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Moonlight Romance Part 1

Contributing Authors: Cyndy 
A story of romance, cheating and betrayal.
Lucy sat alone by the lake with the moonlight reflecting off of the water. Her arms hugged her smooth tanned legs as a tear slowly fell from her face. She was troubled because she knew something was not right with her girlfriend Sarah.

“I don’t know what is going on,” she thought. “I better find out as soon as I can.”

Lucy slowly stood up, stared at the moonlight and wiped her teary green eyes. After smoothing out her black jean skirt, she walked back to the cabin on the lakeside. Lucy’s hips swayed from side to side and her breasts slowly bounced freely under her tank top.

The cabin was owned by Lucy’s parents, and they let her use it whenever she wanted, as long it was not in use by any other family members. She wanted to be alone with Sarah and get her out of the city away from her work and all the activities and noise. They had been there together before with Lucy’s family, but never alone.

"I surely hope it is nothing too serious,” Lucy tossed about in her head. Sarah and she had planned to get married in three months.

Lucy knew that something had changed in Sarah and their relationship over the past two months, but she wasn't sure what was different. She sighed softly as she leaned her back against the door. Folding her arms over her chest, she paced through the room, wondering what it was her lover was hiding and not telling her. Shaking her head, Lucy told herself to stop worrying, count to ten and to relax.

Lucy kicked off her flip flops as she went barefoot on the tile floor. Her ass swayed gracefully as she moved to wipe off some crumbs from the kitchen counter top. As she finished, the front door opened.

Sarah walked in wearing her work attire, hair up and glasses on carrying her overnight bag. She had piercing hazel eyes, and they focused on Lucy as she walked.

“Hi babe," Sarah said softly with a smile. "I am sorry I am late getting here. I tried to get away from work early to get to the cabin. My boss was being a total grump as usual,” she grumbled. “Everything goin’ okay with you?"

Acting like nothing was bothering her, Lucy smiled softly and replied, “Oh I'm alright baby. Just had a long day myself."

Lucy had beautiful dimples when she smiled, Sarah thought. She undid the straps on her high heels one at a time and tossed them by the door.

Walking over to Sarah, Lucy ran her hands through her lover's long jet black hair. Their mouths came together. Lucy slowly parted her lips and her tongue went in search for Sarah's. While their tongues played with each other, Lucy's hands slid down to Sarah's ass, squeezing and rubbing it through her skirt. When their kiss ended, Sarah rested her head on Lucy’s shoulder.

“That was a great welcome to get here!” whispered Sarah. “You even made my glasses fog up!”

Lucy smiled, "Well do you remember that was how we first kissed on our second date? It was so romantic! Moonlight, stars, and you. Plus, you said I was a great kisser!”

"That is true and of course I remember as if it was yesterday.” Sarah responded. “I remember what you were wearing: that halter top and those skinny pants that made your ass looked so amazing.”

“You looked so beautiful too, “Lucy offered. “Your eyes sparkled like the stars and that little black dress was so revealing!”

Sarah pulled her face away from Lucy. "Do you know the reason why I fell in love with you?" 

Lucy blushed and replied, "Yes, of course, but tell me again."

"The reason why I fell in love with you so quickly was your amazing sense of humor, your personality, but most of all, your eyes." Sarah said. “They are so beautiful that I still get weak in the knees just staring into to them.” Sarah continued, “After that date, I knew I wanted to be in your arms forever. The way you held me I felt more secure and loved than I ever have."

As Sarah gazed into Lucy’s eyes, she said, “It isn't even about your beautiful looks. It is about who you are as a person that makes me love you more and more each day. And I just can't wait for these three months to pass." Sarah kissed Lucy gently on the forehead. “I love you so much!”

Lucy eyes started to tear up. “Sarah, my love you have made me the happiest and luckiest girl in the world!"

She closed her eyes and resting head again on Sarah's shoulder. Just being in her arms Lucy wondered if she was overreacting. She knew that Sarah’s work sometimes meant long hours, but the last two months it seemed that she was coming home later and later.

Lucy noticed an unfamiliar scent coming from Sarah’s blouse. Was that Dior perfume? Sarah did not wear that! Now Lucy’s worries started up again. “There is only one person I know that wears that perfume,” she thought. “No, it couldn't be!”

Sarah stepped back from Lucy and said, "Okay baby, I'm going to go shower and get cleaned and freshened up for you." Sarah winked playfully at Lucy and stepped away, unbuttoning her top as she moved towards the bathroom. By the time she reached the door, her blouse was off and she was unfastening her bra.

Sarah left the door partially open, slipped out of her skirt and took off her panties. Looking back at Lucy, she undid her hair and let it fall over her shoulders. Stepping in to the shower, Sarah started to let the day unwind as the hot water flowed over her. While she lathered up her hair, Sarah closed her eyes and thought about her secret that nobody knew about, including Lucy. Her mistress. Biting her bottom lip, she lowered her hand to touch her breasts. As she played with her nipples, they became hard and erect.

As Sarah’s hand reached between her legs, a groan escaped her lips. Soon she was massaging her pussy. Her head tilted back as her finger began to lightly stroke her clit up and down. Time seemed to disappear as she worked herself towards orgasm. As her body shook, Sarah realized that she was moaning loudly. She caught herself, realized what she was doing, and started to cry.

She hoped that Lucy had not heard her. "I can't keep doing this to Lucy anymore,” Sarah thought. “I love her too much. She deserves better". Sarah turned off the water and reached out for a towel.

Lucy could not stop thinking about the perfume scent as she prepared dinner. “Something is wrong,” Lucy thought to herself. "The late night working hours I can understand that sometimes… but for 2 months straight? Would Sarah be lying to me?"

There was only one person she knew that wore that perfume and that was Lucy’s sister Jamie. Lucy’s heart jumped. "No! It can’t be her. I don't believe it."

With mixed emotions, Lucy began to put dinner onto the table out on the patio and poured two glasses of wine. She lit two candles, just like that first moonlight dinner with Sarah on their date.

Sarah came into the kitchen in her bare feet, wearing a black tank top and jean shorts. When she caught sight of the set table on the patio, her eyes opened wide. She covered her mouth with her hand to hide her emotions. Her mind raced back to her second date with Lucy.

Lucy saw Sarah’s reaction and smiled. "I just wanted to make tonight special like it was on our second date". Sarah rushed into Lucy's arms to hug her and kissed Lucy’s cheek.

"Thank you so much, baby,” Sarah said softly in Lucy’s ear. “You didn't really need to do this for me."

Lucy smiled. "Oh, don't be so silly, sweetie! I wanted to do it. The reason I planned this in first place was to get us away from city and your work so we could spend at least one night totally alone with each other.” Lucy carefully worded her next comment. “I noticed that you sometimes seem a little distant, and I haven’t seen you as much as I like. This is my way of saying I care and love you.”

Sarah brushed the comment aside. "I don't know what you mean baby,” she responded. “You know what my job is like! You worked there for a little while and you of all people should understand."

Sarah sat down at the table crossed her legs and dangled her foot as she smiled up at Lucy and said, "Care to join me, my future wife? Come!”

Lucy stepped towards Sarah, took her hand into hers and kissed it gently. Lucy wanted to ask her right then and there about the perfume but she held off.

"I would love to sit and have a romantic dinner under the moon with my Sarah.” Lucy smiled.

Bending down to kiss Sarah on the lips, Lucy pulled out the other chair and sat. “Hope you like my spaghetti!” Lucy said while twirling her fork in the pasta. She held it up to Sarah’s mouth. “Say Aah!”

Sarah parted her lovely lips and took the spaghetti from Lucy. “This sauce is amazing,” Sarah said. “And I am so hungry! You will have to teach me to be as good a cook as you!” she added, going for another fork-full from her own plate.

Lucy placed her hand on top of Sarah's and said, "Hon don't worry about that. I’m happy to cook for you anytime! You don't have to try to be anything more. Just be yourself because that’s who I fell in love with!”

Sarah blushed and responded, "Thank you baby! You are amazing at taking good care of me. I don't know what I would do without you".

Lucy said jokingly, "You would go crazy!" With that, Lucy began to lightly rub her foot gently up and down Sarah's leg, while looking into her lover's eyes.

Sarah shifted a little in her seat taking a sip of her wine while Lucy continued to rub her foot up and down along Sarah's leg. Raising her foot a little higher up Sarah’s leg, Lucy watched for a reaction. Sarah started to bite on her lip as she returned Lucy’s gaze.

Lucy softly smiled at Sarah, and stood up slowly. As she backed away from the table, she beckoned with a finger for Sarah to follow her.

Lucy went and stood by the bedroom door. As Sarah came to her, Lucy placed her arms around Sarah's waist, Lucy pinned Sarah against the door jamb, pressed her body into her so that their breasts were against each other and ran her hand down Sarah’s side, stopping at her bare thigh.

Before she could say anything, Lucy leaned into Sarah and kissed her aggressively. Sarah automatically parted her lips so Lucy’s tongue could enter. While the kiss went on, Sarah began to move her hips against Lucy’s, gyrating slowly. Soon Sarah was grasping Lucy’s ass and pulling them even tighter together.

Sarah reached for Lucy's top, pulling it off over her shoulders and touching her bare skin. She giggled when she saw that Lucy was bra-less.

While Sarah’s hands roamed all over Lucy, she felt Lucy’s knee push against her mound. Sarah moaned and started to grind her hips against Lucy’s. Closing her eyes, she felt Lucy kiss her neck and move her lips up and then down to her shoulder. Sarah tilted her neck to offer Lucy better access.

Lucy brought her knee down and stood back a step. With Sarah’s eyes fixed upon her, Lucy circled each of her hardening nipples with her fingers, making them even more erect.

“Baby, let me do that!” Sarah said softly, and reached for Lucy.

Lucy moaned loudly as Sarah started playing with her nipples. "I love it when you do that!" Lucy declared.

Sarah smiled at Lucy. "Well gorgeous, if you like that, you are gonna love this!” Kissing Lucy’s neck again, Sarah this time worked all the way down to Lucy’s breasts, gently kissing one then the other. Flicking her tongue over one, she proceeded to suck on it while tweaking the other nipple with her fingers.

Sarah looked up into Lucy's piercing green eyes momentarily, and then returned her lips to Lucy’s breasts. A gasp escaped Lucy's lips as her fingers ran through Sarah's hair. Her eyes closed so she could focus entirely feeling Sarah’s lips sucking her.

Kneeling down before Lucy, Sarah looked up and smiled. She found the zipper to Lucy’s skirt and quickly undid it. The skirt dropped around Lucy’s feet. Right in front of Sarah, was Lucy’s beautiful shaved pussy.

“You are a naughty girl," giggled Sarah. She leaned forward and flicked her tongue along Lucy’s slit.

Lucy leaned her head back. As waves of pleasure rolled through her, she clutched the back of Sarah’s head and pulled her in closer so her tongue could go deeper. She could not control the sounds coming out of her.

Moaning loudly and breathlessly muttering, "Oh my god," Lucy’s enthusiastic response encouraged Sarah to move her tongue more aggressively. Lucy’s legs slid apart wider and pressed into Sarah’s shoulders on both sides.

Lucy's moaning became louder as Sarah's pace quickened. Sarah teased Lucy’s clit with her tongue by flicking, then sucking, then stroking it with long, slow motions. Lucy pulled Sarah’s head in tightly as she started to cum. What was probably only a handful of seconds seemed to last forever, as Lucy’s body shook wildly.

As she came down from the orgasm, Lucy opened her eyes and looked down at Sarah. “Baby, that was amazing. I wanted it to last forever!”

Sarah stood up, kissed Lucy on the lips, and ordered, “Come on baby, let’s go to bed.”

Lucy followed obediently. She sat on the bed and watched Sarah strip out of her clothes. Lucy held out her hands for Sarah, who grabbed them, pushed Lucy over and jumped on top of her. Giggling, Lucy pushed Sarah over, and straddled on top of her.

“Now it’s your turn!” Lucy laughed. Pinning Sarah’s arms on the bed, Lucy swooped down and attacked Sarah’s nipples with her mouth. Licking, sucking, teasing one at a time with her tongue, Sarah began to squirm under Lucy. Sarah closed her eyes and let Lucy enjoy her.

Soon, Lucy let go of Sarah’s arms, and slowly worked her way down the bed, until her mouth hovered over Sarah’s pussy. Placing her hands on Sarah’s thighs, Lucy slowly lowered her head towards her target, keeping eyes looking right at Sarah’s eyes. Sarah opened hers in time to see Lucy’s tongue dart out and slide over her clit.

Sarah let loose a squeal of delight. Lucy squeezed Sarah’s thighs and continued her attack on the swelling clit. As Sarah reached her orgasm, Lucy held Sarah’s legs tight, as she was squirming left and right, up and down beneath Lucy.

When Sarah’s body finally relaxed, the girls cuddled together and kissed each other deeply. Sarah was smiling as she fell asleep, but Lucy’s thoughts wandered back to the smell of that perfume on Sarah’s clothes. It was at least an hour before she managed to drift off to an uneasy sleep.

The next morning Lucy opened her eyes and sat up. The sun was beaming in on her. She stretched and yawned. Looking beside her, she was surprised that Sarah wasn't in bed. On the table beside the bed, Lucy spotted a folded paper with her name on it. Lucy opened it and read:

"Good morning baby. I had to an emergency text from work. They needed me in today to fill in for someone. Thanks for the lovely time! Love you. Sarah."

Lucy made her way to the kitchen to make a coffee. “Strange,” she thought. "Sarah has never left me a note like that. She has always called me.”

Lucy sank into a chair. Tears started again, and she was convinced now that someone else had come into lover's life, and was starting to take her away from Lucy. Lucy was determined to find out what was going on, to save their relationship and their future life together.

To be continued.
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