In Reflection of Earlier Times

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Gettting there eventually

Chapter 1


I saw the flicker of the television in my peripheral vision while looking at her trying to figure out the best strategy to get into her knickers. Sitting next to her on the sofa she, totally engrossed in the lame television show was a little annoying to say the least. My arm draped around her shoulders trying to caress the top of her breast I thought this a better idea the other way under her skirt almost resulted in a broken wrist. The tussle for the prize resulted in a quite erotic slide to floor with a resounding win for her 10 points I thought I heard her mutter, 10 points knee to the groin nil to him result watery eyes.

Well I think the swelling had started to subside and was once again being replaced by a different swelling a warm friendly swelling and my eyes had dried so not all was lost. I could feel the top of her bra now and no reaction so I was finally on the right track I hoped. With all the stealth of a master pickpocket I edged my way across to the top of her dress, love those low cut jobs. Just when things looked to be going my way a voice from behind said if your going to buy those go ahead but the purchase price is marriage first. Stunned by her mother’s voice my fingers disappeared into my wrist.

The old bat decided the daughter was now safe enough for her to go to bed with a stern warning to her to watch him you now what men are like. The old bat, I was only doing what comes naturally I told myself any way the old bat was probably jealous. She had probably resigned herself to the fact all she had was an overweight husband who could, in his sleep lift the sheets with horrendous rancid beer farts that could peel the paint from the ceiling oh well it probably helped her sinuses.

While she was making coffee frantic thoughts raced through my mind for another scenario the rain outside wouldn’t bother me on the walk home if all went well otherwise I would be wet and pissed off. It was actually starting to get cold a blanket would, a blanket bloody genius I grabbed a throw rug from the corner window seat another reminder of rejection as that scenario played on fast forward to the end prick teasing bitch hoped the bloody window seat got termites.

I put the blanket over my legs as she came into the room and the look I got was approving OK! I motioned her to my left so she could lie down across my lap and put the blanket over her another bonus that worked. Now for the plan but hers was to drink coffee and drink she did so bloody slowly it could have evaporated from the cup before she reached the bottom.

When she was half way through the coffee trying not to seem pissed off I absent mindedly started to run my hand up her back did nothing for me and she didn’t seem to mind. She actually moved forward a little and that put pressure on my crotch that was now firmly poking into her underarm. Thinking about this had my best mate start to become curious and I think she felt this a moved again but the pressure remained. Staring blankly at the television I didn’t notice she kept constantly moving just small movements thinking she was bloody restless and wishing she would just drink the coffee.

Stuff this I thought lets see how far you can get obviously like this not very bloody far another so called bright idea gone arse backwards. So with nothing to lose I moved my hand down to the small of her back no resistance, further down over the round of her backside still cool yee haa grandma. She was still making small movements her hips (lights went off in my head the band struck up) and I was dumb founded she was purring like a kitten.

My hand packed up its tent all its goodies it was going south down further than we had ever ventured before. Hand arrived without penalty to end of the skirt that had ridden up. By now best mate was trying give her a permanent bruise under her arm. As the skirt disappeared I felt skin and froze waiting for the reaction even best mate retreated a little but nothing happened so ever so cautiously we marched on.

I hadn’t been this far up not even when we were playing tonsil hockey and thought it a good time to go through the front door. Half way up, her legs closed with such lightning speed and the force almost broke my wrist then I grabbed her around the shoulders to make up by pulling her to me for more tonsil hockey when we fell off the couch. Jesus that hurt!

Her legs were bent being the kind of guy I am I wouldn’t move up so she could stretch out it just never occurred to me in reflection later I would think this a great strategy.

Running my hand down to where her calf muscle met the back of the thigh there was no where else to go but back up. Slowly back up we went and felt knickers once again we waited hand and I a finely tuned machine waiting for any change but nothing happened I think if hand had a mouth he would have also smiled.

This is good I’m thinking this is good and with that hand gravitated towards the gusset of her knickers now my back was starting to ache as I’m leaning side ways trying to get enough reach to be able to get to the land of opportunity onward we pushed. Strange her knickers seemed damp (and the band played on) gently grasping to edge of the knickers one curious finger moved in. It was definitely damp in there and her pubic hair (shit there wasn't any) time for a quick recalculation of exactly were hand and I were yep all is well. Then she opened her legs (I think the band stopped playing and came over for a look) and then my whole hand was in her knickers and best mate nearly did himself an injury with excitement.

My hand moved over her crotch with a little indecision waiting to see if we’d get evicted from our new home. I felt a pressure on best mate and looked down to see that her right hand had disappeared and was under her arm pit giving best mate the massage of his life, that was it the winner has romped home and it’s time to collect the winnings. Hand decided on exploring the landscape, which bought a moan from the lady. Oh yes this lady was in full swing (nice how one can give out promotions at will) hand was just applying pressure to the little man in the boat and she started to breathe a little heavier. Her hips moved with more purpose a small growl rolled up from deep inside her throat. I could hear her teeth grinding as she stiffened for a moment and then relaxed. She turned to look up at me and said it was time I was going like hell I thought you bitch!

With that she stood up and reached for me reluctantly I got up she could see the disappointment I didn’t care she got hers and I was high and dry. Then she turned and as she did grabbed best mate and started for the door with the blanket still wrapped around her the rain was still pissing down and so was the temperature it was getting cold. She turned lifted her face up to mine and put her arms around me oh well more tonsil hockey ok. Her mouth crushed mine with such a hunger that took my breathe away best mate was trying to reach up there as well and hand thought what the hell and slipped under her dress this time there will be no hesitation. She pushed herself into hand and best mate was now getting a real work out she had undone the zipper and released him.

Her hand warm like velvet to the touch had best mate in heaven and I could feel the troops below getting ready for evacuation as she slid down my body to envelope best mate in her warm mouth. Sensations raced through me to the point where I started to sway dangerously backwards and in on swift pivot she turned me so I could lean against the railing.

She guessed the troops where getting close and came back up for more tonsil hockey. She was wet my fingers explored all of her pussy and she turned to the railing and motioned me behind her. As I slipped best mate into her she arched her back and started to meet my thrusts increasing the tempo. I could feel the troops readying themselves for something they had been training for and then she moaned and shuddered the troops were on the ramp and then she said no not yet. Bullshit!

You can’t tell a guy in full swing with his toenails beginning to curl "not yet" for christs sake. We are programmed to keep on thrusting forward not just ok we’ll let this cool down until your ready. A horse stampede couldn’t pull my hips back when the intention is to go forward and forward we went and she was off again we shuddered and came apart exhausted I joined her at the rail feeling the rain on my face. She turned to me and said is that all you’ve got?

"What do you mean all I’ve got!" The rain started getting heavier and you could hear thunder and see lightning marching across the sky, wouldn’t be long until the storm reached us, it seemed we were about to have our own storm. "I thought you knew how to show a girl a good time" "Well I do try" I mumbled just as a huge bolt of lightning splintered the sky over us. She just shook her head and motioned for me to go down the steps. I wasn’t in a hurry to go playing in the rain and then she gave me a good shove which made me take fifteen steps in three (I know I counted them later) dumb bitch. I could have broken some thing and it didn’t help that best mate was still out catching a bit of night air.

She decided to join me at the bottom of the stairs laughing all the way. "Enjoy your trip?" " Yeah you’re a barrel of laughs" she turned her face up to me. At that moment another bolt of lightning lit up the sky the whites of he eyes glowed and the pupils of her eyes were pitch black her skin looked quite pale giving her a demonic look that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. We could go in you know and she started pushing me again backing me out into the rain and across the front yard towards the hedge then gave me one almighty shove that put me flat on my back. I looked up at her standing over me with her hands on her hips. She was now totally soaked the dress was now like a body suit as she moved over me and squatted on her haunches and just stared. A shiver raced down my spine not from the cold that was for sure and then she reached out and lay on top of me and proceeded to grind herself into me. Best mate was also confused he didn’t want to play this game.

Her face on top of mine our lips met all was well again I started to forget about the cold as a warmth started to build in best mates territory. Then she was tugging my shirt up being wet it wasn’t an easy task and in the process stretching my favorite turtleneck shirt didn’t seem to matter. She started working her way south with her mouth and the bloody rain still hadn’t let up and then she turned around and started to unbuckle my jeans and go on a mate hunt. My end I was faced with her dress draped in my face then it had disappeared as she lifted it up to reveal shit no knickers when did she get rid of them?

She found best mate trying to hide behind my pubic bone, my hero. As she settled down to give best mate a real polishing and moved her hips down toward my face and I knew some pussy chewing was being demanded. As it got closer I moved my head up to avoid contact. I wasn’t going to chew on that with dead troops most likely still dripping out of it no way. I started to lick the crease between her legs being as careful as one can in pitch black not to get a mouth full. She kept trying to maneuver pussy in to my mouth without a great deal of success. I could feel a more concentrated flow of some thing on my chin don’t know how I could discern that as it was still pissing down. Another lightning bolt hit the sky and illuminated the front yard. Now I could see rain running down her back between the cheeks of her arse then down to pussy that might rinse it out I thought, then second thought piped up (yeah only if you turn her upside down) I got the giggles and then realised she had stopped polishing

The demon was back and still on all fours turned and said "what’s so funny?" oh shit couldn’t think another bolt of lightning lit up the sky saved best mates life I reckon I said " just thought if one these bolts of lightning hits us it will be an interesting pose to be killed in" (whew!!!) All right get up then she offered an out stretched hand and I told her I was fine, as I stood her fingers found my right nipple and gave it a good twist, "what was that for?" She called it opportunity well opportunity could have bought tears to my eyes except they were full of frigging rain.

Standing beside her I realised we were standing in a good inch of water it was really teeming and the night was black as black second thought piped up (no power no street lights dick head equals black out) thanks for the bulletin, good to have friends. We moved across the yard and under the house and she was feeling her way around and she said go back up stairs and get the blanket be careful my knickers are in the blanket don’t drop them (why will they break?) just don’t leave them there ok. "Then what?" well come back down stupid! Ok.

At the top of the stairs I couldn’t find the blanket of course it was dark so the only way is to crawl around and feel for it. I could smell (no not the knickers) cigarette smoke very close and froze then I realised mine wouldn’t be worth two knobs of goat shit as they were in my pocket and if I was soaked well so were they. There I was frozen on all fours, at the back of the verandah some one was sitting in a chair smoking I could see the glow of the cigarette shit!

I didn’t want to come face to face with any of this family especially if they seemed to glow in a lightning strike. Water still dripping from me seconds crawled into minutes my kneecaps started to ache. I started think about what a bullshit night this had turned into when, who ever it was had finally decided to finish the smoke and stubbed it out and got out of the chair I could hear foot steps coming toward me. I couldn’t see for shit and started praying a lightning bolt wouldn’t turn night into day. I heard a door open and then start to close and the lightning struck there was the blanket knickers on top I grabbed then and then realised I didn’t hear the door close and a voice said "any one there?" I thought just us Indians who the hell is going to answer that question?

I reached the bottom of the stairs she said what have you been doing? "Just jerking around what do you think it’s dark up there and I nearly got sprung, where are you?" She said are you at the bottom of the stairs? U huh then turn right and walk towards my voice ok? Ok and then what did she do stopped talking bloody hell I’m walking like a mummy raised from the dead arm out stretched and then I almost tripped on the friggin blanket and then felt some thing poke me in the eye Jesus! "There you are " no shit can I have my eye back" she grabbed me by the front of my shirt and hauled me inside what ever it was it was still cold in here.

The lightning hit again and lit up the room "what’s this?" she said a flat under the house this is where I live no shit. Further back into the room I could make out a door almost closed with some sort of illumination behind it, time for a shower she said. She left me standing there like a stale bottle and through the door said are you coming (I thought I’d already done that) second thought piped up (you, dick head, shower or do you want to freeze your balls off) coming. A candle that was the light shit I’ve been battered and bashed by this bitch tonight no wonder I can’t think straight. Ok off with the clothes no easy task when every thing is soaked through especially trying to peel off wet jeans. Bending over to roll them off my legs required concentration and then my eye started it’s own little disco of pain "yeah great night" come on, hurry up she said behind the steam. I felt a warmth on my bum go instantly to red hot friggin candle she’d put it on a stool next to the vanity Christ!

Finally in the shower she wanted to be soaped all over. Ok I can do that and make sure some thing gets a good scrubbing that’s for sure. Moving over her back and down to the lower back an down between her legs she yelled out careful not so rough "sorry" (ha ha ha) and I dropped the sponge. I bent to retrieve it then stood up she didn’t tell me she was going to turn around because as I stood up my head made contact with her chin. She let out a yelp (ah well shit happens) That seemed to mark the end of shower time and she got out so I decided to have a soap up and try to get the chill out and she said come on I’m waiting. So I rinsed off and got out and here she is with the towel in her hand holding it out to me so I could dry her off bloody hell!!

Surprise, surprise when I finished her she returned the favour I wondered if she would leave any skin after giving me a vigorous rub down and then she was on her knees another surprise she wanted to do more polishing. I tried to explore the now tender part of my bum to feel if the skin had blistered but all seemed well bloody tender though. Pain started to rise in best mates area I yelped and she said "sorry chipped tooth" Shit!!! Now it was my turn to plead be careful.

With that she turned and blew out the candle and said come on, good move you dumb bitch you know your way around this place I don’t. I found the door way and my old friend the lightning gave another blast and I could see a silhouette lying on a bed to my left so I headed in the general direction. My foot struck the corner of the bed oh shit second thought came back on line and suggested home might be a safer place to be yeah no shit. "What did you do?" she asked. As I felt the edge of the mattress and started to crawl on to it. I said I kicked my toe on the bed, she got the giggles and a natural reaction I guess she bought her knees up and bashed me in the head right into my sore eye that was starting to recover. Then she became all warm and caring and bought me down along side her, then I felt her hand tracing it’s way down my belly and I grabbed it and said a couple of minutes please so she laid back and went deathly silent oh shit.

Then she grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast her nipples were rock hard I was tempted to repay the "opportunity" let me tell you but decided to roll over and run my tongue around these little nuggets. She started to breathe a little heavier so hand decided to go visiting down her stomach around her navel and back up again around her rib cage and down her side. She rolled over and I kept running my hand down her back to the small of her back and up again. I could feel warmth coming off her as she started to grind herself in to the mattress and little moans came out of her mouth mixed with yes, yes.

On hands next trip down south we traveled up over her backside and down the other, that’s interesting opened for business her legs were spread so down we went skirting the edges of pussy down around little man in the boat and up the other side. I kept this up for a while and her movements were becoming more frantic her breathing becoming heavier and she was saying now you bastard , oh really I thought this is pay back time. I turned around and started with my mouth running my tongue down her spine and down to her tailbone she was really starting to move. So I went further down running my tongue over her backside and back up the middle, she lifted her hips off the bed on my next trip down so I could get easier access to pussy and then she changed her mind and turned over. Reaching up she grabbed my face and guided (shoved) it down between her legs. I started to lick the outer edges and up around man in boat running my tongue over her lips and gently sucked them into my mouth. She closed her legs and had me in a headlock I couldn’t move but she sure did she rocked and bucked I thought we were going to fall of the bed she didn’t seem to be able to stop.

At last I was released and could breathe again and she pulled me up at the same time groping for best mate and guiding him between her legs. Oh shit best mate was in a panic no troops left we had used the best up earlier in the evening. I could just picture it best mate screaming orders down the line for reinforcements demanding conscription if no one was interested. I slid into her like I was on rails she grabbed for my mouth and started sucking on it like there was no tomorrow and she came again and in the midst of that one she bit my lip I could taste blood shit this woman was dangerous.

Then she maneuvered herself on top and started riding again I hoped she was impressed when she said don’t you come yet and said no problem (still no troops what a hero) and then leaned over and offered her breasts for attention. As her movements intensified best mate was still barking out orders for troops with some success because I could start to feel them assembling for evacuation when she demanded now!! Oh great come on guys and off we went toes curled pubic bones beat the living shit out of each other and she collapsed in a heap.

We drifted off to sleep and then I sensed more than saw the room was lighter morning had finally arrived so as one does mental systems check. Yep sore head, arse , foot and my nipple was still a little sore and the skin on my neck felt uncomfortable then replayed the night. Did you drink much no ok (I have never gone to bed with an ugly woman but I have woken up beside a few) I rolled over and looked at her sleeping yep she’s ok but what an attitude. I slipped out of bed and retrieved my jeans and shirt couldn’t find the undies stuff it get em’ on and get out of here easier said than done they were still wet didn’t matter home was five minutes down the road and around the corner.

I went over to her and she stirred "going?’ "yeah" "ok I’ll see you later" maybe I bent and gave her a peck and was out the door it was still pissing down, what the hell I was out. Walking down the street shoes in hand thinking about the night before asking myself was that real I felt my lip with my tongue oh yeah that was real enough. My neck was stinging a little but paid no attention to it, mistake.

Got to the front door and fumbled for my keys and heard a voice from inside "it’s open lover" what the, shit I opened the door that lead straight into the lounge room. There was a girl I had been friendly with and we’d had the odd fumble around and I had told her if she ever felt the urge the spare key was under the loose brick at the bottom of the steps. She had obviously felt the urge, on my couch no knickers dress up around her waist. She was enjoying herself her hand moving rhythmically between her legs I watched as the purple nail polished finger nail disappeared inside her she motioned me to come over. Best mate, I felt him start to retreat behind my pubic bone again, don’t you love a hero.


I came over to her, she was a beauty why today I asked "rain" was all she said and then the look on her face changed she stood up and slapped my face and stormed out friggin women. That woke my eye up again and I thought better have a look at this and went into the bedroom mirror and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This bitch must have woken up during the night and had proceeded to give me love bites all around my neck creating a sort of chain culminating with a pendant.

Then the phone started ringing, ring your guts out I thought and the machine picked it up it was her and said she would be around soon, yeah like hell. I changed in record speed was out through the lounge room and noticed my previous visitor had left her knickers behind oh shit who cares I was out the door in the car and gone.

She could stop traffic, five foot seven mousy brown hair that caressed her shoulders, pale gray eyes, a mouth