Me And My Landlord

By challengeme

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Hey guys this is just the intro to my story comment if you want anymore
So, to fill you in on the details. I have a shit job that doesn't pay my rent, which sucks cos I have an incredibly Sexy and drool worthy asshole of a landlord. He's a pervert and he's cruel. Despite his wife and 2 year old daughter. He's the type who goggles my tight sweet ass and bursting 36Ds. Which I make sure are wrapped up tightly in way too revealing skirts and shirts. So when rent doesn't pay off for theeighthtime guess who comes knocking on my door.

"Dina, I've had enough. You never pay rent so you're out!" He banged and banged on my door as I squeezed into a mini skirt and a thintank top. I'd just got out the shower so I didn't think about and panties or a bra.

I opened the door and Alex helped himself into a chair and gave me his "I'm the strict landlord" look. After half an hour of begging and getting nowhere. I was desperate. I needed this apartment. That was for sure.

"Look, I'll do whatever you want just let me stay. I'll try and get your money. Please."

Annoyingly enough he wasn't concentrating on me, just my hardening nipples in my now see through shirt. thank you wet hair. As I said I have a very fine body, being 19 and athletic did help alot. so if begging won't help me maybesomethingelse will. I sat a little closer not too close for him to notice but enough to do what I wanted. I rested my hand on his arm to draw hisattentionto me.

"Please. Anything." I'd dropped my voice to a whisper right next to his ear.

And suddenly his mouth was crushed on mine. I kissed him back harder as he ran his well experienced fingers over my body. He pulled me into his lap so I straddled him and he pulled me closer to him. I opened my mouth more to let him in and he slide his tongue down my throat. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his hand slid up to my breast, he mauled it for a moment before breaking the kiss. He looked at me and chuckled as I began to blush. His lips locked around my neck and ran kisses along my shoulder. I pulled my tank top off and pulled back letting him take in the wonderful view.

He grinned at the bouncing juicybeauties before latching onto the one. I writhed on top of him as he bit and sucked at me.I moaned as my pussy dripped. He groaned into my breast and his bulge grew. even through the denim fabric I could feel what I guessed was an 8inchescock. He lifted us up and I locked my legs around him. He pushed me onto the bed, all his weight resting comfortably ontop of me. He unlatched his head of my boob for a second to give me a kiss. This time it was slower and sweeter than the hungry ones before.

"You do realise what this means?" He asked me as our lips parted. I stopped my panting breath and broke from the happy daze.


"Your mine now. Whenever I want you. I call, you're there." I thought for a moment, all in all it seemed like a win-win situation, I get to stay here for free, and since I'm going through a dry spell in my sex life I'm going to get nice and soaking wet. So I have no regret for what I did next. I smiled and began to nod.

"That sounds fine by me." And he kissed me again. After that it was nothing but a night of pure and utter bliss.