Life’s What You Make It – Rob’s Story – Chapter Three

By TheGulfCoaster

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Emmy and Robbie seemed doomed to loneliness until by chance their fates collided.....
This novella is an experimental writing collaboration by TheGulfCoaster and Runnergirl. The story has two perfect halves, a male and female side, which fit together as one. Runnergirl will reveal Emmy's feelings and tell the tale through her perspective, whereas TheGulfCoaster writes from Robbie's perspective. The two stories share mutual dialogue and action where the two characters intersect and thus this is unique venture. Only by reading Emmy's and Robbie's stories, will the reader get the entire story. We sincerely hope that you enjoy our efforts and please look forward to future installments!

This chapter continues in the tale of Robert and Emmy, two lonely people who connected in a cooking class. In Chapter, One this pair became close and shared brief moments of intimacy. Chapter Two told of their growing relationship, emotionally and sensually, including their shared phone sex, lust filled fantasies about one another, and future plans for a date. In this chapter, Emmy just left a pool party at Rob’s house and both are getting ready for their first date.

I walked out with Pam and let her into her car then waved to her as she pulled away, then I went back inside and straight up to my room to get ready. I thoroughly showered, shaved, and brushed my teeth, spent longer than usual trying to style my hair then put on my nicest light gray tailored Merino wool suit. Once I was ready, I checked myself out in my full-length mirror. Satisfied it was the best I could do, I grabbed my wallet, my cell phone and keys went downstairs got in my car and headed out.

Checking the time, I realized I was quite early so I stopped in the neighborhood super market that had a fairly nice floral department over by the produce section. I talked with the girl behind the counter and after tossing a few ideas around, I got Emmy a single red rose boxed with some baby’s breath and some greenery. While the girl was preparing my order, I got one of the little greeting cards they had there. I wrote ‘For Emmy, I only wish this rose was as beautiful as the girl I’m giving it to. Robbie’ I paid for the flower and got back in my car.

At precisely seven-twenty, I pulled into the Cultural Center parking lot and called Emmy’s cell phone. She answered on the first ring and I said, “I’m here Emmy. Are you on your way?”

“Yeah, Babe. I will be there in just a couple minutes.”

I got out of my car and stood near my passenger door while I waited for Emmy to arrive. She pulled in a minute later and parked next to my car. As soon as she shut off her engine, I opened her door and offered her a hand out of the car. When I got my first look at her, I was blown away.

I said, “Emmy, you are so beautiful!”

She was wearing a burgundy colored dress that shimmered in the minimal amount of light that was available in the parking lot. It wrapped around her body hugging every curve and the deep neckline drew my attention to her amazing cleavage.

Emmy graciously accepted my compliment, “Why thank you Sir…. You look very dapper tonight!! Not that you didn’t look nice in your swim trunks but... you look especially dashing in a suit!!”

“Thank you, Emmy. I can't believe I get to enjoy dinner with such a beautiful woman!”

She replied, “I can’t believe that I get to see you twice in one day!!!” She gave me a tight hug and a wet kiss on my cheek, and ran her fingers through my hair.

I inhaled deeply and said, “Mmmmm you smell GOOD! I love your perfume Emmy.”

“Thank you Robbie.” She went on, “God, why am I so nervous? Look! I am shaking!!” Emmy held out her right hand to show the little tremors through her limbs.

I assured her, “You don't have anything to be nervous about, Emmy.” I then opened the passenger door of my car and helped her inside.

As she settled in she replied, “Oh I know but... it’s just been a really long time since I’ve been on a date. I hope that I’m still good at it,” and laughed a nervous giggle.

“I hope this is the first of many, Em,” I reassured her.

After closing her door, I walked around and got behind the wheel. After we buckled in, I opened the console and presented Emmy with the small box, containing a single red rose with the card on it.

She exclaimed, “Oh Robbie you are so sweet!!!” She opened the card and quietly read, 'For Emmy, I only wish this rose was as beautiful as the girl I’m giving it to. Robbie’.

“Thank you my dearie,” she said. She added, “You are such a charmer. I wish I had brought something for you; maybe you’ll let me buy you dinner!!” There was no way she would contribute anything at all if I had my way – No gentleman would ever let a woman pay for a date.

She looked admiringly at the gorgeous rose and asked, “You know, Robbie? Can you help put the flower in my hair?”

For the chance to touch her again, I replied, “Absolutely. What do you want me to do, Em?”

She said, “I have a clip right behind my left ear. Do you see it? If you can tuck it in there, then I can smell the fragrance all night. I’d hate to leave it in the car when we can enjoy it instead.”

I said, “Ok, I got it.” I positioned the rose and my fingertips lingered near her ear. “Emmy, you've got such beautiful hair! I hope you don't get tired of me telling you how beautiful I think you are tonight. You take my breath away!”

I could almost sense the moment growing, “Oh Robbie please kiss me. I’ve been dying to be alone and kiss you all day!”

I leaned over and we shared a lingering kiss. her hands interlaced behind my neck, her tongue did little licks along mine, and her mouth opened to let me inside, willing and ready.

When we finally disengaged, I sighed, “I think we should probably get going, I don't want to miss the reservation. And if we don't go soon, I may end up taking you home instead of out to dinner!”

“I sooooo agree!!! Look what we’ve done to your car.” We looked around and there was fog everywhere and the cabin felt like a sauna. “We better stop before we both lose all track of time and place!”

I gave her another little kiss, shifted the car into reverse and backed out of my spot with a, "Here we go!"

Emmy fanned herself with her hands, and said, “Whew!”

The 20 minute ride went by quickly; we talked and listened to music on the radio all the way there, meanwhile discovering a lot of music we both like in common. I pulled up near the door to take advantage of the White Garden 's valet service. Having reservations, we were lead by the hostess right away to the outside veranda, where there was a jazz band and a glorious garden of white magnolias as well as blooming jasmine, gardenia, roses, huge hydrangeas, and fragrant lily of the valley.

I helped her with her seat while the hostess placed the menus down in front of our seats and Emmy said dreamily, “Don’t you love this setting??”

“It's lovely. I've never been here before.”

“I’m so glad that I remembered it!! I have to admit, its even nicer with you here with me. I was here for a girl’s night out once and had a wonderful time but.... everything seems to be even better with you near me.”

Impressed, I said, “Ah, pretty fancy for the girls! I'll bring you here any time you like though; it's very romantic. I'm glad you got us a table on the veranda.”

“Mmmm I can smell my flower intermingling with all the other blossoms ahhhh....”

I enjoyed the scent as much as she did. “Me too! Would you like a glass of wine with dinner?”

“I would love some! What kind do you like hon?”

Wanting to pair the wine with our meal, Rob inquired, “Are we going with seafood or...?”

She blurted out, “Of course we are!!!!” Then she surveyed the menu. “Wow there are so many choices.... I think I might go with the salmon.”

“I was thinking of having the broiled swordfish!”

“That sounds like a deal; as long as you let me have a bite ok? I’ll share some of mine too.”

I suggested, “So I guess a couple glasses of Chablis with our meal and water with a lemon twist for now?” Then he broke out in a giant smile and gave me a wink. “Of course I'll feed you a piece of my swordfish!”

“Mmmmm, wonderful... Can I butter your bread for you?”

“Yes, thank you. Everything here is so perfect! Especially the company!”

After we gave our orders and we were once again alone, she turned a little more serious. “So Robbie....”

“Yes, Emmy?” I reached across table to hold her left hand in my right.

Stroking my fingers as she talked, she confessed, “I have been doing a lot of thinking and I wanted you to know what an incredible experience we have had in such a short time. And that you mean more to me than I can describe, and I..... I think you might have my heart already.”

“You certainly have my heart, Emmy. I've never felt this way in my life!”

In agreement she responded, “I admit that I have been fighting it, and it is all very complicated, but I can’t seem to distance myself from you. Nor do I want to or have the strength to.”

“I'm trying very hard to observe the proper boundaries, but I'm having the same problem! I'm drawn to you by a power stronger than my will to stay away!”

“Knowing how we both feel... I have to be very forward with you now, like I have been all along.” Then she paused, before starting again. “Robbie, what do you think will happen to us after tonight?”

“Yes, Emmy?”

“After we...,” her voice trailed off. Our food was delivered to our table but we chose to continue our talk before eating.

I reassured her. “I'm hoping things go on from here. I'm not the kind of guy who can spend time with a girl without it meaning something - something way beyond a friendship. Regardless of what does - or doesn't - happen, I want to be your friend forever, Em. I'm, I'm , I'm - I think I'm falling in love with you!”

“Aaaaaah Robbie, I have been dying to tell you! I am so in love with you too my darling!!!”

“This goes so far beyond simple lust or infatuation,” I whispered.

“Oh I am shaking again now,” she said, and I could see the tears welling in her eyes. “Yes I know Robbie but what do I do in my real life?”

I offered her my table napkin and she dabbed at her eyes. “What does it all mean?”

“You know how much I want you Em; not just for a few fleeting moments. I want you forever! I wish things weren't so complicated. I'm willing to wait until you've made up your mind what's going on with your marriage.”

She said, “You are always so reasonable and wise! Let’s do that Robbie; let’s enjoy what we have right now, tonight. And we will cross the next hurdle when we get to it. How’s that?”

“Yes! And know that I hope things resolve themselves soon, but I'll wait as long as it takes. You are worth every moment of agony caused by us being apart!”

She said, “Oh Robbie you always know the perfect thing to say!!”

“I've got to believe you've given your marriage 100% - maybe more. I can't help but think it's run it's natural course.”

She nodded and partook of my dinner. “Mmmmm try my meal. It is incredible!!” She offered me a choice bite on my fork and I gratefully sampled her salmon entrée.

“A masterful treat!” I said, then I asked, “What does Jenn think about what's going on?

“Jenn agrees with you, that my marriage is at an end. She just wants me to be happy you know? And I have been dissatisfied for so long.”

I picked up a piece of swordfish with my fingers and she wrapped her lips around my fingertips as I fed her, while looking me sensually in the eyes.

She swallowed and confessed, “Mmmmmm I haven’t been satisfied in ages Robbie......”

Rob cleared his throat, adjusted himself, and tried to take our conversation out of the gutter. “That's what Pam wants for me too. I don't know if I should be pleased or upset with Pam and Jenn for their little ruse. What did you think?”

“I thought that it was fantastic!! I can’t believe they pulled it off! Jenny loves that kind of thing though; she is quite the trickster.”

I said, “What are the chances that my best friend and yours would be cousins??”

She grinned, “About as slim of a chance as finding a one in a million guy in a cooking class!!!”

“Awwww, Emmy. I wish we could grow old together. This feels like fate at work!”

“There is no such thing as a coincidence Robbie; I know that now! Do you know what else I know?”

I revealed, “I know that you are the love of my life and that a kiss from you is like a long trip and your hug is like coming home. I swear, I hear music play when you are near me! And what do you know?”

“I know that I would like nothing else but be alone with you with your lips on mine. I realize that we were going to do some dancing but..... I desperately want to be alone with you! So.... what do you say?”

I think I was as eager as she was. “Shall we forget the dancing for tonight, then? We can always dance in my living room!”

“Oh you read my mind,” She said eagerly. “Let’s pay the bill and go!!!”

I raised my hand to get the attention of our server. “Check please!”

Lisa finally showed up with the bill, I’m sure it was less than a minute or two, but it felt like an eternity. I looked over the bill for 164 and wrote in a 32 tip and handed it back to Lisa. She left with my card and the bill, returning a few minutes later with my receipt and thanked us for the generous tip.

I got out of my chair then helped Emmy out of hers and we walked out front. I handed the valet the claim check for my car. As we waited for it to be brought around, I noticed Emmy had her arms crossed in front of her and she had goose bumps on the exposed skin. I removed my jacket and placed it over Emmy’s shoulders.

She turned her head, looked me square in my eyes and said, “You are in love with me, aren’t you?

I said, “I’ve been trying to tell you that, Emmy. I’m sorry I’m so poor at expressing my true feelings – but yes, Emmy. I am in love with you!”

The valet let Emmy in the car, then let me in the driver’s side. Emmy and I pulled out of the parking lot on the way home.

“Should we stop and get your car?”

“No, let’s head straight home, please.”

I looked at her and whether it was a Freudian slip or intentional choice of words, when she said ‘home’, it warmed my soul. Shortly after she spoke, she placed her left hand on my right thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze. I took a route that was a more direct path to my home and fifteen minutes later, we pulled into my driveway. I hit the button on my overhead door remote and pulled into the garage. Emmy’s vision seemed to be drawn to the back of the garage where I had my Harley, my Yeti mountain bike and a tandem Wilderness System kayak that was hanging from a rack mounted on my garage ceiling. She also noticed my 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser SUV parked on the far side of the garage.

She said, “I get that you have a car plus a bike, but why the SUV?”

“I needed something to haul things in and something I’m not afraid to take into the woods. I love kayaking, camping, hiking, mountain biking.... all kinds of things that I wouldn’t want to use this car for.”

I shut off the big Dodge engine, closed the overhead door and ran around to let Emmy out of her seat. I shut the door and we went inside through the utility room.

“I’m glad you finally learned to let me help you with your door and everything. I was worried that you didn’t appreciate me treating you that way.”

“It’s just been so long. I can’t remember the last time my hubby offered me his coat when I was chilly – you did it without me even asking or making a comment. I miss feeling like a lady!”

“I’ll treat you like a princess as long as we know each other, Emmy. Can I confess something to you?”

“Of course.”

“It’s been a long time since I had any romantic interest in a woman, Emmy. I’m not sure exactly how I should proceed. I’m scared I may say or do something that would scare you off.”

“Well, the first thing you’ve got to do is kiss me. I’m sure everything else will fall into place after that.”

I took Emmy in my arms and we kissed passionately. I would have sworn it was the most passionate kiss of my life!. We kept going until she backed away and said, “Baby, can we go upstairs now?”

I didn’t say anything, I just picked her up in my arms and with her arms still draped around my neck, I carried her up the stairs to my room and gently lay her on my bed.

Emmy raised her arms up, beckoning me to join her on the bed and I couldn’t resist. I kicked off my shoes, quickly removed my necktie and undid the top button before laying down on the giant mattress next to my love. I rolled over on my side, put my right hand just above her left hip and pulled her gently until she was facing me on her side and we kissed. Emmy put her left arm around me, planting it squarely on my ass and gave it a hard squeeze!

Our kiss became more passionate and Emmy moved her hand to my shirt to begin working at the buttons. She got the top couple unfastened then seemingly frustrated by my lack of initiative, grabbed my right hand and moved it up to her chest where I felt her firm breast under the dress and lacy fabric of her bra for the first time. While I gently squeezed her left breast, she pulled the knot on the belt of her dress loose then began to fumble with the button holding her wrap-around dress closed.

Moving a bit closer to me had the effect of pulling the dress open. While we continued kissing more and more passionately, she started working on the rest of my shirt buttons. When the last one was free, she pulled the shirt out from my waistband and ran her hand over my chest, feeling the slight growth of chest hair present then down to my abs which, although weren’t the six-pack most ‘hunks’ strived for, were flat and firm from all the swimming and biking I did.

Again, annoyed by my lack of progress, she took it upon herself to pull back the left side of her dress back and exposed her black lacy bra and panty set. She then urged my hand to the clasp of the bra at her back before moving hers back and tugging on the loose end of my belt. Taking the hint, I released the two hooks connecting the strap. I then pulled the bra toward her front, sliding the shoulder strap of the dress and the bra down over her left arm. She freed her left arm letting the bra fall away from her left breast and the left arm and side of the dress fall behind her.

We kept on kissing then stopped momentarily and sat up on the edge of the bed. Emmy peeled my shirt off then I helped pull her dress off her other shoulder.

I said, “My God, Emmy. You’ve got perfect boobs!” I continued staring at them as she cupped them and pushed them a bit closer and higher. It seemed that Emmy’s boobs didn’t even require the bra she wore tonight. They stood high and firm, like 2 half grapefruits without the garment. Her aureoles were smaller than most I’d ever been this close to and they pointed slightly skyward and although the nipples weren’t hard yet, they stood erect in the center of the quarter-size aureoles and were nearly a third their diameter.

She said, “You really like them?”

“I love them – just like I love all of you!”

We kissed again then Emmy stood up and allowed her dress and bra to drop to the floor. She pulled me up to my feet, finished unbuckling my belt, undid the clasp, pulled down the zipper then let them drop to the floor as well leaving me standing there in my boxers. She then put her arms around my neck, kissed me hard as she ground her pelvic region against my groin and for the very first time, hugged tightly essentially naked except for her panties and my boxers.

I could feel Emmy’s nipples growing even harder against my chest and I’m sure my growing erection was obvious to her as well. We agreed to return to our horizontal position on the bed and as soon as Emmy made the first move to feel my erection with her hand, I had the confidence to put my hand between her legs. Encouraged by the damp panel that was evidence of her arousal, I began gently rubbing the length of her womanhood while I kissed that spot on her neck just below and beyond her ear. I then started licking a trail down her collarbone, toward her chest. When I finally reached her nipples, I gently massaged one of her boobs as I alternately moved between them with my hand and mouth. I twirled my tongue around the tiny hardened nubs then began to suck on them and tug at them gently with my teeth.

I said, “Emmy, I want you! I want you more than I’ve ever wanted any woman in my entire life!”

She said, “I want you too, Robbie!” She then reached her hand under the waist band of my boxers and wrapped her hand around the stiff organ. I moaned at her touch and she drew in a deep breath.

She said, “Can I assume if you become aroused this easily, we could enjoy oral sex with each other then still be able to have make love later?”

“Emmy, I’m certain of it. You obviously haven’t looked at your naked body in a full-length mirror lately. You’re a goddess, Emmy; by far the most beautiful girl I’ve ever been with!”

It was now Emmy’s turn to moan then gripping my organ with her hand she somehow managed to push my boxers part way down, then the rest of the way off with her foot! She was now stroking my hard-on and I was incredibly anxious to taste her pussy.

I said, “May I remove your panties now?”

“Please, I’m so ready, Babe. I got up on my knees and moved to where I could glide my fingers gently under the delicate waistband of the lacy undergarment. I had a finger under the waistband at each hip and she raised her ass a bit so I could slide them down her silky legs. Inch by inch I lowered them until I could plainly see the tiny, closely trimmed dense patch of pubic hair. I continued staring at the magnificent body lying there and realized that she actually wanted me. I hadn’t been wanted, really wanted out of a sense of love, in so long, it almost brought tears to my eyes!

I said, “I hope you enjoy oral sex, baby!”

She said, “There’s one more thing that needs to come off first!”

She sat up in all her naked glory and tugged at the ring adorning the third finger on her left hand then set it on the night table. She said, “Hand me my panties, OK?”

I did as she asked then she lay the panties over the ring, almost as if she didn’t want the ring to witness what she anticipated was to happen or because she didn’t want to see it and be reminded of what the ring signified, but either way, once the ring was out of sight, Emmy came at me as if she had just been released from some kind on invisible shackles. She quickly spun around until we were on our sides with our faces in each other’s genitals. I raised her left leg, got my first view of her glistening womanhood, and gently ran my tongue the entire length of her slit. She had firmly gripped the base of my cock and tentatively licked along the length of the underside of the organ, gently sucking on just the tip, tasting my pre-cum.

We then began earnestly eating each other. She began taking my cock deep into her mouth, sucking hard on it as she backed away. I kept licking her pussy and began concentrating on her clit once it began to respond. I could feel Emmy moaning by the vibrations on my cock as I brought her closer and closer to orgasm and I continued sucking on her clit while I gently eased one finger inside her then a second. I curved my fingers toward her pubic patch while plunging them in and out and I apparently found her ‘G’ spot because as I rubbed the suspected spot, she became very animated and began sucking my cock with even more gusto than before.

I started trying to picture non-sexual images in an effort to prolong my orgasm. I increased my efforts at making Emmy come and while I continued sucking on her clit and plunging two fingers in and out of her pussy, I moved my free hand toward her boobs and began twisting the nipples between my thumb and index finger one at a time. The slightly ‘rougher’ handling of her nipples seemed to excite her even more than the gentle caress and rubbing did.

I began to feel the subtle vibrations caused by Emmy’s moaning with my cock buried deep in her throat and her squirming told me she was now very close to the first, hopefully, of the many orgasms I planned to bring her to. When I sensed the precise ‘moves’ that she responded most dramatically to, I continued with them, attempting to not change anything that seemed to be working. Suddenly, Emmy let my cock out of her mouth and dug her fingernails into my shoulders in an attempt to pull my face tighter into her womanhood and screamed, “Robbieeeeeeeee! Oh, Robbieeeeeeeee! Right there! I’m Commmmming.”

She waited only a moment before sucking my cock deep into her mouth again and began massaging my balls as she gave me what felt like the most incredible blowjob I had ever been on the receiving end of. I was busy gently licking up the evidence of her orgasm while avoiding the most sensitive spots, so I couldn’t see what she was doing, but it seemed as though the head of my cock was deep in her throat again. It only took a few more strokes before I declared my impending orgasm and the uncertainty of whether she was going to spit or swallow was quickly answered. Emmy felt the first stream of cum leave my cock and sucked hard on the organ until it was drained. She then lifted her head allowing my cock to slip out of her mouth, looked my square in the eyes and swallowed hard. She then showed me her open mouth and gave me that brilliant smile that made me fall in love with her in the first place.

I couldn’t move my face close to hers fast enough and we looking deep in each other’s eyes, past them really, into each other’s very souls and pressed our lips together, tasting each other, our tongues doing their little dance in the most perfect kiss in the history of mankind! We didn’t even speak until the kiss ended.

I said, “Emmy - that was incredible, Baby. If oral sex is that good, I can only imagine how good making love is going to be.”

“I totally agree, Rob. I can’t remember the last time a man gave me an orgasm! I just know that making love with you is going to be amazing.”

“I think I’ll need a little rest before going on, how would you feel about cooling off in the pool for a while?”

“Would it be safe to skinny dip in your pool?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, no one can see into the pool cage unless they’re trespassing. I’ll leave most of the lights out, that will make it even safer!”

“Does your pool have an underwater light?”

“As a matter of fact it does!”

“I think it would look romantic. Would it be safe with it on?”

“Absolutely. I’ll get a bunch of towels out, just in case we need to quickly cover up, but I haven’t had a problem the entire time I’ve lived here.”

We got up and hugged once before interlacing our fingers and slowly walking down the stairs. We stopped at the storage closet and I got a small stack of fresh towels out and set them on a chaise lounge near the edge of the pool.

Emmy said, “Shall we just jump in?”

I said, “That’s how I usually do it.”

Still holding on to my hand, she jumped into the deep end of the pool with me right at her side. We bobbed to the surface then moved to where the water was just over four and a half feet deep, hugged and kissed for a while.

Emmy seemed pleased when she grabbed for my cock to find it responding again so quickly. I told her I was a bit surprised too, but then considering who I was with, I shouldn’t have been.

I said, “I’m pretty sure when we’re ready to go back upstairs I’ll be completely ready to make love with you.”

She said, “Are you sure that it’s safe to be naked out here?”

“Yeah, quite sure. Why?”

She kissed me and said, “I’m not sure I can wait until we get upstairs. Do you suppose we could make love out here? It’s so romantic, Baby.”

“Emmy, right now, I’m incapable of refusing you any request. You obviously don’t have any idea how much I love you.”

She kissed me again and whispered into my ear, “Make love to me Robbie, make love to me now. I need to feel you inside me.”

We walked to the stairs leading out of the shallow end, and made our way to the chaise lounge where our towels were. I picked up the top towel and draped it around Emmy’s shoulders and offered her another for her hair before picking one up to dry myself with. Emmy didn’t use the second towel I handed her for her hair, she instead lay it flat on top of the cushion on the lounge chair and once again beckoned me with her arms. I got on my knees next to the chair and kissed Emmy.

“You know, when I signed up for that cooking class, it was with the hope that I might meet my Miss Right. I never dreamed I might meet my soul mate there. I only wish we didn’t have so many obstacles confronting us, Emmy.”

“Robbie, you’ve shown me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, there might not be as many obstacles as you think anymore.” Emmy ran her fingers through my wet hair and seemed to revel in the way my curls surrounded her fingertips while she French kissed me. Her searching tongue made me want to reciprocate and I made my tongue dart into her mouth. Her mouth opened wider to meet my tongue and she swung her leg over my hip, giving me access to the prize hidden between her legs, opening herself up for me to enter. She used both of her hands and guided my rock hard erection toward her pussy.

With the tip of my cock poised to enter her for the first time, I asked, “Darling, are you ready?”

Her reply came back came back with an urgency, “Oh, yessssss, I sure am!”

I pressed my chest against hers so that she ended up flat on her back on the tiny chaise lounge we turned into our love bed and I raised myself up on my arms slightly and kissed the woman I’ve come to love like no other. She gazed into my eyes and nodded to me, acknowledging her willingness, no her desire to continue. Remaining in roughly the same position, I flexed enough of my body so I might enter her. I worked my cock slowly into her pussy while maintaining that eye contact with Emmy, never breaking the gaze into each other’s souls. She moved her feet and calves off the sides of the chaise lounge effectively spreading her legs, allowing me to enter her hot, tight and wet pussy even deeper.

Once I was all the way inside her, she said, “Ohhhhh Robbie!!! Oh myyyyyyy....” and I began bucking my hips to feel the sensation as I explored my lovers womanhood that seemed to grasp at me with each thrust.

Emmy brought her hands to my shoulders and pulled me down upon her, where I felt her hardened nipples against my chest, and she then lifted her legs up into a ‘V’ and locked her ankles behind my lower back. We were now fucking with abandon each thrust taking us higher and higher toward the ultimate ecstasy which was our goal.

“Emmmmmm Emmmmmm!” Robert yelled into the night as the pleasure grew and Emmy made mostly unintelligible noises in reply, telling me the rapture was engulfing us equally. I actually forgot we completing our act of love essentially in the open, where anyone nearby could have seen or heard us, and it just made the act that much more exciting. Emmy’s grunts became louder and louder as her fingernails dug into my butt cheeks and she pulled her legs back even higher so we could both witness my cock as it made it’s long, intense thrusts between her swollen lips. The sight of my manhood being withdrawn nearly completely from her pussy only to completely disappear back inside her womanhood, an incredible sight to me, the spectacle of which brought me closer and closer to climax. I looked away to prolong my orgasm.

“Ughhhhhhh,” I groaned at the way her pussy seemed to be holding my cock tighter and tighter as we continued. “Emmyyyyyyyyy, I.... I......”

“YES baby me toooooooo!” she declared and I immediately began to apply pressure to her clit with my thumb, which seemed to dramatically increase her pleasure and then flicked her clit, which seemed to bring her to the very edge of orgasmic bliss.

“Robbieeeeeee,” she cried. “Here I go babyyyyyyyy!!!!”

She let go of her legs, dropping them to rest them once again on back as I continued thrusting into her. My climax finally at the point of no return, I gave my sweet Emmy three very deep, hard thrusts, not pulling back at all the last time and I erupted deep within her pussy. We held each other tight as our orgasms washed over our bodies and then remained joined as they began to wane. We kissed, not a long passionate kiss, but many, many light kisses in an effort to kiss every single spot my mouth could reach. At that moment I wanted to prove my love to every cell within her body.

As the sexual rush wore off we were no longer the only thing existing in the universe, our surroundings became apparent and we began to hear the sounds of crickets and other nocturnal critters, the breeze passing through screened in enclosure and the sound of the water being recycled boy the filter and pump.

Emmy seemed to be using every bit of energy that remained to keep me precisely where I was at that moment, and frankly, I wanted that very thing even more than she did. We laid there in each other’s arms, and we breathed in synchronicity while she was running her fingers along my back and I was just comfortably resting there on top of her. We did a little kissing and gentle touching and the night breeze turned chilly, so it was time to head indoors. I stood up and held out my hand to help her out of the lounger. We interlaced our fingers as we slowly made our way upstairs.

After assuring her I had a blow-dryer she could use, we decided to rinse the chlorine and sweat from the sex off of our bodies. I led Emmy into the bathroom, turned on the shower and Emmy seemed really impressed with the huge walk-in shower. We lathered up, spent a good deal of time insisting that ‘this spot’ or ‘that spot’ wasn’t quite clean yet and by the time we were rinsed off, we could have had sex again, but we decided to dry off and go cuddle between the nice crisp sheets.

Realizing that Emmy didn’t bring anything to sleep in, I said, “I can offer you some fleece drawstring shorts to sleep in with a t-shirt or whatever. Do you have a preference?”

Emmy said, “Honestly, I’d love to sleep in one of your t-shirts and I think that’s all I’ll need.”

I led her over to the dresser and showed her the drawer-full of my most comfortable, broken-in tee’s. She picked out one of my old college football team shirts and when she pulled it over her head, it went down just past her ass and looked very sexy, indeed! I decided to sleep in just a pair of boxers. We shared one more embrace and kiss before climbing under the covers for the night.

I lay flat on my back with my left arm extended and Emmy lay down across my arm on her right side, resting her head on my left shoulder. I curled my arm around her body and she rested her left arm across my chest. We lay there in that position talking while we cuddled.

I said, “Emmy this feels so right, I can’t possibly imagine how I’ll be able to survive without going to sleep with you in my arms every night for the rest of my life. I really wish that was possible.”

“Well Robbie, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into saving my marriage, but honestly, I can’t remember going to bed this satisfied or happy since long before I pursued counseling. My husband just doesn’t seem interested in putting any effort into preserving it. I don’t know if he just thinks that I’ll just stick with it regardless of how happy or unhappy I am, if he doesn’t care what I do or maybe he’s unhappy too and just doesn’t want to be the one to end things. I am. If I was really certain this was going to last, I’d tell him it’s over when he gets home from his business trip.”

“Emmy, nothing would make me happier than starting a serious relationship with you. What would it take to convince you it’s going to last?”

“You’re already off to a great start, Babe. The fact that Jenn’s cousin still loves you after you quit dating means a lot to me. The way you treat me, and the other women you interact with tells me a lot about your character, too. I think all we need is some more time together. What are you doing tomorrow?”

“Wishing I was spending it with you! You’ve got to work too, right?”

“Actually I don’t have to work tomorrow. I get my forty hours a week with four ten hour shifts and I’ve got tomorrow off.”

“If I can get a personal day tomorrow, would you like to spend the day together? Nothing would make me happier.”

“Do you think you can get it off?”

“Let’s say ninety to ninety-five percent sure. I never take sick or personal days off and they tend to pile up toward the end of the year. They would rather have me take them than pay for them, so yeah, I’d say the chances are excellent. I’d love to spend the day with you.”

“What ideas do you have for tomorrow, then?”

“Hmm, I want to spend a romantic day with you. We can start out with breakfast – I’ll fix you whatever you like; anything from simple fruit or cereal with juice to an omelet or eggs Benedict. I’d love to cook for you!”

“I think it would be more fun to cook together!”

“If we still feel that way in the morning, we’ll do that then. After our breakfast, if I can find something for you to wear, we could take a nice long bike ride, maybe stop somewhere for a late lunch or something or turn it into a picnic. How’s that sound for starters?”

“I like the picnic idea and I’d love to go for a ride on your bike either up in the hills and woods or even along the coast.”

“I think I’d rather do the hills and woods myself.”

We kissed to seal the deal on our plans for the next day. Actually, I was positive I’d be able to take the time off. My position in the company would allow me taking a personal day virtually anytime so long as I didn’t abuse the privilege. I even thought of arranging to have my schedule mirror Emmy’s so we were free to spend as many of our days off together.

We settled into a comfortable position in each other’s arms and gradually drifted off to a very satisfying sleep, the most satisfying sleep I could remember.

It took a moment for me to figure out the circumstances I awakened to. Yes, that girl lying next to me the satisfied, angelic look on her face was indeed my beautiful Emily. She had that oh, so subtle ‘Mona Lisa’ smile on her face as she slept and I suddenly realized that I was completely aroused and for some reason my rock hard cock was protruding through the opening on the front of my boxers. I also realized that sometime during the night, we had shifted positions and I was now spooning my sweet Emmy from behind as we lay on our left sides.

My cock was nestled between her ass cheeks and realizing where I was, who I was with and the circumstances I found myself in, my body almost involuntarily started humping her from behind. I couldn’t figure out if she was awake or even aware of what was going on; her eyes told me she was asleep, but nevertheless, her body began responding to my movement. It wasn’t long before her back was arching, improving my angle of attack and the end of my cock slipped between her legs. Emmy still seemed to be sleeping as I felt the wetness and warmth of her womanhood. I pushed just a bit and felt the head of my cock enter her pussy and I wondered how far I might get before she woke up.

I made my another inch or two inside her when she said, “Oh, Robbie. That feels so good. Don’t stop,” before rotating her torso and neck and kissing me full on the lips.

She was now fully involved with me and actively participating in the first wake up sex I had enjoyed in years. Her vocalizations were increasing as was the intensity with which we were fucking.

I said, “Emmy, this is amazing, I’d love it if I could wake up this way every morning.”

“Careful what you wish for, Robbie!”

A few strokes later and I found myself bumping into Emmy’s firm ass each time I bottomed out inside her.

Emmy said, “When my lover enters me from behind, the sensation is incredible!”

“I wish you would have said something last night! I would have been happy to accommodate you!” We kept going and I said, “Baby, I don’t know how much longer I can last this morning.”

“I’m almost there too, Robbie! Harder! Please fuck me harder!”

I increased my intensity and she adjusted her position a bit and said, “Oh, yeah. Just like that Robbie.”

Emmy was now making mostly unintelligible noises and suddenly gave me serious ass-bump, causing me to enter her even further. She reached behind me with her right arm and dug her fingernails into my ass, keeping me from moving. I felt the muscles deep inside her convulse a bit as she screamed my name and the resulting sensation pushed me over the edge as I erupted deep in her pussy, filling her with stream upon stream my cum. I remained inside her and with a little twisting and stretching, we managed a passionate kiss.

Emmy said, “Good morning, Robbie.”

I kissed her back and said, “No, it’s a great morning, Emmy!”

After a lot of cuddling and snuggling, we went down to the kitchen, Emmy had taken my tee off, not wanting to get it dirty and retrieved a cooks apron from my pantry and put it on. With her in just the apron and me still in my boxers, we stood there nearly naked creating a scrumptious breakfast as well as a picnic lunch. Emmy’s ‘side-boobs’ and ass were completely exposed and it was all I could manage to keep from bending her over and taking her again right there in the kitchen.

I called into work and informed them that I needed a personal day, but to call me if any ‘urgent situations’ arose.

We then packed our picnic food into one of two insulated bags and Emmy selected a bottle of wine out of the little wine cooler below my kitchen counter and put it in the second bag. I got two quart-size bottles of drinking water kept in my freezer to be used as reusable ice cubes that could become drinking water later after they melted. When the entire picnic was packed, we walked back upstairs and Emmy unabashedly took off the apron to toss into my hamper and pulled on the jeans and tank top she brought in her bag. I put on my typical bike outfit of jeans, a heavy tee shirt and my boots. We gradually made our way down the stairs and grabbed a blanket to use for our picnic then secured the house before going out to the garage. Emmy held onto the insulated bags and the blanket while I wheeled the bike between the car and SUV out onto the driveway in front of the garage and started it up. As it warmed up, we packed the picnic bags into the saddle bags. I took the blanket, rolled it up tightly and secured it to my handlebars with a couple nylon straps, bedroll style. I folded down the buddy pegs, got on and invited Emmy to climb on behind me.

I headed out of town towards the ‘hilly’ area we had discussed. Emmy started out with her arms wrapped tight around my chest, and as she grew more comfortable, her grip relaxed and her arms dropped so her hands were just resting on my upper thighs. I had gone on pleasure rides out this way several times, but the scenery never looked quite so beautiful. We cruised the winding roads with hairpin turns that led both up and down the changes in elevation in the mountainous area near our town, such as it was. We found a one-lane canyon road off the beaten path with curves and slight changes of elevation that it felt like some remote area instead of a place in my same Zip code. The road was lined by old growth oak trees and the upper branches spread over the road from both sides and appeared to be an ethereal tunnel we were riding through.

Emmy told me she had never been on the back of big road bike before so this experience was thrilling and breathtaking to her. She was thrilled with all the sights, sounds and fragrances she never noticed before as well as the sensation of the air rushing over her face. Emmy leaned up near my ear and asked me to keep an eye open for potential picnic spots.

I turned off the road we were traveling, onto a ‘fire trail’, one of the paths that had been cleared both for use as a road for wildfire equipment or ‘fire-breaks’, lines cleared with the hope that it would prevent or at least slow down the spread of wild fires. We came across a spot that had been cleared, perhaps as a turn-around for fire equipment or maybe, for whatever reason, nothing taller than grass was growing. I drove the bike another 25 or 30 yards into the wilderness and parked on the edge of the spot where turning the 750 pound motorcycle would not be a problem.

Emmy said, “Sweetie, this is so lovely!”

I nodded in agreement and we shared the vision of the old growth forest, elderberry bushes and their blooms, taking in the sounds of nature and the listening to the sound the wind made as it moved through the giant trees making their huge branches sway in the wind.

I said, “It sure is! I have never gone up this far but I am sure glad that we did. This is even more beautiful than the White Garden .”

Emmy grinned, remembering the scenery we enjoyed for our wonderful first date and the after dinner activities back at my house later. She said, “I don’t know if the food will be as good but we sure did our best right?”

I un-strapped the blanket and spread it out while Emmy got the insulated bags out of my saddlebags. Emmy and I had made some pesto chicken rolls, she also made some curried egg salad, put some cut up fresh peaches prepared with a brown sugar dip and packed a Tupperware container with a good size hunk of German chocolate cake she found in my fridge. We had a baguette of French bread, cut in half to make it fit in the bag. Emmy pulled everything out of the bags and forgetting glasses for the wine, we simply passed the bottle of Chenin Blanc Emmy selected back and forth, but, I was trying be careful not to drink so much, instead consuming more water than wine and I noticed the more hits Emmy took off the bottle, the more giggly she became.

Having not planned well enough, we had an inadequate amount of utensils and plates. I ended up cutting pieces of the cake with my pocket knife and I fed Emmy pieces of it with my fingers. She nibbled at my fingers and before long, her hands were all over my face, chest, and tangled in my hair. We laid back onto the blanket and she climbed over me, plastering my cheeks, forehead and neck with kisses and giggling while she had her way with me. I was watching Emmy’s face as she had her fun and she seemed almost as happy as I felt. She became giddy and began tickling me. I wondered if she felt like a pubescent teenager or not like I did. She continued tickling me and didn’t stop until long after I begged her to stop.

She sat up, essentially pinning me down by sitting on my legs with a leg on either side mine.

“I bet you can’t catch me,” she dared. She then popped up and ran toward the woods. I was surprised but with the unending stress of adulthood and having left my childhood behind, Emmy was making me feel like a kid again – and I loved it!

I laughed out loud with glee then sat up and said, “Oh so you want to play huh? I will come and find you my dear. I hope that you found a good hiding place!”

I got up on my feet and skulked into the dense brush in an effort to find her. I got lucky and heard Emmy’s muffled giggle as I got close then I saw her rise from behind a big sage bush and take off running again, giggling out loud again. I don’t know if it was intentional, but she had run in a big circle and when she saw the blanket just ahead of us and I was rapidly closing in on her. I caught up to her just as she reached the blanket and had stumbled and used her arms to break her fall, but I managed to wrap my arms around her, saving her from accidentally hitting the ground.

I bent her over across the motorcycle seat and spent a few seconds catching my breath before bending over her myself and nuzzling her neck through her hair. She reached behind herself and gripped the back of my thighs to keep me close. I don’t know what her plans were, but I planned on paying her back for tickling me.

I was just preparing to move my hands to her underarms so I could relentlessly tickle her, when she said, “Ohhhhh baby, how I want youuuuuuuu,” then sighed as I held her even tighter.

She began fumbling with the buttons on my jeans. Her chest was still resting on the bike seat and her ass was at the perfect height for every activity that entered my mind. Emmy’s need was evident by the urgency with which she was going at my jeans, so I instead of tickling her, I used my better position to reach down and managed to undo her jeans and I pushed them down her legs, more or less dragging my jeans down with them. The excitement and danger of what we were doing coupled with our earlier playing made me aroused and ready to go. I used a hand to guide my cock to her pussy and felt the heat and wetness between her legs. I found the entrance and with a groan I pushed. Emmy groaned at the same moment.

It seemed as though we were moving in perfect rhythm and since it was going so smoothly, I easily reached up under her top and raised it and the bra she was wearing up, setting her boobs free. They were swaying now in time with our movements and seemed to be just out of reach every time I tried to make contact with them, but I wasn’t about to stop what we were doing to let that happen.

Emmy screamed, “Pleeeeeeease!!! Robbieeeee!!”

I knew instinctively that she needed my hands on her nipples, so with renewed effort, I reached once more and managed to end up with her boobs in my hands. I separated my fingers, allowing her hardened nipples to protrude between them and I squeezed them back together to stimulate them. I then felt Emmy’s hand reach down between her legs, I thought to rub her clit but she also was doing with my cock the same thing I was doing with her nipples, allowing it to slide between the gap of her separated fingers. Besides the heat, wetness and tightness of Em’s pussy, I also felt the sides of two of her fingers rubbing my cock as I fucked her hard and deep.

Emmy said, “Robbie I can’t hold it much longer!” I screamed back at him. “Please, please cum on me!” And I held on with both hands again while slamming my hips back onto my lover.

I began fucking her harder and faster making my legs shake almost like Emmy’s were, and I said, “Oh Emmy, my sweet babyyyyyyyyy.....”. Feeling the arrival of my orgasm and believing Emmy was at the point of no return as well, I grabbed Emmy’s ass cheeks and pulled my cock just barely outside her body as I erupted. The first stream hit her fingers where they were touching her clit. Pulling back just a bit further, the next stream hit her squarely in her puckered rear entrance, then continuing my movement away from her, the last couple streams landed on her cheeks. My orgasm more or less slowed to a slow dribble and I used my hand to move my cock head through the cream spreading it out up and down her ass crack to her pussy then back and over her cheeks.

Emmy said, “MMMMM soooo good!”

She then stood up turned around and just as I was about to kiss her, she dropped into a squat and once again sucked my cock into her mouth while looking up into my eyes with the most loving expression I could imagine. She literally licked me clean while massaging my balls, milking the last few drops of cum from the spent organ. I reached down and gently lifted her up until we were face to face. With a hand on each cheek, I kissed her with all the love and tenderness I could muster.

I said, “Oh Em, I love you.... That was simply unbelievable!”

“I know,” she cooed, “How did you........????”

With complete confidence I said, “We are connected remember?” With her arms around my neck and mine around her waist, I picked her up and sort of shuffled her back over to the picnic blanket. We took off the rest of our clothes and spent the rest of the afternoon loving each other until the sun began to sink beyond the lush hillside.

To be continued…