MBF 24 - A Surprise Gift Pt. 1.5

By Lightning454

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Jay talks about Jeanette
How long have I been here? Has it been an hour? Or has it been hours?

I didn’t have my watch on and Jenna, Jeanette’s sister, has been interviewing me on a surprise gift from Amanda and Jeanette. So far we have talked about how our relationship first started. How I felt for each girl, even though I kept some truths to myself. We have talked about my sex life and retelling stories from my point of view. The last couple of stories I have retold has been about Amanda, the love of my life.

I wondered if we going to continue tellings stories and if so were they going to be centered around the girl I love. If so, that would be fine with me.

Jenna spoke, “Let’s see the next video.”

The TV turned on and I instantly saw Jeanette. Guess that answers my question.

A voice came from the TV, obviously Jenna’s, “What’s the most interesting sex you’ve had with Jay?”

I saw Jeanette think for a moment and then spoke after she found the one she was looking for, “The most interesting time was when I was spending the night while Jay was out working out with his football buddies.

I was with his cousin, Moira, eating her out and having some fun with her until Jay had came back from the gym. Once Jay came back, by this time I was extremely horny, I had him tie me down.”

Jenna spoke, “Ok that’s enough.”

The TV powered down and the camera light blarred back on.

Jenna spoke, “Let’s hear your side of that story?”

I didn’t know that Jeanette had played with Moira. Well at least that explains why Moira had bolted so quickly to whatever that guy is to her. I guess playing with my cousin doesn’t really constitute as her cheating. Nor did she try to add Moira to the mix so I guess that’s ok.

“Well when I got home I immediately took a shower because I had sweated up a storm from working out. As soon as I got out of the shower Jeanette stood there stark naked and looked like she had already been sweating.

At the time I thought she had been playing with herself or something like that. I didn’t know she had been playing with my cousin.

Anyways, she stood there with some bondage tape in her hand asking if I was ready for round two.”

Jenna interrupted me, “Round two?”

I sighed, “Yeah before I had left to work out I had sex with Jeanette and Amanda both. Before I could finish both my cell phone and Amanda’s cell phone went off.

My call was from Hank telling me to meet him at the gym. And Amanda’s call was from her parents telling her to come home to have family night. So naturally we had to stop having sex. I took Amanda home then met up with Hank at the gym.”

Jenna spoke, “Ok. Go on.”

“Well there I stood still dripping from my shower and Jeanette standing there with her bondage tape. So I took her to the bed and taped her wrists to her ankles like she had wanted forcing her to be in the doggy position. I slowly entered her noticing that she was sopping wet.”

Jenna spoke, “And then what happened?”

I smiled, “I pounded her for a good while until we both laid on the floor trying to catch our breath.”

Jenna spoke, “Is this the only time you’ve tied up Jeanette?”

I shrugged, “Not really. Jeanette likes being tied up. Sometimes Jeanette is taped up like what I described. Sometimes she’s handing underneath the stairs. Sometimes she’s tied on her back to the bed. Hell sometimes Amanda is tied up as well in these variations. Even a couple of times they’ve tied themselves together.”

Jenna spoke, “Alright is there any other times you want to talk about that were memorable with Jeanette?”

I thought about my answer for a moment, “Not really. I mean Jeanette can’t squirt like Amanda. For the most when I have sex with Jeanette it’s usually just normal sex or her being tied up and us fucking. So nothing really sticks out in my mind with Jeanette that has been out of the ordinary.”


Jenna smiled, “Ok. We’ve gone through enough stories about both girls. From what I hear from both girls is that you are well equipped.”

I felt myself beginning to get embarrassed. I somehow found my voice, “I wouldn’t exactly say I’m well equipped.”

Jenna laughed, “That’s not what the girls tell me. They tell me that you could put quite a few of the male performers a run for their money.”

I adjusted the collar on my shirt, “I’m not too sure about that/”

I watched Jenna smile, “Well the girls have something else in store for you as part of this video. But that will have to wait until Amanda gets back.”

With that Jenna stood up. The camera shut off and the lights turned on.

I spoke, “What do you mean?”

Jenna smiled at me, “From what I know is that their game isn’t over. As to what exactly I’m unsure. In the mean time go out there and watch what’s going on if you want.”

I wondered what it could be. Maybe if I pump Jeanette I can get some answers or at least get a hint as to what they have in store for me.

I turned around and was about to exit the when I heard Jenna speak, “Good luck at states. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do.”

I said my thank you and walked out of the room.

I thought about what was going on. What other surprises did those two have in store for me? Could I pump Jeanette for information? If I couldn’t I knew I could tease Amanda into telling me. Too many questions flooded my mind to speculate as to what those two have in store for me to even guess as to what it might be.