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In Reflection of Earlier Times 4

Chapter 4



The front door was open didn’t even have to use my key on the last day, Jim should have been at work maybe taking a sick day. Through the hall to my room the door was slightly ajar I usually closed it but couldn’t remember if I had closed it or not and then heard a noise from in the room.

I moved to the side to try and see in but couldn’t see shit. The only thing to do is go in it’s my room so I did, Jenny was in there and seemed to be going through my chest of drawers she had her back to me and was still unaware I was there.

"Anything I can help you with?"

She turned around dropping my shirt her eyes wide open and then she fainted went down like a bag of shit. Great now what I bent over her and called her name nothing at least she was still breathing.

Jenny was dressed in a long t-shirt must have stayed the night so I picked her up and put her on the bed. The hem of the shirt was a little high and I thought about bringing it down lower and thought stuff it then again, second thought arrived and said leave it alone and then a new player came on line and told second thought to push off "who are you?" I’m ego man go on have a look, I liked this guy immediately so over I went and lifted the shirt no knickers she was still out to it and there it was a flaming red bush neatly trimmed you could almost see through it if you got close enough.

"See any thing you like?" Sprung, shit she wasn’t out after all, no just checking to see if you had balls. She started to get all high and mighty that I was taking advantage etc but shut up when confronted with why she was going through my gear. She couldn’t offer a reason for it so I let it drop and told her to get out it was still my room for the next couple of minutes any way.

I took her hand and pulled her up from the bed and she came to me saying wasn’t she good enough? Oh shit! "Look" and then she was very close her mouth turned up and I thought what the hell Ego was saying "go for it man yeah." Her lips were soft and tasted sweet and she pushed her body up against me as I moved down her throat and lightly squeezed her breasts and slipped my hand under her shirt fingering her clit she was more than ready she soaking wet ,she whispered "take me." "Can’t do that it was a kiss good bye."

I moved toward the bed I had agreed to be out by twelve and it was already eleven and Jim would be home by twelve There was still plenty of time according to Ego. Since the place was fully furnished and I didn’t have any furniture I could be packed within the hour. It’s simple just grab the sheets and blanket altogether turn them over and start to pile the clothes in the middle tie a knot and viola finished. The other two blankets I had one was spare I’d need that tonight so it wasn’t packed and the other was for the cooking gear. Jenny was behind me all the way just looking and when I hit the kitchen she had a fit.

"You’re taking every thing!"

"Only because it’s mine."

She went silent and disappeared, the bell started ringing again faintly and I ignored it. Picked up the blanket and put it in the boot of the car and looked up at the house, I’d had some good times here that was for sure oh well shit happens.

Back inside to get the other blanket from the bedroom and there was Jenny lying on the mattress with her legs wide open that little red snatch was going to get me into trouble I could feel it saying please don’t go "I’m gone kid nothing you can do." With that she pulled off her T-shirt and said "not even this" as stood there totally naked I heard the front door open I grabbed the blanket and met Jim in the hallway.

"Last one and I’m off mate" " got every thing? Guess I’ll have to go and get cooking gear" " Yep why don’t you try Vinnies that’s where I go."

Jim walked me out to the car, he appeared to be a bit uncomfortable probably with what he had done to remain in the house and was quite astounded to hear I still had no where to live.

"Well that’s it mate I’m off" Jim offered his hand and I shook it and I opened the car door when Jenny appeared this time she was dressed in jeans and a loose fitting top. Jim went to meet her as she came down the steps they had a couple of words then Jenny came up to the car and around the door before I had time to close it.

She stood there wringing her hands then stooped so we were at eye level and said, "I will come for you" her face had no emotion on it and her blue eyes where clear and cold then she kissed me on the cheek and was gone. Weird bitch, Ego suggested I watch her and didn’t get the feeling it was of a sexual nature.


What to do now I drove around aimlessly I wasn’t on beach patrol today and Debbie would be sleeping because of the midnight till dawn movies. I decided to go down to the beach anyway and see if James was about.

Some dumb prick in front of me not knowing what it was doing shouldn’t be allowed on the road just crawling along it would put it’s blinker on then speed up, slow down and try the same shit all over again. I was warming up just waiting for the chance to explain the road rules and teach it sign language.

Ahead the road went into two lanes at the traffic lights and naturally I got the red so did the jerk off. Pulled up beside it and was ready to get it’s attention when she turned to face me gorgeous was no other word for it she mouthed "sorry" and I mouthed back "it’s ok" with my palms up facing the roof of the car.

The lights changed and she waved, probably lost what a stunner, second thought arrived "and what if it had been a guy or an ugly woman you would have done the same thing?" Shut up.

James wasn’t at the beach and then I had an idea the surf club I might be able to crash out there for a few days while I got my shit together because there were bunks in there that we crashed out on all the time. The caretaker said it was ok the doors were locked at eleven sharp and no exceptions and no women. Beggars can’t be choosers.

So I agreed. With that all sorted out it was time to eat a hamburger and hot chips they always taste better at the beach. With feet up on the dash finishing off lunch started thinking about what Jenny had said "I will come for you" I touched my rib where she stuck the knife and drew blood nothing to go running to a doctor for just a little prick. Very strange bitch indeed, I drifted off to sleep and woke to the car shaking James had been jumping up and down on the tow bar.

The sun was setting I figured I had been asleep four hours at least. "Tina’s mother has invited us for dinner" The night dragged on and Debbie’s mother had been in the scotch was starting to get the giggles and kept putting her hand on James’ leg he wasn’t enjoying himself. I didn’t see anything wrong with it maybe jealous because as I said she was quite well preserved.

We finally left and James left me with "catcha tomorrow" and off I went to the surf club only to realise I was too late the doors were locked.

I turned back to Debbie’s all the lights were out so I turned off the motor and coasted into their driveway grabbed a blanket and settled down for the night all would have been fine except for mosquitoes hate the little buggers.

Next morning I was on duty at the surf club in the little cap you had to wear and maroon swimmers with a yellow stripe on each side. The swimmers were more than I know what you’re thinking, they were I know what you’ve got and occasionally you really got checked out by some of the women on the beach.

Tower duty is what you make of it apart from having a birds eye view of all the women. Today was a brilliant day by midmorning the beach was fairly crowded Tina, Debbie and another girl I had not seen before showed up and decided to bunk down close to the tower this I didn’t need.

Debbie yelled up "We came early" (obviously I thought) Tina said, "hand on it again Deb huh?" Wonderful here we go again as they traded insults I scanned the ocean again for rips and sharks just anything out of the ordinary through a very powerful pair of binoculars. It’s amazing what people will do when they don’t think anyone is watching.

A couple of hundred yards down the beach and a good fifty feet from anyone else a girl lying on her stomach supposedly reading a book had glanced around the beach and slipped her right hand underneath herself. I watched and you could see the muscle in her arm moving slightly, if I wasn’t in the tower you wouldn’t know anything was going on, she had a rather large beach bag beside her to obstruct any casual observers view of the top part of her body and arm. Her bum moved a little as though trying to get comfortable but she was pushing down on her hand. I motioned to Peter and he came up the tower ladder I gave him the binoculars and pointed to our new best friend and he said

"What do reckon, should we allow this on our beach?"

"Up to you Pete."

He was off casually down the beach and I could see her little bum starting to move ever so slowly but more regular and she was squeezing her buttocks together. If he didn’t hurry it would be all over but she was still going when he got there he squatted down beside her and she seemed to be startled and her hand magically reappeared.

Peter was one of the "crew" and I wondered what line he was using on her when she got up and he followed her into the surf and they went out just beyond the breakers and surfed in on a wave. They were further down the beach still in the water and it looked as though they were kissing and the water was waist high, I just imagined the rest.

Best mate had woken up with all the going’ s on and was really straining when the dork came up and said times up.

"Yeah in a while."

The girls had settled down no more arguing and best mate was up. Interesting situation I could have used him to bend steel over at that moment and Dork was carrying on it was his turn, pedantic little prick he always watched the clock no one did over or under their time in the tower if he was on duty.

It was going to be difficult to get down with best mate trying to impersonate the leaning tower of Pisa. Now if I made a big deal of it that would arouse the girls they were already starting to become interested in why I wasn’t in a hurry to get down. All right I’ll go for surf.

The plan was to jump down it was only ten or so feet and run into the surf that would fix best mate how ever as they say all good plans and intentions can get shot to hell sometimes. I moved the loud hailer from its hook near my leg and put it behind me and wriggled my bum to the edge and pushed myself off the tower.

On the way down the hook snagged the side of my swimmers I heard the tear of material I hit ground wearing the top band of the swimmers and best mate trying to make like a sundial. The only thing to do was to hit the ground and scoop sand all around and over me while it seemed like half the beach laughed like hell in hind sight if I hadn’t tried to cover up maybe no one would have laughed.

Tina laughed for a while and Debbie I think was more stunned than any thing but no one would come up and offer any assistance. Tina came up and went down on her haunches directly in front of me as I looked up all I could see or wanted to see was that crotch of hers in front of me nice and tight against her bikini and she said "like some help?"

"Well if it’s not to much trouble."

With that she gave me a towel saying she wished it were a tea towel instead.

"Trying to impress some one?" Tina said. "Wouldn’t you like to know."

I got up with whatever little pride I had left and went up to the clubhouse to retrieve my spare pair of swimmers when Debbie came up beside and asked

"are you ok?"

" Sure no problem"

"Well how is that graze on your butt?"

I could feel a stinging sensation on my bum but was feeling a little embarrassed about being bare arsed and hadn’t paid much attention to it. I left Debbie outside as women are strictly forbidden according to the sign inside the door.

In the mirror it appeared to be a good graze and was now bleeding. Peter came in and said he was sorry he missed the floor show as he was busy getting his knob polished and tyres rotated in the surf. Yeah man how you do it he claimed it was his charm and good looks.

Peter squinted at the mirror

"Looks ugly mate."

"What the graze?"

"No your arse"

"Thanks pal."

"I can fix you up I’ll go and get the tool box."

"Well hurry up"

Peter was back with the first aid kit and told me to turn around I did so and was greeted with excruciating pain.

"What the fuck did you do?"

"It’s cool, just methylated spirits"

"Shit man."

It’ll be fine a couple of minutes no problem. The graze was just under the line of my swimmers but still stung like a bitch. Stuff it that’s all for today I’m going home and then I realised I was home. Have to pull my finger out and find some where to live. Pete said he was looking for some one to share and I said I would think about it.

"It’s only a ten minute walk from here and your girl friend lives three blocks away from that." "Thanks mate leave it with me."

I wasn’t in a hurry to live so close to a girlfriend again as they start to show up at inopportune moments. Storm child was prime example always wanting to clean things and generally try and take over although this was further away.

Back at the tower I was greeted with applause from some of the women and Debbie said did I feel ok and the girl that was with them came over with Tina not too shabby. As she came closer all the colour must have drained out of my face when Debbie said you’re not ok are you?

Not when I realised the other girl was Mrs. D. She had a large floppy straw hat on that obscured most of her face and Mrs. D. Said you’re lucky it wasn’t more serious with a wink. Mrs. D. said they were going home and did I want to come home for lunch because she wanted to have a chat about some thing. Ego jumped in what the hell does she want we haven’t done anything to her daughter yet.

"Sure I’d love to have lunch. I’ll be finished here about one o’clock."

Debbie and Tina said they would come home with me, Mrs. D. said she’d had enough of the sun for one day. I watched her as she left not too shabby at all she didn’t have bum sag like most women after they’ve pushed out a few kids.

The girls went back to their spot and I did the beach walk telling swimmers to get out of the board rider’s area for a while and made my way back to the girls. Debbie wanted more suntan lotion on her back so I volunteered my services. Laying down beside her making sure it wasn’t the grazed side I squeezed the lotion on her back and started to rub it in with a sort of massaging motion that she liked saying you can do this all day.

Occasionally I went a little too far down and under the top of her bikini bottom she didn’t object and Tina was lying on her side watching.

You can only do this for so long and then I moved down to her legs going up to the top and slipping between them rather innocently of course when I noticed she was starting to clench her buttocks. Ego jumped in to my thoughts saying

"go on man slip in the finger go on" he sounded like a miniature George Carlin.

Best mate was also at attention so I started to work closer and Debbie started to move a bit as though trying to get comfortable and opening her legs at the same time creating a little more room for Ego’ s suggestion. Gutsy move there was still a few people about and Tina was still watching by now she had a grin from ear to ear I started to wonder if she could read my mind.

I squeezed more lotion in my hand and started the journey up her legs and slipped under the band of the bikini and massaged her lower buttock. No reaction so on the next trip I moved over a little more best mate wanted to break free by the feel of it. I had to concentrate on my breathing to keep from giving the game away this time I felt pubic hair so we’re getting closer second thought arrived with

"do you think here is the right place?"

"Ego told him to piss off and let me concentrate."

Up her legs again and under the material a shadow passed over us as people walked by so I had to go over her bikini instead and started rubbing her crotch through the bikini and then she turned over putting an end to my ministrations.

Second thought arrived

"you’re in for it now!"

Debbie just looked at me and sat up and pulled me to her "That was very nice but this isn’t the place for it"

Tina had stood probably expecting part of me to be removed from the rest and said

"Anyone for a cold drink? My shout."

Debbie nodded "Want some ice for that" Tina motioned towards my crotch as best mate was trying to erect his own tent. I was waiting for an exchange of abuse between them but Tina just left well enough alone then disappeared swinging her hips attracting as much attention as she could.

"So where are you going to live?"

"Not to sure at the moment I have had an offer to share but I have to check it out yet"

"Not in a hurry huh?"


"Well if you would like to finish what you have started today you better hurry up"

It was going to be sooner.

"There’s always the car"

"No James and Tina have already been at it in there and I want it to be in bed" Debbie was very clear on that, time to pull my finger out.

While stowing the beach umbrella in the boot Debbie was putting towels down on the front seat, vinyl car seats get pretty bloody hot in the sun. Tina came up and said

"getting closer are we? Bet you don’t wash that hand for a while, watching what you were doing really turned me on. What do you say to that? I just gave her a stupid grin and got in the car.

Over lunch Mrs. D. asked why I spent the night in her driveway. A very short version of how I became homeless seemed to satisfy her curiosity. Mrs. D. said I couldn’t live in my car or the surf club and I assured her I was on the look out for some where to live. She said as you can see we don’t have a lot of room in this house so I can’t offer you any thing.

"Sure it’s not a problem I get by always have."

Tina was looking at Debbie raising her eye brows trying to goad her into saying some thing with out success when Tina piped up with

"what about the in there? We have a spare mattress on my bed."

"Why don’t we put it in the hallway?"

The hallway used to be a verandah that had been closed in and provided the only access to the girl’s room. Mrs. D. said if it didn’t bother me I could bunk down there for a week or so until I found some where to live and was reminded this wasn’t going to be a permanent arrangement. It was a done deal with smiles all around.


The mattress wasn’t the greatest but the fantasy that Tina had slept on this was awe-inspiring. The mattress had created a three-foot wide walkway to the girl’s room so there was plenty of room. Being the butt of various jokes when I unpacked my blanket went on for most of the afternoon things like refugee and swag man etc. The joking between the girls started to fade as afternoon was rapidly becoming evening I had my own thoughts of nighttime and they probably did too, no harm in wishing.

At the kitchen sink rinsing out my cup Tina came up from behind to place her cup in the sink and brushed her breasts against my back and gave me wink. Ego was positive I was in and berated me for being slack and not trying to grab a hand full of pussy that night at the drive in but I exercised restraint if Mrs. D. got an inkling of anything not proper I was sure I’d be outside kissing asphalt. The evening meal over Debbie and I did the washing up sneaking the odd neck when it was safe and Tina gave me a wide berth and became silent. Great a house full of PMT.

I elected to shower last although Mrs. D. insisted I go first if I wanted a hot shower I didn’t give a stuff I really needed a cold shower. After sitting on the couch with Debbie and Tina me in the middle best mate was I’m sure trying to create an embarrassing situation where I was forced concentrating on anything except my surroundings.

Ego being a proper little asshole trying to look at anything thing that resembled a erogenous zone he even tried Mrs. D. when she stood up to make coffee her skirt had ridden up and she self consciously pulled it down. Tina went for a shower and Mrs. D. said to make sure the door was closed, as the lock didn’t work properly being a house full of women they hadn’t bothered with it. I gave a nod and thought that’s handy the toilet and shower in the one room. I hated those set ups especially if you had some one who liked to hog the shower and your busting to go.


Tina emerged from the shower dressed in a pale blue teddy I just couldn’t look without giving anything away. Mrs. D. on her way to the shower suggested she put a dressing gown on as they had a guest and Debbie was in agreement. Holy shit she was alluring in that nightie.

Mrs. D. emerged complete in dressing gown although Ego wanted to bet there wasn’t any thing on under it I just ignored him. Debbie like her mother did the same although I could see evidence of some thing underneath probably neck to knee.

My turn in the shower and as promised it was cold and my side stung like a bitch under the cold water but this I had to have. I had lathered up my hair when I felt a small breeze you know when a door opens and you sense the change in the air.

Well to open my eyes at that time would fill them up with soap so I started to rinse it out and took a quick peek nothing Second thought said expecting to be raped by the whole family Ego told him to piss off. Second thought came back and said told you playing with yourself you will not only go blind but a little strange as well, piss off. Just my imagination all was as it had been and the door squealed when opened any way.

I lay in bed for hours looking at the ceiling trying to sleep but to no avail. Tina had got up and went to the toilet and Ego went ape shit goading me into trying for a grope and Second thought said why not scare the shit out of her and she’ll scream the house down.

Morning came too soon the radio was issuing a severe weather warning. Heavy showers and gale force winds they were tracking the storm and warning it may reach cyclone status by mid morning. Funny it was just pissing down out side.

Tina emerged like the walking dead still half asleep and tripped over the edge of the mattress and fell across me. She now wide-awake turned to face me I said

"mornin, this is a great way to wake up."

Tina mumbled some thing like fuck you, she was positioned across my lower half and she started to get up and placed one hand on best mate the other on the mattress and pushed herself up. I had to put my hands over my eyes to catch them as they most certainly were going to fly out of their sockets the pain to best mate was more that oh shit but not as bad as a kick in the balls.

Tina now up right said,

"this is a great way to wake up"

and was gone. I was left to catch my breath and see if best mate was ok, resilient little bugger half an hour later you wouldn’t know he had almost become a permanent part of my pubic bone.

Driving in the rain I enjoy however this was a little more than rain and the girls both in the front changing tops for dry ones they promised Mrs. D. they would change into once at work had decided to do it now, made for interesting driving.

Water had covered the road in a few places with the usual breakdowns on the road made the going slow and the girls were starting to grumble that they should have stayed home. I had to drop Tina off first although we already passed Debbie’s’ work I then had to back track I don’t think she liked the idea of her sister alone with any guy.

The rain continued to bucket down storm drains over flowed and water started to cover the road. By mid morning the full force of the storm hit rain coupled with the wind buffeted every thing that wasn’t nailed down. A decision was made to start moving every thing to higher ground we had three levels in the building. So every thing that was perishable had to be moved until the wind took off part of the third level roof so we started moving every thing back to the second level.

The forklift wouldn’t start so that meant pallets of cement were moved by hand to the opposite end of the third level and covered with tarps. The water was rising six inches an hour by lunchtime the first level had ten feet of water in it. Outside some dick was going up and down the street in a speedboat.

Outside my car was in about six inches of water as I had parked on the high side but the running water had started to under mine the tyres and it was starting to move slowly down the hill. I ran for the car and jumped in the rain was coming down so hard I couldn’t even tell if it started, I just threw it into reverse and hoped the motor had started first go it had but all to no avail. It was still in a slide down the hill and stomping on the brake didn’t help either.

Rick the truck driver was at my window a said to go with it and try to get enough momentum to turn around before I hit deep water and drive back up the hill. What the friggin hell do you class as deep water up to the bumper bar, wheel arches or bonnet I spun the steering wheel to the right I was about twenty feet from the edge of the water and tramped the accelerator and headed for it.

Just before the edge I turned the wheel to the right and just made it with not much to spare and tramped the accelerator again and nothing. I could feel all eight cylinders vibrating through the car transmitting their power to the rear wheels but it just sat there and spun. At least I wasn’t going backwards so I was fairly happy with that and gave the audience I now had the thumbs up. They were busy waving their arms as though in some primitive ritual I had no idea about until it finally dawned on me to ease of the juice and then the rear tyres grabbed and I crawled up the hill.

I deposited the car up on level ground and walked back to the factory no use in running I like every one else had been wet for hours and was greeted with various comments, none of which were flattering. I just said "there’s nothing like a Ford" and Rick piped up with

"yeah nothing like the dick behind the wheel either"

"Thanks mate."

All the women were sent home early and the guys were elected to stay over night to watch the stock and the water level, as we couldn’t close the six roller doors. I still had some clothes in the car not the cleanest but dry, the night passed slowly as the wind started gusting and the rain came down harder I didn’t think it possible but it did.

Around midnight the fridge floated out of the lunchroom and out the roller door followed by the table and various other pieces. We stood watch like that for three days and nights. On the third night I decided to sleep in the car at least it was more comfortable than the bags of cement I slept on the nights before.

Debbie and Tina had been able to get home on the Monday night but weren’t able to get back so they stayed at home like the majority of people in the town. I finally made it back home on the Friday afternoon the waters had receded enough to clean up the factory although a lot of roads were still closed and the weather reports said we were over the worst of it.

Totally knackered I fell on to my little square of paradise and slept until early evening. I awoke to find Debbie beside me staring intently into my face.

"How goes it?"

"Good a little stuffed though."

She proceeded to explain Tina’s snotty attitude, James had been caught in the flood and had spent a few nights in my bed and had left after Tina and he had an argument and she hasn’t heard from him since. As we both agreed shit happens Tina walked past and said,

"make sure you keep all you’re shit on your side so no one will trip over it" and off she went.

Later that night when everyone had showered it was my turn. The wind had picked up again with heavy showers the cyclone had turned around again and the electricity was out. I like a challenge but was becoming weary I’d had nothing but challenges all week.

So by candlelight I ventured into the bathroom and set up two candles as one barely made a difference, the water lukewarm as usual. You know how the smallest things can be enjoyable. Well after so many nights without a proper shower and being able to wash your hair I was relishing this. I thought I heard the door open just imagination and then had a flash back to the cemetery when I thought I heard a lot of things and our mysterious stranger.

The wind still howling out side I could just make out another noise I don’t really think I heard it, more like sensed it. Scraping soap from my face and peering through half opened eyes as you do with shampoo running down your face. It was a large bathroom I moved the traditional plastic shower curtain back, lucky I had lit two candles.

The one on the sink had died and the other was doing a mad fluttering dance threatening to extinguish itself in the wind coming through, shit the door was open and in the corner on the toilet sat Tina just staring at me. She reached for the toilet roll tore off a swatch and reached between her legs. Ego dropped in with,

"a little dab will do you" then second thought said

"no that’s not it"

and she stood up pulled her knickers up flushed the toilet washed her hands and walked out leaving the door open. Dumb struck, thunder struck I don’t know which. I was standing there like a stale bottle with best mate rapidly waking up at half mast, like a sign pointing the way and with that the candle made good on it’s threat and died.

The next morning I lay half-awake listening to the rain and felt movement in the mattress to my right and then left. Opening my eyes and looking up there was Tina with her feet either side of my head standing with hands on hips staring down at me as though in a silent dare of some sought when I realised she had no knickers on and only that short nightie.

Then she walked off the mattress down the corridor and turned left into the bathroom. Ego was urging me to get up and go for it because

"She’s asking for it man."

The toilet flushed and she was back walked straight past and into her room didn’t even glance in my direction I turned on my side to watch as she climbed back into bed. This was going to be a long day. My semi waterproof watch told me it was just after six am through the fogged glass. Weather reports were coming every fifteen minutes with the hideous style air raid warning sound that preceded every update warning against going anywhere if you were dry stay where you are, great.

Debbie was awake and staggered out rubbing her eyes


"hi still raining"


with that I made an obvious move side ways to make as though I was going to look up her nightie she giggled and gave me a quick flash, oh well she was wearing knickers. Further down the corridor she flicked up the back of her nightie for a rear flash at least Debbie was still ok.

"Think your smart don’t you?" came from Tina I turned to face her and she just stared, Christ! The day dragged playing monopoly and getting ones photo taken by the end of the day Debbie was flashing more and so was Tina. I don’t know if they realised what they were doing or Tina was trying to out do her sister or what I even got a flash from Mrs. D. as I said quite well preserved for thirty something.

That night staring at the darkness waiting for sleep to come a whisper very close to my head said get ready and then there was pressure on my lips and then it was gone. It was too quick to discern if it was Debbie had to be. Get ready? Ready for what? Was this it did she want to do it now or was there evacuation orders coming.

The girls had their radio on but I couldn’t make out the actual words of the announcer the rain hadn’t let up. There was fifteen inches of water under the house the last time I checked and it would have to double that height if I was going to be in danger of getting my bum wet. What was I going to do get my knickers off throw back the sheets and wait like some expectant pervert or what I didn’t know so I just lay there and waited.

Movement on the mattress, she’s back who ever she was. My hand was lifted and moved up off the mattress and felt soft hair the texture of baby’s hair. Shit this wasn’t Debbie that much I knew. It was Tina while I was doing the thinking and realising bit my blankets had been pulled back, my knickers pulled down. Shit she was wet I reckoned to myself it was going to start running down my arm soon and then she straddled me best mate was in up to the hilt in one swift move.

She started rocking back and forth and then nothing she was gone. I pinched my self to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and then felt best mate he was wet alright and so was my pubic hair definitely not dreaming. What the hell was all that about? Couldn’t fathom it although it was a fancy bit of prick teasing if that’s what it was.

Next morning I awoke early as bloody usual and rolled onto my left side and faced the wall and faked sleep I was more than curious to see how this day was going to pan out.

At breakfast every thing was normal Debbie all bubbly and full of giggles Tina her usual somber self if our eyes met there wasn’t any emotion or recognition that I was the guy, you know, last night, remember, nothing strange bitch.

Finally the rain had reduced to showers and the water again was receding and the big discussion was what to do today I wanted to see how the car fared in the water stakes last night and see if it started. Opening the car door water poured out it wasn’t too bad the mats needed a wash anyway. I pulled the floor bungs out and threw them in the glove box put the key in the ignition and nothing well that’s natural I guess.

Up with the bonnet and jiggle the battery terminals and another try success I was happy sitting there listening to my favorite eight cylinders do their thing when Tina came up

"what are you a fuck wit or what?"

she was soaked with what looked like dirty water.

"What are you going on about?"

She had walked up behind the car just as it started and the muffler spewed out water and she copped it shit happens. Ego came on line "go on apologise" "for what no way" in the end I did because Debbie came out to see what Tina was going on about.

They passed each other on the front steps as Debbie approached she had a smile from ear to ear and said we need supplies can you take me to the shops now. In the car Debbie cracked up she couldn’t even sit up straight she laughed so hard her stomach-hurt tears were running down her face. Debbie said pull over and she came to me with one of the most passionate kisses yet and said you have to get a place soon remember I want a bed. That night there was no visiting from Tina the rain had stopped but the wind persisted. Next morning Tina was in a good mood to match Debbie she even made me breakfast like I said strange bitch.

Darlene wasn’t at work flood waters were still effecting a lot of people and as it turned out, me, I actually missed the little prick teaser at smoko and lunch time. That night as Mrs. D. was preparing dinner she liked to have a couple of wines and a chat I discovered she had been dumped by her boyfriend a few months ago and she found it difficult to find guys that would accept her and the girls.

The girls weren’t young and wouldn’t be around for long, she knew that but as she put it "men are bastards" I just happened to be in my apprenticeship I wanted to ask if I was passing or failing but didn’t think this was the right time. I told Debbie about it later and she said her birthday is coming up and her mother always got morbid about that time.

Over dinner Mrs. D. said she heard Peter was looking for some one to share his house, this I knew he had offered the day I came off the tower at beach. That little statement created giggles all around with Debbie giving me a sultry look, Tina you just couldn’t get an inkling into what she was thinking she just laughed and Mrs. D. just enjoyed my discomfort.

I promised I would go and see him about it, that said Mrs. D. decided it was time for a toast and Tina decided to admonish her mother with

"don’t you think you have had enough tonight?"

Her mother just held up her glass and said cheers and gave me a wink from the side of her glass so the girls couldn’t see.

I was beginning to like nighttime to see what would happen. Bath time especially I found myself dawdling in the hope that Tina would pay another visit while I was showering but to no avail. Mrs. D. however did knock and ask if I was going to be long, as she would like to use the toilet. Ego wanted me to tell her to go ahead but second thought answered for all of by saying I’d be right out.

At some thing past almost asleep the whisper was back "get ready" there was no kiss this time but she started to crawl over my head kissing my chest and heading for the nether region. Her nigthie brushed over my face and I knew some pussy chewing might be coming up and it did, she pushed her crotch into my face and I smelt her odour. Preparing to pay her lip service as it were I had barely started and she was gone again bloody hell I’ll say it again strange bitch. I lay there wondering what was I in for tonight Ego reckoned a good time but I wasn’t sure what she was up to.

I didn’t hear any thing but I sure felt it warm wetness on best mate it only lasted for a moment and then she crawled onto the mattress and positioned herself over best mate then impaled herself on him. She moved as usual grinding herself into me I reached for her and she was gone. Bitch high and dry again, lying there in the darkness I vowed that she was going to get hers.

The next night nothing happened all was quiet on the western front as they used to say. The night after that however was a little different. The now standard greeting of "get ready" was used and she went to the toilet again as usual, tonight she was in for it as I had been thinking unusual for one so young I know but what the hell live dangerous.

She was back and crawled up the mattress my hand was shoved between her legs Tina held my hand there for moment she was very excited the way she just kept pushing my hand into her should have hurt like hell or felt bloody good. Next the hand was retired and she positioned herself over best mate and took him up to hilt. Her movements were slow with all the previous groping best mate felt like a gun with a hair trigger.

I reached out and pulled her to me. This surprised the shit out of her she started to put up a struggle but I held on, best mate with his hair trigger let go. "Oh yes!" this was toe curling stuff it seemed to go on for ever, like when you go to a service station and the attendant asks "fill her up?" well she was being filled up. When my grip loosen a little she was up and gone although she did leave a parting compliment of "you prick" well hell lady what did you expect a guy can only be fooled so many times.

Next morning in the bathroom enjoying the relief only an empty bladder can give. While hosing down the sides of the bowl Tina appeared through the door and peered over my shoulder. "If it’s a boy I hope he’ll have more than his father" all thoughts of enjoying my morning pee vanished and I turned a little to early and yep you guessed it peed all over her legs.

"What did you say?"

She ignored the question instead started berating me about my parentage. I couldn’t think of any thing to say I guessed sorry wasn’t going to cut it. She then shut up and I bolted because the noise she was making was enough to wake every one up which it did.

After explaining to Mrs. D. that I had accidentally walked in on Tina in the bathroom and she gave me a mouthful. Mrs. D. went down the two steps leading to the bathroom and bashed on the door then told Tina that was no way for a lady to act and that she was to apologise. I could just imagine Tina on the other side of the door fuming and being forced to agree with her mother without giving herself away.

While all this was going on Debbie had come up behind me and I had slipped my hand down the front of her knickers. She was trying to move away although not very convincing and complaining she had to go to the toilet. Bad move on her part so up came the hand a little and applied pressure on her bladder "oh no" Debbie said and pulled away and was gone to the toilet yelling out

"coming through"

and was gone through the door. I found out later that Debbie couldn’t tolerate any pressure on her bladder in those particular circumstances when she had to, she had to go puts a whole new meaning on getting your hand wet I guess.

Mrs. D. asked me to look at the lock on the toilet door and see if I could fix it. Looking at my friend the door latch wondering when I should fix it, to do it now would mean the end of the occasional visits while I showered. Second thought asked "who else do you think will come in after all this drama and risk being caught?" "Don’t hurt to wish son" said Ego.

At breakfast Tina wasn’t one of life’s happy children sitting at the table playing with her toast and curling her hair around her index finger,


"That won’t help if I’m pregnant I’m not on the pill"

Ah shit that could be a problem second thought mused. All further discussion ceased as Debbie appeared with

"Are you two friends yet?"

The silence was deafening time to go to work. The car was refusing to start another helpful start to the day in no mood for stuffing about I got a can of petrol from the boot I kept for emergencies and poured a little petrol in the carburetor and Debbie said


"Not if she starts there won’t be give it a kick will you"

Now you know as soon as you open your mouth you’re in Shit Street and the consequences flash through your mind at the same time it happens.

Well Debbie was standing at the open car door as I poured petrol into the carburetor and she turned the key as I told her to. The result was a flame lurched up singing my eyebrows side burns and the front of my hair.

This sent me reeling backward to the ground landing in the sloppiest part of the yard, I lay there looking at the sky listening to Debbie scream and hearing the car idling she started wonderful. Tina arrived amid all the commotion standing over me hands on hips giving me a look of absolute pleasure.

In the mirror the damage didn’t look as bad as it felt apart from total embarrassment I’d live. Mrs. D. decided to give me a trim just to tidy up my hair. Sitting on the bar stool with a towel around my shoulders and being overseen by Debbie so her mother wouldn’t cut it all off as she was a fan short back and no sides, very uncool in those days.

Don’t take a lot off the fringe Debbie was saying to her mother, when Tina waltzed in and gave her mother a push telling her to do what she wanted. This action put her crotch firmly into my knee. While all this was going on I was wondering what Mrs. D. had on under her nightie and then I guess my knee found out. I looked up and there was Mrs. D. all red faced I don’t think the girls had realised what happened but I did and I just gave a shrug and looked down. The hair cut was over after that and Mrs. D. disappeared into her room.

At work Darlene thought it hilarious that I had hardly any eyebrows left and presented me with an envelope containing hair clippings, she said it wasn’t a gift from the heart but from some thing that was close to mine. Just what I always wanted an envelope containing Darlene’s pubic hair. At lunch time Darlene decided to have lunch with me some thing we had agreed not to do so no one would become suspicious of our little "itchy " relationship. There was a park not too far from work and not very popular because it was over grown with trees and the like however it was a very popular place at night for all the obvious reasons.

There was only two other cars in the parking lot that would only hold a hand full of cars anyway, by our standards it was a little crowded. Darlene didn’t seem to mind as she guided me to a spot under a large old tree. The day had started to turn cool with the promise of more rain as Darlene wished it would turn into a thunderstorm.

She came into my arms and started her ministrations on best mate and I slipped my hand under her dress knowing the obstacle course by now. First knickers then panty hose, when I arrived at the panty hose Darlene stopped me and smiled Ego arrived "prick teasing only today?" Darlene moved my hand from the top of her panty hose down between her legs where there was a hole in the crotch. She had cut a hole in the crotch of her panty hose. "Inventive,"

How is it when your working that time almost stands still and when your fooling around time flies any way we had about twenty minutes left so it was action stations. Darlene straddled me and impaled herself on best mate as she moved her bum it hit the steering wheel then the horn so I reached down beside me and pressed the seat release button and the front seat moved back just enough to clear her energetic little bum.

As Darlene’s rhythm started to increase I could hear voices over the radio. I moved to the right and Darlene said becoming bored are we I motioned behind her to the elderly couple making their way towards us. Darlene said

"do think they’ll want to watch?"

"Don’t think so"

She oblivious to my concerns leaned back and said feel that right there that’s what gets me going in this position. The couple were getting closer Darlene was started making small groaning sounds and I knew it wouldn’t be long for her now when a voice said.

"Well I never" and Darlene turned to the old woman and said

"well maybe you should"

and then she started groaning again and she was off. Watching the couple go to their car not a car length from mine Darlene was still bouncing on best mate and it all become to much for him and he let go. The intensity of it made my hips move which pushed Darlene’s cute little ass on to the steering wheel and the horn sounded.

The old woman yelled out to her husband to hurry up and unlock the door and muttering "well I never in all my" the rest was cut off by Darlene’s bum hitting the horn again. The oldies finally in their car reversed out and Darlene waved to them you could take her any where so friendly. As the car reversed I could see the driver’s side and the old guy had his arm out the window and gave us the thumbs up salute as he drove away.

Well if that was lunch we were finished and had to push it to get back to work on time just made it with Darlene putting her knickers on and explaining the benefits of having a hole in her pantyhose.

On the way home I stopped off to see Pete to check out his place and what the offer was. It was an old home the old timber steps leading up to the verandah were split and twisted a testimony to their age. The house like the steps was old. The place was big enough with three double bedrooms and all the usual amenities the deal was done and I could move in any time. Pete shared the house with another guy, David. The first night was to be a celebration Pete wanted to cook up his own version some sort of curry that required a carton beer to wash it down over a couple hours.

This was the place to be it was comfortable and the bed was better than the mattress on the floor. Although I wasn’t going to have anymore late night visits from Tina it would have only been a matter of time until we were sprung. I could be myself you could scratch your balls when you wanted to have man farts with out ridicule or it could turn into a contest between the three of us especially after the curry. You know those powerful farts that don’t want to leave that seem to follow, you could put a collar on it and call it friend take with you any where this was my place.

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