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In Reflection of Earlier Times 3

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Chapter 3



Later that morning I was unceremoniously expelled from her place telling me not to read too much into last night as she wasn’t into relationships and would most likely run into me some where. This was a bit different to the clingy girls I had been used to now the shoe now on the other foot as it were.

The nine fifty five grope was back up to her old tricks however today she had with a marker pen drawn two arrows on her stockings at the top of her legs pointing to her crotch. Every time she opened her legs I could see these arrows and she would just smile.

There was a mezzanine floor above my workbench where the screens were made the old guy that used to make them had gone out to a job. Darlene appeared and went up the steps, stopped half way and smiled then kept going up. A quick look around confirmed no one in sight so I charged up the steps. At the top of steps you could go right or left, to the left we stored sheets of laminates and was more secluded than the other end.

 Fingers crossed I went left and there she was smiling like a Cheshire cat no talking now I went to her and arms around her and practiced tonsil hockey she went straight for best mate. Stuff it I put my hand between her legs up under her dress and down her knickers. Shit, bloody panty hose so I went up so I could go over the top then I couldn’t go up any further because of the belt she had on her panty hose went up past the bloody belt. Best mate was ok she had gone down my front and massaging best mate to the point of no return my knees were I was sure going to buckle when I heard my name called, shit.

That put paid to every thing. We separated without a word and she understood.

I yelled out "where are the spare glass cutters we keep up here?" "Under the bench in the cupboard" was the reply.

I grabbed the cutter and on my way to the stairs Darlene was standing there with her belt undone and her hand down her front smiling, bitch. By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs my "I know what your thinking pants" were almost back to normal. She came back down when I gave the all clear and she disappeared out to the front office.

The afternoon dragged by I didn’t see her until I was ready to knock off when she came up and said "see you tomorrow, have a good evening" she put her hand on my bum and gave it a shove and went back out the front. Who gave a shit about a good evening I was still pissed off about being cut short I was sure I was on a winner. I had suggested on numerous occasions that we make a night of it but was firmly rejected. The guys reckoned I would be on a sure thing if I could get past her boy friend, if they only knew the goings on we were already were having.

At home the storm still raged my flat mate approached me with Jenny lazing on the lounge he asked me did I know who owned the knickers that were behind the cushions on the lounge? Probably Liz’s why what’s the problem? Well Jenny had decided it was time I left and found some where else to live. Addressing Jenny I asked why I should go when the lease was in my name so was every thing else and Jim was the one with no where to live six months ago and I told him he could share. That stuffed her, silence any way I don’t have time for this shit. I looked back, just had a feeling and looked at Jenny she was frowning and staring blankly at the opposite wall. It was creepy the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, I just dismissed it, mistake.

Time for a beer in the fridge was four large bottles so I knocked the top off one and went out the back to my favorite chair. I leaned back in the chair lit a smoke closed my eyes and contemplated the day and Darlene promising myself that one day she would get hers. The screen door behind me closed with a bang and Jim appeared with a beer and said sorry about that. No skin off my nose mate Jenny seems a bit tense you should obviously be giving her more than you are to relieve her tensions. Jim reckoned he was doing his best. "You aren’t serious about setting up house with her are you?" She’s a good looker and all but that bitch streak in her is a mile wide. "She’s alright really" like I said mate she’s wound a little tight. Jenny appeared at the back door demanding to know what this was (now I think I’m reasonably talented but I can’t see out the back of my head) "no idea what do you think it is?" "It’s an eviction notice a guy just knocked on the door handed it to me and left" "We have to be out by this Saturday" "We? You mean Jim and I don’t you" no response.

The letter stated a final notice apparently we were supposed to have been gone last week as per the original notice served two weeks ago. I vaguely remembered a letter from the agent but just threw it on the fridge who opens mail? Jenny have a look on top of the fridge and see if there is a letter from the real estate there. She came back with a letter she opened it, I leaned over to Jim "better watch that mate she’ll open any thing" "yeah when it suits her" I knew he wasn’t talking about the mail.

The letter said that due to obscene behavior on the fifteenth of this month where persons were seen cavorting naked and drunk in the backyard urinating on the back fence etc. Jim looked at me stunned what the hell? I thought it was hilarious Jenny wasn’t smiling. Those bastards next door I said they own this place and it’s none of their business what goes on over here. Jim just looked at me. Ok it was like this remember the week of the storm well a couple of weeks after that Liz came back to apologise for slapping me and stomping out.

Well we decided to have a celebration in the backyard a barbecue a few snags had some beer Liz decided to do some topless sun bathing you get the picture. Jim just sat there nodding his head Jenny standing at the door arms crossed making out like she’s really pissed. Any way as the afternoon wore on we had more beer and I dared her to take it all off and she did pretty simple really.

"What about the cavorting?" Jenny seethed. So what we had it off down there near the clothes line Jenny I can take you down and show you the exact spot if you like. No answer shit she’s a bitch.

"What about the fence then?" "Liz started it she wanted to go to the toilet and I wouldn’t let her so she had a squat down the back and I told her to stand up and do it she wouldn’t" " I should think not" was Jenny’ s reply "but what about the fence?" Liz said since I thought I was so good because males could stand and piss prove it so I pissed her name on the back fence lucky I just finished before I ran out Elizabeth is a long name you know.

"So what are you going to do about this?’ "Not a lot one can do Jenny if they want you out your out" This is Thursday and you have to be out by Saturday. Shit happens I’ll just have to look for some where else. Jenny demanded I go next door and apologise and all that shit and I told her when that would happen. What’s in the fridge I’m starved must be barbecue time? Jim looked and shook his head "mate who cares let’s have a farewell party" I got up to go in and check out the fridge and Jenny’ s standing in the door way not moving so I just kept going and she moved. "You’re an asshole you know" "yep"

The fridge had bugger all as usual and then I felt pressure on my side looking down I saw the sharpest knife we owned poking my ribs. I looked up at Jenny she had a determined look on her face "You will go next door and apologise" "Don’t think so" Standing up I was a few inches taller than Jenny she seemed determined to do some thing. I brought my hands up and grabbed both of her wrists and twisted them back she dropped the knife and it stuck into the floor. I didn’t have to look I knew the knife was going back and forward on the end of it’s blade reflecting the afternoon sun.

I twisted her wrists behind her back making her push her hips into mine and told her that what she needed if she wasn’t careful I could give her. The pressure on her wrists wasn’t great and she could have moved back but she was pushing herself into me harder and her breathing was heavy and best mate rose to the occasion pushing him into her I could feel the heat of her crotch through her clothes and I let her go and moved away. She came up and put a hand on my shoulder and said sorry. "Yeah let’s just forget it." "No I mean I’m really sorry her eyes were watery and she turned me around and put her arms around me and pushed her hips into mine looked up and said "I’m really sorry"

I broke away and said go down to the pub and get a few more bottles ok? She nodded and I reached for my wallet a piece of paper came out with it.

It said, Tonight nine o’clock don’t be late at the VC Park D.

Jenny just looked at me I told her to forget it I’m going out and went to my room to change. I dropped my clothes and into the shower the clock said eight ten plenty of time. Out of the shower back in my room sorting through the cleanest clothes and looked up to see Jenny sitting on the end of the bed.

"I’m really sorry you know." second thought arrived leave it alone son "piss off I hadn’t intending touching it besides I don’t like red heads" look it’s fine, she wouldn’t look up at me but said, "your circumcised Jim isn’t." Yeah good now off you go I’m going to be late. Jesus, I made a mental note to tell Jim she would like a bit of roughhouse had seemed to turn her on and I was out the door although some thing in the back of my mind started a faint bell ringing but dismissed it.

Grabbed a burger and arrived at the park at ten to nine. It was deserted so I elected to park just out of reach of the street lights and devoured the burger. Thoughts returned to the eviction notice, pack of bastards now got to find another place maybe it’s for the best storm child was starting to annoy the shit out of me. Came home one day and she had let herself in done all my washing cleaned the kitchen and swept the place although she could cook the best baked dinner I’d had in a while.

Debbie and I had now been more or less going out for over a month and no closer to the magic moment then again it wasn’t what you’d call serious just a distraction really. Then there was Jenny the way her face turned from determination to, to what? it wasn’t fear about threatening me with a knife, those cold blue eyes and flaming red hair was probably throwing me off

"Are you going to keep me out here all night?" Shit! Darlene had come up on the driver’s side with out a sound. Go around I said as I crawled to the other side and unlocked the passenger side door. Darlene got in she was wearing what appeared to be a full length black cape complete with hood. "What’s this get up then?" "Can we get out of here?" "Where to?" " Just down the road on the other side of the park" "That’s where the cemetery is" "Uh huh" "What’s with the cape get up?" Darlene turned and opened the top showing her left breast and then covered it again as she moved over to my side. "Now just keep driving and drive straight and stop trying to look down my front," She said that since I seemed to have trouble with clothing she just eliminated the problem all thoughts of asking about her boy friend disappeared.

She indicated the parking lot in the cemetery and I hesitated for a second and then second thought came in and I blocked him out. She got out of the car "where are you going?" " Inside, I’ve always wanted to do it in a cemetery" "No, Darlene you can’t be serious?" With that she opened the front of her coat "yep naked" all right the light wasn’t great but I could see enough to put brain in neutral and follow like a drooling dummy. Second thought was trying to break through the fog she had created in my mind but wasn’t faring too well.

She took my hand and we walked through the rows of the dead, every now and then she would slow and look behind us then in front as though she was trying to line up with some thing. This will do and then she was gone I started to turn around looking for her when I felt some thing on my side and nearly had a major accident.

Darlene was on the ground sitting there as naked as the day she was born, I went down to meet her. "See this doubles as a blanket" "You’ve done this before" "Not here I haven’t now shut up and come here." She had picked a spot next to a mausoleum, the night was quiet and very dark the moon’ s first quarter was out tonight. Bugger it forget this shit and get down to business but she got there before me. Darlene was tugging at my jeans as I kicked off my joggers and we were both ready for business. I wanted to try out what Odette had done with the feeling bit again but Darlene said not enough time.

Exploring each other with our mouths one exhilarating rush after another bound us together especially the way she went down me some times like a vacuum cleaner and then with the gentle touch of a butterfly would bring me just to the edge of orgasm she would sense it and stop.

I started discovering her body with my mouth her nipples were hard and she started to breathe heavier and as I moved down to her crotch I found competition she was already fingering herself and she held my head to her stomach and said wait. I’m wondering what the fuck for was there some thing around ready to kill us or what and then she was cum ming she rolled side to side and let out this massive groan. She said she’d never cum like that before I suggested that I may as well watch what did she need me for?

She got up and pushed me back and straddled my chest and rubbed pussy juice all over my chest and then moved up and positioned herself over my mouth I dutifully accepted the task at hand and tasted the duskiness of her pussy rolling my tongue around her clit and into her pussy as she came my mouth was flooded with her juices. This was really becoming worth while until she decided to have our last one on a grave. Best mate disappeared as usual up behind pubic bone and stayed there while we discussed why and why not. I lost the discussion and she moved over to a grave and laid out her cloak and beckoned me to her. Best mate decided it was ok and reported for duty while I was still uncomfortable with it I covered most of her with my body but my back and bum were naked to the sky and a little vulnerable.

My imagination started to run wild imagining a skeletal hand coming up from underneath offering it’s services if required. I was facing the head stone if there was enough light I would have been able to read it, this time Darlene wanted me with my arms straight said she wanted to watch me goose pimples broke out all over me this was becoming strange. Then I started to hear every small noise and was positive I could sense some one or thing behind us oh yes, I had paranoia and I was fertilizing it quite well. Did we now have an audience of skeletons and night things watching our desecration of this grave? I did my best to block the thoughts out although second thought was making it worse working over time in my head with "did you hear that, what was that over there?" She got into the swing very quickly as pounded into her to get this over with and as she came her voice became louder with "oh yes and do it to me" enough to wake the dead.

That set things in motion for me as best mate called on the reserves and just at the moment I closed my eyes to enjoy, through my eyelids I detected an orange sort of colour I was too far gone to care and just rode the wave. As it started to recede I opened my eyes to a very bright light that scared the shit out of me Darlene had a torch shining it in my face apparently she just liked to watch. The wind had picked up the branches of the tree standing over us had started to move as moon light filtered through casting shadows it was time to get the hell out of here it was turning spooky.

As I dressed Darlene pulled knickers, skirt and a top out of the cloak and a bag then stuffed the cloak in the bag and she was dressed. I’m standing there with jeans sort of on sock in hand totally amazed. Come on slow coach lets get a move on, from what I could see she had an uneasy look on her face but didn’t want to elaborate. My paranoia was bad enough with out coupling it to hers.

We walked back through the graves to the car willing myself to look straight ahead and not into the shadows created by the head stones. The walk out was longer than the walk in I was sure but then when I followed Darlene into that place I was thinking about was her naked underneath that cloak. Finally we made it to the old concrete ached entry at night it looked as though the ivy growing over it was it’s only means of support. I stopped short of going all the way through the arch. Some one was leaning against the car I couldn’t make out who it was from where we were.

I pulled Darlene back into the shadow of the entry urging her to be quiet It looked like a girl but guys also had long hair so until you could see the front it was hard to tell. It stood there and we waited, Darlene started to move from one foot to the other crunching the gravel under her feet and I told her to stand still I was then informed she had to pee. "Now?" "Now" I suggested going back down the way we had just come she looked back down the isle of the dead but she wasn’t going to be in that.

Who ever it was didn’t appear to be in a hurry to move so I said she would have to go here. "No I don’t want you to hear me having a pee." "Well I’ll go deaf then or you can go in your knickers and let it run down your leg I won’t hear it then." Finally she decided to go and just when she was squatting down she lost her balance in the gravel (what stupid place to have large loose gravel I bet a few people over the years had gone arse over in that) and let out a squeal. I reached down to help her and looked up to see what reaction our mysterious visitor had, who ever it was had gone.

I moved a discreet distance to let her finish and in all the excitement best mate decided it was his turn, just as I’m considering a spot of relief Darlene was up and said come on lets go! "Wait up my turn!" "Not until I’m in the car with the doors locked" "This was your idea" The look said nothing and heaps. Safely deposited in the car she ensured the doors were locked. I decided any where is fine like most guys so the drivers side was my pick, on the ground was half a cigarette still smoldering with a few other dead partners, curious seems our friend had been there for a while. Back in the car I started musing over who it could have been and was told lets get out of here now, oh Ok.

Back in town Darlene slouched down in the seat so no one would see her. I told Darlene about having to find a new place to live and she said I could sleep in her bed. "What about your boyfriend?" "Soon to be ex boy friend" "Why?" "Don’t pat yourself on the back just yet, he’s been fooling around." "Really son of a bitch how could anyone do that to some one else?" "Don’t you want to do this again?" "Bet your cute ass I do" Darlene figured what was good for one was good for the other only that morning Darlene’s sister had told her that the boyfriend was two timing her. Spot of good luck I thought. Darlene didn’t want us to be a couple just casuals because relationships were out for the time being. Thank you! She called us the itch partners if we had one all we had to do was ring. After that we got itchy a lot.

The next morning at work it was as though nothing had happened she was still up to her teasing and trying to get me embarrassed in front of the other women with my I know what your thinking pants. The end of another week and the day before I had to get out of my place and still nowhere to go if I didn’t find anywhere it wouldn’t be the first time I’d slept in the car.

At home Jenny was planted on the lounge staring off into space didn’t even acknowledge my existence. Jim was out the back knocking down a beer I asked him why wasn’t he packing and told me he had a plan. "I’ve stabbed you in the back figuratively speaking of course." Jim’s plan was to approach the agent and tell them I had left being the main troublemaker and he was more responsible and would like to stay on and they bought it. Nothing personal you understand. Understood, by the way some thing you might find interesting I told him about last night with Jenny and the episode with the knife and the heavy breathing but not the bedroom part he took it Ok but you could see he wasn’t too thrilled about it, touché asshole.

At Debbie’s James and Tina were having a minor dispute about the night’s activities. Debbie was more friendly than usual and asked what I’d been up to all week I said just screwing around and getting kicked out of my place (well it was the truth) naturally she didn’t believe any of it. The decision made it was Fat Boys for dinner then midnight till dawn drive in for Count Yorga vampire double feature. Fat Boys was a hamburger joint modeled on the fifties American style diner. You were invited to have two Fat Boy burgers and if you managed to eat the second one and keep it down it was free. No one I know of ever did it. They did a roaring trade on Friday nights with all the bikers in town they would all come and try their hand at it and fail it didn’t help because they were always pissed.

This night was no exception there were bikers every where James naturally a little nervous the Volkswagen spelt surfer all over so he parked down the road and he and Tina got in my car. A Ford Customline apart from being bloody big was more or less accepted and allowed to park. This night we decided it would be safer to order from the car. The order was taken just as a rival biker group moved in and Debbie’s ex was amongst them he scanned the car and staggered in with his current squeeze. Debbie had slid down the seat and said that we should probably leave, as her ex appeared to be pissed and got pretty ugly when pissed and she thought he might cause trouble he apparently always did.

The vote was unanimous. I was a lover not a fighter and Tina piped up and said "with your hand cause I know Debbie doesn’t put out." Great start to the night Tina and Debbie traded insults for half an hour to the drive-in and were both set to kill each other by the time we arrived. James had decided to leave his car where it was because he and Tina liked the room not as cramped as the Volkswagen.

I was going to suggest we go back for the Volkswagen just to separate the girls but as fate would have it the gates opened and the line began moving. Through the first movie I made up for lost time Debbie seemed willing to go a bit further this time however she drew the line at getting her knickers off as I slid my hand up under her dress waiting every few moments to see if she would start screaming rape or some thing. My fingers slid under the edge of her knickers and went in search of her clit and she was soaking so I started to tease her by kneading her clit and she started to move her hips just a little not to arouse any suspicion from the back seat and I slipped my finger into her hole and started moving it in and out when she put her head on my shoulder and shouted out AHHH Shit pulled muscle and she bit into my shoulder. Tina thought it hilarious I didn’t know what the fuck until I realized it was to hide her orgasm. The earlier squabble with Tina had hopefully been forgotten but no Tina then started on her again that she should be playing with my muscle.

At intermission James and Tina decided to stay in the car and we were the messengers. On the way back we juggled burgers and milk shakes when Debbie stopped and gestured towards the car. The old girl was rocking alright and Debbie was pissed she marched up to the car started abusing James and Tina "can’t you even wait etc." Tina told her to shut up and put out for me instead of being a prick-teasing bitch.

Once again settled and everyone had their burgers and shakes James decided it was time for a walk and Tina yelled out for him to wait for her. As I turned to say you better hurry or he will go without you she was in the midst of lifting her bum up off the seat to get her knickers on and I was a movie star got more than my photo taken. A quick double check to see what Debbie was up to she was looking straight ahead and then I looked back for another photo session. Tina just looked and smiled maneuvered herself towards the door and grabbed my hand that was hanging over the back seat kissed it and was gone.

"Alone at last" Debbie nodded her head in agreement and said "I’m not being a tease you know I’m just not ready, I’ll let you know when and that bitch won’t be any where around that’s for sure." I wasn’t expecting that that’s for sure all could say was "when do you think that will be?" "Soon." Was the reply I looked at her profile and could see a slight smile, maybe sooner than later.

Alone with Debbie again after dropping James and Tina off at the Volkswagen and discovered James hadn’t parked far enough away from Fat Boys some one had thrown burgers at it and smashed a head light and smashed a rear window, shit happens. Debbie started the conversation about when we would do the big it and said she would like to try next weekend at my place. I explained to her my place had moved and as of midday tomorrow she was already in it. "You mean today it’s after midnight." She had thought I was joking so I glossed over the details naturally with a different version and agreed that the owners were a pack of assholes. I told her it wasn’t a big deal and if her mother agreed I could park in her driveway. Debbie suggested I could stay with them but I knew they didn’t have room although the thought was appealing.


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