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Leaving Raddling Close, Part 9 of 9

Steve and Sally end their goodbye weekend fuckfest with a group session with Rita.

The end of the ‘Goodbye Weekend’ was to be a late-night visit. Rita’s shift at the pub finished at ten-thirty and she would be with them before eleven. It was the only time she could make. Rita had a trim figure except for her all-natural, thirty-eight DD breasts, breasts that were always made more prominent by the bras she wore, and generally well displayed in a low-cut, tight, leopard- skin pattern top. She had a husband, Don, who, she told them, was a complete cuckold. He waited at home while Rita worked her evening shifts at the pub. Sometimes she would leave him naked but for his cock cage so when she returned home with one, or more, of the pub’s customers to have sex right in front of him he would be totally humiliated. Just as he wanted to be.

When Steve and Sally had first moved into Raddling Close, a year ago, Rita and Sally seemed to spark off each other. Sally was never sure why other than she saw in Sally someone that her entourage of men would be attracted to. Rita was, however, attracted to Steve and that had ensured they stayed talking to one another. As Sally was always with Steve, Rita never quite had the courage to try and arrange time together. That changed in the spring, and Steve and Sally suspected that Len had been a little indiscreet about their swinging lifestyle.

Then one warmish night mid-April, Rita had been ready to leave at the end of the evening at the same time as Steve and Sally. She walked with them to their front gate. As the relationship between Sally and Rita had warmed in the last few months, it seemed impossible not to invite her in for a drink. She needed no persuasion.

They settled on the sofa, and while Steve attended to the drinks, Rita asked, "I've heard you two are, well, a bit liberal, sort of sex wise, just wondered if you have any porn? I'm in that sort of a mood!" She ended with a little giggle. Sally handed her some DVDs for her to choose from. She chose one that had a cuckold subplot. After Sally had started the DVD, she found that Rita had engineered for Steve to sit in the middle of the sofa, with her closely positioned one side of him, leaving the other side, and most of the sofa, to Sally. She sat by Steve and snuggled up to him.

Sally was cool with the idea of Steve and Rita getting together, she just wanted to be involved. Steve had talked a number of times of how he would love to handle Rita’s breasts, and particularly wanted a titty fuck between them. And so that first evening had progressed. As one scene where the cuckold was unlocked so he could enjoy his wife’s heavily used pussy, something that she knew would make Steve easy to get hard, Sally unzipped him and started to give him a hand job. It would be 'make or break' with Rita, either she would go or join in.

“Oh, that looks good, mind if I help?”

"Be my guest,” Sally answered, and Rita’s hand joined hers on Steve’s now fully erect cock. Rita moved to kneel on the sofa, facing Steve and getting her large, rounded breasts impossibly close to his face. Her nipples were hardening and now clearly visible through the top.

“Steve’s always fantasised about playing with those,” said Sally with a nod towards Rita.

“Has he now! That’s very naughty of you Steven.” Rita wagged her finger at Steve, who took his chance and cupped her breasts in his hands.

“Just a minute,” said Rita and disengaged from Steve’s cock to pull her top over her head, leaving her breasts even more visible in a white and pink lacy bra.

“You’re going to have to do the rest,” said Rita softly, and Steve undid the front fastening and her breasts immediately burst from the bra, moving away from each other. Steve’s hands went to them again, cupping them and taking each of her large, dark nipples into a grip with his thumbs. Rita let out a soft moan as his hands kneaded her full breasts.

“Suck them,” she requested. And Steve did.

The evening finished with Steve lying along the sofa, Sally sitting on his face and Rita giving him a great titty fuck.

Rita had come around a number of times after that but on the third time, she brought her husband with her. She tied him to a dining chair to watch her and Sally have fun with Steve. A few visits later she came with her husband and another man, Jerry and they had a fun foursome. About a month ago Jerry was joined by a friend of his, Luke, and even more fun was enjoyed.

Rita arrived just before eleven and a few minutes later a car parked outside.

"That will be them,” said Rita. Sally went to open the door. Jerry and Luke carried in Don like a roll of carpet. He was wearing a raincoat and sandals, but the raincoat was only wrapped around him, his arms were not in the sleeves. Once in the living room the raincoat was removed to show Don was naked except for his cock cage and his hands were tied behind him and his ankles tied together. They sat him on a dining chair and tied him to the back. Rita took a ball gag out of her handbag and roughly put it around his head.

“There you are! Nice and comfy?” asked Rita and he nodded his head in reply.

“Let the fun begin!” said Steve.

The room was soon filled with naked bodies. Rita stood in front of Don and said, "Have a good look at my fresh pussy, the next time you get to see it, it will be well used, full of proper men's spunk."


Towards the end of their romp, Steve was lying face up on the floor with Rita’s oiled breasts rubbing on his throbbing cock, Sally was sitting on his face with Luke’s cock in her mouth and Jerry was fucking Rita doggy style. Don was straining at the ropes as his cock became increasing painful trapped in its cage. Jerry shot his load into Rita who moaned loudly as the hot surge took her into an orgasm. She stopped the titty fuck on Steve, straddled him and lowered dripping cunt onto his cock.

“I need cock!” cried Sally as she knelt up. She turned and went on all fours so Luke could sink his hard cock straight into her hot, wet cunt. He immediately went into a hard and fast rogering, slapping against Sally's buttocks and soon was groaning and gasping for air. Steve reached up and grabbed Sally's nipples, pulling on them hard. It had the effect he expected, and a shudder swept across her torso time and time again as Luke's strokes got shorter and shorter.

Rita slammed down onto Steve and he felt her cunt tremble then spasm onto his shaft making him shoot his load deep inside her. Luke gave one final thrust and stayed in Sally, his balls twitching as they pumped his spunk out.

They slowly disengaged, all panting from the exertion, and Rita stood up and walked to Don who was trembling in his ropes. Cum dribbled out of her pussy and was ran down her thighs.

"There!" she said harshly, "My beautiful pussy, used and filled with cum like you will never do!"

With that, spunk started to leak from the closure of Don’s cock cage.

With their guests gone, Sally and Steve sat on their sofa with a glass of brandy. They hadn’t bothered to dress again, and Steve played gently with Sally’s wet and sticky pussy, popping a finger inside now and again, then licking it clean.

“What a great day,” Sally said, sounding a little tired. “I’m glad we managed to fit them all in.”

“Yeah, I’m going to miss these people.”

"I'm sure we’ll find some fun folks around our new house,” said Sally putting her hand on his spent cock. She felt it start to enlarge.

“Fancy some really sloppy pussy in bed?” she asked and felt his cock begin to get stiff.

The End

And it really is the end of Leaving Raddling Close! If you’ve enjoyed the ride, then please leave a comment. Thanks, Rex

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