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Life of Christopher Schwartz Part Three


After the two hours of Karen jacking and sucking Christopher’s cock he was exhausted, when she finally dropped him off at home he wanted nothing more than to sleep. And sleep he did.

Christopher woke up expecting to not find the usual morning wood, considering the activities of the day before he assumed he wouldn’t be capable of getting aroused for a couple days. To his surprise he awoke to his seven inches standing upright, beckoning its good morning to the world around.

Oh my God.... How do you do it little guy....

 Christopher moved quickly to his shower to take care of his persistent little friend. Shortly after his awakening he was watching semen erupted from the head of his raging hard-on all over the shower floor, he watched the cum wash away down the drain as he contemplated the day before, and his agreeing to broadcasting his losing his virginity to the World Wide Web. And as these thoughts were going through his head he heard something he had been dreading, he had been worried because he hadn’t heard it, the longer between the worse it gets. He heard his Father drunk. He heard him yelling at his Mother. He heard her screaming back. He knew what this meant for him. He knew that his Father would drag him into the fight when he came downstairs. But what happened next surprised him. The voices got closer, his Father’s voice got closer. Suddenly he heard a loud crash, his bedroom door, then another as his bathroom door burst inwards as his Father kicked it in. The sliding glass door of his shower was ripped from its track, and Christopher was yanked from his feet and thrown into the remains of the glass door.


His Father then stormed out of the house and drove off. Christopher then climbed out of the glass and made his way to his bed as his mom walked in, she gasped when she saw his back, shards of glass protruding from the many holes and gashes. He looked to her.

"It’s not even my birthday.... Heh.... "

They sat in silence as she helped him remove the glass and bandage his wounds. After he was bandaged and cleaned up he dressed himself in all black to make sure that the blood wouldn’t show through his clothing, then his Mother drove him to his second day of school. At least my life isn’t boring...

"You sure you want to go to school today hun?"

 With a mere nod of his head he exited the car and headed to first period.

The next four periods passed without notice, then there was the bell for lunch. He had forgotten a lunch, but had money to buy one. So after spending nearly a third of his lunch break in a line he made his way to the outskirts of the Quad to sit, eat and observe. Having been quiet in all of his classes he was still quite unnoticed within the schools hierarchy and probably would be for quite some time. After taking a few bites of his meal he felt a hand touch his back, right on a particularly nasty cut, and a voice asked

"hey mind if I join you?"

He winced in pain from the touch, and a teen girl walked into his view with a concerned look on her face. She was fairly attractive, she wore tight jeans and a tight fitting blue blouse, her cleavage revealed her nice large breasts. She boldly lifted Christopher’s black T-shirt to reveal his bandaged back.

"Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! Are you ok? What happened to you?"

Christopher continued his grimace to buy him time to think of a lie.

"Ah, its ok, I was setting up my new shower doors, and well the floor was wet, while I was trying to install the second door I slipped and fell into it, its not a bad as it looks. Hehe I’ve learned my lesson though bout wet floors and glass."

He gave a slight wink at the end of his speech. She looked at him with a look of awe, she was obviously impressed with his attempt to install the shower on his own, her face also showed concern for his injury.

"Wow, you must be pretty strong to have been moving those heavy doors alone. Man I feel so horrible about touching your cut. Would you happen to be willing to.... Let me make it up to you."

The last part of her sentence was said with a slight bite and lick to her lips. Wow... I can’t believe that I can be horny after yesterday and today... But I think Imma take her up on this...

"Well that really depends now..... You’d have to do something.... Really good to make up for that.."

 She sat down next to him and slid her hand gently up his thigh, she stroked softly as she got closer to his groin.

 "I imagine I can think of something if we.... move somewhere a little more.... Private..."

She stood up from the table and grabbed his hand, looking back at him as she lead him up and away from the table, through a few halls and to the front of a classroom. She pulled out a small key and unlocked it.

"I stole this from Mrs. Stralk last year, no body will be here for an hour.... My name is Jessica by the way..."

 She looked at him with a mischievous grin as she led him inside the classroom, she pushed him onto the teacher’s desk and pulled the front of her shirt down to reveal her breasts, she adjusted her bra straps to make sure she could keep her breasts exposed. His cock began to swell as he watched her breasts being exposed, she had large brown nipples, both hardened quickly as there was a bite to the air. She slid her hand across the growing bulge in his pants and slid onto her knees with a hungry look on her face, she unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, she gasped when it was fully exposed.

"God, you’ve got big hard cock... .I’m going to enjoy sliding it down my throat.... Let me know when you’re going to blow your load.... Imma show you how horny of a slut I am...."

 Without another word she slid her lips around his head and began licking away, she slid her mouth up and down his hardening shaft, flicking her tongue as she went. She reached up and pulled his pants down to hang around his ankles, then pulled his dick out of her mouth just long enough for her to yank his boxers down too. Then she grabbed his raging prick and slid it into her mouth and down her throat. He felt her gag around his cock at first then the muscles in her throat relaxed and she began deep throating his throbbing hard-on. He moaned and groaned as she sucked him off and when he thought this was more than he could stand she made it worse, she began to moan around his cock, he looked down to see her rubbing the crotch of her jeans, he saw her unbutton them and slide her hand inside her underwear to rub herself.

"Oh God, I’m not going to last much longer.... Oh God..."

She pulled him out of her throat and sucked the head a bit longer before pulling it out and rubbing his dick hard and fast.

"Oh yeah... Cum on my face... Just blow your cream all over my face..... Squirt it in my mouth and on my tits.... Mmm you see me rubbing my pussy don’t you? I’m rubbing my slutty pussy about sucking your hard cock...."

 He couldn’t take it any longer, the pressure that had been held back for so long couldn’t be contained any longer, he felt, better than he ever had, his semen surge through his prick and out of him, he watched with ecstasy as his cum squirted into her awaiting mouth, he watched as the creamy goo streamed out of him onto her face and breasts, he watched as she sucked every bit of it off his cock, wiped it off her breasts and face to lick it off her fingers.

"Mmm your cum tastes good..."

 She told him as she squeezed his member of every last drop, she then licked and sucked it clean, put her breasts away and buttoned her pants.

 "So did that make up for it?"

He looked at her with amazement.

"Y-yeah... It did...."

She smiled at him with a look of lust, she sucked her cum off of tips of her fingers.

"If you ever relieve some pressure down there.....look around for me......"

She bit down on her bottom lip and walked out of the classroom.

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