Life's What You Make It - Rob's Story, Chapter Two

By TheGulfCoaster

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Emmy and Robbie seemed doomed to loneliness until by chance their fates collided.....

This novella is an experimental writing collaboration by TheGulfCoaster and runnergirl. The story has two perfect halves, a male and female side, which fit together as one. Runnergirl will reveal Emmy's feelings and tell the tale through her perspective, whereas TheGulfCoaster writes from Robbie's perspective. The two stories share mutual dialogue and action where the two characters intersect and thus this is unique venture. Only by reading Emmy's and Robbie's stories, will the reader get the entire story. We sincerely hope that you enjoy our efforts and please look forward to future installments!

This chapter continues in the tale of Robert and Emmy, two lonely people who connected in a cooking class. In Chapter One, this pair became close and shared brief moments of intimacy. Now fully enthralled with Emmy, Rob is about to hear a sensual dream that she had, while speaking to her on the phone.

She started, “Well this one started like they usually do... we were cooking and laughing at our school, having a great time by creating delicious dishes. But for some reason, we were all alone and we had just made a delightful béarnaise sauce. And we were joking around and you took the tip of the spoon and placed a little sauce on my nose. It surprised me but also made me laugh some more.”

“Uh-huh. I might have to give that a try,” I said, anxiously waiting for her to continue.

“And I was sideways next to you but then you took me by the shoulders and turned me so that my bottom was up against the work station. And you took my face in your hands and very gently licked the sauce off my nose.”

“Yeah? I like where this is going!”

“Me too!! Your mouth was soooo caring and warm and gentle, and of course you placed more sauce on the corners of my lips, telling me not to touch it myself. Then you kissed the sauce off each corner like a little whisper.”

“I can see me doing that.”

“I can too! Then your lips melted with mine and we had the delicious taste of the sauce we'd created, with our tongues intertwining and joining. Next, our passion grew between us so that we just HAD to fuse our bodies together. So you carefully lifted me up onto the work station and raised my skirt slightly like a gentleman, so you could get your body in between my legs. You pressed your chest onto mine; it was heaving and hot.”

I could feel myself getting turned on. “Oh, I'd really enjoy that!”

“My fingers found your lovely curls, and yours found my tush, and we pulled ourselves together as one.... kissing and kissing and kissing some more.”

I replied, “Mmmmm.... I'd like that a lot. Our kisses last night are forever etched into my memory. I can't remember the last time a kiss turned me on so much.”

“I have no words to describe how you kiss!! Your kisses reach into my soul; they surround my heart and make me feel whole. And they did in my dream too.... hot and penetrating and complete.”

“You make me feel the same way, Em.”

“Can I tell you more Robbie?”

“PLEASE,” I pleaded

I heard her chuckle a bit before going on. “Do you think that can you handle it?”

“I'd say we're a safe distance apart, so yeah. Although I might not be able to handle it if we were in the same room having this talk!”

“I know but it feels like you are here with me... and in my dream it was so real as well.” Then I paused a moment. “Oh my goodness here it goes...... So you took the spoon again and traced a line from my jaw down my long neck and in between my breasts. With a heated glance and your pouty lips in a little grin, you carefully unbuttoned my blouse.... one button, down, down, down, until my blouse hung open. Next you gazed at my bosom for the first time, my roundness in a light pink gauzy bra. My breasts were rising and falling, and I was immensely aroused at you looking upon me so exposed for the first time.”

“Oooooh, that sounds sexy,” I sighed.

“Oh it was!!! You gasped a little and then that delicious mouth of yours slurped up every drop along my skin, tracing my jaw line, along my collar bone, and then lower until your nose was firmly in the valley of my breasts, with one in each palm. Your face revealed such satisfaction while my mounds rested in your hands.”

“I'd love to explore every inch of your incredible body - I can actually imagine that happening just the way you describe it, Em.”

I heard Emmy sigh, “I’m so glad that you can because it was so real to me and it still is! I can literally sense your comforting hands on my breasts, with your teeth on each nipple, gnawing and nibbling through the fabric until the bra was slightly moist and you could see my little nubs poking through.”

I told her matter of factly, “It's a good thing you're not here right now - or it might not be a dream!”

“Lets pretend that you are in the dream with me Robbie.... lifting one breast out of the bra, letting the delicious flesh spill out of the cup and then ahhhhhh... the other breast... free for you to suckle on and devour and spill more sauce on. You were lapping and licking and sucking and nibbling.”

“There's nowhere else in the world I'd rather be!”

“Me too!!! I am right there with you on that work table, with my head so far back that my hair touches my lower back, and my chest pushed up at you, begging for you to keep going. And you did, until, uhmmmmm.....”

“You know that you would never have to beg me for anything.”

“I sure do Robbie. I didn’t have to beg verbally because you knew what my body asked of you right then; you kept your comforting, pleasuring hands on my breasts, squeezing and rubbing my nipples, while you kissed your way down my quivering stomach. And a burning need accumulated between my thighs.”

With my excitement rapidly rising, I added, “I wish I could have that same dream about you- but I'm thrilled you are sharing yours with me - what happened next?”

“You’re liking this so far huh??? Well..... I felt an upwards push on my skirt, and the sensation of my legs sweetly opened by you. There was hot, such hot breath over my pink panties, so hot that it penetrated my very core!”

“Don't tell me - the panties match your bra, right? I hope this conversation is turning you on, Emmy, because it sure is turning me on!”

“Oh yes a matching set for sure!! Mmmm Robbie would it be bad if I admitted that I am touching myself as I tell you this?”

I confessed, “Would it bother you if I told you I was, too?”

“God no!!!! I want this for both of us. I haven’t turned a man on in so long! Do you know how thrilling this is for me?”

I desperately admitted, “I wish you were here and willing to live out your dream for real, Em.”

“Well for now..... lets pretend that you are right here, nuzzling your face between my legs and moving my panties aside in order to place more warm sauce on my body.... this time on my pulsating clit. My thighs were clenching and vibrating, my whole body fell apart in your mouth, and my sweet juices gushed to mingle with the sauce that you drank and lapped and devoured.”

“Yes Em, I can taste it! Mmmmmm so good!”

“Me too!! I feel you Robbie ohhhhh yesssssss!!! And then..... I took your hair in my hands again and briefly pulled you into my womanhood.”

I gulped. “Uh, huh - and then?”

“But then I made my intentions known by slightly pulling you up and back into a standing position. I was frantic now.... pulling at your belt and jeans, raising your shirt off and over your head. My hands were flying this way and that.... hurrying! I have to..... I got to.... oh I need to have you now!!! And then there you were Robbie, hard and ready in my soft hands.”

“I hope that I was as hard in your dream as I am right now! Oh please tell me what’s next!”

“My fingers glided over you, marveling at you. I spread my legs even wider, with one leg on each side of the table. And now, my body screamed, ‘Oh Robbie, I need you! Please! Now! Please fill my need! My heart is beating within me!”

“Em, you've got no idea how excited I am. I wish we COULD be together for real!”

“I know me too!!! But for now, lets touch ourselves and have our pleasure together.... ok??? I am beyond ready!!”

Emmy’s voice made it clear she was pleasuring herself as I confessed, “I am way ahead of you - I haven't been able to help myself, Em. I'm masturbating as you tell me your dream.”

“Ahhhh Robbie me too! OK, so here we go..... I had you in my hands, rubbing and marveling at all of you. And then I gave you that look, wanting and very clear, that it was time and I was yours. I guided you into me, into my little pink hole, as you pressed your hips forward to take me.”

“Oh, yeah - I feel it so hot, so tight so wet!” I groaned into the phone.

“Inch by inch you entered me, ohhhh yesssss!!! A little more and more still, until you were inside my body, which was welcoming you in.”

“Oh, Emmyyyyyyyy.”

“I was so tight, warm, wet, and loving, with my smooth legs wrapped around your waist, willing you to take me higher and deeper. My fingers were digging into your strapping back while I was groaning and sighing, ‘Robbieeeeeeeeeeee, Robbieeeeeeeeeeeee!’”

I pleaded, “Please tell me in your dream we're making love and not just having sex! It's been SO long since I've made love!”

“Lover, we were doing both!! It was love and lust and sex and need and passion, all wrapped into one. And we were as one on that table, rocking back and forth.”

“I feel it, I really do, Emmmmm.”

“I do too Robbie, sooo, so much. And can I tell you one more thing?”

“Anything, Emmy, anything at all.”

“In my dream we were collapsing and climaxing together, but then I woke up, with my fingers in my pajama bottoms, and my hand flooded with cream. Robbie, you gave me pleasure even when I was sleeping!!”

“Em, you've got no idea how much I want you - and not just as a conquest of some kind - I want you in my life, I know it's terrible for me to think this way, but I have a feeling if the circumstances were different, we could fall madly, hopelessly in love.”

“I so agree Robbie.... just hearing your voice, the sounds of you sighing, and the feelings of your heart. My body has such a reaction to you, a sensation which I haven’t felt in ages.”

I had to find out if she was aware of my body’s reaction to her kisses last night, “You had to have noticed that you made my body react to you last night, too!”

“Yes I sure did. And Robbie??”

“Yeah, Emmy?”

She moaned, “I need you now babyyyy... I need to cum for you! Will you please give into me now?? Let me feel you inside of me, pressed close against me, your lips on mine, my breasts against your chest hair, tickling and aching, my hips grinding on you....”

I said, “Yes PLEASE! I'm almost there myself!”

“Me too Robbie oh how I need you.” She moaned, “ A little more babyyyy nowwwww ahhhhhh!!!!!”

“Yeah, yeah - oh, God, Emmy I want you so bad!” I groaned as the world disappeared until all that existed was Emmy and me and I was rapidly approaching the point of no return.

“Oh I can hear you rubbing yourself! Ohhh Robbie, babyyyy, I can’t hold out!! Please, please!!! You’re breathing into my ear oooooooo.”

With a groan, I said, “That's it baby, I'm coming!

“Robbie!!!!!!! Oh god, oh god ROBBIEEEEEEEEE!!!! I feel you within me!!! YES!!!!!”

The realization that we just shared a mutual orgasm over the phone and sounds we were both making as our bliss waned, we both listened to each other’s breathing slowly return to normal. My heart was still pounding in my chest and I knew the experience we just shared was so much more than simple phone sex, it was much, much deeper.

I said, “Oh, Em - that was incredible!”

“Ooooooo Robbie I can’t catch my breath! You were right here!! How did you do that??? I....I..... oh wow!”

I offered my perspective, “I think our souls are connected somehow. I've been with a fair number of women, and I thought I'd been in love, but I've never felt the electricity, the connection we share.”

Em seemed to understand, “We are sooo connected aren’t we? I mean.... I could feel you!! REALLY feel you! I never knew that life could be like this, with a unity and such passion.”

“I can't relate any dreams to you like you just did, but honestly, I have been fantasizing about you - and they are nearly as vivid as your dream.”

She giggled as she replied, “I am beyond flattered Robbie. I feel like a complete woman with you and whenever you are around me. I love who I am when I am with you.”

“I'm sure that I am writing checks my body can't cash but in my fantasies we make love all night long until we collapse into a hot sweaty single mass of flesh!”

“Ooooo Robbie!!!! I didn’t know you had it in you!”

“You can't imagine how much I wish we could really be together.”

She shocked me when she suggested, “Well, maybe we should have a date??? If it’s like this in dreams and over the phone, I can only imagine, mmmm.....”

“I couldn’t agree with you more. Why don’t I call you tomorrow and we can set up a time? I would die if I needed to wait until next Tuesday to be near you.”

“I already can’t wait! Thank you for listening to me and giving me such acceptance and pleasure. I am going to say goodbye for now, since hubby might be home soon. But when I head to bed later, I am fully ready to be visited by you!!!”

“MMMmmmm, maybe tonight we can dream about each other then.”

“I know I will. Sweet dreams Robbie.”

“Bye my sweet and sultry Emmy.”

I found myself incredibly satisfied, yet longing for more at the same time. As I cleaned up after myself, I wondered if Emily had any idea how deep my feelings were for her. As I told her, she was the first girl in my life I ever felt this kind of connection with. As for myself, I couldn’t think of anything that would make me happier than the opportunity to grow old with her. Thinking about her was ultimately a mistake though, I found myself becoming aroused again the longer I thought about her. I decided I had to get my mind off the idea of a relationship and instead, look forward to speaking on the phone again with her tomorrow.

I thought about calling Pam to tell her that Em and I had phone sex, but I felt almost as though it was something that was best kept private. It was after all a very personal, private moment and I felt it might be embarrassing to reveal I engaged in phone sex. It was now going on eight o’clock and I got myself a soda, fixed a big bowl of popcorn and settled in front of the big flat-screen TV in my living room to find a movie or something hoping to pass time a little faster. I wished it was bedtime now! I was so anxious to go to bed hoping I might have a dream I could relate to Em tomorrow when we got to talk. It made me sad that for now our time together was limited to stolen moments following our cooking class and an occasion phone call. She did however give me some hope that she might be willing to have a ‘date’, whatever that meant.

I thought about that for a moment and how much I wished I could turn it into a real date experience. I had the idea of being the perfect gentleman, picking her up at her house with flowers, her dressed to the nines, me in one of my best suits and driving to Melanie’s on the Water for one her fabulous meals, then perhaps following that, going to the nightclub at either The Four Seasons or maybe the one at the Sheraton for some dancing as romantic as the meal at Melanie’s, followed up with spending the entire night in each other’s arms, making love until we were too exhausted to go on, finally falling asleep a single mass of flesh. Then I thought about Melanie, wondered what she would think about us, the direction our relationship has suddenly seemed to take, and had a feeling she would not be the least bit surprised.

I went through the guide channel finally settling on a romantic comedy. By the time it had ended at10:30, I not only forgot the title, but most of the plot line, as well. I remember it had something to do with a marriage continually being postponed and laughing through several passages, I remember the main characters were played by that Marshall guy from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and an actress I was familiar with from a few movies but couldn’t recall either of their real names.

I watched a few minutes of the news as I got ready for bed, then climbed between the covers and quickly fell asleep. I woke up feeling great, having had a dream that included my beautiful Emmy. It wasn’t the erotic, tour de force, sexually charged dream like Emmy told me she had, but rather a more prosaic dream of us involved in the day to day experiences a couple living together might enjoy. I thought, “Did I just have a dream about being married to Emmy?”

Whether it was that or simply the two of us involved in a ‘living together’ relationship, I found myself going through the rest of my morning routine with anew-foundattitude of contentment and I hoped that if I could find the courage to relate the dream to Emmy, she felt good about it as well. I decided I had to talk with Pam after all, I just couldn’t tell her about the phone call – at least not about the phone sex. I would be too embarrassed to tell her we got so worked up that we ended up masturbating as we spoke.

I called Pam’s number and she answered on the second or third ring, “Hi, Robbie.” She giggled a bit and went on, “How’s the love life?”

“I’m definitely falling in love and I’m more certain than ever that she’s feeling something too. We had a great conversation on the phone last night, she even suggested that we might try to figure out a way to go on a real date! I was going to ask if you wanted to come by today – maybe have some lunch and a nice talk?”

“I’m sorry, Robbie. My cousin invited me to meet her at the River City Grille for lunch today. We haven’t hung out in almost a year and I don’t want to blow her off.”

“That’s no problem then, you know how I feel about the importance of family! Why don’t you call or stop by after you’re done?”

“OK, it sounds important, so depending on when we’re done, I’ll do one or the other for certain.”

We hung up and I decided to hop on my bicycle and go for a nice long ride. I figured the exercise would be good for me both physically and mentally. Our town had recently bought up old, unused railroad right-of-ways and turned them into bike trails in a program called ‘rails to trails’. I had a favorite path that took about two hours of vigorous riding by mountain bike. I changed into appropriate clothes, filled my water bottle and hopped on the Yeti mountain bike I treated myself to with last years company bonus, lowered the garage door and headed out.

As usual, as my ride ended, I took my exhausted, sweaty body home and was just getting ready for a shower when my cell phone began to ring.

I picked it up and said, “ Hello?”

“Hi Robbie, it’s Emmy, how are you?”

“I'm so happy it's you. I'm good and you?”

“I’m good too, I admit. I, I, I loved our talk last night.”

“So did I. I finally had a dream that you were the star of. I only wish it were more like your dream.” I giggled a bit recalling the naughty nature of our previous call.

I had to laugh back. “Oh really?So you were alright with me sharing mine?”

“ABSOLUTELY! I had a great time talking with you yesterday. I haven't done anything like that in years, Em.”

“Well I can tell you that I have NEVER done that!! My head is still swirling from it.”

“And it made me feel so good; I'm so happy we got to share that.”

“I soooo agree!! It was magical and fulfilling and amazingly real to me. How, I can’t quite describe or explain it.”

“It couldn't have been any more real unless we were together.”

“No kidding!!!! So.... tell me about YOUR dream!!” I couldn’t wait any longer to hear what had been in his mind while he was sleeping.

I said, “Well, the disappointing part was it was just mundane activities. The thrilling part was, it seemed as though we were a real couple, doing things around the house together. I wish I could have dreamed we were in bed, though.”

I was very touched. “That is so sweet though and you know what? I had the same kind of dream!”

“What? Really?”

“We were just doing everyday stuff but... we were having such fun doing it you know?” My mind could see every part of the dream like they were scenes from a romance movie.

“Maybe it’s a sign! That sounds like my dream.”

She agreed. “Hmm Hmm. You really cared and were attentive and loving and kind like you truly are in real life. It felt like we were in an older part of our relationship because we owned a dog!!”

“Really?I love dogs. When I was a little boy, my parents raised St. Bernards.”

My heart was warming even more. “Oh I love those!!! Our dog was something like that. He was HUGE and fuzzy with black, brown and white fur.”

“Nice! The only reason I don't have one now is because I live alone. I'd love to get another big dog!”

“Me too. I’ve never had one.” She continued, “In my dream our dog was tugging like crazy and you needed to help me when we walked him. At one point you had to grab me by the waist to keep me from tripping.” Then she paused a moment. “I liked feeling your hands on me again.”

"I can see that. Em, you don't know how hard it is keeping myself from wanting to touch you when we're together! I want to hold hands with you, our fingers interlaced. I want to walk with you, arm in arm. I want to gently caress your beautiful face with the back of my fingers."

“Robbie, can I be forward with you?”

“You can say anything you like.”

In a very clear tone she said, “I’m just going to come right out and say it: I need to see you for real, very soon!”

“Nothing would make me happier!”

She asked,“Then shall we have our first date?”

“I'd love to! I wish I could take you to Melanie's, but that might not be a very good idea. Where could I take you out for a nice dinner and maybe some dancing afterwards - someplace safe for you?”

“Mmmmmm, we need to think of somewhere nice that is a little out of town, where we can be alone and relax. Do you have any ideas?”

Rob replied, “You probably have a better idea of places you'd be less likely to be recognized. I hope I get to take you somewhere in a nice dress with me in a suit, though.”

“You are so adorable! Why don’t we go to The White Garden, which is 20 minutes away. Have you heard of it? I was there one time for a girl’s night out.”

“I've never been there but I've heard good things. Would you be up for some dancing afterwards?Do you know if they've got music?” Then I told her, “I want to hold you close and sway to music with you.”

“Wow I yearn for that Robbie. Yes, there is a lovely terrace where the live band plays. We can sit under the old magnolia trees and smell the gardenia and jasmine blossoms, just getting to know one another.”

“An d after we finish our classes, I'd love to invite you to my house and fix one of my new seafood specialties, provided you're comfortable doing that, of course.”

“Of course I am! I always wondered how you live, even from our first night I’ve thought about it. Actually, I am very curious about everything in your life. I want to know anything and everything about you.”

I said,“That makes me happy. I want you to know that I'll never violate your wishes if we do spend time together! I want you to realize you can have 100%trust in me.”

“You know what? I already do... and the more time I spend with you, the more I trust you and am fascinated with you and wish to be next to you. That is why this date is just what we need right now!”

“I can't wait to spend time with you. You know, I want to know everything about you too, Emmy, but I want to make you comfortable enough to tell me rather than making me ask. I don't want to pry into areas I'm not welcome.”

“At this point Robbie, you are welcome most everywhere.” She laughed a bit before going on,

“So when are you available tomorrow?”

“I've made no plans all day long. If nothing else comes up, I might go for another bike ride in the morning. I went on one of the ‘rails to trails’ bicycle courses this morning. I just got back and was thinking about getting into the shower when you called.”

“So maybe we can meet for dinner then. I was just about to head into the shower too.... oh my mind is wandering now, I cannot lie.”

“Too bad that we can't take one together. You know, save a little water!”

“Oh is THAT what we’re calling it now? Water conservation?” I heard more laughter and it made me glad that I was making her comfortable enough to share such thoughts.

I replied, “Only in public. I have entirely different motives for wanting to get you in a hot steamy shower!”

“I like how your mind thinks!!! So what are you planning on doing in there all by yourself?”

“Well, up until I met you, showers were solely for cleaning but you've planted a lot of new ideas in my head!”

“I’m glad to hear it!!! Then she confessed, “And because of you, I might reacquaint myself with old mister shower head.”

“Oh, Emmy, I want to be with you so badly! How I ache for you.”

“Robbie I do too, so very badly! Why don’t we go take our showers and pretend that we are saving all that water together? And then we can share our experiences again when we talk next time.”

“I'd love that! I wish my cell phone was waterproof.”

“No doubt!!! But I also like the mystery....not knowing everything yet and yearning to find out and explore all of you. Oh Robbie I have to get in that shower NOW!!!! I am starting to get all jittery and needy like I did yesterday.”

“I'm ready too! I hope I get to take a real shower with you some day, Em.”

Following a long sigh, she said,“I have no doubt that we will soon babe, real soon. And I will get back to you as soon as possible about tomorrow, alright? I’ll see about reservations.”

“Alright, Em. You've got no idea how happy you make me!”

“I think that I might have a clue! Have an, uhmmmm, productive shower!”

“I'm sure I will! And I bet it's a lot easier to clean up than my desk chair was yesterday!

In a rather sultry tone, she said, “Oh myyyyyy... I can relate; you’ve ruined a few of my panties and pajama bottoms mister!!”

“I'd be happy to take you shopping for more one of these days. It’ll be my treat!”

“Now THAT’S a date! Maybe it’ll be our second one. Bye for now Robbie.”

“Bye, Emmy. Thanks again... for everything.”

“You are so very welcome.... talk soon! Bye!”

Meanwhile, across town at the River City Grille I t had been ages since Pam hooked up with her cousin for lunch, dinner or drinks and she missed Jenn terribly. So Pam readily accepted an invitation to join her for lunch Saturday afternoon at the River City Grille. Two o’clockrolled around and Jenn walked in the front door and noticed Pam occupying a booth already. Pam got up as Jenn approached and they shared a nice hug and kiss on the cheek. They were both speaking a mile a minute and finally they slowed down long enough to catch up on their lives and everything that had been happening over the past year.

It wasn’t long before the women began to engage in some girl talk, just dishing the dirt about their own lives and a little gossip here and there. Pam said, “I have to tell you about my friend. I don’t know if he’s getting into trouble or out of it. He’s been looking for his Miss Right for ages and he finally met a girl he’s fallen head over heels in love with, but she’s married.

Jenn was so happy to be spending time with her favorite cousin, she wasn’t even thinking about her own friend Emily and how her story fit Pam’s like a glove. Pam went on, “So far he’s maintained enough will power to refrain from pressing her for sex, but I know he wants her more than he’s ever wanted any other girl and if he’s being honest with me, I have a feeling it wouldn’t take much for them to end up naked and sweaty together.”

Jenn said, “That’s weird, I’ve got a friend who has been in a loveless marriage for ages. I finally talked her into getting out a bit more and socializing with other people and meet new friends. She ended up taking this cooking class and is falling in love with the guy they chose to be her partner. Jenn saw Pam’s eyes open wider and wide with astonishment over the similarities of their stories. She continued, “They’ve been kissing and… Hey wait! Your friend’s name isn’t Robbie, is it?”

Pam said, “Oh, my God. Your friend’s name is Emily, isn’t it? This is an amazing coincidence.”

Jenn said, “I can’t wait to tell Emmy about this.”

In a rather conniving tone, Pam said, “Orrr…. How about this idea instead? I bet I could talk Rob into inviting me and a couple friends over to his house for lunch one of these days. I’ll tell him I want to bring a couple ‘pool challenged, bikini clad girlfriends’ over, hang around his pool and get him to fix burgers on the grill for everyone. I’ll tell him I’ll bring the hot girls and we’ll each bring a side dish if he provides the burgers. He won’t be able to resist!”

Jenn said, “This is going to be fun! I’ll tell Emmy that my cousin invited me to a pool party at a friend’s house and wanted me to bring my bestie along so there will be an even number of us. I’ll even tell her it’s kind of a potluck thing, we’ll each bring a dish of some kind with us, how about Cole slaw and potato salad for us? Boy, will she be shocked! Does Robbie have a nice place? What kind of pool does he have? I’m not sure Emmy will get in a bikini at a stranger’s house.”

Pam said, “Robbie’s house is fabulous, he bought it about a year ago to attract his Miss Right, but hasn’t found her yet. He has a big in-ground pool that has one of those screen cages over it that keeps leaves and pests out and provides lots of privacy. Tell Emmy it’s my best friendBobbie, that should throw her off track far enough, she couldn’t possibly guess the world is this small! So, as far as she’s concerned, we’re just four girls having an afternoon away from it all, right?”

Jenn agreed and offered, “I hope we can pull this off. It will be so much fun and it seems like they really are meant for each other! Is he really as much of a gentleman as Emily says?”

“Robbie is the kind of guy every Mom wants for her daughter,” Pam offered. “He’s gallant, gentle, kind, generous, honest, smart and I don’t mind telling you he is a wonderful lover. He’s the kind of guy who always puts the woman first and makes sure she’s satisfied before addressing his own. Even now that we no longer have sex, he still acts like a gentleman around me more than any other guy; I stopped by the other night because he wanted to talk about Emily. I offered to spend the night with him and he declined, then when I left, he still walked me out to my car and helped me with my door.”

“So you’ve slept with him?”

“Actually a lot when we first started dating, then once we decided we weren’t what each other was looking for, we started just having purely recreational sex to satisfy our needs when we became horny or whatever. Then just to show you what kind of guy he is, he quit having sex with me when he resumed looking for Miss Right, saying it wasn’t fair to ‘her’ that he was having recreational sex on the side while trying to find his soul mate.”

Jenn said, “Well, it certainly sounds like Emmy deserves a guy more like Robbie than the one she’s married too. The whole time they were dating, he couldn’t do enough for her. He always helped her with her door, her chair, her coat but the moment they got back from their honeymoon, it was like they became roommates. I don’t think they even have sex anymore. Now that I’ve learned a little more about what kind of guy he is and know he’s a good friend of yours, I might actually tell her I think she should go ahead and be intimate with him. It would do her a world of good!”

Meanwhile, back at my house, I went ahead and got in the shower and for the time being, closed my eyes as I lathered myself up and fantasized about Emmy. I was hard almost instantly and dangerously close to finishing myself off as I stroked myself with Emmy’s image playing over and over in my mind. I tried to imagine myself slowly removing Emmy’s clothes a bit at a time gradually exposing more and more of her body. I had a good idea about her boobs and nipples from our kisses Thursday night, so they were easy to imagine. I knew she had a slender belly – I kept pulling her closer and closer and I was amazed how close she got before I actually felt her tummy against mine. All I know was that I wanted our bodies to become one. I ended up coming against the shower wall with images of Emmy floating through my mind. As soon as I recovered, I sprayed the mess off the wall and finished my shower.

As I redressed, I was thinking about the proposed ‘date’. I didn’t know what Emmy’s idea of a date was, but with the phone sex and kissing we shared, I prayed I might be able to make it a bit further than a couple passionate kisses. As much as I hoped I might get the chance to make love with her, I had no right to expect it and I was so afraid of scaring her off, there was no way I was going to make any first moves unless I received a very unambiguous signal from her and I would be more than satisfied just spending quality time with her and making out like we did Thursday evening.

I went into my kitchen and fixed myself some dinner, took my time eating and cleaning up after myself. I received an ‘incoming text alert’ sound on my cell phone. I went ahead and opened it when I saw it was from Emmy. She wrote, ‘I’ve been trying to find a moment to call you, but my hubby is leaving for a business trip and is busy packing for it. I did manage to call for reservations at the White Garden for tomorrow at Eight PM . Jenn wants me to hang out with her tomorrow during the daytime for a while. I’m sure I’ll get a couple opportunities to talk with you during the day. I don’t want the neighbors to figure out what’s going on, could we meet at the cultural center around seven-thirty so we can ride together for our date? I can’t wait, Babe. Talk to you tomorrow. Em’ .

I got to thinking that it was unlikely that Emmy’s husband had business tomorrow. I wondered if he was going to be gone through Monday and what that might mean for the conclusion of our date. I wondered if there was any chance …. Oh, I didn’t even want to think about it out of fear it might jinx it.

I didn’t dare take a chance texting or calling Emmy. I decided that I would just relax for the next couple hours. I found a movie on TV I liked and just settled into it when my phone rang. Hoping it was Emmy I ran to get it off the counter and said, “Hello?”

“Hi, Sweetie,” Pam’s voice said.

“Hi, Pam. What’s up?”

She went on to tell me that she was interested in knowing if I’d be willing to host a lunch-time pool party tomorrow for her, her cousin and another friend. She told me she figured some kind of potluck lunch followed by her and her scantily clad friends ‘sunning their buns’ around my pool. I told her that I had plans for the evening but that she was more than welcome in my home and since I had no daytime plans I would be happy to provide the burger portion of the meal and soft drinks for the afternoon. I went on that she was welcome to keep the party going afterwards, but that I would have to excuse myself to start getting ready between six and seven. Pam thanked me and giggled a bit when she told me she was sure I’d enjoy having her friends visit.

After we hung up, I got to thinking I hope this wasn’t some kind of set up or something. I had made it clear that I wanted to pursue a relationship with Emmy seeing as how our connection seemed so strong and as though she had nearly given up on her marriage’s chances of survival.

Knowing I had some company expected tomorrow, and my penchant for being a good host, I decided to spend some time making my place presentable. I picked up the pool cage, made sure I had plenty of clean, folded towels in the storage room and then checked my kitchen for food and supplies for tomorrow. I decided instead of going on my bicycle in the morning, I’d hop on my motorcycle and run to the store to get fresh meat and hamburger rolls. I already had all the condiments I thought we might need.

It was bedtime by the time I was happy with all my preparations; so I went up to my room, got naked and climbed between the covers. As soon as I got up, I changed the sheets and pillowcases on my bed, just in case, picked up the bedroom and started a load of laundry before taking my shower. I got ready and hopped on my Harley for the quick ride to the store where I got a package of the store bakery’s ‘gourmet’ hamburger rolls and a few pounds of their butcher shop’s best ground beef.

When I got home, I changed into ‘pool party attire’ and went down to my kitchen. I made sure I had a good assortment of cold soda and made fresh pitchers of iced tea and lemonade. Pam stopped by about then and brought a bag of sweet-corn ears along with her. She said her two friends would be by shortly with their side dishes. She went to my room to change into a hot pink string bikini she knew was a favorite of mine with one of my old dress shirts, strategically tied off for a cover-up. I was already wearing my trunks and a baggie football jersey from my alma mater.

We walked into the kitchen and started peeling back the husks on the ears of corn so we could remove the silk, spray each uncovered ear with olive oil spray and add a bit of coarse sea-salt and fresh ground pepper before pulling the husk back over the ears in preparation for grilling them. While she worked on the last half-dozen ears of corn, I formed four nice size burger patties out of the lean ground beef I had picked up.

I said, “So who did you invite over today?”

“You’ve never met my cousin – it’s her and her best friend. Don’t worry, they are both very bikini worthy, fun girls. I’m sure you’ll enjoy having them around.”

“I’ve got to say, since I met Emily, I’m not really sure I’m interested in any other girls right now. In fact, that’s why I said we had to cut this party off around six or so, you’re welcome to stay and continue hosting your friends if you want, but Emmy has agreed to go out to dinner with me and maybe do some dancing or whatever afterwards. I hope your guests don’t mind.”

“It’s no problem, Rob. My cousin has something going on herself – I think she mentioned something about going home around six, too. This is just going to be three half-naked girls prancing around your pool cage for a few hours, sharing burgers, corn on the cob, some slaw and potato salad or something. I take it things are still good? You guys are overlooking the marriage issue now?”

“You know me Pam, I respect it when a girl says no, stop or don’t; I respect any boundaries or limitations they put up but so far she’s fine with things we’ve said or done. There’s been no sexual contact beyond the kisses and fully clothed, full frontal contact body hugs. There’s been no ass, groin or boob groping going on and honestly, I’m perfectly content with nothing more unless she initiates it, in which case, I don’t think I could resist her advances if she made them.”

“Well, everyone I’ve ever mentioned you to, has heard from me that you are a great guy who never fails to act like a gentleman and treats women, especially, with great respect – including my cousin! I think that’s what made her comfortable enough to stop by.”

I noticed Pam had a good handle on the corn so I went out to get the grill ready to fire up. I heard the doorbell ring and Pam yelled out to me that she would get it, so I continued working on the grill, not really paying attention yet to the guests Pam had invited into my home.

I heard them all approach then I heard the voice, “Hi, Robbie!”

I turned and standing there before me was Emmy! I put my tools down and ran to her, we hugged tightly and with Emmy’s legs bent at the knees we rotated once and kissed each other lightly on the lips as she lowered her legs to stand up again.

“What? Why? How did you get here? I’m so happy to see you and welcome to my house!”

“It’s actually a funny story. By the way, Robbie, this is my best friend Jenn.”

I extended my hand and we greeted each other. I looked at Pam and she sort of smiled and said, “Imagine my surprise when at lunch yesterday, she was telling me about her friend Emily while I was telling her about my friend Rob and we realized we were talking about you two guys. By the way, Emily, I’m Rob’s friend and Jenn’s Cousin, Pam. Rob was right you are a beautiful girl. I can see why he’s falling in love with you.”

Pam and Emmy shared a gentle hug and kiss on the cheek, then greeted each other. Pam told Emmy she couldn’t have ever met a nicer guy and Emmy replied that she was already certain of that.

Jenn said, “I think we’re a little over dressed, Emmy. Where can we change, Rob?”

Pam said, “I’ll show them where to go Rob.”

Emmy gave me another little kiss on the cheek then she and Jenn picked up their beach bags and followed Pam up the stairs to my room. I was suddenly happy that I put the extra effort into my housekeeping. I anxiously awaited their return and wasn’t disappointed at all when Jenn and Emmy came down the steps wearing tiny bikinis. Jenn in a rust colored bikini covering a body as nice as Pam’s and Emily wearing a bright yellow bikini that brought out the amber in her eyes and proved my assessment of her body, if anything, was inadequate.

I grilled the burgers and corn while the girls prepared the condiments and side dishes they brought then we sat down to eat. I remembered how a few days ago I had hoped I might be able to have lunch or something with her and now today, I found myself having a surprise (to say the least) lunch with the girl of my dreams looking forward to taking her out to a fancy dinner later tonight.

Following our lunch, Emmy and I got in the pool while Pam and Jenn sat at the patio table talking. We ended up in the shallow end of the pool at the opposite end of the pool cage where the patio table was. We played and splashed around a bit before things took on a more serious tone.

I waded over until I was facing Emmy just a foot or so apart and said, “ So Emmy, I was thinking about you as I took my shower yesterday. I was standing there under the spray with my eyes closed, picturing you in my mind as I lathered up and next thing you know, I was fully aroused.”

“Ohhh really??? W as I there in the shower with you, watching you or were you alone in your mind?”

“I slowly stoked myself as I pictured us under the water together. I so desperately wanted to feel your hands on me and wished you were there with me. I was calling your name as I became more and more turned on.”

“Oh Robbie, I am soooo very flattered!! You know I was thinking of you too, as I’m sure you’re aware.”

As time and our conversation continued, we gradually moved closer together, I said, “I imagined your naked body standing next to mine, I could make out your bare breasts, all wet and soapy as I held and rubbed them with my hands, your nipples growing hard at my touch.”

“Mmmm Robbie…. In my shower I was using my showerhead between my legs... letting the stream hit all my hot spots... think of you with your arms around me like when we were walking the dog.”

“I then imagined I was kissing your neck just below and behind your left ear. I only hope when I get that chance you respond the way you did as I imagined it - your head fell back and to the side allowing me to continue kissing the spot that seemed to make you swoon.”

“Oh, I would swoon... fall right into you for sure... my neck is my weak spot how did you know?”

“I imagined us holding our naked bodies tightly together, my erection plainly obvious between our soapy bodies. I don't know how I knew about your neck, but I find my gaze drawn there whenever I look at you - maybe it's part of our connection.”

“Oh it must be!!! Your warm breath across the back of my neck would wake up all my senses, sooo very fast! My nipples would stand on end and my skin would be fully alive and a deep warmth would begin to grow within me.”

“That's what I hope for, Em. I have this feeling that you and I together - it would be magical. I hope you know I'm not interested in having sex with you - If we ever end up naked together, I want to make love with you. There's a big difference in my mind!”

“Yes there sure is Robbie... like I said a little earlier... in my shower you were behind me with your arms wrapped protectively like a wonderful blanket and I felt so warm and loved and safe. Don’t get me wrong, it was sexual too.”

“I would love that so much!”

“But also a feeling of completeness, my body filled and completed by you. It was the best shower I’ve ever had,” she giggled with joy.

“When you are near me I feel like, well, like it's just right. It feels like that's the way it's supposed to be.”

“It so is and I’m thrilled that we get even more time together today than we had originally thought. What a gift this day is!!”

“Me too. I don’t want to have any false expectations, but I want to hold you, kiss you, feel your body held tight against mine, Em. I really hope we get to be together some time. I can't imagine making love with such a beautiful woman who I feel such a connection with.

“Well Robbie... why don’t you come a little closer then and give me another one of your marvelous kisses? I’ ve missed them already!!”

Now, just inches apart, I put me hands on Emmy’s waist, pulled her body tight up against mine and we shared what felt like our most passionate kiss so far. Instead of stopping after just a short time, it lingered on and on, both of us showing signs of arousal. The kiss grew even more passionate and Emmy reached down and caressed the bulge in my trunks.

I said, “Oh, God Em. No one has touched me like that in so long.”

As she continued rubbing the organ, detecting every nuance – the shape, the curve, the hardness and engorged veins, she quietly whispered into my ear, “Oh, Robbie. I love the effect I have on you.”

I lowered my hands so they were cupping her firm ass cheeks and tested the waters a bit by squeezing them. Sensing no resistance, perhaps even some encouragement, I attempted to lift her a little higher. She responded by wrapping her legs around my waist and wrapping her arms around my shoulders as we kissed again. Only the two thin layers of material separating us now. I now feel my erection nested between Emmy’s plump pussy lips and we begin moving almost as if I were inside her.

Emmy moaned and said, “I wish we were alone right now,” making us both realize that we had an audience, who more than likely were smart enough to figure out what was going on. A glance to the patio table, and the knowing look on Pam and Jenn’s faces, told us they knew exactly what was going on.

Emmy said, “Oh Robbie, I want you so bad but we have to stop this or were going to get caught!!!”

I let Emmy back onto her feet and she finally relaxes her grip around my shoulders and gives me another kiss before putting a little space between us.

She says, “My God, I can’t stay away from you ... its so difficult to leave us both hanging like this... but we have tonight right?”

“Oh, yes - I don't suppose there's any chance you'd want to come back to my place after our date is there?”

“Well I had already anticipated the chance of this... and since hubby is away, I would jump at the chance!!”

“So there's no chance you'd be missed or we might get caught or tattled on?”

“I don’t think so, but I want you so much, I’m willing to take that chance.”

We stood at a respectable distance as we talked a little longer. Em said, “I don’t want to prune up too much. I think I’m going to get out and work on my tan a bit!”

I said, “If you didn’t bring any, have Pam find you some sun-block. I love tanned bodies but the sun can be brutal out here with both the direct light and light reflected off the pool.” I looked down at my swim trunks and added, “I think I am going to have to swim some laps for a while before I get out, though. You’ve left me with a rather embarrassing condition I don’t want to get out of the pool with.”

Emmy looked down at my ‘situation’, seductively bit her bottom lip and said, “I certainly can’t do anything about it now, but I promise you I won’t leave you in that condition later, OK?”

I didn’t dare speak out loud, but I nodded in acknowledgment of the innuendo and watched her sexy butt as she held the railing while climbing up the steps out of the shallow end then as she walked toward where Pam and Jenn were sitting at the patio table. If anything, watching Emmy’s ass walking away exacerbated the condition instead of making it better, so I decided swimming lengths of the pool would take my mind off of sex and allow the ‘problem’ to dissipate. I swam roughly 200 yards or about 20 lengths before I was confident enough to get out of the pool. I draped a towel around my shoulders and still thought I felt as though all three girls were sneaking glances at my crotch through the glass table top as I sat there with them. It may have been an overactive imagination, but I felt it nonetheless.

Jenn said, “I love your home, Rob. How long have you lived here?”

“I bought it about a year ago, butwithout a soul mate within it, the place will never be a home, just a house. It’s obviously a lot bigger than I need, but hopefully, one of these days this place will transform from a house to a home and it will become a place to enjoy life instead of just a place to live. Plus it is still kind of bare and really needs a woman’s touch - wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Emmy!”

Jenn said, “It sounds like Rob is trying to recruit you to give him some help turning his house into a home, Emmy.”

Emmy said, “I think I could be convinced to add the woman’s touch to his house. I think I’d actually enjoy that!”

Recalling our earlier conversation, I said, “One thing it really needs is a big furry dog and someone to help me take it on walks!”

Emmy laughed at the reference and touched my arm in a way that made my spine tingle and gave me goose-bumps. I looked her in the eyes and for that split second, we were the only people in the world. Oh, how I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her passionately at that moment.

We talked a while longer and as it started getting close to six pm, Jenn said, “Well, it’s getting close to six – we should probably get going pretty soon, Em.”

Em said, “Yeah, I suppose so.”

We all got up from our seats and I gave Emmy a little kiss before all three girls headed up the stairs to my bedroom to change out of their bikinis. A few minutes later, I heard some giggling as the girls came back down the stairs dressed in their street clothes. Emmy and Pam seemed to be getting along really well and Emmy came up to be, wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a deep kiss.

She then whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait to come back here later tonight!”

“I’m looking forward to that myself, Emmy.”

Jenn gave me a very platonic hug and quietly said, “You and Emmy seem so good together. Pam assures me you are exactly the guy you seem to be. I’m really happy – for both of you.” She then backed away a bit and added, “Thanks for the invitation. I had a great time.”

I said, “You’ll have to come by again sometime and actually enjoy the pool!”

She said, “I’d like that.”

I got another quick kiss from Emmy as she said, “I’ll see YOU in about an hour and a half.”

I smiled and said, “I’ll call when I’m on the way to the Cultural Center.”

Pam came outside with us and I helped Emmy climb into the Jeep, got another little kiss and we waved as Jenn pulled away. Pam and I went back inside where she gathered her things and got ready to go.

She said, “So where are you going on this date?”

I said, “I’m taking her to dinner at the White Garden then plan on doing some dancing afterwards.”

“I really like her Rob. I hope things work out for you two. If Jenn has any influence on Emmy, that will work in your favor. She really likes you, too.” I suppose I should get going so you can get ready. Will you call me tomorrow and tell me how things go?”

“You know I will.”

Pam gave me a little hug and kiss then said, “I’ll talk to you later. Have fun!”

To be continued…