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Kelly's Passion ch 4

A little bondage in a days work
Kelly's Passion

Chapter 4

Kelly awoke hour’s later feeling the delicious ache of sexual exertion radiate through her body. Rolling flat on her back, she sighed in contentment as she stared at the mirrored ceiling. Her matted hair was against her head and her thighs were sticky with the dried film of her juices.

"Oh my gosh, I've made a hot mess of myself, haven't I?!" Memories that were as delicious as they were humiliating replayed through her mind and she giggled softly at the cause of her disheveled appearance.

The pleasant afterglow of orgasm left her feeling comfortable and relaxed. Despite her aches, and the man who had given them to her, Kelly felt surprisingly good and she curled up in the sheets, tempted to nap a bit longer. She had almost dozed off when she remembered with a start that her sister would be arriving soon!

Realizing she had lost track of the time, she shot a glance at the clock next to her bed. 'Shit!' It was already after one in the afternoon, and Kelly was still lying naked in a dried pool of her own sweat and cum. She had a lot to do and was running out of time to do it in.

The first thing she needed was a shower. After that, she would change the soiled sheets on her bed. Knowing now that her time was running short, Kelly forced herself out of the comfort of her silk sheets and stretched out her protesting muscles. Once she had silenced the complaining ache in her thighs, she walked into her bathroom and turned the shower on hot enough to fog the mirror. The warm water felt good against her skin as she washed away the residue left over from her pleasures that morning.

As she worked the scented shampoo into her hair, Kelly’s thoughts turned back to Kari. Aside from possible family trouble, the prospect of Kari’s visit was making Kelly nervous for another reason. Kelly had told her that she had been working as a model, but if Kari stayed for any significant amount of time, it was going to be very difficult for Kelly to keep her true profession a secret.

She was not at all ashamed of being a call girl. It was a testament to both her beauty and her sexual talent that rich men, men who could generally sleep with any woman they chose, were willing to pay her thousands of dollars for a night of her charms.

Until Kelly left home, she and Kari had been very close, and Kelly doubted that her sister would judge her too harshly over almost anything. Even still, Kelly wasn’t sure how she would react if she discovered that her sister had gone to the big city to become a prostitute.

Once out of the shower, Kelly slipped into a pair of tight jeans, and then put on a light pink top that hugged her breasts and fit tightly over her slim waist. Throughout it all, her thoughts stayed on the many problems that her sister’s visit might cause.

If Kari was only planning to visit for a week or two, Kelly knew she could simply take some time off, or at worst, rendezvous with her lovers at a nearby hotel. If Kari was planning a longer stay however, things were bound to become complicated. Either way, Kelly was just happy that she was finally going to see her little sister again.

Kelly had already managed to reschedule most of her clients for the week, but there was one man she knew wouldn’t be able to change his plans. His name was Lance Richardson, and he was a professional basketball player. His team was in from New York and they were only going to be in town for a few days.

Kelly expected him the next evening, and until Kari called, she had been looking forward to having that gorgeous black hunk fuck her silly. Once she knew that Kari was on her way though, she decided to ask her best friend, May, to meet him at her house and take him to one of the many five star hotels in the area.

May was a truly beautiful Korean girl that sometimes worked with Kelly. She had been more than excited at the idea of handling the appointment for her. In fact, once Kelly told her what a magnificent lover he was, May had been quite pleased that she would get a chance to have him for herself. Kelly was sure that Lance would not be disappointed in what May had to offer him.

A more immediate problem was that May needed Kelly to come with her on a special call that night. One of her most valued clients, a famous director, named Dan Worley, wanted a two-girl show, and May didn't want to share him with a woman of lesser talents. Besides, May and Kelly were already lovers, and felt very comfortable together.

Fortunately, the date was to be at his place and wouldn’t require her to be out late. Kelly decided that she would tell her sister that she was contracted for a night shoot, and that she should make herself at home until she returned.

As she brushed out her hair, Kelly remembered that she hadn’t told Lance about the change in plans. 'Damn! I'm so scatter brained lately. I might as well dye my hair blond!'

Picking up the phone, she called his contact number. Unsurprisingly, it went straight to his voicemail. Kelly knew that this was a private line, but she was paid as much for her discretion as she was for her skills in bed, so she didn’t want to blurt out the he would find a different woman waiting for him. All things considered, she decided that it would be a good idea to camouflage her message.

“Hello Mr. Richardson, This is Ms. Woods from the gallery. I’m regretfully calling to inform you that, due to circumstances beyond our control, the piece you requested is not available at this time. However, we do have something...special that might interest you.

Kelly hesitated for a moment to dramatize the point, and then continued in a professional tone.

“It is an exotic piece that I believe will be perfect for a man of your taste. We are therefore going to keep your appointment open for your convenience. If you should decide to cancel, just give us a call. Thank you.”

Kelly hung up the phone and went about changing the sheets on her bed, pleased to have solved at least one problem without a lot of undue worrying.

She would have been far less pleased if she knew that Lance had accidentally given her the wrong date that he would be coming by.

At just after three that afternoon, Kelly heard her doorbell ring and hurried to the door. She hadn’t seen Kari in years and didn’t quite know what to expect. Feeling her heart race in excitement, she opened the ornate wooden door and was greeted by the smiling face of a fair-skinned girl with long, flaming red hair. Kelly was shocked as she realize this beautiful woman was little sister all grown up!

“Oh my God, Kari is that really you!” Kelly screamed like a schoolgirl, and almost jumped with delight as she rushed forward to hug her younger sister.

“Kelly, I’m so glad to see you again! I’ve missed you so much!” Kari drew Kelly close and returned her hug.

“My God, is this really your house? It’s absolutely incredible!” Kari's voice was filled with awe as she looked, wide-eyed at Kelly's home. She always imagined that Kelly was rich, but seeing the huge, beachfront home in person was overwhelming for the teenager. To Kari, this was absolute proof that everything she ever believed about Kelly must have been true.

Kelly was enjoying her sister's excitement and smiled happily as she followed Kari into the house.

“Thanks Kari," she responded with glee. "Believe it or not, it’s all mine." Kelly led her through the entry and down to the same couch that Carl had so callously fucked Kelly on that very morning.

“Don’t you have any bags? You didn’t lose your luggage on the way here did you?”

“No, I didn’t lose it. I just don’t have any.”

The smile dropped off Kari’s face and her mood darkened as she went on to tell Kelly the whole story of why she left home. By the time she finished, she was nearly in tears.

Kelly was impressed with the courage Kari demonstrated in leaving, and held her hand to comfort her. “You did the right thing, Kari. Daddy had no right to treat you like that.”

“Thanks Sis, I knew you would understand. So, you don’t mind if I stay with you for a while? I just couldn’t stand the idea of going back there.”

Kelly was furious at her father’s cruelty, and had no intention of sending her back to him. Besides, knowing him, he probably wouldn’t want Kari back once he learned that she had come out to see her sister in California.

“Of course you can. I’m going to send him a letter telling him that you're safe, but you're eighteen now and are not his property. You don’t have to worry about him anymore.”

“Thanks Kelly. You don’t know how much this means to me.” By this time, Kari was sobbing in relief. Until that very moment, she hadn’t realized just how scared she really was.

The two spoke for several hours, talking about their lives, and generally catching up on things since they had last seen each other. Kari wanted to know everything about Kelly’s modeling career, and Kelly began to see just how hard it was going to be to keep the truth from her.

Finally, Kelly had to get ready for her appointment and told her sister to make herself comfortable until she got back. Kari had been sorely disappointed that Kelly was leaving, but the time passed too quickly, and Kelly was running late. The look of disappointment on her sister’s face was crushing to Kelly, and she seriously began to doubt she would be able to hide the truth for long.

For several days after Mr. Worley asked May to arrange a lesbian encounter for him, May had thought about how best to make his desire a reality. She immediately discarded the idea of something as simple as her and Kelly going to his estate and having sex in front of him. May was determined to do something that would draw him into the action and create a night he would never forget. After much consideration, she settled on a bondage scene with her in the submissive role, and Kelly playing as the Dom.

Considering what May had in mind, Kelly opted for a conservative, navy blue, woman’s business suit with a knee-length skirt. She formed her hair into a tight bun, and as a final touch, put on a pair of horn-rimmed glasses that she had acquired from a theatrical supply house. The overall effect of her transformation gave her the look of a matronly librarian.

As she walked out of the house, she saw May’s car idling in the driveway. As soon as she got in, May threw the European luxury car into gear and headed for the freeway.

As Kelly openly eyed her friend as she drove, the anticipation of what lay ahead made Kelly wet with excitement. May was dressed in a tight, strapless black dress that did much to accentuate the Asian girl’s smallish breasts. Its short cut exposed most of her lean thighs, and Kelly thought the color and texture looked magnificent against May’s golden skin.

“You look beautiful in that dress May. I can’t wait to get my hands on you.”

Kelly caressed her companion’s thigh, enjoying the smoothness of her golden skin.

“I thought you would like it, but you’re just going to have to control yourself until we get there.” she responded with a noticeably playful gleam in her almond eyes.

“I can hardly wait”

The estate of Mr. Worley looked dark and empty when they arrived, and Kelly thought that the eccentric director might have left for the evening. She gazed skeptically at the darkened exterior. “Are you sure he’s here?

“I’m sure.” May pulled something from her purse and showed it to Kelly. “See, he gave me the key.”

May inserted the key into the large wooden door and gave it a turn. The sound of the lock’s heavy bolt sliding back penetrated the darkness and they both entered the quiet house.

May led Kelly upstairs to Mr. Worley’s private quarters. Like the rest of the mansion, the room was darkened except for the fireplace and the assorted candles illuminating the four-posted bed. Daniel Worley was sitting in a large chair in the darkness. With a wave of his hand, he motioned the two women to move into the light.

Instantly dropping into character, May moved tentatively, almost fearfully, over to the foot of the bed. Kelly confidently followed behind. Stopping just feet in front of their host, Kelly lightly caressed May’s bare shoulders with her fingertips.

“I understand that this worthless slut has not been able to satisfy your needs.” Kelly's voice was low and husky as she began to circle the Asian beauty. May remained standing with her hands clenched together, her eyes focused on the floor, modestly accepting Kelly’s appraisal and oozing apparent shame at her inability to please her master.

“I can’t see any reason that she couldn’t perform her female duty. She’s young, beautiful, sexy...” Kelly’s voice trailed off and May began to tremble slightly as Kelly stopped and stood directly in front of her. Kelly drew May’s head up with a gentle touch to her chin.

“Perhaps she lacks the skills necessary to please a man with such refined tastes.”

Kelly pulled May into her arms and kissed her. Soft lips glossed together while their tongues entwined in a dance of passion, exploring the inside of each other’s mouths. Kelly hands flowed down May’s sides and over her firm rump, while May’s encircled the back of the taller woman’s slim waist. Locked in a lovers embrace, they began to gyrate in a silent dance, causing their firm breasts to press together. Kelly broke their kiss and looked over to Mr. Worley, never loosening her hold on her submissive, lover.

“Mmm, she really does know how to kiss. Do you see how soft and inviting her lips are? Her body is very responsive to my touch. I bet her pussy is already dripping wet.”

Kelly slid her hand down over May’s dress and pressed her palm against her sex. May's responsive moan was soft and gentle but easily carried across the room. Daniel sat motionless, enraptured by the erotic vision before him.

The lighting highlighted the women perfectly, accentuating their every move. May’s dress clung to her body like a second skin, following the lines of her tight ass and trim waist perfectly. Its low cut made the most of her cleavage, while the push-up bra she wore underneath displayed the roundness of her smallish breasts nicely. Eroticism radiated from her as she moved in Kelly’s arms. In comparison, Kelly’s conservative attire seemed to make her look plain, effectively concealing her own considerable charms.

The contrast between them was stunning. Daniel watched as they moved in each other’s arms and his cock grew hard as Kelly rubbed May’s moistening mound through her dress. Without removing his eyes from the lesbian lovers, he opened his fly and pulled his lengthening cock free, absently stroking it to life as Kelly fondled May’s alluring form.

“Maybe she doesn’t please you because her body is flawed in some way. Is there some hidden imperfection concealed beneath this wonderful dress?”

Kelly slowly unzipped May’s dress as she spoke. It fell away, revealing May’s golden skin and curvaceous hips, leaving only her black lace bra and panties to hide the fruits of her womanhood. For a moment, May seemed to struggle against the urge to cover herself with her arms until she forced herself to submit to his gaze.

"Let your hair down Pet; let's have a look at you."

May obediently pulled out the pin that held her bun together and then fluffed it out with her fingers. Her long, dark hair fell past her bare shoulders and over the perfect, tapered form of her back.

Kelly took several steps away from May and told her to turn around. “My God, look at that body. When I look at her standing there, almost naked, it makes me so hot I can’t stand it.”

Kelly came over to the Director and knelt next to his chair, resting her hand on its arm.

“I see she’s doing the same thing to you.”

A dollop of pre-cum clung enticingly at the tip of his cock and she scooped it up with her fingernail.

“Mmm, I love the taste of a man's cum. Every man tastes different, did you know that?”

“No, I never thought about it before.” He was tense from his excitement and his voice almost broke with anticipation as he watched Kelly wipe his fluid over her lips.

“Of course you haven’t. It is true though.” She rose to her feet and walked slowly back to May.

“May and I, on the other hand, have tasted the cum of many men, and I think yours tastes delicious. Want to try it May?”

“Oh yes, Mistress, may I?" May waited excitedly as Kelly brought her lips close to hers; allowing May to lick his fluid off of her pink, supple lips.

“Mmm, he tastes wonderful.”

Kelly moved behind the beautiful Asian and released the hooks binding her bra to her bosom, allowing it to slide off of her body and fall to the floor. When she circled her hands around May’s waist and cupped a supple breast in each, May sighed and gently ground her lace-covered ass into Kelly’s skirt.

Kelly pinched and rolled May's hardening nipples, roughly pinching them until she winced and whimpered in deliciously agony. Kelly kissed her way down her back, leaving a cool trail of saliva on her skin, right down to her firm and tiny bottom.

May squirmed slightly as she felt her panties being drawn down her hips, timidly trying to cover her cleanly shaven pussy.

With May's attention on focused the man across the room, Kelly grinned and slapped her ass hard, making her jump in surprise.

“Get on the bed and lay on your stomach! I want your arms above your head.” Kelly’s voice took on a unforgiving tone and May quickly followed her orders. Once she was in position, Kelly slowly pulled two long silken scarves from her bag and approached the trembling girl, dangling them in front of her face.

May whined loudly, sounding desperately fearful, as Kelly dragged the ends up and down her back.

"What are you going to do to me?" May begged. "Please don't hurt me, Mistress! I can do better! I'll do whatever he wants me to!"

"You will do whatever he wants?" Kelly replied with a mirthless laugh. "You foolish little slut, this is what he wants! He wants to see you suffer and cry. He wants to see you be used like a filthy little slut. That's the only thing you're good for, isn't it?"

She tied May’s arms together tightly as she spoke and secured them to the oaken headboard. Then she looked down at her captive with obvious contempt. “You have failed in your duty to please your Master. That is not acceptable.”

“No, please Mistress. I…”

“Silence girl! There is no possible excuse for your failure. As you have proven unwilling to satisfy his pleasure, you will be forced to allow him to take it from you.”

Kelly moved to the foot of the bed as she spoke. Once there, she attached a padded cuff to each of her lean and shapely legs, securing each in turn to the post. May was now bound, hand and foot, to the bed. She was completely nude and helplessly exposed to whatever torments Kelly chose to inflict on her. Wracked by a mixture of fear and excitement, May writhed against her restraints, struggling uselessly as Kelly scraped her nails lightly down the back of her thigh.

"Lift your hips!" Kelly commanded and then forced a large pillow underneath her, raising her hips high off the bed. Once she was satisfied, Kelly slipped her finger down between her thighs and dipped it into her steaming pussy. "Well, look at that. You're dripping wet. If I didn't know better I'd think you were actually enjoying this."

In truth, May was enjoying it, but the excited gleam in her eye was the only outward hint of her arousal. Both women knew that as long as May begged for mercy, Kelly would continue to torment her. Only if she actually were to ask to be beaten would Kelly stop her punishment. That subtle request was their secret safe term, letting Kelly know that things might have gone too far.

While May trembled helplessly on the bed, Kelly glanced at their client. He had removed his shirt, and his trousers were now piled around his ankles. His cock was hard in his hand as he slowly stroked it, and Kelly was a little concerned that he would make himself cum before she was ready. He was an older gentleman, and as such, she feared he might not be able to regain his erection easily if he did. 'Well', she decided, 'if he does, I’ll just have to suck his cock until he responds.' The thought almost made her hope he did.

So far, their host had been content to sit by and watch. She knew that powerful people often enjoyed giving up that power in bed. Clearly, Mr. Worley fit into that mold. That suited Kelly just fine. The longer he chose to watch, the longer she would be able to enjoy May's struggles. Once he did though, Kelly would gladly submit herself to him in turn.

Turning her attention back to the bound girl, Kelly slowly removed her own outer garments, revealing her dark, lace lingerie. Then, she reached into her bag again and produced a slender riding crop.

With a quick flip of her wrist, it cut through the air, letting May know what Kelly planned for her. May whimpered piteously and a slight shudder ran through her as Kelly approached. “No, please Mistress, don't...”

Kelly brought the crop down hard on her ass, turning her plea into a strangled wince of pain.

“Do not speak! I'll whatever pleases me!” Then she struck her again, leaving a bright red welt glowing across the golden rise of May's ass.

May yelped again, but resisted the urge to cry out. Straining to look back, she pulled uselessly at her bindings as Kelly drew another red line behind her tender thighs. By the time the third landed, May was quivering and pulling hard on her restraints, but all the while, a smoldering fire was burning in the dark pools of her almond-shaped eyes.

Over the next few minutes, Kelly delivered blow after blow down on her quivering backside until her golden skin glowed hot and red. The sudden onslaught against her tender flesh had May sobbing in apparent agony. Kelly smiled evilly as she ran her nails lightly over her tender flesh and down between thighs. Then, she dipped her finger into the warm recesses of her captive’s tunnel. “I knew it. You cry out like a baby, but your pussy is soaking wet. I think you love being abused.”

The riding crop hissed down on May's tender bottom once again, causing her to squeal as she writhed on the bed. The muscles in May's arms flexed deliciously under her skin as she pulled in vain against her restraints. Kelly watched her struggle for a moment and then chuckled at the girl’s plight.

When Kelly drew the leather tip over May's back, the bound girl trembled as she waited for another blow to land. Kelly used that dreadful anticipation to further torment her friend, touching her here and there, as if she were seeking another sensitive spot to lay the crop across her bare skin. For the next several minutes, Kelly tormented her with a combination of light slaps and soft caresses, driving May to the brink of lustful madness.

By then, May was sobbing uncontrollably from the painful pleasure that Kelly delivered. Her svelte, perspiration-coated body writhed in pained ecstasy and seemed to glow in the candlelight. Kelly thought the rosy redness of her heated bottom contrasted delightfully with her golden skin, and she couldn't resist kissing her rounded cheeks.

As soon as May felt Kelly's soft lips on her bottom, her struggles ceased and she calmed visibly. When she felt Kelly's mouth move lower and lower she held her breath, waiting in eager anticipation for Kelly to reach her molten pussy.

Kelly sensed her need and kissed her dripping sex, sucking on her tight lips and drawing her tongue down the length of her slit. Her soft tongue moved upward, slithering through her folds and beyond, until she found May's tight little rosebud. With practice skill, she rimmed her unmercifully until May was writhing again, this time in near ecstasy.

With insidious ease, Kelly licked and prodded May's bottom until she felt the tension evaporate from her prone captive. Feeling her muscles relax, she dipped her finger in May's wet pussy, fingering her hard before poking the coated finger deep into May's exposed asshole. May was loose by then, and when Kelly's finger slipped in easily, May gasped in exquisite surprise.

"Yes, Mistress! Please, please finger my asshole. It feels so good to be stretched by you! I'm so wet now and you're making my pussy drool!"

"I'm sure you are, you little slut."

Once again reaching into her bag, Kelly withdrew out a large, realistic looking dildo. With a wicked smile, she held it up and showed it to Mr. Worley. "Do you think she would enjoy it if I fucked her for you?"

Daniel grinned wickedly. "I'm sure she would. I'll bet she comes the second you touch her clit with it."

Kelly grinned back at him. "I'm sure you're right, but then this isn't for that wet pussy of hers.”

She looked down at May's helpless and quivering form. "I've got something else in mind for you, my Pet."

She leaned close to the bound girl and ran the tip of the vibrating phallus down her back. Then she brought its bulbous head to May's quivering lips. "Be a good slut and open your mouth. That's it; make my cock nice and wet.”

Daniel watched as Kelly fed her captive several inches of the toy. The sight of this woman, whom he had enjoyed so many times, being used by another, was driving him crazy. He continued to slowly stroke his cock as he watched Kelly push the phallus deeply into her throat, forcing her to gag and choke on its length. He was torn by his own, wrenching desires. The desire to continue watching May's glorious torment, and the growing urge to slide his cock into her helpless body.

Kelly continued fucking her mouth and May sucked it dutifully. With every inward stroke, Kelly whipped her ass sharply, causing the trussed up girl to jump and gag even more on the invading object.

Watching May become lost in the sexual helplessness of her confinement made Kelly wish that she was the one bound on the bed. The fact that it was May's honor to be in chains was partially because Mr. Worley was her client. More importantly, while Kelly had chosen to abstain from anal play, May was an absolute fiend for back door pleasures. Now that May had coated the toy with a slick coating of her saliva, Kelly was about to give her that pleasure.

When May felt the plastic cock pulled from her oral embrace, she whimpered sadly, as if Kelly had taken away her most precious possession. She watch enviously as Kelly took it down her own throat, sucking and licking it as if it were the real thing. There was a hunger in May's belly. She needed desperately to be touched. She needed to be allowed to feel the glorious pleasure of penetration.

As Kelly turned to tease May's tight little ass, she once again looked over to their host. His cock was fully erect and he was pumping it hard. In his state of arousal, Kelly decided he was going to let go at any moment. It was time for a slight adjustment to her plan.

“May, you suck cock pathetically. Watch and learn how a real woman gets a man off.”

Kelly stood up and removed her lacy bra, allowing her firm tits to bounce free. She rubbed both of them in her hands and pulled hard on her distended nipples. Licking her lips in excitement, she slipped her panties down to the floor.

Kneeling in front of him, she guided Daniel's hands from his cock to her breasts, inviting him to squeeze her firm and pliant boobs. "Mmm, that feels nice."

His cock was hard and slippery with precum, and his turgid head was a deep purple from his excitement. Kelly looked up at him with passion in her eyes. “I'm surprised you've been able to last this long. Most men would have needed me much sooner. It's time though, and you'll have all night to enjoy her. Let me suck your cock, all the way down my throat.”

Kelly squeezed his shaft as she spoke and placed it between her breasts. She loved the feeling of warmth radiating from his hot flesh against her breasts. It was something of which that she never tired.

She let him fuck her cleavage for a few strokes, leaving trails of his moisture on her bronzed skin. Finally, Kelly slid her mouth down over his entire length. He was right on the edge and Kelly only needed to let his hardness slip all the way down her throat a few times before she felt his body quiver in response. Drawing her lips up and down his shaft, she wetly kissed the soft crown and flicked her tongue all over the sensitive head until he could take no more. Groaning loudly, he held her head in his hands and thrust his cock down her throat as he began squirting his hot, stringy load into her hungry mouth.

Kelly swallowed his cock, submitting to his need until he let go of her head. Then she started sliding her mouth up and down his shaft while caressing him with her tongue. All too soon, she felt his tingling cock begin to soften. Licking her lips, she rose from her knees and offered her distended nipples to his mouth.

He sucked on them, rolling the protruding buds between his lips before biting down hard on one. “Oh shit...that feels so good," Kelly murmured as shockwaves of pleasure raced through her body, inflaming her until she was purring in delight.

By then, Kelly was almost out of her mind with lust. She slipped her finger into her demanding pussy and drew it deeply into her wet flesh. When she touched her own clit, bolts of electric pleasure coursed through her and desperately tempted her to keep fucking herself with her finger.

She needed to cum so badly it hurt, but this was not the time to indulge herself. Kelly withdrew her finger and offered the taste of her juices to Mr. Worley. Silently, he took the wet digit into his mouth and savored her musky flavor.

From the bed, May watched breathlessly as Kelly sucked him off. She appreciated Kelly's care and professionalism. It wouldn't do to allow her best client to cum all over his hands when he had two beautiful and willing women to satisfy his needs. Now that he was sated though, she was free to concentrate on the needs of her own heated flesh.

“Mistress, Please come back to me...I need to it so badly!” Her begging for release was no act at this point. All of the whipping, humiliation and being bound while watching Kelly suck cock had driven her over the edge and she was getting seriously frustrated. Her heart was pounding in her chest as Kelly returned to her. They shared a private glance, confirming their mutual excitement.

Reaching into her bag once more, Kelly produced a black leather harness and slipped the forgotten phallus into it. She gave May a devilish look as she slowly fastened it around her own shapely hips.

“I've been so looking forward to using this one on you May. I’m going to make you scream until you can’t take it anymore.”

“Oh, yes Mistress. Please fuck me, please!”

Kelly sneered at her begging captive. “Oh you’re going to get it all right, but not the way you think.” Kelly squeezed a line of lube down the cocks’ length then stroked it into the shaft until it glistened with wetness.

“I've wanted to get into that tight asshole of yours for a very long time. Now there's nothing you can do about it, is there?”

When Kelly squirted a dollop of the cold lube directly onto her asshole, May visibly jumped. She felt it warm quickly as Kelly worked it into her bottom, sliding in and massaging her nervous muscles. The feeling was delicious to May. Soon enough, the lube had her ass tingling in anticipation and she was moaning in pleasure.

Kelly moved behind her and slapped her ass with the plastic cock. May jerked and trembled, but when she felt the thick head poke at the entrance of her ass, she stopped moving and began bearing back slightly, toward the intruding object.

Kelly found her tight hole and when she pressed forward, May's sphincter muscle resisted for a moment, then opened suddenly and accepted the bulbous head into her body.

“Ahh... Oh, fuck yes!!” May screamed as her anal passage stretched and reluctantly opened to accept the toy.

To Kelly, it felt like May's entire body seemed to ripple and tense as the cock slid deeply into her. May's face became a vision of intense concentration on the pleasure she was receiving. Her moans became constant and ongoing as she felt it move way up inside her, stretching and rubbing the inner walls of her nether hole. Kelly continued pressing in and pulling back until May was easily taking it all.

When Kelly unexpectedly turned up the vibrations, May's ass tightened involuntarily. Kelly pushed in deep and held it there, buried in the bound girl’s ass and relishing the vibrations against her own clit all the way through the harness.

Both women held that position with May pushing back, wiggling and grinding her ass against the intruding phallus. She whined, trying to take more and more while Kelly pressed her clit against its base. Vibrations pulsed through the harness, maximizing its effect on her own demanding flesh. In moments, both of the women were screaming in orgasm.

After they came, Kelly untied May and curled up on the bed. May literally crawled over to Dan, who was still recovering from the spectacle. Crawling into his lap, May slipped into the overstuffed chair with him and began to gently fondle his semi-hard cock. They started kissing and petting each other as Kelly watched them from the bed.

Mr. Worley had chosen the woman he knew over his new guest and Kelly quietly collected her clothing and moved to the door. May smiled at her and blew her a kiss as Kelly picked up one of the two envelopes Mr. Worley had subtly left on the nightstand.

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