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Minuet In G Chapter III

Alice and Gerald get the keys, and a confession from his mother
Alice emerged from the bathroom in time to hear her mother in law say, “So when your grandfather married my mother, Sarah was absolutely livid. I always thought that a little strange, until the day of my eighteenth birthday.

Sarah and her “partner” (mother always referred to him as her “non-spouse” and thought it ghastly that they openly lived together, without, as she used to say, ‘benefit of clergy’) wanted to do something special for me, and invited me to their house for a little party. WELL! I can tell you. That was a ‘party’ all right, except it certainly wasn’t what I had hoped of or expected. Now, mind you, I’m no prude, and I had known ever since I was sixteen, that Sarah was , shall we say, ‘very liberated’. I always thought Adoule a bit daunting. He was a very tall, imposing man, and every time I ever saw him, he was impeccably dressed. He always reminded me of Bella Lugosi in that film, ‘Dracula’.

So, after mother dropped me off at their house, we had a wonderful meal. They had a chef at the time, who had just come from Paris, and was trying to get a job in one of the old Philadelphia Country Clubs. I think he finally went to work for one of them out on the Main Line, Manufacturer’s, maybe, or one of the others. Oh well, I digress. So we had a wonderful meal, accompanied by several very nice wines, and I was feeling a little bit tipsy.

Next thing I knew, we were seated in the living room, and Sarah put a roll in the piano, Chopin’s Prelude in E Minor, as I recall. And we were sitting around sipping sherry, and he leaned over and kissed me!

Well. I can tell you I was astounded, but his lips were so soft an so gentle, and Sarah said, “Oh, I think she likes it. Kiss her again, only this time show her you mean it.” And he did.

I found myself just melting, and all I could do was open my mouth, wanting to feel his tongue on mine. I was dimly aware that he had his hand on my thigh, and I could feel myself getting, well, you know. The way we women get.

That was just wonderful, though I was surprised Sarah seemed to be egging him on. After all, I thought he was her partner, and in my experience people who were partners just didn’t do that sort of thing. But it felt awfully good, so I was going along with the program.

Well. Next thing I knew, I had my bodice open, and his mouth was on my breasts, and I felt more hands on my inner thighs. I opened my eyes, and Sarah was half naked, on her knees in front of me, with her hands up under my skirts. Now, as I said, I sort of knew that she was , um, ‘liberated’, and suspected she had had her share of very close female friends. But I never thought she’d looked at me that way. The crazy thing is, it didn’t seem wrong. She was so much older than I, and had never really been in my life, so even though we were half-siblings, we didn’t FEEL like that, if you know what I mean. She had moved out of the house long before I was even born, so we always were more like friends than relatives.

Well, as you can imagine , one thing led to another and we had quite an afternoon. At some point, during the course of the afternoon, Sarah told me that my mother had been her lover, whom she brought home from college one weekend. When she threw Sarah over for my father, Sarah was devastated, and it was only meeting Adoule that had turned her life around.

She also told me that not only did she and Adoule enjoy the company of occasional ‘others’, as she said, they also liked to pretend that she was his love slave and had to do anything he required of her. Sometimes he would tie her up and even spank her. I was shocked. That just seemed depraved to me.

They asked me if I’d like to try that, and I quickly declined. But we did spend the entire afternoon in all sorts of positions in, I think nearly every room of the house, except the basement, and attic, of course.

But, you know, at eighteen, one really isn’t ready for that sort of thing as recreation. And, like any other eighteen year old, I left that house that day, with my eyes full of stars and my head full of dreams.”

“And your pussy full of something else,” Dr. Nesbit interjected, laughing.

“Don’t be crude, Dear,” Martha replied. “My children are present.” But she smiled as she said it, and both Alice and Gerald could tell she was enjoying re-living the memory.

“So that, son, is why you don’t remember your father. He was never in your life. When Sarah found out I was pregnant by her lover, she offered to pay to send me to Europe. They had doctors there who could take care of that sort of thing. When I turned her down, because I had decided to have the baby, she was so angry that she cut off all contact. Fortunately for me, the war came along and by the time I was showing, I was able to tell everyone I was married to a soldier. He, of course, was conveniently killed. So I was able to pose as a perfectly normal single mother while you were a little boy.

But a single woman gets lonely. We have needs too, you know. Well, when I was so depressed, and didn’t know why, Dear Ronald, here, knew the cure. And cure me he did, in oh, so many ways.” Here, she paused, and leaned over and gave her husband a peck on the cheek.

“And you decided that maybe being tied up once in a while wasn’t all that strange, didn’t you, Pet?” Ronald said.

At that Martha blushed and said, “To be honest, yes it is quite arousing. But I think Alice and Gerald already know that.” She looked Alice right in the eye as she said that last, and smiled, gently.

Gerald, who had been quietly listening and taking the entire story in, stood, and said, “Well, Mom, that does explain ever so many things I have often wondered about. But it is getting late, and tomorrow is another day. So I think Alice and I should head home.” He walked over to his mother then, and gave her a hug, saying, “I love you, Mom.”

“I love you too, son,” Martha replied. Then she said, brightly, “Oh, I almost forgot. There is one other thing we need to do.” Turning to Ronald she asked, “Do you want to tell them, or shall I?”

“Why don’t you, Dear. After all, she was your sister.”

“Okay.” Turning to Gerald and Alice, who were standing, holding hands, she said,” Ronald and I are so glad you were the ones who decided to buy Sarah’s house. Of course, we had no idea, until Gerald did the title search, and called us, but we were just tickled pink. So, as a housewarming gift, we’d like you to have Sarah’s silver service. I counted the pieces, and it is full service for eighteen, and several large serving spoons and forks.”

At this, Alice’s eyes began to well up, and a tear rolled down her cheek.

Gerald reached up with his free hand, and caught the tear with the back of his finger. “Thank you. Thank you both,” he said.

“That means so much to me,” Alice said. “I don’t know if you realize, but my grandmother had that same pattern, and when she died, I inherited her service for twelve. When I saw the table set in the dining room, I thought of her. Now, whenever I see the silver, I will think of her and of you two. Thank you so very much.”

Alice and Gerald left then, and made their way to the car. As soon as the car doors were closed, Alice reached over and put her hand on the inside of Gerald’s thigh. “Take me to our new house, Honey,” she said. “I want to make love with you in a place we can call our own.”

“Great minds,” said Gerald, as he put the BMW into gear.

When they got to the house, it was very different in the dark than in daylight. The plantings hid the house completely from the road, and there were no lights anywhere, save that of a partial moon. Even that was obscured by the clouds scudding across the sky. The wind had picked up considerably with nightfall, and the wind and clouds lent a gothic feel to the setting. Alice shivered slightly as she stood on the porch, waiting for Gerald to get the key into the lock.

They walked in slowly, one behind the other, feeling their way with their feet. Inside with the door closed, it was even darker. Gerald felt around where he thought the wall was, looking for the light switch. His groping hand fell on Alice’s breast, and he felt her nipple instantly harden under his touch. She leaned into him then, and whispered breathily into his ear, “Take me. Take me now, my love.”

It was as if her words, and the warmth of her breath in his ear flipped a switch in his groin. He felt himself becoming turgid, and turned to face her in the dark. Taking her in his arms, he reached around her back, and undid the clasp on her bra through her blouse. His hands went to her hips then, and in one motion, he pulled her blouse out of her skirt and over her head.

She threw her head back and raised her arms to help him, and gasped as her nipples slid back down across his shirt. She reached up then, and slowly untied his necktie. Pulling it from around his collar, she flung it over her shoulder, and with frenzied fingers, unbuttoned his shirt.

In practically no time they were naked, and fell upon each other on the floor.

Alice rolled onto her back and spread her legs as wide as she could, saying, “In me. Now. Oh, God, Gerry, fill me. I need to feel you in me.”

Without any hesitation, his member slid into her and their pubic bones ground together. “Oh, Jesus!” he exclaimed, “You are so hot and wet.” He immediately began thrusting as hard and as deeply as he could.

With each thrust, Alice could feel her breasts bounce. With each one, she felt her nipples getting tighter and harder. She cried out then,“Oh, God, Gerry. My nipples are so hard. Oh fuck. Oh, yes take me, I’m yours. I love you. I’m cumming. I’m cumming!”

Her cries seemed to Gerry to be more passionate than he had ever heard her, and he could feel his erection becoming larger and harder. He felt goose bumps all up and down both legs, and his nipples were getting hard, and with a final deep thrust, he felt her walls convulsing around him and his semen shooting out in spurts deep inside her. He gave a mighty groan, and collapsed on top of her. As he started to get his breath back, Gerald began kissing her neck and face and mouth and eyes, and saying, “Oh, Alice, I love you. I just love you so much.”

“Welcome home, Honey,” Alice giggled, and they both began laughing.


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