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Kelly's Passion Ch 7

The Night is Darkest before the Dawn
Kelly walked along the shore, listening to sound of the waves as they crashed upon the sand. It was growing late in the afternoon and the beach had become mostly deserted as the days revelers moved off to prepare for whatever entertainment awaited them on a Friday night during the California summer.

The mournful cry of a lone seagull carried over the pulsing waves and the young woman looked up to watch the white bird as it circled gracefully overhead. It, too, felt the shadows creep along the coast, and soon it turned inland and flew off to wherever it went to wait out the coming night.

Kelly sighed as she watched the fragile creature disappear into the distance. Always before, when she felt troubled, she had been able to find peace and tranquility in the presence of such natural beauty. Today the gloom that had set upon her stubbornly refused to be lift. For the first time in her young life, she was truly afraid of what was to come. Tomorrow, she knew, could well mark the end of the lifestyle she had made for herself.

Enduring two years of blackmail by a rogue detective had been bad enough, but now the man had made it clear that he wanted far more from her then cash. He had sexually assaulted her, raped her in fact, and now he planned to pimp her out to his friends. She shuddered as a cold chill descended upon her despite the effects of the summer warmth. Kelly's green eyes filled with tears of sorrow.

She could refuse of course. God knew she was strongly tempted to. If she did though, Carl would use her stolen appointment book not only to ruin her, but also to destroy the lives of over a dozen of the most famous men in Hollywood.

She had read about the scandal that came after the arrest of Heidi Fleiss, a Hollywood Madam whose conviction for running a prostitution ring had ignited a media firestorm in 1993. Heidi had been publicly humiliated, stripped of her wealth and eventually incarcerated.

Kelly knew that, as her book had been stolen by a police detective, it would never be admissible in court. That fact alone made it unlikely that she would be jailed. Unlike Heidi though, whose documents had been sealed by the court, Carl had names, dates and payments written in Kelly’s own hand. If those names got into the public record, every one of the men in it would suffer irreparable harm to their reputations. They had put their trust in her, and now she might be the instrument of their destruction.

“Oh God, what am I going to do?” It was a question she had asked herself a hundred times. How much was too much to bear? At what point should she start looking out for herself? There was no easy answer. She offered to buy the book back, but Carl just laughed in her face. Kelly had a dreadful feeling that he was planning to sell it to the tabloids soon, no matter what she did.

Once again, she contemplated the idea that Kari came up with, and once again rejected it. It was a brave plan that might actually work, but it would expose her sister to Carl, and that was a risk Kelly would never be willing to take. Even if it meant exposing herself and her clients to the press.

Kelly returned to her home in a mood as dark as the coming night. When she came inside the house, it was as quiet as a tomb and felt just as cold. On any other Friday night, she would have been out entertaining a client at a fancy restaurant or lying with him between the sheets of a comfortable bed.

Since the day that Kari arrived though, she had taken a hiatus from her work as a call girl. She had planned to become available to her clients again at some point, but the stress of her problem with Carl and the thought of how Kari might be influenced by it all had her strongly leaning towards retiring from the sex trade altogether. Now, with May out on one of her 'dates', and Kari at a college pre-enrollment function, Kelly felt strangely alone.

She would have called a friend, someone just to hang out with but it dawned on her that, except for May and Kari, she really didn’t have any. None, at least, with whom she would have been willing to share her hurt, 'Why hasn't that ever occurred to me before?' she absently wondered.

It was in the midst of these depressing thoughts that Kelly heard the ring of her contact cell phone. She considered just letting it go to voicemail, but her curiosity got the better of her. She picked up the phone and checked the incoming number.

‘Alexander Wentworth’.

Alex was a new client and she'd only seen him one time. She had been very impressed by him as a man and a lover though, and found herself answering the call before she really thought it through.


“Hello, Kelly, this is Alex Wentworth. We… um, we met last week.”

Kelly smiled at his attempt to be coy. That they just met was true enough, but what he didn’t say was that they had spent the evening fucking each other senseless.

“Oh, hi Alex. It’s nice to hear from you.”

“Thanks. Look Kelly, I know this is short notice, but I’ve been thinking about you all week. If you’re not busy tonight, I’d really like to see you.”

'Oh, God no. I can’t do this tonight,' she thought plaintively. The very idea of letting a man touch her seemed repulsive to her now. She bit her lower lip and tried to find her professional voice.

“I don’t know, Alex. I’ve got a few things happening right now. I’ve actually planned to take some time off. I don’t think I’d be good company for you tonight.”

She had tried to keep her voice even, but she was in a vulnerable state of mind, and despite her best efforts, the fear and emotional pain she’d been feeling crept into her words. Knowing instantly that he detected the slip, she cursed herself silently for allowing her problems to surface so easily.

“I understand completely,” he responded after a long moment. Another slight pause followed as he seemed to consider what he had heard.

“I know it’s none of my business, but you sound upset. Are you okay?”

Kelly was surprised at the apparent concern in his voice. She had expected him to end the call quickly. After all, they didn’t really know each other. She was just a hired escort and rich men like him didn’t normally involve themselves in the problems of girls like her. As much as she was touched by the gesture though, she wasn’t about to lay all of her problems at his feet.

“Yeah, I’m okay. I am sorry about tonight, but I just don’t feel I can provide the level of service you deserve.”

“I’m sure you’d be fine” he responded. “I just need someone to spend the evening with, even if it’s just a dinner date. How would that be?”

Most people would be surprised at how many of her clients just wanted to be seen with a pretty young lady. After most of these dates, she and her client would retire to a hotel room, but not always. Sometimes it was just what Alex was requesting. A dinner date and nothing more. Kelly had to admit, getting out of the house would be a relief as long as dinner was all that he wanted.

“Okay Alex, I can be ready in about an hour. How should I dress?"


Alex held Kelly’s hand as they made their way through the excited crowd. Bright, multi-colored lights lit up the fairground and the sounds of bells, whistles and sirens filled the air. All around them, couples, some young and some old, were enjoying the spectacle that was the County Fair. Groups of laughing children darted this way and that, headed in every direction. It was a wonderful bedlam that filled Kelly with delight.

When she agreed to go out with him, she’d expected to be taken to one of the dreadfully stuffy exclusive clubs that the rich and famous tended to frequent. While such places had a lot to offer, she worried that such a serious atmosphere would only served to drive her ever more deeply into her morose mood. So it was that when he suggested the Fair, she leapt at the idea. It was a welcome surprise and she found herself wondering if it was just dumb luck on his part or if he really was that perceptive.

It was a warm night and Kelly chose a blue, form-fitting top and an ankle length pleated skirt. She wanted to look nice but had no desire to wear anything too revealing. Alex too had dressed casually. His light colored polo shirt fit him perfectly and she silently admired what his blue jeans did for his firm butt.

So far, he had been the perfect gentlemen. Their conversation had been light and friendly, and he had made no attempt to pry into what she obviously felt was a very personal matter. Nor did he rattle on about himself. She found that he was warm and engaging. Intelligent, but still able to amuse her with his almost childlike exuberance.

She gazed up at him as he spoke eloquently about matters of no import and wondered how it was that he was not attached. He was a kind, wealthy and extremely good-looking man who constantly proved to be unlike anyone she had ever met before. There was just something about him, something that brought out feelings in her that she had not experienced in a very long time.

It was an attraction that she had felt with him the first time they had met, but knowing that she would only be hurt by such feelings, she had forced them out of her mind. Now, in the despair of her problems with Carl, and despite her better judgment, she let those feelings rise up in her and held them close to her heart. She soon found that the more she embraced them, the more they gave her strength, and warmed her soul.

As they rounded a stand overfilled with stuffed animals, a clown walked by, juggling a half dozen glowing ping pong balls. Kelly smiled at him in admiration and he stopped in front of the seemingly happy couple. He deftly held open the breast pocket on his checkered jacket and with great panache, let the balls fall in, one after the other.

Alex was as impressed as Kelly was, and they both cheered and applauded his performance. The clown bowed to them dramatic fashion and as he rose, a bouquet of yellow flowers appeared as if by magic in his hand. With a grin, he presented them to Kelly.

“Oh, my gosh! You are amazing! Thank you so much!” The roses were quite real and Kelly brought them close to her face, enjoying the sweet scent that arose from them.

The clown smiled broadly and with a flick of his wrist, once again hurled his glowing balls into the air. He disappeared as quickly as he had come, still juggling his way through the crowd.

Kelly turned and took Alex’s hand back into her own.

“Thanks for bringing me here. I haven’t been to a fair since I was a child. This is so much fun!”

Impulsively, she stood on her tiptoe and kissed him lightly on the cheek. As she pressed her body against his, she felt his strong arms wrap around her waist. He felt warm and solid against her and she relaxed into his embrace.

“It’s really my pleasure Kelly,” he saw the joy in her face and felt her body melt against him. At that moment, he really couldn’t remember ever seeing anything more beautiful.

“You have the most incredible smile,” he said softly as he lightly caressed her cheek with one hand.

They stood there for a long moment, gazing into each other’s eyes. There was an attraction there that held them in place, a spark that both of them felt but neither was willing to admit to the other. In that moment, the crowds around them seem to vanish, leaving the two alone together.

As Alex held her gently in his arms, a belief that he had long held but never experienced was confirmed in his mind. He had always been a romantic at heart, and somehow knew that love would not come over him slowly, but instead, strike him suddenly like a lightning bolt from heaven.

There, holding Kelly, and feeling her so relaxed in his embrace, he knew that he had been smitten. He knew that it wasn’t her considerable beauty that attracted him, or her skill as a lover. It was something much deeper and more mysterious. He had felt it the first time they met and now he was sure.

For Kelly, time seemed to come to a stop, and the way his eyes almost bored into hers made her knees feel weak. He said nothing to her but the slight smile that played across his face spoke volumes. Kelly prayed that she was not completely misreading him.

Alex wanted to kiss her, kiss her so passionately that she would have no doubt about how he felt. In that instant though, the sound of running feet and the musical sound of a child's laughter interrupted their moment, and an adolescent boy slammed into the couple. The boy hit the ground hard and Kelly would surely have followed had Alex not been holding her so tightly.

Alex made sure Kelly had regained her balance and then knelt down in front of the boy who was lying sprawled out in the dusty earth.

“Are you okay, son? That was a nasty fall.”

“Ah, yeah, I'm fine, mister. I'm real sorry about that.”

“Oh, don't worry about us, just be careful or you might hurt yourself.”

Kelly was touched by Alex's concern for the child. Some men might have snapped at the kid, but Alex didn't seem the least upset at him. It was just one more thing she found appealing about him.

Alex helped the lad to his feet and smiled warmly as the boy dusted himself off.

“Sorry about that lady,” he said and smiled at her bashfully. With a quick wave of his hand, he ran off, back into the crowd, having learned nothing from the experience.

Laughing, Alex took Kelly's hand and stepped back, looking her over.

“I'm okay, it didn't even hurt,” she said as he continued his visual examination.

“Yeah, I know. I just like looking at you.”

“Oh, you are so bad” she said in mock anger and pushed him hard in the shoulder.

“Ow, you're stronger then you look!”

They both laughed as he slipped his arm around her waist. “Now, why don't you let me win you one of these stuffed animals?”


Kelly held the pink bear close to her as they approached his car. It was a cute thing, with a baby blue apron that said 'I Love You' across the front. It was adorable. Almost, she thought, as adorable as the man who had won it for her.

She suppressed a smile as she remembered him trying again and again to hit that fourth straight free throw he needed to win. 'He may be athletic,' she thought, laughing inwardly at the memory. 'But he's hopeless with a basketball.' The effort had cost him more than the thing was worth, but it meant the world to her that he had tried so hard.

As he opened the passenger door for her, she thought back to the moment they'd shared just before the boy had crashed into them. It had been electric and Kelly didn't care anymore if she was being foolish. If she were wrong, if he didn't share her feelings, then she would be crushed. She was already an emotional wreck, and the last thing she needed was for him to reject her feelings for him. She was so conflicted that it almost hurt, but the idea of letting him go tonight hurt even more. She felt happy and content with him and that’s what she needed most.

'Whatever may come,' she thought, 'tonight, he's with me and I'm not letting him go!'

As Alex stepped back, holding the car door for her, Kelly leaned against him, pressing her body against his, and pretended to straighten his collar.

“I'm not ready to go home yet. There's a hotel right down the street...” Kelly let her words trail of seductively. It may have been very foolish, but she couldn't yet bring herself to say what she really felt. She didn't dare.

“I would love that Kelly, I really would. Are you sure though? You don't have to do this for me.”

“I know Alex” she whispered, “It's what I want, what I need.” She slipped her arms around his neck as she spoke, and rising up on her toes, brought her moist lips to his in a soft but passionate kiss.


Alex opened the door of the room for Kelly and she walked inside the suite. She had been in hotel rooms like this with men a hundred times before, but this time felt totally different to her. This time she was here not for the money, or even the simple pleasures of the flesh. This time she was here with a man she cared about, with a man she desperately hoped cared about her.

Kelly slowly moved about the room until she found herself standing at the window. The hotel had an ocean view and she looked out at the lights of the passing boats gliding silently over the dark water.

Soft melodies of subtle music filled the room as Alex turned on the room’s entertainment system. A moment later, he turned the lights to a lower, softer glow.

Neither of them spoke. Neither of them knew what to say. They were in a moment of transition, and neither of them knew how the other felt, and neither dared to break the spell by being the first to say.

Kelly couldn’t even bring herself to look at him as he approached.

Alex walked up behind her and slipped his arms around her waist. He was pleased when she leaned back into him, almost melting against his body. She seemed so different than she did the first time they were together. At that time, she had seemed so strong, so… confident. Now, as he held her in his arms, he could feel the tremble that passed through her. She was like a young girl, vulnerable and shy. 'What’s happened to her?' he wondered.

He just stood there for a while, holding her in his arms and swaying almost imperceptibly to the low music. He felt her sadness and wished he could help, but he knew better then to pry. If she wanted to share it with him, then she would do it in her own time. Until then, he would just give her the love and comfort that she seemed to need so desperately.

After a time, he bent down and kissed her shoulder gently. Kelly moaned quietly and tipped her head away from his kiss, exposing her bare neck to his lips. Her hands slid over his and held them tightly to her; as if she were afraid he would let her go. It was an instinctively submissive response to his touch and those subtle moves spoke volumes to him. He knew now that she was not just willing to be touched, but desiring it. It was, he thought, the most erotic moment of his life.

Gently, he turned her around to face him and kissed her deeply. His tongue slipped out and found hers, just slightly touching. Slowly the heat within them built up, and their kiss became more passionate as the seconds passed.

Kelly had always been an aggressive lover. In her younger days, it had just been her nature. Later, as she learned the craft of the escort, it had become necessary for her to maintain some semblance of control over her encounters with the men with whom she shared herself.

Now, in the embrace of this one special man, she wanted to give up that control. She wanted so much just to be his, to give herself to him completely.

She felt his hands drift down and cup her bottom through her skirt. His touch was firm, but gentle, and sent a shiver up her spine.

Kelly rested her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat as he explored her body, slowly caressing her back and sides with feathery touches. When his hands moved under her top and met the bare flesh of her waist, she lifted her arms and allowed him to pull her top up, and off, over her head.

He made no move to remove her lacy white bra. He just gazed into her eyes with an almost childlike wonderment. Kelly felt that special spark again, and once again her knees felt as if they would fail her.

“My God Kelly, you are so incredibly beautiful.”

She had heard many men say that and it was always flattering, but this time it seemed to mean so much more. It was as if he had just realized it, and Kelly almost felt embarrassed by his sincerity. Not for the first time that night, Kelly prayed that she was not misreading this man.

Kelly wasn’t sure whom it was that moved first, but their lips found each other’s again in a hard and steamy kiss that took her breath away. While they shared that kiss, she felt him unhook her bra, and as they finally parted, he slowly pulled the frilly garment from her body, exposing her breasts to his view.

His right hand caressed her, and his palm grazed over her hardening nipple, causing bolts of pleasure to course through her. Her head tilted back from his touch as she enjoyed the sensation of his hands upon her. A moment later, she felt the tender wetness of his lips encircle her pert nipple. She gasped as he suckled her, squeezing it between his lips.

Having such lavish attention paid to her breasts ignited the flames of her arousal, and Kelly felt the familiar wetness begin to seep into her sex. Her skin tingled with excitement, making her feel as if she were glowing from the sexual energy building up within her. When he finally broke contact with her and took a step back, Kelly leaned against the windowsill and crossed her arms over her bosom, holding her heaving breasts in her own hands.

She saw the look of adoration in his eyes, eyes that chased away her doubts and melted her heart. She watched as he pulled his own shirt over his head, revealing his muscular form. His skin was nicely tanned and his chest was almost hairless. Kelly noticed that his tiny nipples were as hard as her own were and she felt a strong desire to nip and suck his as he had done for her. As he kicked off his shoes and unsnapped his pants, she couldn’t help but gently squeeze her own breasts in anticipation of feeling his hands upon her body again.

As he dropped his pants and boxers, his already hard cock came into view, and Kelly couldn’t resist taking it into her hand as he stepped close to her again. Standing just inches from him, she could smell his manly scent. It was strong and musky, and filled her senses with desire. She stroked the considerable length of his cock as he kissed her, delighting in the feel of his hardness in her hand.

As he kissed her, he felt the magic of her touch coaxing his manhood to higher levels of arousal. He could feel her excitement in her grip on his cock. She was squeezing and stroking him more urgently then she knew, and to his astonishment, he already felt the faint stirrings of impending orgasm creep upwards from his heavy sack. Placing his hand on hers, he slowed her motions.

Kelly began to kneel in front of him, but placing his hands on her arms, he halted her descent. He would have loved to feel her warm mouth on his cock, but he knew that in his current state of arousal, he would quickly lose control. As much as he wanted to come in her succulent mouth, he wasn’t ready for that just yet.

“Turn around and look out the window,” he whispered to her.

Kelly did as he asked and gazed into the night. When she felt his hand on her back, she allowed him to bend her over and she braced herself on the windowsill.

Alex gathered her skirt up around her waist and pulled her panties over the curve of her hips and down her shapely thighs. He kissed her rump and caressed her legs as he slid the tiny garment to the floor.

Standing behind her, he once again caressed her firm ass. He ran his fingers lightly down between her cheeks and tickled her rosebud. Kelly trembled slightly and a soft moan escaped her lips as he pressed gently at the tight opening of her anus. Happy with her reaction, Alex allowed his touch to roam lower until he felt the soft wetness of her vaginal passage.

Alex pressed gently, and slid two fingers deeply into her. As he did so, she parted her legs slightly, allowing him to please her with his touch. Satisfied that she was ready for him, he withdrew his fingers and moistened the crown of his cock with her fluids.

Kelly sighed with disappointment as he withdrew his fingers, but it quickly turned to a contented moan as the thick head of his cock began to press into her. His first few strokes were slow and shallow, but as her wetness lubricated his shaft, he began to sink himself more deeply into her. She felt his hands gripping her ass as he finally slid himself all the way in, and she groaned as the walls of her channel spread to accommodate him.

He moved slowly at first, tenderly sliding himself into her depths. He continued to caress her hips and thighs while he moved within her. Kelly gazed out the window as he took her and let the beauty of the night mingle in her mind with the delicious sensations of being touched so gently. She squeezed him slightly as he hit bottom and a secret smile played across her face as she heard him gasp at the constricting tightness of her passage.

Alex pulled her upright and she lifted her leg and rested her smallish foot on the windowsill. In this position he was still able to keep himself wedged deeply within her, but now he began kissing her neck and fondling her breasts as he once again started to thrust into her.

Her long skirt, though, unfurled and dropped over her ass, threatening to become an unwelcome distraction. With a whimper of regret, Kelly turned and caused his throbbing member to slide out of her.

“Let me take this off, I don’t want anything between us,” she whispered as she slid the skirt over her hips and let it pool around her feet.

By the time she let it drop, she was in a half crouched position and she continued down to the floor until his rigid cock was just inches away. She wetted her lips and looked up at him naughtily, teasing him with what she wanted to do. Slowly, she kissed the head of his wet, glistening cock and flicked her tongue over it, savoring the familiar flavor her own fluids.

“Oh Kelly, that feels so good. Suck my cock. Yeah, just like that.”

Hearing his words of encouragement, Kelly took him deep and let him slide all the way down her throat. She kept him there for several seconds as she sucked and squeezed him as hard as she was able. Only the need to breathe finally caused her to pull back, until only the thick head rested between her moist lips. Once her breath returned though, she began sucking him in earnest, lavishing him with broad swipes of her tongue and dragging her lips up and down his shaft.

She then pulled his hard and heated shaft from her mouth and slid her lips up and down the underside of it. As much as she enjoyed giving head, she was far more pleased and excited by the way he reacted to the pleasure she was giving him. He had brought his hands to her head and but he made no move to guide her actions. Instead he simply ran his fingers through her hair as he moaned in delight.

For long moments she continued her oral assault on his staff, not holding back a bit of her considerable talents. The first time she had been with him, he had fucked her long and hard until he had finally filled her sex with his thick seed. This time she wanted desperately to taste his cum and she sucked him with a reckless abandon that would leave no doubt in his mind as to her desire.

Finally having sensed her intentions, Alex ended his futile struggle to hold back his oncoming orgasm.

“Oh God, Kelly, I’m gonna come!” he uttered between his clenched teeth.

Kelly gripped his length in her hand and pumped his shaft, holding his bulbous crown tightly in her mouth. She felt his body stiffen and his cock throbbed as a blast of his molten cum splashed over her tongue. She pumped her hand as she swallowed, and more thick streams of his hot cum filled her waiting mouth. Only when the last drops of his tangy excretions drained from his member did she let her hand fall away, and one last time sucked his softening cock down her hungry throat.

When Kelly sat back on her haunches, Alex leaned back onto the windowsill.

“Oh fuck, Kelly. That was amazing!”

“Mmm I loved sucking you. You taste wonderful.”

Alex stood and helped Kelly to her feet. To her delight, he took her into his arms and kissed her deeply, showing no sign of distaste at the possibility of tasting his cum on her lips. They embraced like this for a moment, and then Alex led her to the bed.

Kelly stretched out languidly on her back, but Alex took her by the hips and playfully flipped her over, exposing her rounded ass to his view. As he ran his fingertips down her spine, she softly cooed in appreciation of his touch.

Although Kelly was obviously enjoying their lovemaking, Alex feared that their night together might start to feel too much like just another liaison with a client to her. He wanted to break that connection in her mind in a way that would show her that this time was different. That this time she was with someone who cared for her, with someone who loved her. He sat up on his knees, and putting aside his own sexual desire, determined to do something that she would know was just for her.

“Close your eyes Kelly. I’m going to give you a massage. Just relax and let yourself enjoy it.”

“Hmm, that sounds wonderful,” she answered as he placed his warm hands on her back. Always before, her body would have been demanding some kind of release by now, but tonight felt different. The hot, burning arousal of her passions had been supplanted by a haunting desire just to be pampered and cared for.

'That’s what he’s been doing all night,' she thought. The fair, the way he spoke with her, and now he's spending time just to make her feel good. 'God, is it possible? Does he really have feelings for me? Please don’t let me be wrong!’

She clung to that hope as he began skillfully massaging her bare shoulders and upper back. His strong hands were firm but gentle, and Kelly felt the tension that had gripped her so tightly begin to fade away. It felt so good for a man to pay attention to her for a change, to care enough to make her feel comfortable and relaxed.

His touch was sensual and intimate, but not overtly sexual. She could tell by the way he touched her, and where his hands flowed over her body, that his intent was not to immediately arouse her. It was gentle touch that relaxed her, and allowed her worries to fade and let her body and spirit to unwind.

“There should be some body lotion in the bath. I’ll be right back."

Kelly said nothing as she watched him walk toward the bathroom, but she couldn’t help but notice how good he looked naked. *'I could love this man.'* The thought came unbidden, but now that it had, she had to admit it, at least to herself.

She knew it was a dangerous and foolish thought, but it was there, and she could no longer deny it. 'How could I be so foolish? I’ve fallen in love with a client!' She’d broken the cardinal rule for a professional escort; never become emotionally involved. 'How can I tell him? What would he say? He’ll think I just interested in his money, or worse, that I’m just some crazy whore! Please God, don’t let me be wrong!'

With an effort, Kelly put those thoughts aside. Tonight is all that matters, she told herself with a sigh. 'I’ll worry about tomorrow when it arrives!'

Alex returned and dribbled a line of cool body lotion down the center of her back. With an effort, Kelly focused her attention on his strong hands as they began working the lotion into her skin, pressing and kneading at her taunt muscles until he had reached the rise of her bottom. As he ran his palm over her ass, a shiver ran up her spine and she parted her thighs slightly, inviting his hand to explore the sensitive regions between them.

If he saw her move them though, he gave no indication. His fingers stayed on the smooth globes of her rump, working into the muscles and squeezing her flesh until she was almost writhing in the pleasure of it all. As his fingers slipped between her parted buns, she felt them flutter over her rosebud once more, just tickling the last virgin spot on her body. Kelly almost gasped at the unfamiliar sensation of his slick finger nudging lightly at her nether entrance. The contact with her anus lasted only a moment, but it was enough to plant a new seed of desire in her mind.

As his hands began working down her thighs and over her calves, she considered asking him to be the first. It would be a powerful moment for her, she knew. She had kept her anal virginity as a final prize for the one man who would finally win her heart, always denying that one experience to her many clients. Now, there was no longer a reason to wait. Alex was that man, of that she had no doubt. She would have preferred to wait, to be sure that her feelings for him were returned, but another, darker thought arose in her mind.

When Carl assaulted her, he made it very clear that he intended to have her ass, and tomorrow night he would certainly try. The idea that the one special place on her body that she had saved for so long would be plundered by that monster made stomach turn. It was upsetting enough that every effort Alex made to calm and relax her was almost instantly undone, but Kelly closed her eyes and forced tomorrow out of her mind. 'Stay in the now Kelly,' she told herself.

'Only think about what is happening now!'

As Alex trailed his fingers up her inner thigh, she spread her legs farther apart and lifted her bottom.

“That feels soo nice Alex. Make me come. Please make me come.”

“I would love to Kelly. I want to see you orgasm. Roll over onto your back.”

Kelly complied and her heart began beating heavily in her chest as he moved down between her legs. Looking up at her, he gently brushed his fingertips over her wetness and slowly pulled her labia apart. Kelly gasped as she felt his fingers massage her inner lips and her hips bucked slightly as he rubbed circles around her clit. Slowly, he teased her by running his finger up and down her opening, coating it with her fluids. Kelly closed her eyes and brought her hands to her breasts as her arousal grew.

When he slipped a finger deep into her and dragged it back out against the underside of her button, Kelly almost went wild from the wondrous sensations that shot through her. The massage had primed her more then she realized, and she already felt the stirrings of orgasm begin to awaken within her.

She felt him part her lips, causing her clit to emerge from under its hood and Kelly rolled her hips up, trying desperately to get him to touch her there again. He blew gently on it and she quivered in anticipation of what was surely to come. Finally he lowered his mouth and ran his broad tongue up the length of her raw sex. Kelly made no effort to stifle the moan that he drew out of her.

Her hips gyrated and she trembled in excitement as he began to slowly lick and suck at her tender flesh. Having her pussy kissed was a pleasure that she was often denied in her work and she was thrilled by his desire to give it to her.

“Oh fuck, Alex. That feels so damn good. Suck on it; lick me just like that, just like that. Ohhh yeah...”

She pulled his head fully onto her sex and he pressed his mouth completely over her wet opening. Kelly's whole body rocked as his tongue swirled all around her pebble-sized clit, flicking and sliding rhythmically over it. As her orgasm began gathering within her like a storm in the distance, Alex slid his middle finger into her.

The sudden sensation of fullness went through her like an electrical charge and Kelly's back arched as the first ripples of her orgasm crashed into her. She bucked hard in his grasp, causing his finger to slip out. As he attempted to hold on to her writhing hips, his wet finger slipped down and came to rest on her anus. Kelly wasn't sure if it was by accident or design, but she pressed herself down upon it.

“Oh god! Stick it in my ass!”

Alex pressed it into the tight opening and quickly sank it into her up to the knuckle. The combined sensations were too much for Kelly to resist and her body literally exploded in one of the most cataclysmic orgasms she could remember. For several moments, wave after wave of powerful orgasms passed through her, causing her to squeal and moan in seismic ecstasy. Beads of sweat appeared on her skin from the exertion of her climax. By the time the sensations passed, Kelly could barely catch her breath.

“That was fucking incredible. No one has ever done that to me before.” Kelly’s voice was filled with wonderment. If she had really understood how powerful the added stimulation of his finger in her ass felt, she would have tried it years ago.

Alex was surprised at her reaction. He had just assumed that, as skilled as she was in bed, that there wouldn’t be much left that she hadn’t tried. The possibility that there were still a few things he could teach her excited him greatly.

He slid up higher on the bed until they were facing one another.

“You mean to say that with as fantastic an ass as you have, you’ve never had anyone want to…you know, play with it?” His eyes almost glowed with mirth as he playfully prodded her about the tender subject.

Kelly giggled lightly and smiled. “No, some guys have wanted to. I’ve just never… It’s just never happened.”

Kelly felt herself blush as she tried to find a way to explain it. Embarrassment was not something she often felt over the subject of sex, but suddenly, she found herself flustered and tongue tied as she attempted to explain it to him.

“Alex, it’s just that I’ve always wanted to save this one part of myself, this one experience until I could find the right guy to share it with.”

Alex felt like she had brought down a curtain of impersonalization between them and it landed like a body shot to his midsection. For a brief second, he struggled even to speak. He had been so certain that they had moved to a higher level emotionally that he had forgotten she was a professional. It was a crushing moment, and he had a sudden urge to end the evening before he made an even greater fool of himself.

“Oh, okay Kelly. I understand completely and I’m really sorry to have taken advantage. Maybe we ought to..."

Kelly saw the change come over him and heard the hurt in his voice. In an ironically perverse way, it exhilarated her and filled her with joy and excitement. 'He cares about how I feel about him! Oh my gosh, he really cares! I wasn't wrong!' Her excitement shined brilliantly in her green eyes and she smiled openly in front of him. She put her hand on his chest, stopping him in mid sentence.

“Alex, wait. You don't understand at all. I have been waiting for the right man,” her eyes gazed into his with a piercing intensity as she continued, “and I'm looking right at him.”

Kelly watched as his pain turned to confusion and then to shock as what she had said sank in. As his face lit up with joy, she leaned in close and kissed him lovingly and without reservation. As they embraced, she let her hand drift down his body and slowly stroked his hardening cock.

“So now it's your turn. Have you ever done a woman in the ass?” The naughtiness in her voice was unmistakable and they both burst out in laughter.

“Yeah Kelly, I have. I have to admit, I didn't wait for the right girl.”

“Oh jeez Alex, You're such a slut!”

Kelly gave his shaft a firm squeeze as she said it, causing Alex to laugh in response to her faux contempt.

“Well, what can I tell you? I'm a man.”

Kelly giggled and looked down at the very impressive erection in her hand. “Yes you are Alex, and you have a very big cock. Do you think it'll fit up my tiny little bum?”

“I most certainly do, but if you keep doing that with your hand, we will never know!”
He kissed her again and rolled her onto her stomach. “Now just try to relax, you’re going to love this, I promise.”

Alex moved between her spread legs and began running his hands softly over the flawless skin of her back, lightly tracing his fingers over her curves. 'She is so beautiful,' he thought as he caressed her. He loved the way her back rose slightly as she breathed, and the way her lustrous hair pooled around her head as she lay beneath him.

Slowly, he moved lower on her body until his touch reached the rising curve of her bottom. He slipped his hand down gently between her wonderfully soft cheeks, parting them slightly and then grazed his fingers over her passage.

Retrieving the small bottle of lotion he had used earlier, he squeezed a dollop onto her excited anus. As her rubbed it in between her valley, Kelly moaned softly at the sensation of the cool lotion on her skin.

“Mmm, that feels really nice.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

He tickled her rosebud softly and Kelly responded by lifting her rump toward his hand. Alex took the unused pillow, and asking her lift her hips, placed it underneath her. Now, with her hips elevated, her bottom was opened and exposed to him. He squeezed a bit more of the lotion onto her and coated his middle finger as well.

With slow, even pressure he pushed his finger past her gripping entry and slid into her. This he repeated several times, adding more of the lotion to ensure that she was properly lubricated. She was very tight at first, but soon his gentle massaging of her anal canal caused her to become more relaxed.

“Wow Kelly, you are a quick learner.”

Kelly said nothing, but while it was true that she had never been taken this way, it wasn’t like she had no experience with anal play before. She had used a strap on to make love to May like this many times and there had been more than one man in her past who had enjoyed this pleasure, as long as it was administered by a beautiful young woman. She had no fear of the pain that would soon come and by the way his finger felt, she expected that when the time arrived it was going to feel divine to have him inside her.

As Alex inserted a second finger, Kelly felt the first bit of burning discomfort. She was being stretched open in ways that she never had before but she continued to focus on the pleasant sensations she felt, and soon the pain faded into a warm glow of pleasure.

She felt him shift his weight behind her, and expecting him to be bringing his cock into position, she dared a look back at him. Instead she saw him squirt a line of lotion on his shaft.

“Don’t worry Kelly. I’m just coating my cock as well. I don’t want this to hurt you.”

“I’m not worried at all. I trust you completely. I just love to watch a man stroke himself. It really turns me on, especially when he cums.” It was a pleasure she rarely got to indulge. Most men considered it a waste of his energy, preferring to use her body for that purpose. 'Sooner or later though, Alex,' she promised herself, 'I’m going to watch you make yourself come.'

“I understand how you feel, watching a woman orgasm to her own hand does the same for me.”

Kelly smiled inwardly at the thought of them masturbating in front of each other. 'Sooner or later,’ she thought, ‘but not right now!'

By then, Kelly had become fully aroused, and the gentle pressure she felt in her bottom both warmed her and fueled her passion. His long fingers were moving easily in and out of her and she began to understand why May enjoyed this kind of lovemaking so much.

She leaned back against him, forcing his fingers even more deeply into her. “Oh shit that’s soo good. I can’t wait for you to put your cock into me.” She glanced back at him again and saw that his member was hard and shiny from his stroking it. “C’mon Baby, I’m ready for you.”

“Are you sure? I’m in no hurry. I want you to be totally ready for this.”

“Oh shit Alex, just stop talking and fuck me, fuck me in the ass with your big cock!”

Needing no further encouragement, Alex removed his fingers from her slick opening and spread one last blob of lotion onto the head of his cock. He gently raised her up on her knees and moved in behind her. Placing his slick tool against her tender opening, he pushed in with firm pressure.

Kelly felt the head of his cock nudge against her anus and waited nervously for the initial sting that would signal the loss of her anal virginity. As her asshole stretched open, she felt the burning pain and gasped loudly as her body resisted the penetration. She lowered her head onto the pillow and bit at the cloth of the pillowcase as he forced himself past her barrier. As her rose lost its battle, a white-hot pain seared through her, making her scream into the pillow.

“Oh fuck! You feel so huge inside me! Oh, fucking shit! That stings!”

Alex heard her screams and secretly admitted to himself that it really turned him on. It wasn’t that he wanted her to feel pain, but the intensity of her reaction did something for him deep down in his male psyche. He only had about an inch of his length inside her before her natural reactions clamped around him tightly. He stopped moving forward and caressed her ass.

“It’s all right sweetheart, I’m in now. It will pass quickly.”

Kelly tried to relax her contracted muscles and the pain did pass just as he had promised. Once she felt comfortable, she pressed back and drove his shaft deeply into herself.

“Oh wow…that does feel good!” Kelly figured that she had at least half of his considerable length buried within her and dared let him take over. “I’m okay now; you can fuck me, fuck my ass baby.”

He leaned over her back and pressed forward again until almost all of his cock disappeared inside her. He pulled back and plunged forward again. Kelly began moaning nonstop as she felt his thickness slide in and out of her. It was unlike anything she had felt before but the sensations coursed through her and her pussy began lubricating freely. She sensed immediately why so many women enjoyed double penetrations; she had no doubt that if her vagina were filled now, she would surely pass out from the strength of the orgasm she would experience.

Alex was fucking her harder now, she could feel his excitement as he drove himself into her tender ass. The force of his thrusts pushed her flat onto the mattress and only the pillow under her hips kept her elevated enough for him to continue plundering her bottom. She groaned as he laid his weight down on her, pinning her to the bed. He bit at her neck and slipped his arm under her chin, holding her as closely as possible as he drove into her.

Kelly loved feeling his weight on her back and the feeling of being so thoroughly owned. It appealed to her femininity in a strange, feral way to be taken so forcefully by the man she loved. She felt his legs drop around the outside of hers and draw them together, making her aching hole even tighter as he fucked her.

It was an amazingly intimate act and in that moment Kelly knew that she could never again share her body with anyone whom she didn’t love. Later, when she thought back on it, she would realize that it was at this instant that she quit selling her charms. It was also the moment when any thought of letting Carl ever touch her again vanished from her mind. No matter what he threatened or did, he would never touch her again.

Kelly felt him stiffen and his cock seemed to grow and spasm within her. She gasped one last time as he drove his length fully into her and filled her with his seed. Alex held her there for several long moments as he pumped slowly, letting his throbbing shaft expend the last drops of his cum, and then he slid off of her back and took her into his arms.

They hadn’t expressed it verbally yet. That would come at a later time, but they both knew without a doubt that they were in love, and that nothing would ever be the same again.



I'm writing to let you know that Kari is with me here in California. She arrived safely and soon will be attending one of the Universities in the area. She is an excellent student, and has grown into an exceptionally intelligent and responsible young woman.

I won't try to explain why she left, we all have our opinions of why, and the last thing she or I want to do is reopen old wounds. I will say that we are both so very sorry for all the pain we have caused you. While we may not agree that you should feel it, we know you are deeply shamed by us and I cannot express enough my regret over all that has transpired between us. We can only hope that, someday, you will be able to forgive us our trespasses.

I ask you only to remember how much we love you and to believe that we always will.

Your daughter,


Arthur Woods folded the letter carefully and slid it into the breast pocket of his business suit. He had read it a dozen times since he had received it and couldn't bring himself to discard it now.

"How could I have failed so completely?" It was a question he had been asking himself far too often over the last few days.

"None of us are without sin, and mine is pride. If only I had understood that from the beginning!" He looked at the picture of Kari that hung from the key in the ignition of his car.

"She is so much like her mother was before she passed away. Oh Crystal, how I wish you had been with me all these years. I've made so many terrible mistakes!" He opened the door of the car and stepped out onto the dusty earth of the desert floor. The last light of the sun was fading into the west and Arthur found a good spot to build a small fire.

As he watched the flames grow, he pulled out the small MP3 player that had been sent to him. This too he had listened to many times over, and as painful as it was to hear, he would listen to it one more time as a penance for his many sins. The sound of his daughter’s voices came through clearly even though they had been recorded with a parabolic microphone from the street outside Kelly's house.

He had asked a man to watch the house from the day that Kari left because he had feared what Kelly's influence would do to his little girl. 'It was vanity,' he thought. 'Pure vanity! Yet another sin to add to my growing list.' None of his suspicions though, none of his self-righteous judgments of his daughters, could have prepared him for what he had discovered.

He listened to their voices as they were recorded on the night that Kari had arrived at Kelly's home. He listened as Kelly confessed in a sorrowful voice all the things that she had done. He heard Kari's admission that on the very first night away from home, she too had succumbed to the temptations of the flesh. It was all as he said it would be, and at first, he had continued to hide behind his moral superiority.

All of that, though, came crashing down on him as he heard Kelly speak of blackmail and rape at the hands of the man, a Policeman, named Carl Roman. It had sickened him to the bone, and in a sudden moment of clarity Arthur Woods, did something he had not been able to do for far too long. He admitted to himself that he had been wrong for all these years.

'I’ve failed them both,' he thought, 'Kelly by denying my love, and Kari by forcing it on her.' He thought back to his own youth, to a time before he had found the Church. He had been a violent and dangerous man who sold drugs and committed horrendous acts against people who could not defend themselves. It was at that time that he had met his beloved Crystal, his wife and the mother of his beautiful daughters.

She, too, had been lustful and free with her body, but she possessed an innocent soul and a generous heart. She was a woman who gave her love without limits. He missed her terribly. When she died, he swore on her memory that he would never again hurt another soul and now he realized, too late, that he had hurt the two people that she would have cared about most. “Crystal, could you ever forgive me?”

Arthur saw the light approaching from the distance. He was in the middle of nowhere so it could be only one person, a person who had owed him a favor for a very long time. The truck pulled up next to him and a large man with a thick beard got out and walked towards him.

“Thank you for coming, old friend. It has been far too long.”

“I'm happy to help Arthur. Some things have to dealt with directly. Here are the pictures you wanted.”

Arthur took the envelope and pulled out a stack of photographs that had been taken with a telephoto lens. “This is him? This is the monster the defiled my daughter?”

“Yeah, that’s him. I've done a little digging in his past and I can tell you that he is a very dirty cop, and Arthur, he is going to sell that book. He has already called a few tabloids.”

“Has he told them what he has?”

“Not as far as I can tell, just that he has something that they will want.”

Arthur spit in disgust. “I'm sure they would. This is intolerable, Dominic, completely intolerable.” He dropped the envelope and the MP3 player into the fire and watched the flames begin to consume them.

His companion watched as the only copies of the evidence he had collected sizzled and burned in the cleansing heat of the fire.

“I couldn't agree more Arthur. A scumbag dirty cop. I hate this guy already.”

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