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Kelly's Passion, The Final Chapter

Kelly's Passion, The Final Chapter

Those who love Kelly will not stand by when she needs them most

Kelly awoke slowly from the first peaceful sleep she'd enjoyed in many nights. Daylight poured through the window, filling the room with the welcoming warmth of the morning sun. As she opened her eyes, memories of the night before filled her mind in vivid detail, almost as if she had been dreaming of them in her sleep.

She felt cozy and relaxed with Alex spooned behind her and she snuggled deeper into the gentle embrace of his arm as it lay still over her hip. She could tell he was asleep. His breath was deep and rhythmic as it washed pleasantly over the nape of her neck.

'Mmm, I could get used to this.'

Not wanting to wake him, she laid there for a time, enjoying the sensual pleasure of his body against hers. It had been a long time since she had spent a night with a man for something other than money or even sex. This morning, the only reasons that mattered were those she felt in her heart.

He was great in bed though. She gently chewed her lower lip as she thought of the things he's done to her the night before. Alex was the first to ever take her bottom, and her tender backside still burned from the gentle reaming he’d given her. 'I can’t believe how thick he felt back there!'

Surrendering her anal virginity both excited and embarrassed her. Alex had made it a magnificent experience though, and Kelly felt suitable rewarded for having waited long enough for him to be the first.

He shifted slightly and slid his hand up her side until it rested just below her breast. As he moved, she could feel his semi-hard cock brush against her thigh. He may have been asleep, but as with so many men in the morning, his cock was already awake. Kelly felt a rush of arousal as it lengthened and became hard against her the warmth of her skin.

She held still for a moment, barely breathing and hoping he wouldn't yet wake. The beat of her heart quickened and a telltale flush of moisture signaled her own awakening arousal.

Soon, Alex settled back into his sleep and Kelly carefully slipped out of his embrace. Gently pulling the light covers away, she gazed upon his masculine beauty. He had drawn his knee up slightly in his sleep, and now lay before her on his side. Kelly sat back and drew her own knees to her breasts, admiring his wonderful body. His short, dark hair was mildly mussed by the night's sleep. His facial features were strong, with just the hint of a shadow from a day’s growth of his beard. His chest had just a wisp of hair covering it that seemed to shine in the morning light. All in all, Kelly thought, he was a very handsome man.

Kissing him on the cheek, she gently rolled him onto his back. When she began trailing soft kisses down his stomach, he began to waken.

“Mmm, good morning Alex,” she whispered as she laid over him, kissing her way down his body. Her thick hair trailed down his skin until she took his hardening shaft into her mouth. “Oh, Good morn...ahhh damn, Kelly. That feels really good.”

Kelly's full lips turned upward around his cock as she slowly worked her mouth around the bulbous head. Pulling off, she answered, “I just saw it there and had to give it a kiss.” Then she pursued her lips together and glossed them over the very tip of his cock.

Alex’s chuckle turned into a low moan as she once again sank back down over his shaft. “Ohh shit…I think he likes you.”

“I’m sure he does,” she replied as she gave him a few quick strokes with her hand. “What’s not to like?”

Kelly made a show of sucking him back in, and with deliberate slowness, allowed his length to slide deeply into her throat. She massaged his balls as she suckled him and then rose up, off of his cock to nuzzle and kiss his heavy sack. When she pressed his shaft against his body and trailed her hair over its curving arch, she felt, him quake slightly and giggled quietly to herself, knowing full well what pleasant torture she was putting him through.

Kelly had a strong desire to please him and the sound of his gasps, and the way he flexed his hips upwards when she swallowed him, were intensely satisfying to her.

Flicking her tongue over the underside of his crown, she ran her wet lips up and down his shaft, savoring his tangy flavor and musky scent. Then she took his cock back into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head while rhythmically squeezing his shaft. Saliva dripped from her lips and over his cock, lubricating her hand as it glided up and down his impressive length.

There were so many things about him that excited her. The strong, chiseled muscles in his thighs as they merged into his hip and his washboard-toned abdomen were so sexy she just wanted to eat him up. She squeezed his cock firmly and felt him throb in her hand. His cock was large, which she liked, but it was also wonderfully shaped, with a pleasingly gentle upward curve and a thick, circumcised crown sitting proudly at the end of his shaft.

His balls were heavy and compact with little hair on them and filled her hand wonderfully when she cupped them in her palm. They seemed made to be squeezed and sucked, and she took the opportunity to take each testie into her mouth and lather it with her tongues. 'This man is a total hunk. Mmm, lucky me.'

As Kelly lost herself in the exploration of his body, she felt his hand begin to roam over her hips and lower back. His touch rippled over her flesh like warm oil, soothing and heating her skin in a way that made her body purr in desire. Spurred on by his touch, she slipped her lips over his rampant erection once again and began sucking him with long, deep motions.

Soon, the subtle taste of male precum appeared in her mouth. Kelly pulled back until just the tip of his cock remained between her lips and flicked her tongue over it, savoring the flavor of his emissions. Her hands cupped his ball sack and massaged his nuts, hoping that she could push him over the edge.

She knew well the control he could exert over his orgasm. It was a skill she planned to test in the future. At that moment though, what she wanted most was to feel him come into her waiting mouth, to taste his semen, hot and fresh from the primordial source. She worked his cock up and down, mixing her rhythm and using her tongue to bathe his turgid staff in the soothing moisture of her saliva. Finally, with her pussy aching to be filled, impatience flared and she lightly dragged her teeth over the inflamed head of his glans.

Alex suddenly jerked at the unexpected contact. “Oh wow, Kelly! What the heck!”

Kelly turned and smiled wickedly at him. “Did that hurt too much, sweetheart?”

“No, it didn't. It was just kind of…intense.”

“That’s what you get for slapping my ass last night.”

“Did I do that?”

“It doesn't matter if you did or not, I'm sure you will next time.”

This time it was Alex’s turn to flash an evil grin. “Count on it, love. Next time, your ass is mine.”

Kelly reached back and placed his hand on the soft rise of her ass. “It already is, baby. Now stop with the super will power act, Okay? I want you to come for me.”

He gave her ass a light slap as payback. “Say please.”

Kelly squeezed his shaft hard with her hand, but feigned a pout for his benefit. “Baby, will you please let me suck you off?”

“Why not, I was about to come anyway."

She pinched his side in mock anger. “You are so bad!”

With that, she climbed over him and lay flat on his body with her dripping sex just inches from his face. She tempted his touch, but purposely kept her pussy just inches from his mouth. He tried to pull her closer, but she resisted. “Oh, no you don’t. You get to look, but this is my show. No touching.”

Now, with her ground rules set, she wetly licked the length of his shaft from the head all the way to his balls, re-coating him with her saliva. Once he was slick enough to suit her, she took him back into her mouth and began sucking him deeply with her entire body sliding up and down his torso, forcing his considerable length into the depths of her throat. When she felt his body stiffen and tense, she knew he was close and tickled his balls as one last incentive to feed her his cum.

Alex held her hips tightly as he thrust his cock up and into her. His balls tightened and pulsed, and a heavy groan rumbled from his chest as they released their hot load into her mouth. Blast after blast coated her throat and seemed to fill her mouth as fast as she could swallow. Undaunted, she kept sucking him until his body finally stopped trembling and his beautiful member began to soften.

Alex collapsed on his back and Kelly moved up to lie next to him. Resting her head on his chest, she kissed his pecks softly. Alex gathered her to him, folding his arms around her and she snuggled up close, sighing happily.

Her pussy still purred its insistence, demanding to be attended too, but Kelly ignored its plaintive complaints. Alex felt so relaxed that she had no wish to disturb him until he was ready. There would be plenty of time for him to satisfy her needs, and for now, she was content to be held in his powerful arms. In a few short moments, she heard his breathing become steady and deep as he fell asleep.

Kelly closed her eyes, not minding if she joined him, but her mind wouldn't let her. She still had Carl to worry about and had no idea what to do about him. Once he realized that she wasn't going to show up and service his friends, he undoubtedly would follow through on his threat and sell her stolen appointment book to the tabloids. She didn't much care anymore that she would be in the center of a media firestorm.

What did hurt was that a lot of men who had trusted her discretion were going to get hurt by the revelations. Many of them were famous, and their names would surely drive the story around the world. She could only imagine how ashamed her father would be when he heard it.

'I’m sorry, daddy. I never wanted to hurt you with any of this.' A tear began to form in her eye and she wiped it away, not wanting Alex to know just how fragile she truly was.

Alex too would be affected. While his name wasn't actually in the book, Carl knew that Alex had met her as a client, and she had no doubt, that once it was known that they were together, Carl would use that against her as well. She knew she had to tell him, and she was terribly afraid that their newfound love would crumble to dust when he found out what the true cost of loving her would be. She wasn't sure she could survive if he left her now.

Somehow, she knew he loved her, and that no matter what the future held, they would face it together. She had to believe it because she believed in him. Giving Alex a gentle shake, she woke him from his sleep. “Alex, there is something I need to tell you…”


May shifted her car into park and turned off the ignition. Turning to Kari, she asked the same question she had been asking all afternoon, part of her hoping that this time the answer would be different.

“Are you sure you want to do this, once we're up there it will be too late to change your mind.”

“I’m sure May. This will work, it has to.” Kari said it with the same conviction she had all day, but suddenly her hands began to shake and her stomach felt as if it was turning upside down. She clenched her hands together and took a deep breath in a vain attempt to steady her quickly fraying nerves.

May laid her hands on Kari’s and gave them a reassuring squeeze. “I think it will, too. Just follow my lead. I’ll do all the talking.” May patted Kari’s hand a few times. “Remember, whatever happens, I’ll be right there with you.”

“Thanks May. Let’s get this over with.”

May watched Kari closely as they made their way into the hotel’s lobby. The dress they choose for her fit her slim body perfectly, and her hair and makeup gave her the appearance of a woman several years older than her true eighteen years of age. It was all part of the illusion that they were creating. They had even been careful to select a pair of matching heels so that she would look taller than her actual height. They had it planned out to the last detail, leaving nothing to chance. 'She is right,' May thought. 'It all makes perfect sense. This should work!'

May was growing concerned for Kari though. Despite her brave words, Kari was shaking noticeably, and her nervousness was clearly visible in her eyes. May knew that she would have keep control over the situation and keep Kari as insulated from it as much as possible. Turning a first trick was never easy. Doing it with a man she despised was sure to be even more difficult.

As they came up to the elevator, Kari opened her purse and withdrew her cell phone.

“I’m worried about Kelly, she still hasn’t called yet. What if she shows up?”

May was concerned about that too. Kelly would be incensed if she knew what she and Kari were up to, and any unexpected appearance by her would screw the whole thing up. She and Kari had enough to worry about already though. Fretting about Kelly was the last thing they needed.

“She’s still out with Alex. Her message this morning said that they would be together all day. I don’t think she intends to be here or she would have asked me to come with her. She seemed to be in a better mood though. Even happy. Maybe getting away was what she needed.”

“I hope so.” What Kari really hoped was that Kelly was quitting, but the fact that she had spent all night and today with a client seemed to prove otherwise. Still, if it kept her busy tonight, at least it would make all of this easier.

As the elevator doors closed, May made one last effort to calm the teenager’s nerves. “I know how hard this must be for you. Just concentrate on Carl, okay? I’ll keep his friends away from you.”

“Thanks May. I’m just so scared…”

May gave her a hug just as the doors opened. “I know sweetie, I know.” May desperately hoped that she would be able to keep her word. The truth was, she had no idea how many of Carl's friends would be there. If it were just two or three guys, she might be able to pull it off. More than that and May would pull the plug on the whole thing. She knew without a doubt what would happen then, and there was no way she was going to let Kari be subjected to that.

As they came to the door, May stopped and squeezed Kari’s hand. “Ready?”

“As ready as I'll ever be.”

“You really are a brave girl Kari. Kelly’s lucky to have you as a sister.”

May knocked on the door, and Kari took a step behind her.

Carl had just won another hand when he heard the knock at the door. He checked his watch and an evil grin rose on his face. 'Right on time, Kelly,' he thought with satisfaction. 'The fucking slut would sell her ass to a colony of lepers for the right price.'

He waited for the next hand to be dealt and then turned toward the older of the two other men at the table. “Well Jack, I wonder who that could be?”

Jack saw the familiar smirk on his former partner’s face and figured his old friend was up to no good. 'Bloody hell, Carl. What the fuck are you up to now?' Despite their friendship, Jack was well aware of what a son-of-a-bitch the man could be, and the wheels in his head spun rapidly as he tried to guess what Carl was planning.

The knock at the door came again and Carl’s feigned indifference confirmed Jack's suspicions. He placed his cards face down on the table, feeling the old frustration with his friend rise up in his throat.

The younger man started to rise but Jack put his hand on his shoulder. “Let him get it Pete, it’s his party.” He then frowned impatiently at Carl.

“I’m guessing it’s not room service. Just answer the damn door, Carl.”

Carl smiled, enjoying his little game. He looked over at the younger man as he stood and gestured at Jack.

“See? That's what retirement does to a cop, Pete. He used to have a sense of humor.”

Carl approached the door, but waited for her to knock a third time. He enjoyed making Kelly wait as much as he did baiting Jack. It was all about control, and Carl loved nothing more than bending people to his will. He was really looking forward to this.

When he opened the door though, his mood abruptly changed. Instead of Kelly, her dyke companion and some redheaded bitch were standing in the hall.

May expected Carl to be angry at Kelly’s absence and was ready to diffuse his temper. When he opened the door, May would have known it was him even if she'd never seen him before. His ridicules, light plaid suit jacket would have given him away in a second. She manufactured her best professional smile and leaned slightly toward him

“Hi, I'm May. You must be Carl. Kelly said you would be expecting us.”

“I know who you are. Who is she, and where the hell is Kelly?” This shit was not part of the plan and Carl was instantly pissed at the unexpected change.

Ignoring Carl's obvious agitation, May placed her hand lightly on Kari’s shoulder. “This is Toni.” May smiled brightly as the lie rolled easily off of her lips. “Kelly wasn’t feeling well and she thought you wouldn’t mind if she sent Toni in her place.”

“She wasn’t feeling well huh? What the hell is wrong with her?” Carl glared at May, daring her to lie to him.

May leaned in close. “She has the Curse. She is sorry, but what can a woman do?”

Carl looked dumbfounded. “The Curse, what the hell are you talking about?”

Kari’s apprehension turned to anger the moment she saw him and she spat out an answer with the stinging sarcasm that only a teenage girl could muster. “It’s her period, okay?” She rolled her eyes as she said it, sending Carl a clear message of how stupid a question it had been.

May stepped between them before Carl could recover. “So? What do you say? Can we come in?”

Carl realized he had little choice, so he stepped aside and let them pass, silently cursing Kelly for making him look like a fool. It infuriated him that he wasn't going to get another shot at her ass, but he consoled himself with the fact that, once he sold her appointment book, she would be publicly humiliated. 'That fucking bitch!'

Recovering his composure, Carl followed the girls into the room and raised his arms like a conquering hero. “Well boys, it looks like we have company!”

Pete was caught completely off guard by the appearance of the two beautiful women. He had come there thinking a card game with his new partner would be a good way for them to get to know each other, but all in all, he would have much rather have spent his rare Saturday off with his wife and their new baby.

He stood in politeness as they came in, and watched with some surprise as the Asian girl pealed her thin, leather coat off, revealing the incredibly sexy dress she wore underneath. It was a black, armless number that barely covered her hips, and was cut way down the front, past her belly button. It hardly covered her breasts at all, and he was sure it wouldn’t even do that if she moved the wrong way.

The younger woman, dressed in a bright red dress that set off her pale skin and equally red hair, was at least as beautiful as her friend. With the practiced eye of a police officer, Pete guessed that they were professionals. 'Oh shit, this isn't good!' He swallowed hard in apprehension as the women walked into the suite.

Pete had never considered cheating on his wife and the last thing he expected was that Carl would invite hookers to the party. 'Christ, I’m in trouble now.'

Pete held out his hand as the girl in the tiny black dress approached. “Hi, I’m Pete. I’m a friend of Carl's.” He felt like an idiot. If they were pros, didn't they know they were in a room with two vice cops?

May took his hand, and leaning in close, brushed his cheek with her soft lips. “It's very nice to meet you Pete. I’m May and my shy friend over there is Toni.” Her voice was soft and sultry, and Pete felt goose bumps rise on his skin as she touched him.

'Oh yeah, they're pros'!' I’m a dead man for sure.'

Kari moved over to the wet bar and preoccupied herself with its contents as she watched Pete’s reaction to May. He seemed to be very taken aback by her forwardness. Clearly, he had no idea they were coming. She noticed that he made no move to touch May as she buzzed him with her lips. 'That has to be a good sign.'

She then shifted her gaze to the other man who was still seated at the table. He seemed rather more amused than surprised, but there was something else as well. Annoyance maybe? Kari wondered what that meant to her plan. They would have to be careful with him.

Finally, after having removed five tumblers from the cabinet, Kari focused her attention back on Carl. He seemed more preoccupied on May and Pete then interested in her. She had half expected him to be all over her the moment the door closed, and was grateful to have a moment to prepare herself for what was to come.

As she began pouring scotch into each of the glasses, she saw May move next to the older man who had remained sitting at the table. When May bent down to kiss him, he slid his hand around her waist and let it rest on her friends bottom. May smiled at him and let her own hand play over the man's chest in a way that seemed extremely provocative to Kari's young senses. Clearly, this Jack was going to be joining in on their little party.

Kari put the drinks on a tray and brought them into the room. Perhaps it was because he seemed like the nicest of the three, or maybe it was because he was the closest to Kari’s age. Whatever the reason, Kari felt less intimidated by Pete than the other two. When she came out of the kitchenette, she made a beeline for the younger man.

“Care for a drink?” Kari held the tray between them and was again relieved when he took the glass without making a move in her direction.

“Thanks, Toni, was it?” Pete took the drink, but decided against actually taking a sip. His instincts as a police officer were sharp, and something about this situation just didn’t sit right with him. Besides, he was a married man with a newborn baby and he had no desire to screw up his marriage, even if these two were drop-dead gorgeous.

“Yeah, it’s nice to meet you Pete.” Kari watched as Pete set the glass on the table. She was again pleased at his politeness, and she smiled warmly at him.

As Kari offered May and Jack their drinks, she couldn't help but be pleased. Her father may have been an overbearing disciplinarian in their home, but he was also a pillar in their community and had often associated with police officers, sometimes inviting them over to house.

Kari’s experience with such men had taught her that the vast majority of those working in law enforcement were honorable men. Men who would strongly disapprove of one of their own abusing his power. It was just this sort of man that Kari hoped she would find here. 'Thank God for this guy! This whole idea just might work!'

When Kari finally brought the last drink to Carl, she could barely contain her satisfaction. “Here you go, Carl, last one.”

Carl took the drink and gave her a suspicious look. “You’re not having any?”

“No, I don’t like the taste of alcohol.”

“You've got to be shitting me. A girl like you and you don’t drink?”

Kari shot him a burning glance. “Don’t be rude Carl. You don't want to mess up your own party, do you?” With that, she turned away quickly and walked back to the kitchenette.

It was with a bitter combination of anger and amusement that Carl watched her walk away. Not that he enjoyed being spoken to with contempt, but because shortly he would have the opportunity to put the little whore in her place. 'Keep talkin' bitch, before this night ends, I’m going fuck that attitude right out of you! Just as soon as I get ole ’ Pete there to take the bait!'

The thought warmed him considerably as he took a healthy drink of the strong liquor.

Once back in the kitchenette, Kari found a soda and poured it into another glass. She took her time, not sure what to do next. May had taken Jack over to the couch and they were talking quietly, with May holding the man’s hand and laughing softly to whatever he was saying.

She watched as Carl sat back down at the table and smiled to herself as Pete got up and walked across the room. 'He doesn't trust Carl much. Very good, Pete!'

While it may have pleased Kari, Carl was irritated by Pete’s reaction and he began to stew in his own anger as the minutes passed. He swirled his drink in the glass, listening to the ice rattle as it sloshed around in the scotch. The room was descending into one of those dreadful, awkward silences that absolutely screamed that there was a problem. 'What the hell is going on with these two?' he muttered impatiently to himself.

He fixed his gaze on the two women, expecting them to do something, anything, to jump-start his party. He had expected them to be ready, even enthusiastic about inviting him, Jack, and, most importantly, Pete into the little orgy he had planned, but they just weren't playing along.

'What the fuck? That’s what whores do, isn't it?'

His friends weren't helping either. Jack seemed content to sit and chat with the Asian whore while Pete, now standing on the far side of the room, hadn't even touched his drink. 'You fucking overgrown boy scout! Getting you laid is the whole fucking point of this charade!' He was almost screaming the words in his mind, and had to make a strong effort not to completely lose his temper.

In frustration, he turned his attention back to the ladies. May was still sitting on the couch, chatting quietly with Jack, while the redhead, Toni he thought her name was, seemed quite content to stay in the kitchenette. 'Professional whores my ass… They gotta know they’re not getting paid for this one!'

The thought sparked in his head and he actually felt amused by the irony. Kelly, no doubt, had to pay these bitches to come here and get fucked because she was too chicken-shit to face him.

'I hope it cost her plenty!' The thought buoyed his mood again, and allowed him to think more clearly, and then it suddenly dawned on him what the problem was.

They were hookers in a room with cops. It was so obvious that Carl almost laughed out loud. 'They think I’m gonna bust them!’ He shook his head and smiled at the irony of it all. He drained his glass and set it down on the table.

“Ladies, there’s no need to be shy. We are all off-'duty here. Were not planning to arrest anyone today, are we Pete?” He looked to his partner to see how he would react.

“I didn’t think so Carl. You did say these girls were friends of yours, didn’t you?”

Carl thought Pete was about to choke, but the son of a bitch managed to take the safe way out. 'Shit! Where did the Lieutenant find this guy?' he asked himself in disgust. Clearly, getting the kid to play along was going to be more difficult than he had hoped.

“See ladies, we’re all friends here.”

May knew that it would have to be her who made the first move if she was going to be able to maintain any control over the situation. Setting her drink on the coffee table, she stood and ran her fingers through her hair, letting it cascade down over her small shoulders and draping onto her barely covered breasts. “Toni, dear, would you mind putting on some music? I think the gentlemen might enjoy a little entertainment.”

As Kari pulled her MP3 player out of her purse and attached two small but powerful speakers to it, May moved to the center of the room, giving each man a smoldering look that could have melted a block of lead.

Kari had never seen May in action before and was astonished at the sudden change that came over her as she began dancing to the pulsating sound of the music. Her movements were fluid and graceful, highlighting the curve of her hips and the shapeliness of her supple body in ways that Kari would never have imagined possible.

She watched in awe as May caressed herself, gliding her hands over her body with a languid beauty that defied description. It was as if she were being caressed, not by herself, but by the hands of a lover. Every movement she made matched the beat of the song yet seemed to compose music of its own, a song of eroticism and desire that demanded to be satisfied. As she bent and twisted to the beat, her dress slid and opened in ways that gave brief glimpses of the swell of her firm breasts and rode high up her thighs, just barely exposing the curves of her toned bottom.

With a quick motion of her hand, May released the clasp holding the straps of her dress around her neck and the slinky material easily slid off of her body into a shimmering pool at her feet. Now, clad only in the tiny black panties that seemed to reveal more than they concealed, she dropped to one knee with her arms crossed over her breasts as if she were attempting to cover her nude form.

Her pose spoke of a woman fearful and timid in her exposed state, but her hungry gaze roamed to everyone in the room, daring, almost begging the men to feast their eyes upon her. Kari too was not left out. In the last moment before the next song began, May fixed that heated gaze on her, and Kari felt it burn into her with a fiery intensity.

Kari had seen her nude before and had tried desperately not to look. This time, she found herself almost mesmerized by May’s performance. As the song grew in strength, May stood tall and raised her hands to her head. She ran her fingers through her thick black hair, making it shimmer in the light.

The sight of May standing there with her back arched slightly, her small breasts jutting out and her thighs flexing erotically, took Kari’s breath away. She could feel the heat of arousal begin to flow through her veins and had to resist the temptation to caress her own body in time with her friend’s exotic movements.

Kari’s reaction was not lost on May who offered her a quick wink as she continued her performance. That small gesture helped Kari break the spell, and she took the moment to survey the room to see how the men were reacting to May's hypnotic charms.

She noted happily that Pete, who had sat in an easy chair in the corner, had still not touched his scotch. He was watching May, but with a certain uncomfortable detachment, as if he was struggling not to let himself be caught up in the moment. Kari had seen the wedding ring on his finger and hoped for both their sakes that she hadn’t misread him.

Jack, the man who had captured May’s attention earlier, was leaning forward on the couch, watching May with an intense desire in his eyes. As the lithe woman approached him, he held out his arms and she straddled his lap, placing his hands on her hips. May seem to sway slightly in tune with the music as she guided his hands up her slim waist and up to her breasts, inviting him to feel her supple flesh. She threw her head back as he fondled her and then drew his face into her heaving bosom.

Jack took full advantage of her offering, nuzzling and sucking on her pert nipples until May moaned softly in approval. She sat there on his lap for several long moments, grinding her panty-covered sex into his crotch and letting him feast on her firm and pliant breasts.

When she finally stood, she guided his hands to the panty line at her hip. Swaying slowly to the music, he drew the tiny garment over her hips and slid them down her thighs, exposing her body completely to his view. It was with a small bit of surprise that Kari saw him stuff the panties into his jacket pocket as May danced out of his grasp.

When May resumed her spot in the center of the room, Carl pointed over to Pete, “Hey sexy, go give ole’ Pete some of that! That boy is in need of a good time!”

May flashed her eyes in Pete’s direction and moved in close, offering her body to him. Pete ran his gaze up and down her body, but in the end just smiled and shook his head. “I think she’s too much for me Carl. Let Jack have his fun.”

Behind his smile though, Pete was becoming increasingly suspicious of Carl’s motives. He had heard rumors about Carl, nothing very specific, but still, it was as if every other detective in the department knew better than to get close to him. Even the Lieutenant had told him to keep an eye on him. 'What the hell is he doing?' Pete wondered. 'It's almost as if he's trying to get me in trouble.'

Understanding dawned on him suddenly and everything about Carl's party started to make sense. 'That son of a bitch! He wants to be able to use this against me!' Pete glared at Carl as he wondered just what the hell he was trying so hard to hide.

'Shit!' Carl spat to himself miserably. 'What's it gonna take to get this guy to play along!' Ever since Pete had been assigned to him, he'd been in the way. When Jack had been his partner, Carl had been free to use his badge as a way to steal money and drugs from suspects and force the hookers he dealt with to service him at his whim. Jack couldn't have said anything even if he had wanted too because Carl had enough dirt on him to destroy his career and his marriage. Then Jack had divorced and taken early retirement, and everything had changed. The day that Lieutenant Brown told him that he was getting this newly vetted detective to train, Carl had nearly gone ballistic. 'What the fuck was he thinking, assigning this choirboy to me!!?’

Carl had dealt with guys like Pete before though. All he had to do was get him into a compromising position so that he could threaten to tell his wife he had cheated on her. That was how he had coerced Jack, years before. 'Yeah, it was the perfect solution,' he thought, 'but the fucking kid just isn’t playing along.' In fact, this whole night wasn't going as he had planned and despite the show this Asian bitch was putting on, it was pissing him off!

He glanced over at the red head and suddenly realized that she was still hiding in the kitchenette. Unlike May, this Toni seemed very shy and out of place. Her apparent fear and nervousness made something dark stir within him. The show May had been giving was great and all, but that kind of thing never really did it for Carl. He preferred to take his pleasure from a woman and having her give it to him without a fight always seemed to turn him off. Carl felt his excitement build at the thought of making this little tramp get naked in front of him.

'Oh yeah, bitch, it’s your turn now! Hell, maybe that will do something for my boy scout of a partner!'

“Hey Toni, why don’t you come on over and join your friend! I’m sure we'd all love to see you two together!”

Kari felt a cold chill creep up her spine at his request. She'd known coming in that she would have to participate if what she planned was going to work, but now that the time had come, she found that she couldn’t stop her hands from trembling. Worse still, Carl seemed to relish in her fear and he met her halfway, all but dragging her by the arm towards May, and making her wince in pain from the strength of his grip.

“Hey, ouch! That hurts! Don’t be so rough!”

"Stop complaining, you’ve been hiding in there while your friend has had all the fun. Time for you to show us what you've got.” Carl pushed her into the naked woman’s arms and glared threateningly at her. “C’mon, ladies, let’s see it!”

Seeing how difficult this was becoming for Kari, May stepped up and took her into her arms. She kissed her cheek and leaned close to Kari’s ear. “It's okay sweetie, if you want to call this off, there’s still time.”

Kari clung to May as a little girl would to her mother, but she steadied her resolve. She now wanted to destroy Carl as much as she wanted to help her sister, and if letting him touch her was the way to do it, then she that’s what she would do. “No.” she whispered back, "We’re so close now, and all we have to do is reel him in!”

“Okay baby, I’m with you. Just follow my lead. You can do this.” May took Kari into her arms and held her close as she began swaying to the music. Kari clung to her tightly, at first, just for the feeling of comfort and support. But once she slipped her arms around May's bare waist, and felt her exposed breasts pressed so firmly against her own, other, more primal instincts began to arise within her.

Her senses were immersed in the sensual music, and the intoxicating aroma of May’s French perfume. Before she even realized it, her hands were roaming over the supple golden skin of May’s back.

May, being even shorter than Kari, had laid her head on the redhead's breasts, her cheek lying just above the swell of her bosom. As Kari’s finger lightly played up her spine, May began making quiet cooing sounds in open appreciation of Kari’s touch.

A week ago, Kari would not have believed it possible that she would be touching another woman in such a way, but the combined effects of the smooth softness of Mays skin under her fingers, and the sensation of Mays breath flowing warmly over her cleavage was exciting her in ways she had not thought possible, especially under the circumstances.

She shifted slightly and gave May a soft kiss on her cheek. “May, I… you feel so good like this.”

May let her hands drift down to Kari’s bottom and cupped her gently. Then she flashed Kari a smoldering look that conveyed both understanding and excitement. “You feel good to me too, baby. You’re doing great, just focus on me, okay? Just you and me.”

Kari gave a slight nod and May slowly brought her dark red colored lips close to hers. She could almost taste the freshness of May’s breath, and leaned she in as well, making the final contact herself. Their lips brushed for a moment as Kari savored the feeling of a woman’s lips upon her own. They were incredibly soft and exotically responsive to her even most subtle movements, almost as if she and May were sharing the same thoughts and feeling the same feelings. Two people, in unison as one.

When May tilted her head slightly and let her tongue sneak out to lightly play over Kari’s lip, Kari responded instinctively and met it with her own. Their slow gentle kiss began to transform, growing harder and more passionate until their mouths were pressed together tightly and their tongues intertwined in a ballet of love.

As they broke the kiss, May guided Kari’s hand up her own nude body and let her palm come to rest on her breasts. Kari took the offering, and giving her breast a slow exploratory squeeze, was pleased at seeing May close her eyes and tilt her head back in response to her touch.

Emboldened, Kari let her delicate hands caress and knead the firm but supple flesh of May’s perfectly shaped breasts. She was fascinated at how differently they were from her own. They were smaller and very compact, and Kari thought her dark areolas and nipples contrasted wonderfully with her golden skin. She tickled her palm with the tips of Mays nipples, much as she enjoyed doing to herself, and was very pleased to see May bite her lower lip in obvious pleasure.

By now, they were no longer even trying to dance. May sat back on the table, disrupting the forgotten card game and scattering the few measly dollars they were playing for onto the carpeted floor.

“Would you like to kiss them sweetie? Having my titties sucked gets me so hot.” Without waiting for Kari to respond, she gently guided the younger girl’s mouth to her breast and cuddled her head in her arms as she might have done with a nursing baby.

Kari felt May begin to lightly stroke her face as she glided her tongue over and around the protruding bud. The shape of her nipple and its pleasant texture felt good between her lips, and Kari began sucking her with a passion that surprised them both. The fact that May's breathing got louder in her ear, and that she was shifting her body in an effort to press her breast harder into Kari’s mouth, fanned her excitement even more.

She was so lost in the lasciviously Sapphic act that when May’s hand came upon her own aching breast, her head began to swim from the excitement of her arousal. Kari moved up and brought her lips to Mays' once more, sharing a kiss of lustful arousal that had Kari panting with desire.

She was no longer thinking of the men in the room, or of any of the things that had led her to this. Her mind and body were tuned to what she and May were doing, and she realized suddenly that she was absolutely dripping wet with desire for this erotic creature she’d spent all week playfully fending off.

As they kissed, Kari felt May lower the zipper in the back of her dress. Cool air flowed onto her back, causing goosebumps to rise on her skin and she stepped back slowly, letting the garment fall away from her overheated body.

Jack hadn't seen anything like this in years. These girls were really getting into each other and their excitement was filling the room like a thick cloud of smoke. As Kari’s voluptuous body came into view, he swallowed hard and his pent-up desire clawed at his chest like a wild animal. The sight of her pale skin glowing against the red contrast of her lingerie turned him on even more than if she had just been stripped completely nude. Jack felt his blood rush in his ears as the Asian girl led her lover up onto the table.

With Kari on her back, May lay next to her, grazing her belly with her fingertips. She was well aware of how worked up Kari was getting, and just seeing her like that was enough to make her own pussy ache with anticipation. She had a strong desire to remove Kari’s bra and fondle the bare skin hidden underneath, but they had both agreed that Kari should strip down no farther than this if it at all possible.

Still, as she caressed the girl’s body, May was being as consumed by the heat of the moment as anyone else in the room, and she couldn't help but let her fingers play down between Kari’s legs. When she did, Kari moaned loudly and let her knees fall away, opening herself to May’s expert touch.

Kari was breathing hard and deeply, luxuriating in the glow of sexual arousal. As May ran her fingers over her damp panties, Kari lifted her pelvis off of the table. “Ohh yes May, touch me there. Please touch me!”

“Do you need to come, baby? Oh yes, let me do it, Kari, let me get you off.” As she spoke, May slid her hand into the girl's panties and was surprised to find that Kari had shaved herself clean.

“Oh, you didn’t need help with that after all, did you?” May said, smiling playfully at her.

Kari started to laugh from their inside joke, but when May's finger bumped into her clit, the laugh turned into a full-bodied moan that everyone in the room heard clearly. May leaned down and kissed her wetly while she continued to rub her finger on Kari’s sensitized clit. Kari’s pussy was very tight, but she was so wet that May's finger slipped easily into her.

May felt Kari's pussy clasp onto her finger and began fucking her with it while their tongues dance together in a deep soul kiss.

Kari writhed, on the table, rolling her hips as every nerve ending in her body started to tingle. A warm, pleasant pressure was building up in her belly and she could feel her pussy becoming gooey with her wetness. Her breath seemed to be catching in her throat and she felt an overwhelming urge to flex her thighs that threatened to run straight down to her toes.

She turned her head away from May's ravenous mouth and felt her head begin to swim as her orgasm roared to the surface. “Oh May, don’t stop …Ohh my God…”

The pressure had built to uncontrollable levels and Kari’s body virtually exploded in waves of sensations that crashed upon her like a tsunami. She thrashed wildly about and her pussy oozed cum all over May’s fingers.

May removed her hand from Kari’s panties but continued to stroke her body as the post orgasmic trembles rolled through her. Sweat was beading on her face and between her breasts, giving May a view that made her even more wet with desire.

Jack had been watching the action intently and his cock was hard and throbbing in his slacks. He'd been waiting for an invitation from one of the ladies, but they seemed to be totally preoccupied with each other. He glanced over at his old partner and saw a self-satisfied smirk on his face. “Hey Carl, is there a hands off rule here, buddy?”

Carl shook his head and grinned openly at him. “It’s an open buffet, Jack. Help yourself!”

Jack raised his glass in a mock salute to his old friend. “Damn Carl, you sure know how to throw a party!”

Jack stood and took off his shirt. May looked over her shoulder and winked at him, sliding off the table and dropping her feet to the floor. She brushed a lock of hair from Kari's face and whispered to her as Jack removed the rest of his clothes. “Here we go baby… Just a little longer and it will all be over.”

Kari started to speak, but as Jack moved up behind her friend, May placed her finger over her mouth. “It’s okay baby. Don’t speak…We're almost there.”

May felt Jack’s hands grip her hips and she stepped wide, opening her thighs for him. When she felt his cock press into her pussy, she tried to concentrate only on the sensation of being entered. His cock sliced into her deeply and May leaned over Kari and laid her head next to her on the table.

Kari had never seen anything like it. She looked into May’s face as the man started fucking her rapidly, making her body shake every time he thrust forward. May looked at her and smiled sort of painfully at her as her pussy was being plundered by the older man. “May...honey, hold my hand, hold on to me.”

May kissed her gently. “It's okay, baby… It feels good. My pussy feels so good with his cock in me.”

Carl grinned in satisfaction as Jack continued to fuck May. Despite his earlier misgivings, these two whores were putting on a magnificent show, and he was dying to get his dick into one of them. 'Jack can have that one' he thought, looking at May as his friend continued to fuck her from behind. 'I’m not much for sloppy seconds anyway.'

He thought about trying one last time to get Pete into this, but his candy-assed partner was just sitting in the corner playing with his wedding ring. 'Well, at least he's stayed and watched the show.' Carl ruefully thought. 'That’ll at least keep him from shooting his mouth off about this.'

Still, Carl fumed, it would have been better if he could have gotten Pete to take the bait. It would have given him some leverage against Pete and he wouldn’t have had to keep looking over his shoulder. 'Fuck me! I gotta get that guy transferred!'

Carl shifted his attention back to the table. The girls were tongue kissing passionately as Jack hammered his cock into May. From his side of the table, Carl had a clear view of her getting it while the younger girl lay on her back with her legs spread right in front of him. He could see the dampness soaking her panties and he felt his pulse pound in his ears as his desire mounted.

Carl swallowed hard and wiped his mouth on his sleeve. The only thing out-weighing his desire to bury his dick into Toni was his need to get Pete under his control. He used the last vestiges of his self-control in one last effort, struggling to make his tone come across as that of a friend. Pointing to Kari, he called out to his partner. “Hey Pete, why don’t you let your hair down for a change and come get some of this?”

Holding up his ring hand, Pete just shook his head. “No Carl, you and your friends have a good time. I think I’m going to take a leak and get out of here.”

Carl smiled at him through false teeth. “Have it your way, Pete.” As Pete headed toward the bathroom Carl’s smile turned to stone. 'Fuckin' guy's got to be gay.'

Kari heard Pete and panic began to set in as he rose from his chair. Her entire plan was based on at least one decent cop being here, and now he was getting ready to leave. Worse still, Carl looked as if he was just going to sit there until Pete walked out the door. A cold chill ran down her spine as it dawned on her what would happen then. 'Oh no, this can't be happening!'

Like Kari, May knew they were in trouble. With the one guy in the room that just might be counted to do the right thing leaving, they still had nothing to work with, and after the show they'd put on, a man like Carl Roman wasn't about to just let them leave now. She looked at Kari and feared what might happen to her once Pete walked out the door. She needed to think, but even as experienced as she was, it wasn't easy with that Viagra freak riding her ass.

Just then, May felt Jack stiffen, and holding her tightly by the shoulders, he slammed his cock deeply into her inflamed pussy. He grunted and groaned loudly as his orgasm hit and he sprayed his cum deep inside her channel. Knowing he would be distracted by the moment, May slid her hand down Kari’s belly and over the girl’s panties.

Carl seemed as if he was about to burst into flame with lust and he watched intently as May ran a single finger up and down Kari’s damp slit. May's half-closed eyes traveled from Carl to Kari and back, tilting her head and raising an eyebrow in a clear invitation for him to have his way with the young red head. She smiled enticingly as he stood and unzipped his pants. 'That’s it asshole, come and get it!'

Carl couldn’t take it anymore. Jack was stumbling back to the couch after having dumped his load and the other girl was primed and ready for him. 'Okay bitch! We’ll see if you still want to talk shit when I'm done with you!'

He didn't even bother to lower his trousers, thinking he’d have plenty of time to enjoy her body. Right now, he just wanted to fuck her hard and fast. Grabbing her by the hips, he dragged her to the table edge and roughly pulled her panties to her knees.

Kari had seen him coming toward her and a deep, penetrating fear gripped her. She’d tried to be ready, but he had an unmistakably predatory look on his face that made her heart pound in terror. As she felt her panties being forced off, she kicked at him with all of her strength, but he flipped her over onto her stomach and forced her head down on the tabletop. As she felt the heated crown of his cock press against the tender folds of her pussy, she screamed in panic. “What?... No!… Let go of me!”

While Jack sat dumbfounded by the ferocity of Carl's attack on Kari, Pete came bursting out of the bathroom at the sounds of the girls hysterical crying. Just as he called out to Carl, May jumped up on the table, and planting one bare leg firmly on its top, kicked Carl solidly in the face with a sickening impact.

As Carl stumbled back and fell to the ground, May, standing on the table, pointed at Kari and screamed in anger at the fallen cop. “You son of a bitch! She wasn’t part of the deal!”

Kari, still in tears, struggled to pull her panties up and ran to Pete, burying her face in his chest and fighting between sobs to speak.

“Please mister, you have to help us. He…he attacked me!” Kari collapsed at his feet and glared hatefully back toward where Carl was beginning rise.

Carl crawled to his feet and wiped the blood away from his broken nose. He wanted to kill the bitch and probably would have if Pete hadn’t stepped in between them. He looked angrily at his partner as Pete eyed Carl suspiciously. “What the hell are you looking at me for? That bitch kicked me in the face!”

May, not bothering to dress, was helping Kari put on May’s leather coat. Hearing Carl’s accusation, she whirled around and screamed back at him. “You're damned right I did!” She turned to Pete, trying hard to compose herself. “Why do you think we came here tonight? Because we wanted too? Do you think she wanted to? No, we came because that piece of shit forced us to!”

She held Kari close, hugging her protectively. “He’s been threatening her sister for years. He forced himself on Kelly sexually and made her pay him off with money. The last time he did, he demanded that Kari come to his little party.”

The last part of May’s accusation was a complete lie. Carl had never even seen Kari, but both the girls knew that he had no way to prove it. What was important now was there would be an investigation, and as Kari had said all along, a man like Carl must have had a number of skeletons in his closet just waiting to be found. His career, and probably his entire life, were going to be destroyed by the fallout from this.

“That's bullshit Pete! They're nothing but lying whores! You can’t possibly believe any of this shit,” Carl sputtered as the blood once again began running down from his broken nose.

Pete had been suspicious of Carl’s intentions ever since the girls had arrived, and he thought their story sounded plausible. He glanced over at Jack, who had at least put his trousers back on, and thought he looked far too nervous and maybe a bit sad. What he didn’t look was surprised. Every instinct Pete had as a policeman screamed that both of them were dirty. He grimaced at the thought.

“Shut up Carl! If you’re telling the truth, you’ve got nothing to worry about. You'll probably lose your job over this fiasco, but that’s about it. But I swear, if I find out you’ve been abusing your badge, I won’t rest until you are behind bars!”

He whirled around to Jack and pointed his finger at him. “That goes for you as well. You were his partner for years. If you've got something to say, you better say it soon, or you can go to prison with him!”

Carl bristled at the threat, but deep down he knew he was screwed. He’d done too many things over the years, and he’d been a cop too long to believe he wouldn't be found out. He could see that Jack wasn't going to be of any help. He looked totally defeated and Carl had no doubt at all that his old buddy would throw him under the bus as soon as he could cut a deal. 'Fuck! Now what do I do?'

The first thing he needed to do was get out of there. He needed some time, and if he went to the station, he’d never be able to get out of this. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to calm down. He needed to think! “Okay detective,” he let the word slide out of his mouth sarcastically, reminding Pete who the senior officer was.

“If you want to take the word of a couple of whores over that of a decorated police officer, that’s your choice, but when this is over we'll see who loses his job! Now, if you want to take them downtown and get a statement go ahead, I’ll see you there. First I’m going home to take care of this fucking nose!” With that, Carl picked up his suit jacket and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

“Dammit Carl, get back in here! Carl…Shit!" Pete hadn't expected Carl to storm out and had to make a quick decision to either stay with the girls or chase after him. He if left, the girls would probably disappear and he’d be forced to arrest his own partner. In the end, he decided it would be better to stay with the girls. 'Son of a bitch, I don't need this shit!'

“Get dressed ladies. We’ll need to take your statements. Same for you Jack. You’re coming with us.”


Once he was out of the room, Carl flew out of the hotel. Starting his SUV, he slammed his fist into the dashboard hard enough to crack it. His whole world was about to collapse on top of him and all because of two sluts and an overgrown boy scout! As he hit the highway, holding a handkerchief over his nose, he considered the situation with the practiced eye of a detective.

'Okay, what’s next?'

It would take at least a couple of hours for the statement to be taken, and then Lieutenant Brown would be called in. By that time, they'd be wondering where Carl was, but he probably had several hours before they started looking for him in earnest. He needed to be out of town by then.

'An investigation…no fucking way am I staying around for that!' He’d been squeezing hookers and drug dealers for years to the tune of over a million dollars. That kind of money was impossible to hide, and it would land him firmly in jail. He knew that the bleeding heart D.A. would offer Kelly and her kind whatever immunity it took to get them talking if it meant nailing a dirty cop, and Carl was about as dirty as they got, “It'll be all over the news…”

Not that it would matter. Carl knew with a cold certainty that his life span in prison would be measured by hours. He had made far too many enemies in his career, the kind of enemies that would find a way to get to him. 'Okay, Mexico it is.'

The first stop was his condo. He had thirty thousand in cash hidden there for just this kind of emergency. After that, the Mexican border was only three hours away and with any luck, he could drain his accounts before they were found and frozen by the courts. 'I’ll be in T.J. before they know I’m gone, and then, South America!'

The last thing he grabbed on the way out was Kelly’s appointment book. This thing had been the cause of his downfall and he thought about destroying it before it could be added to the mountain of evidence the department would find, but decided against it.

Wherever he ended up, two things were bound to hold true. There would be the internet and there would be someone who would pay to get dirt on Hollywood Stars. 'Fuck you Kelly, you haven’t won anything yet!'

Before he left, he dropped his cell phone in the wastebasket.

When Carl got back into his SUV, his spirits were improving markedly. He had his money and was starting to think of this as nothing more than an early retirement. Nothing though, could have prepared him for the shock of feeling the muzzle of a gun being pressed into the back of his neck. An unfamiliar voice, one filled with anger and a perverse satisfaction came from the man sitting behind him. “Going somewhere, officer?”


Arthur Woods sat by the fire, staring into the flames as they danced about like demons in pagan celebration. He dropped another piece of wood into the pit as if he were trying to crush the creatures, but they leaped onto the log and began to devour it like they did everything else he had ever touched. The fire crackled and grew, sending tortured shadows out over the cold desert landscape.

'One day, I too will be cast into the pit. Then it will be my bones you will dance upon.' Arthur spat into the flames, but it did nothing to calm the demons dancing in the fire.

Even sitting close to the flames, Arthur knew he should have been chilled by the cold wind blowing over the empty wastes, but he felt nothing, nothing at all. It was as if he were an empty husk, waiting to be carried off by the wind.

He checked his antique pocket watch, 'Three am, the witching hour, a proper time to handle such things. It shouldn’t be long now.' He poked the fire with a stick, stirring up the flames as he waited. A few minutes later, he saw the headlights off in the distance.

He didn’t need to wonder who was coming. He had chosen this area precisely because it was off of the most desolate road in the state, and there was not a single town or settlement for at least forty miles in any direction. He sat unmoving while the vehicle approached, gazing into the fire.

As the large man got out of the truck, Arthur stood and walked over to him. “Dominic, I trust everything went well.”

The man nodded. “No one saw me. There is something else you should know though, Arthur. He assaulted Kari too, this time right in front of another officer. There was some kind of fight, and now half the department is looking for him. It looks like all his dirty laundry is being uncovered. When I found him, he had this.” Dominic handed his old friend the case holding Carl’s money.

“He was getting ready to make a run for it.”

“I see.” Arthur felt the anger rise in his chest and struggled to remain calm. He could not afford anger now, not with what was to come. “Did you recover the book?”

Dominic pulled a small, black calendar book from his back pocket and handed it to his old friend. “Yeah, he was taking it with him.”

Arthur took the small book and started flipping through the pages. “He wanted to sell my daughter’s life and honor for thirty pieces of silver, and that is something I cannot allow.” He looked back to the fire and his mind drifted back to the demons within it.

He considered throwing the book into the flames, after all that would be the safest thing to do. If he did though, he knew that Kelly would have had to live with the fear that it might someday come back to haunt her. 'No, I’ve put her through enough pain already. She deserves to at least know that she is free of him. Perhaps one day they will both be able to forgive me for my failures.'

“Kelly and Kari, I trust they are safe?”

“Yes, of course. They’ll be okay Arthur. They were questioned and had their statements taken, but unless Carl here is caught, there is nothing much more for them to say. It’s all in the past for them now.”

“I am glad to hear that Dominic. So, to our guest then, would you mind showing him out of the car?”

The big man opened the back of his SUV and pulled Carl out, letting him collapse on the ground. Once Dominic removed his gag, Carl snarled angrily at him. “Who in the fuck do you two think you are? You can't do this to me, I am the police!”

Arthur reached into Carl’s jacket and pulled his identification out. He looked at it for a moment and then threw it into the fire. “You had a badge, but you disgraced it long before I had ever heard of you. Now, if it were just the crimes you've committed in the past, I would have been satisfied with turning you over to your department and letting you pay your debt in prison, but then, that isn't the case, is it?”

The man absently slipped on a leather glove as he spoke and despite his seemingly mild manor, Carl sensed that this man was deadly serious. Fear began to creep into his chest and clench at his throat as he watch him stretch the second glove over his hand. “Look, you can keep the money, okay. Like you said, I’m a wanted man and I can't go to the police. Just take the cash and let me go, all right?”

“I don't think so Mr. Roman. I don’t want your money, but sooner or later, we all have to pay our debts. You are no exception to that.”

Dominic pulled a plastic trash bag from his truck and handed it to Arthur. “You sure you want to do this Arthur? Why don’t you go on home and leave him with me. I'd enjoy it.”

Arthur took the bag and pulled out Carl’s Beretta. “No, thank you my friend, but like him, I can no longer run from my sins.”

Carl saw the gun and panic seized his heart. “Oh shit, no! Why are you doing this? Who the fuck are you anyway?”

Arthur raised the appointment book, showing it to Carl. “Who I am is the father of the two, beautiful girls that you defiled! You have hurt both them morally and physically and you will not be allowed to hurt them again!” He pointed the gun, his hand not quivering at all.

“Oh my God, no! You can’t do this to me. You'll never get away with it!”

Arthur thought about the irony in his words. He wasn’t afraid of the law. No one knew that he was even aware of what had happened to his daughters, and he was certain that even if they suspected that Carl had been killed, the department would be more than happy to blame it some unknown criminal entity and leave it unsolved. Still, Carl’s words did have meaning, even if it was not the meaning he sought. “No, Mr. Roman, I am quite sure that I will not.”

The eerie quiet of the desert was briefly disturbed by the sudden clap of a gunshot, but the sound was swept away by the wind and no memory remained of it ever having been made.

A word from the Writer;

I want to thank those of you who have stayed patiently with Kelly. This has been a long and difficult work and without your encouraging words, I doubt I would have had the will to complete it. I am forever grateful for your support.

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