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Life of Christopher Schwartz Part Four

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New Friends

Christopher couldn’t believe the week he was having, although the rest of his day after Jessica went on without a hitch he couldn’t shake the thought of the blowjob. Karen had more experience, but the way Jessica’s mouth ran, the obscenities that streamed from her mouth, the way she guzzled every drop of cum like it was water in the desert, it all excited him so much. He spent half the evening in his bathroom relieving one hard-on after another. His energy was quickly drained and he passed out on his bed. Unfortunately he had a difficult time staying asleep, this was due to the many cuts on his back. He spent most of the night trying to fall back to sleep after being awoken by a sharp pain from rolling on to his back.

After his long painful night he woke early enough to see the sun peaking over the horizon, it too seemed to have not had a great night, the way the sun crept lazily into the sky mirrored his own feelings of exhaustion. Man... This week has been too much.... Its only Wednesday.... After reviewing the chaos of the last forty-eight hours in his head he checked on his wounds, installed the shower curtain his Mother had set aside for him, dressed himself and went downstairs to eat some breakfast. Sitting at the table was his Father drinking a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper, as usual he showed no recollection of the fight on the day before. It was always like this, Christopher wasn’t sure if his Father didn’t remember or didn’t want to face his mistakes. It didn’t matter, the fight was gone and past. No point crying over spilt milk..... I’m better off worrying about the day ahead of me... This week has been to crazy to try and worry about my Father....

After sitting down with a bowl of cereal, his Father asked him

"so, how has school been Chris?"

Christopher looked to the man before.

"It has been interesting, but I’ve met some very friendly people. The girls have been really nice to me."

He seemed to be amused by this last comment.

"Any of those girls cute? I might have to come on down to your school and show those girls a real mans cock."

He then chuckled and continued with his newspaper, signaling the end of the conversation. Christopher quickly finished his breakfast in silence, then packed a sandwich and some chips into a brown paper bag. He stepped into the garage and checked the tires of his Trek 2100 series bicycle, this bike had taken him six months and two thousand dollars to get, and ever since then he has been training like mad to be able to start racing. After making some minor adjustments he changed into his bicycling shorts and jersey, the clothes hugged him tightly, emphasizing his body’s shape. He then pedaled his way to Ridge View High, chained up his bike and headed through the school in search of a bathroom. All around him he saw the appraising looks of his peers, male and female alike. Many of the later glanced longingly at the bulge in his tight fitting bicycle shorts, there was a fair amount of padding on the groin, which made his already well endowed body seem that much larger. He walked through the school holding back a chuckle, he had always enjoyed the reactions of his fellow classmates when they saw him in his racing clothes. He loved how they all considered making fun of him, but whether it was jealousy or fear, none of them could even make the attempt.

His day, from the moment he changed his clothes in the bathroom, to the moment the bell rang at lunch, and even that brief break in classes was uneventful. The day, in comparison to his last two, was boring. He went home, that was boring, dinner was boring, homework was boring, finishing up the cleaning of the mess made by his Father was also boring. It was a nice change.

Thursday turned out very much the same. He was glad for this change in events, it gave him time to heal, both his back, and his throbbing testicles.

When he awoke Friday morning he didn’t know what to expect, he was still very sore from the weeks activities and the cuts on his back were just finally scabbing over, although they were still quite painful. His normal routine of showering, dressing, eating and making his lunch was not interrupted, which he was thankful for. It seems like this may be what the norm will feel like here.... How wrong he was. His life wouldn’t have a norm for quite some time.

The first few classes went as they usually did, teachers pretending to care whether or not their charges learned the material, treating the teens as if they were all stupid. The same old thing.

Then the bell for lunch. Christopher made his way to locker, grabbed his sandwich and chips, and headed to his table in the Quad. He sat down and began to eat his lunch, he watched the Jocks, the Preps, and the Stoners. Everyone. I hate this.... I hate not having friends here... I mean back in Yucaipa I had friends... I hate having to figure out where I stand... Then he saw a familiar face making its way through the open terrain of hormonal teenagers, Kate. She looked very different today, this time she wore almost no black, she had a pair of light skinny jeans on that hugged her every curve, a tight fitting, hot pink, spaghetti strap shirt, he could see she wore a black bra underneath, her straps hung loosely off her shoulders. She walked straight towards him and sat down in front of him.

"Hey there! Haven’t seen you around. How are you enjoying yourself?"

Chris smiled at her.

"Yeah its nice seeing someone I actually recognize, I’m doin all right , kinda boring though. A little odd having to adjust to a new school. I used to have a grip of friends in Yucaipa, but here, well, you get the picture."

Kate then stood up quickly.

"Well, if you don’t have friends then we’ll make you some, come-on hun, you’re gonna hang with me today!"

She grabbed his hand and led him across the Quad to a table with a few of the teens he had been observing for the last few days. There were two guys at the table and three girls, not including Kate. She introduced each one in turn.

There was Jennifer, a tiny blond with bright blue eyes, her small perky breasts were around a large A, she wore a cute red and black striped miniskirt, she also wore a revealing black blouse. There was Melissa, a Hispanic girl, she looked like she might be half white, she was average in height, her curves were smooth, her plump breasts had to have been at least a C, maybe even a D. She wore tight fitting jeans, and a Greenday T-shirt that hugged her tits. There was Brett, a tall black haired emo, he wore black pants, with a black t-shirt that had "ogay uckfay uorselfyay" written across its front in pink. Tasha a little African American girl was introduced next, she had very light skin for being black, she was light on the curves as well, she was tiny. Sporting a black skirt and pink T-shirt, her thong showing slightly and bra straps hanging out, she somehow fit in within this chaotic group. Finally there was Keith, he was a total Jock, he had to weigh in at least two hundred pounds of solid muscle. Remind me not to get in a fight with him.... After Kate had finished introducing the others to him she said

"And this sexy beast is Christopher."

He actually blushed slightly which got a few giggles from the girls around him, who seemed to examining him like he was a fish they just caught, debating whether or not he was worth keeping for "dinner".

Keith was quick to surprise Christopher, he stood up and moved towards him and held out his hand to be shaken, when Christopher took his hand Keith said

"Hey Chris, nice to meet you, any friend of Kate’s is a friend of mine, and if anybody gives you a hard time.... Well just let me know."

He grinned at that and gave Chris a slight wink. Brett then looked to Christopher and asked in his half-stoned sounding voice,

"So, we were just discussing the party on Saturday.... You comin?"

A party.... Could be a good way to make some friends..

"A party? Yeah, sure, I’m game. When and where?"

Brett pulled out a little flyer from his back pocket and handed it to Chris.

"That’s got all the info you need, unfortunately there is a little entry fee, but its only ten bucks..."

Christopher wasn’t exactly surprised, most parties had entry fees, someone had to pay for the booze. He chuckled

"yeah, its cool."

Jennifer spoke up next.

"Sooo.... Keith, Brett, and Tasha are going in Keith car, Kate, you and Melissa are taking your right? Chris, you got a ride?"

"Nah, and I’ll probably have to sneak out."

That’s no problem hun, I can pick you up, write me down your number and addy, so I can set up to pick you up."

Christopher then pulled out a piece of paper and quickly jotted his information down, then headed her the note.

"Hey, you live just down the street from me!"

She seemed to be excited by this discovery.

"Oh, that’s cool, you won’t have to waste gas picking me up."

He grinned slightly at Jennifer. Kate then interrupted the flirting.

"Sweet, we’ve got everyone’s ride figured out."

The bell’s chorus then rang throughout the school. Keith looked over to Christopher.

"You ever need some one to hang with you’re welcome here."

The rest of the day went by smooth, and as Christopher was walking home a familiar car drove past him and pulled over. Karen and her bumblebee mustang pulled to the side of the road, he jogged up along side her. The window rolled down.

"Hey hun, how are ya? You wanna hang out? I was thinking about having our show on Sunday night, if that’s okay with you? I have all the web site's stuff set up."

Hmmm... Party on Saturday and make some money on Sunday... Guess that could work out...

"Sure I’m down to hang out, I’ve got a party tomorrow night. But that’s fine with me, Sunday that is. "

"Oh! You’ve got a party already, wow that was pretty quick. You’ll have to let me know how that goes."

She smiled at him and gestured for him to get into the car.

After a few minutes of mindless jabbering they arrived at Karen’s home. She led him inside.

"I hope you don’t mind but I invited a friend of mine over. I’ll be out in a second, I need to change, she will let herself in."

Christopher nodded his head and sat down on the couch. He had been sitting on the couch for maybe a minute when the door opened up and a woman walked inside. She was short, with red hair, her breasts were large, bulging out of her low cut black spaghetti strap shirt. She wore a pair of short Jean shorts, her bright red thong rising above the belt line.

"Hi, I’m Karen’s friend, Kaitlyn, you’re Christopher right?"

He stood up and offered his hand, which she took.

"Yeah, that’s me. Um, yeah, you’re very, uhhm, attractive."

She smiled at him and chuckled.

"You’re pretty sexy yourself."

Before his discomfort could escalate Karen walked into the room, she was clad in an extremely short Jean skirt, her black thong rose above it, riding her hips smoothly, as far as her top she was wearing a black spaghetti strap shirt. The way these two were dressed to matched showed that this was premeditated. The most unusual thing about Karen’s dress was she was wearing a wig, her hair had been replaced by a deep red. Her eyes were also disguised by a think layer of mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow. Ahhh... That’s how she manages to work at the school... She disguises her self in her porn..... Why didn’t I notice her disguise in the video she showed me..... Karen then broke the silence.

"So you two introduced yourselves?"

We both nodded.

"All right, well me and Kaitlyn were scheduled to make a hot lesbian scene filmed today, but we decided to involve you so everyone can see how gorgeous you are before your big debut. Is that all right with you?"

Christopher looked from one stunning woman to the other.


She smiled at his obvious delight and Kaitlyn chuckled lightly at him.

"Good, my camera man and web site guy should be here soon. You’ll like them, there’s Paul and Tim. They are gay and as sweet as can be. They are also identical twins. I’ve already gotten them to promise not to hit on you too much, unless you’re Bi?"

"Nah, I’m straight."

Then there was a short, brisk knock on the door.

"Speak of the devils, there they are!"

Karen said with enthusiasm. She answered the door and allowed two slim men inside, they hugged and kissed Karen and Kaitlyn each and turn. They were maybe five and a half feet tall and had semi-dark complexions, they had loose button up shirts on with tight jeans. They walked with a bounce in their step. They each shook his hand and introduced themselves, Paul had a light blue shirt, and Tim had a green one. They were very peppy. Wow... You could tell these guys were gay from a mile away.... Paul looked Christopher up and down and said

"So this is that gorgeous specimen we heard about? God, he does look like he would have some good spunk!"

A gay slur was apparent upon his tongue. Christopher turned red in the face as Karen nodded and grinned.

"Yeah, I think he has the best tasting cum I have ever had in my mouth. I could almost drink it as if it were Kool-Aid. "

The four chuckled as if they were having a completely normal conversation and someone mentioned their neighbor’s little dog being afraid of the new sprinkler system. Paul, the camera man, then began setting his two camera’s up into position. Meanwhile, Tim set up a laptop and hooked its up to the twin cameras. It looked as if they were setting up some kind of professional live feed onto the Internet as well as making a short video. While they set up their equipment, Karen cam over to him.

"Okay hun, me and Kaitlyn are going to be doing our business on the couch and on the coffee table. You just sit back and relax. You will be in camera shot some of the time, so feel free to touch yourself, we want this to appear kinda like a voyeurism video. So if you feel comfortable jacking off please do! After a while me and her are going to come over and suck you off. Make sure to pull out and cum all over one of us."

He took in what she said and tried to act as nonchalant about sex as the four had just demonstrated.


He moved to sit in the love seat that was then indicated to him. Karen and Kaitlyn then sat next to each other. Paul asked them if they were both ready. And then

"One, two, three, ACTION!."

Karen sat forward a bit.

"Hey loves, this is my good friend Kaitlyn. Isn’t she just gorgeous? Well I decided that I was fed up with all of your requests to do a sexy lesbian video. Keep an eye out for sexy Christopher within this video, as he is guest starring to give you a nice little sneak preview as to what you see when I take his V-Card."

The moment she finished speaking, she grabbed Kaitlyn’s hair and pulled her in for a kiss. Their lips parted and their tongues met, flicking across each other sensually. This alone had Christopher’s blood stirring. After a quick moment of them kissing, Kaitlyn slid her left hand to Karen’s right breast and began tenderly caressing. Karen encouraged the touch with a soft mewl. Kaitlyn added her other hand in to the mix and began massaging both perky tits. She then pulled aside the straps of Karen’s top and pulled it down to expose the erect nipples underneath, which Kaitlyn quickly wrapped her lips around. She pulled each nipple hard with her teeth and lips, licking and sucking with passion. Karen’s moans of pleasure pressed the onslaught upon her breasts to new heights. She began rubbing herself, sliding her hand underneath her skirt. Christopher by this time had become aroused to a degree he couldn’t help but rub the crotch of his jeans. I don’t care if the camera is on me right now.... This is so fucking hot.... Karen then lifted Kaitlyn’s top off and began ravaging her chest. Kaitlyn yelped a bit from the surprised. The sudden move from Karen drove Christopher to new heights, he was openly rubbing his hardened cock through his jeans. He noticed Paul giving him a thumbs up from behind the camera, Tim also showed his appreciation. When Christopher looked back to the action in front of him he found that Kaitlyn’s face had moved down between Karen’s legs.

Paul moved in with a hand held camera for a better shot. Even from Christopher’s angle he could see Karen’s pussy had been exposed and that it was being licked and nibbled on with a fury that couldn’t be contained. He could see that Karen’s twat was producing a thick, white cream.

He couldn’t take it any more. He unzipped his pants. Unbuttoned them. And pulled out his cock. He rubbed his cock slowly while he watched Kaitlyn’s short fall to the floor and the women lay in a sixty-nine position on the couch. He caressed his head as he watched the camera zoom on each girls’ face pressed into the moisten cunt of the other. He jerked the his hardened shaft as he watched Karen and then Kaitlyn cum all over each others’ mouths and faces. His blood began to race even more as he watched the two women crawl towards him. He stood up while rubbing his cock.

He watched Paul bring his camera in close. Karen grabbed his cock and pushed it into Kaitlyn’s open and eager mouth. She began to suck on his testicles, slowly and softly at first. Then she became more vigorous and energetic with her biting and pulling upon them. They began licking his cock in unison. Kissing each other around him. Trading him off. Each making sure the other got enough of his juicy cock in her mouth. God yes.... This feels great.....

"Mmmm, you girls like my cock don’t you?"

Wow... I can’t believe I just said that... They both nodded eagerly.

"You girls like cum too?"

They nodded again while rubbing his cock slowly, waiting to see what he did from there. An idea suddenly flashed through his mind.

"Press your breasts together."

As they did he began to jack himself off as hard and fast as he could manage, the pressure built up faster and faster. He then came all over both of the girls breasts. He watched the blur of the girls licking every drop of cum off of each other. The dirty talk. It all seemed to blend together. He was lost within the wave of ecstasy. He was exhausted and shocked by the experience. He didn’t know what to think. He soon found himself home. He wasn’t sure how he got there. He just knew his tale had just begun.

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