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Island Expedition

A tale of one woman who has fallen in love, and another who is married to her love.
The problem is they are the same person.

Island Expedition

by Cheltenham

 I led the expedition through a vine laden forest and slashed at the overgrowth with a machete. "The myths describe a wooden box with an accented crest of snakes, and a gold seal over the locks. The locks can be opened by those destined to find it and no one else."
As a tour guide, I had to make a living somehow. We planted items throughout distant locations and pretended to find them days later. It brought visitors to this remote island and paid our salaries, no harm, no foul, right?

She accompanied us through many of the trips to the forests of the island's north side. It was her job to keep people on their toes. Gemma would become yet another notch on my belt, but not until today's events changed my mind.

I crouched beside the box and showed the dozen or so travelers, including the plant, and touched the coarse lid. "Which one of you wants to try and get the locks to open? How about you? Yes. With the brown - come over." A woman named Alicia knelt in the dirt and handled the lock. It triggered a mechanism that allowed it to open suddenly. She gasped and lifted the box's lid up. Inside were a collection of silver and gold coins in a weathered drawstring pouch. "They are yours for having unlocked the locks. Wait! What is this? A letter of some sort?" Everyone turned back and watched as I read it aloud.

Whoever unlocks the box will be cursed.
On the seventh blue moon, and not a day
before, this curse will be lifted.

Alicia glanced in the pouch and saw the coins. They were definitely real. I knew I hadn't planted the note. It wasn't part of the script either. Gemma peeked at me from the corner of her eye and reminded the travelers that it was nearly time for lunch. They followed the two of us back to the island resort, twenty minutes away.

"Gemma, that isn't our note. There is something seriously amiss here. No one else knew we were planting the box except you and I."

"Don't worry about it. It's probably a practical joke Jake or Alan is playing on us", she reassured me.


"Yes, Bruce?"

"Should we leave the island before this curse hits?"

"Why? It won't affect us. Just that Alicia woman since she opened the trunk, and even if it's true in the first place."

"I think we are destined to be involved because the coins were ours and that puts us in as deep of a hole as Alicia."

"I want to enjoy my weekend off from doing any tours of the island other than today's adventure. If you seriously want to leave, I'll go with you. Just get the plane ready and call the mainland ahead of time so they can expect us."

I stewed over the idea and called the airport a few hundred miles off the coast. "Yes. We plan on departing within the hour. Oh. Really? A storm? It would be too dangerous to fly? Okay. Bye."

She glanced at me and stuck her tongue out, playfully teasing me. "I guess we aren't able to leave. Am I right?"

"They said something about a hurricane approaching them and how dangerous it would be to fly there. But they are keeping the runways open in case we do decide to travel."

"Well, if we can't go anywhere, maybe you and I should get back into bed. And relax."

 I realized she was naked and tackled her on our bed. She spread her legs invitingly and moaned as I eased my prick inside of her pussy. We became one. I buried myself all the way and withdrew, then pushed inward a dozen more times before I exploded. The tension was too much for me. She smiled and hugged my waist with her legs, holding me deep.

 Alicia called out to us from a back entrance and banged on our door, screaming. "Let me in! Let me in! They're coming for me!"

I ran to the back door and pulled her inside. Our hut is one of a handful not made out of wood, instead it is constructed from native brick and cement. "Why are they chasing you?"

She looked down at her feet and slowly up at me. "I don't know why. All I know is my life is in danger. There is something about me that they don't like."

Alicia was crying in Gemma's arms when I looked back at her. "Let's get to the plane. I don't think this is a coincidence." The women gazed at me and quickly helped to gather what few items I instructed. "The less weight, the safer it is for us. Leave everything but the two way radios and the first aid kit. Take clothes for yourselves, enough for a few days." I grabbed a few pairs of clothes myself and stuffed it all into a duffel.

We quickly trekked to a makeshift runway and started up the plane. "Get in, ladies!" I ushered them, absentmindedly giving Alicia's little ass a firm squeeze to hurry her along. She gasped aloud and turned to face me once I climbed inside. I flicked the engine switches and started the plane off on a forward path. Our six seater lifted into the air as I pulled the steering wheel back towards me. The island disappeared beneath us and the mainland was barely visible off the port bow.

I lowered the nose to bring us closer towards the runway. A radio blared, "It isn't safe to land. There is a storm making landfall in a couple minutes. Winds are at 45 knots and climbing."

There wasn't an option to find another airport. This basically stood as our only chance to return home.

"This is the SS Mariner. We request permission to land. Are any of your runways clear?"

"Yes. The west runway has not flooded yet. Proceed with caution."

I wrecked the landing gear and slid unhindered down the asphalt to a stop roughly two hundred feet from where we intended. "At least we landed", I joked. The women climbed down out of the plane and I followed with our bag of belongings.

"On our island, the natives are causing havoc among the travelers. We had no protection from their violent modus operandi, and so returned to the mainland. Send help there once the storm clears. Coralis Island, off the southern coast about three to four hundred miles. We have a tracking beacon broadcasting from our radio tower."

I left with the two women and got into my car, parked in a garage much further inland than the airport runways. "We should get to a hotel and sort everything out. Decide who is sleeping where until the storm passes." The three of them agreed and checked into a room a few towns over. Alicia unpacked our clothes from our bag and joined us in the eatery downstairs.

It was a hole in the wall restaurant that served almost anything a person could think of. Complete with a bar, several tables and chairs, booths and a sound system which provided enough atmosphere to lull the tension of its occupants. I grabbed a booth near the window and talked with Gemma and Alicia regarding the sleeping arrangements.

"I'll sleep in the chair, I don't mind" Gemma offered.

Alicia was reluctant to sleep on the floor or a couch, and her posture only confirmed the fact. She came from money back home and refused to lower her standards.

I obliged, "I'll sleep on the floor. It isn't like I haven't done that before."

Everything appeared to have been sorted, so the trio ordered their food.

Gemma's cell phone rang. She answered at the table and appeared shocked. "Okay. I'll get a flight as soon as possible. There's a storm raging outside, so. I need a couple days at least to wait out the worst of it. Okay. I'll be there." "That was our babysitter back home. She said that Emily is sick with the an ear infection and they refuse to release our daughter back into the care of Molly, though that is who brought her in."

"Well, do you want me to fly out with you?"

"No, Bruce. I think I have it under control. Plus they need you here to ensure Coralis island is evacuated. I might get a cab tonight and take a flight in the morning."

I held her hands on the table and saw her off to the taxi a couple of hours later. She had my ATM card to use on the flight and I slipped her some money to pay the cab. "Call me and let me know how our Emily is. I want to talk to her when she's feeling better." Gemma smiled and took her bag of clothes with her. I stood and waited until the car disappeared north, away from the storm.

Alicia and I returned to the room and laid next to each other in bed. "You grabbed my ass earlier Bruce! I'm surprised your wife didn't say anything."

"It's a good thing you were behind her. Plus you have a cute little ass. I had to give it a squeeze."

She blushed and rolled over to face me. "What else do you wanna touch? My tits are just as small. You can put your hands on them. I don't mind."

I pinned her to the bed beneath me and took off her shirt. At first, she was shy and covered herself with an arm. I held both wrists over her head and gently groped each perky boob. Her embarrassment turned to lust as I employed my mouth to assist in her arousal.

Neither of us thought about the consequences.

Alicia wiggled and stirred under my weight. Her legs stayed bent and spread vulnerably by my waist, permitting me to explore the space between her legs. The beige sundress she was wearing rode up her hips. I gazed at her exposed pussy and asshole, devoid of hair and blemish free. Again, her modesty came into play. I used my knee to nudge one thigh to the side and my hand held the other. It was obvious that no guy had ever given her pussy an intimate kiss because the moment I gave her sensitive clit a lick, she lifted her ass up in the air. "Eat my pussy! Oh! Oh god!"

I slipped a finger between the folds of her bald cunt and massaged her clit tenderly as I fucked her quivering hole first with one, then two fingers. She grew wetter. My cock strained against the jeans zipper painfully hard. I expected the teeth to split under such stress. Alicia cried out my name repeatedly, "Bruce! I'm cumming! Ohhh fuck!" Her hips humped the air and the cheeks of her ass landed right in my hands. She sobbed a little with her eyes closed and squirted for me. I moved and drank it all up.

"It's so warm and tastes sweet!" I whispered and cleaned her trembling pussy of all the creamy juice. She jerked her ass up and around, away from my tongue as I followed a trail of her cum down past her crotch. I spread her ass open and sought the last of her wetness. "Fuck me, Bruce! Cum in me!" Alicia whined sadly. Her hand reached for my zipper and pulled it down. Finally my cock sprung out into the open air. She pushed my jeans down to my knees and guided my head between her narrow folds. "You're so big! Oh! Deeper! Yes!"

I withdrew and tried to gain a little more entry to her slit. She seemed to clench around me, trapping my shaft about halfway inside. When she loosened her vice grip, I drove all the way in. It shocked her to feel my prick ease that far. Her eyes widened and my balls nestled against her untouched asshole. "You are so fucking tight it hurts!" Alicia whimpered as I rolled my hips in slow circles and stroked the inner walls of her callow cunt. I gently sucked her nipples and worked my cock in and out of her, stuffing my balls into the crack of her ass with every inward motion.

She spasmed around me and appeared saddened. "I'm gonna cum again. Fuck me! I want you to cum with me!", Alicia begged.

I slipped my throbbing cock in and out at a breakneck speed, like the pistons of an overworked engine I slowed and grew more tired with every new effort. "I feel you cumming! It's sticky and warm!" she whispered affectionately as we hugged. My prick wouldn't stop jumping and shooting its seed for almost an entire minute. Her pussy tensed and bathed me in an intimate warmth all her own. We fell asleep together only to wake and realize what we had done.

I knew damned well that Gemma would hate me for making a baby inside of another woman, let alone Alicia, so I decided not to tell her. It would be our secret. She called from our home up north and put Emily on the phone. A few minutes later, I hung up the phone and Alicia cuddled in my lap, pressing her little ass down to the veiny root of my cock. "Are you ready to go again, so soon?"

She nodded seductively. Her beady brown eyes glimmered with passion and she clenched my prick like a vice. "I'm gonna need you to do some of the work. Then, I'll take over if you get tired."

Alicia bounced in my lap, her bare ass slapped the tops of my thighs as I laid back in bed. She grew to love the feel of my hands holding her ass and enthusiastically fucked me harder when my fingers neared the one spot she'd never had fondled. "No. Not in there!" she whimpered playfully. I ran my middle finger down the cleft of her ass and softly circled the opening.

"Relax Aly. I just want to touch the area with my fingers." She visibly relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief. I encouraged her to continue riding my prick and explored the tiny hole hidden between the cheeks of her ass. She didn't like it, that much was clear from the look on her face. But I stayed true to my word and didn't attempt to enter what I honestly believed to be the most small place for a cock that there was in the world.

She worked her slim hips up and down on my lap, scrunched her face up and took another warm load of my cream right where I always knew in my heart that cum was supposed to go.

I thumbed over her erect clit and diddled it to and from until she succumbed to the bothersome sensations. She creamed over my cock and onto my tummy copiously. We got up together and entered the shower with our shower shoes on. Alicia bent down to turn the water on. I knelt behind her and licked her petite little cunt from top to bottom. Its thoroughly fucked folds puffed out at me, and so I sucked on them. She cried out in frustration and felt my tongue swirling her unused asshole.

I stood and latched my lips onto a nipple as she reached down to stroke my cock. We ended up on our knees, Alicia in front of me and bent completely over. I rammed my prick inside carelessly and jerked it off inside of her slippery hole. She held her position even as I rubbed her butt, on the brink of cumming hard. My thumb played with the brown hole gently and I tried to slip the tip of my index finger inside. She whined softly under her breath as I pulled out and awkwardly bent over behind her. My tongue located her pucker and slurped it noisily. Alicia shivered under my ministrations.

She received my prick again in her awaiting cunt, balls deep. I watched the prying of her folds by my cock and loved seeing her labia stretch around the meaty girth stuffing itself inside to the breaking point. We screwed to the point of no return and she caught another torrent of sticky paste right where she expected me to leave it. I slipped out and stood with Alicia. We washed under the steaming hot water, then rubbed and massaged each other's slim, toned bodies. I made sure she rinsed thoroughly and she did the same for me. I wrapped her in a towel before the two of us returned to bed and fell asleep with my arms firmly around her lower back.

Two weeks passed and all of the guests on the Coralis island were safely evacuated. It made all of the newspapers from the east to the west coast, because it involved world renowned scientists Bruce Owens and Alicia Lueth. Gemma, back home collected every clipping until I arrived back home with Alicia to do a lucrative promotional tour for an Intel ISEF. It took a year to complete the interviews and experiments we performed for the scientific community, and in that time my love child was born. We named her Eliza.

Gemma and I reunited after our tour of North America and became the small town family I once recalled, before I seduced Alicia and created another reason to drive us apart.

Little did they know, both of my daughters attended the same schools and knew of each other.

Twenty years later, my wife had died of medical complications and I broke the news to Emily. "I have to tell you something about your friend Eliza."

Emily sat down at our kitchen table and crossed her legs seductively, in much the same way her mother did almost thirty years ago. "Yes, dad. I'm all ears."

"Your friend Eliza is more than that. A couple of decades ago, I had an affair with another woman. She fell for my charms and out of our relationship, she bore a daughter. I vowed to always make sure I spent an equal amount of time with both of you, because I didn't want her to grow up without a father.

I wanted the two of you to grow up together and by default, you did. Her mom is still around, if you ever want to meet her. I know it isn't the same as having your own mom but she does love you like her own daughter."

"Eliza told me several years ago that we share a daddy. I didn't believe her, but she wouldn't have any reason to lie about something like that. So I asked Alicia, her mom and she confided in me that her daughter was telling the truth. I was sworn to never mention it to mom, and I didn't say a word."

"Well, let's go and visit with them. Now that the secret is out, maybe we can at least share the memories together over a nice meal."

With that, the two of us took a drive out to Alicia's house.
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