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Immune To My Beauty -- Chapter 4

A dazzling beauty takes a big step toward becoming more humble.
I'm back in the burbs of Chicago and the dread of what I need to do hits me like a garbage truck. Of the tasks Carlo has given me, the only one that I'm looking forward to is learning the dance. I do a little research online and make a list of recordings to listen to. Carlo and I must be sure to train with the same music. I call Rondell and ask if he will coach me. He doesn't know the Paso Doble, but he's at least seen it. He competes in classic and modern ballroom dancing events and because it is so much like the Tango, he jumps at the chance to learn and dance it with me. He has sources for the videos showing how such dances should be performed in competition and that is the standard I want to train to.

I realize I'm postponing the really hard tasks ahead of me, so I start the hard work. The first order of business is to suck in my pride and grovel to Candy. She won't take my phone calls, so I send her an email.

Subject: I'm Outrageously Sorry May 12, 2006
To: candylane79atXXXXXX
From: sinfullkindeeXXXXXX


As the title suggests, I am as sorry as I can be. I do hope it is sorry enough and that you can forgive me. I went to see Carlo and he explained so much that I didn't know. I can't blame you for not telling me. They must have been the worst days of your life. Carlo heard about our schism through the family grapevine and he doesn't want his cugina to be unhappy. I have some business that I need to take care of, but I would like to meet in a couple of weeks and kiss and make up. I'll buy dinner or wash your laundry or whatever punishment you see fit for being such a bitch to you. Please say that you'll give me this chance.

Regretfully yours,

Cindy Sorry-pants

Subject: RE: I'm Outrageously Sorry May 13, 2006
To: sinfullkindeeatXXXXXX

You went to Boston just to see Carlo? WTF? I'm not buying it. The Cindy-bitch I know wouldn't be seen with him unless she wore a disguise or made him wear a bag over his head. Candy

Her response hurts me deeply and also makes me mad. I thought it would be easier, but I consider that maybe I shocked her by telling her that I met with him. I decide not to pursue the other goals until I at least overcome her reluctance to see me. I'm determined to make this work. I write and then rewrite my reply three times over the next two days before I settle on what to say.

Subject: RE: I'm Outrageously Sorry May 15, 2006
To: candylane79atXXXXXX
From: sinfullkindeeXXXXXX


I apologize if I was too abrupt. I went to Boston on business. My boss who seemed to hate me so much recommended me for the trip. Maybe something good happened from the mess I've made of my life. She's not exactly friendly now, just less hostile. But, because my life has sucked snail snot since Carlo told me what he thought of me at Linda's wedding, and because I miss the best roommate I ever had, I asked for his help in fixing my mistakes. He is a treasure. I don't blame you for not trusting me, but I'm really not who I was before the trip. I think Carlo has a way of changing people. In any event, the three of us will see each other at family events in the future and he would be hurt if what he said to me was still a barrier between you and me.

Seriously Sorry Cindy

Subject: RE: I'm Outrageously Sorry May 17, 2006
To: sinfullkindeeatXXXXXX

snot! Ugh. You haven't lost your flair for the truly gross. What did he say to you? Don't give me any bullshit about not wanting to put it in an email. For his sake, I'll keep it confidential. I just can't see how anything he said could make you sincere about this. So spill it. I won't see you otherwise. Candy

Subject: RE: I'm Outrageously Sorry May 18, 2006
To: candylane79atXXXXXX
From: sinfullkindeeXXXXXX


Sorry about the snail snot comment. Maybe I should work on losing that flair. This should be proof that he has changed me. He said two things and I'm embarrassed about both of them. He said that I should apologize to you for getting mad that you never told me about the cat incident. I am so sorry for that and I do apologize. He also said that I was disrespectful for coming to my sister's wedding looking like a 'cunt on the hunt'. If you ever tell anybody else about this I will so pound you into the ground.

Honestly yours,


Subject: RE: I'm Outrageously Sorry May 19, 2006
To: sinfullkindeeatXXXXXX

'cunt on the hunt'. ROFLMFAO! You've been a dancing vagina since I first met you. Okay, Sinful. I'll meet with you. No need to do anything else. That was priceless. Oh,god, I just can't stop laughing. I'm going to congratulate Carlo for putting a crack in the cast iron bitch. How does Saturday at 1PM at my place sound. Two weeks from now. I might have exciting news. And stop saying snail snot. You're just doing it to gross me out. Candy

Subject: RE: I'm Outrageously Sorry May 19, 2006
To: candylane79atXXXXXX
From: sinfullkindeeXXXXXX


I so deserve that. I'm glad you're giving me this chance. Carlo will appreciate hearing that. 1PM sounds great.

Sinfully yours,


I resist the urge to add 'snail snot' to the last email. That should surprise her. It isn't like the old me. I'd been grossing her out since we met. In the past I never would have let her be the last one to say the words. I even made her sick once. She was already nauseous and I thought it was funny at the time, but it's not so funny now.

I send the final email on Friday, just before I start prepping for an evening of clubbing. I'm fortunate that Marcy is going somewhere else with friends, because tonight I plan on being a tongue on the hunt for a cunt. I know which clubs are likely to have beautiful younger girls, but I don't want to buy a drink for anyone under 21, so I pick one that won't let them in. I briefly reconsider my plans for the night when I see a couple of hot guys. I dance with both of them, but neither can dance worth a shit.

I set myself back on course when I see a girl who really has some moves. Her dancing reminds me of me and she looks sort of familiar. She has the additional two inches of leg length that I think would look ideal on me, if I could trade away an inch from my torso. It's not that my legs are short, I just know how extra flashy I could be with longer legs.

This girl has long black hair and blue eyes and the face of a naughty angel with a very kissable looking mouth. I'm not a lesbian, but I have been known to kiss a pretty mouth. I envy her youth and her legs and I'm pretty sure that many people would find her just as beautiful as me. I have to admit that for anybody who likes long dark hair, the scales tilt in her favor. I try to picture myself looking up at her face from down between her legs and I think I can do it. The trick now is to get the deal sealed. Fortunately for me, as I exit the stall during a bathroom break, she's at the mirror touching up her makeup. I step up beside her and pretend to touch up mine, even though it doesn't need it.

"The guys seem kinda lame here tonight. Doncha think?"

She looks at me with surprise and then agrees. "Yeah lame."

"You look kinda familiar, but I don't think I've seen you here before."

"I just turned 21 last week. I couldn't get in here before then. You might have seen me at Club XXXXXXXX. I know I've seen you there."

"That must be it. I saw you dancing. You've got some moves."

"I learned from you. You've got a rep as one of the local best."

I suddenly realize that if I don't play this right, she might ask to buy me a drink. "Well, thank you, that's so sweet." I steel myself for what comes next and take a deep breath. I turn and look directly at her and then lower my gaze to try to look a little demure. "I'm Cindy. Can I buy you a drink?"

She gasps and gets a deer-in-the-headlights look. "Is this a joke?"

"No sweetie, I think you're beautiful. I wish I had your legs and your years. I could undo some mistakes and make some other ones."

She looks a little confused by that, but then I see the glimmer of hope in her eyes. There's an unwritten rule that we don't brag to our girlfriends about our girl conquests, but if I've got the rep she says that I have, I suspect she'll break that rule. It's okay, I'm just about done with the club scene anyway.

"I know what this means, Cindy. I was just about to ask you. I'm Gina."

It figures. She certainly looks like she could be Italian. "Well I asked you first, Gina. And I know what it means, too."

"But... I don't deserve it."

"Bella Gina..." I take a deep breath and look up into her eyes, hoping she will see how much this means to me. I so want to seal this deal. "This is about me as much as it is about you. I want it to be you, but if not, it will be some other girl tonight. But, if I'm going to lick my first fica, I want it to be on the most beautiful girl and the best dancer with the prettiest legs. There is a nice quiet bar across the street. Please?"

I think my use of 'bella' and 'fica' impressed her, but 'beautiful' and 'pussy' are powerful words in any language. She senses the power I'm giving to her, the power of rejection. "On one condition, Cindy. I've admired you for so long. I must know why you've..." She pauses, obviously searching for words.

"Sunk so low?" I see that I've guessed her thinking correctly. I can't explain while standing in front of a bathroom mirror that I'm beginning not to see this the way I once would have. I try to answer as I think Carlo would. "With you, mia amiga, I do not think it is so low, but why is a story to discuss over a drink. If you do not like my reason, you can return here and I will go somewhere else and not aim so high."

As we head out the front door I turn to see my favorite bouncer, Xavier. He's always treated me like royalty. He even broke the arm of a guy who tried to drag me out of a cab when I was leaving. He's a big beefy Hispanic guy. "Harvey, mi amigo. Will you watch us safely across the street?"

He seems surprised. He knows that the only thing open there is a quiet bar that caters to gay and lesbian couples. I think we will be less likely to be hit on there. He's seen me leave with men and women before, but always into a cab. "Sure thing, Chica."

As we cross the street, Gina says, "Italiano and Español. I'm impressed."

I take her hand, sensing that I will have to be a little aggressive to overcome the puppy love that's still in her eyes. "Molto poco and poquito. Also, un peu de Français. Romance languages seem to come with dance instructors." In my head, I hear Carlo's words, 'small details', and marvel at their ability to please.

As we drink our drinks, I look into her eyes and begin my tale. "For as long as I can remember, I have been the prettiest, most beautiful of all the girls my age. I've admired beautiful older women, but always believed I would surpass them when I reached their age. Some people, the people who have power to give me what I desire have always treated me better than other girls my age. I'm pretty sure you know what this is like. I think now that it became a drug and I became an addict. I know I became a bitch, exploiting my beauty and thinking I deserved the consideration I was getting. I was hurting people I loved and did not realize it.

"Last year, I met a man who put me in my place. He was immune to my outer beauty and he gave me a glimpse of what I truly was. I hated him for his honesty, but unfortunately for me, his opinion of me soon became the only opinion I could respect. My life wasn't worth a bucket of kitty poop after that. But I've spoken with him recently and with his help, I've begun to change. So, did I sink so low? or did I just set my sights higher? I can't go back to what I once was and I don't want to.

"To go forward, I will change. It's already started, but if tonight I can pass my crown to a worthy successor I hope I can continue to break my addiction. I'll still be beautiful and I'll still use my beauty to get what I want, but with this step and a few others, I'll stop fooling myself that I deserve it and I'll be nicer to people like Xavier and everyone else, whether they admire me or not. I've learned the value of inner beauty."

"Wow! And you picked me."

"Yes, bella Gina. Can you honestly tell me that you think there was a better dancer or more beautiful woman in there tonight? I think not. You're the one. Do you live nearby?"

"Um... sure. My place is kinda trashed. I wasn't expecting company tonight."

"I'm sure it's fine. Are you ready to go?"

I hold her hand in the cab and felt her anxiety. "Relax, Gina. You have the easy part."

"It's just that... I've only done this once before. And it wasn't good for me so I didn't do anything... I've never done anything to another woman before."

"It's okay, Gina. Whatever happens, happens, I plan to make it very good for you. You won't have to do anything for me. When this night is over, my life will be better. That's enough for me."

As we step in the door of her place, I see that it is a two bedroom apartment. "You have a roommate?"

"Yes. She's spending the weekend at her boyfriend's. Um, my bed has clothes piled all over it. Gimme a minute?"

"Don't bother, Gina. I see what I want right here. A queen deserves a throne." There's a large comfy 'popcorn chair' in front of the TV. A big popcorn bowl sits beside it. Somebody likes Lawry's seasoned salt on their popcorn. I start moving stuff away and adding couch cushions to make the chair more suitable for comfortably laying back.

Gina excuses herself to go to the bathroom. I hear her peeing and then I hear the sink running. I'm guessing she's washing her crotch. I think about the many times I just let girls dig their faces between my legs, smelling and then licking me after several bathroom trips and with hours of sweat from dancing dried onto my snatch. I'm glad I'm not doing this with the old me. I finish making a nice tidy nest for her and dim the lights.

I decide that remaining fully clothed wouldn't be right. My eyes had wanted to wander over Carlo's body, but he remained respectfully clothed. Between women, I think the opposite holds true. Gina would feel vulnerable if I'm not nearly naked. Fortunately, one quick zip and my best short pink dancing dress is falling off my shoulders, leaving me in pink stockings a red garter belt, shoes and a white thong. I remove the shoes to minimize my height.

At the last minute I notice a tiara on a shelf. There's a photo of Gina behind it. Of course she was a homecoming queen during her senior year of high school. I remember that my tiara has a place of honor in my parents' home.

Gina exits the bathroom fully dressed as I stand there waiting, holding the tiara and trying to look as poised as I can manage. Small details.

"You're beautiful," she gasps.

"Thank you." Two simple words and I see how they've pleased her. I beckon her to me and she comes. With her shoes on and mine off, she stands about four inches taller than me. I place the tiara on her head and say, "I feel like I'm passing my crown to you. You probably won't see me in the clubs much anymore. I'm going to start dancing the fogey dances now."

I think I actually see a tear in her eye, but I'm not sure because there's a lump in my throat and my own eyes are kinda blurry. I place my hands on her hips and pull her to me, my eyes gazing into hers. I lean toward her for a kiss and she hesitates.

"I've never kissed a woman before, Cindy."

"I have, Gina. I'll be a little softer than the guys you've kissed. Don't worry, kissing me won't make you something you're not."

She tilts her head down to me and we kiss twice, very tentative at first, more connection with the second, and then our lips lock and her tongue presses into my mouth. I feel her body relax and her arms circle over mine to pull me against her. My naked breasts respond to the fabric of her dress. We revel for a moment in the simple human contact and then my hand finds the button at the top in the center of her back and releases it from its loop. She gasps and pushes her hips against me as I lower the zipper.

She drops her hug and I pull her dress off her shoulders and down, freeing her bare breasts. When the dress drops below her arms, she reaches behind me and pulls me to her again. Our breasts crush together and I can feel her hard nipples above mine.

I release her dress and my hands reach low behind her. Her ass feels so firm and muscular, a true dancer's ass. I squeeze her cheeks hard and a groan of pleasure escapes her. I slide the thin side straps of her black thong down, peeling the back strap from between the taut cheeks of her ass. Her tiny panties slide to the floor. I lower my face to her chest and take one hard tiny nipple into my mouth. I suck it and feel the jolt of pleasure that sends through her. I switch to the other nipple and another jolt ripples through her. My hands come up as I come back to full height. We kiss again as my hands find her nipples and her hands find mine. Our breasts are about equal in size and shape. Hers are a little smaller but match her smaller torso perfectly.

"My queen," I say, "please take your throne so that I may please you even more."

"Oh, fuck, Cindy. This is so fucking hot."

She sits in the chair I've prepared for her and I kneel on the cushion in front of it. I've covered the chair seat with a wide silk scarf that I found draped over a lamp. I suck in her dark nipples again, before putting both hands on her breasts and pushing her back onto the cushions. My hands remain on her delightful treasures.

"Are you comfy, bella Gina."

"I'm too horny to be comfy, Cindy, but I like what you did with this chair."

Ah humor, she's ready for some heat. I slide my hands down her belly and onto her thighs, then back to her knees and down to her ankles. Bringing them up the back side of her calves, I massage her muscles and then caress the hollows behind her knees. I kiss, alternating from side to side on her inner thighs until I'm so close I can feel the warmth radiating from her pussy and smell the intoxicating mixture of lavender and Gina juice.

She's seated a little farther back on the chair than I want, but when I push her legs up onto the chair's wide arms, she splays wide open. Her pussy is every bit as beautiful as the rest of her. She shaved her pubic hair into a long narrow black strip of short soft hairs. Her brownish lips are smooth and tight. I place tongue kisses side to side down her inner thighs until my nose just barely brushes her lips. She gasps sharply and then moans as she brings her hands to her nipples.

I trace a finger tip down her pubic hair and along her silky lips until it dips into the stream oozing out at the bottom of her slit. With both thumbs beside them, I part her lips and burrow into her honey pot with my eager tongue, drawing a sigh of such utter contentment from her that I know she has been wondering whether this was too good to be true. I feel as if I've leaped across a chasm that was barring my way to future fulfillment.

I look upward from my vantage point as a supposedly inferior being and she's looking down, searching my eyes for something. I grin and a beautiful smile breaks out on her face. I lick along her slit until my tongue reaches her clit and gently circles it. Her head lays back and rests contentedly on the cushions.

"Ahhh this is fantastic, Cindy."

"Mmm hmmm," I agree as I slip two fingers up and into her wet pussy. My tongue pushes a little harder as my fingers reach up and forward inside her and I start with short strokes. I gradually increase the pace with both my tongue and fingers, until, guided by her moans, I sense that she is close. Keeping my fingers going, I suck her clit and she responds with ecstatic moans. Her hips start to buck and her her back arches and I feel her orgasmic pulses squeezing my fingers.

I ease off on the pace and let her breathing return to normal, and when it seems that she's expecting me to stop, I start again, sucking her clit and jabbing it with my tongue, while my fingers thrust again and again until her chest heaves and her legs float up and shudder above me. When they float back down onto my shoulders, I ease my fingers out and swipe my tongue across her clit one last time, send a final shudder through her.

"Oh, Cindy. How the fuck did you ever learn to do that?"

"I had a good teacher and it's safe to say that I'm a very motivated student."

Gina laughs a delightful little I've-just-been-royally-fucked laugh and says, "Well I think the student became the teacher tonight. I'm going to remember this lesson for the rest of my life."

She sits up straight-backed in the chair and looks between her legs at the wet spot on the scarf. "Oops," she giggles, "I better wash that before my roomie gets back."

I stand and start looking for my clothes and she stands and hugs me. "Please don't go yet, Cindy. I want to thank you for everything you've done tonight and there's only one way I can think of to do it." She takes the tiara from her head and starts to place it on mine.

"No, Gina. I told you that wouldn't be necessary."

"Please? It may not seem like it, but I've listened to everything you've told me tonight. I've probably already become a bitch too, but I feel like I've learned how much I should change now. If I can have the memory of what you've done for me and the memory of what I want to do for you, maybe I can skip a lot of the hurting other people stuff. I want to try. I've watched you dance for three years now and I've wanted to be like you. After what you just did, I want to be even more like you. If this might be the last time I see Queen Cindy, I want tonight to be as special for you as you made it for me. She kisses me and tastes her juices from my face."

"Bella Gina..."

"Thank you. See? I've learned something from you. I never knew how important it was to recognize and show appreciation for a compliment. It took me all night, but it sunk in."

I have to admit, she has me there.

"You're sure you want this?"

She cups her hand on my wet panties and says, "Yes, Cindy. I want to lick your pussy. I want you to coach me if you will, but let me try to do it myself first. I'm a quick study."

"Well um, can I use your bathroom and a fresh wash cloth?"

I clean myself and swap my panties for the spare pair that I keep in my clutch purse. They're red, so I'm sure Gina will notice, but the damp black panties on the bathroom floor tell me she did the same thing. I resist the opportunity to wash my face. The feel of the drying Gina juice is so deliciously decadent. But I touch up my eye makeup.

I come out feeling a bit silly with her tiara on my head, but it does kind of thrill me. Gina has removed her shoes now and at her request, I've put mine back on. Now we're seeing eye to eye. It feels very noticeably different.

"My queen," she says, "may I undress you?"

I nod. The only thing that needs to come off is my clean dry red thong, but Gina makes an elaborate show of dropping to one knee and sliding it down.

She leans over and kisses my smooth mound. "Ah, a smooth shave. If only you knew how many times I and some of my girlfriends wondered about that. I'm not the only one that I know who admired you on the dance floor."

"Stop, Gina. You're embarrassing me."

"You're supposed to say 'thank you'," she giggles.

"Well, that was kind of a backhanded compliment, but yes, thank you. I don't know if you're planning on telling your girlfriends about this night, but if you do, try not to make me sound too old. I still have my vanity."

"Are you kidding me? They'll never believe this. Unless you'll let me take a photo later."

From the excited tone in her voice, I sense how much that would mean to her. "Sure, Gina. After we're dressed again."

She stands and hugs me. "Thank you, Cindy. Ahem. My queen, may I attend you on your throne."

I see that she's swapped the silk scarf for a pillow slip and I sit on it, closer to the edge. Gina kneels in front of me and begins to suck on a nipple. They've been begging for attention since she felt me up earlier and when she sucks hard on the first one, my pussy feels reignited. She sucks on the other and then I lean over and lock lips with her. She places her hands on my breasts and pushes me back into the cushions.

"Please get comfy, Queen Cindy."

"Thank you, Gina. I'm quite comfy now."

Gina surprises me by massaging both legs, something a dancer can really appreciate. Her hands also rub my belly for a bit and this feels surprisingly good. When she leans in and lands a kiss on my pussy lips, it sends a jolt of pleasure through me. I can tell that her first taste of somebody else's pussy agrees with her. I look down at her and she grins. She starts to lick and suck my clit and slides two fingers into my pussy. I'm not as tight as her, so she tries a third finger and that draws a contented sigh from me. She diligently keeps licking, sucking and fingering and with a little coaching from me, brings me to the edge.

"That's it, Gina. A little faster now." I think of Carlo as he smiled at me when he said, "Lesson complete, mio allievo.", and my orgasm hits. My hips roll and buck as Gina rides them and my hands grip the armrests. I almost call his name, but I catch myself just in time. "Grazie, Gina, grazie."

When I'm calm again, she starts again, but I quickly stop her and tell her that one is enough. We stand and she kisses me. I taste my pussy juices on her face. This is another first for me.

After we throw our dresses on, we take a few 'girls acting silly' pics. After exchanging email addresses -- she wants to be able to contact me (for advice she says, not 'dates') -- she calls a cab for me. Back in my apartment, I send an email to Carlo, with a copy of one of the photos that Gina emailed to me. She's smiling and wearing the tiara and I'm licking her cheek.

Subject: Progress May 20, 2006
Attachments: dueamici2.jpg

Ciao, mio amore,

I found this beautiful young woman who dances like a younger me. She provided an opportunity to make a humble woman out of me. :D :D ;)

Cordiali saluti,


To my surprise, I get a reply right away. He's awake and on his computer at 2 AM on a Saturday morning.

Subject: RE: Progress May 20, 2006
To: sinfullkindeeatXXXXXX
From: carlogatXXXXXXXXXXXX

Congratulazioni, mia amore,

Such a beautiful trophy for your tongue. I am very proud of you. Your faces look so radiant.

Cordiali saluti,


I almost don't want to wash the Gina juice from my face, but the makeup under it has to come off before I sleep. I thought I would end up hating the woman I humbled myself to, but I've found a new friend. That's a bit confusing to me. I feel good. It actually scares me how good I feel. I fall asleep and dream again of dancing with Carlo.

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