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Mia - Chapter 7: Back to Square One

Going home can really give you perspective.
“Hey, Lazy-arse, are you getting up yet?”

“Hmmmmm,” Frankie groaned as she felt Mia give her shoulder a shake. It felt way too early to be getting up from sleep. “I thought you’d still be the one sleeping in since your body is used to Boston time.”

Mia shook her head disapprovingly at Frankie’s lame excuse for a lie in. She placed a glass of water down on Frankie’s bedside cabinet and handed her a couple of headache tablets. It had been a boozy evening the night before and the party season was beginning to catch up with Frankie, she felt like she was constantly waking up to a hangover.

“I guess you didn’t go home last night?” Frankie asked realising that Mia must have spent the night at her flat. She took a gulp of water and closed her eyes again, hoping the headache would disappear instantly.

“When I practically carried you up the stairs last night you were absolutely wasted and I thought it would be a good idea to stay. I didn’t want you waking up in a puddle of your own spew.” Mia informed her.

“Aww, you’re so sweet for looking after me. I miss having you around Mia. Come and give me a cuddle; you can be the big spoon.”

Mia rolled her eyes and climbed into the bed with her ex-girlfriend snuggling in behind her. It was the first time she had properly embraced Frankie since she got back home. It felt good, as though they were never separated by three thousand miles for almost four months.

“Thanks; I love mothering you too,” Mia answered sarcastically. “How do you cope when you don’t have me to hold your hair off your face when you’re sick?”

“That’s not what I meant,” Frankie interjected giving Mia a nudge. “You know I love being with you. I missed you so much. Sometimes I just wanted to book the next flight over there and come and see you. But then I knew you would flip out at me for missing uni and spending my student loan.”

“Hmm, it actually would have been nice to have you around in Boston – especially in the last month there.

Don’t tell my Mum this, but I love living in my own place. I know it’s not perfect that I have to share a bedroom, but the other aspects, like having my own ways of doing things is fun. I actually find it a bit weird being in my own bed now. Is that a bit mental?”

“No babe, not at all,” Frankie said as she wrapped her hand in Mia’s. “You’re just growing up. Anyway I know how you feel about living on your own – I think I’d top myself if I had to live with my Dad again. Christmas was so bad – I tried to be nice for my Mum’s sake but it was tough.”

Frankie sniffed a little at the awkward memory of her Christmas; it made her more thankful that Mia was home so she could share her feelings. It was that common ground between them that Frankie thought had brought them closer together.

Frankie had always had a distant relationship of her father and she deeply resented the way that he always managed to make her feel like was worthless. She always reasoned that was why acted out whenever she was home in Kent.

Mia on the other hand didn’t have a relationship with her biological father. Her mother was only a teenager when she fell pregnant with Mia and her father never stuck around. So while Mia didn’t envy the cold relationship Frankie had with hers, she did miss having a male figure around.

Frankie felt Mia place a soft kiss on her shoulder and Mia hugged her a little closer so she felt comforted. “This is nice,” Mia commented as she rested her head against Frankie’s shoulder. “I miss having someone to cuddle.”

“Cuddling is good, but spooning is better,” Frankie responded. “Especially when it turns into forking.”

They both giggled and enjoyed the bond they still had. Frankie rolled over on her back to face Mia and she pushed a long lock of Mia’s hair behind her ear. “I really want to kiss you; but I bet I absolutely stink of alcohol.”

Mia leaned so close that their lips were almost touching. Frankie closed her eyes anticipating the next move but her lust was suspended by Mia’s voice.

“Hmmm, you do reek of Vodka but it’s not too bad.”

Noticing a slight look of disappointment on Frankie’s face, Mia closed her eyes and gave her a slow lingering kiss.

They broke apart unsure of the next course of action. Frankie was the first to turn away as she made to get out of bed. She made an excuse of needing the toilet and she stumbled into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Mia sighed against the pillow and covered her face with her hands. And here was me thinking things would be less complicated back home.


A few hours later the girls had changed and had breakfast. After deciding that she was now able to function properly; Frankie suggested a dash around the holiday sales. It was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. The months that they had spent apart seemed to fade slightly in their memory as the eased back into their normal routine.

Even though there was not much change in conversation and mood, it was easy for Mia to tell that Frankie seemed lost in her own world. On the surface she still seemed her usual hyperactive self, picking out pretty clothes that she thought would suit Mia. However, there would be moments were Mia would notice that she seemed distant.

When Mia would ask Frankie if there was something the matter she would just shrug it off and change the subject. Mia knew that she would need to press further when she found the right moment.

With half of the shops now visited and half of their Christmas money now gone, the girls sat down for lunch for fish and chips just off Buchanan Street with a several shopping bags now in tow.

While Frankie excused herself from the bathroom, Mia took the moment to check her emails on her smartphone. She was surprised to see there were a few unread messages.

To: Mia Daly

From: Norah N Moran

Subject: I’m so sorry.

Date: 02/01/2011 23:44

Hi Mia....

I’m guessing that you are probably surprised to be hearing from me over the holidays. I know we didn’t leave things well before we left Boston. It has taken me so long to pluck up the courage to even write to you.

First of all – I am so sorry. The way I acted towards you in those last few weeks was appalling; I was such a bitch and I didn’t consider any of your feelings at all. I suppose that I owe you an explanation.

I also can’t help but regret that night I had James back. I don’t even know why I did it. You must think I’m so spiteful but really that’s not me. If I was in your position I would find it really hard to forgive me, but I have my fingers crossed that you do.

It’s hard for me to really speak about my feelings; I’ve always been quite self-conscious about how people would react. For the past few months I’ve been really struggling to come to terms with what happened between us that night of the party.

I know I didn’t want to talk about it then but I think I need to now because it will give you some kind of idea of what I was going through.

I think anyone could look at the situation and assume that it was a typical college-drunken- experiment, but I don’t think it was for me. For a while I’ve been, for lack or better word, confused.

Knowing that you were bi-sexual and so confident about it made me wonder if that was what I was. I’ve had a few boyfriends before and I always felt as though there was something missing.

I just assumed that maybe I just hadn’t met the right one. I guess now it wasn’t that at all.

I know this because I have accepted that I have feelings for you. It’s nothing like how I’ve felt with boys. I really like you and that’s why I was so stroppy about the Jesse thing. I just hated the fact that you might not feel the same way back.

I know us being roommates makes this situation more complicated. I honestly don’t want you to feel burdened by this. If you don’t have feelings for me then I guess I can accept that. My main priority would be to have you back as a friend at least.

Hope this gives you a better understanding of why I blocked you out and hopefully we can go back to being friends again.


Norah x

Mia frowned slightly upon reading the message. The situation had become a lot clearer now with Norah. Mia started to feel a little sad that she might have been too harsh over her last argument with Norah. She rubbed her head thinking of all the warning signs that Norah had left that signalled her hostile behaviour before they left for the Christmas break.

I didn’t realise she was confused this whole time. Did I really disappoint her? This is starting to get way too complicated for me.

The sound of Frankie pulling back her chair brought Mia back to Earth. “Hey, what’s up? Everything alright?” her best friend asked with concern.

“Hmmm, not really. I just got this from Norah.” Mia handed Frankie her phone and let her read the email. Frankie let out a sigh and looked at Mia with a small sympathetic look as she put the phone down on the table.

“Looks like you where right then,” Mia commented to Frankie.

“I guess I was,” she replied. “I feel a little sad for her now.”

“I’m worried that I was too harsh on her...”

“Don’t be, babe,” Frankie assured as she squeezed Mia’s hand. “It still wasn’t right that she gave you the cold shoulder and you did the right thing by standing up for yourself.”

“Yeah but Frankie, she only did that because she liked me. I could have made more of an effort to find out what was bothering her.”

“Mia you can’t hold yourself responsible for the way other people behave. Remember she is the one apologising to you now.” There was a brief pause before Frankie spoke again. “Do you know what you are going to say back?”

Mia shook her head and looked away trying to work out a suitable response for Norah. It was something she needed some time alone with. Their silence was interrupted by the waitress bringing them their food.

The girls had both settled on the Fish Tea Special which included a deep fried, battered Coley fillet with chips (not French fries as Mia had been accustomed to call them) served with bread and butter and a cup of tea.

Mia’s face lit up and she closed her eyes, reviling at the familiar smells she craved for the past four months before saying aloud, “I’m home.”

Frankie giggled and passed the salt and vinegar happy to see that Mia was a bit perkier for the meantime.


Sitting at her desk at home, Mia stared blankly at her email inbox. A few days had passed and even with Frankie’s encouragement, she still hadn’t gotten round to replying to Norah’s email.

What do I say ? I really want to be her friend again but why am I finding it so hard to write back? Frankie has been the only girl for me for so long and I’m confused at how to feel with anyone else. What if it’s not the same? What if it’s better? God, how can I fix this so I don’t mess anyone about?

Mia’s thought were interrupted when an IM popped up on the screen. A small smile crept over her face when she noticed who it was.

Jesse1990: Hey stranger, how r ya? X

LittleMissMia: Gd thanks, u?

Jesse1990: yeh gd too. How’s Glasgow? Having fun @ home?

LittleMissMia: it’s been amazing being back, lots of snow this year in Glasvegas, we’re probably competing with u lot in the weather stakes. How’s Toronto?

Jesse1990: Glasvegas, lol! T.O. covered in snow, mom’s seriously regretting not getting a 4x4. I’ve got the honour of shovelling the driveway so she can get 2 work. R U missing Massachusetts yet? X

LittleMissMia: hmmmm, I dunno. I like that I don’t have any exams to go back to. Think it will be hard leaving here again. But I didn’t realise how much I got used to living on my own. Having my own space – I must have got used to it in a way...

Jesse1990: Living on my own is something I’ve only started to enjoy. P.S. I was not so secretly hoping u would say u were missing me and couldn’t wait to see my fine ass when u got back, lol x

LittleMissMia: :-) ever the charmer Jesse. I haven’t missed those smart-ass comments thats for sure.

Jesse1990: that’s a pity ‘cuz I missed ur wise-ass jibes a lot. :-(

LittleMissMia: aww how sweet. I suppose I’ll be back soon enough to grace u with my presence and banter. X

Jesse1990: look forward to it ;-) I was thinking, and please don’t freak out, maybe when u get back we could go out sometime. What do ya think? x

LittleMissMia: like a date?

Jesse1990: yeh...

LittleMissMia: Jess...

Jesse1990: hey, you don’t need to give me an answer right now. I just wanted 2 put it out there. It’s a suggestion

LittleMissMia: No, I’m flattered – really

Jesse1990: but...

LittleMissMia: just have to sort my head out right now a few things have changed since we last spoke, do u mind if I get back to you about it?

Jesse1990: sure... take your time. Hope everything is ok. Btw, don’t feel pressured at all. U know how I feel and I think we’d have a good time together, I’ve been wanting to ask you for a while. Let’s be honest we’d make a great looking couple :-P x

LittleMissMia: trust u to make light of everything x

Jesse1990: well u were the one who said I was charming J ... I have to go, my mom is shouting on me. Just email me when u decide ok?

LittleMissMia: will do –oh 2 secs guess what?

Jesse1990: ?

LittleMissMia: guess who’s going to see Drake 2nite? X

Jesse1990: no f**king way! Thats so kl. Actually jealous right now. Any chance u have a spare ticket? x

LittleMissMia: do you think you would make it here on time? Lol

Jesse1990: damn I guess not. Anyways have a gd time 2nite, will be waiting eagerly for ur decision ;)

LittleMissMia: haha, no pressure right? I’ll get back to u as soon as I can. Take care J x

Jesse1990: u too Mia xxx

Mia rested her head on the desk in exhaustion. Brilliant, now I have two emails to send. How much more of a soap opera can the next few months become?

Straightening up in her chair, Mia focused on why she had logged into her emails in the first place.

To: Norah N Moran

From Mia Daly

Subject: Re: I’m so sorry.

Date: 04/01/2011 16:44

Hi Norah,

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you. I’ve been digesting everything that you have told me in your email.

First of all I want to tell you how brave I think you are for being so honest about your sexuality. I know it probably wasn’t easy for you to tell me exactly what was going on with you and how you are feeling. I really am proud of you. I would really like to give u a big hug right now.

Secondly, don’t worry about what you did; all is forgiven. I realise why and I can’t hold it against you now. I just hope that we can move on. I’ve really missed being your friend and all the fun times we had when we hung out together.

I’m sure that Patrice and Kris will be chuffed that everything is ok with us now. In the meantime all I want to do right now is enjoy the time I have left here at home. I’m sure you do too!

How are things in Galway? Did you have a nice Christmas with your family? How was New Year?

Keep in touch and will see you next week. I think it will be good to have a proper catch up when we get back to uni.

Can’t wait to see you again and hope you enjoy the rest of the break,

Love Mia xoxo


Mia walked up the steps to Frankie’s second floor flat with her overnight bag in one hand and a carrier bag with Chinese take-out and a bottle of wine in the other. The girls were heading out later that night to watch Drake at the O2 Academy.

Rap gigs weren’t usually Mia’s cup of tea but she had relented when Frankie gave her Drake’s album for Christmas and really enjoyed it. It reminded her when she first heard a few of the tracks in Jesse’s car before she came home.

Frankie stood at the door in wearing just a simple pair of leggings and a hoodie waiting for Mia and the food. The girls gave each other a hug and Frankie took Mia’s luggage and put it in her bedroom before opening the wine and pouring a glass each.

Sitting up at the breakfast bar, Mia could hear music in the background but it didn’t seem to be coming from the speakers of Frankie’s docking station. It sounded like guitar chords.

“Where’s that music coming from?” she asked Frankie while taking a sip of wine.

“It’s Kevin. He’s practicing in his room.”

“He sounds quite good. When did he get back?”

Frankie started dishing out the food and Mia noticed her tuck her short hair behind her ear; a gesture that usually meant that she was nervous about something.

“Last night,” Frankie replied shortly.

“Anything you want to talk about?” Mia asked raising her eyebrows.

“No, everything’s fine. Did you email Norah?” she asked deflecting Mia’s questions. Mia knew it maybe wasn’t a good time to quiz her about Kevin if he was just in the next room so she let Frankie away this time.

“Yeah, I emailed her before I came here. Said we should have a proper chat when we get back.”

“What about Jesse; heard anything from him?”

Mia swallowed nervously but knew that she should be taking full advantage of being with her best friend and to be able to have someone to share her experiences.

“He IM’d me just before I emailed Norah. He seems well.”

“Anything you want to talk about?” Frankie asked this time mockingly.

“He asked me out... on a date.” Mia replied with her eyes down on her plate trying to avoid Frankie’s inquiring stare. She knew there would be an interrogation to follow.

Frankie’s eyes were wide with surprise but she was slightly puzzled at the confused expression that was on Mia’s face.

“So what’s with the face? I thought you liked him?”

“We haven’t got off to a great start have we? It also won’t help with the Norah thing either. I don’t know Frankie... I keep thinking would it be worth the hassle? Plus who am I kidding? I’m hopeless with guys; I haven’t even had a boyfriend before. It’s all a bit foreign to me.”

“All of that is true, but you must have an idea of what you want Mia. It’s also not as if he doesn’t know you haven’t had a boyfriend. Or has Norah coming out to you made you change your mind? Do you have feelings for her instead?”

Mia looked down at her plate and stared to push the food around with her fork. Usually talking things over with Frankie helps but it seems as thought everything is too messy this time. She still hadn’t given Frankie and answer and was unsure what to say.

The girl’s conversation was interrupted though when Kevin walked into the kitchen.

“I thought I could smell something amazing from my room,” he said as he poured himself a glass of water.

“Kev, this is Mia.” Frankie said as she finished the remains of her dinner.

“Hiya,” they both said as they were introduced.

“Frankie has told me loads about you. It’s nice to put a face to the name,” he said warmly.

Mia smiled in response wondering how much exactly Frankie had told Kevin about her. The three of them chatted idly which gave Mia time to asses Frankie’s flatmate.

He was around 5ft 10 and had and was quite thin but not too skinny. His hair was longish for a boy but fitted the Indie look that was trendy at the moment. His family had moved to Kent, where Frankie is from, when he was in high school so he still possessed a Mancunian accent.

Kevin was extremely polite and friendly and it was obvious to Mia why Frankie had gotten quite close to him. He seemed to be a genuinely warm person and quite humorous. Mia wondered what Frankie was yet to tell her.

“Well I leave you ladies to it or I’ll be late for this date. Wish me luck,” said Kevin before picking up his keys from the bowl on the counter. “Have fun tonight girls.” Mia gave him a small wave before looking at Frankie who was looking down at the floor.

“Ahhh... I see,” said Mia in realisation.

Frankie’s expression was slightly forlorn; it was obvious now to Mia that the news of Kevin’s date didn’t settle well with her. A complicated relationship with their flatmates was now a universal theme for the pair.

They both sat in silence for another minute before Mia decided to make a positive change to the current mood.“Right, that’s it. We’re going to forget out shitty love lives and have a fucking good time tonight.”

Mia topped up Frankie’s glass and walked over to the stereo and put on Frankie’s ‘Getting Ready’ playlist in her iPod. Rihanna started to blare from the speakers and Mia could see the corners of Frankie’s mouth twitch into a smile as she picked up her glass and joined Mia dancing over in the living room.

A couple of hours later and the girls had arrived outside the O2 Academy dressed to the nines and ready to get their groove on.

The show didn’t disappoint and the girls had a great time getting tipsy and forgetting about their dramas. Tonight was all about having a great time together and they both enjoyed dancing and watching Drake cockily seduce the crowd.

The party fever didn’t end there and they both decided to venture to an after party to continue dancing, only deciding to come home when their feet became too sore.

Stumbling into Frankie’s flat the girls tried to contain their drunken giggles as not to wake her flatmate. They crept not so smoothly into the bedroom before collapsing on the bed.

“Thank god I cleared this bed before we left tonight; I’m in too much of a state to do it now,” Frankie giggled as they caught their breath from running up the stairs.

“I had such a good time tonight Frankie, thanks,” Mia said taking her best friend’s hand and giving it a squeeze.

“Me too babe. Can’t believe your leaving in a few days, I feel like I just got you back. I wish you could stay for a bit longer.”

“I know but I’ll be back soon enough for summer,”

“That’s ages away,” Frankie pretended to sob like a petulant child before they before they erupted into laughter. Frankie rolled over to face Mia side on and rested her head on Mia’s shoulder. “In all seriousness, I will miss you.”

Snuggling in closer, Mia rubbed her hand down Frankie’s back. The dress Frankie was wearing was cut out at the back so when Mia moved her hand up and down Frankie could feel her cold hands trace along it.

“That’s giving me the shivers babe,” she giggled in Mia’s ear.

“Sorry, do you want me to stop?”

Frankie shook her head and then swept Mia’s fringe off her face then stroked down her forehead to her chin.

“Frankie are you flirting with me?” Mia teased as she slid her hand down Frankie’s back over her behind.

“Sorry, do you want me to stop?”

Mia shook her head then closed her eyes as Frankie traced her fingers over Mia’s pouty bottom lip. Frankie continued her explorations down Mia’s neck to her chest where her low cut vest rested. Frankie’s palm slid under the black cotton vest and over Mia’s purple bra circling around her nipple.

Mia’s breath caught in her throat as she felt her nipple harden through the padding of her bra. She bit her bottom lip in as the familiarity of her ex-girlfriend’s touch brought back arousing memories. Frankie leaned over Mia as she lay on her back; her mouth hovering over Mia’s lips dangerously close.

Frankie rested her hand movements as she sought some kind of approval from Mia. “Should we be doing this?” she asked before kissing Mia softly. Mia closed her eyes as Frankie’s lips brushed against hers.

“I suppose it’s not the best idea we have ever had but I don’t want to stop. You’ve made me really horny now.”

In the dark lit bedroom Frankie could feel Mia’s smile rather than see it. “Well we could call it our going away present for each other. How does that sound?”

“Sounds brilliant,” Mia responded before running both of her hands through Frankie’s short pixie cut hair and pulling her closer into a lustful kiss.

Frankie moaned and began fondling Mia’s breasts again. This time she slipped fingers under the silky material of the bra and rubbed Mia’s nipple between her thumb and finger. It was Mia’s turn to moan this time which only encouraged Frankie to straddle her and begin to remove Mia’s clothing in order to get better access to her chest.

Leaning back over the now topless Mia, Frankie took Mia’s almost erect nipple into her mouth and rolled her tongue over it. Mia responded by arching her back, thrusting her chest up closer to Frankie’s mouth.

Both of the girls felt hungry and needy for a distraction from their respective reality and this felt like the cure. Mia ran her hands up Frankie’s thighs and under her floaty skirt of her dress.

She slipped her hands under Frankie’s panties and gave her bare ass a squeeze before slipping her fingers between her crack and trailing down to her sex.

Frankie bit her lip enjoying the sensation of Mia’s fingers playing with her pussy and could contain herself from grinding into Mia’s fingers.

Urgently Mia flipped Frankie onto the bed so that she was now lying down. Without having to say anything they both undressed quickly until the pair of them was naked in front of each other.

Frankie grabbed Mia’s hands and pulled her back on the bed. They each intertwined their legs and kissed each other eagerly.

“I want to taste you again, babe,” Frankie said before kissing down Mia’s chest to her thighs. She spread Mia’s legs apart and gently stroked her wet pussy lips. Mia squeezed her eyes shut and savoured Frankie’s wonderfully familiar touch.

“When was the last time someone touched you here Babe?” Frankie asked in a whisper.

“Ages ago,” Mia gasped while gripping onto the bed sheets. Frankie rubbed her fingers up and down Mia’s moist labia slowly, knowing that the Mia was longing for an orgasm through someone else’s touch.

“What about the last time someone ate you out?”

“Fuck Frankie! You are torturing me here!” Mia ran her hands through her hair, still watching Frankie through half closed eyes as she leisurely circled her clitoris with her thumb.

“Christ... I think you were the last one to give me oral... before I left for Boston.”

“Well I guess it would be only fitting that I do it before you leave again. Are you ready Babe?”

Mia nodded impatiently as Frankie crouched between Mia’s legs. She licked her lips before spreading Mia’s thighs farther apart then she lingered the tip of her tongue over Mia’s lips before flicking it over her clit.

Mia let out a loud moan before realising that she might wake up Frankie’s flatmates. It was so long since her and Frankie had sex and Mia knew that the impulsiveness of the situation was making her too excited. She knew she was going to come quick. And hard.

Frankie held Mia’s hips down to stop her from bucking. She gave Mia a quick seductive look before taking Mia’s throbbing bead in her mouth and sucking hard.

Mia squeezed Frankie’s hand as her legs and body became rigid and waves of pleasure swept over her as she released.

“Mia, you still taste as good as I can remember,” Frankie giggled as she crawled up and lay beside her.

It took a few minutes for Mia’s breathing to regain some normal pace. She leaned over Frankie and kissed her appreciatively. Her hands roamed all over Frankie’s lithe little body, paying close attention to her small b-cups.

She licked and sucked on Frankie’s nipples as Frankie stroked down the length of her back. Mia’s hand skimmed down her perfectly flat tummy and down the little strip of hair at Frankie’s crotch.

Mia spread Frankie’s wet lips with her fingers and let her teeth graze over her now erect nipple. Frankie gasped in surprise as Mia slipped her middle finger into her wet entrance at the same time. Pulling her fingers back out, Mia licked her fingers and took a taste.

Just as good as I remembered, she thought.

“Frankie, go on hands and knees,” Mia commanded. Frankie gave her a puzzled look but did as she was told. She rolled over and took position.

Mia slid underneath but only so that her head was positioned under Frankie’s crotch. Putting her hands on Frankie’s hips, Mia pulled Frankie’s crotch to her face and inhaled her luscious scent before letting her tongue enter Frankie’s pussy.

Frankie moaned and grinded herself against Mia’s mouth. Even though Mia was the one giving her pleasure, being in that position made her feel slightly empowered. Shifting her weight to one arm, Frankie used her free hand to knead her breast as Mia continued to eat her out.

She could feel Mia’s hands grip tighter at her thighs and the licking became faster and hungrier. Mia sucked, licked and flicked generously, revelling in Frankie’s moans and sighs.

Frankie cried out in ecstasy feeling her clit throb above Mia’s mouth. It took most of her strength to keep her weight on her arms as not to suffocate Mia even though she just felt like passing out after her orgasm.

Rolling Frankie over Mia climbed so that they were both face to face with one another. The girls panted and gave each other very satisfied smiles.

They lay like that for a few more minutes until they could feel a chill sweep over their naked bodies. Pulling the covers up they snuggled together. Mia taking the ‘big spoon’ position again.


Just two days after staying with Frankie it was time for Mia to get ready to leave Glasgow again. Leaving Frankie was still hard but this time the pair both parted with a slightly more optimistic outlook.

They both knew they weren’t in a position to pick things up from the last time. In some ways they had both moved on. Mia still had to decide who she was wanted to spend the next four months with and with some good advice from her best friend she had finally came to a decision.

Frankie was also given some advice on how to handle the Kevin situation too. Mia knew deep down that Frankie deserved someone as warm and friendly as Kevin. They were both pretty chuffed the next morning to hear him tell the girls of his disastrous date the night before.

Mia had her fingers crossed that it would work out for her best friend and Frankie was told to keep her posted on any news.

Mia took a last look around her bedroom making sure she had remembered to pack everything she had on her list. Over the last three weeks she had stuffed herself with as much of the treats she had missed for so long in Boston, so it had made her suitcase a lot lighter now that she had decided not to take any back with her.

That’s it; everything is in. Hopefully I will have some room now to bring things back, she pondered internally.

Now with the luggage all packed and suitcase zipped up, she only had to shut down her computer and get her step-dad to carry everything down to the car. Looking at the screen she re-read the emails that she had sent to Jesse and Norah. Mia was internally pleased with herself that it now seemed as though everything was working out.

Mia’s mum stuck her head round the door and watched her daughter as she closed down the PC.

“Is that you all set? John’s just getting his shoes on before he gets the ‘cases.”

“Yeah, I think that’s me got everything this time Mum.”

“Well if there’s anything you’ve missed I can send you the money to get it. Is Frankie coming to the airport?”

“No; we already said our goodbyes and she needs to study for her exams. I’ll text her before I leave anyway.”

“And one of your friends will be meeting you when you get to Boston? Do they have the flight number and everything?” Mia’s mum’s next question brought her back to reality again.

“Yes Mum. I emailed them the details.”

Mia walked over to her mother and gave her a reassuring hug, “I’ll be fine this time Mum. I’m sure the time will fly in too. It won’t be long until you will be doing all my laundry again.”

They both laughed before giving each other a comforting hug, one of many before Mia would be jetting back off to the States.

Eleven hours later Mia was in baggage claim after a slightly turbulent flight and another twenty minute interrogation about her visa. She took her last opportunity to check her appearance in her pocket mirror and was glad to see that she didn’t look too bad in all consideration. Her eyes were a little bloodshot from the lack of sleep but a caffeine boost would soon fix that.

Her back pocket began to vibrate as her phone indicated she had a message.

“Just got here, will see you in the arrivals hall soon xxx”

Mia felt her stomach doing a flip and she took a deep breath before she pushed the trolley carrying her luggage as confidently as she could. The automatic doors opened as she walked into the arrivals hall and she quickly looked around to see if she could spot them.

Her heart skipped a beat when she saw their tall familiar frame as she walked over to them; their hazel eyes and warm smile making her heart flutter.

“Hey you,” he said as he leaned down and wrapped his arms around her.

“Thanks for offering to pick me up Jesse,” she said as she hugged him back, closing her eyes and while they embraced.

“No problem; thanks for saying you will go out on a date with me.”

Mia blushed as he kissed her on the cheek before taking the trolley from her and leading her out of the airport.

“So... glad to be back?” he asked as the approached the car park.

“Yes, I am,” she replied and linked her arm through his as they walked to his car.

“Good, ‘cause I’m glad you’re back too. Get ready Mia, ‘cause I’m going to make sure the next four months will be the best times you ever had.”

Mia swallowed slightly nervously wondering what exactly Jesse had in store.

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