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My friend's dad 18

It's date night and new information arises as well
As little Jeanette was 9 weeks old, it was safe for me to have sex. So John and I had a date night and had Christina and Jeanette babysit for the night. Of course Jeanette needed some experience, they both had one coming soon, she was 15 weeks along. We went to a nice restaurant for dinner. It was expensive, but it was a celebration. So we came home and we both went straight to our bedroom. We laid down on the bed on our sides.

“That was a great meal, no bullshit,” I said.

“Well I hope so, it was expensive, and not to mention I love you too,” John replied.

“I didn't say 'I love you',” I said.

“What's taking so long?” John asked.

“I love you John,” I replied.

“Now give me a kiss,” John said.

Then I gave him a kiss.

“And little Jeanette is certainly growing fast, even at 2 months now,” I said.

“I know, it's scary,” John replied.

“But you know what's more scary?” I asked.

“What?” John asked.

“We haven't gotten to have sex in months, and you haven't ripped my clothes off yet,” I replied.

“Well maybe I wanted to just talk to my wife first,” John said.

“Well that's an acceptable excuse,” I replied.

“But now, I wanna be inside you,” John said.

Then I laid on my back and he got on top of me. We made out passionately for about 5 minutes straight and then he started climbing down. I was wearing a dress, so he lifted it up.

“Oh back to wearing thongs now huh? That's sexy my lady,” John said.

“Well I know you and Jeanette liked them,” I replied.

Then he laughed a little as he pulled my thong down. Then he leaned down and started eating me out for the first time in months. I immediately started moaning loudly.

“Oh fuck yes. Shit John, yes that's what I've been missing,” I said.

John eating my pussy was something I absolutely loved. He spread out my pussy lips and stuck his tongue inside my pussy as far as he possibly could. He started moving his tongue around and then I just started screaming as loudly as I could. We had been on hiatus for way too long.

“Seriously if we have another baby, then are waiting a few years,” I said.

“Fair enough, but while we're on the subject, you want more?” John asked.

“I don't know, let's talk about it after we're done here,” I replied.

“Fair enough sweetie,” John said.

Then he started eating me out once again, it felt even better than the first time he ate me out. He still couldn't do it quite as well as Jeanette could, but he still made me feel really good. I started getting pretty sweaty already. He had me very excited to say the least, I mean my pussy was getting absolutely soaked just sitting there talking to him before we started.

“Fuck yes John, make your sweet and loving wife cum like a 2 story fountain,” I said as I moaned.

He put his fingers up into my pussy as well. He stuck them up in there as deep as he could and I really belted out some loud moans. Then I brought him up and gave him a big kiss. I tasted all of my juices on his lips and then I took my dress off completely. He put his hands on my back and took off my bra.

“Now those are tits,” John said.

“Well you can thank little Jeanette for that,” I replied.

Then we kissed once again and he laid on top of me. We made out once again for about a minute and I was trying not to laugh.

“Something funny sweetie?” John asked.

“I'm just happy to have you. I don't think any other guy has ever been so sexually attracted to me before. So I'm really happy,” I replied.

“Well that's the husband's job,” John said.

Then he leaned his head down and put my entire right nipple in his mouth. He sucked on it a little and just made my pussy even wetter.

“Hey the milk is for little Jeanette,” I said.

“I don't see her wanting it now,” John replied.

“Smart ass,” I said.

“You know you love me,” John replied just before he started licking my nipples for a couple minutes.

Then came up for another kiss before he laid down next to me. He unbuttoned his pants and took them off, as well as his boxers. Then I reached into my dresser and got out a condom.

“We'll be needing this now,” I said.

Then he was about to take it from me, but I moved my hand.

“What?” John asked.

“I wanna put it on you,” I replied.

“I won't object to that,” John said.

So I opened it and took it out. Then I leaned over and put it on his cock. I got on top of him, and he slowly inserted his cock into me deep cowgirl style. Finally I had his cock inside me again and it felt like years honestly.

“Oh fuck yes times a million,” I said as I got on my knees and moaned a little,

“Don't moan too much, we want this to last,” John replied.

“But we could do it again, and maybe a few more times after that,” I said.

“Fair point my lady,” John replied.

Then he put his hands onto my boobs and made sure to give them a gentle squeeze. Of course he pinched my nipples as well. I felt titillated once again and my pussy just got wetter.

“Wow Callie, you are a wet lady too, but you are still more pretty than wet though,” John said.

Then I leaned down and gave him a kiss real quick, but he kept me down with him and had me put my boobs right over him again. He licked my nipples a little more and then I just had a full orgasm, of course he was a little surprised.

“Well shit my lady, I must have really titillated you,” John said.

Then I gave him another kiss and got off him. I laid next to him and ripped the condom off his cock. We made out passionately as I stroked his cock slowly.

“Seriously, your cock in as hard as a diamond now,” I said.

“Thank you, but it's thanks to you though. We have absolutely phenomenal sex, every single time, it seems like a new experience. I can see why big Jeanette wanted to fuck you. I mean damn my lady, you a sexual goddess,” John replied.

“Dude we're already having sex, you are supposed to say all that before sex, so I'll have sex with you. Don't you know the rules?” I asked.

“And who said I had to follow all of the rules? I mean come on, we're rule breakers. We're not rule followers,” John replied.

“Good point,” I said just before I leaned down and took his cock into my mouth.

As always he immediately let out a few soft moans. I started going up and down slowly, and when I did it slowly, he always built up his load. When he built up his load, he could shoot it like a cannon honestly. We were both breathing in and out slowly and he put his hands on my head to made sure I would deep throat him. So I got his whole entire cock in my mouth and he let out more than a few more moans.

“Oh shit Callie. I mean holy fucking shit, I'm so fucking glad I married you,” John said.

Then I leaned up to him once again and gave him a nice and long kiss.

“I love you John, stay sweet forever for me,” I replied.

“I will, and I love you too. Make sure you stay sweeter than an Hesheys kiss for me too,” John said.

Then we made out for about 5 minutes straight. We both wrapped our arms around each other as tightly as we possibly could. We held each other like that for about an hour in silence. He both shed a few tears of happiness as well. Then my phone rang.

“It's my mom, I better answer it,” I said.

“Go ahead angel,” John replied.

Then I answered it.

“Hi mom, what's up? Something wrong with little Jeanette, or big Jeanette?” I asked.

“No actually. They are both fine, but we were wondering if we could keep her overnight?” Christina asked.

“We already discussed that, remember you offered that already and we said yes?” I asked.

“Oh OK, no I don't remember that,” Christina replied.

“I told you that you pain in the butt,” Big Jeanette said in the back round.

Then John started kissing my feet.

“Well that doesn't surprise me. Big Jeanette is a know it all you know,” I said.

Then John started going up my leg kissing and licking my legs.

“Well, you bring it out of me,” Jeanette said on the phone.

“Well what are you up to now?” Christina asked on the phone.

John made it up to my pussy and began licking it.

“Nothing... much. I mean... we're just hanging out together... enjoying each others... company,” I replied.

Then Christina read between the lines as John was eating me out.

“Callie, you could have told me you two were busy or something. I mean, at least say something that was obvious code for that,” Christina said.

“Well OK mom, I'll remember that next time. I'll talk to you tomorrow when we're not busy,” I replied.

“OK sweetheart, I love you,” Christina said.

“I love you too,” I replied.

Then we both hung up the phone.

“Both Jeanettes OK?” John asked.

“Yes, my mom just wanted to ask if they could keep little Jeanette over night,” I replied.

“I thought we already agreed to that, or did I dream that?” John asked.

“You seriously don't specifically remember that?” I asked.

“I'm just kidding,” John replied.

“Smart ass, and that was the first time they called when we were having sex too,” I said.

“Really? How was the first time then?” John asked trying not to laugh.

Then I grabbed his head and gave him a nookie as his head leaned on my boobs.

Then we both laid down once again to cuddle.

“I love you Callie, more than anything else in the world right now,” John said.

“Just right now?” I asked.

“OK forever then,” John replied.

“That's better. Now give me a kiss to make up for that,” I said.

Then he gave me a kiss once again trying not to laugh.

“What I'm trying to say is that I truly do feel that way about you. I never ever want you to think we're here now because I got you pregnant. I love you and wanna be with you forever,” John said.

That was probably what I loved most about him, he was a huge sweetheart. I absolutely loved that about him to no end.

“And, do you want more kids?” I asked.

“Honestly with you, yes, but that's just me honestly. Do you want another one?” John asked.

“Yes, me too. Definitely not for a couple years yet,” I replied.

“Well maybe when we get closer to that bridge we'll talk about it more then, but it's good we're at least talking about it a little bit now. I'm hoping little Jeanette will be less annoying than her big sister. But I guess we'll see what happens there,” John said.

“And I've been wondering something, probably not something you can answer though, did Jeanette ever tell her mom about her getting married or any of that?” I asked.

“Well you are right, I have no idea,” John replied.

“I was just wondering. I still haven't met her either. What happened with you two?” I asked.

Then he gave me a nice an long kiss.

“Well, she was sweet when we were married. But shit just happened and I guess we drifted. Shit happens you know. Now I can't say I regret it of course. She was sexy the last time I saw her, but that was years ago now. If you wanna pursue it, then by all means ask Jeanette about it. I wouldn't expect her to budge though. I'm guessing she called her mom and just couldn't get her to come. But it's your call sweetheart,” John replied.

I thought about that for quite awhile honestly. I mean if Jeanette didn't say a single word about her mom all through this whole ordeal, well obviously there is some bad blood there somewhere. So the next day, I brought it up to her as I was feeding little Jeanette, without a bottle.

“Jeanette, can I ask you something?” I asked.

“You are talking to me right?” Jeanette asked.

“Well this one can't talk yet and I'm feeding her, so yes,” I replied.

“Sure, what is it?” Jeanette asked.

I hesitated a bit, then I just spit it out.

“Does your mom know that you are married and pregnant?” I asked.

Then she had a sad look on her face. I didn't wanna push her, but I had to find out what was wrong.

“What's wrong?” I asked.

“Well, about 2 months after you got married, I wanted to tell her about it, even though you two never met, so I gave her a call. A guy answered the phone and I'm thinking it's just a friend or something. He said he didn't know where she was, she forgot her cellphone. Anyway, I ask who he is and he tells me, he has been her husband of about a year,” Jeanette replied.

Then I just had a disgusted look on my face.

“She's married?” I asked.

“Yep, I just hung up the phone. Then I called her back the next day and got her. She told me all about it, and she never bothered to tell me about this. She met this guy at the store I guess 2 years ago and have been dating, then he popped the question. Another kicker, she never told him she had a daughter. So now he knows about me, and I don't know what he has to say about that. Other than that, there is nothing to tell. I didn't wanna tell anyone, it wouldn't have made a difference in anything, and you were a newlywed and this one was coming soon,” Jeanette replied.

Then a shed a couple tears, I had no idea of this, I just felt so bad for her.

“So you didn't tell her about you and my mom?” I asked.

“Nope. She didn't care to tell me she got hitched or even tell that guy she had a kid, so I don't think she'd care, and before you ask, I told my dad about this a couple weeks ago, I thought he might wanna know, but I asked him not to tell you though. Please don't hate me,” Jeanette replied.

“No, I don't hate you Jeanette, I understand. I'm just really sorry for you, I mean that's bullshit, she didn't tell you she married someone else?” I asked.

That's it in a nutshell,” Jeanette replied.

“I'm so sorry Jeanette, seriously,” I said.

“I know, that's a best friend/step mom's job isn't?” Jeanette asked.

“I like to think so,” I replied.

Then she gave me a hug on my back. I really felt bad for her. I mean I would have no idea how I'd feel if my mom married Jeanette and never told me about it. So I wasn't sure what to say to her. I was just there for her a friend and her step mom.

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