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Mia - Chapter 10: Spring Break (Part II)

Is this the beginning of the end?
For Jesse, ‘Boys Day’ turned out to be some of the best fun of Spring Break so far, even though he was reluctant at first to even leave the condo after his escapades in the shower with Mia that morning. After the first hour with the guys, Jesse was glad to be spending the day with them.

Mark, his flatmate from university, goaded him into cutting loose for the day, suggesting water sports and cruising the beach. Jesse wasn’t stupid though – it was mostly a tactic for him to be Mark’s wing man when he tried to put the moves on girls.

Hanging out with the boys reminded him of his very first spring break a few years back. Back when he was the lothario amongst any group of males. Funny how meeting the right girl can change everything; not that he didn’t enjoy the attention that still came his way. It was flattering and something he would always get while he kept up his athletic physique.

Deep down, a small part of him vainly enjoyed that despite his lack of interests in other girls, he could still do better than even ladies-man Patrice if he really wanted to. The jet-ski girl was a prime example.

The four of them got flagged down by the golden haired southern belle called Rebecca (or was it Roberta or Rachel even? Jesse wasn’t paying that much attention) who’s shocking pink bikini revealed more than its intended design. Despite the others best attempts at flirting with her she still only had eyes for Jesse – even when she was informed that he had a girlfriend . Apparently some girls take that information as a challenge.

It hadn’t taken Jesse long to figure out that her attention was firmly set on himself. Not that he wasn’t used to how forward most girls were with him. Before Mia, Jesse had quite the reputation amongst the girls on campus. He revelled in all of the fawning he would receive when girls found out he was a soccer player. Even if times had changed and geeks were chic, there was still no denying the prowess of a handsome male athlete.

Back then it was all a game and he could see it that in some ways it was the same for relationships. Coming on too strong wasn’t a tactic that was familiar to him, being with Mia had made him make some fouls. He still cringed internally about dropping the “L” bomb.

The difficulty of being with Mia was the lack of restraint that she caused in him. How could any guy (or girl for that matter) not feel overcome by her? She was unlike anyone else he had ever been with. Nowadays most girls were modern, independent and could be as ruthless as men when it came to sex. Mia was a classic – while she was very driven in her academics and had a whole life without Jesse, she was still wholesome in her own way and wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable around him.

Other girls didn’t matter now – she was a keeper. Well…until she had to return home to Scotland.

“Dude, you listening?” Mark asked.

“Huh?” Jesse rubbed his tanned forehead trying to bring himself back from his thoughts. Mark was looking at him questioningly. The boys had stopped into the liquor store near the apartment before heading back. It was their turn to stock the fridge and since the boys had lost against the girls in a drinking game the night before, they also had to prepare dinner for tonight. Just as well Mark was on hand considering Jesse’s previous cooking endeavours.

“We lost you again?” Mark clicked his fingers in front of Jesse’s face to which he slapped away. “Beach Club tonight? Hopefully the jet ski chick will be there.”

“Dunno…” Jesse answered non-committal while picking up a crate of Labatt Blue. Mark read his indecision to a tee.

“Plans with the honey tonight? Should have known…God man you are totally pussy-whipped it’s unreal,” Mark chuckled adding some Tequila to the trolley.

“Fuck off,” Jesse retorted. It was the only response he could think of. The defensive tone in his voice was easily detected by Mark.

“You are! Next you’ll quit going out at all – just sit in the apartment while Mia runs around for you. No wait, you’re so whipped that you’ll be the one doing the running around!”

“You know Mark, green wasn’t a colour that I usually associate with you,” Jesse chided hoping that the taunting would end.

“Yeah whatever, next you’ll be telling me you’re in love with her.”

Jesse froze trying to avoid Mark’s gaze. Was he really that obvious about it? Mark’s eyes shot wide open when he realised he’d shot the target and got a bulls-eye.

“Fuck….you didn’t?” Mark doubled over in hilarity, he couldn’t contain his laughter. A few shoppers in the aisle started looking round at them as Mark roared. Jesse walked away pushing the trolley, eager to avoid the curious onlookers. Mark followed behind and slapped him on the shoulder.

“Dude, you are way in over your head now! I thought you wanted to just see what happened with her – she will be going home before summer right?”

He shrugged off the comment and walked to the cash register trying to ignore his friend. What did Mark know anyway – he’d never met a girl that was even close to Mia’s standards. Patrice and Kris joined them adding more and more alcohol to the trolley. Mark filled them in what they had missed. Jesse noticed the chuckle they expressed when the L-word went down and the disappointed looks he got when they realised that he might not be joining them tonight.

“C’mon man, one proper night without the girls,” Patrice pleaded.

Jesse shrugged his shoulders knowing that his plans with Mia weren’t set. “What do you need me for anyway? You do alright compared to these two,” Jesse signalled to Mark and Kris who tried to argue otherwise.

“True, but even I am not too egotistical to know that more ladies would come our way when you are there. With your Grecian roots, my chocolate smoothness, the girls will be on us like a moth to a flame.”

“Plus Hilde just text me to say the girls are all going out together now,” added Kristopher.

Clasping his hands behind his head, Jesse looked around and the three expectant faces looking back at him. Looks like he wasn’t left with a choice – Mia wasn’t the only sucker for peer pressure. “Okay – I’m in…”


Struggling get in the elevator with all the hooch they had just purchased, Jesse made his way up to the twentieth floor alone as the rest of the boys hit the grocery store. He noticed a few adolescent butterflies in his stomach as he thought about even getting a few moments alone with Mia before dinner.

When he got to the apartment he detected a distinct lack of female giggles he was expecting. The place was almost silent apart from the hum of the air-con and everyday noises of the appliances. As he got nearer to the kitchen he was aware that the balcony doors were open. Peeking out, he spotted his girlfriend’s ex relaxing at the small table that sat outside. Raising her eyes from her Kindle, Frankie gave him a welcoming smile.

“Hey Jesse, that the four of you back?” Her English accent still seeming a little foreign to him despite the various nationalities in the apartment.

“No, just me. The rest are picking up groceries. Where’s the girls?”

“Catching up on their beauty sleep,” she smiled taking the last gulp of her bottle of water and turning the Kindle off.

“So how come you’re still up?” he joked, walking back into the kitchen and loading the beer into the fridge. Frankie followed him in, squeezing past as she reached for a handful of grapes from the shelf above the one he stacked the beer into.

“Well, I think I’m beautiful enough, don’t you agree?” she retorted, her eyes twinkling mischievously as she slid a juicy red grape between her lips. She had to resist a snort as she detected how her abruptness was making Jesse a little uncomfortable.

“I’m only kidding by the way, I couldn’t sleep any longer – Hilde was snoring. And I’m sure you wouldn’t have liked me taking your spot beside Mia.”

Jesse’s mind raced at the mental picture of Frankie and his girlfriend in bed together. Mia had warned him that Frankie was a notorious flirt but it didn’t prepare him from getting a little hot under the collar. Frankie’s flirtatious manner was infectious and it was easy for Jesse to see why Mia was attracted to her. He mused that they must have turned a lot of heads when they were together. The mental image was tantalising. Either one of the girls would top any man’s fantasy top ten.

Jesse smirked before responding, “The image of Mia being in bed with anyone other than myself would normally make me crazy but with you…I guess it’s not so bad…I’m only a dude right? Anyways, I’m sure you don’t need any help with the dry spell Mia said you were having, but if you need assistance by the end of the break I’m sure me and Mia could help you out….”

He sensed that Frankie wasn’t used to being trumped in the flirting department. Jesse turned back to the fridge and finished stacking as she regained composure from his challenge.

“Would you like a drink?” he offered before he closed the fridge, resisting a smug smile.

Frankie paused. “Thanks Jesse; I’d love one,” she smirked emphasising the word with deliberate elegance.

Jesse tilted his head back and looked at up at the ceiling feeling completely exasperated. Checkmate Frankie. Rubbing his hands over his sun-kissed face, he passed her a moderately chilled beer and tried to avoid the amused gaze she was giving him. Great – now practically everyone knows, he inwardly sighed.

“Awww I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist. Girls talk you know…” Frankie added noticing his humility, she almost felt bad for him until she realised he was probably the luckiest man alive right now.

“Yeah, I noticed.” Jesse smiled as he walked past her, heading out to the balcony. Frankie followed, not quite ready to end the banter. She took the seat opposite at the small table.

Putting on her sunglasses so he wouldn’t notice her looking, Frankie tried to read his body language as to get a better idea of him. By this point it wasn’t difficult to tell that he had almost everyone teasing him – including Mia. It must have been a bit of a knock to the confident bravado Mia had described before and she witnessed only moments ago.

“She feels the same – you do know that, don’t you?” Frankie reassured taking him slightly off guard.

“How can you tell?” He asked looking down at the twenty-three mile stretch of Daytona Beach before them while thinking about how inarticulate Mia was about her feelings.

“Isn’t it obvious? She walks about with a constant spring in her step and most of the time she’s staring into space obviously thinking about you. The girl is smitten. I’ve never really seen her like this…”

Jesse’s eyebrows shot up upon hearing Frankie’s last statement. Coming from her it did seem more convincing – Frankie obviously knew Mia a lot better than he did.

“Fell a bit better now?” she asked noticing the invisible weight being lifted off his shoulders. He nodded his response before taking a gulp of beer; the tension in his body seeming to have eased a little. He leaned back in his chair and looked over Frankie’s shaded face suspiciously.

“Why are you so nice?” he asked and this time Frankie raised her eyebrows. “I mean…how come you’re being so friendly? I’d have thought you of all people would be…I dunno…hostile.”

“Why?...Because she’s not with me anymore?... Because I know how you guys started out –the fact that you already had a girlfriend when you put the moves on Mia? Or maybe because I half expected her to come back home with no love life to speak of and we could pick up where we left off?”

Frankie let a silence sit for a moment, slightly enjoying making him squirm a little before she laughed inwardly.

“Despite knowing all those things about you, I am fond of the pair of you. It’s hard not to feel a little jealous that you are the one making her happy, but you are who she wants.” She shrugged her shoulders, letting what she admitted resonate within herself.

“Thanks…” Jesse answered gratefully. “That’s one for Team Jesse.”

Frankie couldn’t help but laugh, everything she suspected of him turning out right. They chatted a bit longer, filling one another in on the details about each other’s backgrounds and found a common interest the same type of music they listened too. They were both into hip-hop and rap and even thought Mia had similar tastes; they both know she was more of a rock girl at heart.

“So…any plans for the summer?” Frankie asked addressing the elephant in the room that neither Jesse nor Mia had discussed yet.

Shrugging his shoulders Jesse gave her the only response he knew right now. “I haven’t really thought about it to be honest…Um, I mean I should probably look into internships or summer jobs, but I dunno…”

“I guess you want to see how it’s going to play out for the pair of you?” They both looked away from one another; Frankie could see that the topic was making him uncomfortable again. “Have you considered Scotland for a summer holiday? I mean the weather is certainly not as nice as Toronto I bet, but I’m sure Mia would have fun showing you around...”

“That’s probably not a…um, financially viable option for me,” he hesitated.

“Hmmm, you're right – it is more expensive for you guys to visit the UK than the other way around… It’s not like you could stay with Mia’s family either; they’re a bit old fashioned that way… Well…I’m sure you guys will think of something.”

They sat in silence for a few moments before a clatter of male voices coming from inside the apartment that indicated the boys’ arrival. Frankie and Jesse both headed back upstairs to their respective rooms to wake the others for dinner.

“Um Frankie,” Jesse stammered as he stood outside his bedroom door.


“Thanks…for…you know.”

“You’re welcome,” she answered politely with a little sparkle in her eyes. She watched as Jesse walked into his and Mia’s bedroom, feeling like the fairy godmother of their romance.


The bed was empty when Jesse walked through the door of his bedroom. He could hear the noise of the hairdryer in the bathroom so he decided to give Mia some peace for the time being and turn on the TV. He found the remote control next to Mia’s laptop on her bedside table. It was still on. His curiosity was piqued, remembering what she once confessed to him one of the nights she had stayed over at his apartment.

His girlfriend watched porn.

The little titbit of her naughty side was a major turn on. He remembered Mia teasing him that she wasn’t as innocent as his own imagination leads him to believe. Hearing the hair-dryer still on, he flicked the mouse pad and the black screensaver disappeared. But what it revealed wasn’t exactly what he was hoping for.

Mia’s email inbox was opened and for some reason his eyes immediately flicked over the email she had just read.

To: Mia Daly

Re: Summer Placement Recruitment - O&G Specialist Consultants

Dear Miss Daly,

I apologise for the delay you have had as we processed your application for a Summer Placement. After reviewing the application you sent to us back in September as well as receiving your impressive academic transcript from your first semester, I would like to offer you a position with our company starting June of this year.

I understand your current position of study in the United States has made the communication between ourselves very different from the usual application process. However, based on your references and our telephone interview I am in no doubt as to the asset you would make to this company over the three months of your employment and possibly in our graduate scheme.

The deadline for your decision will be in just under two weeks (March 13 th ). I look forward to your reply and have already sent out the Recruitment Pack to your Boston address which includes salary details and incentives.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Johnston

Senior Process Engineer and Acting Manager of Human Resources

O&G Specialist Consultants – Glasgow Branch

Jesse looked at the screen unable to work out the flood of emotions he now felt. Snooping was never a good idea – he knew that. But he was bound to find out sooner or later. Most likely later since he and Mia had already decided not to discuss their summer plans just yet. What was he going to do now?

Best not to think about it, he mused. I knew it had to end anyway - can’t say I’m unprepared now.


Despite all of her best efforts to have a good time with the girls, Mia couldn’t help but feel a little lonely in the crowded nightclub. It had only been, what – four hours since her boyfriend had left the apartment with the other boys for their own night out. Even still, she felt a like he was becoming an addiction, an affliction she had tried to prevent from the first day they met.

That morning in the shower was great. Wait. That was a poor use of vocabulary. That morning was sublime, heavenly, mind-blowing, phenomenal even. She had been building up the courage to tell him exactly that when he got back to the apartment but the opportunity never seemed to present itself. He didn’t even give her a private goodbye she usually got; just a shout through the girl’s bedroom door while they were still getting ready.

Over dinner Jesse seemed distant but not in a way that it alerted the others suspicions. She could feel him pulling away and knew exactly why. She hadn’t orchestrated him reading her emails but she also hadn’t shut down her laptop either. In her head she thought that if he was aware that summer (and reality) was soon approaching then they could focus on the present.

Sitting in one of the fluorescent lit booths, sipping her second pink cocktail of the evening she pondered the ramifications of her deliberate indiscretion. Was she cruel to let him find out that way? Wouldn’t it have been better to have just told him to his face?

After his declaration she knew she should tread carefully with his feelings, knowing that she held the upper hand by not returning the sentiment. Maybe a bit of separation would make the end not seem as desolate, but it was hard to justify when at that moment, she wanted nothing more than to be with him over anyone else.

Mia took her phone out of her purse and checked the screen – no new messages. How she willed to just have one simple text from him. Looking up she saw her friends, old and new, dancing merrily together to the thumping electro beats over the sound system. Even the sparkle on Frankie’s face and her attempts to drag her on the dance floor hadn’t lifted Mia’s sprits.

Decidedly, she stood up and picked up her shawl and headed towards Frankie and Norah who looked as though they were in a heated conversation.

“Hey,” welcomed Norah with a slight flush on her face as Mia got to them. “You finally going to join us for a dance?”

“Umm…well…I was about to head off…” Mia replied while fidgeting with her long necklace. She looked away in time to miss the not-so-subtle look of scorn on Norah’s face.

“Has he been hounding you to leave? Just tell him to piss off for one night will you,” Norah added, not unable to disguise her disappointment. Mia tried to ignore the tone of resentment in her college roommate’s voice, but acknowledged that it made the decision to leave easier.

“It’s fine Babe,” interrupted Frankie knowing that despite her and Norah’s best efforts, Mia was only going to feel better if she left. “Do you want me to come with you?” she asked.

“No. It’s cool. I’ll be alright myself…just enjoy the rest of your night. Where’s Hilde anyway?”

Frankie pointed over to a dark corner of the club where their green-haired friend was making out with another holiday maker.

“Ohh, ok,” Mia giggled. “Tell her I said bye, ok? I’ll see you guys in the morning.” Mia kissed them both on the cheek before waded through the crowd and headed for the exit, draping her wrap around her shoulders as she left.

“Don’t you find it really annoying how she always disappears with him? I mean it’s not like they’re married or anything. We’re on holiday for Christ sake,” Norah cursed while tossing back her golden tresses.

Frankie brushed off the Irish girl’s remark and took her hand. “She’s obviously in that honeymoon phase of their relationship. Plus, you can’t get annoyed that she’s genuinely happy with him.” Norah rolled her eyes and took another sip of her drink. Despite the wine they drunk at the apartment and the cocktails from the club, she was very aware that Frankie was playing with her fingers.

“Dance?” the short-haired brunette with the twinkly-eyes asked with a hint of mischief dusting her face. Norah nodded and tried to disguise a shy smile as Frankie pulled her to the middle of the dance-floor.


Mia walked to the Beach Club where the boys were partying that night as effortlessly as she could in her beige wedge sandals. Relieved that she didn’t need to wait too long in the queue to get in, she nervously scoured the place trying to find Jesse. Should be easy enough, Mia thought to herself. Just look for where there’s a crowd of girls accumulated.

The thought of other girls admiring her boyfriend didn’t bother her as much as it used to. After dating Jesse for a couple of months it wasn’t hard to know that he had no intention to stray; even if that’s how their mutual attraction was discovered. If anything it only served to boost her own self esteem to date the kind of guy that she thought only existed in movies and American T.V. shows.

The place was packed and Mia could feel herself getting frustrated when she couldn’t find him upon her first glance. Just calm down, desperation is never an attractive quality. She weaved through the drunken revellers like a woman possessed, unaware of the attention she was attracting. Making her way to an opening she was able to look out to the open-air section of the club, ignoring a few come-on’s from the rowdy spring breakers.

She could feel her heart plunging realising that they might have left to go somewhere else. But just as she was about to turn away she spotted Patrice, Mark then Jesse a few meters away along with a few random girls. Just as I thought.

Mia walked over calmly, trying to keep her heart beat at a normal pace. An image of her grabbing on to Jesse, clutching him tightly and never wanting to let go, kept on replaying over in her head. She knew she wouldn’t do that, but some clingy, distressed part of her really wanted to.

The boys had their back to her as she approached. Resisting her inner urge she placed her hand on the small of his back and slid it up his spine, over the cotton of his green t-shirt. A shiver cascaded all the way up Jesse’s back and he could feel the tingle right behind his ears. He knew it was Mia straight away.

Jesse turned around and drank in the sight of her. Her long hair was piled up high in a classy bun with a few loose tendrils escaping which accentuated her face and chocolate brown eyes. Instead of her forehead reaching his shoulders, he noticed she stood taller with the assistance of her heels. But it was what she was wearing that really made him gulp.

The dramatic black that she usually wore was replaced by a summery white bralet and a pair of high-waist floral shorts, her shawl hung loosely around her back as it slipped off her shoulders. The white of her top highlighted her newly tanned, sallow skin. The trendy look would have made some girls look trashy, but on Mia it was pretty – quirky even, and most definitely sexy. Jesse instantly regretted rushing out of the apartment earlier that night.

Mia looked around and noticed dispersion in the crowd of girls that were lingering around the boys before she arrived.

“Mon chaton, you look wonderful,” gushed Patrice before Jesse had the chance to pay her a compliment.

After saying a polite thank you she looked back up to Jesse who was now draping a protective arm around her, warding off any looks she was getting from the other partiers. That familiarity of being tucked in his body settled the unease she had been feeling all night. She wrapped her arms around his waist and their eyes locked; hazel on chocolate.

“What happened to girls’ night?” he whispered in her ear while running his fingers over the bare skin at her shoulders. She shrugged giving nothing away, still unable to work out the irrational need to be near him at that moment.

“Well I’m glad you’re here,” he added. “These guys were starting to get embarrassing.” Mia looked around and saw Mark struggling to keep the attention of a couple of girls he was chatting to. One of them was wasted already – he certainly wouldn’t have much luck with any of them unless he wanted to keep her hair off her face when she was being sick.

Mia chuckled before turning to her flatmate. “How about you Patrice? Any joy?”

“Too many to mention my girl. Picking the one I want to go home with is the problem.” This caused a tremble of laughter between Mia and Jesse. They watched as he sauntered away to the next unsuspecting victim of his charm.

“Where’s Kris by the way?”

“Ahhh, the ever awkward Kristopher actually left about an hour ago. He ran in to some girl he met the first night. Her and her friends were having a party at their hotel.”

Mia raised her eyebrows upon her flatmate’s possible conquest. “Go Kris then…And what about you?” Mia asked Jesse jokingly. “How many girls were all over you like a wet weekend?”

“Ahh you know me Babe, I don’t do details. Makes them feel like a statistic, you know?” Mia rolled her eyes in response.

“How considerate of you.”

“You know me, Mr Sensitive.” He grinned and it was infectious. Mia felt her heart do a somersault as his ear to ear smile faded gently and turned into a smouldering look. Her stomach joined in too, twisting in knots as he leaned in for a kiss; their first since that morning.

Jesse pressed his lips gently against hers. Parting her lips, Mia slipped her tongue into his mouth, flicking flirtatiously against his. Her usual dislike of PDAs had vanished and in that moment she didn’t care who saw them.

Mia brought her hands from his waist up to his chest, feeling his sculpted torso through the fabric of his t-shirt. She wanted to reach up and work her fingers through his hair but she could feel him grip her hands before she had the chance.

Jesse broke away from her momentarily, so he could speak into her ear. “We should get out of here,” he suggested while clearing his throat, knowing that it was going to take a lot of restraint to not get inappropriate with her in public, especially when she looked that intriguing.

“I just got here,” she smiled, though she couldn’t think of anything better than getting back to the apartment and having it to themselves for the next few hours.

“Okay…,” he started looking around for inspiration. “How about a dance then? C’mon,” he said, persuading her. Mia nodded her response and placed a small peck on his lips as Jesse took her hand in his and pulled her into the packed dance-floor with him.

There was a live band in the Beach Club and they were playing an assortment of Reggae tunes for the masses of young adults on break from college. The beats reverberated through the makeshift wooden panelled floor through the soles of Mia’s feet. It felt as though the rhythms were coursing through her body and only added to the mounting butterflies in her stomach. Finding a slight gap in the sea of bodies, Jesse placed his hands on her hips and pulled her body close to him.

The band played a smooth hypnotising groove contrasting to the hyper dance sounds from the electro club Mia was at earlier with the girls. Placing her hands around Jesse’s neck, Mia let her body move in time with the music. Her hips ground against him seductively as he gazed into her eyes. It felt like time had slowed down in her perfect little bubble with him.

“I feel like the luckiest girl in here,” Mia whispered softly in Jesse’s ear, kissing along his jaw. He stopped moving momentarily, guilt still raking him as he thought about his invasion of her privacy that afternoon. “What’s wrong?” she asked noticing his pause.

“Nothing,” he answered guiltily resuming their dance, not wanting to ruin the moment they were having. He swallowed down the shame of being cold earlier with her and mentally cursed himself for his bad attitude. “You’re not as lucky as I am. How am I going to cope when you’re not here?”

“I’m sure there will be plenty of volunteers to take my position when I’m gone,” she smiled up at him ruefully.

“What are you talking about? What about all the guys - and girls for that matter - that dote on you? You could easily replace me.”

Fat chance of that happening, she thought to herself. It’s taken me twenty-one years to find a guy I don’t just want to be friends with.

She looked up into his eyes and gazed at him intently. Then she saw it - a look of desolation from him. Completely vulnerable and dependant and she knew she wanted to do anything that would take that away or it would begin to infect her too.

“Hey, how could I ever replace the guy that wanted to inspect my bedroom within five minutes of meeting me and teased me horrendously the whole time?”

Jesse smiled, remembering back to that first day. Mia was far too uptight then and she made it far too easy to mess with her. “You know, when I saw you that day, I couldn’t stop looking at you. Those PJs left zero to the imagination,” he told her. “I hope you don’t answer the door like that all the time.”

“I’ll let you in on a little secret,” she said running her hands over his chest as he pulled her hips tight against his. His hands slid around her back and rested on her behind, not letting her lose body contact against him. “That morning…when you came for that inspection…” she panted as the music and dancing became more seductive.

“Yeah?” he goaded, kissing her neck.

“Mmm…I don’t know if I can tell you…it’s kind of embarrassing…”

“Don’t you dare stop now!” he growled huskily in her ear while grinding in time with the beat.

“Well…how can I say it? Um,” she hesitated as he nibbled her earlobe. “It was the first time I had the bedroom to myself…and eh, I hadn’t…you know, in a while. That’s why I wasn’t able to get dressed properly when you came to the door.”

Jesse’s ears picked up everything and he thought he would let her off easy for a change, instead of grilling her for more details. “So before I knocked on your door you were in bed getting handsy with yourself?”

“Well I didn’t just use my hands…I had a little vibr-,”

“Stop right there,” Jesse commanded, pressing Mia’s pouty lips together with his thumb and index. She looked up at him imploringly, trying to work out the hold-up. “Right now I have all kinds of kinky images of you playing with yourself and if you keep talking it’s going to become really obvious to everyone here,” he finished signalling down to his crotch.

“Ohh – sorry,” Mia giggled noticing the semi that was already formed as she rubbed against him. “Want to get out of here now?”

“I thought you would never ask!”

Pulling her shawl back over her shoulders, Mia gripped Jesse’s hand as he half dragged her though the crowd and out of the club.


“So…” Jesse breathed between kisses as they stumbled through the door to the apartment. During the trek back the pair had barely been able to hide their growing arousal for each other. Mia giggled the whole elevator ride up to the penthouse as Jesse groped and teased her.

“So?” Mia mimicked.

“So…you, my girlfriend, watch porn, masturbate…have sex with women...You really are a dirty girl aren’t you?”

Mia smiled biting her lip coyly as they entered the bedroom. “That’s not that extreme is it?” She tossed her shawl on the floor along with her purse. “I mean it’s not hardcore porn material, is it?”

“Well…you would know, wouldn’t you?” he teased slyly.

Jesse wrapped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her face to his. Mia felt her heart beat double speed as his tongue forced its way into her mouth. Grabbing his t-shirt, she took a few steps backward getting closer to the bed. Clutching the hem, Mia slowly pulled the green t-shirt up his body and he raised his arms, allowing her to pull it over his head.

“You know I never get tired of this,” Mia said, stepping her fingers from his belly button up to his sternum. Jesse took a deep breath as her lips recreated the trail that her fingers made. “Can I tell you something?” she whispered. Jesse nodded as she locked her fingers behind his neck.

“I hated being away from you tonight,” she admitted embarrassedly, verbally confronting her emotions.

“Why?” he asked unable to hide how pleased he was to hear it.

“I don’t know,” she answered coyly whilst trying to ignore the glint in his eyes. “Maybe something to do with this morning…this whole week even. I don’t think you have ever been so appealing to me.”

“Hmmm, must be my sexy tan huh?”

“Maybe. Or it was seeing you yesterday afternoon playing football on the beach. I could watch you all day, let alone for ninety minutes,” she smiled kissing behind his ear.

“Better than Ronaldo?”

“Mmm-hummm…and Cesc Fabregas.”

“Wow, you are such an ego booster Mia,” he chuckled. “It’s too bad you won’t be able to see me play when the soccer season starts up again.” He could feel her body and his own tense at the thought.

“Maybe it’s just as well,” he began trying to ease the tension. “I don’t think Coach Douglas would appreciate how distracted you would make me. I have a feeling I would be exhausted even before training starts.”

He leaned over and kissed her deeply, his hands roaming her body making her quickly remember the hunger she felt for him mere minutes ago. “Jesse, tell me something,” she panted as he kissed her neck and down her throat. “You seem to know how to turn me on so easily…what do you like to do…you know...”

“What? Like my fantasies?” he asked between kisses.

Mia blushed a little; knowing how easy is was for Jesse to talk about sex with her. He pushed her a little roughly into the bed and took position between her legs. “Well you have already ticked off a few of them: stockings, shower, no condom. You even let me take your almost-virginity. What else could I ask for?”

“Anything,” she blurted without hesitation as all of the erotic memories came running back to her.

“Anything?” he growled, holding her hands above her head.

“Well…within reason,” she giggled knowing how ambiguous her previous statement was to a sex-mad male like her boyfriend.

“I have an idea,” he smiled as his hands stroked down her body. “Let me watch you…show me how you get yourself off. Let me see what you were doing that first day before I knocked the door.”

“Trust you to think of something where I’ll be most embarrassed,” she sighed, placing her hands on her forehead.

“Hey you asked for it…and I only think it’s fair since you have enjoyed watching me so much,” he grinned. Mia placed both of her hands over her face feeling Jesse lift his body off of her. He sat at the foot of the king-sized bed and rested his chin on his hand as though he was about to see something of a regular occurrence.

Mia scowled at him mockingly as she stood up, preparing to remove her clothes. She was just about to unzip her shorts and undress in the normal fashion when she felt Jesse’s hand clutch hers. “You don’t need to rush getting undressed Babe. You can make it interesting if you want,” he suggested, indicating that it was what he wanted too.

Ohh so he wants me to give him a performance? I’m sure I can give him that. Time to channel my inner Beyoncé.

Turning back to face him she put on her show-face. It wasn’t exactly the situation that her high school drama club had prepared her for, but it did help her a little by blocking out her self-consciousness.

Looking him in the eye she slowly slid her thumbs under the high waistband of her shorts, moving her hands to her left hip to the top of her zipper. She carefully unhooked the clasp at the top of the zip before slowly pulling it down. She pushed the shorts past her hips and let them slide down her legs before stepping out of them.

Jesse looked up and down the length of her body. Still wearing her heels her posture was perfect and he admired the view of her in only her white bralet and violet panties. She walked closer to him and raised her foot and rested it between his legs. He ran his fingers down her slender calf muscle before helpfully undoing the buckle on her sandal. His face was less than a foot away from her crotch and he could already detect the arousing aroma of her sex.

He repeated the procedure for the other foot and watched as Mia gracefully slid them off. There was no crack in her façade as she continued to undress. Turning her back to him she looked over her shoulder, biting her lip seductively as she reached around her back and unzipped her bralet. Jesse gulped as he took in the sight of the gentle curve of her silhouette.

Her back still to him, she brought her hands up to her hair and began taking out the pins holding her bun in place. Each tendril unravelled delicately over her shoulders around her face and with a swift tug of the hair tie, her dark brown tresses fell glamorously down her back.

Mia turned back to see the gobsmacked expression on her boyfriend’s face. He obviously didn’t think she would be up for the challenge he set. She stood in front of him, her knees between his legs as she ran her fingers through his hair. Jesse slid his hands up her thighs and kissed along her stomach, gently swirling his tongue in her belly button and enjoyed the sound of her sharp intake of breath at the erotic sensation.

Looping his thumbs under the waist of her panties, he tugged them down her hips to her ankles. Stepping out of the violet briefs, Mia lay herself down on the plush bed, propping the pillows behind her.

Taking sight of her sole audience member, she closed her eyes and blocked out the idea that this situation would normally be embarrassing for her. She let her hands caress her torso, slowly trailing her fingers up her stomach and over her breasts.

Jesse looked on completely engrossed as Mia pinched and teased her nipples, getting them erect and hard. He listened to her soft sighs and breaths as she prepped herself for the pleasure she was about to give herself. Swallowing hard, he gazed intently as her hands moved lower down her abdomen as she spread her legs, revealing her already moist labia.

Mia could feel her breaths become shallower as her anticipation built. Her fingers trailed delicately over her thighs and down to the sweet cavity in the middle. Jesse swallowed hard still perplexed that she even agreed and looked on longingly as her fingers slid over her wet pussy.

Mia guided her fingers over her hard little clitoris, circling the little bead before teasingly sliding her fingers further south. Opening her eyes a little, she made eye contact briefly before sliding her fingers inside. It wasn’t as pleasurable as having Jesse inside her but Mia couldn’t deny that she was enjoying the attention and the adoration in his face.

Her fingers teased and tormented her body as Jesse began to feel his shorts tighten uncomfortably at his crotch. “Having fun?” Mia breathed as she slipped another digit inside of her. Jesse could only nod a response as he watched her admiringly.

“Good,” Mia gasped; her desire and longing growing grater by the second, “I could do with some audience participation.” She closed her eyes and worked her fingers faster, biting her bottom lip and arching her back.

Jesse moved from his spot at the foot of the bed and took position between Mia’s thighs. Taking her hand he sucked the juices off her fingers. He could hear her breath hitch as he ground his concealed hardness against her.

Mia writhed underneath him and he could feel her impatient fingers frantically undo his shorts. Her hand slipped under the waistband of his boxers and gripped round his throbbing cock causing him to moan against her lips. She stroked gently at the hardening phallus while she used her other hand to try and pull down the remainder of his clothing.

Taking the hint Jesse got up and quickly removed his shorts and boxers. Pressing his naked body against hers, Jesse wished the sensations he felt with Mia would never disappear. He showered her body with affection, kissing, licking and caressing every inch whilst savouring her mews and moans.

He rolled over on the bed and pulled her on top of him. Mia’s heart thudded so hard she was convinced Jesse would be able to feel it against his chest. She knew the show wasn’t over yet. Being on top wasn’t a position they hadn’t tried before; Mia always being that little too analytically aware of the full on view it would give.

Jesse’s hands grasped her hips and guided her toward his pulsing erection. She grinded her slick labia against him; reaching down and positioning his cock at her entrance. Slowly, Mia pushed her pelvis down until he was all the way inside of her.

“So friggin’ beautiful,” were the words that escaped Jesse’s mouth as he watched her body gracefully move on top of him. Mia leaned forward, her chest pressed against his, and kissed him eagerly. His hands gripped her hips a little tighter on her ass and she could feel him thrust upwards as she ground down.

Mia felt as though her body was glowing; the usual self-conscious undertones disappearing as she lovingly moved with Jesse. She sat up and ground harder, savouring the feel of him deep inside and the pressure against her pubic bone.

Jesse’s hands moved up her chest and cupped her bouncing breasts. “Fuck,” Mia yelled, her voice sounding hoarse. The disarming feeling was now building south of her navel and she knew she was close to climax. She worked her hips with urgency. Jesse watched in awe as she bit her lip and furrowed her brow as her orgasm took over.

Limbs feeling weak, Mia collapsed on top of Jesse, panting deliriously as he ran his hands up and down her spine. Tossing her long tresses to one side she held his face and kissed him tenderly as her breathing evened.

“That was quick for you, Babe,” he chuckled while gently rolling her on to her back.

“Must have been the anticipation,” Mia groaned as he pulled out from her.

“Want some more?”

“Of course,” she smiled noticing the glint in Jesse’s eye.

“Turn over,” he commanded softly and she did without hesitation.

Laying on her stomach, Mia looked over her shoulder as Jesse kissed all down her back and spine. Holding a pillow close, she clutched it firmly as Jesse’s mouth trailed lower and lower until he reached her behind. Grabbing her hips he raised her into position as he lined up behind her.

“I’ve always wanted to have you like this,” Jesse breathed as he rubbed his throbbing member between her ass crack and over her wet opening.

“Really?” she moaned trying to resist the urge to beg him to enter her again.

“Yeah. Ever since I saw you in those tiny booty shorts you pass off as jammies. God you were so uptight,” he smirked.

Before Mia had the chance to reminisce, Jesse had thrust deep inside her, all the way to the hilt. Her breath caught in her throat and the sudden jolt made her grip on the pillow tighter. Jesse leaned over her from behind, pushing her hair from her back and kissing along her neck.

His thrusts were hard but the kissing was tender and Mia could feel herself melt like a Popsicle. Sweat moistened her back and the heat between their bodies increased. Jesse’s hot breath on the back of her neck made her skin prickle with pleasure. She was almost gone again and she could tell that he was close too.

Jesse’s rough hand reached around her body and grabbed her breast before travelling between her legs. Mia’s eyes closed tight as his fingers rubbed her throbbing clitoris. The momentum of his hips meeting her behind grew.

“Oh god,” Mia cried, clutching the bed sheets helplessly as her orgasm rendered her incapable of moving. Jesse could feel her body tremble under him and with another few thrusts he released inside of her. Mia revelled in the feeling of his warm cum mixed inside her, not quite understanding why she enjoyed it so much. Jesse pulled out slowly and crashed on the bed beside her.

Despite the raised temperature between them Jesse couldn’t help but pull her close to him. Mia leaned over and turned the lamp off and rested her head against his chest. Silently laying there in the darkness they both secretly wished it could remain like that forever.


A few hours later Mia woke with a fright, her subconscious bringing to light her fears in her dreams. She instantly noticed the lack of Jesse’s warm body against hers. She rolled over to find him sprawled over to her right. Swallowing her pride she nudged him awake.

“Jesse, Jess…I need to tell you something...” she whispered.

“Wha..?” he groaned rubbing his hand over his eyes. He wrapped his arm around her and cuddled behind her in the big spoon position. “Baby, if this is about the internship we can talk about it in the morning,” he said through yawns.

“No, it’s not about that…well it kind of is…I…”

“Shhhh, it’s cool Mia. I don’t want to hold you back from a great opportunity. You should take it.”


“Look, just take it, okay? We both know you really want it,” he huffed sleepily before drifting off again.

Mia sniffed and swallowed the lump that was forming in the back of her throat. Jesse was right, she did want the summer placement and it was a great opportunity.

But that wasn’t what she wanted to tell him…

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