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Lina's Lament Chapter Two: An Unexpected Guest

Lina has just been caught masturbating by someone.
"Oh jeez. Did I interrupt something?"

Lina gasped. Oh shit. She was afraid to look up. She was already embarrassed... her shorts were past her knees and her shirt was rolled up under her neck, exposing her little breasts as she lay on her back, her hand still thrust down her underwear. She daren't move... perhaps if she didn't the intruder wouldn't notice her any further.

"Not going to move? Fine. Have it your way then." With that, the intruder stepped into the room, shut the door and walked around Lina's awkward body. Something landed on one of the beds with a muffled thud. "Are you getting up or not?"

Lina suddenly snapped back into consciousness and scrambled to readjust her clothing. She jumped up to her feet, only to be face to face with a gorgeous, slender woman. Her long, curly locks floated down to her back, dyed a fire truck red. She wore a blue camisole that showed a generous portion of her approximately C-cup breasts, tight white jeans and nude pumps. The woman was incredibly beautiful, even with the snarky look etched on her features.

"Sorry." Lina was beet-red.

"Whatever. Do what you want. Just don't bother me when I have people over. Or when I'm studying. Or smoking. Or on my period," she paused, thinking. "Just don't bother me. I want this side of the room." She pointed to the right, her bag on the mattress where she threw it before.

"I take it you're my new roommate then?"

"You got it." She started shuffling through her bags and pulled out a long purple device. "Here," she threw it at Lina. "Next time I suggest you lock the door. Unless you're into that sort of thing."

Lina looked at the device. It was a vibrator, rubbery and fleshlike. She had never used one before. Hell, she'd never even been with a man before...

"Wash it when you're finished." The woman strode to the single window in the middle of the room, opened it as high as it would go, leaned outside, and lit a cigarette. She looked over her shoulder and nodded at Lina. "Name's Georgia."




Lina woke with a start to the thud of the door opening and shutting again, heavy breathing, and the rustling of clothes. She checked her phone under the covers. 3:05 am. After 3 weeks of rooming together, she'd gotten used to Georgia stumbling in drunk or high, bringing in some guy to fuck. She shut her eyes and rolled over, trying to tune them out... But the rustling and heavy breathing made her think of Rodney, and she began to get very wet. Lina peeked over the covers, eyes adjusting to the darkness. She could see the outlines of two very fit people - the light from the city below shone into the windows, making it easier for Lina to watch.

Georgia was at her knees on the bed, strattling the man. She was naked except for her pumps, as always. She never took them off, even for sex. Slowly, she lowered herself close to the man's pelvis, lightly trailing her vagina against his skin. He groaned with longing. Lina could see his dick grow, and it sent shivers up her mound. Her fingers twitched. Georgia began rubbing her vagina up and down, from the man's pelvis to his navel and back. She moaned as she semi-tribbed against his flesh. Soon, she crept down to the end of the bed, face level with his dick. She gripped it in her sharp-nailed fingers, and swiftly licked up and down his shaft. Georgia continued with this until it became slick, and she then enveloped his tip with her mouth, sucking on it and twirling it between her lips and tongue. With every moan from the man, another pang came to Lina as she thought of Rodney. Her fingers crept to her underwear. Georgia now had his entire shaft in her mouth and down her throat, his strong hands clasped on her head, pushing it further and further down. He moaned and groaned, and with a final "I'm gonna come! I'm gonna---", there was a splurting sound that sent shivers down Lina's spine. Georgia spit into the garbage can by the bed. The man got up and grabbed Georgia from behind, throwing her on the bed. He mounted himself behind her, sticking two fingers up her pussy. Lina did the same. He fingerfucked Georgia for a good two minutes, until finally raising his hips and inserting his dick into Georgia's sopping mound. He began pumping and groaning. Lina became wetter and wetter, and suddenly fingering herself was simply not enough. She grabbed the untouched vibrator Georgia had given her out from under her pillow, licked her palm, and began sliding her hand up and down the rubber shaft, making it slick. She began to rub the length of the toy along her slit, biting her tongue so Georgia and the man wouldn't hear. Lina did, however, slide the toy to the rhythm of the pumps and the groans emitting from the couple. Georgia's "Oh, fuck!"s and "Oh God!"s were getting louder and faster, her breath getting heavier as he pumped harder. Lina imagined Rodney's penis sliding up and down her own wet pussy. Soon, Georgia and the man came, loudly and harshly.

Lina had yet to go. Her slides became faster and faster and it was getting harder and harder to keep silent. Tremours ran up and down her body as her legs shook. She went faster, rubbing her clit and finally came, biting her tongue until it bled. She lay there in silence, recovering from her "playdate". She listened to the sound of the man getting clothed and leaving, thanking Georgia for the "wonderful evening". Georgia sounded very bored with her response.

The man left, and Georgia was still naked under the covers.

"You liked that toy, huh?" 

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