Lina's Lament Chapter One: Arrival

By Flikks

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Two young college students meet in their dorm, and find themselves in a tangled web of love and sex.
Lina dropped her bag and looked up at the massive building that dominated the campus before her. It was beautiful, a russet stone building that was in lovely contrast to the green foliage and greenery that encompassed the whole of the university lawns. St Bridges was one of the most prestigious schools in the country, and Lina knew exactly how lucky she was to be attending. Both she and her family would be feeling the pain of paying back university loans when this was all over.

She felt her mother's arms around her. Her skin was much more tanned than Lina's, but both tones were free of blemishes and had a slight splatter of freckles on their arms, shoulders and faces. Lina could feel her mother's perky A-cup breasts pressing against her back - something Lina also inherited. With a kiss on the cheek, Lina's mother spoke, slightly teary, yet joyful at the same time.

"We'll miss you, my little Lina. Stay out of trouble sweetheart. We love you."

"I love you too, mum. And I will, don't you worry." Lina looked over at her father and younger brother, who were standing awkwardly by the car next to the bags. She strode over to them, and gave her father a great hug.

"Love you daddy!"

Her father responded in his usual gruff demeanor. "Love ya too kid."

Though her father didn't say much, Lina knew her father loved her all the same. It was clear her whole family felt uncomfortable in this large city campus. They were all born-and-bred country.

"Stay away from them boys. Don' trust 'em," her father grunted.

Lina giggled. "Will do, daddy."

She looked over at her brother, who was fiddling on his phone while leaning against the car.

"See ya AJ," she bumped him with her hip, and he shot back with a short "See you later," and returned to his text. Lina rolled her eyes and grabbed her bags.

"Bye everyone! I love you!" Lina waved and stepped back as she watched her family pile into the car. She already missed them. Turning on her heel so her family wouldn't see her cry, she started towards the building.


"221...223...225.... Oh. Here we are. 227." The dean pointed to the yellow door and dropped Lina's suitcase on the floor. "I trust you have your key. Enjoy your stay here! If you need anything, just call. My room is right at the end of the hallway."

He stuck his hand out. "I'm Rodney, by the way. Like I said. If you need anything." Lina swore she saw his eyes trail down her body. Being polite, she pretended not to notice.

She took his hand and shook it. "Lina. Thanks so much."

He smiled and nodded, looked her over once more, and walked over to another freshman to introduce himself as the dean. As he left, Lina looked him over. Tall, sandy blonde hair, fairly muscular. His face was exceptionally handsome in a playful sort of way. He was a man looking for fun. She could feel her panties starting to dampen. Unlocking the door as quickly as she could, Lina grabbed her bags and shuffled into her dorm, looking around. It was empty. Perfect.

She was throbbing as she thought of Rodney and all the things she could do to him. She imagined herself against him, rubbing her breasts against his bare skin, grinding her naked, smooth vagina over his loins. Her pussy wet and throbbing, she thrust her hand into her pants, rubbing her mound. She moaned a little, and started rubbing harder and faster, trying to satisfy her wet needs. The fingers of her other hands found themselves under her tank top and in her bra, rubbing her breasts and tweaking her nipples. Lina moaned louder, her breaths getting shorter and faster. She pressed her clit in pleasure, dropping to her knees as they shook. Her whole body vibrated harshly with every tremour and she kept rubbing harder and faster until finally she exploded, letting out a loud, satisfied groan. Never had Lina masturbated that hard, or came that harshly. Lina lay there for a moment in paradise, until she heard a voice.

"Oh, jeez. Did I interrupt something?"