearly naked. His hands were on her hips and he was holding her tight against him. He somehow managed to unclasp her bra, making Mandy blush again for the hundredth time tonight. He started to push her panties down her legs and she stepped out of them.

She was now fully naked and gasped at her reflection as he pushed her hair away and kissed her neck again. One of his hands was holding her against his body while the other one was exploring her. Mandy closed her eyes as he cupped her breasts and started to squeeze them gently.

“Open your eyes, Mandy”, he said in a deep voice, “look in the mirror, and see how beautiful and sexy you are”

Mandy opened her eyes and bit her bottom lip as she stared at the reflection. It was the hottest scene she could have imagined. Matteo was running his hands over her whole body. From the look on his face, she knew that he really wanted her. Matteo’s thumbs and first fingers were pinching her nipples and she felt them hardened. His hand left her breasts and was now sliding down her body. He was now just above her pussy and Mandy parted her legs a little, following her instinct. Matteo’s fingers were now grazing against Mandy’s slit which was wet with anticipation. The young woman took in a sharp breath and started to shake as she felt the intense sensations within herself. She leaned against Matteo as he started to tease her by working on her clit, drawing small circles over it with his fingers, causing her to let out moaning loud. She pushed her body back and whimpered as she felt Matteo’s hard on rubbing against the crack of her ass. She heard him groan in her ear as he pushed a finger into her pussy. She gasped realizing how different it felt to have someone else’s finger inside her. She moaned still louder as he added another finger into her and wiggled them inside her expertly. Mandy could feel her legs shaking so much that she thought she would fall if Matteo was not holding her.

She could feel herself getting closer and moaned out loudly. Matteo too could no longer bear it anymore and pulled his fingers away and chuckled as he heard Mandy cry in protest, left unsatisfied. He waited for her to catch her breath and released her from his strong grip. Mandy was looking at him, her face flushed and her eyes now reflected a strong desire. He motioned for her to sit on the bed and undressed himself quickly. He stood in front of her fully naked and she bit her bottom lip as she watched him with his hard cock directed to her. She felt her heart pounding so fast in her chest.

“Touch me”, he told her as he brought her hand towards his manhood.

Mandy looked at him hesitantly and wrapped her hand over his cock. She was amazed by the size of it and squeezed it gently. She looked up at him as she started to move her fingers over his hard cock. He grunted and nodded letting her know that she was doing the job as he desired. Feeling more confident, she started to explore his cock better with her both hands, fondling his balls as well.

It was for the first time that she was enjoying a hard cock in her hands. She bent over to lick the tip and instinctively took it into her mouth and started swirling it with her tongue till Matteo could take it no more.

He very softly pulled Mandy away from his cock. He kissed her passionately and took her with him moving to the pillows. He placed his lips down to her neck while he lovingly squeezed her boobs again. Mandy closed her eyes, her body shaking with the touch of Matteo. She felt that Matteo knew exactly where to touch her to ignite a fire within her as he descended down her body. She started shivering as she felt his tongue entering her pussy and she moaned so loud, wondering if the neighbors would hear her. He licked her pussy and her clit as she convulsed, shivered, trembled as she cum all over his face. He kept lapping her pussy, slurping all the juices she was oozing. She squeezed his head between her already wet thighs as she came.

“You’re ready for me Mandy?” he asked her in a whisper as he finger fucked her slowly to continue teasing her, “Tell me when you want me”

Mandy moaned, panting as she withered in bed still breathing hard as she was coming out from the trance . She met his gaze and spoke, “I…ohh..I want you so…oooh… much Mat…Matteo.”

He pulled his finger out and brought it to her lips and asked “Suck the finger Mandy. Taste yourself.”

Mandy parted her lips and licked his finger, never taking her eyes off his face as she did so. Matteo groaned as he watched her. That looked so sexy and he needed to be inside her pussy now. He could no longer wait.

He parted her legs wider and slowly guided his manhood into her pussy. He noticed the slight fear in Mandy eyes and kissed her passionately. Knowing that it was her first time, he had to be gentle. Her reactions from his touch earlier had told him that she probably played with herself. He rubbed his cock over her clit and her pussy lips for a few minutes, teasing her more and more. He saw her pussy oozing still more juices, wet and ready for him. She was moaning so loud already. He started to push his hard cock insider her. Mandy dug her fingers into the bed sheets and let out a sob as she felt his cockhead entering her pussy. It was her first cock and he was so big. As his cock pierced her hymen, she cried out and bit over Matteo’s shoulder without realizing it. He keenly observed her face as he buried his cock deep into her. He stopped moving as he bottomed in, waiting for her to get comfortable to him.

Mandy started to move her hips and Matteo groaned. He started to pump, drawing out little moans from her. Mandy was amazed at the feeling, although she felt the pain at first but soon it had evaporated and she was now enjoying his big fat long cock moving in and out into her pussy. Matteo was driving her crazy and she desired him to fuck her faster now. She wrapped her legs around his waist, thus locking him inside her. She kissed his lips biting his bottom lip and whispered into his ear to fuck her faster and harder. He obliged. He started to ramp his cock into her with greater speed. Mandy was panting and moaning out loud. She could feel herself growing closer to her orgasm again. Mandy was no longer able to control herself. Her moans were now turning into screams of pleasure. The sounds were driving Matteo to the edge and he was holding himself.

Mandy screamed out Matteo’s name as she felt her orgasm building. She started panting heavily, moving with Matteo and soon she started cumming. She convulsed once again and held him tight to herself holding him within her legs as she came. This pushed him over the edge. He pumped harder, growling as he felt Mandy’s pussy muscles tightening and squeezing over his shaft and soon, he started to cum as well, emptying his load inside her. Both of them were panting and he could not withdraw his cock from her immediately.

After some minutes, Matteo was able to compose himself and he pulled out his already limp cock from Mandy’s pussy. He turned around, pulling Mandy over him. He wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her back as they were still panting, shaking and shivering from the experience. Mandy smiled at him, her face glowing. She seemed relaxed and happy. Matteo ran his fingers through her long hair.

“That was amazing”, she whispered to him as she rested her head on his chest.

“It was”, he agreed, “In fact, that was the best night in my life”

Mandy looked up and could see a smile on his face. He kissed her forehead and asked her, “I should have been asking this earlier but better late than never”

Mandy gave him a questioning look. He stared at her and asked her, “Would you like to be my girlfriend Mandy Smith?”

Mandy kissed him deeply and passionately, “I’d love to, Matteo Copani”

Mandy felt Matteo’s hands squeezing her ass cheeks. She stared at him, realizing that the night was not over yet.

“What?” he asked, smirking at her, “I’m only enjoying what is now mine”

“Shut up and kiss me”, she muttered and he obliged.

“Yes”, Mandy thought as Matteo fondled her breast, “Finally, I have someone in my life”

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