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Moriah: Before she was Mine Ch.1

Chapter One: Home Alone
Prologue: Her Life 

To most avid readers here on Lush, it will not come as a surprise to you when I start this short story the same way every other couple story starts on the website by saying, “My girlfriend Moriah has to be the most desirable woman on the planet." Nevertheless, this seems as though it is the proper place to start such a story as this one will be.

My girlfriend Moriah has to be the most desirable woman on the planet. She is short, only reaching about 5’5, weighs only 108lbs, and is very proud of that fact. Her long dirty blond hair runs like a river of sunshine down to her mid-back, her skin a creamy pale that, paired with her blond hair, almost makes her appear to be the depiction of an angel sent from heaven.

Two orbs, ever perky and round, hang from her chest. Her 32D’s always look larger due to the thinness of her frame. On days when she wears a tank top or other low cut shirts, her breasts demand your attention as she walks by. Her legs are a creamy white that never seem to quit. They are long and shapely curved in all the right ways tempting you to caress them all the way to her ass, which I swear to you was sculpted by the gods themselves. Her ass, like her breasts, is large for her small frame; it is round and plump, making a perfectly shaped hourglass figure.

Her facial structure is put together well, reminiscent of a cutesy anime character brought to life. It is all done in such a way that begs you to fuck her. Her lips are full, luscious, and crafted almost ideally for pleasuring men. Her entire body was expertly crafted to be the very epitome of temptation: the true and undeniable embodiment of lust itself.

I consider myself lucky to be the man that gets to call her mine, However it has not always been that way. I must admit my girlfriend is a slut and I love every minute of it. I spend most of my time on here writing about stories that have happened since I have known her. However, I would like to dedicate this series of short stories to all of the kinky and slutty things my girlfriend has done before I was ever graced with her presence. First, this disclaimer: what you read in this series is a mixture of both fantasy and real events in her history, however I will not disclose which is which. It is up to you to decide what you want to believe is reality and which is pure fantasy. So, without any further ado, I give to you the sexual journey of my girlfriend Moriah.

Chapter One: Home Alone 

Finally they’re gone,’ Amber thinks, as she watches her parent’s car pull out of the drive. “I’ve been waiting all week for this,” Amber says as she allows her black robe to slither down her body, exposing her curves as it slinks its way onto the hardwood floor. She slowly steps out of her robe and begins to walk towards the back door. She extends her hand and lightly pulls at the cold brass knob, opening the door and allowing the warm summer airflow into the opening. It sends a slight tingling sensation down her spine as the wind bites at her exposed nipples.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been able to do this,” Amber says softly, barely exerting enough force for the words to escape her lips. She struts out into the yard fully exposed, over to the patio where a tarp lays in an amorphous blob on the concrete. A naughty grin comes across her face as she reaches for the tarp, tugging at the plastic cloth until finally it is reveled: a large eight-foot-by-eight-foot box with a fake wooden exterior filled with water.

“Oh how I have missed you, baby,” she states, starting to caress the exterior of the tub, feeling its smoothness getting more anxious as she starts to reach for the control. It takes a few minutes for the hot tub to warm up, and when it does, Amber is submersing herself into the hot, bubbly water. She allows her body to snake downward into the hot tub until the water is just below her nose. She revels in the water as the jets massage her teenage body into a state of complete relaxation.

Amber closes her eyes and lets the blissful feeling overtake her. Thirty minutes fly by as she sits, savoring her personal time with the warm jets. She begins to think about her life, which now is mostly comprised of her final weeks of high school and all of the excitement that ensues her graduation. She cannot help but feel a little disappointed in herself, though, in one aspect. Sure, she was preparing to graduate with high honors, and she has a pretty tight group of friends, but she felt as though she was missing out on an experience, one that many of her other friends, both male and female, had already embraced: Sexuality. Amber had been a good girl her whole life, following orders her parents or instructors gave her, very rarely finding herself in trouble. However, there was still that missing piece that she felt was holding her back from what was the true high school experience.

As Amber sits deeply implanted in her thoughts, something startles her. It breaks her concentration; a bump against the privacy fence that outlines her family’s yard. Amber sits up, heart racing, attempting to cover her bare breasts; she glances around the yard for the perpetrator of the noise: nothing. She sinks back down in the tub convinced that it is nothing more than some small animal, and then she sees him. Her neighbor, Nathan Callahan, peeking in between the boards of the large wooden privacy fence. Amber’s face turns bright red, then pale. She quickly submerses herself into the water, hiding her body beneath the warm waters until only her head was visible.

Nathan, realizing he has been caught, quickly scurries away from the fence. Amber is in total shock. ‘How much did he see?’ she thinks to herself. However, through the feeling of total embarrassment, a new feeling begins to arise. She is not quite sure what the feeling is, but whatever it is, she feels as if she is enjoying it. ‘Did I like that?’ Amber questions herself, thinking of how the neighbor boy was watching her body through a crack in the fence. It was at that moment that she lowered herself more into the warmth of the tub and her pussy found its way right in the path of a hot water jet. She could feel the pulsating water rippling against her clit as a quiet moan escaped her luscious lips.

She sees her peeping tom return to his post at the fence; the one eye Amber can see is glued to her. Amber feels insecure and unsure of herself, but she gives in to temptation and lowers herself more onto the jet, pushing it against her pussy. The hard vibration of the water causes another moan to escape her lips, this one louder than before. She can hear the sound of zipper from the teenage boy’s direction, and moments later, the sound of skin being furiously rubbed against itself. Amber is unsure of what to do next. She decides that if she is going to put on a show, she might as well do one the boy can see.

She steps out of the warm, obscuring confines of the hot tub, and then lays herself out on a lounge chair facing in the boy's direction so that he has full view of her gorgeous body. Amber tries not to look at him, and instead closes her eyes as she slides her right hand down her body following all of the curves of her large breasts. Her hand trails down her stomach and then although hesitantly, finally arrives at her crevice. Amber starts to rub her clit with two of her fingers. She can feel a shiver make its way up her spine. She starts to feel more adventurous, moving her hand further down to the lips of her pussy, slowly pushing her two fingers inside of herself rubbing the top of her cavity. She lets out another moan, this one more like a whimper as she starts to envision her neighbor pushing his cock into her. She is still unsure what it feels like, but she thinks that it must be close to this.

She can almost feel him on top of her, his cock penetrating her deepest places. She starts to lose control of herself; her body begins to tremble and convulse as her fingers push ever further into her aching pussy. She starts to moan uncontrollably for what felt like an eternity and then it came. A moment of overwhelming euphoria as she moaned out “Nathan” at the top of her lungs. Her body arched and she felt her juices come pouring out of her. As she lay there sweaty and exhausted, she can hear the boy at the fence groan and grunt until he finally cums.

She watches as the figure slowly makes his way away from the fence line. She lay motionless, out of breath. She turns her head over to the opposite yard, making sure no one else has seen her private show. The last thing Amber is able to see before passing out, is a second set of eyes staring at her through the opposite yard, where her teacher Mr. Tucker lives.
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