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In Reflection of Earlier Times 5

Chapter 5


On the front verandah there were two lay back canvas chairs you could sit in and listen to the surf very relaxing and just snooze. One evening as the world went by something to my left caught my attention. It was Kate I didn’t hear her approach I asked her where she came from and she only shrugged offering out her open palms as a gesture. Kate and I were like two kids. We were our world. I christened her Bright Eyes it just seemed to suit her.

The dress she was wearing was familiar and she didn’t come to me and I started to get up when she offered her open palms again in a gesture to stay. She smiled and that old feeling came back it happened every time it raised a lump in my throat as she looked down and her hair fell over her eyes and gave that little girl innocent look. When we were together it was very difficult to leave her and go to work every day.

We would ring each other through the day and talk about nothing for a few minutes and when she got home from work I would massage her feet and she my shoulders all in silence. We were just together. Kate moved over and stretched her hand out to touch me and the terror started to build. Kate was gone she had been taken from me nearly two years ago.

What was this and her hand on my shoulder started to shake me harder and I looked up to protest to Kate but it was Debbie, Kate was gone I looked around frantically Debbie stood back looking at me as though I had slipped a cog or two

"What’s wrong?"

" Nothing just thought I saw something."

"How could you see some thing you were asleep. Probably dreaming huh?"

Debbie had come over to check out the new digs with a raise of her eyebrow. I was still quite shaken and now not really in the mood for extra curricular activities. I wanted time to go over what had happened.

It had taken a long time to get over Katie's death and this had really shaken me up.

"What’s going on"

Tina had arrived to I gather also to check out the new place. Off the hook Tina’s presence would put paid to Debbie’s plans. It did. I don’t know what we talked about but they didn’t stay long. That night I lay awake and revisited memories of Kate and the next day decided on a sickie and went to the forest to a spot where we had cooked a barbecue lunch and been driven back to the car by mosquitoes.

We didn’t get eat lunch but the bottle of wine we had was good. No mosquitoes today just the sounds of running water cold and clear. Back in the car the radio was playing some song and there was a line in the song "I’m so lonely I could hear a tear drop fall" no shit time to kick your arse into gear. I got it back together after a little talk to myself and headed home.

David was home early splayed out on the lounge drinking coffee and had a visitor she had her back to me and he said

"I’d like you to meet a friend of mine"

Not girlfriend? Ego jumped in

"Come on son fair game here" as she turned even Ego said

"Aw shit".

It was Jenny; she was up and over the lounge

"Saying nice to meet you"

She appeared quite nervous her deep blues darting all over my face for some thing and I said

"Glad to see you don’t remember me how is Jim?"

She paled it suited me fine and then she apologised for not remembering me, horse shit. It had only been a month or more, bitch still didn’t trust her. David decided on a beer since it was beer o’clock I declined not in the mood and Jenny still holding my hand said

"I’ll come for you"

Being a smart arse I told her I like to make all my girls come. With that she let go of my hand and went into the kitchen with David.

The days rolled by and one afternoon I locked myself out of the house and instead of waiting for David or Pete to get home I decided to visit with Mrs. D. She was home and invited me in to the kitchen to watch as she prepared the evening meal. I had to carry most of the conversation about how well the new digs were and we all got along so far.

On her second glass of wine since I had sat down a mental calculation of maybe one before I arrived and it was five o’clock I reckoned Mrs. D. was cooking more than dinner. She was on the road to a good night if she kept this up. I decided time to go when she started to chop the onions with a meat cleaver. Just as I said my good byes the inevitable happened she sliced her finger.

I grabbed a towel and wrapped her finger in it and sat her down and then she started crying and put her arms around me at the same time got up and sat on my lap. Ego said

"Your in remember knee, crotch"

Second thought declared Ego delusional and Mrs. D. just cried. I picked her up and carried her to the lounge. She lay side ways and propped herself up on her elbow she apologised for being stupid and I got the hell out of there. I remembered Debbie saying her mother always got depressed around her birthday so it mustn’t be to far away I made a mental note to ask when it was.

That night when Debbie arrived she was a little tense she didn’t want to talk about it. Had to be Tina she could really stir her up. David and Pete were going out so we would be left up to our own devices as Debbie put it. We migrated from the lounge to the bedroom and started a slow inspection of each other’s tonsils. Gradually removing clothing and warming up to the magic moment she insisted on having the sheet over us.

Close inspection of her breasts with my tongue produced a writhing of her hips a then slid my hand down between her legs and applied pressure to her pubic bone resulting in a small groan of pleasure. I started my trek of discovery further down to her navel and ran my tongue around it resulting in a sharp intake of breath from Debbie. Her hands on my head gently forcing me down further.

I started to run my tongue up and down then over her pubic hair and down the other side. She was starting to move her hips with some urgency trying to force my head over to her clit but I resisted for a little longer and continued my teasing then plunged straight in my mouth enveloped her clit and I sucked gently on it. Between her juices and my saliva I forced the liquid over her clit and then she started to lift her hips off the bed and I slowed my ministrations completely.

Debbie said

"Come on fuck you don’t stop"

Me being your standard type arsehole.

"You sure?"

She reached out grabbed me by the hair and planted my mouth right on her clit and held me there as let out an almighty groan as she came. Then she pulled me up and said

"It’s time"

I maneuvered myself over her and placed best mate between her legs when she stopped me and said,

"Be careful won’t you?"

"Sure no problems"

As best mate started on his way in slowly Debbie stopped me and said that it hurt go-slow. She was patting my shoulders with her open palms maybe to remind me to go slowly. I looked into her face and could see her eyes were a little on the watery side when the bedroom door opened and in walked Tina.

"Well, so you’re finally at it the deed done?"

I looked at Debbie and then said,

"Yep all done"

Tina perched herself on the end of the bed and said to Debbie,

"Well how was it?"

Debbie said

"Wouldn’t you like to know?"

I closed my eyes and waited for I knew what was coming and then Tina said,

"You never know I might one day."

I breathed a sigh of relief and then felt Tina running her hand up my leg and inside my thigh this wasn’t doing best mate any good what so ever. I could feel him rallying the troops. I looked down at Debbie and she mouthed don’t move, this was great don’t move Tina’s hand moving up the inside of my thigh troops getting ready for evacuation, don’t move shit!

Then Tina stopped her roving hand and got up off the bed and said

"Well if it’s all done I’m off and I guess this won’t matter then"

She leaned over and put both hands on my bum and pushed. Best mate when into Debbie up to the hilt. The troops took off. The tops of my shoulders screamed in pain. I looked down at Debbie and could see tears running down her face she didn’t say a word and Tina said,

"Well if it wasn’t done before it is now and look at that she made you a sergeant."

I looked down and there were three scratches on my shoulder as best mate went in so did her fingernails across my shoulders.

Tina then left with

"Later guys."

It wasn’t until Tina left that Debbie made a sound and I moved off her. Debbie lay with the sheet pulled up around her chin tears streaming down her face. She got up and went to the toilet naturally a little sore and returned to the bed a different girl a determined girl.

While she was gone I examined my "sergeant stripes" a matching set one on each shoulder and I remember Pete saying metho will fix any thing "yeah" later. I apologised to Debbie but she knew it wasn’t my fault and she said now it was her turn to get even.

"I could do with a drink though"

Her drink was Barcardi with a dash of coke, tonight she wanted to hold the dash. The rest of the night improved we had our own little party and then with a few drinks under the belt we had a feast of each other slowly.

I walked Debbie home afterward being only a couple of blocks I needed the exercise. At her place some one we didn’t know was just dropping off Tina and Debbie picked up the pace. She cornered her at the front steps I couldn’t hear what was being said. Debbie’s hand came out of no where and connected with Tina’s face she went as stiff as a board and fell backwards.

Moments later I caught up to Debbie as she laid a well placed kick between Tina’s legs and then said very in an even voice

"I knew you would like to share in your beloved sisters pain"

Turned gave me a kiss and went inside. Tina flat on her back could only moan a few choice obscenities and checking out her crotch, probably to see if it was still on the out side of her body.

Thanks very much what am I supposed to do now wander off home and leave her lying there.

Ego wanted to help her naturally, second thought wanted to go, and me who knows I just stood there. Tina finally made up my mind

"Well are you going to stand there all fucking night and watch me or are you going to help me up."

I helped her up and she stood bow legged like she had spent her life on a horse and then her knees went. Again I helped her up and she said I would have to carry her.

"What do I say to your mother"

"She isn’t home yet"

Up the steps and into the lounge room

"Put me on the lounge"

"Yes Ma’am"

I started to make a move towards the door when she asked me to ask Debbie to come out. She wanted Debbie to see if there was any damage to the nether regions and Debbie got the giggles and then they were both laughing fit to split.


The laughter died down Tina said go on see if you did any damage and Debbie said "No" and started laughing again. Debbie pushed me towards her sister and said

"You look you should know what it’s supposed to look like before one gets the shit kicked out of it."

Debbie gave me a wink and said,

"Go on."

Then I caught on she wanted to continue making her sister uncomfortable.

"Ok if you really think so"

She did.


Tina’s face changed the dare had been made knowing a little about the sisters I knew she wouldn’t refuse.

"Well no funny business."

"Ok lay back assume the position"

That went down really well. We took her knickers off and Tina looked at me with a sly smile when Debbie wasn’t watching. Some thing wasn’t right here she was supposed to be in pain then Debbie got the giggles again and disappeared into the kitchen I said to Tina

"Ok knees up to your ears"

Debbie became hysterical in the kitchen and then stopped and said

"Oh shit"

"What happened?"


Tina said,

"She pissed herself"

"Didn’t you?"

Silence I asked her if she still wanted me to have a look?

"By all means knock your self out"

You know when warning bells go off in your head it’s usually for a reason and then there are other reasons you decide to ignore them. Ego was taking over this little exercise. I got down on my knees and heard in the background, the toilet door close and Tina opened her legs with out any prompting. Her pubic hair was fine very soft and best mate remembered too he was trying to rise to the occasion but was restricted by the way I was kneeling and my jeans were a little tight becoming tighter all the time.

The toilet flushed, I peered at what I had only groped at in the dark. There it was one not so beat up but very excited pussy. It’s lips unfolding like a flower pink and moist. She had been trying it on. Those bells started a ringing very loud shit,shit,shit.

Foot steps coming from the toilet, Tina leaned forward grabbed my head and pulled it into her crotch and started writhing and moaning

"Yes more, quickly before she comes back".

My mouth was on her pubic bone and she was trying to push me further down while trying to bring her self up to my mouth when Debbie came into the room

"What the fuck?"

Debbie pulled me off her and then really started being quite pissed. I pleaded my case that I didn’t do anything and why should I go down on her when she was probably still dripping from what ever she had been up to tonight. Tina started laughing.

"Touché bitch"

"You’re just a slut"

Debbie had settled down I decided it was time to make tracks right out of there I’d had enough of their do and dare games.

I walked down the driveway and past the car gave the door handle a jiggle to make sure it was locked, it was, but the glass had a question mark on it scribed in the grime. I stopped looked around nothing, shivers ran up my spine. I started to look around the car for any thing out of the ordinary I really don’t know what I was looking for but found a cigarette butt no big deal about that.

Paranoia tapped me on the shoulder and whispered do you think any one is watching you? Creepy I sat on the first step and examined every thing I could see and finally decided I didn’t know what the hell I was doing and went to bed a little to the left of the damp spot.

It was still dark when I woke with a start I could have sworn some one had been in the room. Paranoia and I decided to go and have a look around through the lounge towards the front of the house and there it stood the front door was wide open we didn’t really worry about locking it you never knew who would drop in. A quick inspection of the verandah and steps proved fruitless so I closed the door and went back to bed.

Next morning every thing seemed to be OK. I checked the door latch. The house being old the striker to the latch was barely holding on and during the night when the temperature dropped the jamb moved and the door opened fairly simple really and easily fixed.

Debbie came over nearly every night that week we had found a new toy and were getting our monies worth. Tina was only conspicuous by her absence. The following week Tina appeared at the door one night and said Debbie wasn’t coming over tonight I told her it was OK she didn’t have to come over to tell me that.

"It’s more than that you see there’s this guy"

"Why don’t you come in and tell me more"

Apparently Debbie worked with this guy she had been interested in and had gone out with him tonight. Second thought came on and asked if I was going to believe Tina after all the fun she had caused in the last few months. Then again I was reminded if it was true well I hadn’t been squeaky clean either. Different when it’s on the other foot isn’t it? Tina had made her self-comfortable on my bed stacking two pillows under her head and was looking at the ceiling.

I decided to give her the short shift and said I would believe it when Debbie told me. That wasn’t the response she was looking for.

"Does that mean you want me to go?"


"Look I know we’ve had our differences in the past but I would like to stay with you a while"


"I just want to."

"I think you better just go home now"

Ego was going ape shit

"Come on she’s asking for it, trying to be faithful what a load of shit. You couldn’t be faithful to a photo"

I shut him out and motioned for Tina to go. Slowly she slid from the bed her dress riding up there wasn’t much of the dress to ride up being a mini skirt revealing her brilliant white knickers.

There was a knock at the door I thought what is this grand central or some thing. I opened the door and there was Debbie and I turned to Tina and said and whose face is red now. Debbie walked past and told Tina to fuck off and went straight to my room. Tina raised her eyebrows and left with out a word. I closed the door and it opened again it was Tina and she said,

"We’ll see."

And was gone. Debbie was in bed by the time I got there and asked what Tina was up to and I said just being a pain in the arse. I waited to see if Debbie would give any credence to Tina’s theory, "theory is it now? Worried a bit huh? Your such a dick" Second thought could be such a pain in the arse.

She was fairly calm considering she hadn’t caught us doing any thing just that Tina was here and she had no reason to be here. Debbie started saying she had heard from a friend of hers that I had been not what you would call exactly behaving myself that there was talk that I had been out with at least three girls in the last couple of weeks?

"Three shit do you think I’m that good?"

No response

"What’s on your mind?"


"Got your eye on some one have you"

Then it all came out

"I haven’t done any thing honest it’s just that"

And the story went on this guy had stood her up the night I met her. She had been interested in him for a while and now all her emotions were confused. I told there was nothing to be confused about if she wanted to have a break for a while and sort her self out that was fine. What a hero, according to second thought. I was curious about the gossip. Darlene and I had been careful not to go anywhere we would be recognised during the day and at night it was either the car or the cemetery.

Debbie was quiet for a while and said

"Ok I’d like a break but can I still come over occasionally?"

"What for?"

"What do you think for I still want this remember I don’t jump into bed with just anyone"

She slid under the sheets to have a close conversation with best mate. Lying there wondering if I had woken up on a different planet a couple of months ago, I couldn’t get laid if I’d had a million dollars now I just hoped the tread on best mate wouldn’t wear it self out. I decided to think about that later as best mate was starting to play my favorite tune and the night was still young.

The deal was that we could go out and date other people with no constraints or regrets on either side which is horse shit I knew it was over and these sort of arrangements never work although the drop in sex bit did appeal. So the deal was struck and just to make sure she understood the ramifications I told her that if I was "entertaining" I would put the car ariel down. She regarded this for a moment and said,

"I don’t know, so you are going to go out on the town now looking for women?"

I told you I would come over."

"I know and you know if the chance comes along you will take it as will I"

She accepted it but didn’t really like it and I reminded her no dramatics if and when any thing happens. She left a couple of hours later after I found out the so called friend spreading the gossip about me was Jenny the all purpose bitch, wonderful.

The first week passed and it was like nothing had happened Debbie still came over almost every night when I told her to let go and get herself sorted out. Friday night at the drive in Darlene and I decided to come out of the closet a little because it wasn’t any one’s business that we were "friends" it was just that we worked together.

The movie wasn’t all that interesting another western so we amused ourselves as per usual. The night was hot so all the windows we open trying to grab any sort of breeze. Darlene told me to be quiet for a minute. There was a gagging sound coming from the car on Darlene’s side like some one was going to throw up and Darlene said back in a moment.

Shit women just got to stick their noses into every thing. I watched her go to the passenger side of the car and the guy in the car turned to her and then a girl appeared up from his lap. What the hell had she gotten herself into now? The guy looked over and acknowledged me and then he turned back to Darlene all three appeared engrossed and then the girl disappeared in to the guys lap and I could see Darlene still talking and then the guy looked over at me and gave me the thumbs up.

Darlene got back in the car with a smile from ear to ear.

"So I gather you’re quite happy with your self mind explaining"

She said that this girl didn’t like going down and the guy would always pressure her into it and then get the shits when she didn’t do it right and then he’d get close and push her head down and then she would start choking.

I just gave her a few tips and told him to take it easy and they’re both happy now. What could I say great girl so friendly you can take her anywhere. The lights came on it was half time and the guy in the car came over and said what ever we wanted was on him we were to just sit there and he would get it. Great I asked Darlene if she gave a warranty that got a playful slap on the shoulder.

The cool change arrived later than predicted welcome just the same. The car temperature was steadily climbing when the cool change hit. It made a bit of difference just enough to get home with the help of the heater, which helped, cool the motor down a touch.

The house was hot Pete and David were on the verandah enjoying the cool breeze and a few beers so I joined them. Around three in the morning we decided it had cooled down enough to try for sleep the beer was all gone anyway. David said,

"Did you stand one of your floozy’ s up tonight?"

"No why"

"Around eleven o’clock there was a girl over on the vacant lot she stood there for over an hour and went not long before you came home"

"What did she look like?"

"Hard to tell the street light is on the other side"

"Roughly then short fat, tall skinny, naked?"

"No, jeans, shoulder length hair, smokes, not too tall, medium size"


"Not fat and not skinny"

"Why didn’t you ask her over?"

"We did"

David just sat there rolling his cigarette between his fingers and watching the pattern the smoke was making.



"What did she do when you asked her over"

"No it wasn’t me it was Pete who asked her"

"For fucks sake just tell me what happened either of you will do"

" Nothing happened she just stood there"

at last good guys but a little dense some times. The description was general to zero on any one in particular although one thing matched who ever you are you have patience that’s even if you were waiting for me. The more I thought about it the more unreal it seemed and highly unlikely it had any thing to do with me. Like I said good guys but a little dense some times.

The first night Darlene and I visited the cemetery was still a recurring thought and then the question mark on the car window some thing to mull over.

"You coming in or just going to stand there all night?"

Tonight David was being the gatekeeper. My room was stuffy so I opened the windows and had a cold shower crawled into bed and was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I awoke to rain coming through the windows and David bashing on my door you got a visitor. Bugger it it’s only eight am the door swung open in walked Tina.

"No need to get up I’m coming in."

She was soaked to the bone.

"Does David always walk around naked?"

"This early in the morning if I had answered the door I probably would have been too."

"We had the Jehovah’s around a bit until one Sunday morning David got the shits and answered the door naked and we haven’t seen them since."

David’s fault for having the front bedroom. Tina had proceeded to get undressed as though it was the most natural thing in the world like we had been together for years. I lay there enjoying the show and being intrigued at the same time.

"Tina what are you up to?"

"What’s it look like I’m getting undressed"

"What are you doing here?"

She stopped looked at the ceiling skirt in hand and looked back at me. Her face flushed and she said

"Well I was feeling horny and thought, well you might be interested?"

There was a pleading look on her face one that said please don’t send me away.

Ok lets talk about it. She took her time although she was cold she still got a coat hanger from the wardrobe and hung up her top and skirt so they would dry with a minimum of creases. Didn’t like her chances because it had turned too cold to dry any thing.

While she was doing all this I decided to empty my bladder and give the teeth a quick brush so I would be mildly presentable. On the way back Tina was in the kitchen in one of my T-shirts looked a hell of a lot better on her



I came up behind her and put my arms around her and she leaned back into me. This was a little strange it was all too natural, my hand massaged her right breast and turned her around and looked into face. She looked up at me and then buried her face into my shoulder tightening her grip around me.

"Go on meet you in there."

This was OK must give her a key coffee delivered fantastic. We had our coffee and a smoke and lay there talking and I found out her problem. She was lonely and not exactly looking for a relation ship just a friend. She was beautiful looking woman and to tell me she was lonely I didn’t buy it she could have any guy she just had to smile at one. The rain lulled us off to sleep it was quite cosy. Tina woke me saying

"Hey I didn’t come here to sleep I’ve got a surprise for you"

"What kind of surprise?"

"Remember I said I wasn’t on the pill"

Shit no she ‘s pregnant Ego was screaming in my head.

"What did you say?"

"I said I’m on the pill now"


Jesus Christ why can’t women just come out and say so instead of going the long way about it.

"So you want to try it out is that it"

"You bet" so we did and it rained most of the day any way.

We didn’t talk about any of our past fumbling or Debbie it wasn’t until later in the afternoon when she suggested we go out.

"She’s going to go out with that guy you know."

"That’s fine do you want her to come back that means your going to be on your way home."

"No I told her I was seeing you"

"That would have gone down well"

"Not as well as you do"

"Ah but the lady is bias"

"Oh shut up and love me some more" So I did.

The next morning I was at a loose end I decided to wash my sheets I reckoned another week wouldn’t hurt they couldn’t quite stand up on their own yet. However the pink target in the middle was starting to turn a rusty colour and Tina said no more until I washed her sister out of my sheets.


Later that day at the laundromat Jim was also doing the waiting bit while the geriatric machines went through there paces. He told me that he and Jenny were no longer an item and I was right she was wound a little too tight. She had gone back home to live with her folks.

With my bundle of sheets assuring me of on going nookie with Tina I headed back to the car leaving Jim to awkwardly introduce himself to a girl wading her way through a hard cover copy of From Here To Eternity. The rust coloured target was now a light brown target. Now my dear just position your cute little ass on the target and let the show begin ha, ha.

Under the windscreen wiper was a piece of paper, unfolding it to reveal absolutely nothing. Some one was having fun and games I decided against looking for the author. On the previous occasions my skills at looking for the suspicious weren’t worth a pinch of shit any way so I just ignored it.


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