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Immune To My Beauty -- Chapter 5

A dazzling beauty rights her most grievous wrongs.
"What the fuck is a 'fica', Cindy, and why the hell should I let you lick mine?"

"It's Italian for pussy. Isn't that a good enough reason?"

I'd felt really good after my evening with Gina. I was pleased that it wasn't horribly humiliating. I was willingly doing it for my sake, but I was happy that she got more than just good sex from it. I think that, because she willingly accepted the role of student and gave me the role of mentor, I started looking at women differently. Maybe it's my long dormant maternal instinct kicking in. I have no desire to have children. I can't even picture myself living with a man. But I now have a desire to share myself and my life's experiences with others.

My next step is to find a woman that I previously would have considered inferior to me and, if possible, to select one I owed something to. Of course, my thoughts turned to the women who had licked my pussy to pay their respects to me as a better dancer and a more beautiful woman. The thing is, I don't really owe them anything. I wasn't nice to them, but they had no reason to expect me to be nice. It's how the game is played. I wouldn't ever treat a woman that way again, but I didn't see the point of tracking any of then down, assuming I could even remember their faces. I realize how that makes me sound, but I only have a good memory for details when I like something, and I didn't really like any of these girls.

But I did find myself looking at every woman who wasn't as beautiful as me, which is pretty darn to close to all of them, and asking myself whether I would do her. I surprised myself with how often the answer was, "Sure, if I owed her a favor." But my two weeks before my grovel date with Candy passed and I still hadn't found a candidate. I had managed to find some music for the Paso Doble, get Carlo's agreement on it, and start training with Rondell, but I began to wonder if I should broaden my definition of what warranted such a gift. Carlo did say that it would be better if I owed her something, but not that it would be mandatory.

I get to Candy's house on time and we sit facing each other and drinking coffee. After delivering my apology in person and letting her pry out everything that happened on the night of Linda's wedding, including how Brett spanked my ass while I wished he was Carlo, all she wants to talk about is my visit with Carlo in Boston. Fortunately, we seem to be getting along really well. I show her my pendant and I'm quite pleased by her envious response. I tell her about the dance we plan to do at the next Lane wedding. To avoid telling her about the bargain I made with Carlo for the dance, I bring up the fact that she said she might have some exciting news for me.

"Yes!", She squeals. "Charlie proposed to me! I haven't said yes, yet, but I'm going to when I visit him next weekend."

I congratulate her. I'm so happy for her and I show it. I tell her to catch me up on everything that's been happening. She explains that she was faithful to Charlie since their first meeting, but that when she wasn't ready to commit to marriage right away, Charlie told her she could have a month to do anything she wanted with anybody she wanted, except for him, and then if she still wasn't ready, they would go their separate ways. So basically, she had one more week to sow her wild oats.

"You mean you're available?"

"Well yeah, Cindy, but if you're thinking of hitting the clubs, I have to say that I'm really not interested in a cock hunt. The only guy I can think of is Charlie, and that's why I'm ready to commit."

"Um... I'm not thinking of a cock hunt, Candy."

Candy isn't a stranger to girl-girl sex. I know she's paid her respects before and had some respects paid to her. She gave that up and went all-guy a few years ago, because she realized she wasn't interested in perfecting her dancing and wouldn't likely become the kind of beautiful that could make her a dance scene royal. I couldn't think of any women who fit the description of the woman I was looking for better than she did. I'd been mean to her many times and she had just taken it from me, when I know she wouldn't have taken the crap that I gave her from anybody else. I owe her.

She's fresh out of the shower and wearing a long bathrobe and keeping her goods covered, a remnant of the strain in our relationship. She's more of her own person now than I think she's ever been. Living alone has done something to her. Her hair is almost dry and it's more unkempt than I have ever seen it. She's wearing no makeup and doesn't seem the least bit self-conscious about it. It's a bold statement from her and I find myself sexually moved by it. By that I mean I want to jump her bones but I feel a little intimidated as well. I decide to be direct.

"Please, Candy, may I lick your fica?"

That is how I come to be teaching my favorite sister a poco of Italiano.

"What the fuck is a fica, Cindy, and why the hell should I let you lick mine?"

"It's Italian for pussy. Isn't that a good enough reason?"

Candy gets that deer-in-the-headlights look and her jaw drops. "I uh... uh..."

"Please, Candy. It would mean a lot to me. I owe you so many apologies for things I've done over the years and I think this would be good for both of us."

She seems to recover some poise and she gets an odd little smirk on her face. "Who are you and what have you done with my favorite sister?"

"I'm me dammit, Candace Marie Lane. I'm on my way to becoming the new and improved Cynthia Alice Sawyer. I told you that Carlo has a way of changing people."

"Cindeeeeee, did you fuck my favorite cugino?"

"No," I sadly admit. "He even turned down a blowjob from me."

She laughs. "That must have hurt."

"A little, but considering that he had just taught me how to lick a woman like a woman should be licked -- by demonstrating on me -- I wasn't too upset."

"Oh... My... God! You are so lucky that he's not your blood cousin. Well if Carlo taught you, I've just GOT to experience this." I see the wheels grinding in her head and I suddenly dread what might come next. "But I've got some conditions."

"Oh, no. What are they?"

"I will need 'something borrowed' for my wedding. Your pendant will look beautiful with my wedding dress. I'll make sure of it."

"Easily done. I'll explain it to Carlo."

"You and Carlo will dance your dance just before we leave, not after. That would be the best wedding present you could give me."

I'm delighted. "Okay, if Carlo agrees. I think he'll be honored. Anything else?"

She suddenly seems uncertain. "This is not a condition, Cindy. This is a request. Will you be my Maid of Honor?"

"Oh, Candy. Thank you. I will. And I promise, I won't even get all bitchy about the bridesmaid's dresses. I promise I will do my best to make it your special day."

She stands then and I leap up to hug her. We kiss and it turns into a very sensual kiss. I feel the rise and fall of her breath and feel her tears on my cheek. I cry, too. I slip my hand between us and untie the belt of her robe. I push the thin cotton robe off her shoulders and step back. Her hands drop and the robe slides to the floor. I take in the sight of her and it lights a fire in my cunt. She looks radiant. I'm familiar with her body from years of living with her, but she's different now. She's let her curves become a little more pronounced and I sense the Lane baby factory gearing up for production. It looks good on her. She's also let her pubic hair grow and I never realized how wild and wooly it could be.

"Wow! It looks like I'll be earning my bush pilot wings today."

She giggles. "Charlie likes me this way. I'll trim for swimsuit season, but that will be after his next visit. You don't, mind?"

"Of course not. You look positively beautiful, Candy."

"Thank you. Now it's my turn. Strip, nice and slow."

As she sits back on her sofa, I say, "Yes, Ma'am." I think we're both surprised at how natural that sounded and we both giggle nervously.

"Charlie has been encouraging me to be a little more... demanding."

"It sounds like a little more commanding to me. Carlo encouraged me to be a little more... accommodating." Sensing an opportunity, I add, "Would you like to practice on me?"

Her smile is her answer. "Wait." She jumps up and rushes to her entertainment center. She pops a CD into the player and I hear a surprisingly slow put primal beat start. I know this song. It normally starts out fast and becomes more frantic as it plays for about 5 minutes. At this pace, it will easily run for twice that long. I wonder where she got this version.

"Now begin."

"Yes, Ma'am."

I match my body to the pace of the music and begin a slow strip tease. We used to practice stripping in front of each other, and that lead to some of the moves I use when dancing. I don't have a pole to dance with, but I spontaneously invent creative uses for a dining chair as I slowly remove my clothing and undulate in front of her. One of her hands begins to slowly tease a nipple and her other slips down into her bush while she watches.

The pace slowly increases and I keep up. By the end of the song, I'm completely naked and sitting on the chair, grinding against my pussy with my hand and blatantly squeezing a nipple with the other. The music stops and Candy says, "Now, taste your fingers."

"Yes, Ma'am." I know that I blush, but I raise my hand straight up with the back side facing her. I lick up from my wrist, across my palm, and slip my tongue between the two slick fingers that came from my pussy, spreading them like legs and licking my honey from between them. I keep my eyes on hers and see the effect, a look of pure desire.

"On the floor and on your back", she commands, as she rises from the sofa.

I lie on the large rug and she steps above me, facing toward my feet. I watch as her furry pussy approaches until she's kneeling and lets it hover just above my mouth. She runs a hand down my inner thigh and begins to rub my pussy. Lowering herself the final inches, she says, "You may lick my fica."

My tongue parts her slit and her sweet syrup runs onto it.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm. I've wanted this for so long," she purrs.

I see a small butt plug between her cheeks and it surprises me. Another unexpected revelation about this woman that I thought I knew. I circle her clit as she teases mine with her fingers. She begins a gentle grind against my face and I like it. My tongue almost touches the plug several times as she smears her wetness from chin to hairline and ear to ear, but she mostly keeps me focused on her clit. She's oozing her juices into me steadily and I swallow whatever doesn't end up coating my face or her thighs.

Her pace speeds up and she grinds a little harder and starts to moan. I've heard her through the wall with lovers in the past, but she's never sounded so hot. My pussy screams for more from her, but she's holding back, focusing on her pleasure. Her orgasm comes with shudders and gasps and a long series of sweeps of her hard clit across my tongue and chin. This isn't the licking I had planned for her, but the intensity of the pleasure she is taking from my face is something I would never deny her.

Her shudders diminish and finally end and she raises her pussy away from me. "Stay right there, Cindy. There's something else I've wanted to do for a long time." She gets up and rummages around in a bureau drawer as I enjoy the feeling of her juice drying on my face. She returns wearing a strapon and a shiver of excitement runs through me. It's larger than Little Carlo, but it doesn't scare me, I've taken larger cocks with no trouble. I see that she's also got some scarves in her hand. They scare me a little, but I remember how many times in the past that I've been at her mercy and never suffered for it, so I decide to submit to whatever desire she wishes of me.

She helps me up and holds my hand as she takes me to her dining table. It has square corners and she drags me right up to one of them.

"Assume the position." It's an old joke between us. We have playfully spanked each other in the past, always with panties or more on. I bend over to lie diagonally across the table. she ties the scarves to my wrists and pulls my arms straight out over my head, tying the scarves to each other around the post at the far corner. The table is cool and hard and uncomfortable, but that only fuels my growing desire.

Candy spanks my ass hard with her bare palm, four times on each cheek. My juices flow onto the corner and lubricate my mound as I squirm and moan. Suddenly, my pussy erupts with pain as she smacks directly onto it. I scream and almost come. I've never felt anything like that before. I want more, but I feel her rubber dong at my entrance and, "Ooof", it's into me.

Candy begins plunging into me as I writhe in ecstasy on the table. The combination of her cock, the table's corner and the rubber balls beneath the prong soon brings me to the edge.

"Oh, fuck this is good, Candy. Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee!" My orgasm hits hard as I grind against the table. I hump the corner again and again as waves of pleasure wash through me. Candy grunts and moans as she drives into me, each thrust a fresh new joy. She comes and I feel another small peak as she pulses into me. When our moans and shudders subside, she pulls the dong from me and I hear a soft pop and feel more juice spill onto the table.

She steps around the table and unties the scarves. "Let's call us even. I like the newer, more human Cindy and she doesn't owe me anything."

"All part of my devious plot to rule the world," I giggle as I rub the circulation back into my wrists. "That was some fuck. Thank you."

We go out for dinner then. I buy. I don't even bother washing my face first. I catch whiffs of Eau de Candy throughout the meal and eat way too much food because of it. When Candy and I kiss as I drop her back at her apartment, I feel a most profound sense of contentment. Two trials down and one to go before I can see whether the hideous laughing Carlo vision is gone.

I wait a few days before I send my next email to Carlo. He is aware that Candy and I planned to meet on Saturday and I don't want him to connect that meeting to my news.

Subject: Women Complete June 9, 2006
From: sinfullkindeeatXXXXXX

Carlo, mio amore,

Please accept my most profound thanks for your recommended solutions. Sorry, no photo this time, but I've paid my respects to a woman I owed much to. I feel elated now. She is not as beautiful as me, but my respect for the less beautiful has grown with my self-respect. I honestly did not believe that swallowing my pride (and her miele) could have that effect, but now I'm convinced. I'm certain that I've found a more comfortable place among the feminine half of humanity. I even went out my door without makeup this morning. It was only to get the mail, but both men and women saw me and smiled when I said, "Good morning." I could get used to this.

Più ardente riconoscenza,


Subject: RE: Women Complete June 10, 2006
To: sinfullkindeeatXXXXXX
From: carlogatXXXXXXXXXXXX

Cindy, desiderio del mio cuore,

I am so proud of you. You have come so far. I am confident that you will complete your journey and become the much loved and much adored woman who was hiding beneath the mask of a puttana. Do not lose the ability to wear that mask. It can be an exciting disguise to see you in. But now I can imagine you as being exciting in a burlap sack. By the way, you did not mention how your 'grovel date' with Candy went. Hopefully you have kissed and made up.

Tuo ammiratore incantato,


It feels so good to get such praise from him. On a whim, I search my parents' garage and find an old burlap sack from sack races we used to have at family reunions. I cut holes in it for my arms and head. I cut far down the center from the neck hole to give it a plunging neckline. To complete the ensemble, I belt it with a piece of old rope. I wear my pendant necklace and doll up a little and pose in it for Marcy who takes photos and thinks it's a hoot to see me like this. It's horribly itchy and uncomfortable, but I endure. I'm wearing nothing under it and I make sure that some of the photos show too much, but I send him one that has my pussy just barely concealed, my best come-fuck-me look on my face, and my bare legs prominently featured.

Subject: RE: Women Complete June 16, 2006
From: sinfullkindeeatXXXXXX
Attachments: burlapdress.jpg

Carlo, mio dolce principe,

I would wear this only for you. You do not have to imagine. It is my pleasure to fulfill your desire. ;)

My date with Candy was very satisfying for both of us and we are best friends forever again. Thank you for asking. She has changed and is quite serious about her boyfriend now. I would not be surprised if we are dancing at their wedding and maybe sooner rather than later. Marcy has dumped her high school sweetheart and is now pursuing a law student. I am enjoying the dance instruction and think maybe we could add some flourishes to the basic dance to make it look more like the movie without looking like a couple of klutsey actors stumbling around a set. Rondell is willing to help me take videos to show you what I mean.

Tua umile studente,


Subject: RE: Women Complete June 16, 2006
To: sinfullkindeeatXXXXXX
From: carlogatXXXXXXXXXXXX

Mio carissimo amore,

You owe me for the screen that caught fire when I viewed your succulento foto. I will treasure it forever. ;)

I will enjoy flourishing with you. I look forward to the videos.

Tuo umile ammiratore,


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