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Mia - Chapter 5: The Sleepover (Part II)

"This is fine; just helping a buddy out," Jesse assured himself as he made sure all the electrical outlets were switched off around the apartment.

He was also giving Mia plenty of time to get ready for bed. He knocked his bedroom door and waited for her to give him the okay to enter. 

"Holy shit she’s just made that t-shirt the sexiest thing I own!" 

Jesse endeavored to contain his excitement as he watched Mia, who was now only dressed in one of his baggy Toronto Maple Leafs' tees, perch herself on top of his bed. The t-shirt barely covered her butt and exposed her black underwear.
Mia slipped under the covers, wondering why she just didn’t stick to her original plans of crashing on the couch. She hadn’t heard the bedroom door close over so she was surprised to see Jesse watching her from the corner of his small bedroom. He had changed into a faded grey t-shirt and only had on a pair of blue plaid boxer shorts for his bottoms. Mia tried to keep her eyes from straying over his body, so she attempted to make a light conversation.

“Um, I didn’t know which side of the bed is yours. I’ll move if it’s the same as mine.” Mia stammered. "wow I even amaze myself at conversation starters – good one Mia." 

“Mine is usually on the left,” he answered with a smile.

Mia scooted over to the right.

“I’m guessing yours was left too?” he asked and she smiled and nodded back. “I’m pre-warned then if you snuggle over to my side during the night then,” he joked.

“Don’t flatter yourself.”

“Who me?”

He climbed into the bed, both him and Mia now aware of the impossibly small gap that separated their bodies.

“Ohh, Jesse you’re so nice why can’t I find a hot stud like you for myself?’” he mocked, in a poor attempt at a Scottish accent.

Mia playfully slapped him on the arm, “I did not fucking say that!”

“Ouch! Well I may have exaggerated a little but how do you know exactly what you said that night? You were drunk! Oh, and by the way, you really need to teach me your Beyoncé moves at some point.”

Mia rubbed her forehead in frustration. Jesse was right, getting drunk was becoming a theme of her disastrous misdemeanors.

“Remind me never to touch Sambuca again. Actually, no need - spending the next morning in the bathroom hugging the toilet was enough to do that.”

Jesse laughed aloud; she wasn’t like the girls that he usually hung around with. Sure she was sweet and pleasant but there was a unique quality in her honesty. Mia never felt the need to disguise the unflattering details that most girls would hide. She had an, ‘accept me as I am,’ attitude and Jesse had a huge amount of respect for that. He waited for her laughter to subside, before moving on to a more probing topic of conversation.

“Mia, can I ask you something?”

“Of course you can.”

“How is a girl like you still single?”

He rolled onto his side and looked at her face, watching her expression as she stared blankly at his bedroom ceiling. The look she gave him out of the corner of her eye was slightly suspicious. She pulled the blanket up to her chin before answering.

“Uhmm... I guess... I don’t actually know. I mean, I don’t really get asked out by a lot of guys. A few of my friends have said it’s because I’m oblivious to it. Like I must give off some ‘fuck off’ signal when I’m out. I dunno... Maybe being brought up with boys and having lots of guy friends killed some part of my personality that enables me to flirt or something. ”

“Well that can’t be true. You always seem to reel them in whenever I’ve seen you out.”

"Myself included," he thought.

“My ex-girlfriend, Frankie, says it’s because I’m too picky. She thinks my standards are too high.”

“Hold up – your ex is a GIRL?” Jesse leaned up on his elbow; his eyes were scanning Mia’s face in shock.

Mia caught the surprised look on his face. She couldn’t help smiling at the reaction her revelation produced. 

"Ahh Jesse, so hot yet so naive," She thought.

Yes, Frankie is a girl. We were a couple, but aren’t anymore,” she spoke clearly as if she was explaining to a child.

“Fuck! I had no idea you are into girls,” he said unable to hide the shock in his voice.

“It’s not something that I go around announcing,” she giggled before turning serious.

“I think some people can be a bit judgmental. Some think it’s something that girls do to become more promiscuous. It was never like that with Frankie. I don’t find women attractive because its ‘trendy’ or anything. They’re attractive because the just are, you know?”

Jesse nodded and returned to laying on his back, still unable to hide the disbelief at Mia’s sexuality. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, being bi-sexual, just not something he expected of the amiable Scottish girl, for whom he was falling. He also didn’t enjoy the slightly inadequate way it made him feel. It was as though Mia had become worldlier at the same time.

“Does it bother you?” This time Mia turned on her side to face him.

“Of course not - I’m just surprised.” He turned to face her, their bodies only inches apart. “It must be fun, right? Best of both worlds.”

“Well I guess it is, in theory,” she hesitated, not knowing whether it would be right time to tell him the truth about her inexperience with male of the species.

“What do you mean – in theory? You like guys and girls, right?”

“Yes... Oh, never mind. Just forget I said anything.” She rolled over onto the opposite side with her back to him pulling the covers back up to her chin. Her heart was beating in her chest and she pressed her eyelids closed, as if just willing that she would fall asleep at that moment.

The realization stuck Jesse instantly, but it didn’t stop him pressing for more answers. It was as if the power had shifted back to him again and he enjoyed being in control. He edged closer to her so she wouldn’t ignore him. His chest was almost touching her back and he leaned over her ear before speaking.

“Mia... How many guys have you been with?”

There was no answer and he smiled deviously knowing that she was trying to ignore the question, “I can wait all night...”

She let out a defeated sigh, knowing that he would learn the truth sooner or later.

“None. Zero. No one. I haven’t been with a guy before.”

Her body tensed up, awaiting some sort of embarrassing response, but she spoke, before she got one. “I guess you think that there must be something wrong with me? I’m a prude or I must be a lesbian if I haven’t even slept with a guy.”

“Mia, don’t be stupid. Of course I don’t think that,” he answered soothingly, wanting to hold her tight, to reassure her. “It blows my mind that some guy hasn’t been able to get into your panties yet. But then again, maybe you’ve never met the right one...”

Jesse saw Mia's body relax a little, glad that he managed to say something right for a change. “You’ve still got girls right? And that’s an image that’s going to stay fixed in my mind. My imagination will have you paired up with every hot girl you speak to.”

“It doesn’t work like that you know? I don’t find every girl on the planet attractive – the same way that you don’t either. I’m probably just as picky with girls too.”

“I know but I can’t help it – I’m a guy and logic doesn’t matter when I can fantasize about you and some other hot girl.”

She rolled her eyes at him and he smiled back.

“So... What are your thoughts on threesomes then?” Jesse joked as he moved back over to his spot on the left, but not before giving Mia a playful pinch on the waist.

She elbowed him in the chest as a reflex which only encouraged him to pinch her again.

This time she grabbed his hand and looked him straight in the eye, “This is really cute in a romantic comedy sort of way. But I think you should cut it out before you or I do something we’ll regret later.”

Mia released Jesse’s hand and made to roll over with her back to him. However, before she could pull the duvet back over her shoulder, Jesse had grabbed her and pinned her down underneath him. Her heart was racing so fast it felt like she was having palpitations and she couldn’t ignore the butterflies that were fluttering in her stomach. She made an attempt to push him away but it was hopeless as he held her hands with his. She was resigned to accept that he had no intention to move, so she played along and spread her thighs, allowing him to slip his waist between them.

They both stared at one another; faces only a few centimeters apart, each other’s breath hot against their own skin. Even though he had instigated the situation and was growing excited by it, Jesse wouldn’t close the gap between them. It was as if he was urging her to make the final step toward temptation. It was a line that Mia was not completely ready to cross yet. Lying there submissively, as he rested his body upon hers was one thing. Kissing him or showing any clear sign of affection was another. What she couldn’t stop herself from doing was far more tempting.

Mia never anticipated the more primal urges of having a handsome man that she lusted after between her thighs. Throwing some caution to the wind, she closed her eyes and began to move her hips rhythmically under his. Jesse was already beginning to grow hard when hefirst lay on top of her, but her movements only increased the growing stiffness. His pelvis automatically thrust against her causing her to feel how aroused he was becoming.

'Wow, this is new. God this feels so hot and... Different,' she thought to herself.

Her arousal was as great as his. Her black cotton panties were already beginning to feel a little damp at the crotch and the sensation made her bite her bottom lip in pleasure. The satisfaction on her face goaded Jesse into kissing her – but not on the lips. He softly planted one on the skin under her ear lobe. Mia let out a soft moan as Jesse kissed along her neck. His light stubble tickled against her soft skin and she enjoyed the physical difference between him and her previous partners. Where Frankie and Norah’s bodies were soft and light; Jesse’s was hard and muscular. His athletic frame was not only taller, but also broader then her own. His weight added to his physical strength against her and made her feel vulnerable as he lay on top of her.

Jesse released her hands and she immediately wrapped them around his back, touching his skin under his t-shirt. While kissing along her neck, he ran his hand up her thigh, wrapping her leg around his waist. He knew he was going too far, but part of him thought it made little difference now; they had broken so many rules already. Rational thoughts were no longer present in his brain. The blood flow was rushing south and the only person he was thinking about was the beautiful brunette that was moving her hands over his back.

Mia traced her fingers down the sides of his torso, which made his body shudder a little. She traced back upwards, this time pulling his t-shirt up, indicating that she wanted it to come off. He slipped the t-shirt off over his head and tossed it on the floor. Mia gulped as she took in Jesse’s naked torso. His upper-body was perfectly sculpted; his skin was lightly tanned and every muscle was defined. She smiled when she noticed him, watching her evaluate his body.

Mia gazed into his eyes, as she let her hand caress down his chest, feeling every well-defined muscle. Jesse rolled onto his side, taking Mia with him, giving her a better angle with which to continue her study of his male form. He moaned, as she trailed her fingers upwards from his abs until she rested her hand on his shoulder. Jesse ran his fingers through her dark locks, holding her head in his hand. They both knew what was about to happen but the lack of surprise didn’t make the moment any less intense.

Leaning forward, Jesse gently brushed his lips over Mia’s. She closed her eyes, blocking out every nagging thought in her head, and savored this moment with him and kissed back. The kiss deepened, as their mouths opened and their tongues flicked. Mia sighed with pleasure, as she felt Jesse press his pelvis against hers. His erection was difficult to ignore, as it strained against his boxer shorts. He wrapped Mia’s leg around his waist and slipped his muscular thigh between hers.

Mia was unable to hold back a loud moan as he ground into her. The moment was intoxicating, even though there was a lower concentration of alcohol in her blood stream than on previous encounters. She breathed in the fading scent of his cologne and gripped on to his shoulders, as his kisses became more ravenous.

His urges made him want to push the boundaries even further, but Jesse’s own conscience was preventing him from taking full advantage of Mia, in his bed. Dry humping was all the intimacy that was needed right now. Mia’s soft moans reverberated around his room and it registered with him that she wanted this as much as he did. He never expected that the first day he met her, months ago in her PJs, would lead to this moment.

“Jesse...” came the moan that escaped her lips, it sounded sweet like honey to his ears.

Mia’s eyebrows furrowed, as the friction against her throbbing clit was pushing her to climax, and fast. She arched her back and Jesse ground against her, faster, moving his hands under the t-shirt she was wearing. Jesse’s hands were rough against the soft skin of her breasts and Mia bit down her lip as his thumb stroked over her nipple. It was the cue that her body needed; she panted as her entire body shook under him. Her release was slow but intense. Jesse kissed her, slowly, but he was growing more impatient as he anticipated his own climax.

Even if he differed physically from Mia’s previous partners, she knew that it was only fair to return the sexual favour, since she had experienced hers first. Feeling brave, she pushed Jesse to lie on his back and pinned him down. She straddled his crotch and ground against his throbbing erection, as he lay under her. As she humped, she leaned over, kissed along his neck and heard him groan into her ear. The tables turned, he now lifted the hem of the emblazoned hockey t-shirt she wore and urged her to remove it. Jesse instantly cupped Mia’s pert breasts and restrained a chuckle as she broke eye contact and blushed.

“Mia, come here you sexy little thing,” he commanded pulling her in for an amorous kiss.

As they kissed, Mia pressed her body against Jesse’s, so that her breasts were touching his chest. The only barrier between their skin, was the material of their respective underwear. Mia felt his hands travel down to her ass and his thrusts became harder. Jesse squeezed her cheeks and gave her bottom a gentle slap which made her giggle.

“Are you close?” Mia whispered in his ear, wondering if he required the removal of more clothing to get off.

“Almost there...” Jesse groaned back.

He slid his hands down the back of her thighs and rolled her over so that he was on top again. This time Mia wrapped her legs around his back and he kissed over her chest and licked her nipples. He ground against her, with a slower rhythm and felt his balls tighten before the urgent release.

“Oh fuck... Mia,” he rasped as he reached orgasm, his spurting load contained within his boxers.

The muscles in his body tightened and Mia watched as his face was wrought with an expression that could only be pleasure. She ran her fingers through his hair, tenderly, as Jesse’s head rested against her shoulder.

“Mmmm,” he moaned appreciatively as he regained his breath.

Mia stroked his neck and back as they both relaxed post-orgasm.

After a few minutes, Mia felt Jesse lift his body from hers, and was saddened, as she missed the contact of him against her skin already.

“I’ll be back in a sec, Baby. Just gotta clean-up,” he said as his eyes looked downwards at his crotch.

She giggled at the realization and Jesse gave her a tender kiss on the lips, before walking out of the bedroom with a fresh pair of boxers in tow. Settling comfortably in Jesse’s bed, Mia pulled the covers back over herself while she waited for him to return.

He called me ‘Baby’," was her last thought, before her eyes grew heavy and closed over.

Jesse wandered back into his bedroom quietly, only to find Mia snuggled up under his duvet peacefully sleeping on his side of the bed. Not wanting to disturb her, he decided to be a gentleman and let her have it – she was a guest this evening after all.
To: Frankie Jones 
From: Mia Daly
Date: 13.11.2010 (12.21 EST)
Subject: I've done something so wrong.

I really wish you were here right now. You’re probably still at uni so I thought this would be the quickest way to speak to you. I don’t have any credit left on my phone.

I can’t even describe how annoyed/pissed-off/upset/angry I am and I can only blame myself.

Last night I slept over at Jesse’s apartment. The reasons that led to being there aren’t really important – I just need to get this off my chest. Against my better judgment I ended up sleeping with him. There wasn’t any sex (well some dry humping if that counts) but it was really intimate. I felt like I had finally got everything I wanted; the man of my dreams.

Without going into the gory details we did some ‘stuff’ and it was amazing. I felt totally comfortable with him. Last night when I fell asleep it was like everything had fallen into place.

What I forgot to account for was the plainly obvious fact that he STILL has a girlfriend. So what we did last night was cheating!

I feel so bad Frankie. I’m now one of the girls that you hate for being with the guys that have screwed you over.

I like him so much – even as far as to say that I might be falling for him. What we did last night wasn’t 100% instigated by him. I know the responsibility is shared. Everything is a mess.

What feels worse was that I had totally pushed her out of my consciousness when I was with him. It was as if she didn’t exist. But that only lasted until this morning. She called him pretty much first thing (I wonder if she is telepathic). I dunno what they spoke about but while he was on the phone to her I just had this overwhelming amount of self-loathing. What sort of person am I if I can fool around with him and not worry about the person who is probably in love with him until after I’ve had my fun?

I think it’s really obvious in a situation like this to push all the blame on the one doing the cheating. Jesse mentioned something last night about it not working out with them but he was really vague. This morning after he spoke to her he apologized to me and said he wanted to break up with her – but he’d rather do it in person. Frankie, I don’t want to be the person that influences that decision.

I told him we shouldn’t see each other anymore. It’s not what I honestly wanted to do but I have to have some punishment. Do you think I made a mistake?

He’s trying to call me right now – I’m ignoring it. I just want to be home.

Miss you,

M xx

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