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Leaving Raddling Close, Part 8 of 9

The people from Number 5 have to cancel, leaving Sally and Steve time to watch their wedding video

Sally and Steve got back home around six after a tearful round of goodbyes with Ernie and Margaret. Victor and Dagmar, a German couple that lived in Number Five, should have been coming then but they had phoned on Friday to say they had to go and see a sick aunt.

Victor's delight was to watch Dagmar with a couple.

The two couples had become intimate in an interesting way. Victor had given them his mobile number when they agreed to let in a plumber over one weekend. Sometime later, they were browsing the Casual Encounters section on a London website and there was the same number. It was on an advert looking for a couple to have a threesome with his lady, with a strict condition that he watched. Intrigued, Sally phoned the number. She recognised Victor’s voice immediately, but he didn't recognise Sally. She tried and tried to get him to give his address but, in the end, had to agree to a meet in the wine bar by Wimbledon station.

When Victor and Dagmar arrived, they looked surprised to see Steve and Sally sitting there but said a polite hello and found a table further inside the bar. Sally’s mobile rang. It was Victor. He asked where she was sitting.

“Just stand by the end of the bar and I’ll wave at you. I’m wearing a red dress,” she replied. They watched as Victor moved to the bar, surveying the room. His face when Sally waved at him was a picture. He tried to ignore her for a moment, but when she was the only person waving, and wearing red, he finally came across.

Leaning low he whispered, “You answer my advert?”

"Yes, we did," replied Steve, "We're very happy with the sort of arrangement you're looking for and very conveniently close to you."

It was all a bit stilted at first, but eventually, the four were talking together. Victor would ask about his ideas, then the conversation would go to another topic until he asked about another aspect.

“You won’t mind me watching?”

"Not at all."

"Sally, you are bisexual, yes?"


They took a taxi back together and had their first session that very night. Both Steve and Sally were very disappointed they were not able to be there for the goodbye weekend.

Their sessions with Victor and Dagmar had changed over the months. On the third session, Dagmar was wearing very sexy, black, full-length boots instead of lacy lingerie. The session after that a leather corset, in black and red was added. On the sixth session, the boots and corset were joined by a riding crop and the script changed. Up until then, Victor had always been naked, sitting on a chair watching the three of them have fun. Dagmar was very assertive in what she wanted from both Sally and Steve. She wanted to start by eating Sally's pussy, which was fine by Sally as Dagmar was quite an expert and Sally had orgasmed in every session.

The moment she had got Sally off it was a girl-on-girl sixty-nine, with Dagmar on top. She liked to pin Sally down, restricting her arms while avidly licking her to a second orgasm. While ‘head-to-pussy', Steve was always brought into the mix by finger fucking both ladies at the same time while Dagmar's hand worked on his cock. The moment he was really hard, she wanted him in her and would raise her arse up away from Sally's mouth so Steve could take her doggy style. Usually, she orgasmed just after Steve pushed all the way into wet pussy. Steve soon found he could just kneel behind her and let Dagmar do all the movement, pushing back hard onto his cock even through her repeated orgasms.

In the session when the riding crop appeared, she got Steve hard but then stood and walked to Victor. By the time she was by him, he was kneeling on the floor, with his hands on the chair and his arse offered to her. The crop cracked onto one buttock then the other, leaving a red mark at first, but as she swung it harder, the crop left a distinct red welt in the shape of the leather flap at the end. After four or five hard strokes, she squarely flicked the end of the crop onto his balls, sending him sprawling onto the floor, both hands clutching his bollocks. She then forced him to lie on his back, his hands still trying to ease the pain in his bollocks and got Steve to doggy fuck her on all fours right over Victor's face. And it was a hard fuck, with her slamming back onto him until he came. She then let his spunk dribble onto Victor's face.

At first, both Sally and Steve were uncertain they wanted to be part of this act, but Victor was always the one that eagerly made the arrangements for another session, so they concluded he wanted it this way. Successful at work in the day, beaten and humiliated in sex play in the evening.

With time to spare, Steve and Sally got on with packing until they got to the DVDs. Some they stacked into the box, but when they got to the one they called their ‘Wedding Video’ they stopped and just had to watch it.

About eighteen months after their post-Christmas party fuck, Steve and Sally seemed to be spending a lot of time together. Either Steve would be at Sally’s or vice versa. Often, when Steve was staying at Sally’s, she would go out with another man in the evening and come back to spend the night with him. He was very relaxed about her lifestyle, enjoying her when she was, as he put it, ‘ready fucked'. It made her feel like a complete slut, a feeling that she loved as it made her horny. The more sex she had, the more she wanted. Steve also said the more she had, the more he liked it.

All this time together made Sally realise she liked having someone ‘at home’, someone there when she needed them, which was every night. But at the same time, she knew she couldn’t give up the variety of partners, and her ‘bi’ side was becoming stronger. A long time ago she had resigned herself to the fact that those leanings would make any permanent partner virtually impossible. Until Steve.

It was a feeling that once planted, grew and grew in her. She couldn’t rationalise it and would often dismiss it from her mind only to find it came back at some odd moment. Often when having sex with another man the strongest thought she had was going back to Steve ‘ready fucked’ and having him eat her, pump out the other man’s cum and fill her with his own. More than a few times, when she had not arranged to see Steve, she would call him and divert to his place to spend the rest of the night there.

Finally, she realised what she should do.

They had just finished a robust sex session and she lay full length on top of him. She kissed him, then kissed him again.

“Can I be your slut?”

When no answer came, she added, “Your slut, as in your slut wife?”

Steve thought for a few moments, trying to get his mind around what was happening. As he thought, an overwhelming feeling of pure joy burst in his mind.

“Yes! Oh yes, yes.”

"Great! We can get into wife swapping then!" remarked Sally as she licked at Steve's shrinking cock.

They kept the whole thing quiet from work, just booked the same fortnight off and arranged a holiday. An appointment was made at the Registry Office on a Friday afternoon. Her long-standing friend, Lilliann, and her current partner, Henri, joined them from The Nederlands, as witnesses. Lilliann joked the vows should be reworded “I, Steve, take Sally, to be my slut.”

The marriage ceremony over, the four of them headed to Birmingham Airport. From there they were to fly to Amsterdam and then on KLM to Caribbean island of St Maarten. For the transfer, Steve surprised Sally by hiring a hooker van. It was like a normal van, but the rear doors and most of the sides were windows that were painted so from the outside it looked like a normal business van but from inside the occupants had just a slightly dimmer view of whatever was around them. The cars following them, pedestrians going shopping or waiting to cross the road right next to the van at junctions, everything. The back of the van had two swivel chairs which Henri and Lilliann sat in and, of course, a double bed.

When Sally saw first saw the van she was a mixture of shocked and angry. Once she saw inside she was pleasantly surprised. As soon as the doors were shut, she started undressing Steve, with much verbal help from Henri and Lilliann. Once he lay on the bed, shirt open, trousers round his ankles, she took her own dress off, leaving her in just holdup stockings. As the van pulled away, she started work on Steve’s cock with hands and mouth. Lilliann’s mobile recorded the whole thing. Near to the Registry Office, the van stopped many times and crowds of people were just at the side of the van as Sally bobbed her head on and off Steve's cock. It was like shagging right in front of them.

While cruising down the M42, Henri and Lilliann became witnesses to the consummation of the marriage as Sally rode Steve’s cock. When Steve had blown his load into her, the video carried on with her first infidelity as Henri took his turn with her. The video clearly showed her riding one then the other with cars and lorries following the van, or overtaking it.

And that was what they called their ‘Wedding Video’.

To be continued…

Thank you for reading episode 8, hope you enjoyed it. If you want to leave a comment, please do so. Check back soon for the last episode of ‘Leaving Raddling Close’. Thanks, Rex

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