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Mia - Chapter 2: Another Fine Introduction

Bad first impression or misunderstanding?
30 Aug 2010

Dear Mia,

Great to hear you are having a great time. Wish I could say the same. I’m getting grilled from my folks about the amount of times I’ve been going out – hello I’m 20 years old for fuck sake. As much as I know this academic year is going to be difficult they don’t need to keep reminding me. They don’t see that I’m using my last chances to come in a 5am then not wake up to like 2pm. But that’s a rant for another day. Actually can’t wait to move out again.

I like how you changed the subject about that Jesse guy. Ha-ha, my Mia is attracted to a boy! Is he going to be the first male to get into your knickers? It sounds like he has already gotten under your skin anyway. Good for him I say! You need someone to challenge the Just Say No attitude you’ve had with boys so far.

Norah sounds nice. It’s good that you guys get along, it’s one thing sharing a flat with someone you don’t know but I actually can’t imagine sharing a room. Have you had any issues with that? Do you have a code likes a sock on the door handle when one of you guys are getting laid? Imagine if Michelle and I shared a room when we were hooking up! That would have been very interesting! Wait, I haven’t even considered the possibility that Norah is a hottie too? Is she? I must do some Facebook stalking after I finish this letter.

So back to my flat situation; I’m moving in with Kevin (my older brother Tom’s mate) much to my Dad’s horror. It’s not just me and him – Tom’s thinking of moving to Glasgow too since his GF is doing her post-grad here. Dunno why they two don’t just move in together but anyway I’m letting my Dad think it’s just me and Kevin for the moment. I’m gonna make him sweat a bit. I shall let you know how it all pans out.

I must dash – I have a hot date with a guy called Derek tonight (he’s a trainee accountant). Details to follow....

31 Aug 2010

That was quite possibly the most amazing date I have been on. I know I’ve tried to be good and stay away from the arseholes but Derek was too much of a sure thing to pass up. I met him in Waterstones –he was browsing the travel section so I did a bit of my signature Frankie moves on him and it seemed to work we ended up grabbing a coffee and got chatting. He took my number and we went for drinks last night in that really posh place in town I was telling you about.

Call it out of character (or not), I had a few glasses of white wine and the mood and ambiance was perfect. He was so smooth Mia; I swear he probably reads Neil Strauss. So, getting to the point, I went back to his place and stayed over. Quite possibly some of the best sex I’ve ever had. His tongue was almost as good as yours and his you-know-what was HUGE!

My Dad was pretty pissed when I came home this morning. It’s almost giving me a thrill winding him up so much. I’m such a brat. I can’t wait to get back to Glasgow now.

Miss you my sweet. Please don’t take as long writing back this time


Frankie xx


It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and with a lack of excuse to get out of it, Mia was roped into going running with her roommate Norah. Both had been feeling loathing towards their current diet of junk food and alcohol so thought it was a good start to a turnaround.

The afternoon jog began with a positive attitude but it after half an hour, Mia knew her muscles were aching and wasn’t able to resist checking her watch every couple of minutes. It wasn’t that she was adverse to physical activity but on a dull afternoon with an assignment she knew needed finishing, the initial surge of energy she had when she left the apartment was now fading.

Lifting her head to look up from feet she could see the glamorous Norah powering on 10 feet ahead. Her long blonde locks where bobbing up and down like a shampoo commercial and her long strides where making it difficult for Mia to catch up. However, she took it as a blessing in disguise. I don’t fancy folk looking at me with my beetroot face and sweat running down my back while I jog alongside the supermodel. Seeing the bleachers surrounding the athletic playing fields ahead, Mia slowed her pace down and let Norah race ahead.

Slowing down, Norah looked back at Mia who was wandering over to the benches. “Hey you, keep up. Not got that much farther to go.” Mia bent over taking a breath then looked up and waved her hand under her neck and mouthed ‘enough’. Rolling her eyes, Norah jogged back to her, “Come on, you can’t give up now, you’ve done so well so far.”

“I’m not giving up,” Mia panted, “I’m having a cool down. Go on ahead I’ll catch up... eventually.”

“Fine, but remember no longer than a minute – you don’t want your muscles to seize up.”

“All right Paula Radcliffe, will do.”

Norah smiled and jogged away. Mia watched as she saw her heading to the track, running effortlessly and impressing the other students that were also using their Saturday afternoon to stay in shape.

Deciding to walk around rather than get too comfortable on the bench, Mia took the opportunity to carry out one of her favourite activities – people watching. It often felt relaxing to watch the social interactions of strangers and was always a good distraction from mulling over any of her hang ups.

She watched a group of athletic girls stretching under a tree, getting warmed up before beginning their work out. They were mostly wearing black or blue tight leggings and crop tops that exposed their svelte midriffs. Felling sweaty and tired she looked down at her own body. Loose jogging pants and baggy t-shirt is far more appropriate leisure wear. Not that I don’t like my body – I just don’t want anyone to see any loose bits giggling about.

To make her feel worse a group of middle-aged folks all huddled together wearing matching khaki coloured tees were overtaking her. She felt defeated and was longing for hot shower, so she decided to head back in the direction of the apartment. Looking down she watched as her feet trailed along the path until a muddy football rolled over her toes. She stopped it instinctively with the inside of her left foot and heard the foot fall of someone jogging over to her.

Oh God it’s the asshole. Fuck! Start walking away now before he recognises you.

Kicking the ball back in Jesse’s direction, Mia tried to pick up the pace and walk away unnoticed but it was too late he was striding up to her. “Hey stranger, what are you doing up so early on a Saturday morning?” He was wearing a maroon soccer jersey and black shorts which Mia thought showed off his well toned thighs.

“I was out with my flatmate...for a jog. I best be off now.” She replied edging away but he started chatting again. “What happened? Did you leave her trailing behind?”

“Quite the opposite,” she answered embarrassed.

“Well you know it’s never a great idea to go out running if you’re hung-over...” he smiled cheekily while he watched her roll her eyes unimpressed, “I’m just kidding!” Mia’s frown relaxed as she noticed his mock panic. “Wow, if looks could kill. Has anyone told you that you’re pretty intense? I thought you were going to murder me,” he joked.

“Sorry, you managed to catch me in another unsociable state,” Mia began. He noticed her body relax as if she was warming to his banter. Mia was about to ask if he should be getting back to practice until she saw Norah eagerly jog up to her and Jesse.

“Hey, where were you heading off to...oh sorry am I interrupting?” she asked while smiling conspiringly to Mia.

“Umm no. Norah this is Jesse – the RA.”

“Nice to meet you,” Norah shook his hand enthusiastically. “Mia mentioned you did our inspection. Hope everything was satisfactory.”

“Yeah it was fine, everything was in order.”

Mia observed as Jesse and Norah chatted. She could tell from the body language that the others stood confidently, while she felt slightly awkward. She took the opportunity to give Jesse another size-up and was impressed overall.

Without his RA uniform it was obvious he was athletically handsome. On their last meeting his face was slightly covered by his cap but now Mia could clearly see his striking hazel eyes and his light brown hair. Despite the poor first impression, she could tell through his interaction with Norah that he wasn’t the cocky asshole she thought he was. From being in the country for a few weeks she realised that amidst some of the more arrogant stereotypical personalities of the locals there was the easily mistaken confident ones which Jesse was.

“Well I better get back,” he looked over his shoulder to see a few teammates waiting impatiently for him. “The guys don’t seem so thrilled that I’m slacking off on practice to chat to pretty girls.” He made a quick glance at Mia but she looked away trying to disguise that she was flattered.

“Oh are you on the football team?” Norah quizzed sounding impressed.

“No soccer.”

“That’s what she meant - we call it football,” added Mia.

“Oh yeah, I forgot that’s what you guys call it.”

“Easy mistake,” Norah added.

“Cool, see you two around then?”

The two girls nodded in unison, both hoping when they did it would be sooner rather than later.

“Mia, you didn’t tell me that the RA was friggin’ hot!”

“Sorry, it must have slipped my mind...” she answered as she watched Jesse jog back to where a few of his teammates had gathered. “Come on, we still have another mile to go,” she piped up eagerly. She jogged away getting a head start. The distance gave her seconds to wonder what was causing the sudden boost in energy; the endorphins from the jog or the growing attraction to Jesse.


 “Right you I want details.” Mia commanded to the laptop screen. Frankie’s bright smiling face appeared on the monitor and she gave an overexcited wave to her best friend. “What sort of hello is that? Good evening to you too, babe,” she giggled. “I take it you got my letter today?”

“Aye, I did and I was surprised there wasn’t as much filth as I expected. How come you showed so much restraint?”

“You know me Mia, I don’t kiss and tell.”

“No, you shag and tell!” Both girls erupted in laughter mentally reliving Frankie’s descriptions of previous sexual escapades.

“So are you gagging for my filthy story? I was hoping that you would have some to tell me by now.”

“Yours first, I’ll bring you up to date after,” Mia compromised.

“Okay, but it better be good. Get comfy first.” Both girls found a comfy spot in their bedrooms separated by over three thousand miles, the Atlantic Ocean and a five hour time difference. Frankie was snug in her t-shirt and pyjama bottoms almost ready for bed. Mia sat back against her pillows wearing a sheer black blouse with a leopard print bra underneath and skinny black jeans. “So how long have I got before you go out?”

“Twenty minutes.”

“I’ll get started then.....

I went into Waterstones one day I was out in town. I had another argument with my Dad that morning so I couldn’t be bothered going back so early so it was a good enough excuse to stay out. Plus you know how I like to grab a coffee there and decide on the ten books I end up picking up. So as I was heading up to the Costa Coffee that’s inside and I passed the hottie Derek looking at books on Eastern Europe. I asked if he was going off traveling and recommended going to Budapest. He said thanks and seemed really nice and friendly.

He was about 5ft 10, really dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes and he was kind of stylish for a guy, you know? I suggested that we could get a coffee and chat about travel and places I thought he should go. He said no and I was totally gutted – I thought I lost my charm. But, then he said he was meeting his sister for late lunch and if I preferred instead, he could meet me for drinks later. I said yes – obviously.

I got tarted-up to the max. I didn’t meet him for the intention of having sex with him but I did want something to happen. I was having a dry spell. So with my little black dress and killer heels I was a woman on a mission. I met him at the bar that night and did my five minutes late routine. I was actually a bit nervous but it was cool when I finally spotted him.

We found a nice booth and he made small talk about uni and I asked him about his job and the general stuff. I thought I was going to have to do the Frankie charm offensive but to be honest he was pulling all the punches too. He made flattering compliments and his body language was flirty too. He would occasionally graze my knee and lean closer to me when he was talking. I was so horny Mia.

He finally leaned in for a kiss when we left the bar. I almost melted into a puddle on High Street. I just ended up taking the bull by the horns and said I wanted to go home with him. I think he was a bit surprised at my forwardness but he obviously didn’t mind.

In the taxi on the way to his flat it was so hard to stay discreet –thank God it was a short journey. We got to his flat and he took me straight to his bedroom and threw me down on the bed. I could see the tent-pole formed in his trousers so I unbuckled his belt and then stuck my hand down to have a good feel. I swear it was like the biggest cock I’ve ever held.

I could see that eager look on his face so I treated him to blow-job. I don’t know what got into me but I was enjoying every second of it. It was like it was some ambition to fit that monster in my mouth and hearing him moan was like cheering me on. I think he could tell I was getting carried away so he stopped me and we stripped each other off.

He started kissing and licking me all over. He spent loads of time on my nipples and while he did that his hands were roaming inside my thighs. I was so wet and turned on I felt like I was going to come as soon as his fingers felt between my crotch. He sat up and put his face between my legs and I remember opening my eyes and seeing my reflection in his bedroom window. The sights as well as his tongue made me come right then.

When he stood up I could see that he was rock hard and knew what was coming next, so I got on my hands and knees and let him fuck me from behind. It was perfect. His rhythm and pace were amazing and I ended up losing count of how many times I came that night. I think five at least.

I was totally fucked – sorry, but there’s actually no other word for it.

When I left his place the next day I felt as I was sleepwalking. It just felt so great being slightly sore and knackered. I haven’t heard from him since and I don’t really want to text him either. I just like the idea that it was a night of completely unbridled passion.

So that’s the jist of it really. Did you enjoy? Are your knickers wet now too?”

“Frankie...” Mia sighed with a flush on her cheeks, “How does stuff like that happen to you?”

“Like I said before you just have to leave yourself open to the possibility. Derek certainly isn’t Mr. Right but he was Mr Right-Now. Plus it was fun. I enjoyed it.”

“Yeah, but I get that you were attracted to him, but does it not bother you that you didn’t know him for long. It just seems impersonal to me.”

“It would to you!” Frankie pointed out to Mia’s distaste.

“Aye, cause I’m uptight and prudish according to you.”

“Hey, stop that. That’s not what I meant. You’re looking for Prince Charming to deflower you... well properly anyway and there’s nothing wrong with that. I love that about you Mia. You don’t lower your expectations and that’s a great quality to have - believe me.”

“Do you think my expectations are too high though? I’m 21 for God’s sake I feel like I should get it over and done with. It’s not like I’ve never put anything up there before...” she blushed.

Frankie giggled at her best-friend through the screen. “True, but you have never found it easy to be intimate with someone – even if they were dropping the hints left right and centre. God it took you ages to make your move on me!”

Mia reminisced about how nervous she was when she kissed Frankie for the first time. The butterflies in her stomach never stopped fluttering that whole night. Even though the relationship was over and the decision was amicable it still made her wonder if not finding someone new to be intimate with was related that previous relationship.

“So any developments on that Jesse guy?” The question made Mia smile, even the memory of him from earlier that day in his training gear made the muscles in her cheeks ache in delight. “Me and Norah saw him today when we were out running. He was much better looking than I remembered – oh and he plays football or ‘soccer’ as they like to call it here. Wasn’t exactly my finest moment in my working out gear.”

“Think about it this way, he’s now already seen you red faced and sweaty so he’ll know what to expect when you shag him!” The girls laughed hysterically. “Plus you are looking pretty fine tonight if you don’t mind me saying. Where are you off to?”

“Another kegger Norah got us invited to, I actually think this one is at a Fraternity. Alpha-Sigma-Gamma-Pi-something-or-other. It’s bound to be some entertainment for tonight since I don’t have Doctor Who to watch.” Frankie rolled her eyes in response. “Never mind that! Get your finger out tonight and start smooching.”

“What? With randoms?”

“Consider it as practice.”

The sound of footsteps coming up the stairs made Mia notice the time. There was a light knock at the door then Norah stuck her head in. “Hey, we’re just waiting for Kristopher to get changed then heading out in the next ten minutes. Take your time though - I don’t mind waiting for you.”

“It’s okay Norah,” shouted the voice from Mia’s laptop, “its way past my bedtime here so I should be going too.” Norah smiled and waved back at the stranger, “Have a good night sleep. I’ll make sure this one behaves.” She pointed at Mia.

“Don’t do that.” Frankie answered. “You need to make sure she doesn’t behave!”

“Ha-ha, I’ll get drinks organised. Just come downstairs when you’re ready Mia. Bye Frankie.” She closed the door behind her as she walked out of the room. Frankie and Mia said their goodbyes, each girls anticipating the next time that they could catch-up again. It was always a comfort to have Frankie to rely on for advice – even if she was on the other side of the world.

Mia joined her flatmates downstairs, preparing for the antics ahead....

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