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Model Behavior (Part 1)

Hannah starts her modeling job for Georgia Rizzo. Will she seduce her way to the top of the website?
My name is Hannah Conrad and I am a pornographic model. I remember how it started. I was offered $1,000 to do this shoot my junior year of college. Money was tight then, so I agreed to it. The photographer told me to just be sensual, so I did my best. Apparently, my breast squeezing and leg spreading was the best thing he'd seen in years, so I was the star of his website. I began doing more and more shoots with him. Soon, people at my school began to recognize me. I was abused and attacked with words. I had never felt so depressed in my life.

I graduated from college and continued with modeling. Not all of it was with that same man, but I always appreciated him being my starting point in my career.

A few years after graduation, I agreed to this interesting shoot. I would stay at a mansion in San Diego for two weeks with a photographer named Georgia Rizzo. She would publish the photos on her website. When she emailed me, she said I would be with and without clothes, in and outside, and doing group work. Maybe even a bit of filming. I was excited.

I got off of the plane in a pair of leggings and a tank top. I wanted to be comfortable on the ride, plus I had different outfits in my suitcase. She said she would give me some items to wear, but just in case I brought my own.

I found the sign label "Conrad" and followed the man to a taxi. I dozed off until I was awaken by an opening of the car door. I glanced through the window and was shocked. In front of me was a white mansion with pillars all around. I opened the door and looked at the driveway. The walls surrounding the mansion were high and the driveway was long. Complete privacy. I was grabbing my bags from the trunk when a woman of probably thirty-five years made her way down the marble staircase and over to me.

"You must be Hannah," she said, giving me a hug. "I'm Georgia. Let me help you with your bags."

The cab driver drove away as we enter her beautiful abode. The ceilings were high, the rooms large. I was used to crappy apartments, not this.

"Your house is gorgeous." I was in awe. She laughed.

"Oh, thank you. I needed a nice place for the models to be photographed at."

She showed me to my room, a beautiful off white area with a king sized bed and walk in closet. "Many of your outfits are already in there. the bathroom is right down the hall. I'll give you time to relax. Dinner is in an hour. We'll talk about your modeling then."

I nodded and she exited, shutting the door behind her. I unzipped my bag and started to bring some of my clothes into the closet- only to be shocked. There were many different, sexy outfits in here. Bikinis, tops, shorts, skirts, dresses. There was even an area dedicated solely to bras and underwear. I found an empty spot and unpacked all of my clothes. After admiring the outfits, I made my way downstairs to the smell of tomato sauce and discovered she had made pasta.

We ate in silence for a few minutes until she began discussing more of what I would be doing. "So, as you probably saw in your closet, I have multiple ideas for scenes to photograph and film. Are you okay with that?"

I nodded, my mouth full of spaghetti. She went on. "When I said group work, I meant modeling with different people or even filming a pornographic film. All of the others I hired for this I admire greatly."

"Are they staying here to?" I asked.

She shook her head. "They're all from this area. You're the only one that wasn't." I

I nod and allow her to continue.

"You will also be modeling and filming on your own, maybe even a little introduction for the website. I have many different areas where we will be shooting. You'll see them all soon, but just to let you know- we will be going outside. I have a pool, a hot tub, a garden, a deck, and more outside. My yard is huge and if you're worried about privacy, don't be. The walls surrounding my house and yard will keep away wandering eyes."

I laugh. "What will my work days be like?"

"You'll do at least one shoot a day, if not more. I have a lot I want to do in these couple of weeks. I might even extend your stay with a major pay increase." She smirked. "Are you up for the task?"

I nod. "Yes, I am."

"You're ready for all of the sexual fantasies that I've thought of to be photographed?"

I only nod.

"You're ready for girl on guy and girl on girl action? You're ready for tit squeezing, ass spanking, and pussy throbbing? You're ready to make every mans dream come true?"

I bit my lip. "Yes."

Her grin was that of the Cheshire cat. "Then I'll see you tomorrow." She took our empty dishes back to the kitchen as I walked up to my bedroom.

As I dressed myself in my pajamas, I realized that just thinking of what would happen made me wet. I ignored it, my sex aching to be rubbed, and decide to just go to bed.
When I wake up, I decided to skip breakfast, and showered. I needed to be clean for what dirtiness the day would bring.

I stepped out of the gigantic shower and looked at my naked body in the floor length mirror. My blonde hair looked brown due to wetness. I could see goosebumps on my slim figure. My breasts were a double D; they were my favorite trait that I had gotten from my mother. Thanks to yoga, my ass was nice and firm. My abs were flat and my face slender. I often admired myself, wondering how I had gotten to look like this "beautiful" creature, as boys in college would say.

I dried off, allowing my wavy hair to air dry. I put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, heading downstairs to the voices I hear.

I stumbled upon the kitchen, where Georgia seemed to be setting something up. There was an attractive male in the room, who seemed to be in his late twenties. Georgia noticed me there and came over. "Good morning sunshine. This is Tom." She said, gesturing to the man. He smiled and gave a short wave.

I waved back. "Hi, I'm Hannah."

Georgia waved her hand at the kitchen. "This morning, you will be shooting in here. It will just be photos this time. Tom is your partner in this."

I nodded.

"He'll be wearing his normal clothes, but you will be wearing a seductive outfit consisting of a white kitchen apron and a matching thong. You'll find them up in your room. Be down in 10 minutes."

I jogged up the steps and put on the outfit. The thong was a white V-Back from Victoria's Secret. The apron was tight and covered only a sliver of my chest. My breasts were nearly popping out of it.

I matched it with a pair of white heels and made my way down the steps. Tom saw me first, giving a whistle.

"Damn." He said, "I wish we were doing more than just photos."

Georgia laughsed "You look perfect. Alright, so I will be photographing you doing multiple things. Tom will be sitting at the island and you'll be walking in. Try to be as seductive as possible without getting completely physical." I agree and walk out into the hall, waiting for the signal.

She yelled, "Action!" and I walked in.

She snapped a few photos of me strutting into the room. My hips swished from side to side, a determined yet playful look on my face. I sashayed over to the island and leaned over the counter, placing my elbows down. My breasts seemed to be popping out more. Tom smirked as I bit my lip, and traced my fingers up his arm. I made my way over to him, making sure Georgia had a good view of my bottom as she snapped the photos. I turned his chair and spread my legs, straddling his lap. I slowly began to grind myself into him as his smile grew. I could feel something rock hard under my pussy. It made me feel a little awkward, but I still continued.

It seemed like he wanted me to do everything. For this to be sensual, I couldn't. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my ass. After that, I pulled his head towards my neck. He began leaving kisses all over it as he groped my ass. It wasn't as comfortable as I wanted it to be, but it still felt very sexy.

Georgia kept mumbling words, like "good job" and "just like that". A few moments later, she got behind me and said, "Tom, get me more of a view of her ass."

He did as he was told and lifted me slightly, spreading my cheeks. I threw my head back for effect. "Perfect!"

Just as she snapped a photo, her phone rang. She looked at the caller ID. "Guys, I have to take this." We nodded as I sat back down on his lap. She went down the hall and I could barely hear her voice.

Suddenly, there was a slight red hot feeling as Tom slapped my ass. "You know," he whispered. "After this, I would gladly ravage you."

I shook my head. "No thanks." I whispered back. I would be embarrassed if Georgia heard us.

"Come on," he said. "I want you, and I can tell you want me."

I bit my lip. It would be fun to fuck him and he was right. I was soaking my thong. I was pondering what I should say when I noticed that his cock was out of his pants. It was huge, probably ten inches. I gasped.

"This could be yours," he whispered. We heard footsteps coming down the hall and I covered his dick with my apron, hoping Georgia wouldn't be able to tell.

"Guys, I have to go. One of my meetings was bumped up to eleven." She grabbed her keys and starting walking out the door. "The shoot was great. Tom, you'll be back later in the week. You know how to let yourself out. See you both later." And she shut the door behind her. We waited until we heard the engine start to uncover his massive cock.

"So, you ready?" he asked.

I bit my lip. "Where should we go?"

I had lost my virginity my first year of college. When I was twenty-one, I agreed to do a porno for this amateur porn sight. I dressed up as a maid with my 'master', a thirty-nine year old man. We fucked in the 'living room', the only room the set designer bothered to create on such a low budget. That pretty much ruined the idea of sex for me. I didn't sleep with anybody for the rest of college or even after that. I always preferred to work alone, mostly photographed, but there were a few masturbation videos here or there.

When Georgia had offered me this job and there would be some sex involved, I was nervous. But this man asking to fuck me after just meeting me? I was terrified. Purely terrified. I had barely any experience. I had no idea where to go or what to do. I didn't even remember what it felt like to have a cock inside of me, so I had no idea why I wanted Tom's so badly.

He lifted up my ass and placed me on the counter. "Right here."

In mere seconds, he ripped off my apron and thong. His shirt and pants were off, revealing toned abs along with his massive erection. He took his place in front of me and our lips locked. Wasting no time, he entered me. He started off slowly, seeing how I wasn't use to dicks this size. I moaned loudly, wanting his slow thrusting to quicken. I wanted it so badly. I could feel every inch as he fucked my sex. My legs wrapped around him as his thrusts deepened. Soon, all of him was in me. My legs tightened. I was going to come. My orgasm was loud and long, seeing how he didn't stop his thrusts. Finally, he finished, his come entering my body. He collapsed against me.

"God, that was so good." He breathed and looked up at me with puppy dog eyes. "Again?"

I denied his offer and kicked him out of the house. I went upstairs to redress myself in something more presentable for everyday life. Georgia got home and I greeted her in the kitchen with a bowl of leftover spaghetti.

"How was the meeting?" I asked, taking a bite out of a meatball.

"Terrible," she replied, lighting a cigarette. "The man I had scheduled with you for tonight wanted more money, that he didn't deserve. So it seems like you'll be working by yourself."

I smirked, "I do my best work that way."

She grinned, "Would you like to film your introduction to the website?"

I nodded with a mouthful of pasta. Swallowing, I asked, "What should I wear?"

"Something sexy," she thought for a moment. "That you can take off easily. And something hot underneath."

In the afternoon, I made my way outside in a little black dress that barely, just barely, made it past my ass. Underneath was a lacy red bra with matching thong from the set that Georgia had bought.

I was standing on the large set of white steps to her front porch. The porch was lined with marble pillars and potted plants. Georgia was standing next to one of them with a hand-held camera.

"What? No fancy equipment?" I asked, surprised. She shook her head.

"Introductions are supposed to be amateur, showing off the person in the simplest of ways."

I asked her what I should say.

"Just say who you are, what you plan on doing, then show of your body. I may jump in and give them a bit of a show, so are you okay with that?"

"Yep. I'm good with improvisation."

"Great." She smiled. "Oh, and on the website, I'm known as Miss Riz."

I took my place by one of the pillars, my heels making my feet ache. "Action!" yelled Georgia.

I put on a seductive smirk. "Hi there, I'm Hannah. Miss Riz chose me to be her new muse and I am loving it. Soon you'll be loving me." I lowered the straps on my dress, showing of part of my red bra.

'Miss Riz' brought the camera closer. "I think we need more skin than that. Turn around." I did as I was told, not really sure of what was happening.

"Bend over," Georgia commanded.

I bent over and she lifted my skirt, revealing my red thong. She brought here camera close. "God, isn't she hot?" She ran here fingers over my ass and under my thong. She spread my ass cheeks apart and pulled the thong aside. "Look at that perfect little asshole." She let my thong go back to it's original position and slapped my ass.

I moaned.

"Turn around and stand up," she commanded. I did so and she yanked down my dress, showing my bra."These tits are gorgeous."

She placed her free hand on my right breast and began to feel me up. She slipped her hand into my bra and cupped it. "Ooh, folks, she's horny."

She popped my breast out and tweaked the already hard nipples. I moaned again. Miss Riz laughed. "Oh honey, you're too kind."

She raised the camera up so they could get a view of my free breast and my face. She took her hand off of my chest and put three fingers in my mouth. I sucked on them as she pushed them farther back. Slowly, she dragged her fingers out of my mouth.

I bit my lip. "See you later."

Georgia beamed as she cut the camera. "That was perfect! You were absolutely mesmerizing!"

I laughed. "Only with the help of you!"

She laughed along with me. "Well, get a good night of sleep. You're gonna need it for tomorrow morning."

And as she walked away, I realized two things:

One: I wanted Georgia.

Two: I think she wanted me back.

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