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In Reflection of Earlier Times 2

Chapter 2



She could stop traffic, five foot seven mousy brown hair that caressed her shoulders, pale gray eyes, a mouth slightly receded from her jawbone a mouth that could reduce most guys to an instant drool every red blooded males pin up girl she was Tina. Many a male ego lay dead and broken at her feet and many would kill to reach the unattainable that was Tina. This girl could feature in Wankers Weekly every week and still have a satisfied readership.

Saturday mornings "the crew" would arrive to watch the girls and Tina get off the bus and walk the hundred or so yards to where she worked. Main Street was very wide and had angle parking on both sides of the street and parallel parking in the centre, this is where we were found every Saturday morning hung over or not this was our spot. Elite deviates six of us in all the only stipulation was; you had to sit in your own car no car, no perving. Some would argue when confronted that they were only checking out their shocks and not doing the obvious. After Tina had gone into the building the usual meeting was held on what we would like to do if she were ours.

Friday night was pub night and that was where I met Debbie. I sauntered over to her and using my only opening line I had way back then "this seat taken?’ no answer "excuse me is this seat taken?" "What seat?" Looking and realising there wasn’t a seat where I was pointing I felt like a real dick and Debbie was looking at me as though I’d just rolled off a garbage truck I said "mind if I just sit at your feet then?" That got a giggle but not for long the somber look had returned and then realised I had better do something fast or risk being dismissed so I sat on the floor at her feet.

She looked down at me a questioning look in her brown eyes as to say what are you a dick head? I didn’t wait for the question I just blurted out "some thing inside said I would regret the rest of my life if I didn’t try to get to know you". I let it sit there for a moment and saw she was about to say some thing and beat her to it. "I guess this is a little strange but you see, I was so nervous and I wanted to meet you" a smile broke out "yes" well if you can find a seat you can sit "but there are two chairs on your side that ok?" "No" Ah shit. I’m saving them for my sister and her boyfriend. Ok if I don’t find one you can sit on my lap then (second thought introduced himself and implied dick head you’ve groveled this far want to blow it now?) the somber look returned like the closing of a door. Sorry, please understand I’m still a little nervous the door opened Ok. (Lucky son of a bitch second thought declared) Seats were not an easy thing to come by as the place was crowded. I managed to grab one and was christened a hippie wanker by a rather large neanderthal masquerading as a biker tough guy.

Second thought gave me a pat on the back for restraining myself and warned against using the brain too much don’t want to cause an injury remember it’s not used to being used that’s why you have me. I sat down a respectable distance from her when she looked behind me rolled her eyes and muttered "Christ" The room had gone quiet and could now hear the juke box was just finishing Rosegarden by Lynn Anderson. I turned to follow Debbie’s gaze and found out why nearly every one in the room had stopped talking over the jukebox. Almost every males eyes were glued to Tina the crowd had parted, (I wondered what it would be like not be forced to push your way through a crowded room) in strolled Tina with James tagging behind. Up close to this woman with the perfect tan very little makeup wearing a top and mini skirt exposing her midriff western style boots with tassels she could take your breath away. The brain immediately went to neutral and I could feel a drool coming on but second thought stepped in and knocked brain back in gear. Tina arrived at the table and the room returned to normal and some one turned up the jukebox it seemed their queen had arrived and now it’s party time. Debbie introduced me to James and Tina as her sister and she bent over and came up close her face so close and those lips made me want to reach out and touch them and said what was your name again I didn’t get it. Debbie piped up "back off bitch are you always on heat or what?" A little embarrassed smile appeared on that mouth and widened to show a perfect set of teeth except for the left eye tooth was just a little forward of the others, I think I smiled back I know I was warm under the collar I didn’t have.

Debbie stared at me was I in the shit already I didn’t know or did I just make a fool of myself with Tina and didn’t know? Time to try and change the subject. I asked Debbie if she wanted to dance, now it was her turn not to be able to hear. As she turned in her seat in such a way her legs opened a little (being one of the elite perverts I was ready and smiling for the camera as the white flash of knickers came into view, yes!) "What?’’ I motioned to the dance floor a place I only ventured when I’d had enough to drink and all the women were a ten. She didn’t seem too interested in the idea and then Barry Ryan came on with his song Eloise. In the song Barry was belting out "I’m on my knees and I said please," so being a dork I mimicked it and she laughed and said, "Get up your embarrassing me." "Not until you say yes" She was up and I’m still on my knees getting my photo taken again, smile please, I love a short mini.

As we made our way through the crowd Barry was finished with Eloise and we stood there awkwardly and I was trying to think of something clever to say when second thought advised against it. I could see the records turn and stop, the arm accepted the record and then Richard Harris and McArthur Park the short version unfortunately so we gyrated on the floor for a while and then decided on holding up the bar. I wanted to wait for some thing a little slower then I could punch the time clock and start work on her. The night progressed quite well and she was warming up nicely and second thought piped up saying not a chance to night sunshine you may as well shake hands with the unemployed that’s as far as you get tonight, up yours I know what I’m doing.

Debbie decided it was Ok for me to drive her home, so in the front seat of my old pride and joy we went "straight home " was the direction. We arrived outside her place with James and Tina parked behind and it was time for the acid test. Debbie had moved towards the middle of the seat not quite on my lap but close enough to be encouraging. Best mate was making movements and I could feel he was becoming anxious grumbling it’s about time sunshine, so I moved over and her eyes flared a little and second thought came to the rescue "slow and easy does it" she settled and then relaxed. She moved over and bent her head towards me and our lips met and she almost washed my tonsils clean. I could feel best mate jump to attention "Private Johnson reporting for duty sir!" Executing a snappy little salute.

As we explored on each other’s mouth it was time to go wandering my hand touched her knee and she broke away eyes blazing (best mate retreated and then reappeared dressed in flack jacket and battle helmet). "What do you think I am I just don’t go and jump on the first person I see well think again I’m not that type, if that’s all your looking for you won’t get it here." Second thought in the background laughing his guts out and then he said, need some help? "No" Now it was my turn "how dumb do think I am?" Debbie regarded this for a moment and said, "care to rephrase that" the moment was over the tension gone. She smiled, seemed genuine I could see a fine gold filling in her front tooth in the passing car lights, didn’t notice it before second thought said too busy getting your photo taken? Tomorrow then we could go to the drive-in if you like or the pub there is a midnight till dawn Dracula movies? "No" Ok what then "Well go out with James and Tina next week." Ok and with that she was gone, seemed to be the signal Tina got out as well so I took off and then James was behind me flashing his head lights.

James stopped behind me and appeared at the passenger side opened the door and got in. "Made some brownie points tonight with Debbie." "Really?" "Yeah you remember the jerk off at the bar?" "Sure" "well you showed great restraint by not getting in to a fight with him." "Big son of a bitch it might not be much but I like my face the way it is thank you." "Well that was Debbie’s ex." While we were holding up the bar this neanderthal started glaring at Debbie and moved down the bar until he was next to her and said he could still give her a big blue veined junket pumper up the front bum. I actually started to say something even after second thought had advised that plaster casts could become uncomfortable Debbie had said not to pay any attention and grabbed my arm and we disappeared into the crowd and back to the table. At the table she said, "well I’m going home." "Can I see you again?" "Yeah right" a little sarcasm bummer "don’t tell me you are interested in me and didn’t use tonight to get an introduction to my sister" "didn’t have the first idea honest" this was true by the way. Debbie doesn’t seem to close to Tina does she? James said, "Tina is always giving her heaps about still being a virgin." "Really?" " Yeah no shit" So what was with the biker well he tried and she told him to piss off I think it was Tina ragging her so much that she dumped the guy.

The week rolled on and the work tease continues her routine of annoying me. My workbench was near the ladies. She would go in and spend at least ten to fifteen minutes in there and come out making sure no one was watching and look directly at me then slip her fingers into her mouth and then wash them in the hand basin outside the ladies. Little did she know that behind the wall to the toilets was a small corridor used for dumping stuff no longer needed. The corridor was longer than the toilet and on the corner where two walls met there was a crack since only the inside walls were lined this provided excellent perving potential. I would when ever possible go down just for a rummage you understand and find myself glued to the hole in the wall. Today I was actually rummaging when I heard the door close so I took my position she was just standing there rubbing her tits and moved her right hand down to her crotch a lingering rub between her legs as her left hand moved up to pinch her nipple through the fabric. She stopped lifted her dress and took her knickers and stockings down fuck it missed seeing the bush and she sat on the toilet and started an in depth examination of her knickers must have been picking off the crusty bits. Finishing her pee she took a swatch of toilet paper and wiped she stood and started to undo the top of her blouse took it off and hung it on a hook on the door I couldn’t see and proceeded to take off her dress. She then bent down to take off her purple knickers with white flowers on them matching her bra. She reached behind a dropped her bra revealing a nice set of tits no more than a handful and a nicely trimmed bush. I had already released best mate from his confines and was slowly stroking the length hoping she would hurry up and finish what she was doing because I wouldn’t be able to last very long. Now totally naked she faced the wall and touched it with her nipples and made a back and forth movement along the wall while her hand had moved down between her legs. I could hear her breathing I just hoped she couldn’t hear mine and the noise my prick made as the corridor was very hot and the perspiration on my hand was making a little sucking noise when I got to the end of my prick.

Darlene turned around and sat on the toilet seat and leaned back resting on the cistern and opened her legs wide sliding her fingers over her clit and then inserting two fingers inside her nice tight snatch. Her hand started to move faster and she pinched her nipples and I couldn’t hold it any more and unloaded a huge wad all over the wall and then she started to come and stood up quickly turned around with her back to me her right arm still making quick movements and she let out a small moan and I heard sound as though she was taking a piss. It dawned on me that she was a squirter I could start to feel myself becoming hard again but had to let this go I would be missed soon so I had to leave her and get back to work.

This had been going on for about a month and then I was told one day to get the smoko orders a real pain in the arse. So I did and had to get them to the lunch room before ten so I wandered down to the shops picked up the order and got back just on ten. Darlene said about time as every one filed in. There were bench seats in the room and she sat opposite me, I was a bit pissed at her and not interested in being teased she would sit there and do the smiling bit yeah,yeah. It wasn’t until she opened her legs and took my photo that I started to change my mind. Well everyone deserves a second chance, smile for the camera. I wondered if she would react differently if she knew I have seen more of her than she was trying to tease me with anyway the game is on.

The next day I was back with the orders at five to ten and she was in there apparently she had been given the job of boiling the jug a highly complicated position I guess? Then a dare turned into tonsil hockey and she really gave mate a pressure rub. Let me tell you back then it was fashionable to wear "I know what your thinking shorts" when every one started filing in for smoko I had to grab a seat quickly or show off my hard on, bitch did it on purpose. Coupled with her photo taking smoko only went for ten minutes makes it difficult to get every thing back in order so one can stand up. We kept this up for the rest of the week and I managed to get my fair share of gropes in to match until one day she came out of the ladies and came up to me and said "like to taste the honey?" and offered up her hand. The boss rounded the corner and asked why she wasn’t at her desk and with a flourish produced a work order and made out she was checking on a delivery date sneaky bitch. With that she gave me a quick grope and took off before I could get close enough to repay the favour. I was going to get her or so I hoped.

Friday night rolled around and my flat mate was in a bitch of a mood his girlfriend wanted to move in and wanted me to move out and naturally he would support her I thought she’s in for a rude shock. Any way James picked me up and off we went I had no idea where we were going didn’t care it was Friday. We rolled up to the girl’s place and I had to go in and meet the parents. As it turned out to be parent Mrs. D. apparently Mr. D had decided some years ago to piss off and leave her holding the bag at nineteen with two kids. She was remarkably well preserved for her age, which made her around thirty something. From the front door you were in the lounge room to your right was a lounge and from it you could see straight into Mrs. D’s bedroom. A kitchen to the right and behind that at a guess was the laundry. Around the corner was a corridor wider than most and then I discovered it had been a verandah now closed in at the end was another bedroom pretty small place who cared now that I figured Debbie and Tina shared, shit happens.

At the drive in all was getting cuddly until half time when Tina decided she and James would have the backseat that put paid to any further friendly grappling. Debbie got pissed when Tina went down on James from where I was sitting I could just see the action Tina’s luscious mouth would just take in James’s helmet so slowly it was painful for me to watch wanting to change places and then she would descend the entire length of his prick again with agonizing slowness and then it started Tina didn’t get to finish James off. "It’s your fault if your still a virgin don’t ruin my fun, why don’t you go and hump him and get it over and done with" "Do you think I’m just going to grab anyone and screw them just to satisfy you?" "No offence to you " "None taken" I said with a grin this was getting interesting. That was how the night continued Tina was really into her "you frigid bitch don’t know what you’re missing etc, etc". Later when we had dropped the girls off James said Tina was going to make sure Debbie got laid soon and was happy I was about because Tina told James if she couldn’t get her laid he was going to have to do it. He didn’t seem to keen on the idea which is bullshit any port in a storm I said to James, yeah but Tina said she wanted to be there when the deed was done. That put a new slant on things.

Saturday night was a bust Debbie didn’t want go out so I was in town with the elite deviates perving on anything decent when I decided it was time for food. Coming out of the pie shop thinking about crazy bitches, the one at work, the storm child, the jumper, I’ll have you anywhere Liz and Tina. I ran into another of the human race and said "why don’t you watch where you’re going" and a voice said "I would if I could see!" oh dog shit good one dick head. I turned to see this woman squatting on the ground arm outstretched feeling the ground and I saw a cane with a ball on the end of it. "Sorry let me help you" " I don’t need your help I’ve done well so far without your help believe it or not." I placed the cane in her hand and tried to help her up but she refused it. "Look I’m sorry my fault had a lot on my mind and didn’t see you" no response ah stuff it who needs this shit anyway.

"Can I buy you a coffee or some thing?" " I don’t want or need your pity or your coffee" " I didn’t mean" "no, no one ever means anything I get sick of people who all of a sudden decide you’re a cripple of some description and decide it’s their duty to help just to ease their conscience." "No it’s just that well" "I’ll tell you what come here closer to me" "Why?" A look came over her face of frustration so I decided to step up to the mark as it were.

She reached out and placed her hands on my face her fingers were cool to the touch and started to explore across my eyes down my nose across my lips. As her fingers roamed through my hair she murmured clean at least and long. "Hair this length needs looking after it’s very wavy" "It grows." I mumbled looking into her John Lennon style glasses her eyes seemed to have no emotion, if and eye can have emotion I don’t know just seemed a little off putting she grasped my hand and started exploring it with hers. She tried for the other one but that held my pie and she wasn’t getting any. It was becoming slightly erotic and then the hustle of the street came back and I realised we were still in the middle of the foot path with people walking around us and the deviates were yelling out some thing I couldn’t make out. "I’ll make you a deal". "Really?" "Instead of your coffee you can take me to the drive in movies I’ve never been and I would really like to go?" "Sure but" " Well you are going to describe what the actors are doing and I want to go when Love Story is on Ok. Shit that movie sucks and second thought came on line Time to pay the piper son, yeah thanks. "Ok it’s a deal" Her name was Odette she gave me her address and said I would let her know when the movie was showing and arrange to meet. "We’ll see" she said and was gone into the night. At that time I had no intention of taking her to see the movie I had things to do places to be.

Sunday morning found James and I at the girls place and Debbie’s demeanor hadn’t changed still pissed wouldn’t talk to any of us so I decided time to hit the road when her mother asked if we were handy "at what?" The front door sticks and I thought one of you may be able to fix it. Well Laurel and Hardy we were James jammed my toe under the door, I got him in the head with the door handle. After two hours and two screws short for the hinges the door was back on and seemed to work properly at least it didn’t jam any more but wouldn’t lock another hour put that right and I was off.

Debbie didn’t even come out of her room to see me off, stuff it. At least her mother was friendly enough, nice smile. Parked outside my favorite pie shop I was busy digging into the best pie in town when I saw Odette and I slid down in the seat of the car realising what a dick I was, she can’t see remember? I watched the confident way she moved and saw her really for the first time every thing seemed to be in the right place she wasn’t any raving beauty but then she hadn’t fallen out of an ugly tree either.

She had stopped a few feet past the car and cocked her head and stood there. I was just tapping the steering wheel to the Push Bike song by Ted Mulray and wondering why she would stop there, the song ended and she started to move on. Was she listening to the song? Couldn’t, must have pretty bloody good hearing if she was, stuff it I got out of the car and went to catch up with her when she turned and said "hello" (bullshit she can see) how did you? She said I can hear yeah me too but how? I remember the way you walk, you like to make the heels of your boots echo on the pavement. I saw you stop "and you decided to watch me did you, kinky?" well I was just in my car eating a pie and listening to the radio "Push Bike song?" That’s right "I like that song " she said. You must have pretty good hearing "like I said I can hear, you haven’t learnt to hear is all" "what do mean by that" "your radio isn’t on the station properly"

It’s fine thank you "can I show you?" I thought you could show me anything you like she smelt like strawberries. Back at the car she leaned over and searched the dash with her hand and found the radio and tweaked the tuner, I guess she was right and then again proceeded to tell me I hadn’t learnt to hear yet. The silence that followed was becoming loud in it’s self and then she said Ok I’ll see you around. "Wait, the movie is on tonight" "Damn" she said "what?" " I lost that bet" " what bet" " I bet myself you wouldn’t go through with it no one does." "Well if you don’t want to go." "No I want to go." Ok six thirty then "Seven would be better." Then she said to pick her up from a different address. She explained the first address she gave me would put me in front of a church and said just because she was blind didn’t mean she was stupid and she wanted to bring a friend we’ll go dutch, great, shit.

I rolled up at her place it was a two story looked like four flats and she was on the top floor, this was smart? The door opened and she asked me in and left with "back in a tick". Every thing was neat and tidy a radio was playing some where in another room no TV some photo’s on a coffee table probably of her family. Strange why keep photos if you can’t see second thought arrived well they don’t do photos in Braille dick head, OK and she was back with a dog following her, "you like dogs right?" The appropriate answer was yes so I agreed I did. She motioned for me to go and I said "ladies first." "No I have to turn out the lights I don’t usually have them on except when I have visitors and you don’t know your way around here." It fell out I couldn’t help it when I said "not yet" She smiled and said, "your quite sure of yourself aren’t you?" Odette refused to be helped down the steps and out to the car and the tan coloured Labrador made it’s self at home on the back seat.

As I pulled out into to the traffic I asked why the dog and she reminded me smart not stupid I hardly know you. (Well were going to the right place to find out sister) As I parked she said this is in the middle of the lot I don’t want to be to far from the restaurant. We had a van on her side (that’s not rocking yet I know that van and it won’t be long I’ll bet) and a car on my side. The movie started a John Wayne movie she wasn’t interested in westerns so I put the radio on and we started to talk, apparently she had lost her sight to a virus when she was five years old. "Must have been a bitch" "You get used to it when there are no other choices." As we talked she made herself comfortable half turning towards me (you could do that in the old cars) and I had done the same as our knees almost touched we were aware that some thing was happening it was a more intimate feeling. As the credits for the movie started to roll the van beside us started to rock squeaking on old springs I thought he had taken his time tonight must be a new girlfriend.

Odette considered the sound for a moment and said "I believe were away he’s been working on that poor girl most of the night." "How do you know" "Remember I can hear I might be able to teach you depends on tonight. " I didn’t get a chance to ask what she meant by that, when this god-awful smell manifested it’s self from the back seat. It was putrid she turned to open the door but couldn’t find the handle so I reached over to help fumble in the dark. Two things happened she found the handle and pushed on the door as I was leaning over to help and we both went out the door. I lay on top of her the van beside us was rocking and then stopped. I thought I heard "please help us" come from the van. I helped her up she accepted the assistance and then started laughing it was catching "please open the rear door as I did the dog jumped out and she said "go!" the dog disappeared "don’t worry she’ll be back. I realised that we had invaded each other’s territory as I was holding her she seemed unsteady and that put us very close. Odette’s laughter started to die down fairly quickly as she realised it as well she turned her face up to mine and then I heard this voice again "please help us", shit the moment was gone.

The lights came on it was half time and people started getting out of cars and heading for the restaurant when Odette said do they need help in the van? I walked over to the driver’s side of the van and said, "hey Paul what are you up to?" "Up to my balls in trouble" "Why" "Were stuck" "Stuck?" "That’s it why don’t you broadcast it to the whole fucken drive in" "What are you talking about" "I’m stuck in her." "That’s pretty obvious I didn’t think you were trying out the springs in this old heap of shit to see if they worked." The girl asked if I was alone and I said I wasn’t and then she asked Odette to come around the back of the van. The way Paul had set the van up you could lie in the back and watch the movie so I had been talking to his feet all this time. I opened the rear doors for her and was told to go away, marvelous.

Odette was back, apparently they were getting it on when she dried up and they just stuck, "that’s bullshit" No according to Odette they’ve been at it all day and she had just finished her period and if she isn’t excited enough. "Yeah I get the picture." Back at the van I said "Paul just whip it out " What do think I’ve been trying to do it hurts man?" "Wait for it to go on the slack and have another go" "It is" "Shit you must be hung Paul" "This isn’t funny arsehole" ‘ok I’ll go and ring an Ambulance. The girl said "no way my father is an Ambo and he’s on duty tonight." Odette said will you go and get us something to eat "Yeah good time to eat" She pushed me and said "Go" second thought arrived hey she talks to you the same way as the dog coming up in the world?

As I left I turned to see her get in the drivers side of the van so I turned back didn’t get far when she said if you were heading in the right direction the first time you aren’t now "Go." When I got back the girl and Odette were in the front of the van having a good laugh so I opened the rear doors and Paul still lying in the back. "How’s it hanging." "Piss off." "Well what happened Odette fixed it." "How" "Doesn’t matter and if you ever say anything you’ll have to stick your tooth brush up your arse to clean your teeth." The girl piped up and said "interesting choice of words there don’t you think Pasty" "Shut up it’s all your fault anyway" " Men!" was the comment from the front seat.

The funnies were over and the movie was starting so we migrated back to my car and I asked how she fixed them. "Breathing" "What?" " I got them to concentrate on breathing and relaxing and he just slipped out" "She had tensed up a lot and closed her legs to stop him moving and when he tried to moved he had pain." Then she went into an explanation about muscles tensing and all that type of shit seemed to know what she was talking about, logical I guess.

The movie had started and I was describing it for her as agreed and for a movie I hated I saw it in a different dimension. She wanted to know the facial expressions as well and I had a ball when they were going at it and was told to behave. I started to get a little on the warm side and turned to face her and try to figure out a plan of attack. Keeping the screen in view I started to move to her side and she said "concentrate" I was sure she could read my mind then again there was only ever one thing on my mind probably wasn’t to difficult to figure out. Every time I turned to face her I was told to concentrate. It had turned into an interesting evening indeed. On the way back to her place I still hadn’t really got past first base a little disconcerting but what the hell it was worth getting the goods on Paul the guys are going to have a ball with this.

I walked her to the door and was prepared given the short shift when she asked if I wanted to come in. Inside the street light filtered through the windows there really wasn’t any need for lightning it was enough to see by. She made shitty coffee but drinkable and then she thanked me for a memorable evening one she wouldn’t forget. I wasn’t sure which way to go as the dog was just lying on the floor and I could feel it’s beady little eyes on me. Odette stood and put her hand out towards me and I thought well that’s it for the night I know I’ve been in this position before I stood and she came into my arms. Tonsil hockey is a fairly good pastime it got best mate out of bed grumbling about false alarms and standing at attention for no bloody reason half the time and threatening to find gainful employment else where.

Odette said "would you like me to teach you to listen and feel." Best mate was gone back to where he came from. (Who gave a shit I could already hear) "Well ok" I knew if this turned into bullshit I was going to be out the door no sweat. She took my hand and we walked through the flat it was rather large and you couldn’t fall over anything that was a bonus for me especially. Into her bedroom she stopped and said, "what can you see?" "Should I see anything in particular?" "No can you see anything at all" "yes the light through the curtains lights up the room what did you want me too see?." "Shit forgot about them." When she pulled them closed it was pitch black (a fast forward replay of a month or so ago with the storm child sent shivers down my back) my imagination raged. Why so dark what the hell is she playing at second thought scared the shit out me and said she? Meaning what arse wipe second thought was gone gutless wonder.

She (hopefully) was at my side and I started to say what are you doing and I was confronted with "concentrate no talking" oh shit. Her hands were on my shoulders and then slowly moved them down my front and stopped on my chest. I just stood there not knowing what she wanted as tonsil hockey was out I already tried that. Minutes seemed to go by so I put my hands on her shoulders and started to move them down when she opened her arms so my hands would go down her front and I rested them on her breasts they were real second thought was going to get his. We stood that way for a while listening to each other’s breathing and sensing each other. Her hands went to my waist, best man was back out reporting for duty, I mimicked her movements as she undid my belt and stopped. "Go!" "Not you the dog." A sound of nails scraping on the timber floor and silence. She had a different type of buckle on her pants making it difficult to undo second thought arrived slipping up are we "piss off" you know the rules hell you made them. Item, check out what they are wearing, make sure you can get it off or ask how it works before you stuff up like now its called conversation. The buckle came open two piece clasps ok.

The bedside clock told me it was twelve fifty shit we’ve been like this for over half an hour and we’ve just got our belts undone "concentrate" ok. By one thirty we were finally naked and on the bed facing each other on our knees. The object this time was to trace each other’s body without touching and she had blindfolded me just in case I could see anything. Using both hands to move around each other’s body with out touching isn’t easy to start with until your senses come on line and your hands start to detect body heat and hear each other’s breathing. Of course it’s near impossible to keep doing this without touching but when I did I tried to make it the best bits Best mate at attention was leaning against her stomach but she would move back this is classed as touching.


To follow the contours of her body and then moving to each other’s right with one hand moving up and down our front and between our legs. This was surprising her breathing was starting to get heavy and internally I’m screaming touch me! Her breathing was becoming heavier and faster then she fell forward on top of me and we kept going back on to the mattress. How’d she do that? Best mate almost embarrassed himself without being touched she seemed to have enjoyed herself. With out missing a beat she turned around and was on top of me presenting her self for some pussy chewing and best mate taken by surprise as he found himself buried inside her mouth and he planning immediate mass evacuations there was no way this could be stopped through the night I had wondered what that mouth would feel like know I knew pretty fucken good. The rest of the night not a word was said there was rest, there was sex, school was definitely in and I didn’t want it to end.

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