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Meagan's Journey Into Business - The Interview

Meagan's Journey Into Business - The Interview

This is Meagan’s story of adventure into being stripped, fucked and beyond.

Meagan was a brand-new graduate from business school. She struck out to find a job to put her new degree to work in the real world. She went to job interview after interview and was always offered jobs that weren’t too far from being a glorified secretary. She always said, “Thank you”, but in the end firmly said, “No thank you!” She was living on the last of her savings during the job hunt and was quickly reaching the end of her funds. She knew she might eventually have to take one of those jobs even though she knew it would eat at her.

While making her daily journey into the help wanted ads and online job postings she came across an ad that intrigued her. It read,

‘Looking for an executive assistant. Would prefer a recent college graduate with a business-related background. The applicant must be willing to work all hours of the day, including weekends. Applicant should also be available for domestic and foreign travel on short notice for business. The applicant will be working closely with one of the partners of the company and will be expected to act in a manner befitting this position at all times. Pay and benefits will be discussed at interview.’

The ad went on to list contact information for posting a resume and a photo that was requested to be sent along with resume.

After finishing reading the ad Meagan decided this might be worth looking into, so she sat down and emailed her resume and a photo of her to the address provided. After that, all there was to do was wait. Nothing else had jumped off the page or screen at her, so now she was just in the wait and see mode that she hated so much.

A few days had gone by before she heard back about the executive assistant job. A lady by the name of Gladys contacted her on Thursday. Gladys explained how the interview would be handled. Meagan was instructed to come dressed as if she was coming to work for the day. For Meagan, this meant business attire. The interview was set for 10 am the next day at an office building downtown. Gladys told her a car would pick her up an hour before the appointment. Meagan was shocked at this revelation but said, “She would be ready.”

~~~ Interview Day ~~~

Meagan got up at 6 am not wanting to rush getting ready for her interview. She couldn’t say why, but every time she thought about it, she got a tingle. She would’ve never had thought they would send a car for her, for sure nobody else had. Most had barely had the courtesy to offer her a bottle of water. Shaking herself out of thinking about it, she went to get ready for her interview.

Walking into her bathroom she stood in front of her mirror appraising herself as she did most mornings. She was wearing a little grey spaghetti strap nightgown that hit her just about mid-thigh. It was light enough in color that her black bikini panties were just visible. She studied herself and slowly took in each part of her body, hair a bit long, face a little tired, breasts, not large, but very firm, tummy, taught and flat, hips were just right, if not a bit wide. Then she got to her legs, she loved her legs and always felt they were one of her best assets. At 5’ 10” tall, she had a lot of leg to like. Like the rest of her body, they were well toned from running miles every day. Overall, she was pleased with what she saw.

Stepping back from the mirror, she slipped the straps of her nightgown off her shoulders and let it slide down her body to the floor. Hooking her thumbs in the waist of her panties, she gave them a little push and they quickly followed her nightgown to the floor. She reached in and turned on the shower. As soon as the water got warm she jumped in. This warmed her body up nicely.

As she showered and washed her hair, she kept trying to focus on what the interview would be like. She couldn’t decide if her attire should reflect the ‘manner befitting the position’ or a sexier look reflecting ‘working closely with one of the partners’?  After much deliberation, she finally decided to combine the two; sexy on the inside, conservative on the outside.  Finishing her shower, she went in search of just the right outfit.  Rummaging through her closet Megan looked longingly at one of her favorite outfits; a red skirt with a white top but it was more party wear than office wear so she moved on.  At the end of her search, she found just the right outfit.

It was her “go to” executive interview outfit.  A dark grey pencil skirt that showed off her long legs and toned body with a matching jacket and under the jacket she would wear a black camisole.  ‘Now,’ Megan thought ‘the sexy part.’  Digging through her underwear drawer she disregarded the sensible panties and bras and went with something a bit more daring -- a light purple lacey bikini panty and matching lacy bra.  The bra was enough to hold her pert 34 C breasts but gave her a bit of cleavage under the camisole.  It gave the outfit just the right amount of sex appeal without being inappropriate.

Megan hated wearing pantyhose, and wearing a garter belt was uncomfortable, at least to her.  This left her favorite option – thigh highs in a natural color today. She then selected a pair of three-inch peep-toed black heels.  Now that she had her outfit laid out, she put on her panties and bra and went to finish her makeup and hair.

After finishing her makeup and hair, she put on her stockings. Sitting down on the bed, she pulled her left leg up and slid a stocking on over her foot and then up her leg. She repeated this with the right leg before standing up and pulling the stockings the rest of the way up her legs. She pulled them up until they were smooth over her legs and snug around her thighs, loving the way they feel. Once that was done she finished getting dressed, finally sliding her feet into her heels as the finishing touch.

The rest of the morning went quickly as she finished preparing for her interview. Before she knew it, she was walking down the steps from her third-floor apartment to the ground floor. As reached the first floor, she could see out onto the street and there sat a black town car. Since you never saw them in this neighborhood, she assumed that was her ride. She strolled for the front door and just as she exited the building a black-suited driver got out and came around to open the door for her. She slid in saying, “Thank you” to the driver. He got back in and off they went.

The car took her to an older section of the city that was slowly being revitalized by businesses and developers. It pulled up in front of a five-story building that you could see had been recently updated. It had a huge two-story walk-in lobby area that had a large waterfall and Koi pond on one side and an elegant seating area on the other. She was looking around as she approached a reception desk situated right in the middle of the entry area. There was a big sign hanging behind the desk with two lines saying, ‘Welcome to the Whit Building, The home of Whit Management, LLC’

Walking up to the desk Meagan introduced herself to the man on duty, who in turn picked up the phone and spoke to somebody else telling them that, “Miss Meagan Lewis” has arrived for her appoint. Hanging up the phone, he told her somebody would be right down and please have a seat. Meagan said, “Thank you” and turned towards the seating area, but never made it.

A woman came walking across the floor and called out to her, “Meagan Lewis?”

Meagan turned towards the woman and said, “Yes, I’m Meagan Lewis.”

“Hi Miss Lewis, my name is Gladys. I’m Mr. Whit’s secretary. Would you please follow me?” she replied.

Gladys led Meagan over to an elevator that had a sign beside it stating it was for private use. Gladys pushed the button and the door immediately opened. They stepped in it and the door slid shut. Gladys didn’t push any buttons because there were none to push. Meagan could feel the elevator moving upwards, but it was so gentle compared to most she had ridden. When it stopped, the door slid open to an area with two very large desks and a couple of very fancy leather couches.

Gladys stepped out with Meagan following her until Gladys stopped in front of the desk with a younger lady seated at it. “Meagan, I would like you to meet Glenda. She and I are Mr. Whit’s secretaries. We oversee all of his schedules and appointments. I was whom you spoke with yesterday.”

“Yes, I remember, but I didn’t want to say anything in case you were not the same person. I want to say, thank you for sending the car for me. It was completely unexpected.” Meagan replied.

“That’s not a problem. It’s just a practice Mr. Whit has gotten into. He thinks it helps set the stage for the interview. Mr. Whit does all of his own hiring instead of depending on Human Resources. Speaking of which, let me show you in.” Gladys finished.

As they turned towards a set of double doors, Meagan turned and said, “Nice to meet you to Glenda.” Then followed Gladys towards the doors.

Beyond the doors was a conference room with a long table able to hold twenty people around it easy. Gladys indicated to Meagan to have a seat towards the top of the table. She sat down and Gladys told her, “Mr. Whit will be with you shortly.” Then she went back out through the doors, shutting them behind her.

Sitting there by herself, Meagan was squirming a bit in her seat waiting for the man that could be her new boss. She couldn’t put a finger on it, but she was super excited to be here and she had never met this man coming to interview her. Luckily her wait wasn’t long.

A door opened on the other side of the table and a man walked in heading towards her. He was about 6’ tall, broad-shouldered in a Polo shirt and old Levi jeans, that weren’t doing much to hide his maleness. She gulped down the thoughts she instantly had about him. They surely weren’t meant for her potential boss, but her pussy had no such qualms and became very damp all the sudden as he moved towards her.

“Ms. Lewis, I’m Richard Whit,” he told her.

Meagan stood up and stuck her hand out to shake hands as she said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.”

Instead of taking her hand to shake, he turned it over and kissed the back of it replying, “I think it may be my pleasure meeting you.”

With his simple reply, the thoughts she gulped down instantly flooded back, along with a noticeable increase of wetness in her panties. She tried to say thank you, but it caught in her throat, so she only managed a nod.

Richard could see it on her face at that very moment that she was perfect for the position. Now it was just to see how acceptable she was to it. He was hoping she wouldn’t disappoint him.

“Well, let’s set the tone for our relationship from the beginning. Here in the office or alone, I’m just Richard to you. Everywhere else it’s Mr. Whit. Likewise, you’ll be Meagan to me. You okay with that?” he asked.

“Yes sir, I’m fine with that,” Meagan replied.

The interview went on for quite a while as Richard explained to Meagan what her job would entail and what he expected of her. Meagan was finding this to be a real opportunity, unlike most interviews she had attended since graduating. The money was fantastic and he was really expecting her to work hard. She would be expected to hold up her end of future projects. He explained they would travel quite a bit and mostly by private aircraft. He mentioned that commercial airlines just never provided for his needs very well. Meagan couldn’t help but wonder what his needs where little did she know before the interview was over she’d find out.

They had finished discussing her position when Richard turned in the chair he had been sitting and asked, “Meagan, will you please stand in the red circle on the carpet for me. I want to see how well you can follow directions.”

Meagan, not sure what he was getting at, looked over at the indicated red circle that had been created as part of the carpet.

Richard, snapped his fingers to gain her attention again, “Meagan to the circle now!” he snapped this time.

She snapped out her thoughts and jumped at his raised voice, but immediately did as she was told. She stood up and moved to the red circle. Standing there, she just stared back at him. She could see he was smiling broadly at her. She started to bring her arms up to her chest to cross them over her breasts when Richard shook his head no, she just dropped them back to her sides to dangle.

Richard sat there and appraised her as she stood in the red circle. He was admiring those long sexy legs. He wondered whether she had on pantyhose or stockings and garter but felt he would find out soon enough. He moved his eyes higher and could see the flare of her hips that trim down to a thin waist. He ventured further up noticing she wasn’t a large breasted woman, but what was hidden under the top was very well shaped. He moved on up to her face, seeing she was staring at him intently. He decided it was time.

“Meagan, take your suit jacket off for me?” She hesitated, but he snapped, “NOW, please”

She jumped, but quickly slid it off, but stood there holding it.

“Toss it over there,” he said indicating a nearby chair. She tossed it on it.

He was admiring her with just the thin camisole on but wanted to see more.

“Take your skirt off, NOW!” he said with a slightly sterner tone than before.

Maegan only hesitated a moment before reaching for the zipper and drawing it down, allowing the skirt to fall free. She bent over and picked it up, tossing it over with her jacket. Standing there in her camisole, panties, stocking, and heels should have been embarrassing to her. She should be running out the doors or screaming her head off, but it was having quite the opposite effect, causing her to become wetter. She could feel her juices soaking her panties.

“Remove your camisole for me, now,” he said with less force to see how she would react.

With just the slightest hesitation, Meagan grasped the bottom of the camisole and lifted it over her head, tossing it on top of her skirt and jacket.

Richard spent a few minutes taking in the sight of her in. He loved the fact she had on thigh high stockings and not pantyhose. He thought it made her legs that much sexier. Moving his eyes higher until his gaze was on her panties, he could see the noticeable darkening of the lacey material. This was telling him volumes about how easily Meagan was going to be to break to his will. Moving his gaze further up until he was admiring her breasts hidden by the matching bra. He thought, not large, but very nice. He finally moved his gaze to her face, seeing her staring back at him. He’d seen all he wanted for now. She was trainable, but there was one final test to see how she reacted.

Getting up out of his chair, Richard walked over to Meagan, standing in front of her. “Are you okay standing here like this?”

Meagan not trusting herself to speak could only nod yes.

Walking around her, he was running his fingers over her skin. He trailed them along her neck, down across her shoulders as he went, admiring her beauty. He slowly traced them down to the top of her breasts, running the tips of his fingers across her nipples that were straining against the lace of her bra. As he circled her he continued across her lower back, then her stomach until he was standing behind her with his fingers just touching the top of her lacy panties.

He leaned forward, gently speaking into her ear, “Don’t move!” Meagan just dipped her head, to say yes.

Richard slid his hand under the waistband of her panties. Running it down over her ass cheeks, squeezing and feeling their firmness as he went. As he got to the bottom of her ass he didn’t stop but flattened his hand out with the palm against her, He continued to slide it between her legs until he was cupping her pussy. Meagan inhaled sharply but didn’t attempt to move. Richard, taking this as a good sign, curled a finger up and slid into her pussy. She was so wet, if it hadn’t been for her panties, she would be leaving a wet spot on the carpet. He moved the finger back and forth a few times as she tried not to moan in pleasure. He slowly dragged it from her, but instead of pulling it away, just trailed it up her ass until he made contact with her pucker anus. He gently pushed the tip against just the outer opening. Meagan flinched at the touch.

Still close to her ear, Richard whispered, “Another time” as he pulled his finger the rest away along her ass crack until removing his hand from her panties, giving her a quick, light smack on her right cheek, again causing Meagan to flinch.

He walked back over to his chair and sat back down looking at her standing there. He noticed the darkening stain on her panties had gotten quite a bit larger.

“Maegan, I think you’ll be perfect for this job. You amply demonstrated that you can do as you are told. The job is yours, but to be sure that you want it, I’ll give you until Monday morning to decide. The car will be in front of your building at 7:30 am sharp, he will wait 15 minutes. If you are not in the car by then, he will leave and I will assume you don’t want this position. Do you understand?”

Meagan had to swallow a few times to get her mouth wet enough to answer, “Yes sir, I understand completely.”

Getting up, Richard turned to leave, but not before stopping and looking over at Meagan, still standing perfectly still in the circle, clad in her bra, panties, thigh highs and heels. “You may get dressed and that door to your left is a restroom with a shower. Feel free to freshen up before leaving.” As he said the last, he brought the finger he had used on her up to his mouth and licked it. Then turned and went through the same door he had entered through, leaving Meagan by herself.

Meagan stood perfectly still for a few seconds longer before picking up her clothes and stepping into the restroom that Richard had indicated. What she found was no restroom, but a very beautifully decorated bathroom. She took a minute to stare at herself in a full-length mirror just like she does at home. She instantly noticed the darker area on her panties from her excitement seeping from her. She finally turned away and got dressed.

She left the bathroom and went out to where Gladys and Glenda were working. As soon as she came through the door Gladys stood up and came around her desk.

Stopping in front of Meagan, Gladys said, “Mr. Whit called and said he offered you the job. You must have really impressed him, not many young women do. He told me to have the car take you home or anywhere you need to be dropped off. He also told me to give you this.”

Gladys handed Meagan an envelope, looking inside she saw a check for $2500 and a note. Pulling the note out she read it,

‘My lovely Meagan,

This is for you to go shopping with for work clothes if you choose to come to work for me. Be as sexy or business as you like, but please no pantyhose.

If you choose not to come to work for me, take this as a token of my appreciation for today.

I hope to see you Monday, I have so much to teach you and you have so much more you can learn.


She slid the note back into the envelope and said her goodbyes to Gladys and Glenda as she stepped towards the elevator that was already waiting. Just as the door started to close, she saw the two red circles on the floor between the secretaries’ desks.



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