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Immune To My Beauty -- Chapter 7

A dazzling beauty earns self-respect and the respect of others.
I open the door and see a man with the face of an angel. "Package for Ms. Cynthia Sawyer." I'm stunned by his beauty and of course, he is stunned by mine. I smile and his face lights up. I consider dragging him into my apartment and fucking him until he begs for mercy, which would probably be a while considering who's fucking him. But I glance down and see the return address on the package. It's from Boston.

Marcy and I went our separate ways when the lease on our apartment expired. I'm now living entirely alone in a studio apartment and loving it. I'm not expecting anything from anywhere, but I only know one person who lives in Boston. It's only three weeks until the wedding and I'm getting so anxious for Carlo's visit that any man who reminds me of him risks finding himself on my floor in his birthday suit. This UPS driver could easily have gotten lucky if I wasn't so curious about why a package would come to me from Carlotown.

He senses that the moment has passed and looks at me with some chagrin. I sign for the package and another hot guy leaves my life without seeing my O-face. I close the door and carefully, almost reverently open the package. What I find astonishes me. It's a beautiful dress in a deep red color. I can't believe my eyes when I see that it is entirely hand stitched with work of such exquisite craftsmanship that I could see myself wearing it with pride at the most formal of functions. I search for a label and find none, but I am convinced that it must be the product of a famous designer and that Carlo doesn't want me to know that it was molto costoso.

Also enclosed are a small, black, vintage net hat, sexy, patterned, black stockings, a black garter belt and red panties with frills on the ass and lace around the legs. The panties are clearly intended to attract attention, and they will show a good amount of ass cheek, but they will also cover the fine china. At the bottom of the box is a note.

Dearest Cynthia,

I know that you will be wearing a special dress as a member of the wedding party, but I hope this ensemble will be suitable for our dance. If it is unsatisfactory in any way, send it back and I will see that it is altered to perfection. I trust you have suitable, well-fitted dancing shoes. I do not know your shoe size. The undergarments are intended to provide a thrill for those who get a peek at them, but to remain acceptable at your sister's wedding. I can not wait to see you in this dress, amore mia. Please let me know how it fits.


I quickly shower and dry myself so that I keep the dress in pristine condition when I try it on. I am floored by its perfection. It is clearly made for dancing. I gives my body full range of motion while accentuating my figure and form. It will not fall apart under the rigors of the Paso Doble. The undergarments also fit perfectly. I try on my special dancing shoes and see that they are a perfect match. I consider sending him a photo of me wearing everything, but I don't want him to see me in the dress until he sees me in person, just before the dance. I change back out of everything, hang the dress, and, after a quick call to Candy to let her know that Carlo and I will need time at the wedding to change into dance wear, I send a quick email to Carlo.

Subject: Perfezione
From: sinfullkindeeatXXXXXX

Impertinente Carlo,

I should be angry at you for presuming to dress me for this important event. I am my own woman and shall wear what I please. Everything is absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly. It will please me very much to wear this vesita meraviglioso. Grazie, mio amore. You have made me very happy today. I only hope that I can one day please you as much. I anxiously await your arrival so we may practice to perform at the standard this bella creazione demands.

Distinti completamente,


The big day finally arrives and I hear a knock on my door at the appointed hour, 7PM. The plan is for dinner and a joint dancing lesson with Rondell. I have no idea who Carlo has been dancing with, other than that her name is Maria and she's 'a close family friend'. I open the door and there he is. In a flash, we're in each other's arms and we're kissing and moving our hands all over each other. It feels so good to feel him and to feel him feeling me. His cock is hard in his pants and I try to hump against it, but he says, "No, Cindy, please. We must wait. We need this passione for the dance. Just five more days and then we can let our desire consume us."

"Oh, Carlo, I might burst before then."

"Cindy, if I poke you with my pin we might both burst before then. Please, you will thank me later. Per favore, we are famished. Let us go."

"We?" I grab my dance bag and we head out the door. When we get to the street I see the man from Boston leaning against a large four door car. He's wearing a chauffeur's cap and he opens the rear door for us.

"Cindy, this is James."

I quickly get over the shock of seeing him and I offer my hand and say, "James, it's a pleasure to finally meet you."

He smiles and takes it in both of his. "Ma'am, the pleasure is mine."

"Will you be joining us for dinner?"

"By tradition I eat separately, Ma'am. But Carlo is a special client and he decides when to dispense with tradition."

I look at Carlo and say, "May I insist?"

"Your desire is my pleasure to agree to. James is a close family friend, but I warn you, he lies about me. Take anything he says as if it is coming from the devil's own mouth."
I smile and say, "I can't wait to hear his lies." Turning back to James, I say, "Please join us James."

"Okay, Ma'am, but only on one condition. You both gotta drop the James stuff. Name's Jimmy among friends."

"Done, Jimmy. I'm not Ma'am. I'm Cindy among friends."

"Touchée." He smiles. I see a grin pass between him and Carlo and I feel like I've passed a test.

Carlo explains over dinner that he was a bad boy who lost his driver's license and only recently got it back. "I drive fast and that is frowned upon here." Jimmy chuckles.

The first rehearsal of the Paso Doble goes well and after a few minor corrections by Rondell, we are dancing together at such a level that Rondell says, "Unless you've got a judge at this wedding nobody will see room for improvement." We book his studio for an hour each day after his last class for the next four days. We want to get more comfortable with each other and focus on making it look more sexy. It's a Spanish Gypsy dance and we want it to be muy caliente.

With the dance rehearsals, my responsibilities as Maid of Honor and as much time alone with Carlo as I can steal, the days pass by in a blur. Fortunately, Marcy arranged the hen party and spared me that responsibility. I don't have much time to pump Jimmy for "lies" about Carlo, but he and Carlo become a great help in getting me to appointments for my nails and hair. Every minute that I spend with Carlo is treasured. I rely heavily on him to keep me sane while I try so hard to split my dwindling time so that everything gets done.

I finagle a 'family' invitation to the rehearsal dinner for Carlo and I'm so glad I did. I meet the Best Man for the first time as we rehearse and that's awkward because he's a married man and he's brought his wife with him from Philadelphia. Paul and I will be matched up for part of the festivities and Sarah seems rather shy. Just before dinner, Carlo seems to sense this and asks me to introduce him. I sense an opportunity to see some Carlo magic.

"Paul, this is our cousin, Carlo."

"Hi Carlo, pleased to meet you." They shake hands and Paul says, "This is my wife, Sarah."

I shake hands with her. "Hi, Sarah."

Carlo takes her hand in both of his and says, "Ah Sarah, incantato. If I may be a little bold, it might be a little awkward tomorrow when your marito is spending time with mia amore. I would be honored if you would accompany me while they honor the sposi felici."

Sarah smiled and I knew that, just like that, she was charmed by my guy. The point was to set them at ease about being apart, but by calling me his amore, I believe that Carlo has made a public announcement about us.

"Your amore?", Paul asked. "I thought you were cousins."

I giggled and looked at Carlo, who put on a mock-sheepish look and said, "She was the only one who could not run fast enough."

I giggle again and surprise him by saying, "He chased me until I caught him." I could see that Paul and Sarah are both shocked, so I quickly say "We're not blood relatives. Candy and I are step-sisters, Carlo is her cugino and my step-cousin, if there is such a thing."

They laugh then and for the rest of the dinner, we converse and become friends. We learn that Sarah really doesn't know any of Charlie's family members and was afraid that she would be a third wheel. I see that Carlo has found a small role in making the event better for her and therefore Candy.

Brett is also in the wedding party and is matched with Marcy. Before he was reintroduced to her, I briefly sensed that he was hoping for some fun with me, but when he sees me with Carlo he turns his pale imitation of charm on Marcy. She's been warned about him and it slides right off. He'll have to hunt outside the wedding party, but I suspect he'll do okay. I surprise myself by deciding that I don't regret what I did with him. He's the last man who made me come by fucking me and I see him now as a stepping stone to the new me. He was the stone at the bottom when I hit bottom, but at least I was able to jump off from him on my way up to greater self-respect.

The wedding ceremony goes well for Candy and Charlie. She looks absolutely ravishing in her gown with my pendant prominently featured. I see Carlo seated on the Groom's side of the aisle with Sarah and they seem quite comfortable together. He is not the only relative seated on that side. Many more Lane relatives are attending Candy's wedding because it is local, and the overflow finds seating among Charlie's guests.

Of course I lose track of Carlo after the ceremony while the photographer has us posing for the album, but I arrive at the reception and see Carlo and Sarah mingling. They sit with the other twenty-somethings for the dinner.

Marcy makes a valiant leap for the bouquet, which goes way wide of my position, but Charlie's sister is much taller and she swoops it out of the sky. Carlo gets up for the garter toss but I don't think he tries hard to get it. Marcy's short law student catches it. The tall chick has long legs, but she stops the garter at two inches above the knee.

When the wedding party is finally released from our duties, Paul and I meet with Carlo and Sarah. She gives me a kiss on the cheek and quietly whispers, "Thank you for sharing him. You are a very lucky girl." I beam with pride.

Carlo asks me if I would like to go to the 'fogey' tables and pay my respects and I laugh. We talk briefly with my father and step-mother and Charlie's parents and then we make our way to visit Carlo's parents. His father was not at Linda's wedding, but is here for Candy's.

Carlo introduces me first to his padre and I take the hint that this is a formal introduction. I offer my hand to him and say, "Signore, sono onorato."

He takes my hand in both of his. "Ah Cynthia, you are as beautiful and as charming as my figlio has professed."

"Grazie, Don Marco."

When Carlo introduces me to his madre I say, "Signora Martha, I am so happy to finally meet you."

She smiles a little coldly. "Cindy, I've heard so much about you."

I sense that there is no compliment in her words, so I play the humble card. Looking contritely, I say, "Perhaps not all good, but you can be proud of your son for sharing your influence with me. I have become a better person since meeting him."

To my delight, her smile warms and she asks us to sit with them for a while. I meet Carlo's younger sister and she looks straight at Carlo and says, "Così, mio fratello, quando è il matrimonio."

I think it surprises her when I laugh. She probably didn't realize I had been learning her language.

Carlo only laughs and says, "Sorella precocità, una volta bastava quell'errore."

Hmmm. 'One time was enough for that error'. I don't know whether to laugh or feel chagrined, but I choose laughter. I haven't discussed how I feel about marriage with Carlo, but perhaps he already knows that I think weddings are for other women, not for me.

The moment comes and Candy returns my necklace so I can wear it for the dance. She takes my string of faux pearls so that she will still have something borrowed for her wedding night and I giggle at the thought of a 'pearl necklace' coming from Charlie's cock.

We dress in separate places and I don't see Carlo until just before we are announced for the dance. He is wearing an exact replica of Antonio Banderas's fop costume from The Mask of Zorro and I clap and say, "Bravo, mio amore." We emerge from behind a door when our special gift is announced by Candy. She and Charlie are seated in a place of honor beside the dance floor and several video cameras are placed on tripods around the floor. I can tell that Carlo is just as excited and nervous as I am, but when the music starts, we both shake off the jitters and turn up the intensity.

The next four minutes is actually very technical, with both of us counting steps and remembering a sequence of gestures, flourishes and nuances that make the dance look natural and smokin' hot. Because we have both put in the time and effort, we are on an emotional high that also bleeds through and makes the emotions depicted look more genuine. By the end, it is obvious that our sexual tension has inspired plenty more in the audience. They sit stunned at first and then applaud and cheer wildly. We bow and that is when I fully commit to competition dancing as a passion I will pursue.

We make our way over to Candy and Charlie and accept their thanks, praise and congratulations. Candy and I share a moment where we know this is goodbye for us. She will be moving to Philadelphia after the honeymoon and I have a good career path here in Chicago, so I promise to visit her, but I know that she will probably be pregnant before Christmas and that Candy-cane and Sinfull are in our past. Carlo stays in costume as we walk with them to their getaway limo to say our final goodbyes. When we return to the reception, the dancing has begun again, but we decide not to participate. We both burned bright for our time on the dance floor and some solitude together to revel in our success is just too attractive.

I think we both know that something is going to happen as I follow him to where he changed his clothes in a back room of the rental hall. I close and lock the door and we are in each other's arms, kissing passionately. I think he wants to take me right there and I feel a sudden reticence. I don't want our first fuck to be hot monkey sex in a storage room in a VFW hall. I guess that I want to prove that my cunt does not have control of me.

"Stop, Carlo, mio amico, mio professore, e mio amore. I have something I need to say. I'm not ready to fuck you yet. I have something I need to prove to myself and I have one more person I must humble myself with. Te, amore mio. I must humble myself with you. Then I want to take you up on your offer to show me Boston. I've heard of the marvelous New Year's Eve celebration and I've got a week of vacation time left. I want to celebrate the new Cindy and the new year with you, I'm sure you can find a more suitable place there, where I can sing my passion for you and not have to worry about everybody hearing me scream your name. Tonight, I want your cazzo here, nella mia bocca. May I suck your cock?"

I am so afraid that I have disappointed him that I hold my breath. I feel his hard cock against my belly and it takes every ounce of my will to not change my mind and beg him to fuck me. His hold on me changes from one of passion to one of deep respect.

"Bella Cynthia, mia amore. Would you do me the very great honor of being my guest for First Night in Boston?"

"Sì, amore mio."

I kiss him then and pull away. I open one of the metal folding chairs from a cart and pull a rolled rug from a stack to use as a kneepad on the hard floor.

"A king deserves a throne." Small details.

Carlo kicks off his dancing shoes and I reach for his pantalones, but he grabs my hands. I look up into his eyes, fearing what he might say. "Tesoro." He points to the right side of his head and says, "These are not my only scars."

I breathe a sigh of relief. "Tesoro mio, I am not the puttana invano who cared about scars."

I open his pantalones and slide them down. I see some scars on his muscular thighs. They look like burn scars. They are nothing. He is wearing very tight briefs and that is a mystery solved. I've always wondered how such hot dances don't result in huge obvious bulges. I pull his briefs down and his beautiful cock springs up at me. His dark pubic hair is trimmed and his flawless balls are smoothly shaved. He steps out of his clothes and I set them on the chair to separate his ass from the cold steel.

"May I gaze upon your virile culo?"

He does a slow turn and I see more scars on the backs of his thighs, but his ass is perfect. I get an image of it thrusting between my spread legs and my pussy likes what I see.

"Molto bello, mio re. Please take your throne."

He sits and I unzip my dress. It would be a great disrespect to let it fall to the floor, so I step out of it carefully and place it on the cart. I turn for him.

"Molto bella, signorina."
"Grazie, re mio."

I slip my left hand into my panties and begin to massage my pussy. I watch him harden as he watches me. I kneel in front of him and rub my right hand up and down both of his thighs, barely brushing it across the top of his hard cock as it passes from one leg to the other, keeping my other hand down on my pussy. I dip two fingers into my honey and pull them out. I bring them up to my face to lick, but he grabs my hand and brings it to his mouth instead. I grasp his cock and begin to stroke it as he licks my juices from my fingers.

"Ah, dolce miele."

He releases my hand and I dive it back into my soft folds. I circle my clit with my fingertips as I draw my head down over his cock. I stroke both my hands as I slowly push down further and further onto his shaft. His cock is almost too big, but I adjust my throat for its natural downward curve and swallow it into me. My nose reaches his pubic hair and I pull my head back. Again and again I swallow him deep and withdraw until my tongue and lips touch the ridge of his glans. My hand massages his balls and when I feel them tighten, I withdraw my head and flick the tip of his cock with tiny thrusts of my tongue.

"Gah!", he gasps. "I was so close."

"But I was not quite yet, mio amore."

I stroke my clit and feel my orgasm approach. I plunge my head fully down on his cock again and again. When I feel his balls tighten again, I am ready. I speed up my hand on my clit and stroke his cock hard with my other hand while sucking and squeezing the head with my lips and tongue. His hips buck and a long thick stream of cum shoots into me. I swallow it and take a second dose and then pull my head off and hold his cock against my cheek, feeling his hot lava bathe my face as I come and moan. "Carlo, tu mi fai sentire così bene. So so good."

I suck his cock back in and drink the last of his offering. "Amore mia, you make me feel so good, also. If I could love only one woman. It would be you."

"Carlo, Carlo, mio dolce amore. I would not do that to Ms. Tuesday or any other day of the week, even if I could. If you love them, they are worthy. If that was not the case, then I would not be worthy either. December will come soon enough. You will not lose me. I am not the least bit immune to your beauty.

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